7+ Best Absence Management Software – 100% Unbiased [2022]

Absence Management Software

Frequent absences can negatively impact your overall productivity and bottom line. If you’re searching for dependable absence management software, this review can help you narrow down your options.

Absenteeism is inevitable.

That’s why, as a business owner, I’ve implemented many strategies to reduce it. I’ve also used effective absence management software to accurately monitor each employee’s attendance and create a work plan.

Today, I’ll share my absolute favorites with you, including their top features, pros and cons, and price rates.

What Is The Best Absence Management Software?

Are you in a hurry? You can check my top three picks instead: actiPLANS, Appogee Leave, and eDays.

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Best overall. Simple and streamlined platform for most users. Starts at $1.5/month.Best value for money. Flexible for user customization. Starts at $1.20/month.Most features. Robust absence management platform with features for high-scaled industries.
Try actiPLANSTry AppogeeHRTry eDays

Interested to learn more? Read on below for the full guide.

1. actiPLANS – Top Pick

actiPLANS: Absence Management Software

Absence Management Software For Freelancers & Businesses Of All Sizes [Free Version | $1.5/month/user]

Simplicity is the primary reason I’ve chosen actiPLANS absence management software as my top pick.

Employees can easily send a request for time off on its web-based platform or mobile app. A notification will be sent to the assigned managers, and they can decide whether to approve or reject the request.

Making a decision is also more straightforward because managers are provided with an interactive absence chart.

Managers will get a detailed look at all available resources – current and upcoming employee leaves. They can also get comprehensive reports to analyze each employee’s absences data and leave balances.

actiPLANS Guide: Leave Time & Balances Report

All leave time, and balances reports are available for download (PDF and CSV formats).

No matter what decision the managers make, the employee will immediately get notified.

Other features you can get when using actiPLANS are listed as follows:

  • PTO accrual calculator
  • Manual and automatic paid time off calculation
  • Integrate with actiTIME timesheet for seamless leave and time tracking

You can also create custom leaves to track intermittent leaves like FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act).

When it comes to data security, you have nothing to worry about.

All data are securely stored in their data centers, which Amazon Web Services provide. They also offer the following:

actiPLANS provides access for leave time and balances reports features available to regular users. Not only that but the following new features are also available: navigation icons, logo settings, and hover-effect animations.

Burkhard Berger

Pros And Cons Of actiPLANS

No minimum purchase of user licenseOnly supports the English language
Mobile app supports at least iOS 10.0 and Android 4.0.3No option to integrate with your favorite business and HR software
Supports recent versions of web browsers (Internet Explorer 9+, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge, and Safari)
All paid subscriptions cover maintenance (upgrades, data recovery, etc.) and basic tech support

actiPLANS Pricing Plan

Access Absence Management Software: Request a Quote

Flexibility in pricing is another good reason I’ve chosen actiPLANS as the best absence management software solution on this list.

All prices are based on the number of user licenses and the length of the service period preferred. You can start with the free subscription, where you can add up to 3 user licenses.

If you need higher numbers of user licenses, you can choose from the following subscriptions:

  • 1-40 users: This is available for $1.5/user/mo.
  • 41-200 users: This one is priced at $1.2/user/mo.
  • 200+ users: For this number of users, you have to get a personalized quote.

The best part of it, all subscriptions (free and paid) include a 30-day free trial.

You can get full access to actiPLANS absence management features and add an unlimited number of users. 

It also doesn’t have automatic renewal. Therefore, you can choose whether to stay using the free version or continue with the paid ones.

2. Appogee Leave – Best Value For Money

Appogee Leave: Customizable Absence Management Software

Customizable Absence Management Software For Businesses Of All Sizes [Free Trial | $1.20/month/user]

Every business has unique needs. This is why I recommend Appogee Leave as the best value for money because its platform can easily be configured to meet any business requirement.

It can track all types of absences according to labor laws – from sick leave to jury service.

There are two options provided in adding leave and sickness types. The first option is importing any of the default leave and sickness types offered on the platform.

Appogee Leave Guide: Configuring Leave & Sickness Types

The second option allows you to add your own set of absence types. You can do this by clicking the Create button.

No matter what option you choose, make sure to set them all as deducted or non-deducted.

Please note that users with an admin role can only perform this task. That’s right, Appogee Leave requires you to add user roles.

“Employee” is the default role for team members who are added to the system. Other roles provided are listed as follows:

  • HR manager
  • Administrator
  • ADU manager
  • Team manager

The system’s entire setup is also customizable.

It supports accrual and annual systems. Therefore, you can set both leave allowance at the start of the year and track leave awards and balances for each employee.

How does it work?

It has a similarity with actiPLANS. Employees can send a request on their dashboard.

It will then notify the manager assigned and provide all the information to make an informed decision.

Appogee Leave Guide: Online Team Calendar Sample

Once the request is approved, the online team calendars will automatically be updated so that employees and teams can view them.

This will allow you to get visual reports to understand better your leave and absence trends. You can set up automatic weekly or monthly data exports to stay on top of the latest changes.

Pros And Cons Of Appogee Leave

Supports the latest or one prior version of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (not legacy Edge), Mozilla Firefox, and Apple SafariOnly supports integration for Google Workspace, Office 365, and Xero
Supported languages vary on the digital workspace you’ve integrated (interface support English, French, and Spanish)Push notifications don’t work on Apple Safari
Provides a service feedback section where you can suggest a new featureMicrosoft API only covers limited functionalities

Appogee Leave Pricing Plan

Appogee Leave Pricing Plan

Use absence management software by Appogee Leave and enjoy a simple subscription plan designed per number of user licenses.

Here’s a glance at its prices:

  • 1-10 users: This costs $1.92/user/mo.
  • 11-250 users: For this one, you have to pay $1.60/user/mo.
  • 251+: As for the number of users in this plan, it’s priced at $1.20/user/mo.

All subscriptions are only available for annual billing and contract. You can get started by signing up for its 14-day free trial.

3. Edays – Most Features

Edays: Cloud-Based Absence Management Software

Cloud-Based Absence Management Software For Global Organizations [Custom Pricing]

Flexible, scalable, and advanced are all the good reasons why Edays is recommended for a broad range of industries (profit and non-profit).

Since it’s built to support international companies, you’re guaranteed that it complies with all local and global employment laws.

Its interface is customizable, too, like Appogee Leave. You can set various annual leave policies and adjust yearly leave allowances.

You can automate them all for quick processing.

All users you add are provided with an individual dashboard. Here, they can view all their current leave and holiday balances and allowances.

They can also send leave requests with a few simple clicks.

Edays Guide: Manager Dashboard

When managers receive the request, they can access the absence calendar and view an employee’s records to help them make an informed decision. They can reject and approve requests with a single click.

Other features you can expect to find inside the user dashboard are listed as follows:

  • Manager records
  • Alert management
  • Entitlement record
  • Overtime and TOIL
  • Bradford Factor tracker
  • Personal data (basic HR data)

The best part of this feature, you can access it on any PC, mobile, or tablet device.

Moving forward, you can also make your HR and payroll teams’ jobs simpler. You can do so by integrating your entire business system into the platform.

Currently, it supports the following software:

  • Four productivity systems
  • Nine HRIS and ERP systems
  • Four RESTful APIs (GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE)
  • Three workplace wellbeing (primarily for healthcare providers)
Edays Guide: Create API Account

There are more features included in the platform, and all are organized into different categories:

  • Account setup
  • Holiday management
  • Sickness management
  • Lastly, document storage and tracker
  • Create and manage custom absence types
  • Data export for all absence reports (CSV format)

Pros And Cons Of Edays

Supports 25 languagesRequired minimum purchase of user licenses
Provides individual user loginsLocalization of your system to all the regions you operate in is only available at the Enterprise plan
All-inclusive plans (no additional charges for implementation, support, etc.)
Simple setup and integration of human resources applications (HRIS, ERP, payroll systems, etc.)
Has individual, scalable solutions for enterprise and mid-market organizations

Edays Pricing Plan

Edays Pricing Plan

Edays’ user-friendly absence management software is available in two subscription plans. Both are designed per number of employees.

  • Professional (Custom Pricing): This lets you add a minimum of 50 employees (max. of 499).
  • Enterprises (Custom Pricing): This one is the recommended plan for companies with 500 employees and higher.

You can get started by booking an online demo or contacting a sales expert to request a personalized pricing quote.

4. Access Absence Management – Industry-Specific Solutions

Absence Management Software By Access

Absence Management Software For Mid-Market Organizations [Custom Pricing]

The Access Group is a renowned company for providing robust and sector-specific business management solutions.

As of writing, their absence management software provides solutions for eleven industries:

  • Legal
  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • eCommerce
  • Construction
  • Warehousing
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional services
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Health and social care
  • Charities and not-for-profit organizations

Also, all their solutions are tailored for medium-sized organizations in the UK and the Asia Pacific.

You can efficiently streamline your policies, procedures, and other important strategies to balance your resources.

As standard, employees can submit requests using any device.

That’s right, Access Group built Android and iOS apps to ensure everyone in your team can use it anywhere they go.

Another amazing feature it has is that it enables employees to manage their own holiday and time off requests.

Access Absence Management: Manager's Absence Planner

Additionally, managers can perform the following tasks:

  • Set up leave allowances
  • Approve or deny requests
  • Track and manage attendance, absences, leave entitlements, and sickness

The most notable advantage of its platform is flexibility.

When new changes in legislation are made, the platform will receive and adopt these updates to stay compliant. You can also connect all your key systems.

Most absence management software is designed for HR and finance professionals within an organization. Access Group expanded its reach by offering this solution for schools and MATs

Now, the school’s HR teams can monitor all staff’s whereabouts.

They can also process staff requests for sick leave due to COVID-19 and monitor them as they self-isolate.

Moreover, they’ll provide you with actionable insight to get a detailed look at how your school or MAT has been affected by the pandemic.

Pros And Cons Of Access Absence Management

Securely deployed and accessible in the cloudIn-house helpdesk via phone only available for UK-based users
Compatible on any device (Android and iOS)
Includes a self-serve holiday request system for employees and a holiday tracker for managers
Provides responsive helpdesk support via ticketing system, phone, chat, and community forums

Access Absence Management Pricing Plan

Access Absence Management Software: Request a Quote

Absence management is just a part of the Access People and Workforce Management solutions.

To get started, you have two choices. The first one is to fill up their contact form and request a personalized pricing quote based on your needs.

The other option is booking a demo to see all the absence management tools in action.

5. Freshteam – Time-Off Policy Easy Setup

Freshteam: Employee Absence Management Software

Employee Absence Management Software For Growing Businesses [Free Plan | $1/ month/employee]

The majority of absence management software available was created with developers having a specific business size and industry type in mind.

Freshteam has an absolute advantage because it can be used by just about any company. By default, it provides tools to perform the following tasks:

  • Streamline time-off policies and workflow
  • Manage employee time off and absence requests and approvals
  • Integrate with your organization’s core systems (calendars, payroll, etc.)
  • Request leaves and approves/denies request using its mobile app or web browsers

One of its strongest features is the time-off policy.

Fast and efficient, you can create a single policy in five minutes or less. You’re allowed to create and implement multiple time-off policies.

This is beneficial when running an office in different locations or employees work various shifts.

Ensure to clearly state the employee’s eligibility to request paid time-off (PTO).

The time-off policy has inbuilt holiday calendars for easy mapping of your employees. Currently, it provides 15+ free holiday calendar templates that you can implement in 19 countries.

If you don’t want to use a template or create from scratch, you can simply sync your team calendars.

Freshteam Guide: Sample Team Calendar View

The types of absences you can manage here are the following:

  • Planned
  • Unplanned
  • Long duration

Planned absences are the most common type of absences filed in an organization. It may include marriage, vacation, and other important milestones.

On the other hand, unplanned absences are inevitable events that can happen without notice, like medical emergencies, sickness, and death.

Freshteam gives you the option to add these absence types to prevent violating employees’ rights.

Lastly, the long duration of absences is not acceptable in any organization. You can track it all using reporting and analytics.

Here, you can view and analyze the time-off and absenteeism trends which can help you make an informed decision.

Pros And Cons Of Freshteam

Easy to use and set upIncludes more calendar options for integrations
Minimal maintenance requiredSearch function needs improvement
Simple and effective approval flow
Offers discounts to all educational institutions, large teams, and non-profit organizations
Provides advanced analytics and reporting with seven curated HR reports to help you solve various challenges

Freshteam Pricing Plan

Freshteam Pricing Plan

Freshteam is offered in four subscription plans. Just like other absence management software, the plan’s prices depend on the following factors:

  • Business size
  • Number of employees to add
  • Length of the service period

It also charges an additional platform fee per month.

The subscription plan starts with a free plan. It’s made for small organizations with up to 50 employees and requires basic HR solutions.

If you want more features, you can get any of the following monthly/annual plans:

  • Growth: This one costs $1/employee/mo. + $59 platform fee/month.
  • Pro: This plan is priced at  $2/employee/mo. + $99 platform fee/month.
  • Enterprise: This one’s pricing is set at $4/employee/mo. + $169 platform fee/month.

Get started for free with the subscription plan of your choice by signing up for its 21-day trial version.

6. Deputy – Request, Track, & Approve On-The-Go

Deputy: Easy-To-Use Leave & Absence Management Software

Easy-To-Use Absence & Leave Management Software [$2.50/month/user]

Ease of use is a common promise of every absence management software. Deputy proves that it delivers by allowing employees and managers to access everything, both mobile and desktop.

Employees can also send their requests and track their own balances through the app.

Meanwhile, managers can perform the following tasks:

  • Only schedule available employee
  • Create leave entitlements per employee
  • Set up your own leave types, balances, allowance, and accrual rates

For the leave types, you have the option to use the default ones available on the platform. You can also create custom types to meet your business policies.

A typical error managers commit assigning shift schedules to unavailable employees. Deputy resolves this by equipping the platform with a single and easy-to-read dashboard. Here, you can easily view:

  • Requests
  • Booked time off
  • Remaining balances

It’s also equipped with automatic block time off requests to ensure everyone is ready to work for important dates.

Deputy Guide: Find a Replacement

Unplanned events are unavoidable. But don’t worry; you can make last-minute replacements with one simple tap.

Pros And Cons Of Deputy

Simple integrations with your HR, payroll, and financial management systems like Quickbooks and GustoIncludes a minimum spend for monthly subscription plans
Provides 24/7 customer for all countries supported (includes live chat support that responds in less than 5 minutes)NetSuite functions not working
Easy tracking and managing of leaves and absences balances

Deputy Pricing Plan

Deputy Pricing Plan

Deputy leave and absence management software is available in four subscription plans. All plans are designed per user number and service period (monthly and annual).

Here’s a quick view of each plan:

  • Scheduling: This plan is priced at $2.50/user/mo.
  • Time & Attendance: This one costs $2.50/user/mo.
  • Premium: This plan’s pricing is $4.50/user/mo or $4 for annual plans.

If you’re running short-term events, you can take advantage of its flexible weekly plan.

Sign up for its 31-day trial version to get started for free.

7. GoCo – All-In-One HR Software

GoCo: All-in-One HR Software

Simple Absence Management System For Small Businesses [Free Demo | $5/month/employee]

GoCo is the go-to option for any small business owner looking for excellent all-in-one HR software.

Seamless syncing of all your processes, policies, and key systems (HR, benefits, and payroll) into your account is its primary advantage. Therefore, your managers can access and manage everything in one secured platform.

The platform is also web-based for accessibility.

Currently, four browsers support GoCo:

  • Apple Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome

Its absence management solution is included in their time tracking product.

As standard, it allows your team member to request time off. While managers can approve or deny requests.

GoCo Guide: Deny or Approve Time Off Requests Sample

They can also automatically add holiday hours to their team’s timesheets to save time from manual encoding.

Once the timesheet is completed, the GoCo system will send an automatic reminder to all approvers. You can approve it by team or individually – your choice.

For other tasks, you need to assign them to the administrator. To give you a clear idea, here are a few duties they have:

  • Add and edit time off policies
  • Assign manager for each team
  • Adjust an employee’s current PTO balance
  • Modify and approve time-off requests (if haven’t assigned managers yet)

Additionally, you can get a complete view of all absences and leaves by generating the time tracking reports.

If you also want to track each member’s PTO accruals, you can enable advanced time off. This is an add-on that gives you more advanced settings like maximum balances, carry-overs, and more.

To complete the time tracking package, it’s equipped with the following features:

Pros And Cons Of GoCo

Excellent onboarding process and overall ease of useFew bugs and errors when implementing new plans
Customizable plans (includes employee self-service, Magic Docs, and onboarding by default)
Company continuously develops the software and listens to customers’ suggestions 

GoCo Pricing Plan

GoCo: Request a Quote

Another great thing about GoCo is that its experts create a custom plan based on your needs. Sign up for their request form and tell them what apps you need.

Here are the apps they currently offer:

  • Payroll
  • Benefits
  • HR Workflows (new)
  • Time off and tracking
  • White glove implementation
  • HR advice on demand and support center

Once you’re decided what apps you want to use, you need to specify the number of employees you want to add.

The starting price per employee is $5 a month.

Get started with GoCo for free by creating a company account or signing up for its online tour.

8. AttendanceBot – Team-Focused Communication

AttendanceBot: Absence Management Solutions For Remote Teams

Chat-First App With Absence Management Solutions For Remote Teams [Free Plan | $4 a month/user]

For my last recommendation, I’ll go with AttendanceBot. This is a chat-first app that features absence and leaves management solutions.

It may not be your traditional absence management software, but it’s still advantageous to use.

It allows your employees and managers to request and approve/reject leaves and paid time offs (PTOs) directly from your instant messaging board. Currently, it supports the following team collaboration software:

  • Slack
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Chat

Adding the app is so easy.

I’ve included a sample screenshot (Slack) below to give you a clear picture of how you can add it.

AttendanceBot Guide: Add App in Slack

Please note that whoever adds the app to your team collaboration software will automatically get the team administrator role.

The admin can assign a manager, and everyone else will consider as an employee. They can also control the subscription and team-wide settings.

Once everything is set, your managers can start setting up leave types and quotas for each.

The standard types of leaves available are the following:

  • Sick
  • Vacation
  • Traveling
  • Work from home
  • Working remotely

Your managers can also set custom leave types like bereavement, jury duty, paternity leave, and more.

You can accomplish this task by navigating the AttendanceBot dashboard > Vacation Management > Leaves > Leaves types and quotas section.

AttendanceBot Guide: Leave Types & Quotas

Moreover, you’ll be able to track and get summaries of your team’s leaves and absences in real-time by downloading all insightful reports.

You also have the option to integrate with all your digital calendars for easy syncing of your time-off. This saves you time and effort from creating this calendar from scratch.

Pros And Cons Of AttendanceBot

Simple approval of request through your chat messengerReminders and alerts only work for punching in and out
Generates and downloads reports in CSV and Excel formatsSetting up the account and onboarding process takes a long time to complete
Easy to use and seamless integration with three major team collaboration software
Offers discounts for non-profit organizations and annual plans

AttendanceBot Pricing Plan

AttendanceBot Pricing Plan

AttendanceBot absence management software is available in free and paid subscription plans.

The free plan suits the needs of small teams with up to 5 users. If you wish to add more, you can choose from the following monthly/annual plans:

  • Standard: This plan costs $4/user/mo.
  • Pro: This one is priced at $6/user/mo.
  • Enterprise: The Enterprise plan costs $12/user/mo.

The best part of their offers, there is no user limit per subscription plan. They will bill you only for all the users (including guests) enabled on your account.

You can get started with the Standard and Pro plans by signing up for its 14-day trial version.

If you choose the Enterprise plan, you may get started by booking a demo.


The simplicity and customizability of Appogee Leave are the reasons why I’ve chosen it as the best absence management software.

You can reflect your company branding on your account and track and manage all types of absences. You can also generate instant reports to access all relevant absence information you need.

Appogee Leave supports both the needs of companies operating on-site and remote without charging additional fees for maintenance, support, and onboarding.

All prices are fixed and based solely on the number of users you add. As your team grows, it will provide you with a discounted price.

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