7+ Best Competitive Intelligence Software [2022 Review]

Competitive Intelligence Software Platforms

Are you trying to get ideas about what competitive intelligence software is best for your business? Then you’ve come to the right place. 

One of the brilliant decisions a business can make is one that is based on insightful data about the product, the target market, and the competitors. 

You’ll gain tons of benefits by researching the top-performing companies. This will give a better idea of how you should position your brand, what other types of audiences you should target, and what marketing techniques bring the best results. 

I’ve used these tools myself to know about marketing gaps between my brand and that of my competitors. This way, I can figure out areas that I still need to work on.

I compiled the cream of the crop for you so you can select which one matches your needs.

What Is The Best Competitive Intelligence Software?

If you’re in a hurry, check out my top 3 picks at a glance: SEMRUSH, SimilarWeb, and GrowthBar.

SEMRUSH Competitive Intelligence Software





Best overall. Highly functional and tool-rich platform. Starts at $119.95/month.Best for startups. Platform specializing in digital marketing. Free version available.Best for bloggers. Efficient and user-friendly dashboards for new users. Starts at $29/month.
Try SEMRUSHTry SimilarWebTry GrowthBar

Here is the top competitive intelligence software that’ll give you a deeper insight into other companies.

1. SEMRUSH- Top Pick

semrush homepage

Best Competitive Intelligence Software For Overall Online Visibility Management [Free Version | $119.95/month]

SEMRUSH covers every channel of your competitor’s presence. Mainly, it targets six areas:

  • Advertising
  • SEO efforts
  • Website traffic
  • Content and PR
  • Marketing strategies
  • Social media performance

For competitor analysis, there’s a traffic analytics feature. This benchmarks your website traffic metrics versus those of your competitors. It helps confirm growth and adjust efforts when a decline happens.

SEMRUSH also has an organic search tool for your search engine optimization efforts. This allows you to find out who your biggest contenders are and the opportunities you have for competing against them.

By simply entering a domain name, you’ll immediately get valuable insights to work with. 

More for SEO, SEMRUSH features a backlink gap tool where you are put head-to-head with five of your top rivals. It’ll help you see what websites link to them, and not to you so that you can work on offering link-building opportunities to those sites.

semrush backlink gap

Additionally, it has an advertising research capability where you get a detailed analysis of competitor ads. You’ll easily see gaps so you’ll know what you’ll work on next. 

It also has a brand monitoring feature so PR teams can track online mentions and control your brand reputation. 

Lastly, SEMRUSH has a social media tracker to give you a comprehensive analysis of your target audience’s preferences. This helps you find new ways to increase engagement and start nurturing more leads.

SEMRUSH is specially made to steal and gather important information from your competitors, make sure to get the most out of it by going through their tutorials, videos, and guides. These materials can get you up to speed relatively quickly when you’re just starting out.

Burkhard Berger

Pros And Cons Of SEMRUSH

Has a competitive analysis tool for major digital channelsSocial media reporting needs to be more in-depth
Has CPC estimationIntegration with Google Analytics can be made tighter
Comprehensive reporting function
Great usability
More than just helping competitive intelligence, it helps with overall visibility

SEMRUSH Pricing Plan

semrush pricing

SEMRUSH has a free version. With it, you can create and manage one project but will be limited in the use of tools and the ability to pull data. If this is too limited for your needs, you have three paid plans to choose from. 

  • Pro ($119.95/mo): The Pro plan is best for marketing newbies. It allows you to manage 5 projects, 500 keywords to track, keyword analytics, domain analytics, backlink analytics, 50 social profiles to monitor, and more. 
  • Guru ($229.95/mo): The Guru plan is made for marketing consultants and growing agencies. It includes everything in the Pro plan plus 10 projects to manage, 1500 keywords to track, historical data access, 100 social profiles to monitor, etc.
  • Business ($449.95/mo): The Business plan is designed for large agencies. It includes everything in the Guru plan plus 40 projects to manage, 5000 keywords to track, API access, 300 social profiles to monitor, and many more.

Depending on how big your marketing efforts are, you can test out both the Pro and Guru plan for a limited trial period if you feel that the free version is too limiting for your needs.

Get started with SEMRUSH by visiting their site.

2. Similarweb – Best For Small To Mid-Sized Businesses

similarweb homepage

All-In-One Competitive Intelligence Software For Digital Marketers [Free Plan| Quote Based]

Similarweb targets all marketing efforts in the digital sphere. Its competitive intelligence function targets four main areas:

  • SEO and content analysis
  • Marketing strategy analysis
  • Affiliates and referral research 
  • PPC and display campaign intelligence

To begin, it helps in growing organic traffic by optimizing your keyword usage. It also reviews the traffic share by category. With that, it identifies the most viewed content and trending keywords where you can pattern the content you will be creating. 

To help your website rank higher, Similarweb reveals valuable and high-relevance websites your competitors refer to with which you can collaborate. 

For marketing strategy analysis, it assesses the competitor’s channel performance and identifies those with the highest traffic share

similarweb marketing channel analysis

It then evaluates the channel traffic’s quality using engagement metrics like pages per visit, visits duration, and bounce rate. It also exhibits the most effective tactics in each platform and reveals which websites are leading in each channel.

Moreover, to prove that the referral partnership will be worthwhile for the parties involved, it also reveals your traffic share across sources.

Lastly, for those running paid ads, Similarweb compares your search ads against your competitors to identify the gap and improve your performance.

It also uncovers the publishers of your competitor and its ad networks so you can optimize your pavement strategy for ads you run.

Pros And Cons Of Similarweb

Covers all major digital marketing platformsCorrelating some trending apps can be confusing
Easy to useSome statistics are a bit off
Easily accessible traffic share among brandsConversion rate data needs to be clearer
Has a keyword analyzer to optimize content
Shows interesting trends through traffic data and historical context

Similarweb Pricing Plan

similarweb pricing

Similarweb has only two pricing options, a free plan, and a paid plan. 

  • Free: This free version provides 5 results/metrics, 1 month of mobile app data, and 3 months of web traffic data. It’s just a teaser to get the paid plan. 
  • Enterprise (Customized Pricing): For the Enterprise plan you get unlimited results per metric, 28 months of mobile data app, 3 years of web traffic data, global and country-level data, keywords analysis, industry analysis, and more. 

Before committing to the paid version, try out the free one first. Once you’ve decided that the Enterprise plan is more suited to your marketing needs, talk to a consultant to get a complete idea of what you’ll be getting and what features are customizable.

Start with SimilarWeb by visiting their site.

3. GrowthBar – Best For Bloggers


Beginner-Friendly Competitive Intelligence Software With An Intuitive Interface [Free Trial | $29/mo]

The third top competitive intelligence software in this list is GrowthBar.

It’s user-friendly, efficient, and doesn’t require much power from your computer. It also utilizes the robust OpenAI GPT-3 AI technology.

Moreover, its Chrome extension, which gives you analytics straight from Google’s SERPs, is incredible. I love how it’s readily available while I’m surfing the web and that it has a minimalistic design.

It also has the following features:

  • Facebook ads
  • Keyword tracking
  • Keyword analysis
  • Content generation
  • Competitor analysis
  • Webpage word count

The keyword suggestions and content creation functionalities are the high points of this tool. You can also export data via a CSV download.

Pros And Cons Of GrowthBar

Easy-to-navigate interfaceOn-off toggle sometimes doesn’t work if you click too quickly
Quick and accurate information on keywordsDoesn’t offer as many tools as its competitors
Transparent and reasonable pricing

GrowthBar Pricing Plan

growthbar pricing

Growthbar has a 5-day free trial. It also offers a 7-day money-back guarantee.

  • Standard ($29/mo): This plan enables unlimited of use the following features: keyword research, AI blog ideas, Chrome extension, as well as competitor backlinks, Google Ads, and organic keywords. It also gives full access to the writing marketplace, allows you to get email support, have 15 AI content outlines, and track 25 keywords across a single website.
  • Pro ($$79/mo): The Pro plan has the majority of the features from the Standard plan. The difference is that it lets you have more ai content outlines (50) and tracked keywords (75 across three sites).
  • Agency ($129/mo): As for the agency plan, it has most of the features from the other two. But, it allows you to track 150 keywords across 10 websites, 150 AI content outlines, and enjoy phone support.

The Standard plan is good for bloggers and marketers that are still in the beginning stages of their businesses. However, if you’re running multiple campaigns for several companies, the Agency plan is best suited for you.

Interested? Start with Growthbar now.

4. SpyFu – Best For Advanced Marketers

spyfu homepage

Best PPC-Focused Competitive Intelligence Software [Starts at $33/mo]

While you can enjoy a deep feature set from Spyfu, it can be a bit too complex for beginners. 

Having said this, it is best for those who have tried online visibility platforms, SEO optimization, and ad optimization before.

For its competitive intelligence tools, SpyFu has:

  • Rank tracking feature
  • Domain comparison function
  • Competitor backlinks checker
  • PPC research using Google Ads to find competitors

For rank tracking, it allows you to discover promising keywords and plan how you can take advantage of them.

You can also do customized organization of your saved keywords, doing it using names, labels, and groups. After this, you can also export them to save them as an offline file. 

With the keywords you add to a specific project, you get weekly updates on your domain’s standing.

The PPC-focused workflow is by far the best feature of SpyFu.

With this tool, you can take a peek at the competitor site’s paid keywords and history on ad spending. It also reveals highly-relevant keywords for ads you should utilize. 

Additionally, it allows you to go deeper into ad copy and keyword groups to help you get a better strategy for your ad campaigns.

SpyFu also enables you to “spy” on the competitor’s organic traffic efforts. It’ll reveal what links competitors use to rank better and the inbound links they get that you can take advantage of.

Moreover, this competitive intelligence software lets you discover keyword gaps so you can start creating content targeting these keywords.

Pros And Cons Of SpyFu

Provides creative insightPPC spend accuracy needs to be more accurate
Gets you comprehensive data on the competitor’s PPC effortsSends out too many service emails
Helps identify questions people have that you can answer in your content
Gives a guide on future campaigns

SpyFu Pricing Plan

spyfu pricing

SpyFu has no free version or free trial. However, it provides a 30-day money-back policy.

  • Basic ($33/mo): The Basic plan gets you 10 reports each for small domain SEO and Google Ads Advisor PPC report, 6 months of historical data, top lists on PPC spenders, track ad placement, and more.
  • Professional ($58/mo): The Professional plan gives you everything from the Basic plan but with 30 reports each for small domain SEO and PPC, 15 years of historical data, unlimited search results, unlimited data exports, and more. 
  • Team ($199/mo): The Team plan allows you to use all the features of the Professional plan including unlimited reports for small domain SEO and PPC and multiple user accounts. 

If you plan to use this competitive intelligence software for the long term, choose the annual plan. The savings can start from $69 for the Basic plan and a staggering $1,200 for the Team plan than if you choose a monthly subscription.

Picking SpyFu as your go-to competitive intelligence software? Visit their site now.

5. Moat – User-Friendly Interface

moat homepage

Top Competitive Intelligence Software For Paid Ads [Free Extension| Quote Based]

Moat is not as comprehensive as the four competitive intelligence software mentioned earlier. But it’s still a good tool to use to delve deeper into competitor ads. 

Moat Analytics will help you identify high-performing creatives and channels so you can understand your ad performance and optimize your spending better. 

It’ll provide you with three years worth of data to understand trends. 

You can also sort and filter the data so you just get the most relevant insights you need. 

Lastly, Moat has a browser extension where you can detect and analyze ads based on their placements so you’ll gather data on whichever website you visit.

Pros And Cons Of Moat

Offers granular metrics of competitor adsNo clear pricing plan
Easy to navigate interfaceCan experience data exporting issues
Allows for report customization
Breaks down each creative in a campaign for deeper analysis

Moat Pricing Plan

Moat’s browser extension is free to download. You just have to provide some personal details and confirm your email to start using it. 

However, for the rest of the analytic tools, you have to request a product demo first before you get a good idea of the price you will be paying.

Start with Moat by visiting their site.

6. Ahrefs – Most Well-Rounded

Ahrefs Homepage

Feature-Packed Competitive Intelligence Software [Starts at $99/mo]

If you don’t want to jump from one app to another, Ahrefs provides great functionality for your overall digital marketing needs. 

For its competitive intelligence function, it has a Site Explorer feature where you can get in-depth competitor insight on the following:

  • Paid traffic
  • Organic traffic
  • Backlink profile
Ahrefs Dashboard

You’ll also get a keyword explorer tool where you’ll be given a list of sites that use a keyword you’re targeting so you can optimize your content. 

The domain comparison feature will benchmark your website’s backlink metrics and compare them with the competitors so you can uncover areas you need to work on. 

Speaking of gaps, to get more in-depth in this area, Ahrefs has a content gap tool that finds the keywords your competitors use that you don’t so you can create content targeting those. 

Combine Ahrefs with Google Search Console plus Google Keyword Tools and you’ll have a very effective set of tools that you can use to gather valuable data on your online marketing strategies.

Burkhard Berger

Pros And Cons Of Ahrefs

Has a comprehensive set of features to make a deep competitor analysisLearning curve is a bit deep
Provides detailed keyword research for SEO and PPCNew and lost referring domains are a bit confusing to analyze
Includes a content gap analysis to quickly identify what makes competitors rank better
Allows for competitive backlinks hunting

Ahrefs Pricing Plan

ahrefs pricing

Ahrefs has four pricing plans, while there’s no free trial version, they allow for a 7-day use for the first two plans to test out the features. 

  • Lite ($99/mo): The Lite plan allows you to search 175 domains/week, 700 URLs/week, 6 months of historical data, top 10 competing pages, and more.
  • Standard ($179/mo): The Standard plan gets you all the features of the Lite plan plus allows you to search 700 domains/week, 3500 URLs/week, 24 months of historical data, and more.
  • Advanced ($399/mo): The Advanced plan gets you all the features of the Standard plan plus allows you to search 1750 domains/week, 14000 URLs/week, full historical data, and more.
  • Agency ($999/mo): The Agency plan gets you all the features of the Advanced plan plus allows you to search 7000 domains/week, 35000 URLs/week, and more.

While there’s no free version, you can get two months of subscription if you choose the annual payment plan. Start with Ahrefs by visiting their site.

7. Crunchbase – Best For Organizational Research

crunchbase homepage

Best Competitive Intelligence Software For Startups [Free Version| $29/mo]

If you want to focus on being competitive on an organizational level, Crunchbase is the best choice for you.

It has a research tool that generates insight based on industry competitors. It’s now quite at par with the rest of the tools that give you a competitive analysis for digital marketing efforts. 

Along with other relevant details, you’ll learn about the following:

  • Organizational name
  • Where they are located
  • Category they belong to
  • How long they have existed

The data you get is best when you have to analyze competitor strengths, make strategic pricing plans, address customer needs better, and get ideas for new products or services to launch. 

Pros And Cons Of Crunchbase

Provides a comprehensive list of startup firmsAlerts need to be more timely
A good way to find funding informationPoor mobile version
Has an easy to use the search functionalitySometimes has miscategorization and data discrepancies
Has custom filtering capabilities

Crunchbase Pricing Plan

crunchbase pricing

Crunchbase has a free version, plus three paid pricing plans:

  • Starter ($29/mo): The Starter plan provides you with data on the company, funding, and investors, as well as 1,000 companies monitoring capabilities, company list importing, and more.
  • Pro ($49/mo): The Pro plan gets you everything in the Starter plan including access to verified contact data, 100,000 companies monitoring capabilities, etc. 
  • Enterprise (Contact sales to get a quote): The Enterprise plan gives you all the features in the Pro plan plus real-time updates, API access, and so much more.

The Starter plan is the best place to start with. It already provides you with ample data to analyze competitors. Visit Crunchbase’s website now and get started.

8. Talkwalker –  Best For Social Media

talkwalker homepage

Most Suited For Targeting Consumer Needs [Free Version| Quote Based]

Talkwalker is best for analyzing complete customer needs. It helps you uncover changes so you easily adapt and get ahead of your competitor. 

Its competitive intelligence tool helps you realize how your brand ranks in the mind of the consumers.

It also allows you to discover where the competitors are leading so you can get more of the market share.

Talkwalker provides you with information about the competitors’ marketing strategies and tactics to see what opportunities you can take advantage of. 

Lastly, it benchmarks your performance and compares it with others in the industry so you can uncover strengths you can leverage and weaknesses you can improve on. You get data-driven insight to make better-informed decisions. 

Pros And Cons Of Talkwalker

Has real-time monitoringNo monitoring for LinkedIn and Facebook
Includes social media analyticsSteep learning curve
Monitor online mentions to control brand reputation
News tracking on topics that interest your field

Talkwalker Pricing Plan

Talkwalker has no set pricing plan. You have to contact their sales team to get a quote and to personalize the services you get depending on your brand needs.

If you’re gunning for Talkwalker, start by visiting their site


Among the competitive intelligence software listed, SEMRUSH is by far the best tool to use. 

While it has core competitive intelligence features, you get more for the package you pay. It comes with tools you can use for every aspect of digital marketing efforts you can make to improve your online visibility and get ahead of the competition. 

Take advantage of its free version and see the good competitive insights you get. 

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