7+ Best Bluehost Alternatives – An Unbiased Comparison 2022

Bluehost Alternative

I’ve handpicked the best Bluehost alternatives, and here, I will break down all the reasons why they are worth using.

Every website requires a secure hosting environment. As a small business owner, I personally recommend Bluehost because it has excellent security features that can protect my content and sensitive data.

However, not all its features are a great fit for all personal and business needs. This is why I’ve tested other web hosting providers.

This post contains all the things I’ve discovered on the top 7+ Bluehost alternatives I’ve explored. This includes, but is not limited to, their respective pros and cons, notable features, proven speed and uptime rate, and more.

Let’s find out which one is the right web host for your business.

1. Bluehost Alternatives: SiteGround

Bluehost Alternatives: SiteGround

Most Reliable Hosting Provider For Small Businesses and Agencies [Starts at $4.99 a month]

SiteGround consistently landed on the top spot as the best Bluehost alternatives.

It isn’t surprising because both platforms feature a beginner-friendly user interface and can host websites well for small businesses of all types. 

They are also two of the official web hosts recommended by WordPress

What does this recommendation mean?

SiteGround offers exclusive tools that help you manage your WordPress site, whether it is a personal blog or an eCommerce site. Here are a few of the tools you can expect to use:

  • One-click install through the website set-up wizard
  • WordPress auto-update tool
  • WP-CLI
  • Built-in staging tool
  • Custom Git integration (also supports Joomla!, Magento, Drupal, and PrestaShop)

No matter how similar they are, SiteGround manages to take its lead over Bluehost.

One advantage that customers love the most is their superb customer support.

SiteGround Customer Support

They are fully transparent about their in-house customer support experts. So, when you call, expect to see not only their names but also the total number of customers they’ve helped and their ratings.

Aside from web and WordPress (Managed) hosting, SiteGround also offers hosting solutions for:

  • WooCommerce (Managed)
  • Scalable Cloud
  • Reseller

If you want to learn more about its interesting differences from Bluehost, you can read my side-by-side SiteGround vs. Bluehost comparison here.

SiteGround Pricing Plan

SiteGround Pricing Plan

For the web, WordPress, and WooCommerce hosting, there are three subscription plans offered:

  • Startup ($4.99/mo.): Here you can accommodate up to 10,000 monthly visits, 10GB of web storage space, and host 1 website.
  • GrowBig ($7.99/mo.): For growing businesses, you can get this plan and accommodate up to 25,000 monthly visits, 20GB of web storage space, and host unlimited websites. Also enjoy using Ultrafast PHP implementation tools, advanced on-demand backup, priority support, and more.
  • GoGeek ($14.99/mo.): If you want no limitations, GoGeek is the recommended plan to get. Here you can accommodate up to 100,000 monthly visits, 40GB of web storage space, add collaborators, use the staging tool, and pre-installed Git integration.

Take your personal or business website a step closer to success by getting the Startup plan now.

SiteGround vs. Bluehost At A Glance

5 stars


Best for: Small business owners, content creators, and online marketersBest for: Entrepreneurs, digital marketers, eCommerce stores, and bloggers
Pricing: Starts at $4.99/monthPricing: Starts at $2.95/month
Best feature: Webmaster tools, multi-layered security data centers, and server health checksBest feature: Good WordPress hosting, excellent features for building an eCommerce store
Cons: No free advertising credits provided to users and renewal rates are a bit higherCons: No windows hosting and free website migrations
Try SiteGroundTry Bluehost

2. Bluehost Alternatives: DreamHost

Bluehost Alternatives: DreamHost

Affordable Web Hosting Provider For Designers, Developers & Entrepreneurs [Starts at $4.95 a month]

DreamHost is the oldest web hosting provider and domain registrar on my list. And just like SiteGround, it is also recommended by WordPress.

With their 20+ years of providing quality service, over 1.5 million websites are hosted through their platform and 750k+ WordPress installations.

And the number continues to rise.

DreamHost remains competitive, particularly for its email hosting solution.

DreamHost Email Hosting Solution

Starting at $1.99 per month, you can use one mailbox for your domain. You can get it free when you subscribe to any plans, except Shared Starter. 

The best part of this is that it can work no matter where your domain name is registered or hosted.

DreamHost Pricing Plan

DreamHost WordPress Pricing Plan

Affordability is one of the many reasons why most users appreciate DreamHost.

Aside from the low cost, it also gives you flexibility on the payment period. Its subscription plans are offered with three billing cycle options: monthly, annually, or 3 years.

There are many web hosting solutions offered but I’ll only focus on its WordPress hosting to prevent boring you with long details.

  • WordPress Basic ($4.95-$8.95/mo.): Two subscription plans to choose from where one is focused on hosting 1 new website; while the other can manage unlimited websites and email.
  • DreamPress ($12.00-$79.95/mo.): Three subscription plans designed for hosting WordPress sites with advanced features. They are also built to support 100k-1M monthly visitors, 30-120GB SSD storage, and more.
  • VPS WordPress ($15.00- $120.00/mo.): Four subscription plans that are ideal for powering up multiple WordPress sites. You’ll get 1-8GB RAM, 30-240GB SSD storage, unlimited websites and traffic, and so on.

Don’t let designer’s block stop you from finishing your website. DreamHost’s team of experts can help you achieve success as they offer a wide variety of professional services.

Book your free consultation now.

DreamHost vs. Bluehost At A Glance




Best for: Web designers, entrepreneurs, online businesses, and bloggersBest for: Entrepreneurs, digital marketers, eCommerce stores, and bloggers
Pricing: Starts at $4.95/monthPricing: Starts at $2.95/month
Best feature: Email hosting, unlimited bandwidth & storage, plus free WordPress site migrationBest feature: Good WordPress hosting, excellent features for building an eCommerce store
Cons: Sign-up process is somewhat tedious and complicatedCons: No windows hosting and free website migrations
Try DreamHostTry Bluehost

3. Bluehost Alternatives: A2 Hosting

Bluehost Alternatives: A2 Hosting

Excellent All-In-One Web Hosting Solution For eCommerce, Blogs, & CMS [Starts at $8.99 a month]

People have known A2 Hosting for different good reasons.

Let’s name their top 2, shall we?

First, it created a one-stop platform where creative individuals, professionals, and business owners can get the hosting solution they need.

They can also purchase other products inside the platform such as the following, but not limited to:

  • Domain registration, transfer, hosting, and extension
  • Analytics software
  • Billing software

Every web hosting company promises as close as 100% uptime and speedy loading times. A2 Hosting certainly kept their promise as they performed with a whopping 99.97%, consistently.

When it comes to speed, it ranges from 285 to 690 milliseconds (based on my average load time over 12 months).

This is why they get the “fastest provider” reputation.

A2 Hosting Fastest Web Hosting Solutions

Their high-speed performance and reliable uptime come from the well-developed SwiftServer platform

This is considered the developer’s playground because it allows them to build any site that fits their personal or business needs.

Get any of the web hosting solutions compatible with it and ease your mind your site will be created with utmost security and flexibility.

A2 Hosting is also known as one of the best green web hosting companies. They have effectively become carbon-neutral since 2007 and continue to implement green policies for their employees and the entire operation.

Burkhard Berger

A2 Hosting Pricing Plan

A2 Hosting Pricing Plan

Most of A2 Hosting’s subscription plans are designed with monthly, annually, and 3-year billing cycles and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

There are five primary web hosting solutions offered, but three are for websites, domain, and shared WordPress. Here’s a glance at their subscription plans:

  • Startup ($8.99/mo.): Here, you can start creating 1 website with 100GB SSD storage.
  • Drive ($9.99/mo.): If you’re looking for more resources and unlimited websites to create, this is the ideal plan to get.
  • Turbo Boost ($15.99/mo.): This is the most recommended plan to get if you aim for more power and additional NVMe storage (unlimited).
  • Turbo Max ($20.99/mo.): This plan includes all the features, from Startup to Turbo Boost, with 5x more resources.

Want to launch your own hosting company?

A2 Hosting can make it easy with their unique white-labeled Reseller Hosting solutions. Get it now and you’ll have the chance to save up to 66%.

A2 Hosting vs. Bluehost At A Glance

A2 Hosting



Best for: Online marketers, developers, and small to large-sized businessesBest for: Entrepreneurs, digital marketers, eCommerce stores, and bloggers
Pricing: Starts at $8.99/monthPricing: Starts at $2.95/month
Best feature: Hosting on Turbo Servers (better SEO and conversion performance)Best feature: Good WordPress hosting, excellent features for building an eCommerce store
Cons: Lags and delays (1 second or so) may happen once in a whileCons: No windows hosting and free website migrations
Try A2 HostingTry Bluehost

4. Bluehost Alternatives: HostGator

Bluehost Alternatives: HostGator

Leading Shared Web Hosting Provider for Small Business Owners & Webmasters [Starts at $2.75 a month]

HostGator offers five excellent hosting solutions since it was launched in 2002.

But one web hosting solution that stands out is its shared web hosting.

What is it?

This is a type of web hosting where it uses a single physical server to host multiple websites.

Due to its low cost and maintenance, it has become the ideal hosting solution for smaller websites like your first eCommerce store, business site, or personal blog.

When it comes to uptime and loading speed, HostGator gives a satisfactory result.

Based on my site’s performance over the past 12 months, the average uptime recorded is 99.94%, and a loading speed of 440 milliseconds.

If yours falls below 99.90% uptime, don’t worry. HostGator includes an uptime guarantee on their Terms of Service (TOS) where they will give one month’s worth of credit on your account once this condition is met.

Read my complete Bluehost vs. HostGator comparison to know which one is the better choice.

HostGator Pricing Plan

HostGator Pricing Plan

HostGator offers three subscription plans for its shared web hosting where each includes a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Let’s take a closer look at each plan:

  • Hatchling Plan ($2.75/mo.): Great for creating and hosting 1 website. As additional perks, you will receive $150 Google Ads spend match credit and $100 Microsoft Advertising credit.
  • Baby Plan ($3.50/mo.): Get all Hatchling features plus the ability to build unlimited websites.
  • Business Plan ($5.25/mo.): This plan includes all the features and tools that can help you build, host, and optimize your websites.

Do you already have a website created in WordPress?

HostGator can provide you with a secure hosting environment. Get its Starter plan now and you can start hosting it with a free domain name for as low as $5.95 per month.

HostGator vs. Bluehost At A Glance

Hostgator Wix Alternatives



Best for: Content creators, webmasters, small business owners, and eCommerceBest for: Entrepreneurs, digital marketers, eCommerce stores, and bloggers
Pricing: Starts at $2.75/monthPricing: Starts at $2.95/month
Best feature: Shared web hosting (Windows and Linux-based)Best feature: Good WordPress hosting, excellent features for building an eCommerce store
Cons: Renewal plans can lock you in a commitment for up to 36 monthsCons: No windows hosting and free website migrations
Try HostGatorTry Bluehost

5. Bluehost Alternatives: InMotion Hosting

Bluehost Alternatives: InMotion Hosting

Trusted Reseller Web Hosting Provider For New & Experienced Entrepreneurs [Starts at $26.59 a month]

InMotion can give you the best quality reseller hosting service you’re looking for at a competitive price.

What’s good about its reseller hosting plans compared to the other 7 web host providers?

The answer is simple, not all offer reseller web hosting. HostGator is one of the three that offers this service and it can only give up to 140GB disk space and 1,400GB monthly bandwidth.

InMotion can give you as much as 250GB disk space and 6TB monthly bandwidth.

Here are other tools you can expect to get; most of them are free of charge:

  • White label tools for easy customization of your branding and messages
  • WHMCS billing software
  • Softaculous auto-installer
  • Multi-layer defense (SSL)
  • Web-based control panel (cPanel)

The number of features may still change depending on the reseller hosting plans you avail.

Being true to their words, InMotion customer and technical support experts only take a few seconds (live chat) or minutes (phone) to connect with you.

Burkhard Berger

InMotion Hosting Pricing Plan

InMotion Hosting Pricing Plan

Another great thing about InMotion is it offers short- and long-term subscription plans. You have the option to pay it monthly, every 6 months, annually, or a 2-year lock-in.

A 90-day full money-back guarantee is also given to allow you to test their service risk-free.

When it comes to the actual reseller hosting plans, there are four to choose from and they are described as follows:

  • R-1000S ($26.59/mo.): Start your business with 80GB of disk space, 800GB of bandwidth, 25 cPanels included, RAID 6 data protection, one free dedicated IP address, and free SSL.
  • R-2000S ($26.59/mo.): Get 120GB of disk space, 1,200GB of bandwidth, and 50 cPanels included.
  • R-3000S ($52.24/mo.): If you’re asking for more, this subscription plan provides you 160GB of disk space, 1,600GB of bandwidth, and 80 cPanels included. You can also access its Launch Assist feature.
  • Reseller VPS ($56.99/mo.): Enjoy all the above-mentioned features with a few upgrades: up to 250GB of disk space, 6TB of bandwidth, 8GB available RAM, 5 free dedicated IP addresses, and high availability data protection.

Kickstart your business by getting the R-1000S plan. If you buy now, you have the chance to get up to $350 savings.

InMotion vs. Bluehost At A Glance




Best for: Bloggers, entrepreneurs (beginner & experienced), and startup businessesBest for: Entrepreneurs, digital marketers, eCommerce stores, and bloggers
Pricing: Starts at $26.59/monthPricing: Starts at $2.95/month
Best feature: Reseller hosting and superb eCommerce supportBest feature: Good WordPress hosting, excellent features for building an eCommerce store
Cons: Onboarding program can be intimidating for beginnersCons: No windows hosting and free website migrations
Try InMotionTry Bluehost

6. Bluehost Alternatives: WP Engine

Bluehost Alternatives: WP Engine

Exclusive WordPress Hosting Provider for Marketers & Developers [Starts at $30 a month]

From the name itself, WP Engine is the only web hosting provider in my list that solely focused on hosting WordPress.

It understands that this Content Management System works best in a rich hosting environment, so it developed all its solutions exactly for that requirement.

It may not offer the cheapest prices, but it remains worth investing in.

Get any of its managed hosting solutions and ease your mind that you will receive the following:

  • Excellent 99.95% server uptime with four hours, or less, of downtime a year (predicted)
  • Access to a staging site for testing plug-ins, new themes, and more
  • Free automated migrations
  • Security features like threat detection and blocking

WP Engine Pricing Plan

WP Engine Pricing Plan

WP Engine offers four primary hosting plans that you can pay either in a monthly or annual billing period. It also includes a 60-day money-back guarantee.

To keep this short, I’ll list only the price ranges of their respective subscription plans.

  • Managed Hosting ($30/mo.-custom): Eight subscriptions available that contain all the tools and features needed to guarantee your site’s speed, security, and stability.
  • Managed Hosting Plus ($34/mo.-custom): Eight subscription plans to choose from where each is equipped with features and tools that can prevent your site from breaking.
  • Secure Hosting ($53/mo.-custom): Enjoy all Managed Hosting Plus features with additional protection layers which are most beneficial for eCommerce sites.  
  • eCommerce Hosting ($36/mo.-custom): Improve your sales by building or migrating your sites to WooCommerce.

Discounts are applied when you avail of WP Engine’s annually-billed subscription plans.

WP Engine vs. Bluehost At A Glance

5 stars


Best for: Agencies, eCommerce, small to mid-sized businesses, and developersBest for: Entrepreneurs, digital marketers, eCommerce stores, and bloggers
Pricing: Starts at $30/monthPricing: Starts at $2.95/month
Best feature: WP managed hosting, plugin directory, and staging sitesBest feature: Good WordPress hosting, excellent features for building an eCommerce store
Cons: No domain registration or email hosting service offeredCons: No windows hosting and free website migrations
Try WP EngineTry Bluehost

7. Bluehost Alternatives: GoDaddy

Bluehost Alternatives: GoDaddy

Most Trusted Domain Registrar For Websites & eCommerce Stores [Starts at $4.99 a month]

With over 82 million registered domain names, GoDaddy is without a doubt the industry leader for a domain registrar.

Here are a few of the popular domains you can avail of inside their platform.

GoDaddy Domains Available

Registration is easy.

Using their simple tool, which you can find on the Domain site, you can start checking your desired domain availability.

If you already have multiple domain names, you can utilize their bulk registration option.

Want to know which one is the better web host? You can find the answer in my unbiased Bluehost vs. GoDaddy comparison post.

GoDaddy Pricing Plan

GoDaddy Pricing Plan

GoDaddy offers different web hosting solutions with a 30-day no-risk guarantee. Here’s a glance at their offerings:

  • Web Hosting ($4.49-$19.99/mo.): Here are the subscription plans (4) that can power up your blog, portfolio, and any other business sites. It can manage single to unlimited websites with unmetered bandwidth, 100GB to unlimited storage capacity, and more.
  • WordPress Hosting ($6.99-$12.99/mo.): Four subscription plans that allow you to create simple and SEO-ready websites with built-in security features.
  • WordPress Ecommerce Hosting ($15.99/mo.): Create a full-featured online store with the help of 75+ free WooCommerce extensions.

For high traffic, the most recommended is the Ultimate subscription plan (under Web Hosting). Get it now and you can get up to 50% savings.

GoDaddy vs. Bluehost At A Glance




Best for: Content creators, developers, eCommerce, small businesses, and enterprisesBest for: Entrepreneurs, digital marketers, eCommerce stores, and bloggers
Pricing: Starts at $4.49/monthPricing: Starts at $2.95/month
Best feature: Domain registration and Web/Linux hostingBest feature: Good WordPress hosting, excellent features for building an eCommerce store
Cons: Web and WordPress hosting subscription plans have a 3-year lock-inCons: No windows hosting and free website migrations
Try GoDaddyTry Bluehost

8. Bluehost Alternatives: Hostinger

Bluehost Alternatives: Hostinger

Strong Web Host Choice For Beginners and Small Business Owners [Starts at $9.49 a month]

Loading speed and uptime rates are two of the important factors to look for in a web host.

When it comes to loading speed, Hostinger won’t disappoint you as it is one of the fastest. I’ve put it to a test and recorded 21 and 107 milliseconds for my U.S. and Germany site.

The results may still change depending on your location.

But don’t worry; the loading speed will always fall on Google’s recommended loading speed of 200 milliseconds.

On the other hand, the uptime rates are consistent performing between 99.95-100% for most months. However, there are months that it drops as low as 99.32%.

This is a bit of concern because if it performs continuously, you can have a predicted downtime of up to 22 hours a year.

But there’s still nothing to worry about because Hostinger includes a Service Uptime Guarantee. This is an assurance that every time your site falls within its 99.90% uptime per month, they will give you the necessary credit.

It is pretty well-rounded as it covers a wide variety of hosting solutions:

  • Shared web
  • Cloud
  • WordPress
  • cPanel
  • VPS
  • Minecraft
  • Cyberpanel VPS
  • Email (Google and Titan)
  • Domain

Hostinger Pricing Plan

Hostinger Pricing Plan

Compared to industry average prices, Hostinger offers affordable prices for all its hosting services.

However, with their deeply discounted promos, all their regular prices are slashed even more. This is why many recommend this to anyone with a tight budget.

If you’re not fully satisfied, you can freely change your mind as they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Here’s what you can expect from Hostinger’s web hosting subscription plans (including their regular prices):

  • Single Shared Hosting ($9.49/mo.): The ideal plan for beginners starting to build and publish a single website with 30GB SSD storage.
  • Premium Shared Hosting ($10.29/mo.): Build your personal websites (up to 100) and expect to get 100GB SSD storage, which can support 25, 000 monthly visits, and more.
  • Business Shared Hosting ($16.59/mo.): Start your small business by building up to 100 websites with 200GB SSD storage, free email, can support up to 100,000 monthly visits, and more.

Visit the Hostinger web hosting page now and get the chance to save up to 85% discount from their current promo.

Hostinger vs. Bluehost At A Glance




Best for: Developers (new & experienced), entrepreneurs, and websites of all sizesBest for: Entrepreneurs, digital marketers, eCommerce stores, and bloggers
Pricing: Starts at $9.49/monthPricing: Starts at $2.95/month
Best feature: User-friendly custom dashboard/control panels and secure serversBest feature: Good WordPress hosting, excellent features for building an eCommerce store
Cons: Lack of free daily backups feature on all subscription plansCons: No windows hosting and free website migrations
Try HostingerTry Bluehost


All Bluehost alternatives can give you the power to start or level up your business website. But if I have to choose, I’ll still go with SiteGround.

It may not be the cheapest choice but with its consistent 99.99% uptime with a 0.72-second loading speed, your website will surely give your customers a great experience.

Not to mention, it will remain safe from getting penalized by Google and other search engine platforms.

Let’s not forget the freebies you can get from all the plans such as SSL, backups and restores, email, CDN, and more.

Have you used any of the web hosting providers mentioned above? If yes, please feel free to share your personal experience and recommendation in the comment section.

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