7+ Best Address Verification Software [2022 Honest Review]

Address Verification

Address verification software helps businesses to verify and standardize the address list of customers. Even though you can use the software for multiple reasons, data quality, live reports, and geographic maps are the most common ones.

You may ask why businesses need customers’ information? Businesses require such crucial information to send out marketing emails and deliver products accurately (among other possible reasons). Real-time address validation helps in identifying any missing fields or errors in the information available.

Customers give out their data through various channels in the digital environment. It can be through point-of-sale (POS) systems, CRM, online forms, or even third-party databases. With the information gathered by businesses, address verification helps in ensuring the authenticity of the data received.

Being an entrepreneur for a decade, I’ve used tons of these software platforms, and today, I’ll rank my 7+ favorite address verification software that is personally tried and tested along with their strengths, drawbacks, prices, and more. 

Let’s dive right into it!  

What Is The Best Address Verification Software?

If you’re looking for a quick answer, here are my top 3 picks: PostGrid, Melissa, and Lob.

PostGrid (R)


Melissa (G)


Lob (V)

Best overall. Provides quality service at a reasonable price. Starts at $70/month.Best value for money. Offers scalability, flexibility, and security. Starts at $40/month. Helps in delivering mail to verified addresses & reduces bounce rate. Starts at $25/month.
Try PostGridTry MelissaTry Lob

With that out of the way, let’s continue this review and find the best address verification tool for your business.

1. PostGrid – Top Pick 

PostGrid Homepage

Best Address Verification Software For Most Reliable Results [$70/month]

I have tried different address verification software that is effective and give high value for money. PostGrid takes the first spot on my list as the best address verification software since it has an easy interface and provides the most reliable results.

PostGrid allows real-time address validation for businesses. You can also standardize, autocorrect and enrich your customers’ data using PostGrid’s CASS and SERP-certified address database. PostGrid comes with standard pricing (US and Canada) address verification as well as international pricing. 

Currently, PostGrid’s international address verification API supports more than 245 countries. This can provide you with limitless options if you’re looking to verify the international addresses of your customers. Here are some standard features that PostGrid offers:

  • CASS and SERP Certified: PostGrid provides a higher rate of deliverability through certified verification API.
  • Scalable REST API: Using the REST API library, you can easily implement test and live keys.
  • Address Autocomplete: Autocomplete helps to ensure the data is consistent throughout your pipeline.
  • Parsing and Standardization: The address parsing feature helps fix poorly formatted addresses, and standardization allows all addresses to follow the formats according to their postal standards.
  • Zap-ready: PostGrid is integrated with Zapier which gives over 1600 apps the address verification capabilities. 
  • Test and Live Keys: You can check API calls freely for test and live environments.
  • Analytics: API calls and transactions are recorded in analytics.
PostGrid Address Verification

Moving on, let’s look at some pros and cons of PostGrid that you should know about.

Pros And Cons Of PostGrid

Quick response and query handlingLack of training videos
CASS and SERP certified dataPoor country-specific availability
Manage bulk mailingsComplex Integrations
Easy to use
Real-time address validations

PostGrid Pricing Plan

PostGrid Pricing Plan

PostGrid’s international pricing plan offers four subscriptions that include all standard features mentioned above.

  • Essential ($70/mo.): Essential subscription plan is great for startups or websites that have limited address verification needs. You get 1000 lookups per month and pay $0.07 per additional lookup after your lookups expire.
  • Business ($300/mo.): PostGrid’s business plan is best for businesses or websites with regular address verification needs. You will receive 5000 lookups per month and pay $0.06 per additional lookup after your lookups expire.
  • Growth ($550/mo.): The growth subscription plan works for growing businesses and websites that have heavy web traffic. Such users have frequent address verification needs. This plan includes 10,000 lookups per month and you have to pay $0.05 per additional lookup after they expire.
  • Enterprise (Custom): Enterprise plan is custom provided for businesses and high-traffic websites looking for excessive address verification and functions that match their particular needs. Contact support to get started.

PostGrid has a wide range of integrations that you can use to make your work seamless between different platforms. You can connect PostGrid with HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho, Pipedrive, and Netsuite to name a few.

Burkhard Berger

2. Melissa – Best Value For Money

Melissa Homepage

Top-Tier Real-time Address Verification Tool [$40/month]

With over 3 decades of experience in address management and data quality management, Melissa provides a data quality suite that can verify and correct addresses, phones, emails, and names at the point of entry so your data funnel can stay accurate. 

Melissa has four different versions, each with different capabilities and pricing. For address verification, you can use Melissa enterprise data quality suite or Melissa lookups. Other versions of Melissa include Direct marketing and Developer. 

What intrigued me the most about this software was the ability to “pay-as-you-go”. Lookups are used in Melissa to verify US & Canada addresses along with global addresses. You can start by using the free version which is valid for a month. You’ll receive 1000 free credits to test out the platform. 

You can use Melissa to do the following:

  • Address Verification: Validate, fix and standardize your customers’ addresses in one go using the batch processing option. Including American and Canadian customers, you can use Melissa to verify addresses from 240 other countries. 
  • Name Verification: Melissa uses intelligent recognition to identify more than 650,000 diverse names. Identify, genderize, and parse names to improve the data quality.
  • Phone Verification: Liveness of mobile phone numbers or landlines is checked along with ownership to provide quality global phone validation.
  • Email Verification: Ensure low email bounce rates and quality response rates by validating emails. The syntax, domain, and spelling are checked for quality email verification. Email list validation helps businesses reach the right inboxes.
Melissa Address Verification

Pros And Cons Of Melissa

Scalability, flexibility, and securityPoor updates
Web Service/ Cloud API and on-premise APIChallenging to configure
Free trial availablePoor customer service

Melissa Pricing Plan

Melissa Pricing Plan

Other than the free one-month trial, Melissa’s pricing plan offers four subscriptions that include all the standard features mentioned above.

  • Standard ($40/mo.): The standard subscription plan offers 100,000 credits for you to use.
  • Premium ($350/mo.): The premium subscription plan comes with 1,000,000 credits.
  • Professional ($3200/mo.): The professional subscription plan provides users with 1,000,000 credits at $3200 – perfect for a business that needs heavy data quality services. 
  • Enterprise (Custom): Enterprise plan allows users to specify the type of features they want in their plan so that the software can cater to their businesses’ needs. Contact support to get started.

3. Lob – Excellent Real-Time Address Verification

Lob Homepage

Most Intelligent Address Validation Software [Start With A Free Trial]

Lob is another valuable addition to this list of best address verification software. It supports real-time data correction, standardization, and validation of postal addresses – helping to enrich overall customer data. 

Lob is CASS-certified and enables accurate product delivery for your customers each time. A free trial version is also available for users to experience what Lob can do. I liked the quality of data management and data verification I got from Lob – making it one of the top 3 software on my list. You can verify addresses from the United States as well as global addresses. 

Lob Address Verification

Pros And Cons Of Lob

Lob comes with a free trial to help you get startedLacks easy integrations
Pricing is based on ‘per feature’ – making it cheaperLob only supports the English language
Available as a mobile app and a cloud/web-based app

Lob Pricing Plan

Lob Pricing Plan

Lob’s entry-level subscription is completely free and it comes with 300 verifications per month. After your free verifications expire, every verification will cost $0.050. Lob’s paid subscriptions are:

  • Startup ($25/mo.): Lob’s startup payment plan offers saving up to $5 per month for its annual subscription. You will receive 1000 verifications per month and every extra verification will cost $0.025.
  • Business ($70/mo.): The business payment plan will cost you $70 per month and you can save $15 per month if you choose an annual subscription. You will receive 10,000 verifications per month and every extra verification will cost $0.007.
  • Growth ($250/mo.): The growth payment plan will cost you $250 per month. If you choose to pay for the whole year, you can save $70 per month – a pretty good deal. This plan contains 50,000 verifications every month. Users need to pay $0.005 for every additional verification. You will get a dedicated account manager as well for your business.
  • Enterprise ($900/month): Enterprise subscription is great for companies looking to use address verifications at a higher rate. This also provides unlimited verifications every month – making it ideal for big-scale organizations. Further, you will enjoy dedicated support and a dedicated account manager for your business.

4. Loqate – Most Cost-Effective API

Loqate Homepage

User-Friendly Address Validation Tool [Start With A Free Trial]

Loqate helps cleanse data in a way that improves conversions and overall customer experience. Considered an expert in data management and geocoding, Loqate definitely provides good ROI. 

You can search international addresses and US/Canada addresses to enrich your data further. Making changes post-entry can be troublesome; however, Loqate makes it easier with upfront address validation. This way your funnel remains smooth and running.

You can expect the following benefits when using Loqate:

  • Quick integration
  • Suite data
  • Fuzzy matching
  • Location bias results
  • E-commerce integrations available
Loqate Address Verification

Let’s take a look at Loqate’s strengths and drawbacks.

Pros And Cons Of Loqate

Parse, verify, cleanse, standardize, and format addressesOnly available as a web-based app
14-days free trialInaccuracy of data (rarely)
Easy to integrate API

Loqate Pricing Plan

Loqate Pricing Plan

Just like other address verification software on the list, Loqate also has a trial version, valid for 14 days. You will receive 50 lookups every day during the trial period. 

Let’s look at the paid subscriptions that Loqate has to offer.

  • Free Trial ($0/mo.): As mentioned earlier, Loqate’s trial version provides 50 lookups every day and is valid for 14 days only. 
  • Pay As You Go ($320/mo.): This payment plan allows users to pay for the number of lookups they use. The minimum price in this plan starts from $55 and the maximum price is set at $2700. The plan is valid for 12 months.
  • Enterprise (Custom): For a custom enterprise plan, users will receive full technical support bespoke packages, and multi-year licenses. Contact support to get started.

Loqate has a wide range of resources available from tutorials, guides, to even just simple e-books on tips and tricks that can make your life easier. You can visit their resources page to get yourself up to speed if you’re just starting out with the platform.

Burkhard Berger
Smarty Homepage

Excellent Batch Address Cleansing Tool [Start With A Free Trial]

Smarty has been a leader when it comes to data intelligence. You can use Smarty to verify USPS, international and non-postal addresses using the address validation API suite

Further, Smarty has an address autocomplete API which helps in geocoding, reverse geocoding, and data entry as well.

Smarty provides authentic data and its APIs help with the standardization and validation of address data in order to make it useful. Smarty also provides great tech support and APIs that are quick and well-documented.

Along with these, you also get the following features with Smarty:

  • Scheduled Data Checks
  • Data Cleansing
  • Analytics
Smarty Address Verification

Let’s take a look at Smarty’s strengths and drawbacks.

Pros And Cons Of Smarty

Smarty’s address automation is exceptionalData cleansing could be improved
Smarty has reduced keystrokes which means the time taken to verify an address is significantly reduced with SmartyDate inaccuracy 
Zapier integration supported

Smarty Pricing Plan

Smarty Pricing Plan

The international pricing plan of Smarty includes a free 30-day trial. You will receive 100 lookups in a month to test out the software and decide if it’s something you’re looking for.

Let’s look at the paid subscriptions that Smarty has to offer.

  • $65/Month Plan: The first plan of Smarty is priced at $ 65 per month. You will receive 1000 lookups per month and multi-languages support. Further, you can enjoy a country-specific address format. 
  • $305/Month Plan: The second plan is priced at $ 305 per month and it comes with everything mentioned above along with 5000 lookups per month.
  • $592/Month Plan: The third plan comes with dedicated support, 10,000 lookups per month along with everything mentioned in previous plans.
  • Custom Plan: Smarty offers a custom plan in which you get unlimited lookups, and custom country selected in addition to previously mentioned perks. Contact support to get started.

6. DataMatch Enterprise – Secure and High-Quality Data Management

DataMatch Enterprise Homepage

Top-Notch Data Management Tool [Start With A Free Trial]

Data Ladder is the leading software when it comes to securing accurate data and accurate addresses. Thanks to the advanced address verification tool provided by this address verification software (DataMatch Enterprise), maintaining high-quality data is easier than ever. 

Data Ladder ensures the authenticity of mailing addresses by running them against trustworthy databases such as USPS (for the U.S). 

In case of format errors, Data Ladder automatically updates the addresses to match the standard USPS address format (ZIP+4 value and geocoded location are visible in the standard format).

DataMatch Enterprise Data Management

The software’s strengths and drawbacks are:

Pros And Cons Of DataMatch Enterprise

Data Ladder is a highly scalable softwareSlow software response time
Supports deduplication and geolocation API which reduces the chances of returned mailIt is complicated to set up
Seamless integration with the fastest data quality features

DataMatch Enterprise Pricing Plan

DataMatch Enterprise pricing plan is not available, however, the software has a free trial and a freemium version. 

The software is available on a custom basis. The pricing for your business will be different from other businesses therefore, it is highly conditional. If you’re looking for end-to-end data quality and a matching engine, get a quote.

Once you get the customer plan, you’ll be able to get dedicated support, seamless address capture, and perform address correction. Moreover, your operational efficiency will increase as well since you’ll be relying on automated data management and not manually ensuring data quality.

7. WinPure – Fastest Address Verification Solution

WinPure homepage

Economical Data Matching & Quality Solution [Start With A Free Trial]

WinPure is a reliable address verification tool that uses delivery point validation or DPV to validate the street address of customers. The location data is especially useful when businesses want to run direct mail campaigns since they have a high ROI. Having verified addresses of customers can save you the trouble of wrong mail deliveries.

This address validation tool comes with a suite that contains address cleansing and geocoding solutions. Powered by GPE or Global Parsing Engine, WinPure fixes any and all errors in your customers’ data to ensure maximum data accuracy.

WinPure Address Verification

Pros And Cons Of WinPure

Single-click data autocorrectionOutdated user interface
Updated country datasets for accurate dataDeduplication is expensive
Works in offline modeSteep learning curve

WinPure Pricing Plan

WinPure Pricing
  • Community (Free): WinPure Clean & Match comes with a free version. Its community package is free to use and can support multiple languages as well. The maximum number of records per table is 10,000 and there is no training included.
  • Small Business ($999): This payment subscription comes with a free trial. 1 Hour of coaching is included in the package to help users understand the software quicker. Further, you will receive access to dedicated customer support. 
  • ProBusiness (Custom): The maximum number of records per table for this plan is 1,000,000 along with two hours of coaching. This is a customized plan that will be prepared for the user considering their business’s needs.
  • Enterprise (Custom): The ultimate pricing plan for WinPure is the Enterprise plan. It is also a custom plan just like ProBusiness; however, this plan includes unlimited maximum records per table, table limit per project, and maximum records per project. Contact support to get started.

8. Informatica – Easiest Address Verification Tool To Use

Informatica Homepage

One-Stop Address Verification Solution [SFree Trial]

Informatica provides accurate address data to companies through address verification API. If you’re looking to send packages to customers, having Informatica to support your data management can be a great investment.

Through global address verification, Informatica brings all postal certifications together and the world’s biggest 6 postal organizations, USPS, La Poste (France), Canada Post, Eircode (Ireland), Australia Post, and New Zealand Post are all combined within one engine. Due to this, the address verification and data standardization that Informatica allows is above the rest of its competitors.

Pros And Cons Of Informatica

Outstanding customer supportDifficult for users to learn
More than 240 countries availableProduct on the pricier side
One-click address cleansing

Informatica Pricing Plan

Informatica follows consumption-based pricing which means the more you use, the more you pay. It also means that you can pay if you’re using the services less.

There is a 30-day free trial period for Informatica as well. You can test out the platform and see whether it is something you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a custom solution, contact sales and start managing your data – the right way.


My top pick is PostGrid – an address verification software that is affordable and provides extremely professional data management.

When choosing the best address verification tool, you should consider ease of use, quality of support, and ease of setup.

If you’re on a tight budget, I recommend using Lob, since it will give you a free version and the startup package is just $25/month – a great deal. You’ll be able to use all features including, data cleansing, geocoding, data management, and address lookups. 

However, if you’re just starting out, you’ll need something with an easy user interface – Smarty might be the best one for your needs. Smarty has shortened the number of keystrokes to make address verification efficient.

You need to find the balance between these KPIs and pick the tool which gives the most value to you.

Need more expert opinion on other types of software? Check out our software reviews.

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