Builderall vs. Kartra – 100% Unbiased Comparison For 2022

Builderall vs Kartra

Let your online business thrive this 2022 with the help of the best marketing platform. I’ll save you time from endless search as I’ve prepared an honest comparison of today’s leading all-in-one, cloud-based marketing platforms – Builderall vs. Kartra.

I’ve made this comparison to serve as a guide. Whether you are new to the industry or aiming to get your first million on your online business, this guide contains all the information you need to make a wise purchasing decision.

A few of this comparison’s highlights include Builderall and Kartra’s detailed features, perks, restrictions, present industry standing, and pricing plans.

Let’s take a deep dive into the details.

1. Builderall vs. Kartra At A Glance

In this section of my Builderall vs. Kartra comparison post, you’ll find out which marketing platform has the upper hand through a quick glance at their most important features and valuable pricing plan.




Best for accessibility. Great for creating affiliate programs, sales funnels, and sales-boosting campaigns. Starts at $4.50/month.Best Overall. Advanced management tools for email, shopping carts, and video content. Starts at $26/month.
Try BuilderallTry Kartra

2. Who Is Builderall Best For?

Builderall is the recommended all-in-one, cloud-based digital marketing platform for new and experienced online marketers who are creating, developing, and launching a new product or starting a new project.

Builderall allows you to gather and manage unlimited leads, making it ideal for entrepreneurs with small businesses who want to attract more new customers.

Since it is also built with a sophisticated Cheetah website builder, it makes it suitable for any individual who want to build and run a successful eCommerce store. Sell any products you like, from physical to digital services and online eLearning courses.

3. Who Is Kartra Best For?

One glance at Kartra’s features and tools, you can immediately think they are solely made for online marketers and agencies who are building and managing tons of leads and affiliates.

Though it is true at first, Kartra now makes it all flexible to allow any non-tech and tech-savvy entrepreneurs to use it without difficulty. Thanks to its reliable web-building tools, eCommerce store owners and online course creators can use the platform to sell their products.

4. A Close Look At The Features Of Builderall and Kartra

What to choose – Builderall vs. Kartra? I’ll help you make the decision-making easier by listing down their respective strongest features.

Email Marketing & Automation
Done-For-You Campaigns
Video Marketing
Auto-Webinar Funnel Function
Social Media Automation
Website Building Tools
Analytics Heatmap
Customer Support
Get StartedTry BuilderallTry Kartra

5. Key Features Of Builderall

Builderall Key Features

Builderall offers a wide assortment of features and tools to create and run a successful online business. Let’s have a look at some of its top features.

#1 Builderall Assistant

Builderall Assistant

The Builderall Assistant is an AI-powered function that guides new members in navigating the platform. You can start using them by clicking the red Start Here button.

A new page will appear where you can choose the goals you are achieving – become an affiliate or access all Builderall tools suitable for your business. Click the Become a Builderall Affiliate option and you will be directed to your affiliate dashboard.

Builderall Affiliate Dashboard

Inside this dashboard, you will find all the guides and tools you can use to get started – from setting up your profile and eWallet to building your email list.

But if you choose to Use the Builderall tools for my business alternative, the Builderall Assistant will display the complete list of tools and what you can do to them.

#2 Website Builders

Builderall Pixel Perfect Builder

Builderall provides two easy-to-use website builders – Pixel Perfect and Cheetah builder.

The Pixel Perfect Builder is the original website creator made by the Builderall team. Its main objective is to create stunning websites, eCommerce stores, blogs, and other professional pages in a short amount of time. 

It has a drag-and-drop capability for easy use and is equipped with the most amazing visual effects and customizable templates. Ease your mind that all websites and pages created on Pixel Perfect Builder are highly optimized on Google and other major search engines.

Builderall Pixel Perfect Builder - Checkout & Blog

Aside from website creation, you can also use the Pixel Perfect Builder on creating a blog, Amazon coupon channel, and more.

Builderall Cheetah Website Builder

The Cheetah Website Builder is the latest offering of Builderall. It is also designed with a 100% drag-and-drop function and is perfect to use for creating websites, pages, and sales funnels.

To get started, you have the option to create your website using professional or smart templates. The professional templates feature a pre-built design that is tailored fit to its intended function.

Builderall Cheetah Builder - Professional Templates

Choose the blank template on the options if you prefer to create your website from scratch.

The smart templates, on the other hand, require you to assign values to your standard tags first. Successfully doing so will allow Builderall to generate a more personalized website for your business.

Builderall Cheetah Builder - Standard Tags Registration

Select any of the templates and it will direct you to the Cheetah Website Builder workspace. Click the web page templates or add a blank canvas to go directly on the website builder.

Builderall Cheetah Builder

It has a clean and on-point user interface. You can view and edit it in any device version, tweak its settings, and add elements or panels.

Aside from the website builder, the workspace also contains all the tools you can use to create, edit, and publish your custom members area. You can also easily manage the following settings: site, SEO, script, and GPDR.

Builderall Cheetah Builder Workspace

One of the great features included in the Builderall workspace is the split test. Here, you are allowed to evaluate all the elements in your design (website, landing page, and sales funnel) to determine which of them can positively affect your sales.

Burkhard Berger

#3 Webinar and Streaming Platform

Builderall Webinar and Streaming Platform

If you are a business owner selling online seminars or marketers promoting a business to a wider audience, Builderall’s webinar and the streaming platform is the marketing tool to use. You are eligible to use this upon subscribing to the Premium or Funnel Club plan.

Simply click the “Create Webinar” option and it will direct you to the page where you can choose what webinar type to create.

Builderall Webinar Type

The following steps to take vary on the webinar type you chose.

If you select “streaming to YouTube/Facebook…”, the next step is configuring the options such as specifying the location, allow invite other participants to the room, and adding a broadcast target. 

Builderall Live/On-Demand Webinar

If you prefer to stream live, select the Live/On-Demand Webinar Room option. It will take you to a new page where you can personalize the webinar name, including the content and schedule, room appearance, email settings, and create new forms (if necessary).

Your last option is the Evergreen/Scheduled Webinar. This is the ideal choice if you also aim to create a form designed to collect the attendees’ emails.

#4 Virtual Learning Platform

Builderall Virtual Learning Platform

Builderall’s virtual learning platform is the one-stop place for online creators and experts. Inside the platform, they can create and deliver all their lessons and modules.

There are three simple steps in creating your first course:

  • Step 1: Specify the course name, instructor name, and category. The category represents the topic of your entire course. 
  • Step 2: Upload the image (100 px X 100 px) of your course. It can be your business/school logo or anything related to the online course. 
  • Step 3: Click the “Create a new course” button. This will redirect you to Builderall’s course builder.
Builderall Guide: Create New Course

There are 6 tabs you need to configure in creating an online course. The general tab mostly contains all the information you input in Step 1.

You just need to add the language (if translations are required) and indicate the number of hours. You can also allow permission to ask questions to the instructor, the display of the search bar, or enable/disable the entire course.

The instructor tab requires you to specify the instructor’s name and his/her areas of expertise. Don’t forget to upload his/her picture for added personalization.

Builderall Guide: Registration & Protection

The registration and protection tab is the section where you can control who can view your course content. Builderall provides three registration requirement options and these are the following:

  • Registration is not required to view content
  • Registration is required to view content
  • Lastly, some lessons require registration

You also have the option to close the registration and only allow new users to access your course through your configured checkout. If you set this up, make sure to include a custom registration URL.

The protection settings require you to fill it if you only allow your course to be viewed on pages of the exact domain.

Builderall Guide: Modules and Lessons

The module and lesson tab is pretty straightforward. Click the “+” symbol or Add Module button to create each module in your online course.

Once all the modules are created, you can go ahead and add the lessons using Builderall Lesson Editor.

Builderall Guide: Lesson Editor

Inside the Lesson Editor, you can add the lesson’s name, description, and difficulty level under the general tab. Next is to click Content to specify the content type and link to it.

You can even create a series of tests per lesson by selecting the test tab. Here, you can determine the result score type, pass percentage, and add questions.

Builderall Guide: Test Editor

The FAQ tab has a similar creation process as the module. Simply press the “+” symbol or Add Question” button and you will be directed to a new page where you will write the question and answer.

Builderall Guide: FAQ

Just like with the general tab, you can enable/disable the FAQ section if you don’t need it.

Reaching the end of your online course, you have the option to create a final test. Once the students achieve the passing percentage/number of correct answers, they can receive the certification you’ve set for it.

Builderall Guide: Final Test & Certification

#5 MailingBoss Autoresponder

Builderall Guide: MailingBoss

MailingBoss is one of Builderall’s many digital marketing tools that helps you to capture unlimited new subscribers’ emails.

With its autoresponder function, you can automatically send your latest newsletter or promote your products/services to all the customers on your contact list. To ensure the right content will be sent to the right contact list, it is engineered with an intuitive workflow system.

Before you can enjoy using MailingBoss autoresponder, you first need to connect and verify your domain, and set up a new account. Successfully doing so will allow you to create a subscriber list, email sequence, a regular email, and more.

Burkhard Berger

6. Key Features Of Kartra

Kartra Features

Kartra built an impressive set of tools that replaces various third-party and independent applications. Let’s take a closer look at some of its top key features.

#1 Page Builder

Kartra Guide: Page Builder

Whether you’re creating an eCommerce store, website, or landing pages, Kartra page builder is the ultimate choice.

It is equipped with a drag-and-drop function, easy-to-use editing tools, and hundreds of templates to choose from. All templates feature a pre-built design that fits a specific function or purpose to ensure it will gather and convert the right leads.

Do you want to create your own design from scratch? No problem, you can do this by selecting the blank canvas option.

#2 Kartra Pop-Ups and Forms

Kartra Pop-Up

Creating a stunning web page or site is indeed effective in attracting more visitors. To ensure you can convert them into paying customers, you need to show them the right message.

A pop-up message can boost click-through rates. Send it at the right moment to guarantee success.

There are several pop-up messages you can create in Kartra and a few of those are the following:

  • Landing pop-ups – Send your visitors a warm welcome by offering them a limited coupon code or leading them to any content that gives them a reason to make a purchase.  
  • Exit pop-ups – Give your visitors a reason to stay longer on your site by creating an exit intent pop-up. You can send them a targeted campaign or a complimentary content upgrade to get them hooked.  
  • Video pop-ups – Video is more powerful than text content. The simplest way to promote them is through a pop-up.
Kartra Guide: Forms

An excellent method for growing your contact lists is by creating a form.

For eCommerce stores or any websites that offer a service, the popular form to add is the checkout form. You can create a traditional form where customers are only required to take one simple step.

You can also create a multi-step form. This is commonly used for guest checkout and gathering in-depth customer information.

Another type of form you can create is the lead capture form. This is an effective method to monitor the visitors who access your content and how they interact with it.

#3 Automated Email Campaigns using Sequence Builder

Kartra Guide: Sequence Builder

After creating a lead-converting email campaign, you can automatically send it to your target contact list on time using Kartra’s Sequence Builder.

This Sequence Builder works by setting a starting point and defining the trigger rules. One rule you can add is the “yes and no” rule that works by providing your customers a different path for every option they choose.

You can also add a specific function by simply dragging, dropping, and connecting them to your preferred position. To avoid confusion, all paths created in Kartra Sequence Builder are connected with arrows.

Kartra Sequence Builder has a set it, forget it function where it allows you to run all sequences on autopilot.

#4 Membership Portal Builder

Kartra Guide: Membership Portal Builder

Kartra Membership effectively replaces the feature-rich online course platform such as Thinkific and Kajabi.

To get started, you need to set up your membership account and specify the membership name, description, logo, and a link to your sales page. Upon completion, you can proceed to create the main layout of your membership portal using the content builder.

Kartra Guide: Content Builder

The membership portal builder features a drag-and-drop function that even non-tech online creators can easily use. The sidebar is perfect to use for supporting details, while the post content is where all the important details must be included.

The image below is the elements you can add to your membership portal.

Kartra Guide: Content Builder Elements

The advantage of Kartra’s Membership Portal Builder is it can also create a centralized portal. This is highly recommended for any online creators that offer multiple online courses.

The centralized portals include a single sign-on benefit, a dashboard where you can manage and promote all your online courses, and membership analytics.

#5 Kartranaut Training

Kartra Guide: Kartranaut Training

Kartra Academy has finally reached its end of life. But there’s no need to get disappointed as Kartra opens their new centralized training resources – Kartranaut training.

Kartranaut Training - New site

It has a clean and intuitive interface that guarantees to provide convenience in finding the topic you are searching for. It contains 10 sections that are designed for a specific type of topic.  

  • Index: A place where all Kartra articles and posts are neatly arranged by function hierarchy.
  • Moon Base: All related topics to lead generators.
  • Deep Space Ship: Contains all the information about the automation administrator, AV club captain, and page producer.
  • Martian Habitat: Contains all the information about the integration instructor, product pioneer, affiliate administrator, and membership manager.
  • Ice Station Europa: Contains all the information about the scheduling consultant, helpdesk helm, analytics auditor, and campaign controller.
  • DFY Campaigns: All available Done-For-You campaigns and their respective step-by-step guide on how to create them.
  • FAQs: Get a straight answer from Kartra experts for all the questions you have for their platform, features, and tools.
  • QA Call Replay: List of all the previously held Q&A webinars.
  • The Kartra Casts: This is the section where Kartra experts share tips and best practices to better market your products and fully utilize its digital marketing platform.

7. Builderall vs. Kartra – Pros And Cons

In this section of my Builderall vs. Kartra comparison, I listed a few of their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with Builderall.


Drag-and-drop website builder doesn’t require you to hire costly developersSlow response time for their customer support team
Offer more advanced features in creating affiliate programsCheckout process speed is inconsistent
Include a free blogging app
Built excellent animation and video editor
Great for hosting live and pre-recorded webinars

Now, let’s weigh Kartra’s notable pros and cons. 


Include a simple drag-drop-and-connect sequence builderLimited technical documentation coverage
Plug and play Done-For-You campaigns availableNot suitable for novice online marketers
Analytics reports cover more detailed insightsInclude a 14-day free trial for $1
Video hosting includes a behavioral tagging
Impeccable built-in email marketing tools

8. Where Do I Get The Most For My Money?

As I go deeper into my Builderall vs. Kartra comparison, I’ve realized that both platforms are indeed packed with excellent marketing features that will surely grow your online business. The only question is, how much it will cost you to enjoy these features?

Builderall Pricing Plans

Builderall Pricing Plans

Builderall offers three pricing plans where each is designed for specific goals. Let’s take a closer look at Builderall’s pricing plans and their inclusions:

  • Builder ($29.90 /mo.): This is the ideal plan to get if you only aim to create and publish a website that is highly optimized on all devices and search engine platforms such as Google. You are eligible to use one domain with 5 subdomains, 5 GB disk space, a subscriber limit of 5,000, and 22 features and tools (web building, SEO, email, security, and more).
  • Premium ($69.90 /mo.): If you also want to create engaging webinars, automate marketing campaigns, and get full access to the best lead capture and management tools – the Premium plan is recommended to get. You are eligible to use 15 domains with unlimited subdomains, 10 GB disk space, unlimited subscriber limit, and a total of 54 features and tools.
  • Funnel Club ($99.90 /mo.): This plan gives you full access to all the features, tools, and beautiful templates Builderall has to offer. On top of that, you are eligible for automatic approval as a PRO Affiliate.

Kartra Pricing Plans

Kartra Pricing Plans

Kartra offers four pricing options with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Here’s a detailed look at each: 

  • Starter ($99/mo.): Get this plan and enjoy getting up to 25,000 leads, sending 15,000 emails per month, hosting 100 pages and 50 videos, sell up to 20 products, add 1 team member, and connecting to 1 helpdesk. It has a bandwidth capacity of 50 GB and is eligible to create 1 custom domain and 2 membership sites.
  • Silver ($199/mo.): Select this plan if your goal is to achieve up to 12,500 leads, manage 3 custom domains, send unlimited numbers of emails per month, and sell unlimited products. You can also enjoy unlimited numbers for the bandwidth capacity, host videos and pages, membership site creation, and adding of team members and helpdesks.
  • Gold ($299/mo.): For growing businesses that aim to reach 25,000 leads, manage 5 custom domains, send unlimited numbers of emails per month, and sell unlimited products – the Gold plan is your go-to plan. The rest of the features are unlimited.  
  • Platinum ($499/mo.): This plan provides you with up to 50,000 leads and 10 custom domains. The rest of the features are also unlimited.

If your business is enterprise-level, Kartra offers an Enterprise account. Unlike the above pricing plans, this account requires you to contact sales support to get a custom pricing quote.

9. Conclusion – Which Is Better: Builderall or Kartra?

In this impartial comparison of Builderall vs. Kartra, I’ve concluded that Builderall is the best platform for web building and running live or evergreen webinars. Not to mention, its subscription plans are budget-friendly. 

But as an all-in-one platform, Kartra remains the ultimate choice. It understands the nitty-gritty of online business management and therefore offers only the most advanced tools and features that can help your business blossom.

Invest a dollar now to get a first-hand experience of Kartra’s top features for 14 days.

10. Builderall vs. Kartra – FAQ

In this section of my Builderall vs. Kartra comparison, I’ll answer four of their top frequently asked questions:

Can you make money with Builderall?

Yes, there are hundreds of ways to make money using Builderall and the most effective are running local or affiliate programs, selling physical products and digital content, offering live and pre-recorded webinars, and more.

What is Kartra BAM?

Kartra’s BAM stands for Behavioral Adaptive Marketing, a feature that uses/analyzes all the data you’ve tracked and collected from your leads to easily understand what type of content to display on your website (each webpage).

What is Builderall Affiliate?

Builderall Affiliates are the individuals or groups that help to promote and sell their subscription plans using a legitimate affiliate link and other resources (Builderall social media, videos, event calendar, and more). You will get a commission for every customer you engage to purchase (the commission varies on the purchased amount).

What are the payment gateways available in Kartra?

Kartra offers four online payment gateways where you can securely accept and process payments and those are, Braintree, PayPal, and Stripe.

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