If you’re curious about the best auto dialer software this 2022, then this review is right for you.

Businesses evolved, and so has the dialers technology. I’ve been an entrepreneur for over a decade now, so I know from experience the hardship of using one auto dialer to another to scale my business.

The good news is you don’t have to experience the same challenges or break the bank.

What Is The Best Auto Dialer Software?

Today, I’ll share with you my absolute favorites, including their types, advantages, and more. If you’re in a hurry, you can check my top 3 picks: CallHub, VICIdial, and ChaseData CCaaS.

Callhub (R)


VLCdial (G)


ChaseData (V)

Best overall. Capable of dealing with large amounts of calls efficiently. Starts at $199/month.Best value for money. Open-source platform with predictive dialer feature. Available for freeMost features. Highly reliable platform with automation tools. Starts at $89/month.
Try CallHubTry VICdialTry ChaseData CCaaS

1. CallHub – Top Pick

CallHub: Hosted Auto Dialer Software

Hosted Auto Dialer Software With Four Dialing Modes [Free | $199 a month]

In today’s fast-paced world, business has become more competitive, and the customers’ needs change rapidly. So, it’s only fitting to embrace modern technology to meet your business requirement.

If you have massive calling requirements, auto dialer software will come in handy.

There are different types of auto dialers available, and each serves specific purposes. No idea what to get?

CallHub is my top recommendation because it offers four types of auto dialers:

The power dialer is the standard type available, and it works by dialing a number from a list you’ve uploaded, one at a time.

You can do this manually by initiating a call with one simple click of a button. You also have the option to enable the auto-dial mode to save time.

When enabled, it will control the dialing rate and skips a call once unanswered or busy.

Since the free auto dialer is included under CallHub’s Call Center software, you can use its text feature. Once the call is unanswered, you can send a custom or templated message with a call to action to increase the chance of a conversion.

CallHub Guide: Text Feature

The predictive dialer is the most popular auto dialer type right now.

It uses a machine-learning algorithm to determine the best dialing rate per agent. Most free auto dialer of this type analyzes the agents’ availability, but CallHub added the answered and dropped call rates for optimal efficiency.

It also uses the below formula to increase the agent’s occupancy rate:

[Agent Occupancy Rate = Agent Total Talk time / Agent Total connect time]

Contacting bad numbers is a waste of time.

The predictive dialer can also compare the average ring time, so representatives don’t listen to long dial tones. Here’s what your campaign looks like when using a predictive dialer.

CallHub Guide: Predictive Dialer

Click the Save button if the representative wishes to continue making calls. If not, they can press the Save and Leave button.

Does your representative require performing research or viewing important information before making a call?

If so, the preview dialer is the recommended type to implement. Its system will wait for a specific period before dialing.

For optimal convenience, the representative can perform the following tasks:

CallHub is integrated with its own CRM system, so it automatically synced all results.

Lastly, the Robo dialer is perfect for businesses that want to place a call and answer each with a pre-recorded audio message.

There are three options to perform the task:

CallHub Guide: Text To Speech Engine

To complete the package, the company also includes the following features on the Robo dialer:

Pros And Cons Of CallHub

Offer flexible dialing modes to use for every campaign (total of four)Bugs and glitches are common to occur, particularly when pulling up large volumes of data
Add unlimited contacts and agents’ accounts.
Support bi-directional data sharing for instant syncing of activities and data from your account to the integrated CRM software.
Integrate your business tools using Webhooks or APIs

CallHub Pricing Plan

CallHub Pricing Plan

CallHub’s auto dialer software is available on all Call Center product’s pricing plans.

The free plan covers all the standard features of the software, including three of its flexible dialing modes:

If you want to use a predictive dialer, an auto-dialer that can make 2 to 3 dials per agent, and more advanced features, here are your options:

The stated price is set on monthly billing.

You can get more savings if you choose quarterly, half-yearly, or annual plans. The Essentials and Scale plan includes a 14-day trial version, or watch its demo videos so you can explore its functions risk-free.

2. VICIdial – Best Value For Money

VICIdial: Fully-Featured Predictive Dialer

If your business is part of the Contact Center industry, you must have heard of VICIdial. It rose to fame for providing superior open-source Contact Center solutions.

It has a wide range of features, and a free auto dialer is one of its robust advantages.

The company provides a fully-featured predictive dialer to ensure all representatives spend more time having a conversation. The company delivers it by using an adaptive dialing algorithm.

This algorithm analyzes the representative’s performance metrics and availability to predict the best time to place a call.

It also comes with other smart algorithms to automate all repetitive processes of a call. Other functions you can expect are listed as follows:

And the list of features goes on.

The best part of VICIdial is its accessibility. Representatives can log in anywhere using only a phone or web browser with a stable internet connection.

This is why it has become an ideal choice for businesses with employees from remote locations.

Pros And Cons Of VICIdial

It meets all types of business requirements.Require technical knowledge to configure your account (initial setup)
Support 16 localized languages for the agent screen with an option to add your own translations
Allows you to call up to two customers for the same lead (automatically and manually)
Automatically record calls (you can stop the recording at any time)
Built with Answering Machine Detection

VICIdial Pricing Plan

VICIdial is 100% free to download and use. There are links available on their website where you can download the software.

If you have questions or other inquiries, you can contact their support team.

3. ChaseData CCaaS – Most Features

ChaseData CCaaS: Outbound Call Center Software With Five Automated Dialing Modes

Outbound Call Center Software With Five Automated Dialing Modes [Free | $89 a month/agent]

ChaseData CCaaS (Cloud Call Center as a Service) rise to fame for its highly reliable inbound and outbound call center software.

One of its many advantages lies in its modern outbound call management. Use any of the five automated dialing modes, and you can begin converting cold calls into a sale.

As standard, it includes the popular dialing modes:

The agentless dialer is similar to CallHub’s Robo dialer; it can send pre-recorded messages into a call.

Another auto dialer included is called a progressive dialer. This is an improved version of the preview dialer, so your agents can receive and review the information before placing a call.

Typically, this type of auto dialer doesn’t have a waiting time.

However, ChaseData CCaaS understands the importance of the review process. That’s why they allotted a specific wait time.

It isn’t the same as the preview dialer but sufficient to review specific contact information.

The system will automatically place the call once the allotted time is over.

Agents finish calls differently. Some handle it fast, while others may take a longer time.

The good news is that you can assign calls based on your agents’ skills and efficiency.

Create skill groups into your account and choose the skills-based dialing mode. You can optimize the leads and match them into a particular skill group.

Maximize your workforce and agents’ productivity by using the inbound call management tools available:

Pros And Cons Of ChaseData CCaaS

Easy to use, learn, and implementSome of the settings are complicated
Excellent quality of customer service via chat, email, and phoneLack of online help documentation (outdated YouTube videos)
Built with predictive caller routing to ensure the call will be assigned to the correct department/representativeErrors may occur during integrations.
Efficient building of auto-populating progressive and predictive dialing campaigns

ChaseData CCaaS Pricing Plan

ChaseData CCaaS Pricing Plan

ChaseData CCaaS subscription plans are designed per the number of agents you add and business sizes.

Here’s a glance at each subscription plan:

The Free trial plan doesn’t have a time limit.

You can use it as long as you don’t exceed the telecom minutes limit provided (1,000). You can upgrade anytime.

4. Calley – Feature Two Auto Dialing Modes

Calley: Advanced Free Auto Dialer Software

Advanced Auto Dialer Software For Mobile Phones [Free | $29  a month]

Most automated dialing software works well with softphones. Calley free auto dialer software is right for you if you prefer to use mobile phones.

It provides a web-based panel to manage your account and create a call list (upload CSV file).

You can also perform the following tasks:

Unlike other auto-dialers, you can’t use the dialing function through the web panel. You can only use it through the mobile app.

Calley Guide: Web Panel

Don’t worry, the web panel performs real-time syncing with the mobile app to provide easy access to all the data saved.

Once all the contact information is uploaded, download Calley mobile app.

Make sure to log in with the same credentials you’ve used in the web panel. Load the call list you’ve created (a single list can load up to 50 leads at one time).

Once everything is set, the system will automatically start placing calls.

Automated dialing can work in three different modes:

Choose any dialing modes that best suit your requirements.

To complete the package, Calley’s mobile app includes the following functionalities:

Pros And Cons Of Calley

Built with a web-based platform and mobile appMaking calls are only available in the mobile app.
Provide two options in adding a contact list – encode directly in the system or upload CSV-formatted filesNo direct syncing of contact list from CRM software
Easy to set up

Calley Pricing Plan

Calley Pricing Plan

Calley auto dialer software is available in three monthly/annual subscription plans:

The two paid pricing plans include a 7-day trial version.

Get started now by creating a free account.

There aren’t many free auto-dialers that are worth investing in aside from the ones mentioned earlier on in the article. That’s why I’ll discuss premium software with a limited-time free offer for the rest of the review.

Burkhard Berger

5. Bitrix24 – Simple Automated Calling Platform

Bitrix24: Free Auto Dialer Software

Auto Dialer Software Inside A Fully Integrated CRM [Limited-Time Free Offer]

Bitrix24 makes a strong mark in the business world for providing a free, feature-rich collaboration platform. Over the years, it continues to develop its platform to help small businesses grow.

If you’re ready to modernize your dialing process, its free auto dialer is excellent to start with.

It offers robust automation functions to eliminate all dialing challenges, like:

Getting started is made easy.

You can open your CRM contact list, select all contacts you want to call, and then hit the Start Dialing button.

If you want to create a call list for another user, repeat the above steps. But instead of hitting the Start Dialing button, you need to click the Create Call List.

Bitrix24 Guide: Create Call List

A new form will appear, and here, you need to specify the following details:

The assigned representative can access and view it under My Activities.

Click the call list, and the system will begin placing a call once the Start Calling button is pressed. The best part of this feature, you can also create an invoice or new deal directly from your call list.

Pros And Cons Of Bitrix24

Automatically dials numbers from the contact list you’ve created in your CRM.It has a bit of a learning curve for new users.
You can manually assign a contact list to a specific representative (or let the system connects it automatically)Provide more online help documentation
Built-in record and playback features for efficient reviewing and analyzing of each conversation
The interface support 18 languages.

Bitrix24 Pricing Plan

Bitrix24 Pricing Plan

Bitrix24’s auto dialer is initially offered as free software. But as of last year, they changed the offer and made it available under all commercial plans.

You can still use it free of charge by registering their 14-day trial version.

To continue enjoying all its built-in telephony features, here are the commercial pricing plans you can avail of:

All pricing plans are payable every month, three months, and annually.

Create your free account in Bitrix24 to get started.

6. NICE CXone – Journey Orchestration

NICE CXone: Patented, No-Pause Predictive Dialer

Patented, No-Pause Predictive Dialer [Limited-Time Free Offer]

Most automated dialing software is integrated with CRM for quick and efficient syncing of contacts. NICE CXone takes another approach by adding auto-dialer technology with customer journey orchestration.

This combination helps businesses to engage with customers anywhere and anytime efficiently.

There are many auto dialer types, but they opt for predictive dialing. This feature is called Personal Connection, and it works with dynamic list management.

Together, they send the right message or information to the right customer.

Customers are everywhere. That’s why the NICE CXone predictive dialer also considers the channels when choosing the message/information to send to the customers.

As a result, it lessens the potential of hang-ups and creates stronger connections with your customers.

To provide the best customer experience, it works well with the following features:

Pros And Cons Of NICE CXone

It comes with a dynamic list management feature to ensure your representatives will reach the right person and send them the right message.Bugs and glitches may arise at times (system crashes, connectivity-related activities, etc.)
Include pre-built CRM integrationsThe initial setup is a bit complex for new users.
Create proactive outreach campaigns and set the preferred dialing method

NICE CXone Pricing Plan

NICE CXone predictive dialer is a premium software. You can avail of it by requesting a personalized pricing quote from the sales team.

It may not offer a free-forever plan, but you can still get started for free.

Sign up for its 60-day trial version and experience firsthand its functionalities.

7. 3CX – Feature Call Flow Designer

3CX: Easy-To-Build Auto Dialer

3CX is one of the most trusted business phone systems globally, supporting more than 12 million users every day.

You can deploy it in the cloud (hosted or private) or on-premise (Windows or Mac).

If you’re working remotely, you can use its mobile apps. Its platform is feature-rich but remains easy to use.

Did you know that you can create an autodialer within the platform?

That’s right, 3CX is equipped with a Call Flow Designer (CFD). It’s often used to automate call flows to save time and enhance the customer experience.

But it’s also designed to create voice apps.

3CX CFD features a graphical interface with a drag-and-drop function for ease of use. It includes fully configurable, pre-built components so you can finish one application within hours rather than weeks or months.

3CX CFD Guide: Pre-built Components

There are four steps in building an autodialer, and it starts by creating a new project.

Open the CFD and navigate File > New > Project. Choose a folder where you want to save it, input a name, then save it.

A call flow named Main.flow is automatically included once you create a new project.

If you want to create your own call flow, you can delete it and start from scratch. There are two dialing modes you can build – power and predictive.

Once you’ve decided what to build, you can move on to configuring its properties.

The next step is setting the date and time you want the dialer to start placing calls. By dragging the “Date & Time condition” component inside the CFD, you can do this.

The Date Time Condition Collection Editor will appear, and here, you can set the specific time and day of the week.

3CX CFD Guide: Date & Time Condition Component

The third step is bringing the contact information from a database into the app.

It uses database access to execute the query. You also need to create conditions to ensure the dialer will work according to your requirement.

Once everything is configured, select Build > Build All.

The CFD will generate a compressed zip file with your project’s name. Implement it by going to the 3CX Management Console > Advanced > Call Flow Apps > Add/Update.

Upload the generated file and it will start as soon as the Call Flow app receives a call.

If you want to add more call control, you can add more components like:

Pros And Cons Of 3CX

Easy to use and learnThe support isn’t as responsive as its competitors.
Allows you to create two types of auto dialing modesThe initial configuration is easy (follow four steps) but may take longer to deploy.
Include a comprehensive guide to build and deploy the created phone dialerRequire manual restarting of the system every time you delete a dialer or install the software’s updated version
The Call Flow Designer uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) and recognizes 120+ languages and variants to automate responses efficiently.

3CX Pricing Plan

3CX: Free To Start

3CX provides the most generous limited-time free offer – one year. You can use all its features, including adding unlimited users and accessing its mobile apps.

The free offer applies to all its three subscription plans – Standard, Pro, and Enterprise.

Once the first year ends, you have the option to upgrade. The subscription plans charge per number of simultaneous calls (4 to 1,024).

Visit its pricelist page to get the exact prices for each plan.

PhoneBurner: Free Auto Dialer Software

Auto Dialer Software With Two Dialing Modes [Free | $124 a  month/user]

PhoneBurner is a cloud-based dialer software designed solely for sales professionals and teams. It combines the functionalities of a power dialer and a preview dialer.

As a result, it allows the representatives to view contact information before calling.

They can also choose whether to use pause and preview mode or power mode. The latter option enables the system to keep dialing until it reaches the end of your contact list.

As of writing, it can dial up to 80 contacts per hour.

You can import leads by uploading a CSV file. If you have your own CRM system, you can integrate it through:

Once all the leads are saved, you can start customizing your account.

One way to do this is by adding dialer buttons and dispositions. Here, you can program each button to perform specific actions like:

Finding a lead is also made easy. PhoneBurner features a smart search function that allows you to filter leads by:

The best part is that the system will automatically save your searches for future reference.

Do you have representatives working remotely?

PhoneBurner also features a remote dialing function. Using only a phone with a stable internet connection, they can start calling.

Currently, it can dial 60 to 80 contacts per hour.

PhoneBurner has a feature called the Local ID Connection Rate report function. You can find this under the Team’s tab standard reports, and it works by improving your answer rates.

Burkhard Berger

Pros And Cons Of PhoneBurner

Easy to use, and no installation is requiredLimited to the United States and Canada phone numbers
Provide pre-configured buttons to perform appropriate actions after each call (customizable)
Allows you to use its CRM or integrate yours

PhoneBurner Pricing Plan

PhoneBurner free auto dialer is not designed per time limit. They provide you with a limited capacity, and when it runs out, that’s the only time you need to decide whether to upgrade your account or not.

There are three subscription plans available, and all are payable monthly and annually.

If you choose the annual plans, you will get additional two months of free use. Here’s a glance view of each plan:

Start the free trial now to see all the features in action.


Don’t lose valuable time and money in dialing calls manually. Modernize your business call handling and management using the best auto dialer software.

If I have to pick one out of my recommendations, I’ll go with my top pick CallHub.

It’s by far the easiest to use and implement. It also offers multiple dialing options that are suitable for every calling requirement.

It’s a plus that you can rely on their responsive and helpful support team.

Did I miss out on something? Let me know in the comment section.

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