7+ Data Migration Software For 2022 [An Honest Review]

Data Migration Software

Using the wrong data migration software can cost you valuable data, time, and money. I’ll help you prevent that from happening by sharing the best tools I’ve proven effective for data migration.

People are migrating data for different reasons. As a small business owner, I’ve often used this method for creating backups (from local storage to the cloud) whenever I’m upgrading/replacing my equipment.

If you have other purposes, that’s fine because there’s always the right data migration software for every job.

Let’s start digging into the following data migration software specifics and determine which one best meets your requirements.

What Is The Best Data Migration Software?

If you have little time to spare, you can take a glimpse at my top 3 picks instead: Acronis True Image, Paragon, IRI NextForm.



Paragon Software


IRI Migration Software

Best overall. Highly versatile data migration platform. Starts at $49.99/month.Best value for money. Intuitive platform with organized dashboards. Starts at $79.95/month.Most features. Simple but effective, trusted and efficient data migration system. Starts at $1,000.
Try AcronisTry ParagonTry IRI NextForm

Today, I’ll list down the 7+ best ones that I’ve used, including their strongest points, disadvantages, prices, and more.

1. Acronis True Image 2021- Top Pick

Acronis True Image 2021: Top Pick

Best Data Migration Software For All Platforms [$49.99 a month]

Versatility and reliability are what make Acronis True Image 2021 the top choice for data migration.

It can work well on various platforms and migrate everything. Boot information, files, operating system, and programs – name it, and this data migration software can efficiently create a backup for it.

The best thing about Acronis True Image 2021 is it offers an all-in-one solution.

Therefore, you can expect to get tons of quality features and tools to save you time and effort. Not to mention, it reduces the chances of data loss during the migration process.

You can manage it all using its unified dashboard.

Acronis True Image 2021 Dashboard

Aside from the standard creating backups and recoveries, here are the things you can manage inside the dashboard:

  • Create bootable Rescue Media (under tools)
  • Integrating third-party tools
  • Monitor everything (backup activity, cybersecurity metrics for all your devices, and more)
  • Upgrade cloud storage capacities
  • Remote data management

And the list goes on.

Acronis True Image 2021 New Features

The company continues to add new features to strengthen its protection and efficacy further. It’s a platform that is guaranteed to continue to be supported and updated with the latest tech that can make data migration all the easier and more secure.

Acronis True Image 2021 provides two migration methods – clone tool and backup and recovery (both are perfect for migrating larger files). However, the latter method provides more control and flexibility over the migration process.

Burkhard Berger

Pros And Cons Of Acronis True Image 2021

Provide two migration methodsOnly paid users can enjoy the technical support provided
Three different types of antimalware and antivirus protection includedEssential plan only performs full image, file, & folder backups on local & network destinations.
Introduce six new features (CPU load balancing, protection pause, and more)
It runs on Microsoft Windows OS & file systems, Apple macOS & file systems, & mobile OS.

Acronis True Image 2021 Pricing Plan

Acronis True Image 2021 Pricing Plan

You can get Acronis True Image 2021 by purchasing one of its annual subscription plans (3). All include the following standard features:

  • Full image to file-level backups
  • Active disk cloning
  • Quick recovery/universal restore
  • Ransomware protection
  • Anti-malware protection (new feature)

Each subscription plan is also designed per number of devices and cloud storage capacity:

  • Essential ($49.99/year – $99.99/year): Good for 1-5 computers, anti-malware protection is only free for 30 days, and no cloud storage is provided.
  • Advanced ($89.99/year – $189.99/year): Good for 1-5 computers, includes free 500 GB of cloud storage, automatic replication of data in the cloud, and allows Microsoft 365 backups.
  • Premium ($124.99/year – 209.99/year): Good for 1-5 computers, includes free 1 TB of cloud storage, blockchain certification of files, and electronic signatures on files. It also can upgrade the cloud storage up to 5TB.

Don’t know what subscription plan to get? If that’s the case, you can download its 30-day trial version to explore its features.

2. Paragon Drive Copy Professional – Best Value For Money

Paragon Drive Copy Professional: Best Value For Money

Best Windows Data Migration Software For Data & OS [$79.95, One-Time Purchase]

Paragon Drive Copy Professional is an excellent companion for migrating your data and OS to all types of storage disks.

You can do it effortlessly, too, because it’s built with a simple, organized dashboard. Inside the dashboard, it will show all the available storage disks available on your device.

Pick the target disk, then choose any of the following operations:

  • Copy disk
  • Convert GPT disk to MBR
  • Wipe data
  • View/edit sectors
  • View its properties

If you opt to copy your operating system to a USB flash drive or virtual storage disk, you can easily do so.

Paragon Drive Copy Professional Guide: Copy OS in Dashboard

Paragon Drive Copy Professional also has an in-built wizard. It works by retrieving all types of backup images that you’ve created with the program.

A new embedded recovery media builder (version 3.0) is added to allow you to create your very own recovery environment.

Pros And Cons Of Paragon Drive Copy Professional

Effortless copy and migration operationsLimited to Windows OS
Ability to exclude data you don’t want to copyIntended for home use only
Include in-built wizard and Embedded Recovery Media Builder 3.0 tool (new)No offered free plan or trial version.

Paragon Drive Copy Professional Pricing Plan

Paragon Drive Copy Professional Pricing Plan

Paragon Drive Copy Professional is part of the company’s Hard Disk Manager™ 17 Advanced product. At a one-time fee of $79.95, you can enjoy using all its features and tools on your personal computer (up to three allowed).

They also offer two other products:

  • Hard Disk Manager™ for Mac: $39.95
  • Hard Disk Manager™ 17 Business Workstation: $99.00 (includes a 30-day free trial)

Go to their website and get to know the complete Paragon products available.

3. IRI NextForm – Most Features

IRI NextForm: Most Features

Best Database & Data Migration Software [Free | $1,000, One-Time Purchase]

IRI NextForm is by far the most trusted database migration software for Windows and Unix operating systems.

Its simplicity and speed are what I appreciate the most about this tool. You can get started with ease and accomplish tasks with minimal effort provided.

This is successfully delivered because NextForm is supported in IRI Workbench and uses the IRI CoSort engine.

What exactly can NextForm do?

It’s most famous for converting legacy formats to modern ones. This is truly beneficial because you’ll be able to re-use all those data in the latest versions of your database application.

As of writing, it can convert more than 100 data types

IRI NextForm Formats and Sources

NextForm can also do the following tasks:

  • Manages file, layout, and record changes for structured RDB tables and files
  • For unstructured data, it unlocks the data elements and exposes their associations for relational use.
  • Re-mapping field layouts
  • Reliable migration of legacy data sets to server/client RDBs

Wait, there’s more…

Aside from the standard migration and restructuring, IRI NextForm can also perform the following functions:

  • Profiling
  • Replication
  • Federation
  • Reporting

Pros And Cons Of IRI NextForm

Support hundreds of sources and formats (default, legacy, and modern)Product support is only free in the first year (charge fees after that)
Ideal for repurposing data with outdated formatsFree trial requires to make a request
Support via live chat may respond late but very helpful and accommodatingIt can be a bit intimidating for beginners.

IRI NextForm Pricing Plan

The latest version of IRI NextForm is available in six different editions. Their respective pricing rates are primarily based on the licensing type and support level provided.

  • Lite (Free | $1,000): You can get this plan entirely free if you’re using a single Windows PC (based on 2018 build, JRE 7). But if you’re using the latest PC version, you can get the paid plan (support not included).
  • COBOL: $3,000 Windows | $4,000 x86 Linux | $5,000 Unix (AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, MacOS)
  • DBMS ($10,000 – $50,000): The price will vary based on the databases and hardware platforms you’re using.

The last three editions (Legacy, Modern, and Premium) are designed with quotation-based pricing.

Contact their sales team via email (NextForm@iri.com) and send them the description of your requirements. This way they can give you an exact cost for your needs.

The good news is that you can also make the same request for the Lite, COBOL, and DBMS editions.

4. EaseUS Todo PCTrans – Smart PC Transfer Assistant

EaseUS Todo PCTrans: Smart PC Transfer Assistant

Best Windows PC Migration Software [Free]

Migrating everything from one device to another can be a stressful process. EaseUS makes the process a lot easier by launching its free personal computer (PC) transfer/migration software.

Their free tool is named EaseUS Todo PCTrans.

They built it to run seamlessly on the Windows operating system (XP 32-bit to 10) and server (2003 to 2019). It also supports 14 different languages so that everyone can use it with ease.

EaseUS Todo PCTrans: Smart PC Transfer Assistant

It comes with a clean and straightforward dashboard where you can do the following:

  • Add device
  • Select what operation to do (transfer, cleanup, and protection)
  • Account management

Learning the entirety of the dashboard is made easy because EaseUS provides a comprehensive guide.

I chose it as the best software for Windows PC migration because it can move everything between computers. Accounts settings, data, programs, and even user profiles.

Do you have a dead computer?

EaseUS Todo PCTrans can recover its programs and files as well. The best part of it is that all programs are automatically installed on your new PC.

There are 99 popular applications it supports, and a few of them are shown in the screenshot below.

EaseUS Todo PCTrans: Popular Applications It Supports

By default, EaseUS Todo PCTrans provide you with three transfer modes:

  • Transfer via network connection
  • Transfer locally
  • Transfer via image files

With its latest version (12.2) released, it also offers new app management to handle its supported applications easily.

Pros And Cons Of EaseUS Todo PCTrans

Provide customer support for both free and paid usersLimited to Windows OS
100% free to download and use for home and business purposesThe transfer capacity is limited to 500 MB and 2 programs.
Three transfer modes are available.

EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pricing Plan

EaseUS Todo PCTrans is the best choice for everyone who doesn’t want to commit to a long-term subscription lock-in.

It’s entirely free to download. All you have to do is meet the system requirement.

If you later decide to increase the transfer capacity, you can purchase its upgraded version.

EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro is available in three plans:

  • Monthly: $49.95/month
  • Annual: $59.95/year
  • Lifetime upgrades: $69.95, one-time fee

Visit its pricing page now and get to know the inclusions per offer.

5. DBConvert Studio – Migration Solution For SMEs

DBConvert Studio: Migration Solution For SMEs

Best Software For Cross-Database Migration & Synchronization [$599, One-Time Purchase]

For small to medium enterprises, migrating massive databases containing millions of records is a norm. Work smarter by using DBConvert Studio.

This is the right software to trust because it’s built with a powerful engine. Not only it can do the job right, but it can also speed up the process.

Now, it only takes 5 minutes or less to convert 1 million records.

Migrating data too quickly can increase the risk of errors. But I’m relieved to discover that DBConvert Studio includes an automated verification system.

It works by checking database structure and relations before migration to ensure everything is intact and prevent loss during the process.

In any case that it detects errors and inconsistencies, the software will automatically display a warning message.

DBConvert Studio Dashboard

Using the latest version of DBConvert Studio is easy because it provides a product tour. It highlights all the essential sections of the dashboard and their purpose.

If you want a more detailed tutorial, you can visit their website and watch all its step-by-step videos on YouTube.

As of writing, this database migration software provides four migration models:

  • Copy data
  • Synchronization
  • Bidirectional sync
  • Data distribution

They also support 17 popular database formats, old and modern (on-premise and cloud).

DBConvert Studio: Supported Database Formats

Pros And Cons Of DBConvert Studio

Quick Start Guide provided with step-by-step video tutorialsPremium technical support comes with a fee (+30% of the purchase’s original price)
Automatically converts SQL views/queriesFunctions are limited to database migration only
Full Unicode support providedOnly support 17 database formats (including their variants)
Use the trial version for an unlimited time.
It supports MS Windows, Linux (via WINE), macOS Linux (via WINE), and BSD database servers. 

DBConvert Studio Pricing Plan

DBConvert Studio Pricing Plan

DBConvert Studio is offered in three license types:

  • Personal ($599, one-time fee): Good for one user only, and the premium technical support is optional.
  • Business ($1,805, one-time fee): Good for 5 users (all must be within one company)
  • Enterprise ($4,016, one-time fee): This license allows you to add unlimited users (all must be within one company), and premium technical support is included.

If you have hesitations, you can always test the software by downloading its trial version.

6. Samsung Data Migration Software For Consumer SSD

Samsung Data Migration Software For Consumer SSD

Best Samsung SSD Data Migration Software For Windows OS [Free]

From the name itself, this data migration software is exclusively developed for Samsung Solid State Drives (SSDs) models. It currently supports Samsung SSD 470 to 980 series.

I must say, this is the simplest data-migration tool I’ve used so far.

Upon downloading the software, it immediately proceeds with the installation process. And after 15 seconds, everything is set up.

All you need to do next is select your target drive and volumes you wish to clone.

Samsung Data Migration Software Guide: Cloning Process

From here, you can immediately duplicate any data you want from one storage device to another (newer Samsung SSD). Aside from data, it can also migrate applications, operating systems, and user data.

Unfortunately, this data migration software doesn’t perform data backup.

It’s recommended to create a backup for all the content of your current storage drive before cloning to prevent loss. Also, make sure not to disconnect the storage drive during the cloning process.

Pros And Cons Of Samsung Data Migration Software

100% free to download and useDon’t support any source drive in a RAID configuration
Provide support for newer modelsOnly support Windows operating systems and English language
Improve its cloning compatibilityNo capacity to clone encrypted drives and outdated motherboard chipset drivers
Detailed guide providedOnly offer self-service help (quick guide & FAQs)

Samsung Data Migration Software Pricing Plan

Samsung Data Migration Software Free Download

The latest version of Samsung Data Migration Software is available on its website. Click download, and you can install it right away.

It also provides a user guide so that you can get started quickly.

7. Azure Migrate – Modern Data Migration Software

Azure Migrate: Modern Data Migration Software

Centralized Data Migration Hub For Microsoft Azure [Free]

Here’s another data migration software exclusive for a specific platform – Azure Migrate.

That’s right, Microsoft Azure built their very own centralized hub to help its customers migrate all their valuable content to the platform. Here, you can access the following:

  • A central dashboard where you can quickly start and track the migration progress.
  • Assess and migrate data, databases, servers, web apps, and virtual desktops
  • Support migrations across Hyper-V, physical server, VMware, and cloud-to-cloud migration
  • Provide built-in insights and recommendations

At present, Azure Migrate supports Windows, SQL, and Linux servers.

Azure Migrate Dashboard

Do you want to expand its functions? If so, you can integrate the following tools:

  • Azure Data Box: Migrate a large volume of offline data to Azure
  • Data migration assistant: Assess SQL servers to identify potential problems that may hinder the migration process.
  • Web app migration assistant: The tool that helps you migrate .NET and PHP web apps to Azure.

Pros And Cons Of Azure Migrate

Available in 47 regionsDowntime is inevitable during the migration process
Support physical server assessment and migrationNot suitable for complete beginners
Helpful guide providedNo real-time human support is provided for free users.

Azure Migrate Pricing Plan

Azure Migrate Pricing Plan

Azure Migrate is part of Microsoft Azure subscription plans. Therefore, if you’re a paying subscriber, you will not get charged for using this data migration software.

You will only get charged for additional costs when you use Independent Software Vendor (ISV) tools.

Visit the Azure Migrate pricing page to learn more about these tools.

8. Magento Data Migration Tool

Magento Data Migration Tool

Open-Source Data Migration Software For Magento Commerce [Free]

Here’s an exclusive data migration tool that every Magento merchant can take advantage of.

Through this tool, you can efficiently migrate your existing online store to the newest version of Magento Commerce.

The simplest way to describe the Magento data migration tool is, it’s a command-line interface (CLI).

This means you need to input specific text commands to interact with the system, view and manage files, and more. No need to worry about how to do it because the company provides an easy-to-follow guide.

All you have to do is follow it properly, and everything will fall into its place.

Magento Data Migration Tool Guide

There are three different modes you can access in this data migration tool:

  • Settings: Migrates all the configuration settings of your store
  • Data: Migrates all primary data into the database.
  • Delta: The ideal mode to use when incremental data updates are added to Magento 1 admin panel and storefront while running previous migration modes.

Like other data migration software, this tool checks the databases’ structure and data integrity before starting the migration. Once it passes the verifications, that’s the only time it will proceed to the transfer.

This data migration tool indeed provides a faster and more efficient way to move everything to the Magento 2 Commerce. However, some data still require manual migration like media, storefront design, admin user accounts, and access control.

Burkhard Berger

Pros And Cons Of Magento Data Migration Tool

100% free to download and installOnly suitable for highly technical users
Extensive step-by-step guidelines providedLack of in-house support (only provide documentation and community)
Provide a comprehensive troubleshooting article to fix errors during the migration process immediatelyRequire you to put your source store in maintenance mode during the migration process

Magento Data Migration Tool Pricing Plan

Magento data migration tool is 100% free to use. Simply install the latest version of the tool (or the same version of the Magento 2) and set it up properly.

Here its complete step-by-step instructions to guide you throughout the installation process.

You can also find the links where you can get the latest released versions of this tool.


Getting the right data migration software will save you from costly delays and potential data loss or destruction.

All the products I’ve listed above are proven and tested to be dependable. However, if you prefer multi-function software, I recommend Acronis True Image 2021.

It can run smoothly on multiple platforms and provide flexible data backup and migration between HDDs and SSDs.

With the newest anti-malware protection added, ease your mind it can protect your device and backup data. It may not be the cheapest option, but it remains worth investing in.

Do you have other data migration software to suggest? Share it with us by leaving it in the comment section.

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