7+ Cheapest Website Builders For 2022 [An Honest Review]

Cheapest Website Builders

A lot of businesses claim that they are the cheapest website builder out there. But after subscribing to their service, you’ll start to get several hidden fees and you’ll notice that their pricing isn’t different from the other website builders.

I’ve been there and I know exactly the emotions you’re going through right now. I’ve been in the digital space for 10+ years already and I’ve used several website builders during those times. Some were worth the money while others were all promises and no actions.

In this post, I’ll share the cheapest website builders I’ve come across. I’ll be discussing the pros and cons of each one of them and I’ll make sure to include every important detail that you need to know.

What Is The Best Cheap Website Builder?

If you’re in a hurry, you can take a quick look at my top 3 picks instead: WordPress, Weebly, and Wix.

WordPress Cheapest Website Builder


Weebly Cheapest Website Builder


Wix Cheapest Website Builder

Best overall. Highly flexible and accessible website builder. Starts at $4/month.Best value for money. Easy-to-use website builder with drag-drop features. Starts at $5/month.Most features. Great-looking and wide range of website templates. Starts at $4.50/month.
Try WordPressTry WeeblyTry Wix

Now let’s get into the details of each website builder and check what type of website works for each one of them.

1. WordPress – Top Pick


Best For Blogs, Business, & Personal Sites [Starts at $4/mo]

WordPress is known to be the most popular website builder out there. Other than being in demand for aspiring website builders, their service is also relatively cheap. 

If you want to go beyond price, let’s talk about its best features.

First off, WordPress is easy to use.

The developers have made it easy for people like you and me to take advantage of the service.

It doesn’t require its users to know coding or any programming languages. With just a few clicks, a website can be built instantly.

Plus, many plugins are compatible with WordPress websites. Even the functionalities and the features that come with it can also be extended.

So what are the types of websites that are good for WordPress?

Ideally, any type of website can be done in WordPress but the majority that uses its service are blogs, portfolio websites, personal websites, to business websites.

Pros And Cons Of WordPress

54,000 free pluginsSome updates require additional web design knowledge
A variety of professional themesDoes not come with a built-in drag and drop feature
Excellent chat supportWebsites can go down for many reasons without notice
Easy integrationWebsite vulnerability
Highly customizableLimited SEO features

WordPress Pricing Plan

WordPress pricing plan
  • Free Plan: This plan gives you access to community support, free themes, customization, and features.
  • Personal Plan: You get a free domain for one year, unlimited email support, and a feature to remove WordPress ads. This is great for freelancers.
  • Premium Plan: This plan works best for small businesses. It allows you to earn ad revenue, access premium themes, and integrate Google analytics. The plan also comes with advanced SEO tools, automated site backups, and one-click restore.
  • eCommerce Plan: Although not shown in the image above, this plan is good for medium-big size businesses. Other than the features above, the eCommerce plan comes with the feature to integrate top shipping carriers and premium designs for online stores.

So if you’re planning to build a website that’s for blogging purposes or for your small business, subscribing to WordPress is one of the cheapest website builders available for you.

Interested? Get started with WordPress by visiting their site.

2. Weebly – Best Value For Small Businesses


Best For Personal Websites, SMBs, & eCommerce stores [Starts at $5/mo]

If you look at any list of top website builders out there, Weebly is a constant candidate. With its cheap plans and features, it’s a no-brainer as to why that’s the case.

When you start using Weebly, you’ll notice immediately how easy it is to use.

For website owners, most already have a vision of what their website should look like. Unfortunately, only some of those come to fruition due to a lack of coding knowledge the person.

But with Weebly, these people can now achieve their dream websites.

With its drag-and-drop feature, it’s now easy for users to customize their websites. Weebly also made sure to make its platform accessible to mobile users and allow them to create and publish on the go.

Aside from being easy to use, Weebly made sure to provide what their user needs.

Users of Weebly can easily include a number of media and utilize options to make website navigation smooth and simple. 

Other than being easy to use, Weebly allows users to create forms and surveys – a feature that’s important for data gathering in any business. These forms are customizable as well so achieving your desired questionnaire can be attained.

But what features does Weebly have for eCommerce stores?

Weebly eCommerce

Since the majority of website owners turn their websites to eCommerce stores, Weebly also has features to cater to this group. Users can utilize shopping carts, product search options, inventory management, and many more.

Pros And Cons Of Weebly

Simple and easy to useIt isn’t the industry leader
Excellent website speedNot fully optimized for blogging websites
Easy integration with other applications and plugins
The team is constantly improving the platform

Weebly Pricing Plan

Weebly Pricing plan
  • Free: You get free SSL security, 500MB storage, and Weebly subdomain.
  • Connect: You can use a custom domain, search engine optimization features, lead capture, and contact forms.
  • Pro: Buyers of this plan get Google ads ($100 credit), unlimited storage, remove Weebly ads, shopping carts, accept payment through Square and other 3rd party providers.
  • Business: Item badges, coupon codes, Square gift cards, item reviews, shipping discounts, pop-up notifications, and eCommerce statistics.

If you’re gunning for Weebly as your go-to website builder then start by visiting their site.

3. Wix – Top-Tier Features


Best Features In The Market [Starts at $4.50 a month]

Aside from its pricing plan being cheap, Wix has one of the most intuitive technology in the space. With its powerful built-in features, you’re able to achieve a professional-looking website at a cheap price.

But what makes Wix intuitive?


Well, Wix has an automatic website builder feature called Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence). This feature asks you some questions about what you want in a website and your style preferences. After which, Wix ADI creates and builds a fully designed website with custom content and images.

Are there other key features that separate Wix from the rest?

Unlike most websites, the website speed of Wix is maintained throughout your plan. No matter the number of pages that your website has or how many files you’ve stored, website performance will never be compromised.

Other features include:

  • You can use artistic and handmade illustrations
  • Create your professional logo with ease
  • Join a community
  • Utilization of SEO tools 
  • Track website performance

If you want to see how Wix handles against one of its competitors in eCommerce website building, take a look at my personal review on Wix vs BigCommerce.

Pros And Cons Of Wix

Great templatesYour site isn’t transferrable
Automatic site backupNo unlimited plans
Not locked into long-term plansSEO tool isn’t the best
Your website will not slow down

Wix Pricing Plan

Wix pricing plan
  • Connect domain: You get a custom domain, 1GB of bandwidth, and 500MB of storage.
  • Combo: Free domain for 1 year, removal of Wix ads, increased bandwidth, and storage.
  • Unlimited: Unlimited bandwidth, 10GB storage space, 1-hour video hours, site booster, and visitor analytics.
  • VIP: Priority customer care, professional logo, 5 hours video hours, and 35GB of storage space.

Get started with your site by visiting Wix.

If you’re unsure of what your website should look like, Wix has a massive template collection. You will never run out of choices for website design when going with Wix.

Burkhard Berger

4. Strikingly- Best For Mobile Optimization


Best Website Builder For Mobile Optimization [Starts at $8/mo]

Mobile users have been increasing throughout the years. It has surpassed the number of desktop users by a mile already. Given such statistics, website owners need to take into account their web visitors that are using mobile gadgets. And this is where Strikingly is best.

In just under 30 minutes, you’re able to create a website that’s professional-looking and at the same time, mobile-optimized already. 

Strikingly was created in 2012 and has entered Y Combinator and graduated the year after. Y Combinator provides seed funding for startups. It has provided for top companies like Airbnb, Door Dash, Dropbox, Stripe, and Coinbase.

A feature that’s loved by many of its users is its feature where you can integrate your web store into your website without encountering any fee or charge. Plus, everything you need to create a website is in the platform itself. It doesn’t require you to go elsewhere.

Now you might say that the features above are good, but is it easy to create a website with Strikingly?

Strikingly dashboard

Definitely. Strikingly made sure that users can create a website even with zero coding knowledge. Its dashboard is clear and clean. 

The tools essential for website building are placed where they should be. To even make it simpler, Strikingly offers a drag-and-drop solution for users.

Pros And Cons Of Strikingly

Built-in analyticsNeeds to upgrade plan to fully utilize SEO tool
Drag and drop featureNot great value for users who only have one website
Websites are mobile optimizedScalability is difficult
Excellent support team

Strikingly Pricing Plan

Strikingly price list
  • Free: Costs $0. If you want to first check out their tools and interface, going for the free plan is a great idea.
  • Limited: You’ll have the benefit of a free domain and an online store with five products. The plan gives you 50GB monthly bandwidth and two limited sites as well. A limited plan still shows Strikingly ads.
  • Pro: This plan is the most popular since users get double the features of the limited plan. Pro plan gives you a free domain, unlimited sites, unlimited bandwidth, and 300 products in your store. Users can create individual websites with up to 20 pages each.
  • VIP: The highest price tier. It gives you access to everything mentioned above but with higher numbers. A VIP plan also allows you to use a newsletter tool and access to English phone support.

Interested with Strikingly? Visit their site to get started.

5. Gator – Best At Website Versatility

Gator website builder

Beginner-Friendly & Versatile Website Builder [Starts at $3.84/mo]

Gator is HostGator’s new website builder aimed to help users with little to no expertise in website building. HostGator is the world’s biggest web hosting provider. They’ve been around since 2002 and have been dominating the industry ever since.

This means that if you choose to with Gator as your website builder, you’ll also get to avail yourself of their amazing hosting services. 

But what are the features of their web builder?

The simplest way to hook new users with no technical knowledge in web building is through a drag-and-drop feature. Gator uses this feature and a bunch of simple tools that are fit for new users. 

Host Gator sidebar and top bar

Its editing interface isn’t too complex as well. You’ll see all tools on the left-hand sidebar making enabling the addition of content easy and accessible. The top of the screen also has a toolbar for essential functions like undo/redo, mobile views, save, preview, and publish options.

Other features include SSL certificates so web visitors are safe when browsing. Websites here are also mobile responsive making them adjust to different various screen sizes. 

Gator makes social media integration easy since almost all users would integrate their social accounts on their websites. It also presents social buttons, live feeds, and image galleries.

An important feature that a web builder should have would be an analytics feature. Without this, a website and its owner are navigating the online world blindly. The owner wouldn’t know what to improve and what aspects should he maintain. Good thing is, Gator provides this feature.

Gator’s web analytics allows users to see how web visitors are responding to their changes on the website. The feature also lets you track important statistics and information. It lets you check your traffic to see if the website is increasing its visibility or not.

Pros And Cons Of Gator Builder

200+ professional design templates Limited help center
Stock photo library included and integratedIt’s not for complex websites
Integrated website analytics and tracking.Few photo-editing options
Website security with free SSL certificatesCannot schedule blog posts

Gator Builder Pricing Plan

Gator pricing plan
  • Starter Plan: With a starter plan, you get access to website building features, a free domain, and free SSL. Users here also get 3 email campaigns and 3 products on online store. This plan is best for users who are looking to just build a simple website without any advanced upgrades.
  • Site Plan: With $5.99/mo users of this plan have increased email campaigns and products on the online store to five and ten respectively. This plan also allows users to do online bookings and advanced statistics.
  • Store Plan: This plan includes all the top features available on the platform. This makes it a great choice for personal and business users. It has 10 email campaigns per month with 1,200+ unique emails. It also features unlimited products on online store and an advanced shipping management feature.

Interested? Start with Hostgator by visiting their site.

6. Carrd – Good For Landing Pages


Best For One-Page Websites [Starts at $9 a month]

One-page websites are used by people for their easy navigation and aim to provide just the right amount of information for a user. This is the reason why landing pages are one-page sites, so web visitors can read the information immediately and can act on the set call-to-action.

If you’re looking for a one-page web builder that’s efficient and cheap, Carrd is the option for you.

Carrd allows its users to create simple, free, and fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything.  When Carrd started in 2015, it knew that going ahead of industry leaders would be a difficult task to do.

So rather than compete with every feature that top web builders offer, it focused on four niches instead. Those are:

  • Portfolios
  • Landing pages
  • Blogs
  • Business cards

Throughout the years, Carrd became the go-to one-page builder. It has the most elegant and professional templates in the market. Plus its user interface is clean and easy to understand. 

A bonus that Carrd gives to its users is that when they’ve chosen an elegant template, users can still play with it until they get their desired look. In terms of customization, Carrd lets its users add over 100 elements to the website.

Carrd one pager

Being only focused on those four niches, Carrd is able to lower its prices. With just $19, you already have access to Pro features. You can enjoy customization tools, extra websites, in-depth analytical tools, and widgets.

Its dashboard is intuitive and minimalistic – making it easy to build websites. Animations and buttons can also be used by users to make the website stylish. 

The animation feature allows users to animate content to make it more engaging. While the buttons are there to make navigation of their website simple and easy as well.

Pros And Cons Of Carrd

Lots of customization for every elementScalability issue
Wide variety of templates and themesNeeds to put more effort into SEO
Websites are optimized immediately for desktop and other devicesSome integrations are only available for paid plans

Carrd Builder Pricing Plan

carrd pricing plan
  • Pro-Lite: This includes three sites, premium URLs, no branding, but has large high-quality images and access to pro templates.
  • Pro Standard: Allows users to 10 sites, custom domain URLs, widgets, meta tags, and Google analytics.
  • Pro Plus: Access to 25 sites, advanced settings, password protection, redirect, and download sites.

If you want to go for Carrd as your chosen platform, head over to their site.

7. GoDaddy – Best Intuitive UI


Most Popular Website Builder [Starts at $9.99/mo]

GoDaddy is everywhere when it comes to website-related things. You’ve seen their ads and content posted everywhere online. This is why GoDaddy is at the top of any list when it comes to web hosting and building.

But even with the brand’s notoriety, it still is relatively cheap among its competitors.

The tools present in this web builder are aimed to help users create a website in less than an hour. You can utilize the drag and drop feature to create a website to your liking. If you’re not looking for any complex designs and fancy-looking themes, GoDaddy is the fastest way to help you create that website.

Some people see that GoDaddy’s website builder is overly simple. This means it’s best for users who really don’t have any experience in creating a website. 

The tools present in GoDaddy’s website builder go beyond its usual utility – it also helps with marketing, promoting, and monetizing your site. 

After building your website, GoDaddy gives you a score that measures how great your online presence is relative to your competitors. 

Right after receiving a score, you get an action plan and a set of metrics to help you monitor your growth and performance. 

But one might argue that this feature is for promotional purposes only. Does this feature actually help businesses?

GoDaddy results

Well, according to GoDaddy, customers who utilize this feature saw an average increase of 18% in business revenue.

So if you’re looking for a simple web builder that helps you even after building your website, GoDaddy might be the option for you.

If you want to take a look at alternatives to GoDaddy, read this article.

Pros And Cons Of GoDaddy

Ease of useNot for complex websites
Great customer supportLimited layout design
The backend interface is clean and easy to navigateSome integrations are only available for paid plans
Great marketing and promotional tools

GoDaddy Pricing Plan

GoDaddy pricing plan
  • Basic ($9.99/mo): The users get blogging functionality, image galleries, video, and audio implementation. Users also get access to support features and website security.
  • Standard ($14.99/mo): Increased social sharing features and SEO tool. This SEO tool helps assess your business in terms of search engine ranking.
  • Premium ($19.99/mo): Other than the features above, a premium plan offers the ability to accept credit card payments, book events, and classes, and even has client management tools for leads and setting appointments.

Start with Godaddy by visiting their site.

8. Webnode – Ideal for Websites With Diverse Audience


Easiest-To-Navigate Site builder [Starts at $3.90/mo]

Webnode users know how easy it is to build a website using the platform. With its number of features available for users, creating personal and business websites is done seamlessly. 

Even though it uses a drag-and-drop feature, users can still use special codes if they would like to. Webnode understands that not everyone is a total beginner. 

The main features of Webnode include:

  • Multiple languages
  • Content and media manager
  • SEO tools
  • Google analytics integration
  • Widgets integration 

Pros And Cons Of Webnode

Multilingual websiteBasic blog feature
Excellent SEO toolsLimited features for eCommerce
Responsive templatesLimited design and customization

“Webnode is a website builder that has an excellent SEO tool is such an advantage for website owners that strives to be seen on search engines.”

Burkhard Berger

Webnode Pricing Plan

Webnode pricing plan
  • Limited ($3.90/mo): Domain connection and premium customer support.
  • Mini ($7.50/mo): Free 1-year domain, form builder, video background, and website statistics.
  • Standard ($12.90/mo): Only at this plan do you get to remove Webnode branding. You’ll get access to two language versions and 5 backups and recoveries.
  • Profi ($22.90/mo): Unlimited bandwidth, 100 email accounts, and unlimited backup and recovery.

Go ahead and check out Webnode’s site to get started with your plan.


Website building used to be a hard task to do. You typically need to solve two problems – what your website should look like and how you can achieve it. Luckily, with the website builders mentioned above, you can achieve your dream website without too much work.

Not only did these companies make website building a fun and simple task to do, but you can also do it without breaking the bank.

Almost all of these website builders are the best value for your money. But if I had to choose one, it would be Wix

Although it’s not the cheapest on the list, the features it presents to its users are excellent. It’s great for total beginners to intermediate web builders. 

Hopefully, this article has helped you choose which website builder is fit for your plans. If you’ve prior experience with the services above, feel free to share it in the comment section below.

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