7+ Best Contact Management Software 2022 [100% Unbiased]

Contact Management Software

Are you looking for the best contact management software to record contact details and track business interactions? If so, you’re in the right place.  

After over a decade of being a digital marketer offering services to other businesses, it came to a point where managing a growing list of contacts became too complex for just a plain old spreadsheet. 

There’s a growing demand to nurture relationships instead of just keeping contact details.  So, contact management software progressed into becoming a vital element in CRM systems to streamline tracking customers, leads, campaigns, and team performance. 

Presently, you’ll rarely find a stand-alone contact management software, it’s usually bundled together in a CRM system. 

So most of the contact management software picks that we have on the list are part of full-pledged CRM systems. 

What Is The Best Contact Management Software?

If you’re in a hurry, check out my top 3 picks at a glance:

HubSpot CMS


Bitrix24 CMS


Pipedrive CMS

Best overall. All-in-one CMS platform for all types of businesses. Starts at $45/month.Best value for money. Centralized CMS system with high user counts. Starts at $30/month.Easy-to-use. Highly intuitive dashboards with sleek designs for new users. Starts at $12.50/month.
Try HubSpotTry Bitrix24Try Pipedrive

If you need more information to make a sure decision, read on to find the best-fit contact management software for your business needs. 

1. HubSpot – Top Pick

hubspot homepage

Best Contact Management Software For Sales, Marketing, Operations, And Customer Service [Free | $45/mo]

HubSpot has a free sales CRM software (customer relationship management) version with a contact management system. And we’re not just talking about a 14-day or a 30-day free trial. You can stay on the free plan as long as you like.

With HubSpot’s contact management features, you can manage and add contact records in a few clicks and start filling your address books to the brim.

It also allows you to streamline adding as many as 1,000,00 detailed contacts pulled up from the inbox and form submissions by automating data entry for specific repetitive details like company revenue, industry, and contact details to give more time for selling. 

hubspot automated contact creation

HubSpot optimized its interface so you can make calls, send emails, log sales activities, and schedule meetings without leaving your contact records.

hubspot optimized interface

Regarded by many users and sales reps as the best CRM software out there, Hubspot skyrockets productivity with everything in one window due to its intuitive user interface and feature-rich dashboards. 

HubSpot also has other services to offer such as marketing tools and e-commerce-related services to better augment its CRM platform. Overall, HubSpot can also function as a sales management software.

Additionally, it allows Keap, Gmail, Outlook, Freshsales, LinkedIn, Microsoft Teams, and Dropbox integrations so you get notified when sales emails are opened and attach files during calls and email drafting. 

You can aggregate tracking customer interactions in one unified location so you can streamline sales efforts and close more deals. 

HubSpot is an all-in-one platform for any industry type whether it be in real estate, eCommerce, or even manufacturing. It’s an all-arounder that any business can get and rely on for most of their contact management needs.

If you want to see how HubSpot holds its own against one of its closest competitors, Mailchimp – Check out this article.

Pros And Cons Of HubSpot

Automated record creationConfusing pricing packages when scaling
Streamlined record updates and sales tasks in one window
Call recording and direct logging to contact record
Direct integrations with tools like Gmail, Google Drive, Outlook, and Dropbox
Easy navigation and onboarding

HubSpot Pricing Plan

hubspot pricing

HubSpot as a CRM solution and contact management software has different pricing packages for marketing, sales, email marketing, social media management, customer service, CMS, and operations.

What falls closely to the needs of contact management system users is the sales package with 3 pricing plan options: Starter, Professional, Enterprise.

  • Starter ($45/mo): All free tools, simple support, sales, and marketing automation, conversation routing, task queues
  • Professional ($450/mo): Starter plus sales analytics, lead rotation automation, record customization
  • Enterprise ($1,200/mo): Professional plus user roles, field-level permissions, conversation intelligence, predictive lead scoring

The free CRM version is already equipped with all the basic functions you’ll need to record information and streamline sales activities. Unless you need major scaling, you can stick to the free plan. 

Get started with HubSpot by visiting their site.

2. Bitrix24 – Most Generous In User Limit

bitrix24 homepage

Best Contact Management Tool For Startups [Free | $30/mo]

Bitrix24 is another CMS and CRM tool that has a centralized database when collecting customer contact information and tracking prospect activities. 

It makes nurturing leads for startups a piece of cake by not only offering marketing campaigns through email but also through voice broadcasting and SMS. 

Additionally, Bitrix24 automatically logs phone calls and email correspondence to organize and manage all available resources to nurture existing clients and capture new leads. 

There’s also a feature for issuing quotes and invoices that are logged into your customer record automatically. 

bitrix24 sales activities log

Another benefit for startups is that Bitrix24 offers a free plan with an unlimited number of users that comes with a 5 GB storage so you can capture leads, create and analyze deals, and participate in market services without a cost. 

Best of all, Bitrix24 has a Sales Intelligence module for the paid plan where you receive sales analytics and marketing reports so you can monitor efforts and adjust efforts to get the best ROI from contacts. 

Navigation can be a bit tricky though. 

Without needing to bring your wallet out, you can record contacts, log sales activities, and get the most ROI.

Pros And Cons Of Bitrix24

Nurtures lead through email, SMS, and voice broadcastingSteep learning curve
Automatically logs in sales and marketing activitiesScaling can be expensive
Unlimited users for free planNo customer support for the free version
Has sales and marketing analytics feature

Bitrix24 Pricing Plan

bitrix24 pricing

Bitrix24 has a stand-alone free plan you can take advantage of as long as you like. However, to scale and increase in records, you’ll need the paid versions to accommodate the storage needed to store files and records.

  • Basic ($30/mo): 5 users, 24 GB storage, task and project tools, CRM, drive, customer support
  • Standard ($60/mo): 50 users, 100 GB storage, task and project tools, CRM, drive, marketing and online documents, customer support, and administration
  • Professional ($120/mo): unlimited users, 1,024 GB storage, task and project tools, CRM, drive, marketing and online documents, sales intelligence, customer support, and administration

The prices for the plans above are based on the 40% discount when you lock your subscription for 2 years. The prices gradually go up as you decrease the lock-in period. 

However, like HubSpot, the free version of the tool will suffice for any startup only needing the basic functions of a contact management tool. 

3. Pipedrive – Most Intuitive Interface

pipedrive homepage

Easy To Use Contact Management Software [Free | $12.50/mo]

Pipedrive allows you to create an unlimited database of individual contacts and organizations and link them to respective deals. From the name itself, Pipedrive also functions as a pipeline management software which is great for sales teams as it shows visibility in the business sales pipeline.

pipedrive creating database for individual contacts and organizations

You also get full timelines of contact history from calls to emails, to other activities so it’s easy to check the last conversation and pick up where you left off. 

Pipedrive also enables integrations with previous CRMs and spreadsheets for a seamless transition to this tool for contact management. 

To keep up to date, Pipedrive has an email sync function to connect your email to your Pipedrive inbox. 

When making sales calls, Pipedrive allows you to make calls hands-free so you can check details, take notes, and converse with the contact all at the same time. 

You can also set up meetings seamlessly by using the scheduler tool to let invitees choose a slot that works for them. 

Pros And Cons Of Pipedrive

Deal-drive workflowSignificantly limited functionality for lower pricing plans
Unlimited databaseNo separation of new leads and old contacts on the lists
Previous CRM and spreadsheet integrations
Has an email sync function from email to Pipedrive inbox

Pipedrive Pricing Plan

pipedrive pricing

Unlike HubSpot and Bitrix24 that offer unlimited-time use of their contact management tools, Pipedrive is only limited to 14-days. 

You’ll then have to choose between 4 pricing plans to continue using their tools.

  • Essential ($12.50/user/mo): Contact and org management, data import and export, email link to contacts and deals, file attachments, activity reminder notifications, basic meeting scheduler
  • Advanced ($24.90/user/mo): Essential plan plus auto-filled templates and offline docs, Google Drive and OneDrive integrations, two-way email sync, merge fields, email open and click tracking
  • Professional (49.90/user/mo): Advanced plan plus group emailing, caller, premium meeting scheduler, and 11 security features
  • Enterprise ($99.00/user/mo): Professional plan plus advanced user permissions

The cheapest plan is too limited in functionality. If you want a plan that can track and automate daily tasks so you can focus more on sales, you can get the Advanced plan. 

On the other hand, if you want a plan that has all the tools for collaboration, communication, and scaling, the Professional plan is highly recommended. 

Interested in Pipedrive? Get started by visiting the site.

4. Monday.com – Best For Small Businesses

monday.com homepage

Best Contact Management Software For Small Teams And Freelancers [Free | $10/mo]

With Monday.com, personalizes your contact management dashboards based on use and preference. Enjoy the features of contact management software and project management in one single platform.

But in general, it enables you to leverage a wide range of data from different engagement channels like emails, phone calls, mail package deliveries, and more in one window. 

monday.com contact management

Sales cycles are segmented for both current customers and prospects so you can tailor fit efforts to different needs. 

To make efforts more personalized, Monday.com has a survey feature you can send to team members and customers to track satisfaction and prompt any workflow innovation and new product ideas. 

Instead of just gathering data, Monday.com creates detailed charts to provide real-time insights.

Lastly, all customer data and activity are automatically stored and custom fields can even be added to the database to prepare for future interactions, enhance relationships, and close more deals.

Monday.com also features a mobile app for users to enjoy. The software supports both iOS and Android phones for maximum accessibility.

If you’re looking for platforms similar to Monday.com, take a look at this Monday.com alternatives article.

Pros And Cons Of Monday.com

Personalized contact dashboardsExpensive pricing to manage small teams
Segmentation of customers and prospectsWith more members involved in tasks, boards can take longer to load
Survey feature to track team and customer satisfactionEasy at first glance but the learning curve is steep once you discover more features
Real-time insight chartsThe activity log is kept for a limited time

Monday.com Pricing Plan

monday.com pricing

Like HubSpot and Bitrix24, Monday.com has one free plan you can use forever. 

If you need more functions, you have 3 paid plans to choose from:

  • Standard ($10/seat/mo): 20 GB file storage, 6 months activity log, 5 boards per dashboard, and 2 security features
  • Pro ($16/seat/mo): 100 GB file storage, 1 year activity log, 10 boards per dashboard, 4 security features
  • Enterprise: schedule a call with a consultant to fit features to exact business needs which also means tailored pricing plans

Other than the completely free plan, the Standard and Pro plans have 14-day free trials you can try to test out what fits best for your business needs.

Grab Monday.com now by visiting the site.

5. Zoho CRM – Most Comprehensive

zoho crm homepage

Most Comprehensive Contact Management Software For Various Industries [Free | $14/mo]

Zoho CRM allows you to manage your contact efficiently.

This robust contact management solution allows you to create connections, add notes and tasks, log activities, view deals and qualified deals in one contact book. 

Zoho CRM also makes it easier for clients and prospects to reach out to you by offering multiple communication channels. You can engage with them through calls, emails, live chat, Twitter mentions, and manage everything from the database. 

It seamlessly integrates with Salesforce Desk, Zendesk, and Zoho Desk to manage customer tickets efficiently and make sales data more accessible for a consistent customer experience. 

zoho integrations

It also has an analytics tool so you can refine customer communication and discover the best schedules to send out emails for better open rates and responses. 

Build stronger relationships with customers faster by receiving posts and pings from leads on Twitter and Facebook for seamless interactions. 

zoho multi-channel communication

Lastly, with the AI assistant tool, you can base future interactions on previous ones so you can get a hold of them at a better time. 

Pros And Cons Of Zoho CRM

Efficient contact managementSome functions are buggy
Robust contact solutions from calls, to emails, to live chatsExpensive pricing
Social integrations to expedite nurturing leadsNo automated email function
AI tool analyzes the best time to contact customers and prospectsPoor customer service

Zoho CRM Pricing Plan

zoho pricing

Like many on the list, Zoho CRM has one free plan you can use to automate contacts, leads, accounts, and deals forever.  

If you need more functions, you have 4 paid plans to choose from (these plans are based on annual billing which is cheaper done the monthly option):

  • Standard ($14/user/mo): scoring rules, workflows, multiple pipelines, mass, email, custom dashboard
  • Professional ($23/user/mo): Standard plan plus SalesSignals, blueprint, validation rules, inventory management
  • Enterprise ($40/user/mo): Professional plan plus Zia AI, CommandCenter, Multi-user portals, advanced customization
  • Ultimate ($52/user/mo): Enterprise plan plus Zoho analytics, enhanced feature limits

The free plan allows use for 3 users, while this option is best for startups, those in bigger industries should consider the Standard or Professional plan.

Visit Zoho’s website to get started with your plan.

6. Insightly – Most User Friendly

insightly homepage

Most User-Friendly Contact Management Software [Free | $29/mo]

Creating a new lead is so easy, you just have to hover on the navigation pane and click the leads tab. 

You can create a new record and easily link them to other contacts, to an organization or project. 

insightly dashboard

The Contacts section makes it easier to find specific business contacts by sorting them out as needed. This is especially useful if you have an extensive contact list.

There is also a segmentation function where you can include lead data sources and convert them to another category once they qualify as possible customers. 

Additionally, it has a pipeline feature so everybody in the project, even from different departments, is following the same process. It added a Kanban feature so you can easily  drag and drop leads to different pipeline stages. 

You can even set up workflow automation using a series of straightforward forms to automatically arrange sending emails to new leads and follow them up a week after. 

Lastly, Insightly just recently added visualization dashboards to make records and progress easier to understand. 

Pros And Cons Of Insightly

Dynamic and user-friendly interfaceClunky chrome extensions
A powerful range of functionalityExpensive pricing
Extensive software integrationsManual email copying and file attachments
Easily maintains sales cycles

Insightly Pricing Plan

insightly pricing

Insightly has 3 pricing plans.

  • Plus ($29/user/mo): 10 GB storage, manage and track leads, send custom tracked emails, drag and drop leads, automatic capturing of new leads, software integrations
  • Professional ($49/user/mo): 100 GB storage, Plus plan inclusions, lead assignment and routing, role-based permissions, workflow automation
  • Enterprise ($99/user/mo): unlimited storage, Professional plan inclusions, unlimited record, dedicated specialist

Insightly has a trial version you can choose to test out first to see what plan works for your needs.

Learn more about Insightly by visiting their site.

7. Nutshell – Best Repository For Customer Knowledge

nutshell homepage

Best Contact Management Software In Data Importing Assistance [Free | $19/mo]

Nutshell is best known for its easy setup and use as a contact management software and lead management platform. 

It allows you to import contacts from emails, contacts, calendars, and other sources. 

You can also access communication logs using desktop or mobile so you are kept up-to-date even if you’re on the go. 

Nutshell also minimizes manual repetitive data entry tasks by syncing contacts, phone numbers, leads, and business cards in one snap. 

In a single location, you store and access contact details, email conversations, call notes so you’ll know how to move forward with sales efforts for every specific contact. 

Nutshell’s contact management infrastructure is paired with powerful automation tools so you can streamline qualified leads and sales processes. 

Best of all, you can seamlessly connect with Slack and Google Workspace to streamline communication channels. 

Pros And Cons Of Nutshell

Easy to useYou have to use the Pro version to get more sales processes functions
Automatic syncing of details to minimize manual data entryLimited options when emailing groups
Accessible with mobileManual email copying and file attachments
Works with automation tools for automated sales processesAutomatic information syncing can cause contact duplications

Nutshell Pricing Plan

nutshell pricing

Nutshell offers 2 straightforward pricing plans:

  • Starter ($19/user/mo): contact management and communication timelines, activity reminders, email and calendar syncing, customizable drag and drop pipeline, sales reporting, forecasting
  • Pro ($25/user/mo): Starter plan plus sales automation, unlimited pipelines, personal email sequences, activity reporting, unlimited in-app phone dialing, and recording

The Starter plan is best for those who just started using CRMs to automate sales processes, Pro plan is for those who want to start scaling efforts. 

Start with Nutshell now by visiting the site.

8. Nimble – Best In Onboarding

nimble homepage

Best Contact Management Software With Onboarding [Free | $19/mo]

Nimble is best in setup because it automates most of the processes when building your contact database. 

With its integration with 80+ apps and software, you’ll have more time cultivating relationships than manually logging contact data. 

It allows you to sync contacts, emails, calendars, and social interactions from GSuite and Office 365.

Whether you’re browsing the web or working inside your email inbox, Nimble delivers automatic insight by displaying contact and company details whatever you’re doing. 

There’s also a Smart Agenda feature that lets you track activities and follow up tasks and notes directly to other members.  

Additionally, with its Smart Social Integration feature, you can update contacts including mutual interests and shared relationships of contacts between companies. 

nimble contact management

Lastly, the tracking and analytics tools allow you to get notified the moment a contact opens an email so you can send time-appropriate follow-ups while the lead is hot.

Overall, Nimble as a provider of a contact management platform is great at data management and highly flexible with its integration of external services.

Pros And Cons Of Nimble

Has contact segmentation featureYou can’t access email folders with Nimble
Affordable pricingLimited contact storage to 25,000
Countless integrations
Easy-to-use data importing feature
Activity tracking

Nimble Pricing Plan

nimble pricing

If Nutshells has straightforward pricing plans, Nimble takes it up a notch with just one pricing plan. 

  • Nimble Business ($19/user/mo): unified inbox, contact record syncing, manage contacts with intelligent search and segmentation, send targeted outreach campaigns, 2GB storage

To test the waters out, you can check out the free trial before committing to the paid plan.

Want to grab Nimble as your CMS? Visit their site.


When choosing the best contact management tool, it boils down to functionality and ease of use while providing the best value for your money. 

HubSpot beats the rest with its forever free plan with automated data entry capacity. 

Additionally, its interface allows easy access to all important information about the contacts to streamline marketing efforts and services going forward. 

With less time needed for manual recording, you can focus more on offering the best solutions and offers to generate higher ROI from current customers and prospects. 

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