9+ Best Free Website Builders Of 2021 [An Honest Review]

I understand building a professional-looking website can cost a lot of money. So, I’ve compiled 9+ of the best free website builders that can do the job right.

More companies are now offering freemium versions of their website builders. I have the opportunity of testing several of these builders, and now I’ll share with you everything I’ve discovered.

Don’t have the time to read the entire review? You can check out my top 3 picks at a glance:

Industry LeaderWordPress, Weebly, and Wix earned the trust of millions of users, but Wix remains to be the industry leader garnering a total of 180 million customers worldwide.
Browser SupportWordPress has a slight advantage over Weebly and Wix because it also supports the Opera browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, & Safari).
Usefulness Of FeaturesWordPress, Weebly, and Wix have great and reliable features to use; however, only Wix offers automatic site backup on its free version.
Ease Of UseWix is undeniably the easiest to use over WordPress and Weebly because it’s built with Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI).
Customer SupportCompared to WordPress and Weebly, Wix provides phone support in 9 languages with access to its comprehensive knowledge base.
Value For MoneyWordPress has the best value for money over Weebly and Wix because it provides 3 GB storage space on its free plan, and on its cheapest plan, you can easily remove its branding.
Overall WinnerWix wins this short comparison over WordPress and Weebly because its website builder comes with generous features that provide convenience and value.

A free version always has its limitations. So, let’s break down each website builder’s features to determine what exactly you will get.

1. Weebly – Top Pick

Beginner-Friendly Website Builder For Small Business Sites


Website builders are created for a specific purpose.

Weebly happens to be the top pick for entrepreneurs looking for an excellent web-building platform that can help scale their small business sites.

Sounds pretty limited?

I thought so too. However, as I’ve explored its website builder, I’ve discovered it’s flexible enough to satisfy the needs of:

  • Students and creative individuals are starting to build their digital presence in the form of a portfolio.
  • Agencies promoting online events
  • Anyone who wants a personal blog

Weebly for education also piques my interest.

This platform provides educational institutions with a graphical user interface (GUI) where teachers, parents, and students can communicate, post updates, and more.

The website builder you’ll use is the same – easy to use (drag-and-drop function), and no programming is required.

Getting started on the Weebly website builder is easy. You just need to choose whether to create a standard website or include an online store.

Yes, you can still create a decent online store even though Weebly offers limited eCommerce tools and features.

Once you choose what type of website you want to build, it will display all the beautiful and responsive templates available.

Weebly Templates

All templates are organized in different categories, which gives you an idea of their purposes.

The templates are also equipped with all the right tools you need to complete your site.

Weebly Website Builder

The main website builder has a simple and clean user interface.

You can immediately figure out how it works as you customize your site.

“Make your site stand out by using video as a background. You can download a video for a unique user experience or choose from Weebly’s free video library.”

-Burkhard Berger

Pros And Cons Of Weebly

App center includes tons of free third-party apps to integrateCreating a multilanguage website comes with a yearly subscription ($3/month)
Responsive and easy to customize templatesNo automatic backup function included
Effective pop-up forms to grow your email subscribersThird-party integration required for creating a forum
Includes an auto-save function

Weebly Pricing Plan

Weebly Free Website Builder

Here’s the list of things you can expect to get when you choose the Weebly free plan:

  • Security: Free SSL certificates
  • Storage Space: 500 MB
  • Marketing: Search Engine Optimization and lead capture and contact forms (pop-up)
  • Customer Support: Community forum, chat, and email
  • Domain: Free to use Weebly subdomain with their branding displayed.

You can easily remove their branding on your page once you connect it to a top-level domain.

2. WordPress – Best Value For Money

Excellent Website Builder For Feature‑Rich Blog & SMB Sites


WordPress first made a name for itself as the best blogging platform.

But as the technology evolves, and so as the human’s needs, they develop it to work as a full-fledged open-source Content Management System (CMS).

This makes their platform browser-based which helps keep it accessible no matter where you are.

Other benefits you can get are listed as follows:

  • Allows multiple users to work on a single account and assign each with a specific role.
  • Stores all content in one secure storage place
  • Create content with custom formats using its WYSIWYG builder

Speaking of its website builder, its user interface is far different from the standard drag-and-drop builder.

You’re only allowed to customize your website’s main appearance and structure – add a logo, colors, backgrounds, and so on.

If you want to customize the web pages, you can easily do so by going to your dashboard and selecting Pages. Inside the page editor, you can add content using HTML code or edit the standard way.

WordPress Dashboard

I chose WordPress website builder as the most value for money because of its flexibility.

One good example of this is its ability to store the design, content, and add-on functions in a separate location. This gives you the full control to customize each area without affecting the others.

Another great flexibility to highlight is its ownership.

You can always get WordPress’ top-level domains, but you can also get them from other web host providers.

It’s best to get a web host with a one-click auto-installer and free migration service for the effortless transfer of your content.

Pros And Cons Of WordPress

Flexible user interface and customization toolsLive chat assistance only available on paid plans
Hundreds of responsive templates included (mostly free)Performing backups and maintenance updates requires manual work
Design, content, and add-ons stored separatelyRequires basic HTML and CSS knowledge

WordPress Pricing Plan

WordPress Pricing Plan

Get WordPress’ free website builder and expect to receive:

  • Jetpack Essential Features: Designed to boost your site’s performance while protecting against spammers.
  • Security: Pre-installed SSL certificate included to strengthen your privacy and safety.
  • Storage Space: 3 GB
  • Free Themes: Access to a wide variety of professional and responsive templates.

WordPress can provide the right tools whether you’re building a blog, portfolio, or business site. So start working on them now by getting its free plan.

3. Wix – Most Features

Most Flexible Website Editor For Business Owners & Creative Professionals

Wix: Most Features

Whenever you’re searching for the best website builder, free or paid, Wix will always appear on every search result.

If I haven’t had firsthand experience using their service, I will just think that its website structure has a super-strong SEO.

But that’s not the case.

Many of its users, including me, are impressed by its platform versatility to create various types of websites

Wix Types of Websites

Business website, creative portfolio, or eCommerce store – you name it, and Wix website editor can provide you all the right tools to widen your reach and simply grow.

Sure, its free website editor doesn’t provide as many features as the premium version.

But one thing Wix guarantees, its free version will provide you all the freedom to create your website creatively.

Wix Website Builder

There are three methods you can build your website:

  • From scratch, using a blank template
  • Using one of the 500 designer-made templates available on its template center
  • Or using Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) platform.

On top of that, the website editor features a drag-and-drop function and can support 19 languages.

Wix wants to ensure that everyone can use their platform effortlessly.

Pros And Cons Of Wix

Automatically creates a mobile-optimized version of your websiteNot allowed to interchange templates once the site is built
All web content is stored on secure serversAnalytics and tracking tools are not included in the free version

Wix Pricing Plan

Wix Pricing Plan

Here’s what you’ll get once you use Wix’s free website editor:

  • Free Web Hosting: Includes advanced security monitoring, automatic set-up upon publishing your website, and 99.9% uptime.
  • Storage & Bandwidth Capacity: 500 MB
  • Customer Support: standard assistance via chat, help center, and community
  • Wix Ads: Displays on every page & favicon in URL

Visit the Wix site now and start working on your website.

4. Google Sites – Best For Online Projects

Simplest Website Builder For Personal & Business Use

Google Sites: Best For Online Projects

Google is a popular household name when it comes to cloud computing and collaboration apps.

However, not many have known that it also provides a simple yet reliable web-building tool called Google Sites.

At its first launched in 2008, its classic version has pretty limited features such as:

  • Pre-designed templates and themes that are optimized solely for the web
  • Add/Change colors, logo, fonts, and other visual elements
  • Add unlimited subpages
  • Add site and page-level permissions
  • Add visitor and editor comment section

It may be limited, but they are handy in creating online projects, portfolios, or any knowledge-based web page.

Of course, as years passed and technology evolved, Google Sites rebuilt its platform to make it more beginner-friendly.

Google Sites Website Builder

With the new and intuitive interface, you can build any website without the need to write a single line of code.

You can also view the draft and preview all edits before publishing it.

Other amazing features added or upgraded are listed as follows:

  • Include a drag-and-drop and auto-save function
  • All web pages are automatically optimized for all devices and web browsers.
  • Embed YouTube videos and other Google apps such as presentations, forms, and maps
  • Full admin control
  • Add a limit on creating subpages, now only allows up to 5 levels of subpages.

With these changes, Google Sites are now flexible enough to create a small business website like Flanders Hotel.

“Google Sites still can’t compete with other full-fledged website builders. However, they are still worth using because their website builder remains undefeated for its powerful collaboration design and tools.”

-Burkhard Berger

Pros And Cons Of Google Sites

Simple and user-friendly interfaceLimited customization features
No programming skills or technical knowledge neededIntegrating third-party apps limited to Google Apps
All sites automatically saved/added to your Google DriveNo chat function available

Google Sites Pricing Plan

Google Sites: Completely Free

Compared to the other website builders I’ve discussed, Google Sites doesn’t offer a paid version.

It’s completely free, so you can create as many web pages as you want. Just make sure it will not contain a thousand pages or attachments.

Too many pages/attachments can slow down your website’s loading speed and overall performance.

The only time you need to pay is when you decide to purchase the premium edition of Google Workspace.

Start using Google Sites now by creating a Google or Gmail account.

5. SimpleSite – Best Mobile Editor

On-The-Go Website Builder For eCommerce Startup

SimpleSite: Best Mobile Editor

Having a mobile version of the website builder is standard for most web-building companies.

So, what makes SimpleSite different?

Their team of experts built a more straightforward yet highly optimized interface that allows users to manage their website using only their mobile browsers.

This saves time and storage space.

SimpleSite Website Types

When it comes to their web-based website builder, they equipped it with a guide design wizard. This is a program that provides you with step-by-step assistance.

The first step is identifying the type of website you want to create. The following steps are more on filling up the important details of your website.

Once you fully set up your account, it will lead you to the main editor area.

SimpleSite Website Builder

Put your style on it by customizing each web page color, font style, and add your products’ images.

You can also add other forms of content such as:

  • Slideshow
  • Video
  • Poster
  • Map
  • Contact form

Aside from business websites and online stores, SimpleSite is also open for anyone who is interested in creating their first personal blog or website.

Pros And Cons Of SimpleSite

Ideal for beginnersLimited products to sell
Impressive mobile optimizationBasic and outdated themes
Can create a website within minutes

SimpleSite Pricing Plan

SimpleSite Free Website Builder

Whether you’re creating a business or personal website, SimpleSite free plan will give you the tools you need to get started:

  • Access to the image bank (free) and mobile editor
  • Displays SimpleSite ads
  • Publish using their domain
  • Sell up to 5 products

Get a firsthand look by creating your account now.

6. Odoo – Best For Modern Business Website

Trusted Business Management Software With Open-Source Website Builder


Odoo may not be a website-making platform by trade, but it offers an impressive and advanced website builder.

After signing up, they immediately display all their available themes for you to pick.

Unlike other website editors, Odoo allows you to switch themes if you later realize its (current theme) is not the best fit.

Thanks to its intuitive system, even a casual user can create a stunning website like a real pro.

Odoo Website Builder

Here are a few of its powerful features included:

  • Drag-and-drop building blocks system for effortless adding of elements
  • The customization tool allows you to directly make changes from the front-end.
  • Translation tool for quick language translation of your website
  • Embed a pop-up chat window to boost user engagement
  • Tons of app integration to expand your website’s function (free and paid)

To get a clear picture of what to expect from Odoo’s website editor, watch this 3-minute video made by their team of experts.

Pros And Cons Of Odoo

Can fully translate a website in 11 languagesNot ideal for eCommerce sites
Powerful CMS backendFirst-time users require more time to learn the platform
Recommended for small to medium businessesOffers phone support but the response time is slow

Odoo Pricing Plan

Odoo Free Website Builder

Sign up to Odoo and create your website anywhere in the world.

This is made possible as it supports various types of devices and browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge).

7. Webnode – Ideal for Smaller eCommerce Sites

Excellent Website Builder With Multilingual Options


Getting the audience’s attention is one challenge every website owner is facing.

This is where Webnode comes in handy.

The company understands that a beautiful and responsive site is not enough to entice a larger crowd. So, they take personalization to the next level.

And that level is providing you with multi-language options.

This is a perfect solution for entrepreneurs who own a small business or eCommerce store, which targets the international market.

Webnode Free Website Builder

Webnode website builder has a unique user interface.

Don’t worry, it wouldn’t take you long before getting used to it. But, let me give you a quick tour of its platform: 

  • The upper toolbar includes the pages, settings, and publish buttons. It also has your account settings for easy managing of all your projects.
  • Every section is provided with an independent gear icon (inside the red box) that contains basic and advanced settings.
  • You’ll find the section plus button in between the sections to quickly add another section, text, or image.
Webnode Section Plus Button

“Webnode is one of the website builders that doesn’t allow you to change the template you initially picked. If you found it unfit for your business needs, you need to create a new website.”

-Burkhard Berger

Pros And Cons Of Webnode

Allows you to use Google Drive and other external storage servicesOnly provides 100 MB disk space
Provides a website backup and recovery featureBlog feature limited and basic
Impressive SEO tools

Webnode Pricing Plan

Webnode Pricing Plan

Sign up to Webnode and enjoy the following features:

  • Excellent hosting solution
  • Friendly customer support that will reply in your native language (supports 20+ languages)
  • Create unlimited website pages

eCommerce Website Builder For Small To Medium-Sized Businesses


You may not have heard of Ecwid, but over a million online sellers from 175 countries do trust this eCommerce platform.

As an online seller myself, it piqued my interest.

I set up my free account and straight explored its website builder

Ecwid Website Builder

The first thing I’ve noticed is its user interface is a bit overwhelming.

There’s no AI-generated guide or drag-and-drop function provided, so you need to take time getting to know each feature.

If you don’t have much time to spare, I don’t recommend this eCommerce platform for you.

But if you do have the time, you can have a lot of fun creating your online store.

Here’s what I’ve discovered on Ecwid’s free website builder:

  • First, customize your storefront by tweaking each site block. You can add your content, logo, background image, and other visual elements.
  • To get the exact look and feel you desire for your store, go to the Store Design (under Settings). Here, you can customize the images’ layout and sizes, product page layout, category name position, and more.
Store Design
  • Customize it more by copy-and-paste code or create your CSS theme.
  • Effortlessly add your online store on your website or other eCommerce platforms like WordPress, Wix, and more.

The latter feature is the main reason it got its reputation as the best add-on eCommerce shopping cart.

Pros And Cons Of Ecwid

Generous free plan coverageRequires purchasing a paid plan to start selling digital products
Automatic calculations of tax rates according to the applicable state tax law and location of the store and customerMultilingual options only available on two higher subscription plans
Promotes the store on various social channelsNo SEO features
No transaction fees charged on all subscription plans

Ecwid Pricing Plan

Ecwid Free Website Builder

Here are the perks you’ll get when you sign up with Ecwid:

  • Create your online store/catalog and add up to 10 products
  • The shopping cart is optimized for mobile devices
  • Allows one-tap checkout with Apple Pay via Stripe
  • Sell simultaneously on multiple sites
  • Promote your store on Facebook, Google, Pinterest, and Snapchat
  • Access to Facebook Pixel
  • Get unlimited bandwidth
  • Include tax invoices
  • GDPR compliance

Get your free account now and start selling for free.

9. Square Online – Best For Small eCommerce Business

Website Builder With Robust Digital Payment System

Square Online

Square is renowned for its advanced and secure digital payment solution. But later joined the eCommerce industry and created a feature-rich website builder.

Combining all their powerful solutions in one platform, they sure are one competitor that’s hard to beat.

I’ve explored and tested its free website builder, and I must say, it contains lots of features that can help small business owners to sell online.

It’s also an excellent platform for anyone new to online selling

Square Online Website Builder

Square Online website builder has a similar user interface to Weebly. So, if you find Weebly easy to use, you’ll feel the same on this editing platform.

Their only difference is it includes an individual page section for each type of product you offer.

Square Online Product Types

It also includes in-store order customization tools to help your customers set their orders and pickup time.

Upon signing up, a step-by-step guide is provided for your convenience.

  • Step 1: Choose the product you want to sell.
  • Step 2: Determine how you want to deliver your products to your customers – shipping, pickup, on-demand, or self-serve delivery.
  • Step 3: Set up your payment methods – POS, mobile payment, virtual terminal, invoices, or online checkout.
  • Step 4: You can also manage your team’s payroll, timecards, and access permissions.

Pros And Cons Of Square Online

Suitable for one-person business to small, growing businessesRequires personal Social Security Number/ITIN to sign up
Manages all aspects of your website and business in one organized dashboardBasic SEO features included
Plenty of free tools for online selling

Square Online Pricing Plan

Square Online Free Website Builder

With the Square Online free plan, you’ll have the opportunity to use any of the following features:

  • Equipped with SSL security certificates
  • Sell unlimited products
  • Excellent inventory management system that allows you to sync orders online and in-person automatically.
  • Use order-status text alerts to inform customers about their orders’ pickup location/time and shipping carrier.
  • Provide your customer a curbside pickup option
  • Create Facebook ads
  • In-store order customization
  • Create coupons or offer gift cards to reward customers

Start your free online store now by setting up your Square Online account.

10. Blogger – Best For Business Blogs

Online CMS Platform With Easy-To-Use Blog Editor


Blogger may not be your traditional website builder, but it’s proven effective for creating a business blog and small service site.

If you want proof, visit Renew Pilates Studio. It’s one of the businesses that use this blogging platform up to this date.

You can also check out Google’s blog if you prefer a simple and clean design.

Getting started in Blogger is easy. All you need is a Google account to access the platform. 

Upon signing up, you will immediately be redirected to your dashboard.

Blogger Dashboard

The first step is to go to its theme center and choose which pre-built templates you want to use. 

Unfortunately, Blogger doesn’t provide an option to create your blog from scratch. But don’t worry because all templates are customizable.

Once you’ve decided which template to use, click the apply button.

The blog editor is ideally suitable for beginners and anyone new to website creation. Inside the platform, you can easily add a background image and text colors, and font style.

It doesn’t have an auto-save function, so make sure to save every time you’ve made some changes.

Next, go back to your dashboard, and just above the theme, click the layout menu. From the name itself, this is where you can customize the layout and add other elements.

Blogger Layout section

The good news for tech-savvy users, you can customize each template using HTML code.

Do this by clicking the Edit HTML option (located on the template’s drop-down menu), and you’ll be redirected to its coding section.

Blogger Coding Section

“Blogger’s editor is also designed to provide better transliteration (support more than 60 languages) and image/video upload. So, don’t forget to take advantage of these features to boost your site’s SEO and consumer trust.”

-Burkhard Berger

Pros And Cons Of Blogger

A quick and simple way to create and publish a blog siteOnly provides basic features
Earn money from advertisements by connecting them to AdSenseNo real-time human support (help center, community, and video tutorials)

Blogger Pricing Plan

Blogger.com Free Website Builder

Since this is Google-owned, it’s completely free, and no paid version is offered. Therefore, you can access everything.

  • Stats Page: Display the most important insights about your blog’s performance and most recent post activities.
  • Comment Page: Moderate each comment according to your preference.
  • Search Operators: Simplify the search process and organize the search result page.
  • Reading List: Optimize your blog for all devices for easy reading.
  • Setting Page: Organize all controls in one secure place.

Blogger uses Google Cloud, so you can create as many web pages as you desire because there’s no storage limit.

Visit Blogger now and start creating your blog.


In today’s market, having a website truly helps a business stay visible and accessible to customers 24/7. So if I must choose one, I’ll pick Wix as the best free website builder.

Its website editor is super easy to use and includes minimalistic to modern templates.

Expanding its functionalities is never a problem since it offers generous plugins that are mostly free. It also provides an automatic site backup to keep all important data safe.

But what I like the most is its all-around features.

This gives you more creative freedom in creating websites of all types.

Do you have a favorite? Feel free to share your experiences or thoughts in the comment section.

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