13+ Best Clickfunnels Alternatives To Save Money & Time

Clickfunnels Alternative

If you land on this article, it only means that you are looking for the best ClickFunnels alternative. 

After years of reviewing and using firsthand various sales funnel software, I’ve finally come up with the 13 most reliable sales funnel tools to replace ClickFunnels

Don’t get me wrong, ClickFunnels effectively converts leads into paying customers. However, it is not a one-size-fits-all type of platform, so the results may vary on the business size and products to sell.

My ClickFunnels alternative list contains both free (open source) and paid (commercial) software. Reaching the end of this article, ease your mind that you can make a conscious choice on which ClickFunnels alternative is best for your business.

Let’s dive in.

1. ClickFunnels Alternative: Leadpages

ClickFunnels Alternative: Leadpages

Lead-Generating Landing Pages and Website Builder Software for Small Businesses [$37 a month]

Leadpages are one of the most recommended lead generation platforms for experts. Mainly because of its ability to get your business online fast and build a funnel page in three simple yet effective processes – create a landing page, pop-up form, and a thank you page.

Properly doing so will generate unlimited quality leads from emails, social media platforms, and even text messages. All these are achievable by only using its conversion-first website builder.

Leadpages Site Builder

No coding is required on this website builder, saving you money from hiring expensive web developers. It also saves you time because it is designed with a drag-and-drop function and includes ready-made website templates.

All templates are highly optimized for all search engine platforms (built-in SEO) and mobile devices. Not to mention, they are all sorted by industry, style, popularity, and conversion rates.

Leadpages Site Builder: Website Templates

The site builder also offers the same editing tools for creating landing pages. Its only difference is the exclusive built-in conversion guidance.

Leadpages Landing Page Builder

This is a data-powered, built-in conversion guidance tool that analyzes a page’s content and performance as you edit it. Aside from real-time analysis, it can also provide the following:

  • Expert marketing advice to easily determine what to tweak  
  • Step-by-step guidance in completing the landing page 
  • Simplified analytics that are receiving updates in real-time 
  • A/B and split testing

Loading speed also has a remarkable impact on conversions. Leadpages won’t let you down as all its templates are built with lightning-fast load speeds (loads 2.4 seconds faster).

You can also use this site builder to create and publish pop-up forms and alert bars. Ease your mind that all content and pages you’ve created and published (either through Leadpages domain or your own) are guaranteed secure because it comes with automatic SSL encryption.

Burkhard Berger
Leadpages Guide - Load Speed Metrics

How Does Leadpages Compare To ClickFunnels?

Leadpages (R)


Click Funnels (G)

Best for: Small business owners, online marketers, social media merchants, and entrepreneursBest for: Agencies, information products creators, coaches, consultants, eCommerce, freelancers
Pricing: Starts at $321/monthPricing: Starts at $97/month
Best feature: Powerful conversion toolkit and site builder designed for unlimited lead collectionBest feature: Website and sales funnel builder with an intuitive email autoresponder
Cons: Lacksbuilt-in email marketing services with steep learning curvesCons: Unsuited for startups and new businesses. No phone support offered
Try LeadpagesTry ClickFunnels

Leadpages Pricing Plan

Leadpages Pricing Plans

Leadpages offer four subscription plans that all include free hosting. Other features included by default are shown in the screenshot below:

Leadpages Default Features
  • Standard ($37/mo.): This is Leadpages’ basic plan which allows you to host one site and get support from their technical team through email.
  • Pro ($79/mo.): This plan is the most popular and recommended for business owners that want to sell. Here, you can enjoy managing 3 sites, get technical support via chat and email, use Leadpages checkouts (powered by Stripe), optimize your pages by running unlimited A/B split testing, use Leadlinks for creating email trigger links, and create 10 opt-in text campaigns.
  • Advanced ($321/mo.): Wanted more for the business? Then, this plan is the ultimate choice because it offers both Pro features plus advanced integrations, 5 Pro sub accounts (account sharing with clients and teams), 50 additional opt-in text campaigns, and 1-on-1 quick start call (Leadpages launch specialist) with 50 sites to manage and get priority support via phone.

Do you want to save more? Then, select the annual billing option as it offers an incredible discount plus a 1-year free domain registration fulfilled by Hover.

2. ClickFunnels Alternative: GetResponse

ClickFunnels Alternative: GetResponse

Comprehensive Email Marketing, Conversion Funnel, and Automation Software for Small to Large-Sized Companies [$15 a month]

Creating sales funnels traditionally lasted around four to six hours. GetResponse simplified the process by building its own ready-made, automated sales funnel creator where you can create a standard opt-in, lead magnet, sales, and webinar funnels within minutes.

This funnel creator provides a professionally designed and conversion-optimized template that allows you to simply fill in the campaign you want to create.

GetResponse Standard Opt-in Funnels

In creating standard opt-in funnels, there are two funnels you need to create – a signup page and an email. Both provide a blank canvas to create them from scratch and product-specific templates for quick and easy publishing.

For the lead magnet, an additional download page is placed between the signup page and email. Click it and it will redirect you to a new page where you need to add or choose a specific type of lead magnet to offer.

GetResponse Lead Magnet

This additional page also includes tons of responsive and product-specific templates where each is editable to their dedicated editor page.

GetResponse’s automated sales funnel creator is not limited to creating these two sales funnels. You can also use it to create the following:

  • Sell a product – full or quick sales funnel
  • Promote a webinar – host free or paid webinars
  • eCommerce stores – adding and managing digital and physical products
  • Pop-ups and forms – create signup forms or exit-intent pop-ups

Did you know that GetResponse delivered over 764,556,063 emails weekly? They made it possible by developing their online marketing platform for customer engagement.

GetResponse built three essential tools, but the most recommended is the autoresponder.

GetResponse Autoresponder

In the autoresponder editor, you can specify when to send the intended message, personalize the subject line and content, and provide permission to track clicks, eCommerce, and link clicks via Google Analytics.

Marketing automation builder is another excellent and time-saving tool to use for processing thousands of transactions daily. You can create automation to sell more, design the most unique customer journey, capture and convert new leads, and more.

Burkhard Berger

How Does GetResponse Compare To ClickFunnels?

GetResponse Logo
5 stars

Click Funnels (G)

Best for: Online marketers, entrepreneurs, marketing managers, and webinar creatorsBest for: Agencies, information products creators, coaches, consultants, eCommerce, freelancers
Pricing: Starts at $15/monthPricing: Starts at $97/month
Best feature: Inbound marketing, landing page builder, and marketing campaignsBest feature: Website and sales funnel builder with an intuitive email autoresponder
Cons: Phone support is unlocked at the highest-paid plan. No refunds offeredCons: Unsuited for startups and new businesses. No phone support offered
Try GetResponseTry ClickFunnels

Getresponse Pricing Plan

GetResponse Pricing Plans

GetResponse offers four subscription plans which have billing options of monthly, annually (18% discount), and 2 years (30% discount). The price for each subscription plan may still change depending on the list size you select (1,000 to 100,000).

Please note that all the prices shown below are set for a list size of 1,000:

  • Basic ($15/mo.): Start with the basic plan and take advantage of its email marketing tools, autoresponders, unlimited automation templates, and unlimited lead funnels. You can also easily connect to Facebook and Google Ads, and create unlimited landing pages and 1 sale funnel.
  • Plus ($49/mo.): If your goals are set in generating more leads and increasing your profitability, this is the recommended plan to get. Get Basic features and access on automation builder (create up to 5 workflows), create webinars with a max of 100 attendees, contact scoring and tagging, create 5 sales and webinar funnels, and work harmoniously with 3 other users.
  • Professional ($99/mo.): This plan allows you to get full access to GetResponse Pro automation and integrations. You can also create unlimited workflows in automation builder, web push notifications, paid webinars (300 attendees), unlimited sales and webinar funnels, on-demand webinars, and work with 5 other users.
  • Max (Custom Pricing): If you want a more flexible and customized account, you can get the Max plan. This includes all Professional features with exclusive access to tools for team and role management, single sign-on (SSO), dedicated Account Manager, unique IP address, Microsoft Dynamics integration, manage multiple accounts and users (up to 500), account migration support, and custom branding.

Get started on growing your audience and profit by signing up for GetResponse 30-day free trial today.

3. ClickFunnels Alternative: Kartra

ClickFunnels Alternative: Kartra

All-In-One Marketing Software For Small and Growing Businesses [$99 a month]

Kartra is one of the strong competitors of ClickFunnels as it can also create and launch automated, sales-driving funnels in just minutes. There are multiple methods and tools Kartra provides but the most recommended is the Done-For-You (DFY) campaigns.

Kartra Done-For-You Campaigns

The DFY campaign is the feature that contains all the successful funnels and email campaigns made by the world’s top online marketers, entrepreneurs, and other Kartra members. They convert all these into plug-and-play templates for quick publishing.

With a simple click of the button, you can now import any template you aim to create, and feel free to make the necessary adjustment to ensure it will fit your business needs or product to sell.

Kartra Sequence Builder

Another Kartra’s top feature is the sequence builder. Here, you can automate a series of pre-created communications designed for specific contacts (action and interest) and send them at the right time.

Working less while increasing your profit is what Kartra sequence builder is created for. This is delivered by designing the platform with the following:

  • Option to create a short and simple sequence or long and complex 
  • A simple drag-drop-and-connect ability for easy tracking of functions added 
  • Autopilot function to keep the sequence up and running around the clock 
  • Yes and No rule to define an alternative path 
  • IF and THEN automation for full control of all possible scenarios in your marketing strategy 

Aside from creating funnels and email campaigns, Kartra is also best known for its amazing video hosting and management. This is something that ClickFunnels is lacking. 

Kartra Video Platform

In a few simple clicks, you can upload a product video and publish it. Kartra provides you with all the video editing tools to ensure you’ll achieve the look and feel that matches your business or product to sell.

You can also set the video display as embedded or pop-up, responsive or fixed (dimension), assign tags, and specify aspect ratios. Don’t forget to add your logo watermark to protect your intellectual property.

How Does Kartra Compare To ClickFunnel?

Kartra (R)
5 stars

Click Funnels (G)

Best for: Small business owners, online creators, public speakers, coaches, and startups.Best for: Agencies, information products creators, coaches, consultants, eCommerce, freelancers
Pricing: Starts at $99/monthPricing: Starts at $97/month
Best feature: Video hosting, calendar tool, funnel templates, and affiliate managementBest feature: Website and sales funnel builder with an intuitive email autoresponder
Cons: Limited technical documentation coverage with a slow checkout processCons: Unsuited for startups and new businesses. No phone support offered
Try KartraTry ClickFunnels

Kartra Pricing Plan

Kartra Pricing Plan

Kartra offers four subscription plans with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 14-day trial period for $1. You have the option to pay it monthly or annually (up to a 25% discount).

Here’s a detailed look at each pricing plan:

  • Starter ($99/mo.): Get this plan and enjoy getting up to 2,500 leads, send 15,000 emails per month, host 100 pages and 50 videos, sell up to 20 products, add 1 team member, and connect to 1 helpdesk. It has a bandwidth capacity of 50 GB and is eligible to create 1 custom domain and 2 membership sites.
  • Silver ($199/mo.): Select this plan if your goal is to achieve up to 12,500 leads, manage 3 custom domains, send unlimited numbers of emails per month, and sell unlimited products. You can also enjoy unlimited numbers for the bandwidth capacity, host videos and pages, membership site creation, adding of team members and helpdesks, and exclusive Kartra Agency access.
  • Gold ($299/mo.): For growing businesses that aim to reach 25,000 leads, manage 5 custom domains, send unlimited numbers of emails per month, and sell unlimited products – the Gold plan is your go-to plan. The rest of the features are unlimited.  
  • Platinum ($499/mo.): This plan provides you up to 50,000 leads and 10 custom domains. The rest of the features are also unlimited.

Is your business growing on a massive scale? The Enterprise level account is the best plan to get.

Contact sales support now to get custom pricing that fits your business size and marketing needs.

4. ClickFunnels Alternative: Builderall

ClickFunnels Alternative: Builderall

All-In-One Digital Marketing Platform For Businesses Selling Digital Services and Informational Products [$29.90 a month]

Builderall is well-known for providing an all-in-one digital marketing solution that is sure to help you collect unlimited new leads and sell more products.

One of its strongest features is its Cheetah funnel builder, a simple platform where you can create the most profitable funnels for your business.

Builderall Guide: Cheetah Funnel Builder

Starting a new funnel is easy; simply click the Create New Funnel button, and it will direct you to two different forms. The first form is where you will input the funnel’s title and select a theme (blank or any of the product-specific templates).

The second form is where you can find all the purpose-built elements available for the pages and blueprints.

Builderall Guide: Available Elements

Select your preferred funnel, and you can freely customize it inside the Cheetah funnel builder. Editing it is also made simple by adding a drag-drop-and-connect function on it.

You won’t even get confused as you add more elements because all are connected with arrows. This funnel-building platform is available only in the Premium and Funnel Club plan.

Builderall Cheetah Website Builder

Builderall also launched a Cheetah website builder where you can easily add a super checkout element, rotation banner, and a social-proof popup for super checkout products on your eCommerce stores and websites.

To make the pages more attractive and productive, you can add animation to the elements, set up a viral contest, or create a private member area.

Builderall Guide: Webinar Types

If you are selling professionally-created videos for webinars, you can take advantage of Builderall’s webinar and streaming platform. This allows you to create the following:  

  • Videos to stream through social media platform (YouTube and Facebook) 
  • Live/On-Demand webinar room with chat and login 
  • Evergreen/scheduled webinar

How Does Builderall Compare To ClickFunnels?

Builderall (R)


Click Funnels (G)

Best for: Online marketers, content creators, coaches, and eCommerce merchants.Best for: Agencies, information products creators, coaches, consultants, eCommerce, freelancers
Pricing: Starts at $29.90/monthPricing: Starts at $97/month
Best feature: Website builder, graphic funnel builder, video hosting, and auto-webinar funnelsBest feature: Website and sales funnel builder with an intuitive email autoresponder
Cons: High entry barriers and the 30-day trial period will incur costs for users.Cons: Unsuited for startups and new businesses. No phone support offered
Try KartraTry ClickFunnels

Builderall Pricing Plan

Builderall Pricing Plan

Builderall offer three on-point subscription plans: 

  • Builder ($29.90 /mo.): The go-to plan for anyone that is focused on building and launching a website or eCommerce store. Here, you can use one domain with 5 subdomains, 5 GB disk space, a subscriber limit of 5,000, and 22 tools and features (web building, checkout, SEO, security, and more).
  • Premium ($69.90 /mo.): Get this plan if your products include webinar creation, social media streaming (Facebook and Youtube), marketing campaign automation, and simply get full access to the best lead capture and management tools. In this plan, expect to get 15 domains with unlimited subdomains, 10 GB disk space, unlimited subscriber limit, and additional 50+ features and tools.
  • Funnel Club ($99.90 /mo.): Sell anything, from online courses to informational content, this plan gives you full access to all Builderall features, tools, and beautiful templates. On top of that, you are eligible for automatic approval as a PRO Affiliate.

Start building your online presence now by availing of the Builder plan. Builderall also offers a $1 for a 30-day trial period (under Premium plan) – this is ideal for any online business owners who want to market more products and deliver more emails.

5. ClickFunnels Alternative: SamCart

ClickFunnels Alternative: SamCart

Web-based eCommerce Software For Online Sellers and Marketers [$49 a month]

SamCart is popularly known for its amazing online shopping cart tool for eCommerce stores. This tool allows you to create a simple yet excellent checkout system that gives the customer an amazing shopping experience.

You can also easily add a one-click upsell funnel which can help you double or even triple your sales. This feature is added to your Thank You form and it works well in selling more products subtly.

SamCart formulated three easy steps in creating a one-click upsell funnel. The steps cover the creation and publishing of the following:

  • Checkout page
  • Upsell page
  • Funnel
SamCart Guide: Page Builder

Creating a checkout page is easy as SamCart built a new drag-and-drop content builder. It comes with stunning templates to simplify the creation process.

A successful checkout page includes an attention-grabbing headline, informative content, a video of the product, and a great call-to-action. Feel free to add more elements to make it more engaging.

SamCart Guide: 1-Click Upsell

You can create the upsell page using SamCart’s user-friendly upsell builder.

Start by clicking the +New Upsell button, and a form will pop up where you can input the upsell name, description, and products to sell.

SamCart Guide: 1-click Upsell Builder

This upsells builder has a clean and on-point design which helps non-tech entrepreneurs to set it up with ease. Click the eye symbol to preview your one-click upsell page.

After the upsell creation, you can finally create a funnel. SamCart understands that creating a funnel can be a bit tedious and complex.

To make it easier, they also built a simple funnel builder. Access it by clicking the +New Funnel button (navigate Upsell > Funnels), and a new form will pop up where you can input the funnel’s name and description.

SamCart Guide: Funnel Builder

SamCart is not a strong competitor of ClickFunnels. However, I still included it because they provide an interesting new approach where they are eliminating the need of creating a marketing funnel.

This is a great way to treat your customers a break from the traditional email blasts.

They instead recommend creating a single sales page that will serve as a one-stop-shop for your customers. According to SamCart, this approach can increase your conversion rates as fast as 10 days.

How Does SamCart Compare To ClickFunnels?

Samcart (R)


Click Funnels (G)

Best for: eCommerce (Etsy & Amazon Sellers), course creators, authors, and consultantsBest for: Agencies, information products creators, coaches, consultants, eCommerce, freelancers
Pricing: Starts at $49/monthPricing: Starts at $97/month
Best feature: Conversion-optimized checkout templates and a 1-page funnel systemBest feature: Website and sales funnel builder with an intuitive email autoresponder
Cons: Limited payment integrations and no available marketing automationCons: Unsuited for startups and new businesses. No phone support offered
Try SamcartTry ClickFunnels

SamCart Pricing Plan

SamCart Pricing Plan

Considering making a switch? SamCart offers three subscription plans where each includes specialized tools to ensure you will achieve your target goals. 

You can pay it monthly and annually (save 20%).

  • Launch ($49/mo.): If you aim to launch your online business fast, select this plan. You are eligible to create and launch unlimited pages and products, advanced subscriptions, coupons/discounts, custom thank you pages, get custom domains, and unlock 20+ more tools to better manage and market your products. 
  • Grow ($99/mo.): This is the most popular plan for growing businesses as it includes tools that can effectively convert more visitors into paying customers. It includes all Launch features with the addition of custom checkout fields, multiple payment options, order bump collections, and 30+ more tools. 
  • Scale ($199/mo.): This plan equips your online business with powerful tools to successfully scale and sell your products. All Grow features are included plus SamCart Onboarding, customer self-cancellations, affiliate center, and 40+ advanced tools.

If you are an entrepreneur with an established audience and product to sell, you can always get started with SamCart’s Launch plan. Try it now for free as it, and all subscription plans, offer a 14-day trial period.

6. ClickFunnels Alternative: Landingi

ClickFunnels Alternative: Landingi

Superb Landing Page Building Platform For Non-Programmers [$89 a month]

Landingi has become a favorite landing page building platform because they promise a pixel-perfect design for all their supported browsers. They deliver this promise by providing an intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

Landingi Guide: Landing Page Builder

You can access this landing page builder by clicking the Create New Landing Page from your dashboard. A new form will pop up and provide you two options – create it from scratch/pick a template, or order/import design.

Assuming you choose the pick a template option, you can see hundreds of ready-to-use templates that are designed by industry and landing page goals.

Landingi Guide: Landing Page Builder Templates

Select the template that fits your desired goal and freely customize it. At the left-hand sidebar menu, you can see all the elements you can add to the page that helps in boosting its conversion rate.

A few of these elements are countdown timers, light boxes, and adjustable forms.

Did you suddenly lose your internet connection or encounter an error? Don’t worry; landingi landing page builder has an autosaving function, so ease your mind that all the design changes you’ve made are immediately saved.

Landingi Guide: One-click Launch

Once the landing page is complete, you can make it live using Landingi’s one-click launch feature. This feature allows you to quickly publish it using their domain or your own.

They also offer a WordPress plugin if you are more comfortable creating your landing pages on that platform.

Landingi Guide: Create a Funnel

In Langini, creating a funnel is the same as creating a landing page. They also offer three funnel types:

  • Marketing funnel
  • Conversion funnel
  • Sales funnel

How Does Landingi Compare To ClickFunnels?

Landingi (R)


Click Funnels (G)

Best for: Online sellers, eCommerce, marketers, agencies, integrators, resellers, and affiliatesBest for: Agencies, information products creators, coaches, consultants, eCommerce, freelancers
Pricing: Starts at $89/monthPricing: Starts at $97/month
Best feature: One-click landing page duplication with hundreds of industry-specific templatesBest feature: Website and sales funnel builder with an intuitive email autoresponder
Cons: Important features are only available at the highest subscription plans.Cons: Unsuited for startups and new businesses. No phone support offered
Try LandingiTry ClickFunnels

Landingi Pricing Plan

Landingi Pricing Plan

Landingi breaks the traditional subscription plan structure by offering a more flexible pricing option.

They designed their subscription plans in four different billing periods: 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month periods. For the 3-month and above billing periods, expect to get great savings for each plan.

Aside from the billing periods, Landingi focused its subscription plans on specific goals and user types. Let’s take a closer look at each plan:

  • Create ($89/mo.): This plan equips business owners and smaller companies with campaign-building tools that guarantee to convert. Create and manage 10 custom domains, 50,000 unique visitors/month, unlimited conversions and landing pages, and are eligible for a one-time migration service.
  • Automate ($127/mo.): This is the plan for marketing experts who are looking for a simple way to automate processes and increase conversion rates. Enjoy all Create features with a few upgrades – create and manage 20 custom domains, 100,000 unique visitors/month, access smart sections, campaign scheduler, A/B/x split testing, autoresponder, and funnels.
  • Agency ($199/mo.): For agencies, integrators, and resellers, here’s the ultimate subscription plan to get. Create and manage 30 custom domains (includes 10 subaccounts), 300,000 unique visitors/month, and full access to expand tools (white label solutions, advanced permission settings, and more.

Start scaling your business now by getting the Create plan free 14-day trial period.

7. ClickFunnels Alternative: Ontraport

ClickFunnels Alternative: Ontraport

All-In-One CRM and Marketing Software For Business Of All Sizes [$79 a month]

Ontraport sales and CRM solutions are considered as good as ClickFunnels. They both can automate repetitive and tedious tasks, create the perfect process to better streamline your sales team workflow, and so on.

Ontraport’s advantages over ClickFunnels are their unique features offerings. One of its popular unique features is the drag and drop smart pipeline

Ontraport Guide: Smart Pipeline

This feature allows you to organize every aspect of your business. Successfully doing so will allow your team to visualize the workflow or process and immediately identifies the next course of action to take.

The smart pipeline is fully automated, which makes it perfect to implement in the following tasks: 

  • Visualize the sales pipeline 
  • Customer onboarding 
  • Product launch 
  • Customer lifecycle 
  • New hire process 

To better organize them, you can customize the card fields and add colors to highlight the vital information. You can view all the pipelines you’ve created with a card view style or by stages.

Ontraport Custom Object

Another great unique feature of Ontraport is the custom object. This feature is a type of CRM record that allows you to organize and store useful data correctly.

It is also built to analyze multiple records and connect them properly to create unique data relationships. Ontraport offers two types of custom objects – pre-built and custom.

The prebuilt objects contain the standard record types – deals, companies, surveys, and virtual events. This is only available in the Plus subscription plan.

While the custom object allows you to create a unique set of records. This is available on the Pro plan.

Creating it is made easy by following four simple steps:  

  • Provide a name for your object  
  • Set up your fields by clicking the +Add New Section  
  • Create new relationship  
  • Lastly, you need to specify how you would like to display your records 

There are more unique features available on the Ontraport, and you can access it all by going to your dashboard (vary on the plan you subscribed in). Inside the dashboard, you can create new contact, form, task, sales group, and more. 

Ontraport Dashboard

How Does Ontraport Compare To ClickFunnels?

Ontraport (R)


Click Funnels (G)

Best for: SaaS, events, agencies, professional/personal services, and coaches,Best for: Agencies, information products creators, coaches, consultants, eCommerce, freelancers
Pricing: Starts at $79/monthPricing: Starts at $97/month
Best feature: Solid email marketing, sales force automation, and CRM functionalitiesBest feature: Website and sales funnel builder with an intuitive email autoresponder
Cons: No available mobile app, limited options for form creation, and complex reportingCons: Unsuited for startups and new businesses. No phone support offered
Try OntraportTry ClickFunnels

Ontraport Pricing Plan

Ontraport Pricing Plan

Ontraport has four subscription plans and it only charges monthly. 

  • Basic ($79/mo.): This plan allows you to build your contacts up to 1,000, send unlimited emails, use all marketing automation functions, and provide one account user. It also has limited access to its other features such as business process automation (6), CRM (17), eCommerce (2), email marketing (13), landing pages (all except order bumps), marketing analytics (11), and sales force automation (6). 
  • Plus ($147/mo.): All Basic features + grow your contacts up to 2,500, add 2 account users, and complete access to landing pages, membership sites, and partner & referral programs are a few of the perks you will get when you avail of this plan. Other features you will enjoy are business process automation (10), CRM (20+), email marketing (13), marketing analytics (15), and sales force automation (11).
  • Pro ($297/mo.): Take advantage of all Plus features with 10,000 limits for contacts and provide 3 account users. You can also get a free postmaster consultation to ensure you can maintain your email delivery rates high.
  • Enterprise ($497/mo.): In this plan, you are eligible to grow your contacts up to 20,000 and guarantee to send 200,000 per month. You also get full access to all Ontraport’s basic and advanced tools – you can even request to have your private IP address and use seed testing.

Are you looking for an online marketing platform that allows you to send up to 5 million emails per month? If so, you are at the right place.

Call Ontraport’s sales team now to get a custom quote tailored for your database size.

8. ClickFunnels Alternative: Unbounce

ClickFunnel Alternative: Unbounce

Landing Page Building Software For SaaS and eCommerce Industries [$80 a month]

Unbounce landing page builder is comparable to ClickFunnels as they both have an on-point design with drag and drop functionality.

Unbounce Landing Page Builder

In Unbounce landing page builder, it doesn’t require you to write a single line of code. It comes with 100+ stunning ready-to-use templates.

Feel free to tweak the template design by adding free stock images (via Unsplash) or embed a video on it. For tech-savvies who want full customization, a custom HTML function is added for easy embedding of HTML codes.

Unbounce Custom HTML Code

With the landing page builder’s efficacy, Unbounce created the same platform for building popups and sticky bars. The only differences they have are: 

  • Pop-up builder is built without a form function but includes a calendar reminder feature 
  • Sticky bars come with a brochure download feature 

Despite its similarity to ClickFunnels, Unbounce manages to stand out from the competition because its landing page building platform offers AI-powered optimization and testing tools.

Unbounce Smart Traffic

Unbounce built Smart Traffic™, an optimization algorithm that instantly analyzes each visitor’s attributes. Successfully set this up, and it can identify the best variants where the visitors are most likely to convert.

Unbounce Smart Traffic™ can start the optimization process on the visitors with at least 50 visits. Since this is a machine learning tool, it can test, predict, and optimize all campaigns more accurately with minimum time to spend.

How Does Unbounce Compare To ClickFunnel?

Unbounce (R)


Click Funnels (G)

Best for: SaaS, eCommerce merchants, agencies, and small businessesBest for: Agencies, information products creators, coaches, consultants, eCommerce, freelancers
Pricing: Starts at $80/monthPricing: Starts at $97/month
Best feature: A/B Testing with variations, dynamic text replacement, and automatic encryptionBest feature: Website and sales funnel builder with an intuitive email autoresponder
Cons: Steep learning curve and there are only limited templates availableCons: Unsuited for startups and new businesses. No phone support offered
Try UnbounceTry ClickFunnels

Unbounce Pricing Plan

Unbounce Pricing Plan

Excellent features often come at a great price. Unbounce manages to offer a competitive price for its four subscription plans.

By default, all subscription plans allow you to create and manage unlimited landing pages, pop-ups, and sticky bars.

  • Launch ($80/mo.): No matter how busy your business is, in this plan, Unbounce assures you can create and launch your landing pages without the costly help of a web developer. It provides you a limit of 500 for conversion, 20,000 for unique visitors, hosts 1 domain, adds two users, and gets full access to landing page builder, customizable templates, speed boost, and 4 other tools.
  • Optimize ($120/mo.): If your goal is more on landing page optimization, this is the recommended plan. Enjoy all Launch features with a limit of 1,000 for conversion, 30,000 for unique visitors, host 3 domains, add unlimited users, and exclusive access to smart traffic, A/B testing, and dynamic text replacement.
  • Accelerate ($200/mo.): This is the smart plan to get for growing business. It gives you a limit of 2,000 for conversion, 40,000 for unique visitors, host 7 domains, and exclusive access to accelerated mobile pages and advanced targeting & scheduling.
  • Scale ($300/mo.): If your business is successfully scaling, this plan can help you get the traffic your business deserves. This plan can give you as many as 3,000 conversions, 50,000 unique visitors, host 15 domains, and full access to Unbounce features and tools.

Does your online business require more flexible limits? Or, maybe you need a series of new functions such as page migration, team training, and onboarding?

If yes, I recommend you to explore Unbounce’s Concierge plan now by booking a demo.

9. ClickFunnels Alternative: InstaPage

ClickFunnels Alternative: InstaPage

Advanced Landing Page Software For Marketing Agencies and Teams [$299 a month]

When a new landing page software is introduced, most people often ask how it can help them to increase conversion rates. InstaPage answers this question by simply laying out its incredible features. 

InstaPage Guide: Landing Page Builder

InstaPage comprehensive page builder is on the top list. Here, you can create stunning and high-converting landing pages either by scratch or choose one from its 500+ customizable layouts

The great thing about the pre-built layouts is they are all tested for conversions. This is a great assurance that it will resonate with your target market. 

Other features that you can expect to enjoy when you use InstaPage landing page builder are: 

  • Built-in collaboration 
  • Instablocks® and global blocks 
  • Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) + Thor Render Engine® 

Conversion optimization plays a vital role in the success of your landing page. InstaPage ensures you will achieve success by providing experimentation products.

InstaPage Guide: Experimentation

This feature allows you to optimize the conversion rates from your landing page through A/B variation testing. Successfully doing so will help you acquire in-depth and super-specific insights from each visitor’s behavior. 

All the data you will collect, and real-time updates will be shown in an organized analytic dashboard. Inside the dashboard, you can start, pause, and end any of the experiments you are presently running.

Another great feature you can enjoy under the experimentation is the heatmaps, a tool that tracks clicks, mouse movement, and scroll depth.

How Does InstaPage Compare To ClickFunnel?

Instapage (R)


Click Funnels (G)

Best for: eCommerce, marketing professionals, and enterprisesBest for: Agencies, information products creators, coaches, consultants, eCommerce, freelancers
Pricing: Starts at $299/monthPricing: Starts at $97/month
Best feature: Post-click automation, AdMap®, and codeless integrations with web analyticsBest feature: Website and sales funnel builder with an intuitive email autoresponder
Cons: No available phone support and limited page templates to choose fromCons: Unsuited for startups and new businesses. No phone support offered
Try InstapageTry ClickFunnels

InstaPage Pricing Plan

InstaPage Pricing Plan

InstaPage is indeed a great landing page software to use. Let’s now learn more about its pricing specifics.

InstaPage offers two subscription plans that have monthly or annual billing options. Here’s a closer look at each subscription plan:

  • Optimizing ($299/mo.): Create and optimize every landing page for higher conversions is what this plan is all about. It will equip you with basic and advanced tools such as Instablocks®, AdMap®, heatmaps, dynamic text replacement, and more to achieve unlimited conversions.
  • Converting (Custom Pricing): Get this plan and get full access to the complete tools and features that guarantee to increase your conversion and ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend). A few of the conversion tools you can use are the converting SSO (Okta & OneLogin), Ad-to-Page Personalization, real-time visual collaboration, editable global blocks, and AMP pages & experiences.

Get a firsthand experience of InstaPage’s interface by availing of the free 14-day trial period of the Optimizing plan.

10. ClickFunnels Alternative: HubSpot

ClickFunnels Alternative: HubSpot

Cloud-Based Platform for Inbound Marketing, Sales, And CRM [Free | $50 a month]

HubSpot offers a lot of amazing features and one of those is the centralized dashboard. Here, you can access all the tools your account has acquired from the pricing plan you subscribed to.

HubSpot Centralized Dashboard

In a few simple clicks, you can quickly automate processes and email campaigns to the right target contacts, view reporting and metrics, and more.

One of the important features you need to understand is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) section. This is the area where you can create, import, store, and organize all your contacts’ records.

The CRM system of HubSpot covers four standard objects: contacts, companies, deals, and tickets. For Enterprise plan subscribers, you are eligible as well in creating custom objects.

Each of these CRM objects represents a specific relationship or process type. Make sure to properly set them up to collect the information you aim to store in your database.

Hubspot Persona Tool

One of the CRM tools that are highly recommended to use is the Persona tool. This allows you to create different buyer personas that represent all the behavioral patterns of your ideal and existing customers.

You can create up to 3 buyer personas and customize them with fictional avatars. There are 7 steps in creating a buyer persona and most of them let you specify their respective demographic traits, industry, and size of their business, goals, and more.

HubSpot App Partner Program

No matter what your offered products or services are, HubSpot has the right tools to offer. If you are a developer or entrepreneur who is building unique apps and selling them to the market, take advantage of its App Partner Program.

This is a one-stop, open platform where anyone can seamlessly integrate third-party apps into their account. Visit the directory page now and discover all the 500+ powerful third-party apps available.

How Does HubSpot Compare To ClickFunnels?

Hubspot (R)
5 stars

Click Funnels (G)

Best for: Startups, corporations, large-scale businesses, and affiliatesBest for: Agencies, information products creators, coaches, consultants, eCommerce, freelancers
Pricing: Starts at $50/monthPricing: Starts at $97/month
Best feature: Centralized dashboard, built-in service requests, with tools for marketing, CRM, and salesBest feature: Website and sales funnel builder with an intuitive email autoresponder
Cons: Can easily become pricey depending on the packages and features.Cons: Unsuited for startups and new businesses. No phone support offered
Try HubSpotTry ClickFunnels

HubSpot Pricing Plan

HubSpot Pricing Plan

HubSpot divided its subscription plans into two categories – Products & Plans and Bundles. You have the option to pay your preferred plan monthly or annually (expect to save 10%).

Under the Products & Plans, HubSpot offers different subscription plans per product – marketing, sales, customer service, CMS, and operations. Look at the table below to see the pricing rates of each:

Products & Plans 
Plan Free Tools Marketing Sales Customer Service CMS Operations 
Free Yes Yes 
Starter $50/mo. $50/mo. $50/mo. $50/mo. 
Professional $890/mo. $500/mo. $400/mo. $300/mo. Free 14-day Trial $800/mo. Free 14-day Trial 
Enterprise $3200/mo. $1,200/mo. $1,200/mo. $900/mo. Free 14-day Trial 

You read it right, HubSpot gives its new users access to its CRM (23), marketing (15), sales (17), service (19), and operation (10) tools free of charge. This is not a free trial; you can use it as long as you need it.

HubSpot also allows you to add up to 1,000,000 contacts and unlimited free users.

The Products & Plans are the smart choices for businesses with a limited budget. Also, this is ideal for online marketers handling multiple clients with different marketing goals.

If your business marketing needs require a combination of different products, the Bundles are the alternative to get. Here you can customize your own bundle or get the CRM Suite.

The screenshot below will show you the complete subscription plans available for the CRM Suite, including the products included.

HubSpot CRM Suite Plan

11. ClickFunnels Alternative: ThriveCart

ClickFunnels Alternative: ThriveCart

Powerful Shopping Cart Software For eCommerce and Education Industries [$495 one-time fee]

ThriveCart is one of the strongest cart platforms available in the market today. At first glance, you’ll immediately think that its features and tools are only useful for anyone with an eCommerce store.

Though it is true, ThriveCart didn’t restrict its functionalities for that purpose. Its talented team also designed the platform for online marketers and entrepreneurs looking for relevant products to market.

Once you have finalized the product to sell, you can start creating your shopping cart using ThriveCart’s cart editor.

ThriveCart Guide: Cart Editor

Before you can access the cart editor, you must first identify the checkout types you want to create. There are four different checkout types available, and these are:

  • Standard Checkout split the page into 2 sections. One is dedicated to the main content, while the other is a sidebar.
  • Sales Cart is the checkout type that is built for a single sales page.
  • Embeddable Checkout is intended to place on a specific page of your website. It can be neatly arranged with your other content or stay hidden until the buy button is clicked.
  • Popup Checkout is the option to use if you don’t want to include the checkout form alongside your content. Simply add a button on your page and whenever it is triggered, the popup checkout form will load.
ThriveCart Guide: Cart Editor with Labels

Upon selecting your preferred cart template, you can now proceed to the main editor platform, and here you can decide whether to make it a single or multi-step checkout, tweak its design, and more.

If you are a new user, the screenshot above will give you a clear idea of what tools or functions you can use to customize your checkout page. If you don’t want to create your shopping cart from scratch, you always have the option to import a pre-built design.

Do this by going to your product settings and then Checkout > Design tab. You can also do this for funnel and upsell pages.

How Does ThriveCart Compare To ClickFunnels?

Thrivecart (R)


Click Funnels (G)

Best for: Startups, corporations, large-scale businesses, and affiliatesBest for: Agencies, information products creators, coaches, consultants, eCommerce, freelancers
Pricing: Starts at $495/one-time purchasePricing: Starts at $97/month
Best feature: Conversion-focused templates, affiliate programs, and multiple payment processesBest feature: Website and sales funnel builder with an intuitive email autoresponder
Cons: No available free trial, limited templates, and has a steep learning curve,Cons: Unsuited for startups and new businesses. No phone support offered
Try ThriveCartTry ClickFunnels

ThriveCart Pricing Plan

ThriveCart Pricing Plan

ThriveCart subscription plan is as straightforward as its features and tools. It only offers you one Standard plan that costs a one-time fee of $495.

Yes, you read it right… Pay once, and you can use all its amazing tools as long as you need. The Standard plan gives you the freedom to create high-converting shopping cart pages and embed them to any site within seconds.

You can also create and deploy one-click upsell funnels, add profit-boosting bump offers, and more.

As of writing, ThriveCart is giving a limited offer where you can upgrade your subscription plan to a Pro plan. This upgrade is normally offered in an annual billing period, but for this limited offer, you can get it at a one-time, lifetime price of $195.

Here is the complete set of features included in the Pro Plan:

  • Powerful Affiliate Center
  • Subscription Saver Functionality (Dunning)
  • Automatic Sales Tax Calculation
  • Intelligent Business Projections
  • JV Contracts
  • Advanced User Management
  • Client Usage Rights
  • Custom domain name functionality

Subscribe to ThriveCart’s Standard plan now and start boosting your shopping cart page.

12. ClickFunnels Alternative: Wishpond

ClickFunnels Alternative: Wishpond

Marketing automation And Lead Generation Platform For Small and Medium-Sized Businesses [$75 a month]

Simple yet powerful is what Wishpond promises to all its customers. They are indeed true to their words by engineering four marketing tools.

Three of their marketing tools are focused on creating and deploying landing pages, popups and forms, social media contests, and promos. For quick and easy creation, Wishpond created a user-friendly builder.

Wishpond Guide: Form Builder

One of the builders available is dedicated to creating a form. Wishpond ensures you can do it right every time by including high-converting templates.

Ease your mind that all form templates can collect all the right information you’ve set and add it seamlessly to your contacts database. To ensure it will match your business style, all templates are highly customizable.

Wishpond Guide: Form Templates

Simply drag any elements you wish to add and drop them on your desired position. Once everything is set, you can make it live by publishing it.

The great thing about form is you can add it to different websites and social media platforms. Wishpond gives you the liberty to publish your form in any of the following:

  • Wishpond URL
  • Custom domain
  • Facebook page
  • Any websites (using an embed code)
Wishpond Guide: Email Automation

Another great marketing tool Wishpond offers is email automation. Its common function is to streamline the business processes and workflow to save time.

The truth is, this marketing tool is also beneficial for sending personalized, action-triggered email campaigns to specific contacts. Successfully deliver it and ease your mind that you will never miss any opportunities to generate leads, sales, and revenue.

Wishpond Guide: Create New Email Automation

Wishpond offers different types of email automation, and those are: 

  • Standard Workflow – Triggered when your leads satisfy the conditions you’ve set 
  • Calendar date-based Workflow
  • Welcome Email
  • Hot Leads Segment
  • Sales Lead Follow-up
  • Cart Abandonment

How Does Wishpond Compare To ClickFunnels?

Wishpond (R)


Click Funnels (G)

Best for: affiliates, agencies, marketers, consulting, entrepreneurs, and eCommerce merchantsBest for: Agencies, information products creators, coaches, consultants, eCommerce, freelancers
Pricing: Starts at $75/monthPricing: Starts at $97/month
Best feature: No coding required. Includes marketing automation, and conversion trackingBest feature: Website and sales funnel builder with an intuitive email autoresponder
Cons: User interface is not intuitive, while customer support is difficult to reachCons: Unsuited for startups and new businesses. No phone support offered
Try WishpondTry ClickFunnels

Wishpond Pricing Plan

Wishpond Pricing Plan

In Wishpond, you can enjoy all their simple and effective tools when you avail one of its subscription plans. In total, there are three subscription plans available and they are billed monthly or annually.

  • Starting Out ($75/mo.): This plan will help you jumpstart your business by giving you a maximum of 1,000 leads and create unlimited landing pages, social contests, and popups. You can also get unlimited user accounts, marketing automation functions, and manage email drip campaigns.
  • Everything You Need ($149/mo.): Get this plan and you will get all the Starting Out features with additional A/B testing, custom CSS and JavaScript, API access, and 2,500 leads (max).
  • Rapid Growth ($299/mo.): If you want to achieve 10,000 leads with first-in-line customer support, and get free implementation coaching, this is the recommended plan for you.

As a standard offering, Wishpond includes the essential features on all its subscription plans to provide convenience in campaign creation/publishing, and lead generation. The screenshot below will show you the complete list of these features.

Wishpond Standard Features

Get any of Wishpond’s annual plans now, and you will enjoy a free 14-day trial period.

13. ClickFunnels Alternative: OptimizePress

OptimizePress Guide: Page Builder

WordPress Page and Funnel Building Software For Growing Online Businesses [$99 a year]

The primary edge of OptimizePress over ClickFunnels is their page builder. Aside from the basic elements, it also includes 30+ advanced elements which include interval and evergreen countdown, 2-panel switcher elements, and more.

If you are creating landing pages, you can utilize OptimizePress 40 conversion-tested templates. They can load fast, which gives off a better user experience. 

OptimizePress Landing Page Templates

Other pre-built templates available on the platform are for the email opt-in (66 templates). All templates offer more flexibility in design.

One downside of OptimizePress is it doesn’t have an in-built email marketing feature. No need to worry because they can seamlessly connect to various email marketing services.

OptimizePress Guide: Compatible Email Marketing Service

Since OptimizePress is built as a sales funnel software, it is equipped with a sophisticated funnel builder. Inside the funnel building platform, you can create any funnel you want in five simple steps:

  • Step 1: Select the funnel type – application, lead magnet, webinar, and more 
  • Step 2: Pick the template that matches your product/services 
  • Step 3: Select your funnel’s niche branding using OptimizePress industry-first niche branding selector 
  • Step 4: Customize the templates 
  • Step 5: Launch your funnel 
OptimizePress Guide: Create a Funnel

How Does OptimizePress Compare To ClickFunnels?

OptimizePress (R)


Click Funnels (G)

Best for: Bloggers, content creators, developers, influencers, and business marketersBest for: Agencies, information products creators, coaches, consultants, eCommerce, freelancers
Pricing: Starts at $99/monthPricing: Starts at $97/month
Best feature: Create unlimited pages with pre-built templates and unique niche branding optionsBest feature: Website and sales funnel builder with an intuitive email autoresponder
Cons: No available in-built email marketing feature and hosting solution (WordPress only)Cons: Unsuited for startups and new businesses. No phone support offered
Try OptimizePressTry ClickFunnels

OptimizePress Pricing Plan

OptimizePress Pricing Plan

OptimizePress offers a complete marketing solution for online businesses at a competitive price. It offers three subscription plans that are billed annually.

Let’s take a closer look at each subscription plan: 

  • Essential ($99/year): This plan gives you regular product updates and new features, email support from OptimizePress global team. You can also install and use 1 personal site.
  • Suite ($199/year): Use and install up to 20 personal sites with added exclusive access on OptimizePress funnel, checkouts, leads, and urgency tools. Optimize your pages using its easy split testing.
  • Agency Standard ($399/year): This plan provides your team the ability to use and manage 20 client sites. You can also build sites and funnels for them.

14. ClickFunnels Alternative: Mailchimp

ClickFunnels Alternative: Mailchimp

All-In-One Marketing Software For Small & Mid-Sized Businesses [Free | $9.99 a month]

Being true to their words, Mailchimp will guide you in every task you perform within their platform.

Their assistance will start right after you created your account.

Mailchimp uses your setup details to instantly generate the right audience to target for you.

You can manage your audience by going to your audience dashboard.

Mailchimp Guide: Audience Dashboard

Click the manage audience drop-down menu and from there, you can edit the generated audience and add your own. Mailchimp equips it with several audience management tools that can help you organize and sort your contacts.

If you don’t have an established list of contacts, Mailchimp will also generate a signup form that you can use for your website or social media platforms. You can edit or create your own design using Mailchimp’s form builder.

Mailchimp Form Builder

Under your audience dashboard, you can also use the campaign builder and view updated campaign reports. Inside the reports, you can track down audience engagement, the total number of contacts opened, clicked, or unsubscribed, and so on.

If you want to get more in-depth insights, Mailchimp allows you to integrate third-party analytics apps such as Google Analytics.

Mailchimp Customer Journey Builder

Once you establish your contact list, Mailchimp will provide you with superior automation tools to streamline your workflow. Customer journey builder is one of these tools and it works by creating unique, automated experiences for your customer.

Successfully creating the perfect journey map per contact group will guarantee to lead your customers to the right path – from prospect to sale. For quick and easy setup, Mailchimp provides various templates for each event or activity.

How Does Mailchimp Compare To ClickFunnels?

5 stars

Click Funnels (G)

Best for: Agencies, freelancers, developers, startups, and entrepreneurs Best for: Agencies, information products creators, coaches, consultants, eCommerce, freelancers
Pricing: Starts at $9.99/monthPricing: Starts at $97/month
Best feature: Advanced segmentation, email marketing service, and comparative data reportBest feature: Website and sales funnel builder with an intuitive email autoresponder
Cons: Marketing automation locked to paid plans. Lacks tools for eCommerce platformsCons: Unsuited for startups and new businesses. No phone support offered
Try MailchimpTry ClickFunnels

Mailchimp Pricing Plan

Mailchimp Pricing Plan

Mailchimp divides its pricing plans into three categories – marketing platform, transactional email, and pay-as-you-go. 

Under the marketing platform, Mailchimp offers four subscription plans where each is designed for specific marketing needs.  

  • Free ($0/mo.): The free plan includes all the basic features and other multi-channel tools to build your business and grow your audience (up to 2,000 contacts). You’re also eligible to manage a single audience.   
  • Essentials ($9.99/mo.): For business owners who only require an email-only sender with 24/7 support, this plan is the best one to get. You can build a max of 50,000 contacts and manage three audiences.   
  • Standard ($14.99/mo.): This plan is recommended for businesses that want to use data-driven automation and optimization tools. Here, you can build 100,000 contacts and manage five audiences.   
  • Premium ($299/mo.): Do more customization using Mailchimp’s advanced tools, and features are what you can enjoy when subscribing to this plan. You can also build 200,000+ contacts and manage unlimited audiences in one account. 
Mailchimp Transactional Email Pricing Plan

Increasing your email capacity without upgrading your current plan is possible as Mailchimp offers a transactional email plan. At $20, you can get one block (equivalent to 25,000 emails).

If you are a new user, you can enjoy 500 emails for free to all email addresses on your verified domain. You are also eligible to send 25 emails (max) in an hour and receive 100 (max) inbound emails per day.

Not a fan of monthly obligations? Mailchimp’s pay-as-you-go plan is the best plan for you.

Just purchase the email credit you need and use them whenever you need them. All credits acquired on this plan have a 12-month expiration.


As an online marketer and online seller, it’s important to keep your brand always on top of the competition. These 13+ marketing and landing page software can help you achieve that.

Considering the customers’ and experts’ reviews, Leadpages has the advantage. Its clean and user-friendly platform is highly recommended because it is the perfect place for small businesses to build and connect with their target audience.

Turning visitors into quality leads is also made easy because LeadPages are built with a top-notch landing page builder. You can enjoy using all its amazing tools at an affordable price.  

But if you ask me, HubSpot remains to be the best ClickFunnels alternative for businesses of all sizes. Its cloud-based platform is fully equipped with powerful tools that can help you accomplish basic to complex marketing, sales, and CRM-related campaigns and goals.

HubSpot can save you time as they place all their amazing features and tools in one centralized dashboard. You can also build and manage all campaigns here as well as contact the technical team for assistance.

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