7+ Calendly Alternatives For 2022 [An Eye-Opening Review]

Calendly Alternative Platforms

Scheduling a massive volume of appointments every day is hard. Calendly is often the go-to online scheduling software, but if you’re looking for more options, this comparison review is good to start with.

Effective scheduling of activities is a top priority of every business and professional. That’s why I’ve chosen Calendly to streamline my appointments and meetings to ensure I’ll stay productive and unfailingly achieve my goals.

Affordability, ease of use, and setup are the primary reasons it became my top choice. However, I’ve decided to move to another automated scheduling platform because it fails to evolve as my business grows.

If you, too, feel the same way, here are the 7+ best Calendly alternatives I’ve tested over the past ten years. I’ve included their best features, pricing tiers, and other essential details to help you make an informed decision.

1. Calendly Alternative: Doodle

Doodle: Simple & Easy-To-Use Online Calendar Tool

Simple & Easy-To-Use Online Calendar Tool [$6.95 a month]

When it comes to online appointment scheduling, Doodle is renowned as the industry leader, acquiring the trust of more than 30 million users.

Of course, popularity doesn’t reflect the product’s quality. But in this case, it does.

Doodle has a slight advantage over Calendly in providing quality customer support, user-friendliness, and ease of setup and admin.

It may not offer a free plan, but you can test drive the premium plans with its 14-day trial version. All the tools and features you get depend on the plan you’ve subscribed to.

However, you can still enjoy creating:

  • Group meetings
  • 1:1 meetings
  • Polls (include participating in one)

When creating and participating in polls, make sure your browser is updated with its latest version. Also, JavaScript must be enabled.

Failing to do so will hurt the user experience of your poll.

The supported browsers of Doodle are listed as follows:

  • Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Opera
Doodle Guide: Bookable Calendar

You can also set up your very own Bookable Calendar.

This is a unique calendar page where you can manage and control all your booked appointments. Before creating one, you first need to sync in your Google or Microsoft Office 365 calendar (under account settings).

Properly do so, and it will automatically sync your booked appointments and show your available dates.

After this process, you can proceed with the setting up of your Bookable Calendar.

Doodle Guide: Bookable Calendar Setup

Doodle can also automatically identify guest time zones, a handy feature to prevent confusion.

If you’re fully booked, you can simply pause your Bookable Calendar by disabling the link. You don’t need to manually remove all the links you’ve sent and published because they will automatically be updated.

Once someone clicks on your link, they will get notified that you’re currently unavailable.

Expect to get more advanced tools and an ad-free user interface when you’ve purchased the premium plan you desire. A few of these are listed as follows:

  • Access to the admin console
  • Customize your SLAs and terms of service (billing and legal)
  • Login using your company credentials

Doodle also introduces their new scheduling assistant, an AI-powered feature that will handle all the bookings for you. The good news is, that this feature is available in all premium plans.

Burkhard Berger

Doodle Pricing Plan

Calendly Alternatives: Doodle Pricing Plan

Get the appointment scheduling tools you need by purchasing any of Doodle Premium’s plans. All subscription plans are payable on a monthly or annual billing cycle, and no ads are displayed.

Here’s a glimpse of each premium plan:

  • Pro ($6.95/mo.): Intended for individual use. Provide high-level customization tools, effortless integrations (Zoom, MS teams, & Zapier), the newest scheduling tool for organizing one-on-one meetings, and more.
  • Team ($8.95/mo./user): Intended for small teams with 5 to 20 users. Provide all Pro features with additional access to the admin console.
  • Enterprise (Quotation-based price): Intended for bigger teams with unique requirements and in need of a high level of support, security, and billing.

Try your preferred Doodle Premium plan free of charge by signing up for its 14-day trial version. No credit card is required in signing up.

Doodle vs. Calendly At A Glance




Best for: freelancers, consultants, & academic personnelBest for: service-based businesses handling customer success, sales, & recruitment
Pricing: Starts at $6.95/monthPricing: Starts at $8/month (free plan available)
Best feature: Group polls for multiple people to find a timeBest feature: Consistent software uptime and simple automation features
Cons: A lot of ads in the free planCons: Phone support only at the highest subscription plan
Try DoodleTry Calendly

2. Calendly Alternative: SuperSaaS

SuperSaaS: Online Appointment Scheduling & Reservation Platform

Online Appointment Scheduling & Reservation Platform For Businesses Of All Types [Free | $8 a month]

Calendly is a powerful online appointment software for individuals and teams who need it. However, this isn’t your best choice for booking reservations and rentals (venue, equipment, and other resources).

This happens to be where SuperSaaS excels at.

It’s a flexible appointment scheduling software that allows business owners and professionals to adjust the booking system to fit their unique requirements. Since this is a cloud-based platform, you can set it up and manage it on any browser.

As of writing, they supported the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Here’s the best part…

Creating your very own online reservation system doesn’t require technical or coding skills. Therefore, you can make it with ease.

The platform’s ease of use is not comparable with Calendly, but it won’t disappoint you either.

There are four schedule types available for you:

  • 1-on-1 appointment: Intended for business that offers private appointments like therapists, sales teams, government entities, and others.
  • Capacity: Intended for class and event’s sign-ups
  • Resource: Intended for rentals and resource scheduling
  • Service: Intended for booking appointments for service-based businesses (e.g. salons, cleaning services, etc.)

Due to the current pandemic situation, SuperSaaS added COVID testing and vaccination appointments under the service scheduling type. This is a handy feature for all healthcare entities to create a calendar per location.

It also allows them to control the number of people to book per time slot.

After creating the schedule and reservation system, you can test it by setting your browsers into private mode. Here, you can get a preview of how your visitors will see and use it.

SuperSaaS Guide: User Access Control

The next step is setting the user access control.

Inside this section, you can set the users who can register and what they can do on your scheduling and reservation system. Here are the popular options:

  • People who know the shared password
  • People from specific IP address
  • People with a particular email domain
  • Anyone who knows the web address
  • Anyone who can add, update or delete entries

SuperSaaS appointment scheduling software also processes payments, and you can set up and manage them right inside your dashboard.

SuperSaaS Guide: Adding Payment

There are 8 payment providers available, and all accept a broad range of currencies.

Complete the setup by specifying the prices and choose whether to send professionally-created invoices or manually process the payment.

You can also add advanced booking forms into your scheduling and reservation system. This is excellent to use for anyone who wants to collect more information and include file attachments.

Burkhard Berger

SuperSaaS Pricing Plan

Calendly Alternatives: SuperSaaS Pricing Plan

SuperSaaS online appointment scheduling and reservation system are available for free… forever.

Upon creating a free account, a few of the features you can expect to get are listed as follows:

  • Access the new schedule wizard
  • Create a maximum of 50 upcoming appointments
  • Accommodate 50 registered users
  • Keep 500 past reservations

As a bonus, SuperSaaS allows free plan subscribers to use it for private and non-commercial purposes.

If you want more, you can get any of the 5 paid packages:

  • Package A ($8/mo.): Create a maximum of 100 upcoming appointments and accommodate unlimited registered users. You can also enjoy an ad-free user interface, keep 1,000 past reservations, and more.
  • Package B ($16/mo.): Create up to 300 upcoming appointments, keep 3,000 past reservations, and more.
  • Package C ($26/mo.): Book up to 600 upcoming appointments, keep 6,000 past reservations, and more.
  • Package D ($36/mo.): Set a maximum of 900 upcoming appointments, keep 9,000 past reservations, and more.
  • Package E ($46/mo.): Set up to 1,500 upcoming appointments, keep 15,000 past reservations, and more.

SuperSaaS doesn’t offer a trial version for its paid packages. You can access their online demonstration if you want to see how it works for various use cases.

SuperSaaS vs. Calendly At A Glance




Best for: Service-based businesses, educational entities, and content creatorsBest for: Service-based businesses handling customer success, sales, & recruitment
Pricing: Starts at $8/month (free plan available)Pricing: Starts at $8/month (free plan available)
Best feature: Supports a wide range of languagesBest feature: Consistent software uptime and simple automation features
Cons: Can often require technical experience to useCons: Phone support only at the highest subscription plan
Try SuperSaaSTry Calendly

3. Calendly Alternative: Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Online Appointment Scheduling Software By Squarespace

Online Appointment Scheduling Software By Squarespace Company [$14 a month]

Getting your work done efficiently while staying on top of your appointment scheduling is the goal every online scheduling software is achieving.

In 2006, Squarespace company successfully did so by launching Acuity Scheduling.

You can create unlimited private and public appointments upon subscribing to any of their monthly/annual plans. You can also create categories to group similar appointment types.

This is an excellent way to maintain a clean and organized appointment scheduling system for your business.

Like Calendly, Acuity Scheduling can also sync your calendars to stay updated when new bookings are made. You can also set up a face-to-face online meeting via video conferencing integrations.

No matter how similar their functionalities are, it remains to stand out.

Acuity Scheduling Guide: Scheduling Link Sample

One advantage is sharing their scheduling page link on Facebook, Instagram, email, and website. To ensure clients will never miss their set appointment, you can enable the automatic time zone conversion.

All you need to do is add the %clientTime% variable in your tracking code (under the Custom Conversion Tracking section).

Take a closer look at the screenshot below to get an idea of how to do it.

Acuity Scheduling Guide: Sample Time Conversion Code

The best thing about Acuity Scheduling is, that it’s not limited to booking appointments. It also allows entrepreneurs to offer any of the following:

  • Appointment packages
  • Sell subscriptions, memberships, and gift certificates
  • Offer discount coupons and vouchers
  • Accept tips and payments online
  • Upsell clients with check-out add-ons

Go to the Business Settings > Appointment Types to set up your preferred appointment type.

Acuity Scheduling Guide: Appointment Types

Do you want to expand your online scheduling system?

You can easily do so using its integration feature. Here, you can sync with all your favorite business apps like Quickbooks for effortless invoicing and accounting.

Acuity Scheduling Pricing Plan

Calendly Alternatives: Acuity Scheduling Pricing Plan

Acuity Scheduling is offered in three subscription plans that all include a 7-day free trial version. Here they are:

  • Emerging ($14/mo.): Add 1 staff/location and provide limited access to all its standard features. All advanced features are also included.
  • Growing ($23/mo.): Add 6 staff/locations, send text message reminders (globally), sell subscriptions, memberships, gift certificates, and more.
  • Powerhouse ($45/mo.): Add 36 staff/locations, set multiple time zones per staff/location, and more.

If you have larger-sized teams, you can contact their sales team and learn more about their Enterprise plan.

Acuity Scheduling vs. Calendly At A Glance

Acuity Scheduling



Best for: Professionals, workshops, and group events for businessesBest for: Service-based businesses handling customer success, sales, & recruitment
Pricing: Starts at $14/monthPricing: Starts at $8/month (free plan available)
Best feature: Provides categorization for appointment types and packagesBest feature: Consistent software uptime and simple automation features
Cons: No real-time customer supportCons: Phone support only at the highest subscription plan
Try Acuity SchedulingTry Calendly

4. Calendly Alternative: 10to8

10to8: All-In-One Online Appointment Scheduling Software

All-In-One Online Appointment Scheduling Software [Free | $9.60 a month]

At first glance, 10to8 seems to be your average online scheduling tool. Though it has similar functionality to other brands, I’ve realized it can do so much more after testing it.

The first thing I’ve noticed is that it supports more calendar apps.

Currently, there are five calendars to choose from:

  • iCal
  • Exchange
  • Office 365
  • Outlook.com
  • Google Calendar

If you accommodate clients, staff, and customers worldwide, you can set multiple time zones.

Do this properly to allow 10to8 to automatically display the available appointment time based on their respective time zone. I’ve shared a screenshot to give you an idea of how a booking page will look on the customer’s end.

10to8 Guide: Sample Booking Page

Do you want to include the specific rooms on your premises where the appointment is taking place?

If so, add rooms into your booking system. This is best to use for anyone running clinics, schools, and businesses offering 1-to-1 or group bookings.

You can add as many rooms as you want.

After setting the appointments, you can automate reminders via email, SMS, and voice call to prevent no-shows.

It also features a built-in 2-way chat functionality. Here, you can communicate with your customers or clients and discuss cancellations or rescheduling better.

Get a clear picture of how your business is performing and all the activities inside your appointment scheduling system by running reports.

Currently, 10to8 provides basic and advanced appointment reporting. The basic reports allow you to export all appointment data made in your account and calendar.

10to8 Guide: Basic Reports

While the advanced appointment reports allow you to access and export the following:

  • Bookings reports: Contain all appointment data
  • Service reports: Total appointments booked for each service you offer
  • Staff appointment reports: Performance of staff members
  • Appointment services reports: Include all details of the appointments (custom questions asked per booking and name of consultants for each service)
  • Service statistics reports: Show the total number of appointments, including no-show, arrived, active, and more.
  • Appointment monitoring reports: Specify the date and time of appointment booked and the last person who changed a specific booking.
  • Capacity monitoring reports: Shows the total availability and appointment hours per staff member.

10to8 Pricing Plan

Calendly Alternatives: 10to8 Pricing Plan

10to8 online appointment scheduling software is offered in four monthly or yearly subscription plans. If you want to explore its functionalities, you can start with their free-forever plan.

The free plan provides limited access to all 10to8 features with a 100 appointment limit to create per month.

You also need to use the platform with 10to8 co-branding. If you want to add and customize it with your brand solely, you can choose any of the following subscription plans:

  • Basic ($9.60/mo.): Include all free plan features with additional online booking and messaging tools.
  • Grow ($20/mo.): Add 3 staff and create up to 300 appointments per month. Additional tools are included under appointment scheduling, messaging, and services & staff features.
  • Bigger Business ($40/mo.): Add 6 staff and create up to 600 appointments per month. Additional advanced tools are included under appointment scheduling and online booking features.
  • Enterprise (Custom pricing): The plan allows you to customize the feature set that best fits your business needs.

Sign up now and enjoy a full-featured 30-day free trial version for each subscription plan. If you prefer the Enterprise plan, you can book a demo.

10to8 vs. Calendly At A Glance

10 to 8



Best for: Financial institutions, consultants, and academic professionalsBest for: Service-based businesses handling customer success, sales, & recruitment
Pricing: Starts at $9.60/month (free plan available)Pricing: Starts at $8/month (free plan available)
Best feature: Web-based booking calendar tool with “embed” features for websitesBest feature: Consistent software uptime and simple automation features
Cons: Limitations on the number of appointments created per monthCons: Phone support only at the highest subscription plan
Try 10to8Try Calendly

5. Calendly Alternative: Calendar

Calendar: Unified Online Calendar & Scheduling Software

Unified Online Calendar & Scheduling Software For Personal & Business Use [Free | $6 a month/user]

Simplicity but not basic – this is precisely what Calendar smart scheduling software is all about.

It provides you with a clean and organized dashboard to create and streamline your meetings and availability.

You can connect it with your Google and Outlook calendar for quick syncing of events. It also provides you with a bird’s eye view of your full schedule.

This is an excellent feature because it helps you avoid missing important events.

Reflect your brand on your scheduling system by customizing it. Log into your account and go to the General settings menu.

Here are the details you can tweak:

  • Profile image
  • Name
  • Calendar link
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Title
  • Time format and timezone to follow
  • Manual or automatic timezone
  • Notifications
  • Security settings
Calendar Analytics

Online scheduling software’s main goal is to evenly distribute your time to ensure you’ll stay productive at all times. Calendar Analytics is the feature to look at if you want to see how you’re spending your time.

It’s color-coded to quickly identify what type of meeting you’ve attended and how much time you’ve spent on each.

Calendar Pricing Plan

Calendly Alternatives: Calendar Pricing Plan

Calendar smart scheduling software is available in a free plan and two monthly/annual subscription plans.

The free plan provides you tools to create one personalized calendar link, basic workspace, and add up to 5 members. If your team size grows, you can upgrade to the premium plans:

  • Standard ($6/mo./user): Connect to 3 calendars, access Calendar analytics, accommodate unlimited workspace members, and more.
  • Pro ($8/mo./user): Connect to 10 calendars, create 50 workspace teams, access white-labeled scheduling pages, and more.

Are you a part of non-profit or educational entities?

If so, you may contact the sales team and learn how to use Calendar features to your advantage.

Calendar vs. Calendly At A Glance




Best for: Students, remote work teams, and freelancersBest for: Service-based businesses handling customer success, sales, & recruitment
Pricing: Starts at $6/month (free plan available)Pricing: Starts at $8/month (free plan available)
Best feature: Great dashboard design for easy reading and smart scheduling linksBest feature: Consistent software uptime and simple automation features
Cons: No available embedding options for websitesCons: Phone support only at the highest subscription plan
Try CalendarTry Calendly

6. Calendly Alternative: Simplybook.me

Simplybook.me: Online Appointment Scheduling Software

Online Appointment Scheduling Software For All Service Industries [Free | $8.25 a month]

As the name implies, SimplyBook makes it easier for SMB owners and admins to create an efficient and functional online booking system fast.

They can successfully do so because its platform is equipped with over 60 powerful custom features on top of its standard features. A few of the custom features included are listed as follows:

  • Vaccination report: Provide you an overview of all booked and available slots to determine the overall load per day/week/month or specific date range (up to 90 days).
  • Visitor counter: Display your booking website or widget’s number of visitors.
  • Waiting list: Ideal feature for peak season. Once a customer cancels their appointment, anyone on the waiting list who booked for the same slot will receive an email invitation.
  • Zapier connector: Serve as a trigger app. When any of the six triggers are met, they will execute their programmed response.

All the mentioned custom features can easily get activated with a simple click of the Enable button. I’ve shared a screenshot of the Zapier connector to give you a clear idea of how to do it.

Simplybook.me Guide: Enable Zapier Connector

As for the standard feature, SimplyBook allows you to easily embed your booking widget to your business website and social media channels.

Don’t have a business website?

No worries. SimplyBook can help you build a website dedicated to your booking system.

You can build it by logging into your account and adding the following details:

  • Time slots
  • Add your business details
  • Select the design and calendar layouts (8 types to choose from)
  • Add or remove elements
  • Set your preferred language (select from 9 languages supported or add custom translation) 
  • Set locations or service provider
  • Add categories
  • Adjust client invoices
  • Set up a payment method

For the latter, SimplyBook supports a wide range of payment processors to accept payments and deposits online securely. Here are the payment systems you can use:

Simplybook.me Guide: Payment Processors Available

If you have a physical store, you can sync all your sales (online and offline) using its POS system.

It also provides you with a client and admin app so that you can manage your business anywhere you go.

Simplybook.me Pricing Plan

Calendly Alternatives: Simplybook.me Pricing Plan

SimplyBook is offered in a free plan and three subscription plans. All paid plans include a 14-day free trial version, so anyone can test it out before subscribing.

Here are their details:

  • Free: Include a limit of 50 bookings, 1 custom feature, 5 users/providers to add, access to the admin app, and more.
  • Basic ($8.25/mo.): Include a limit of 100 bookings, 3 custom features, 15 users/providers to add, access to the client app, and more.
  • Standard ($24.90/mo.): Include a limit of 500 bookings, 8 custom features, 25 users/providers to add, offer coupons and gift cards, use POS system, and more.
  • Premium ($49.90/mo.): Include a limit of 2,000 bookings, unlimited custom features, 50 users/providers to add, access to the branded client app, and more. All SimplyBook’s links from widgets and booking sites are removed.

If the provided subscription plans don’t fit your business’ demanding needs, SimplyBook’s Enterprise scheduling software might be your best option. Schedule a meeting now to learn more about it.

SimplyBook.me vs. Calendly At A Glance




Best for: Small and medium-sized businesses of all typesBest for: Service-based businesses handling customer success, sales, & recruitment
Pricing: Starts at $8.25/month (free plan available)Pricing: Starts at $8/month (free plan available)
Best feature: Dependable online booking and management systemBest feature: Consistent software uptime and simple automation features
Cons: Hard to use admin panelsCons: Phone support only at the highest subscription plan
Try SimplyBook.meTry Calendly

7. Calendly Alternative: Setmore

Setmore: Online Appointment Scheduling Software

Most Straightforward Online Appointment Scheduling Software [Free | $9 a month/user]

Most online scheduling software is designed to allow customers to book their own appointments 24/7. Setmore stands out over its competitors because it allows customers and staff to book a schedule in advance.

The customers can book an appointment on your booking page (website, Facebook, or Instagram).

Once they successfully do so, they will receive an automatic confirmation via email. The email will contain all the details of the appointment.

To prevent no-shows, you can set up an automated email or text reminder to notify the customer about their upcoming appointment.

On the other hand, each staff member is provided with a login. Inside the booking system, they can book their own clients.

But before you can enjoy any of these, you need to set up the following upon account creation correctly:

  • Calendar
  • Customer list
  • Booking page
  • Notifications
  • Staff profiles

The latter is where you can use the 2-way calendar sync feature between Setmore and your chosen email provider (Google or Office 365).

Setmore Pricing Plan

Calendly Alternatives: Setmore Pricing Plan

Pick any of the three plans available for Setmore to get started:

  • Free: Allows you to add up to 4 users, create unlimited appointments, send email reminders, add a custom Booking Page with a unique URL, and access to social media integrations. You can also accept payments with Square and offer video meetings.
  • Premium ($9/mo./user): Get all free features with additional SMS reminders, two-way calendar sync, and payments through Stripe and PayPal. You can also add up to 2 users to your account.
  • Pro ($5/mo./user): Provide all Premium features and add as many users as you want.

All subscription plans include a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Check out the pricing page and learn more about what you can get for each subscription plan.

Setmore vs. Calendly At A Glance




Best for: Service industry, educational institutions, and financial servicesBest for: Service-based businesses handling customer success, sales, & recruitment
Pricing: Starts at $9/month (free plan available)Pricing: Starts at $8/month (free plan available)
Best feature: All-in-one calendar-booking platform with website pluginsBest feature: Automated meeting notifications
Cons: Limited online payment methodsCons: Phone support only at the highest subscription plan
Try SetMoreTry Calendly

8. Calendly Alternative: Chili Piper

Chili Piper: Most Advanced Appointment Scheduling Software

Most Advanced Appointment Scheduling Software For B2B Revenue Teams [Free | $15 a month/user]

When it comes to revolutionizing the meeting lifecycle, nothing does a better job than Chili Piper.

They introduce a modernized technology that helps revenue teams automate everything that needs to happen before, during, and after a meeting. Processes, user actions, and messages – ease your mind that they got you covered.

Before you sign up, you need to choose what product to use.

Chili Piper Guide: Concierge

If you want to offer instant scheduling from web forms, Concierge is the product to get. Here, you can access the following features:

  • Real-time lead qualification and routing (lead and meeting)
  • Create and update contacts, events, leads, and opportunities in your CRM (automatic)
  • Send email and SMS reminders
  • Live phone and video call routing
  • Effortless integration to your business apps (calendar, video conference, CRM, etc.)
Chili Piper guide: Instant Booker

The other product available is called Instant Booker.

If you prefer an instant scheduling system for your sales and customer support representatives, this is your go-to product. Here are a few features you can expect to get:

  • Book instant meetings directly from your inbox and calendar
  • Create unlimited event types and personal pages (include a shareable booking link)
  • No-show management
  • Create and manage team signatures
  • Advanced routing based on custom CRM rules
  • Lead distribution reporting

And the list goes on…

They also offer Events, a product designed for in-person events (meeting automation). From your event landing pages, you can instantly qualify, route, and pre-schedule meetings.

You can also track leads because its platform is built to add leads to your CRM automatically.

Chili Piper Pricing Plan

Calendly Alternatives: Chili Piper Pricing Plan

Chili Piper initially offered two products – Instant Booker and Concierge. Both are payable in a monthly or annual billing cycle.

The Instant Booker is offered in three plans, and its prices are designed per user license.

  • Free: Get started with its free-forever plan
  • Spicy: $15/mo./user
  • Concierge: $25/mo./user

On the other hand, the Concierge‘s prices are designed with a platform fee and per-user license.

  • User license: $30/mo.
  • Spicy: $150/mo. (platform fee)
  • Hot: $400/mo. (platform fee)
  • Inferno: $1,000/mo. (platform fee)

With its success, Chili Piper also added an Events plan. At $250/mo. (platform fee) + $20/mo. (per user license), you can access all its marketing automation for in-person events.

Get to know how it works by requesting a demo.

ChiliPiper vs. Calendly At A Glance




Best for: Teams of all sizes for marketing, sales, and operationsBest for: Service-based businesses handling customer success, sales, & recruitment
Pricing: Starts at $15/month/user (free plan available)Pricing: Starts at $8/month (free plan available)
Best feature: Instant meeting features for inbox & calendar with unlimited event types creationBest feature: Automated meeting notifications
Cons: Support depends on subscription plansCons: Phone support only at the highest subscription plan
Free plan availableFree plan available
Try ChiliPiperTry Calendly


Is there anything better than Calendly? The answer is a simple yes.

If I’m about to choose one among my top 7+ Calendly alternatives, I’ll go with Doodle.

Simplicity, efficacy, affordability, and ease of use are the primary reasons I recommend this online appointment scheduling software. It’s a plus that it also provides powerful tools to improve:

  • Team collaboration
  • Time management
  • Administration controls

With over 30 million users signed up, it’s a great assurance that it offers an amazing platform and time-saving features.

If you have other Calendly alternatives to share, you can drop them in the comment section.

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