17+ Best Slogan Generators For 2021 [We Tested Them All]

Need a list of the best slogan generators on the web? In my post, you’ll find ones that I’ve tested myself.

As a digital marketer of over 10 years, I’ve come up with campaign taglines all thanks to these tools.

I’ll let you in on their key features, pros and cons, and what type of businesses they’re both suited for. Here are the platforms that I’ll be discussing in this article:

Let’s begin!

What Are the Best Slogan Generators?

Being in the advertising and marketing industry for a long time now, I have plenty of firsthand experience working with these tools. As such, I can give solid advice on which best slogan generators are the best amongst the bunch.

Here are my top 3 picks for the best Slogan Generators in 2021:

  • Zyro
  • Shopify’s FREE Slogan Maker
  • Oberlo’s Slogan Generator

1. Zyro


First things first, Zyro is not a Slogan Generator-only company. It’s very far from that.

Zyro is a software company, first and foremost. It’s primarily a website building company that provides artificial intelligence solutions to its consumers. 

Now, you may be wondering where’s the slogan generator in all these?

Well, the key lies in their Zyro AI Technology. A big part of their website builder is built upon artificial intelligence. What I mean by this is their platform is influenced by their complex algorithms helping to determine which part of a site that’s being built needs editing.

Part of this AI Technology is their one-of-a-kind AI Writer that’s publicly available. It uses a language modeling technology of GPT-2, which can instantly generate readable and intelligent texts in just about any category.

This is practically the technology behind their Slogan Generator.

Zyro slogans

As you can see, it works like magic. 

Key Features

  • AI-Powered: Zyro has mastered the art of suggesting relevant slogan and ideas even to one-word prompt 
  • Intuitive Design: Their slogan generator is just a prompt where you enter your business – how easy is that?
  • New Slogans Every Click: If you don’t particularly like the slogans you were given, just refresh the page and you will be given a new set

Pros And Cons

Intuitive InterfaceNo Save Slogan option
AI-Powered slogan generatorCan sometimes return suggestions that are too standard
Free platform
No limits to the number of suggestions

Best suited for

Zyro is arguably the most useful and helpful slogan generator available today. It’s easy enough to understand that even a child can do it. If you want to create that slogan idea to take your business to the next level, this slogan generator is it.

2. Shopify’s Free Slogan Maker

Shopify Free Slogan Maker

Shopify’s FREE Slogan Maker tool comes in at #2 on my list for practically the same reason I had Zyro at #1.

They share a lot of good similarities which makes a good slogan generator. This slogan maker is simple, easy to understand, works 100% of the time, and most of all, it’s FREE.

The main difference is Shopify’s Free Slogan Maker seems to be a little bit broad in its recommendations. Let me illustrate using the screenshot below.

shopify slogan generator suggestions

That’s 1,023 slogans in one click. That may seem great but when you think about it, it’s more of a double-edged sword.

The good part is you have 1000s of suggestions! The bad part is you have to wade through 1000s of slogans to find the ONE. That seems like quite the task. But hey, it’s FREE!

Key Features

  • Copyright Security Feature: They have a security system that forbids anyone to use a copyrighted slogan
  • Intuitive Interface: The whole platform is clean-looking which makes using it super easy

Pros and Cons

Clean and intuitive interfaceBroad suggestions
Free to useReturns the same suggestions for a keyword
1000+ suggestions in one click
Copyright Protection Feature

Best Suited For

If you don’t mind getting thousands of slogan suggestions for your business, then Shopify’s Free Slogan Generator is a great choice. It gives out wide arrays of suggestions that you may need to spend a day to be able to read them all. It’s that powerful!

3. Oberlo’s Slogan Generator

Oberlo Slogan Generator

If you’re familiar with Oberlo, you must know it as a marketplace for e-Commerce, much like Shopify is.

Oberlo offers the same type of tool that Shopify does. It also has a free slogan generating tool to help its potential sellers find their marketing phrase.

What’s great about Oberlo’s slogan generator is apart from the intuitive and clean design, their suggestions are powered by a learning algorithm that is designed to find the most relevant keywords according to your search terms.

One quirk of Oberlo is they seem to have put a cap on their keyword results. From my time with it, I’ve only seen 1,076 suggestions for any keyword, no more no less.

Oberlo Slogan Generator results

To be fair, 1,076 slogans would be more than enough to give you an idea for a slogan. You can always refresh the search results to get more suggestions. From what I observed, though, Oberlo seems to just be recycling the 1,076 results.

Key Features

  • 1000+ Suggestions: One click and you have 1000s of slogans 
  • eCommerce Slogans: Their slogans are designed to perfectly suit e-commerce type of businesses
  • Clean & Intuitive Design: The whole platform is simple and intuitive

Pros And Cons

Easy-to-understand interfacePlenty of long string slogan suggestions
100% freeLimited to 1,076 results per search (very minor issue)
1000+ suggestions in one click
Focused on e-Commerce type slogans

Best Suited For

One search and you will be given 1,076 slogan suggestions by Oberlo. This should be enough to find your slogan or get some idea of what direction your marketing slogan should go.

If you are looking for a slogan that is well-suited to e-commerce and online marketplace, Oberlo’s slogan generator is hard to beat. I’ve even tried inputting long terms and it gave out surprisingly catchy slogans.

4. SloganGenerator.org

SloganGenerator. org

This is the first company outside of my top 3 slogan generators. This doesn’t mean that this website isn’t as good as the other three that came before it. SloganGenerator.org is a perfectly capable slogan maker but it has a few issues.

Don’t get me wrong, these issues don’t make SloganGenerator.org bad in any way. It just makes it less appealing than my top 3.

SloganGenerator.org is a bit rudimentary. What I mean by this is it only comes up with one slogan suggestion at a time. That is unlike the 1000s of suggestions that other slogan makers provide.

SloganGenerator. org generate slogan button

You’d have to click multiple times just to get several suggestions. Their slogan suggestions are good, there’s no doubt about that. However, I would have loved it if there was any way you can get 100s to 1000s of suggestions in one click.

Key Features

  • Simplicity: This is one of the simplest slogan makers I’ve seen here
  • Streamlined Approach: This slogan maker suggests slogans one at a time in a bid to make the process simpler and more streamlined (no ‘paradox of choice’)

Pros And Cons

Simple and intuitive interfaceLimited to one suggestion per query
Offers good suggestions even for long keyword termsWeb design belongs to the early 2000s
Free of costNo Save Slogan function
Does not bombard you with 1000s of suggestions in one click

Best Suited For

SloganGenerator.org is probably the most popular simplest slogan generator out there. Its design reminds me of the early 2000s web design, which prioritizes function over form.

In a way, that is a good representation of what this website is capable of. If you’re looking for that ONE perfect slogan, SloganGenerator.org should be one of your first stops.

5. Design Hill Slogan Maker

Design Hill Slogan Maker

Design Hill Slogan Maker is yet another great tool that should provide you with slogan ideas that you can use for your business.

What makes Design Hill better than most slogan generators is it puts a lot of stock with how relevant keywords are to each other. Doing it this way, their results make more sense compared to other generators.

Another thing I like is they have a ‘copy slogan’ feature, which not a lot of slogan generators have. It’s a small yet useful feature that I wish every slogan maker would have.

Key Features

  • Copy Slogan Tool: This is a small yet neat feature that allows you to copy the slogan with just a click
  • Keyword Highlighter: 100% of their suggestions will have your term keyword in them which is highlighted

Pros And Cons

Clean interfaceSuggestions just put the keyword inside a premade slogan
1000+ suggestions from one keyword termMany suggestions don’t make sense
Completely free
Has a Copy Slogan function which not a lot of slogan makers have

Best Suited For

Design Hill Slogan Maker, while not the best out there, provides great slogans that have potential. If you’re searching for a good slogan for your company, opening this website in one of your tabs is a wise move. 

6. GetSocio’s Slogan Maker

GetSocio’s Slogan Maker

Most of the slogan generators I list here aren’t exclusively just slogan generators. Most of the time, they are just part of a bigger platform.

Such is the case for GetSocio Slogan Maker. GetSocio is a website designed for building your online store or website. Their slogan maker is just a small part of their business, much like the others.

Make no mistake, though. Even if their slogan maker technically isn’t even their biggest product, it is perfectly capable and could give you surprisingly usable and sometimes even impressive slogan suggestions.

GetSocio’s Slogan Maker results

It does not seem like it has a cap on the number of suggestions it gives. You can get anywhere from 1000 – 1500 suggestions, depending on your keyword.

In my opinion, that’s still way too many suggestions. To be fair, the suggestions are given on different pages so you’d only have access to around 30 per page which seems reasonable enough.

Key Features

  • Ease Of Use: This is one of the cooler slogan generators I’ve used
  • Relevancy Algorithm: They claim to have been using an algorithm that learns the relevancy of different words to your search term to find the best combinations possible

Pros And Cons

Simple and intuitive interfaceSome slogans are pre-made with your keywords inserted into them
Offers good suggestions even for long keyword termsSome slogans don’t make much sense
No charge to usePlenty of standard slogan suggestions
Lists their slogan suggestions on pages

Best Suited For

While their slogan generator isn’t the best out there, GetSocio more than makes up for it by providing other tools that you will find useful in your business dealings. It currently offers 3 different name generators that could help your business explode in popularity.

7. Sloganizer


“Go Further With Sloganizer.”

This is the first thing that came up when I tried their tool. I just typed in their name, Sloganizer, into the prompt and waited for the slogan to come out.

If this is a preview of what this tool is capable of, then it’s even better than what I had hoped for.

It has some limitations, though. For instance, it doesn’t seem to like if you type in more than 2 keywords.

Granted, it still produces readable results. I’ve tried using more than 2 words other times and the results can be hit-or-miss.

Key Features

  • Simplicity: The whole design of this website is surprisingly striking. The slogan recommendations appear at the top, near the middle of the website, making it pop more.

Pros And Cons

Clean and intuitive interfaceDoes not work as good with more than 2 words
Completely free to useOnly shows up one suggestion at a time
Can still work if you use the rand name as a keyword term
Short and sweet slogan suggestions

Best Suited For

Sloganizer is one of those platforms that can either be the best at any given time or the worst, depending on the keyword you use. For brand names, I feel like this is one of the best generators out there.

However, if you’re looking for more well-rounded ideas, chances are, you won’t get it here. Their suggestions seem bolder than usual. They pop but can be inappropriate sometimes. See below.

8. Within The Flow

Within the Flow

This is another free slogan generator that can help you create that killer slogan you’ve been searching for.

Within The Flow isn’t any different than the other slogan makers on this list. The only real difference that is obvious is their focus on e-commerce slogan suggestions.

Within The Flow is surprisingly being promoted as Shopify’s companion slogan tool. This comes as a surprise since Shopify already has a pretty capable slogan tool.

Key Features

  • Ease Of Use: This slogan tool is easy to use and can net you 1000s of slogans with just one click

Pros And Cons

Simple and intuitive interfaceGeneric suggestions for complicated keywords
Gives you 1000s slogan suggestions from just one keywordSome suggestions don’t make much sense
Free to utilizeNo Save Slogan function

Best Suited For

Within The Flow is best used as an alternative for the other better slogan generators. Sure, you can find some diamonds in their suggestion results but they are very few and far in between.

9. The Advertising Slogan Generator

The Advertising Slogan Generator

The Advertising Slogan Generator is probably the most unique entry on this list.

I wouldn’t recommend using this as your primary slogan generator as some of the suggestions seem to be very far from the topic. It’s one of those apps that would serve as a companion piece to your main app in case you want some variety.

Pros And Cons

Simple InterfaceOutdated web design
Capable of giving out unique slogans that not a lot of slogan makers are capable ofCan only suggest one slogan at a time
100% freeSome suggestions seem like they follow a template

Best Suited For

In my opinion, the Advertising Slogan Generator is a good companion slogan maker to your main slogan generator. It honestly lacks some utilities but it more than makes up for it by its unique suggestions.

10. SloganGenerator.co

slogangenerator. co

This is one of the more balanced slogan generators on this list. It doesn’t overdo it with 1000s of suggestions.

It gives out 20 slogans per query. What’s great is it does not appear to be recycling the same 20 slogans for your keyword. Every refresh would give you a fresh 20 slogan ideas.

Pros And Cons

Cool-looking web designNo Save Slogan function
Does not overwhelm you with slogan ideasLonger keywords can sometimes result in hard to understand slogans
100% free
Many of the suggestions make actual sense

Best Suited For

SloganGenerator.co can be your main slogan generator. It offers a good balance of just giving you what you need. It doesn’t bombard you with 1000s of suggestions that you will just skim over anyway.

11. Procato’s Advertising Slogan Generator

Procato’s Advertising Slogan Generator

This is another simple slogan generator that works as well as you’d expect.

It only gets you one result at a time but the word is highlighted on the page which I particularly like because it makes the message pop more.

Procato’s slogan generator does not use proprietary technology, and it shows. This is obvious by how simple and rudimentary their slogan suggestions are.

Pros And Cons

Simple and intuitive interfaceLimited to one suggestion per query
100% free to utilizeWeb design belongs to the early 2000s

Best Suited For

Procato’s Advertising Slogan Generator is certainly not the best out there but it does have its highlights. It has the capability of producing surprisingly witty slogans. You just have to more patient in using it.

12. Free Slogan Generator

Free Slogan Generator

While this Free Slogan Generator isn’t going to win any awards for web design, it certainly functions just as well as any Free Slogan Generators out there.

Key Features

  • One-Click Generate My Slogan: One of the simplest and intuitive slogan generators on this list
  • Streamlined Approach: This slogan generator only suggests 1 slogan at a time which makes it easily digestible

Pros And Cons

Simple and intuitive interfaceLimited to one suggestion per query
100% free to useOutdated web design
Does not overwhelm you with 1000s of suggestionsMany of the suggestions do not make sense

Best Suited For

Free Slogan Generator certainly looks like the oldest ones in the bunch, aesthetically speaking. While I won’t recommend this website as your main slogan generator, it can still work as a good backup.

13. Slogans.xyz


Slogans.xyz has surprised me because of its features. Its suggestions, while not as good as the others, are perfectly usable slogans.

It’s a bit shocking how marketers have ignored this product. In my opinion, they are missing out because there’s a lot of untapped potential on this website.

Key Features

  • Simple Interface: The web design of this slogan generator is so pleasing to the eyes
  • Copy Feature: If you happen to like a slogan, they have a copy button that you could use to copy the slogan to your clipboard

Pros And Cons

Has a Copy Slogan featureLimited to 5 suggestions per query
Can offer good slogans even for longer keywords

Best Suited For

Slogans.xyz is a surprisingly capable slogan generator that doesn’t receive nearly as much fame as it should have. What I like about this generator is it can suggest good slogans even for longer keywords.

14. Free Slogan Generator From Logaster

Free Slogan Generator From Logaster

Logaster’s free slogan generator is yet another dark horse candidate that many seem to have overlooked.

It’s not nearly as popular as its capabilities would suggest.

Probably the best thing about it is the category assignment feature which allows you to select the perfect category for it. This makes the suggestions more precise and to the point.

Key Features

  • Category-Based: You can select a category for the slogan you want which makes the suggestions more accurate
  • Streamlined Approach: This slogan maker suggests slogans one at a time in a bid to make the process simpler and more streamlined (no ‘paradox of choice’)

Pros And Cons

Simple designLimited amount of slogans available
Also offers free logo creationRecycles the slogans for some of its categories

Best Suited For

Logaster’s Free Slogan Generator is best for people who already have a name for their company. I mean, just look at their suggestions below to better understand what this company is capable of.

15. SloganMania Taglines Generator

SloganMania Taglines Generator

This is more of a backup slogan generator for your main ones. SloganMania is nothing like the other products listed here in terms of capability.

I’ve tried a few keywords and it produced some good ones, but it’s pretty rare. You may need to submit a few keywords if you want to have a shot at getting some good slogans. For the majority of the time, their suggestions don’t make sense at all.

Pros And Cons

Can sometimes come up with surprisingly witty taglinesLimited to one suggestion per keyword
Free of chargeOutdated web design

Best Suited For

While I won’t recommend SloganMania as your main slogan generator, it can function as more of a backup. Just keep it open in the tab and only click if you run out of ideas.

16. BizCardCreator Slogan Generator

Complex keyword prompts don’t return usable slogans

Based on the name alone, it’s safe to assume that the slogan generator function is more of a utility feature.

From my time with this website, I can say that their slogan suggestions are hit-or-miss, but is leaning towards the ‘miss.’

BizCardCreator isn’t a bad slogan generator, per se. There are just better options out there.

Pros And Cons

Simple designLimited to one suggestion per query
Offers good suggestions even for long keyword termsComplex keyword prompts don’t return usable slogans
No costOften repeats the same slogan

Best Suited For

From my time with BizCardCreator, I can say that their slogan suggestions are hit-or-miss. You can still get some cool suggestions here and there. The limit of 1 result per request is going to hamper your efficiency, though.

17. Slogan4U.com

Slogan4U. com

This is hands down the cleanest looking free slogan generator on this list.

Slogan4U.com is what a minimalist website aspires to be. Their design is so streamlined that you’d think they’re from the future.

Beyond the minimalistic approach, there’s a gem on this website. I’ve tried it a few times and I’ve gotten back very good suggestions.

Key Features

  • Minimalist Approach: The simplest slogan generator there is. Period.

Pros And Cons

Simple and intuitive interfaceLimited to one suggestion per query
Offers good suggestions even for long keyword termsWeb design belongs to the early 2000s
Completely free to utilizeMany suggestions do not make sense

Best Suited For

Slogan4U.com can work alright as your main slogan generator but you’d have to refresh quite a few times to come up with good slogans. It can still produce some good ones, make no mistake, but those are very few and far in between, especially when compared to the frontrunners in this list.

18. Slogan Slingers

Slogan Slingers

Let me be clear, I would only recommend Slogan Slingers if you are out of options. 

This website is the most unique out of all the products listed here because you need to pay money to get your slogan.

You would get the slogans from actual people. But first, you would have to register on their website to be able to post your slogan request.

I did not try the service but I’d imagine the quality to be all over the place. If you are willing to pay more, perhaps you’d get great slogan suggestions.

Pros And Cons

Slogan from actual peoplePaid service
Flexible pricingQuality of the slogans depend on the price you posted

Best Suited For

Slogan Mania should be the last resort, in my opinion. It’s not in any way bad but it requires you to spend money to get a slogan. If there are free tools out there, why settle for this?

Why Do I Need A Slogan Maker?

Why Do I Need A Slogan Maker?

A slogan maker is a program or app that helps you generate slogan ideas for your business, brand, movement, campaign, and even your website.

A slogan or tagline is usually a short but memorable phrase. It is used throughout your marketing campaign to help associate it with the brand.

The slogan must convey the message effectively and package it in such a way that makes for an easier recall for your target demographic.

One good example is Maybelline’s “Maybe It’s Maybelline!” This slogan is so successful that whenever you hear the word, “Maybe it’s…..” your mind says “Maybelline” unconsciously.

There is a lot of value in an effective slogan which is why you should use all the tools you can get your hands on. 

All the slogan generators I featured in this article will help you achieve such things. They might never come up with that ONE slogan but they sure help you think of one.

How To Use A Slogan Generator

How To Use A Slogan Generator

99% of all slogan generators have just one prompt, and that’s for the keyword.

All you have to do is type in your keyword. You can be as broad or as specific as you want s long as you don’t stray too far from your keyword.

For instance, if you’re planning a ‘pet cafe,’ just type it in and wait for the results to come pouring in.

You may not end up like many of the suggestions but they usually help push you in the right direction.

10 Examples Of The Most Remarkable Slogans

10 Examples Of The Most Remarkable Slogans

To give you an idea of the best slogans in business, let me present you with the most memorable ones. 

Let’s check how many of these you can recognize.

  1. Nike – Just do it!
  2. Apple – Think Different.
  3. BMW – Designed for Driving Pleasure.
  4. McDonald’s – I’m Lovin’ It.
  5. Maybelline – Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline.
  6. Coca-Cola – Open happiness.
  7. De Beers – A Diamond is forever.
  8. Wheaties – The Breakfast of Champions.
  9. General Electric – Imagine at Work.
  10. The US Marine Corps – The Few. The Proud. The Marines.

Tips For Finding Great Slogan Ideas

Tips For Finding Great Slogan Ideas

Coming up with a great slogan can sometimes be tricky, especially when you think of all the criteria you need to adhere to.

To make it easier for you to come up with an effective slogan, I’ve made a list down below.

The list will be self-explanatory so there’s no need for an explanation for each.

  • Understand your keyword/product/brand
  • Effective slogans are short and simple
  • Great slogans are memorable
  • Your slogans must be timeless
  • Understand your target demographic
  • Don’t oversell – be honest with your customers


I’ve been working in the marketing and advertising industry for decades now and believe me when I tell you that a good slogan can change everything.

I have lost track of the number of great companies that failed to showcase their real capabilities because of a bad slogan.

As long as the slogan leaves a good or lasting impression on your target demographic, it doesn’t matter whether it’s long or short. So, don’t get lost in trying to learn the technicalities of a good slogan. Sometimes, it just comes to you naturally.

That being said, speaking as someone who’s created plenty of slogans before, I find that using slogan generators triggers some creativity in me. If you don’t believe me, try any of the 17 slogan generators I’ve presented you with.

Type anything. Did it stir some creativity in you? 

Yes? That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.

Sometimes, a little push from a good slogan generator is all you need to come up with a killer slogan.


What Is a slogan in advertising?

A slogan is a memorable motto or phrase used to persuade people to take action or remember your brand for easier recall when they need your service in the future.

Which is the best free slogan generator?

Based on this article, Zyro is the answer. However, it’s a lot more complicated than that. Zyro is the best general-purpose slogan maker, but other slogan generators are better than it at certain things. But for the most part, yes, Zyro would be my recommendation.

Why use a slogan maker?

Using a slogan maker just makes your job a lot easier. A slogan generator removes all your biases which could help you see your goal more clearly. I know a lot of marketers that only use the slogan suggestions as fuel for their imagination. Doing it this way works, too.

How does a slogan generator work?

While slogan generators have different algorithms, they mostly all function the same. Slogan generators work by giving relevant ideas from the keyword you typed. The main difference is the best slogan makers can match your keywords with the most relevant phrases or tagline available on their system.

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