17+ Best 3PL Fulfillment Services [Third-Party Logistics]

Along with the evident benefits that scaling brings come some unique challenges.

One concern that you may encounter is sorting out the right service out of the numerous 3PL fulfillment services available.

For this reason, I have put together 17+ third-party logistics providers that are the best in the industry.

No matter what part of the world the majority of your customers are located in or what type of goods you’re selling, I’m sure that you will find one on this list that fits your business.

In this article, I will tell you each of their key features, pricing, and the kind of company they are best suited for.

Let’s start.

1. ShipBob


ShipBob specializes in direct-to-consumer businesses. They also fulfill B2B/wholesale items for an added fee. This covers the freight quote, pallet preparation, labeling, and many more.

Their seamless operation is made possible through their state-of-the-art technology. It’ll enable you to integrate numerous software, manage your inventory, and track your orders online with ease. As a matter of fact, in 2020, ShipBob was given the recognition of the #1 Best Fulfillment Technology given by AdWeek Retail Awards.

Notably, ShipBob has a broad network of fulfillment centers worldwide. They have over locations all over the US, Europe, and Canada. They also ship to more than 220 territories and countries.

Key Features

ShipBob Key Features
  • Money-Saving Algorithm: Once an order is placed on your eCommerce shop, ShipBob’s algorithm automatically chooses a carrier and a warehouse that provides the fastest turnaround with the best deal. 
  • US 2-Day Shipping Standard: Due to the multitude ShipBob centers located across the United States, the 2-Day Express Shipping option is available for consumers. This boosts the average order value up to 97% and lowers cart abandonment by 18%.
  • Smooth 3PL Transition: Switching to ShipBob’s fulfillment services is hassle-free. ShipBob offers a free step-by-step guide for business owners that contains the following information: best practices, considerations, risk-mitigating factors, FAQs, and many more. 


ShipBob Pricing

Transparent pricing is one of the hallmarks of ShipBob. Unlike most fulfillment providers, the costs for most of their services are plainly stated on their site.

  • Receiving: $25 for the first two hours and then a price of $35/receiver after this.
  • Storage: A fee of $40/palette, $10/shelf, and $5/bin is charged for clients per month
  • Picking: This service is free-of-charge for the first five orders and then with a $0.20 fee afterward
  • Shipping: A charge of $5.03 to $50+ is paid according to the destination, weight, dimension, etc. of the goods delivered
  • Returns: The processing fee for each returned order is $3
  • Basic Packaging: They also offer standard packing that is composed of dunnage, mailer, tape, and plain boxes for absolutely no charge.

You can get your own customized quote by filling out a form and getting in touch with their fulfillment expert.

Best suited for

ShipBob Best suited for

ShipBob is best suited for business in tight competition in the United States.  With over 60 fulfillment centers located in the US alone, they can offer same-day and 2-day shipping for the customers of their clients.

Additionally, ShipBob also transports goods worldwide. They have 15 centers across Europe, Australia, and Canada. So, if your customer base is heavy in these areas, this 3PL provider is a good fit for your business.

ShipBob also caters to companies that involve an unboxing experience towards their brand. They offer kitting services, as well as personalized packaging options for their customers.

2. eFulfillment Service

eFulfillment Service

eFulfillment Service (EFS) is a multi-awarded US-based 3PL fulfillment service that provides first-rate technology and top-notch service for their clients. It was named as the Top 3PL Provider for four consecutive years in a row starting 2016 in the order fulfillment industry given by the Multichannel Merchant.

Also, it made the Inc. 5000 list as one of the fastest-growing businesses in the United States. Since 2002, the Better Business Bureau has also consistently given EFS an A+ rating for its ethical, transparent, and professional service.

eFulfillment Service awards

Moreover, here are other awards that EFS has gained over the years.

  • MRS Champion award winner
  • Fulfillment Ingenuity Award
  • Best Web Tool

Key Features

eFulfillment Service Key Features
  • Secure, User-Friendly, & Advanced Fulfillment Technology: EFS’s order fulfillment tech gives you 24/7 access to orders, inventory, tracking, and reports. Clients can also enjoy a free-of-charge and seamless shopping cart integration. Moreover, their tech ensures protection for your data.
  • Top-Notch Team & Customer Service: EFS has a proven track record as a 3PL fulfillment service. They are an awarded and recognized industry leader. Their highly-experienced team that guarantees high order accuracy. Additionally, their on-site support staff delivers swift and personalized customer service.


eFulfillment Service Pricing

The pricing for EFS is quote-based. Here are the following services that it offers:

  • Custom Order Fulfillment: You will only pay for services that your business specifically needs.
  • Shipping: They offer international and domestic fulfillment. They also have discounted rates for both Ground and Express shipping options, as well as a full range of delivery methods. Same-day shipping, with a cutoff time of 1:00 PM EST, is available. Shipment tracking is also made possible through EFS.
  • Inventory Storage: They offer low-cost, clean, and safe inventory storage. 
  • SKU Labeling & Bagging: This service is optional for clients.
  • Picking, Packing, & Shipping: These can be fulfilled in one working day.

Best suited for

eFulfillment Service Best suited for

EFS is best suited for small-scale and mid-sized US-based online retailers. Also, the method they use is called cross-docking. This means that they do not store goods in their warehouse over time. They ship these merchandise straight away, allowing for swift deliveries.

The downside, however, is that it will be difficult for large companies to scale due to the lack of storage space. It also services the following industries: natural products, apparel, toys, crowdfunding, consumer goods, eBay & auction, and many more.

Moreover, EFS also ships to the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, Far East, and all countries that can be reached via UPS and USPS.

3. Red Stag Fulfillment

Red Stag Fulfillment

Utilizing their cloud-based technology and highly accountable service, Red Stag Fulfillment specializes in B2B and B2C eCommerce retailers. 

They are wholly committed and serious about accuracy. They have an order accuracy error rate of less than 0.02%, translating to 1 out of over 5,000 orders.

Instead of empty promises, they will pay $50 for mistakes made in receiving inventory and late shipments.

When an item from your inventory is lost or broken, they will also pay its wholesale price.

Red Stag Fulfillment award

From 2016 to 2019, Red Stag Fulfilment was recognized as the Best Fulfillment Service for High Value, Large, and Specialty Products by FitSmallBusiness.

Red Stag Fulfillment award

They were also the recipient of the Top 3PL Provider award in 2018 given by Multichannel Merchant.

In the same year, PCMag also awarded them one of the Best E-Commerce Fulfillment Services, and CIO Applications listed them on the Top 10 Logistics Companies in Tech Consulting Services.

Key Features

Red Stag Fulfillment Key Features
  • Zero Shrinkage 3PL Warehousing: At Red Stag Fulfillment, you won’t have to worry about lost items, delays in inventory log, and other pitfalls of 3PL warehouses. If any of your goods are damaged or missing while they are in their warehouse, you will be refunded.
  • Perfect Order Accuracy: With Red Stag Fulfillment, order accuracy is guaranteed. If an error ever occurs, you will be reimbursed $50.


Red Stag Fulfillment Pricing

Red Stag Fulfillment’s pricing is quotes-based. They also offer 30-day risk-free trial signup. To get started, you can send them an email through their website or call them at 1-855-637-2830.

Red Stag Fulfillment has its very own dimensional weight shipping calculator embedded on its website.

Red Stag Fulfillment Pricing

You can input the actual weight and parcel dimension to view its corresponding price for FedEx, UPS, and USPS.

Best suited for

Red Stag Fulfillment Best suited for

Red Stag Fulfillment is best suited for online merchants who value accountability and whose customer base is situated in the United States.  They have several warehouse occasions across the west coast and east coast which ensures speedy and cost-effective shipping in the US.

If you have large, specialty, and high-value goods, it is also a good fit for your business.

4. Rakuten Super Logistics

Rakuten Super Logistics

Rakuten Super Logistics (RSL) is a 3PL fulfillment service that specializes in eCommerce stores that are in the process of scaling.

They have some of the highest service accuracy rates in the industry and an exceptional client support team.

Rakuten Super Logistics

RSL can easily support your business’ growth because it is a part of the massive Rakuten Global – leading provider of services in banking, credit card, e-money, online marketing, professional sports, e-reading, portal and media, etc.

Rakuten Super Logistics locations

They also have a total of 15 fulfillment centers situated in the West Coast, Mid West, South Central, South East, North East, and Mountain Region of the US.

Key Features

Rakuten Super Logistics Key Features
  • 100% Order Accuracy, 100% Next Business Day Turnaround, & 98% US-Coverage: With their experience and expertise, Rakuten Super Logistics ensures top-quality features like 100% order accuracy and 100% order turnaround on the next business day. They can also cover 98% of the US through their strategic locations, making 2-day ground shipping possible.
  • SmartWMS & SmartFill B2C Lot Tracking: RSL also fulfills goods according to their freshness or expiration. They can also recall products from the supply chain. They automate this process by utilizing the SmartFill (client-interfacing platform) and SmartWMS (warehouse management system) technology. 


Rakuten Super Logistics Pricing

Rakuten Super Logistics offers the complete solution to fill the needs of growing eCommerce stores. Their pricing, however, isn’t readily available on their website. But, you can always request a quote.

Best suited for

Rakuten Super Logistics Best suited for

RSL is best suited for your business if you have a large-scale company. They can handle up to 4,500 monthly orders and a wide variety of specified 3L fulfillment services.

They specialize in the fulfillment of hazmat materials with limited shelf life and goods that need temperature-controlled storage. Additionally, if your company needs handling inventory on electronics, clothing, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, paper products, goods with paper adhesives, high-value products, musical instruments, drinks, and food, they are also experts in these areas.

However, as of 2021, they cannot handle medical-grade pharmaceuticals.

5. Shipwire


Shipwire is a cloud-based platform catered for international fulfillment. It was acquired by SaaS company Ingram Micro.

With over 154 warehouses worldwide and vast integration with popular eCommerce channels.

Key Features

Shipwire Key Features
  • Powerful & User-Friendly Interface: Shipwire’s technology has a simple yet robust dashboard. You’ll be able to manage orders, view transactions and information, automate data analysis and reporting, adjust settings and preferences, limit third-party apps from accessing your accounts, and many more.
  • Extensive Global Shipping Options: With Shipwire, you can offer same-day order processing for US orders, as well as 2-day shipping for customers in Europe and North America.


Shipwire  Pricing

Shipwire’s pricing is based on quotes. You can get your personalized quote through this link.

Best suited for

Shipwire Best suited for

Shipwire is best suited for B2C and B2B eCommerce merchants that have an international customer base. It is also perfect for online retailers that are into dropshipping.

6. NextSmartShip


NextSmartShip is a 3PL fulfillment service provider with the main office located in Shenzhen China. They also have multiple centers in Europe, Hongkong, Australia, and the United States.

They offer flexible fulfillment solutions for their clients.

They also have no minimum order size, no setup fees, no hidden costs, easy-to-understand management systems, various integrations with shopping cart platforms, and more.

NextSmartShip destinations

Due to the strategic locations of their fulfillment centers, they can ship to more than 200 regions and countries.

Key Features

NextSmartShip Key Features
  • Dedicated Customer Service Manager: With NextSmartShip, you will get one-on-one assistance with every step of launching your fulfillment service.
  • Flexible, Reliable, & Low-Cost Shipping: They have low shipping costs that’ll help you decrease your cart abandonment rate. They’ve also partnered with credible logistics providers ensuring dependable shipping services. Moreover, they allow customizations on carriers, routes, etc. enabling you to choose which shipping option best fits your needs.


NextSmartShip Key Features Pricing

NextSmartShip’s pricing isn’t available on their website. To get your quotes, you can fill out a form and include some business details to get started.

Best suited for

NextSmartShip Best suited for

NextSmartShip is best suited for businesses that have a huge global customer base. They also specialize in crowdfunding as well as subscription box fulfillment.

Moreover, they have extensive experience in the following industries: beauty, fitness, accessories, apparel, appliances, electronics, sports, outdoor, and many more.

7. Easyship


Easyship is a 3PL fulfillment service that enables both national and global deliveries. With more than 250 shipping couriers, it syncs eCommerce stores utilizing a reliable management tool.

Key Features

  • Conversion Rate Booster: With Easyship, you can readily view rates at checkout. By seeing the actual rates of these couriers, you’ll have the ability to sell more of your products.
  • Duty & Taxes Payment: You can obtain information on customs upfront. This will allow you to deliver your goods with utmost confidence. Additionally, you can prepay said taxes if you prefer to.


Easyship Pricing

Easyship has four kinds of pricing costs.

  • Free: The free plan enables you to access its email support, import tax & duty calculation, discounted shipping rates, API access, global fulfillment network, analytics, rates at checkout, affordable insurance, return labels, pickup management, flexible printing options, catalog management, saved boxes, etc. It also lets you send 100 monthly shipments, have one team member, get unlimited eCommerce and crowdfunding integrations, 
  • Plus: This plan costs $29/month with a 30-day free trial. It has all of the features of the free plan plus chat support, auto-order, etc. It also allows you to have three team members, one link to your own courier accounts, and 500 shipments per month.
  • Premier: The Premier plan is priced at $49 per month including a free-of-cost trial for 30 days. It includes everything in the Plus plan. You’ll also receive phone support, 2500/monthly shipments, two courier account links, and five team members.
  • Enterprise: The Enterprise plan is quotes-based and contains all the benefits of the Premier plan. It also has no limits regarding monthly shipments, courier account links, team members, as well as crowdfunding and eCommerce integrations.
Easyship Pricing

You can also visit their website and use their shipping calculator. Select the country of origin, zip code, destination, weight, and unit to get an estimation.

Easyship Pricing

You’ll also be able to see couriers and their corresponding delivery time, rating, services, and costs.

Best suited for

Easyship Best suited for

Easyship is best suited for eCommerce merchants that want to grow their international customer base. It is also a good fit for crowdfunding campaigns.

8. TAGG Logistics

TAGG Logistics

TAGG Logistics is a US-based 3PL fulfillment service that specializes in eCommerce and omnichannel fulfillment.

Key Features

TAGG Logistics Key Features
  • eCommerce Order Fulfillment: One of TAGG logistics key features is eCommerce order fulfillment. It offers Amazon fulfillment, online marketplace direct shipping, subscription box fulfillment, shopping cart platforms, returns management, packaging and kitting, and order management systems.
  • Omnichannel Fulfillment: Another of its main features is omnichannel fulfillment. You’ll be able to attain retail distribution, EDI compliance, catalog fulfillment, and LeSaint Logistics.


TAGG Logistics Pricing

TAGG Logistics pricing is based on quotes. You can give them a call at (314) 991-1900 or visit their site and fill out a form to get started.

Best suited for

TAGG Logistics Best suited for

TAGG Logistics has several centers all over the Midwest (Missouri), East Coast (Pennsylvania), and West Coast (Nevada). For this reason, if your company’s main consumers are located in these areas, it is perfect for your business.

You’ll be able to offer fast and cheap shipments for your US-based customers.

9. Aero Fulfillment

Aero Fulfillment

Aero Fulfillment is a 3PL fulfillment service catered for mid-market manufacturers with facilities situated in the Midwestern United States.

Key Features

Aero Fulfillment Key Features
  • Centralized Merchandise: Due to their strategic locations, Aero Fulfillment can reach 73% of the US in two days and 82% in three days. This will help sellers centralize their merchandise and remove all the additional charges on storage and shipping.
  • Smartship Freight Management Services: This feature will allow you to spot extra cost savings through a Freight Rate Audit. They’ll also be able to negotiate with shipping companies on tariffs, rates, freight class exceptions, etc.


Aero Fulfillment Pricing

Aero Fulfillment’s pricing plans aren’t available on their website. You can get in touch with them using the number 1-855-558-8456.

Best suited for

Aero Fulfillment Best suited for

This 3PL fulfillment service is best suited for US-based B2B fulfillment with more than 45 orders/day or 1,000 orders/month and B2C fulfillment for 90 orders/day or 2,000 orders/month. You can also take a quick survey on their site to discern whether they are a right fit for your company.

10. 3PL Center

3PL Center

With warehouse locations all over the US and Canada, 3PL Center offers nationwide LTL and trucking services. It also enables eCommerce fulfillment, warehousing, and integrations.

Key Features

3PL Center Key Features
  • Same-Day Shipping: At 3PL Center, all orders received by 2 P.M. are shipped on the same day. They also offer the following services: kitting, assembly, picking, labeling, and packing.
  • 3PL Trucking Services: Transport your products within three hours or the next day through their trucking services, drayage express, and nationwide LTL freight transportation.


3PL Center Pricing

Their pricing is based on quotes. You can fill out a form on their site or call them at 732-391-2500.

Best suited for

3PL Center Best suited for

3PL Center is best suited for B2B, B2C, and eCommerce fulfillment in the following industries: electronics, healthcare, auto parts, as seen on TV, shoes, apparel, pet products, home goods, hospital equipments, baby products, toys, surf and paddle, and outdoor goods. 

If your customers are mostly situated in Canada and the US, they may also be a great fit for you.

11. 3PL Worldwide

3PL Worldwide

3PL Worldwide offers logistics and warehousing located on the east coast and west coast in the United States. They also have a scalable logistics system and state-of-the-art centers with handheld scanner receiving technology as well as motion sensor lighting.

Key Features

3PL Worldwide Key Features
  • Revenue-Boosting Client Support: With 3PL Worldwide client support features such as inbound freight analysis, consulting, EDI 940-945 information, and third-party vendor partners, you can boost your company’s revenue.
  • Dedicated Call Center: They also have a bilingual – Spanish and English customer support center that handles over 250,000 service calls per month. Call abandonment is below 2% and the phone is answered within 20 seconds. 


3PL Worldwide Pricing

3PL Worldwide’s pricing is based on quotes. You can complete a form on their site or call  (877) 444-0002 to get started.

Best suited for

3PL Worldwide Best suited for

This company is best suited for clients with US-based bi-coastal consumers. It is also a good fit for businesses that highly value responsive customer service and security.

12. Amware Fulfillment

Amware Fulfillment

Amware has a vast network of fulfillment centers that enables flexible solutions for its direct-to-consumer brands. This Los Angeles-based company can cover 95% of the United States via ground delivery within 1-2 days.

Amware Fulfillment  award

It was awarded as Top 3PL in 2021 by the Multichannel Merchant on their sixth annual directory.

Key Features

Amware Fulfillment Key Features
  • Same-Day, 2-Day, & Scalable US Deliveries: Having 15 facilities in the United States, they can deliver products within 1-2 days. They can also handle a minimum of 50,000 annual orders and increase the volume to 2x-50x.
  • Multi-Channel Fulfillment: Amware is also capable of the following types of fulfillment services: eCommerce, direct sales, B2B/retail, and marketing literature.


Amware Fulfillment Pricing

Amware’s pricing is quote-based. You can connect with them using a form on their website or by calling (866) 888-2999.

Best suited for

Amware Fulfillment Best suited for

Amware is best suited for scaling B2C companies with at least 50,000 yearly orders. It also specializes in the following industries retail, food, health, beauty, industrial and raw materials.

13. everstox


everstox is a tech-based logistics provider that offers fulfillment, warehousing, domestic, and worldwide shipping for the following countries in Europe: England, France, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Italy, and The Netherlands.

Key Features

everstox Key Features
  • Enhanced Services Via Cloud-Based Tech: Utilizing its cloud technology, everstox can integrate WM-Systems, upgrade operations using automated data flows, enhance capacity usage through digital tools, and many more.
  • First-Rate Fulfillment Services: They also provide quality assurance, operational excellence, KPI-proven performance, IT and tech standards, and geographical relevance for their clients.


everstox Pricing

everstox’s pricing plan is custom-based. Connect with them using a contact form on their site.

Best suited for

everstox Best suited for

everstox is best suited for Europe-based eCommerce, retail, and B2B companies in the following industries: food and beverage (ISO, HACCP or IFS HPC compliant), consumer goods (ex: fashion, sporting goods, cosmetics, etc.), bulky products (ex: furniture, bicycles, and many more), B2B items (ex: components, materials, spare parts, etc.), frozen and cooled products (14-21°C, cooled 1-4°C or frozen < 0°C conditions), and specialty goods (ex: jewelry and other high-value goods needing insurance and special care).

14. OGOship


OGOship is a contemporary 3PL fulfillment service that specializes in speedy low-cost global shipping.

Key Features

OGOship Key Features
  • Multi-European Warehousing: OGOship has several facilities situated in Estonia, Sweden, UK, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, and Germany. This enables same-day, two-day, and three-day shipping for its European customers. They also deliver goods globally and this takes more than three days.
  • Sustainable Deliveries: Their service also ensures less shipping miles resulting in fewer carbon emissions.


OGOship Pricing

OGOship gives price estimates to their customers through their online form.

Best suited for

OGOship Best suited for

It is best suited for small to medium-sized businesses that need fast global shipments. They can deliver as many as 3,500 rows/day.

15. ShipCalm


ShipCalm is a 3PL fulfillment service that offers low-priced global shipping solutions. They also provide seamless integration with eCommerce platforms, expert warehouse teams, etc.

Key Features

ShipCalm Key Features
  • Kickstarter Campaigns: They have no minimum orders for Kickstarter campaigns and process items within 24-72 hours upon receiving them. Their platform is also global and experienced in handling international dangerous goods deliveries, commercial invoices, etc.
  • Kitting Services: ShipCalm offers low-cost and efficient kitting that includes packaging, labeling, etc.


ShipCalm Pricing

ShipCalm has different types of pricing plans depending on the space occupied.

  • 100 Sq Ft: This plan costs $799/month/facility. It accommodates 200 small SKUs, 100 medium SKUs, and 10 large SKUs. It also includes 250 items with a price of $1.50 per item.
  • 200 Sq Ft: This one is priced at $1,399 per month per facility. It contains 400 small SKUs, 200 medium SKUs, 20 large SKUs, and 250 items costing $1.50 each.
  • 300 Sq Ft: This one costs $1,999/month/facility and includes 600 small SKUs, 300 medium SKUs, and 30 large SKUs. It also has the same number of orders and pricing as the other two plans.
  • Above 300 Sq Ft: This plan has custom-based pricing. The costs include $3/month for a small bin, $5/month per medium bin, and $100/month per pallet. The price per item ranges from $0.50-$1.50 each.

Best suited for

ShipCalm Best suited for

ShipCalm is best suited for companies that have a global customer base and require the following services: kitting and assembly, subscription box fulfillment, Kickstarter campaigns, Amazon FBA prep, etc. They also specialize in apparel fulfillment.

16. Evolution Fulfillment

Evolution Fulfillment

Evolution Fulfillment offers streamlined and inexpensive North American distribution solutions.

Key Features

Evolution Fulfillment Key Features
  • Low-Cost Cross Canada-USA border Shipping: Compared to Canada Post, you can save up to 49% on your shipping costs. Once your items pass the US customs, they are separated and then put into the United States Postal Service and will be considered as domesticated shipments.
  • Retail Fulfillment Service: Evolution Fulfillment specializes in B2B order fulfillment for the following industries: footwear, fashion, cosmetics, and jewelry.


Evolution Fulfillment Pricing

Evolution Fulfillment will give you an estimated cost if you contact them directly. You can reach out to them using a contact form on their site.

Best suited for

Evolution Fulfillment Best suited for

This 3PL fulfillment service provider is best suited for B2B and B2C companies that deliver low-value products (priced below $800) coming from Canada to the US. They also provide Amazon fulfillment, returns management solutions, etc.

17. 3PL


3PL enables global logistics and multichannel fulfillment for upcoming retail brands. They also enable an immersive brand experience, seamless operations, low-cost logistics, etc.

Key Features

3PL Key Features
  • User-Friendly Analytics: 3PL allows you to gain access to user-friendly analytics that enables real-time updates on your operations.
  • Worldwide Logistics Solutions: With centers situated across the UK, USA, China, and New Zealand, they offer global multichannel fulfillment, speedy shipping, accurate packing, cheap operating costs, etc.


3PL Pricing

3PL has custom-based pricing. Contact them through an online form on their website.

Best suited for

3PL Best suited for

3PL is best suited for businesses needing specialist product fulfillment in the supplements, vitamins, cosmetics, beauty, and fashion industry. They also provide freight forwarding, stock storage, as well as subscription box, B2B, Amazon, and crowdfunding fulfillment.

18. Flex.


Flex offers all-in-one 3PL fulfillment solutions for online retailers, brand owners, wholesalers, and manufacturers. They have facilities all over Poland and can cater to customers in the European Economic Area.

Key Features

Flex Key Features
  • Customized Wrapping: One of Flex’s main eCommerce features is gift wrapping. They utilize decorative boxes, pouches, bags, plastics, films, foils, ribbons, and paper. This service is available for all occasions.
  • Seller Fulfillment Prime: Build consumer loyalty through Flex’s Seller Fulfilled Prime service. They are an Amazon-approved transportation solution.


Flex Pricing

Flex has the pricing model: 10 EUR/pallet/month and 0.50 EUR for handling and packing.

Flex Pricing

They have no minimum space storage, hidden, setup, SKU management, account management, long-term commitment, and minimum shipment fees. It also has no lock-in contract and offers speedy shipments.

Best suited for

Flex Best suited for

Flex is best suited for businesses that require gift wrapping, long-term storage, Seller Fulfillment Prime, kitting and assembly, subscription boxes, etc.

They can ship to the following countries:  Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Austria, Italy, Greece,  Belgium, Sweden, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia,  Republic of Cyprus, Portugal, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Netherlands, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

“The third-party logistics provider you select is an extension of the representation of your brand. Therefore, choose cautiously.”

— Burkhard Berger


This brings us to the end of this list. Hopefully, you’ve found one that can help you grow your business. Whichever you select, you can let me know in the comments section below.

“The right 3PL fulfillment service can sustain your company’s expansion.”

— Burkhard Berger

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