7+ DocuSign Alternatives For 2022 [An Honest Review]

DocuSign Alternatives

If you’re looking for the best DocuSign alternatives, you’ve come to the right website. Here, I’ll highlight the most reliable online signature tool you can use.

Over the years that I’ve used DocuSign, it never fails to simplify my paperwork management and signing processes. However, I’ve found a lacking of certain features and limitations on their system that makes me explore other options when it comes to an e-signature solution

Don’t worry, I’ve done all the heavy research for you. Today, I’ll list down the top 7+ DocuSign alternatives, including their best features, pricing plans, disadvantages, and more.

If you want to know which e-signature tool is best for you, here you go.

1. DocuSign Alternative: Adobe Sign

DocuSign Alternative: Adobe Sign

E-Signatures & Digital Signing Solution For SMBs [$9.99 a month]

In today’s world, where almost everyone shifts to remote work, Adobe Sign is convenient to own.

It allows you to prepare and send documents securely, then automate the signing process. Whether you’re adding a single or thousands of signees, this eSignature software solution helps you add them quickly.

The mega sign is the feature that handles bulk sending.

Adobe Sign Guide: Mega Sign

Web form or document, you can send them all to multiple recipients (one by one) with a simple click. You can even track down all the signature statuses by looking at the real-time insights displayed on your dashboard.

You can create web forms using its online form builder.

It’s advantageous to post on your business website where your recipients can access it wherever they are. Pre-built templates are available, and all are designed for a variety of business purposes.

You can also assign roles to your recipients.

Adobe Sign Guide: Assign Roles

The roles you can assign vary on your account levels. The signer role applies to all account levels.

But if you have business and enterprise service levels, you have the option to expand the roles:

  • Small business, business, and enterprise: Assign approvers and form fillers
  • Enterprise: Assign acceptor, certified recipient, and delegator

One advantage of Adobe sign over its competitors is it allows you to add your brand to the signing process.

You can do so by adding your logo, custom headers, and tagline to your email message. After signing the document, you can send them a confirmation message that includes the following:

  • Custom thank you message
  • Social media and website links
  • Splash images
  • Call to action phrase

Adobe Sign Pricing Plan

Adobe Sign Pricing Plan: Single User

Adobe Sign is offered in six different subscription plans (monthly and annual). Since this is part of the Adobe Document Cloud suite, all plans also include Acrobat products.

The first three are dedicated to single users:

  • Acrobat PDF Pack with e-sign ($9.99/mo.): Provide basic e-sign and PDF tools. You can use all tools in Google Drive, Microsoft 365, Box, and Dropbox.
  • Acrobat Pro DC with e-sign ($14.99/mo.): Provides access to Acrobat Pro DC desktop software and protects documents with passwords.
  • Acrobat Pro DC with advanced e-sign ($19.99/mo.): Provides the complete feature of Acrobat Pro. You can also customize your branding to e-sign requests, collect e-signatures from your websites, and more.
Adobe Sign Pricing Plan: Multi User

If you’re planning to use Adobe Sign for your team, here are the subscription plans you can choose from:

  • Acrobat Pro DC with e-sign for teams: $16.99/mo./license
  • Acrobat Pro DC with advanced e-sign for teams: $21.99/mo./license
  • Adobe Sign for business and enterprise (Custom Pricing): This plan requires you to contact the sales team to get a personalized quote based on your requirements.

Get to know what Adobe Sign can do for your team or business by signing up for its 14-day free trial.

Acrobat Sign vs. DocuSign At A Glance

Acrobat Sign


DocuSign Logo

Best for: Individuals, sales teams, small & medium-sized businesses, and institutionsBest for: Professionals, business owners, developers, and enterprises
Pricing: Starts at $9.99/month (free plan available)Pricing: Starts at $10/month (free plan available)
Best feature: High levels of security with multi-factor authenticationBest feature: Support 43 languages, mobile app, and eSignature insights
Cons: Customer support lines are hard to access with poor response ratesCons: It can get expensive for multi-users and not a lot of customization available
Try Acrobat SignTry DocuSign

2. DocuSign Alternative: DocHub

DocuSign Alternative: DocHub

Online PDF Editor & Document Signing Platform For Personal & Business Use [Free | $4.99 a month/user]

Most electronic signature solutions are designed for specific business and industry types.

DocHub’s creators break the norm by creating a simple and reliable platform for everyone. Regardless of your document purpose, you can use this software to edit documents, collaborate, request eSignatures, and do more.

There are many features available, and I’ll start with the PDF Editor.

You can edit any document here to ensure it contains all the vital information needed. You can also customize your document to reflect your brand. The editor itself is user-friendly and not that hard to navigate for any signature process that you might need.

The PDF Editor contains tons of tools to help you achieve an error-free and professional look for your document.

All tools are divided into three categories:

  • Toolbar annotations: Includes a freeform pen tool, highlighter, stamp, add text, sign or initial a document, and more.
  • Fields manager: The section where you can create, fill and modify a PDF form.
  • Page manager: Contain tools that allow you to rearrange, merge, or download pages.
DocHub Guide: Page Manager

DocHub also provides templates to save time in the creation process. After completing the form, you can do the following:

  • Assign roles to recipients
  • Publish it with public accessibility
  • Share it through email and social media channels (Facebook and Twitter)

All documents are automatically saved in the cloud for safekeeping.

When it comes to security, DocHub is strictly encrypted end-to-end. Their servers use 256-bit SSL encryption, documents are stored in Amazon Web Services (which uses encrypted S3 storage), OAuth 2.0 authentication, & more.

Burkhard Berger

DocHub Pricing Plan

DocHub Pricing Plan

DocHub is offered in two simple subscription plans that charge per user:

  • Free: Ideal for anyone who intends to send 3 emails per day. You can also handle 3 simultaneous signees, 3 email recipients, and save 7 signatures.
  • Pro ($4.99/mo./user): Provide you capacity limits of 250 emails per day, 35 free fax pages per month, unlimited saved signatures, and more.

No matter what option you choose, you’ll end up using DocHub for free (sign up for the Pro plan’s 30-day trial version).

DocHub vs. DocuSign At A Glance



DocuSign Logo

Best for: Individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses of all types & sizesBest for: Professionals, business owners, developers, and enterprises
Pricing: Starts at $4.99/month/user (free plan available)Pricing: Starts at $10/month (free plan available)
Best feature: Online PDF Editor includes annotation & form field toolsBest feature: Support 43 languages, mobile app, and eSignature insights
Cons: Limited integration options and no offered refund policyCons: It can get expensive for multi-users and not a lot of customization available
Try DocHubTry DocuSign

3. DocuSign Alternative: pdfFiller

DocuSign Alternative: pdfFiller

Excellent PDF Editor With eSignature Capabilities [$8 a month]

pdfFiller is one of the easiest document management platforms to use. Its PDF Editor has a straightforward and clean design that non-tech users will surely appreciate.

It’s highly customizable too.

You can arrange the tools based on your preference or what you need. I’ve shared a screenshot of one possible way how you can personalize this PDF Editor.

pdfFiller Editor

The top menu bar contains all the tools to help you format, fill up content, edit, and add notes. While the right-side menu includes the tools that you commonly use.

Customizing the editor is optional, you can always use the default settings.

One unique feature of pdfFiller is it can host interactive fillable forms without writing a single line of code. Your recipients can also fill out this form using any device.

These are a few of the functions you can add to your form:

  • Securely receive payments using Stripe
  • Add a welcome or instructional video
  • Extract valuable data from PDF documents into an Excel spreadsheet
  • Request additional documents from signees
  • Publish document on your website

This feature is ideal to use for donations, event registration, residential lease agreement, and alike.

pdfFiller Signature Wizard

The signature wizard is another superb feature of pdfFiller.

It provides you with multiple options on how you can add your signature. By default, it allows you to input your signature using your keyboard.

If you have a touchpad or a smartphone, you can draw your signature from there.

You can also add your wet signatures using your webcam or a QR code. If you prefer the QR code, you need to use pdfFiller’s uploader.

pdfFiller Guide: Security Features

In terms of security, pdfFiller is packed with multiple tiers of authentication to verify the signee’s identity.

Two-factor authentication and IP and device logging are the standard security features available. To strengthen it further, they provide the following:

  • pdfFiller stamp
  • Social network validation (Facebook or LinkedIn)
  • Photo verification

pdfFiller Pricing Plan

pdfFiller Pricing Plan

pdfFiller is available in three subscription plans. All are offered in a monthly and annual payment schedule.

  • Basic ($8/mo.): Access any documents from anywhere using its free iOS & Android apps, create your own e-signature, and more.
  • Premium ($15/mo./user): Comes with an annual subscription of USLegal forms, adds personal branding, collects payments, and more.
  • airSlate Business Cloud ($50/mo./user): Get full access to its business process automation, enterprise-grade e-Signature, and more.

All subscription plans come with a 30-day free trial. Sign up now and see if pdfFiller is right for you.

pdfFiller vs. DocuSign At A Glance



DocuSign Logo

Best for: Individuals, teams, small & medium-sized businesses, enterprises, and moreBest for: Professionals, business owners, developers, and enterprises
Pricing: Starts at $8/monthPricing: Starts at $10/month (free plan available)
Best feature: PDF document editor and automatic filling & merging of dataBest feature: Support 43 languages, mobile app, and eSignature insights
Cons: Limited integration options and has a steep learning curveCons: It can get expensive for multi-users and not a lot of customization available
Try pdfFillerTry DocuSign

4. DocuSign Alternative: SignNow

DocuSign Alternative: SignNow

Best E-Signature Software For Complex Workflows & Payment Collection [Free | $8 a month/user]

SignNow is another eSignature software that’s part of airSlate Business Cloud. Combining their excellent features, you can process contracts and close deals in a matter of hours.

They provide a single workspace where you can build an efficient workflow and their user interface is simply top-notch with sleek designs and easy-to-navigate dashboards.

SignNow also offers a broad range of integrations and APIs. Now, you can manage your workflows and contract lifecycles without leaving your business applications like Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Gmail, Google Docs, Slack, and so on.

Creating legal forms, letters, agreements, and waivers is made simple.

There are over 85,000 state-specific templates available to you. Choose one and use the advanced tools provided to customize it according to your personal or business needs.

SignNow Templates

This is the very reason it became the go-to document signing and management platform for running complex eSignature workflows.

By default, it includes various standard tools to help you sign and collect signatures from your customers, employees, or partners. There are three unique features included, and those are:

  • Add carbon copies to recipients to get them notified about the signing progress.
  • Set an expiration date per document to ensure all recipients will sign it on time.
  • During contract negotiation, you can set a ‘decline to sign’ option.
SignNow Guide: Connect to Payment Provider

Aside from collecting e-signatures, SignNow is also reliable for requesting and collecting online payments.

First, you need to set up your preferred payment method through your dashboard (My Organization > Merchant Accounts tab). Once you successfully do so, you can proceed with adding a text field.

Make sure to fill in the Validation Type and Prefilled Text fields, and tick the ‘Make this payment field’ box.

The final step is going to the Advanced Signer Settings, where you need to tick the ‘Request payment from signer’.

SignNow Guide: Advanced Signer Settings

SignNow Pricing Plan

SignNow eSignature Pricing Plan

SignNow is available in two sets of subscription plans – eSignature and API.

The pricing of eSignature plans is set per user. Here’s what you can expect from each:

  • Business ($8/mo./user): This plan is designed for sending documents for signing with basic fields and multiple languages. You can purchase this plan for up to 10 users; more than that, you have to contact a sales representative.
  • Business Premium ($15/mo./user): Provide you tools to add your brand, send in bulk, and more. This is the only plan that includes a 7-day free trial version.
  • Enterprise ($30/mo./user): The recommended plan to get if you need to request payments, signee attachments, and advanced threat protection and authentication.

pdfFiller is also a part of airSlate Business Cloud, and you can enjoy all its features starting at $50/mo./user.

If you want to get a firsthand experience for free, you can contact a sales representative and request a demo.

SignNow API Pricing Plan

The API plans are recommended for anyone who intends to send their signature invites through integrations. There are three subscription plans you can choose from, and it starts with a free plan.

  • Sandbox (Free): Provide a developer dashboard, client libraries and SDKs, and more.
  • Starter ($84/mo.): Start sending 500 signature invites per year, get unlimited apps to integrate, and more.
  • Enterprise (Custom Pricing): The recommended plan to get volume discounts and customize features.

Get started with SignNow by creating a free account or sign up for its 7-day free trial (Business Premium plan).

SignNow vs. DocuSign At A Glance



DocuSign Logo

Best for: Individuals, small & medium-sized business owners, and non-profit entitiesBest for: Professionals, business owners, developers, and enterprises
Pricing: Starts at $8/month/user (free plan available)Pricing: Starts at $10/month (free plan available)
Best feature: Support 23 languages with 85,000+ fillable form templatesBest feature: Support 43 languages, mobile app, and eSignature insights
Cons: Limited customization tools for brand stylingCons: It can get expensive for multi-users and not a lot of customization available
Try SignNowTry DocuSign

5. DocuSign Alternative: SignEasy

DocuSign Alternative: SignEasy

Simple E-Signature Software For Professionals & SMBs [$8 a month]

Simple but not basic, SignEasy provides you with all the tools you need to make the document signing experience easy and convenient.

One of its biggest advantages over DocuSign is its no usage restrictions. You can request and gather unlimited signatures through its web and mobile apps.

You can also localize your document in 24 different languages.

When it comes to functionalities, SignEasy has a similar function to Docusign. It provides a drag-and-drop editor to customize your document and add signatures.

SignEasy Document Editor

It only stands out because they also support the following:

  • Image file formats (JPG, PNG, and more)
  • Multiple file import options (cloud storage services, email, SD card, and more)
  • Add a custom email footer
  • Send one or multiple documents (up to 15) per request
  • View page thumbnails in large size

You can send your signature requests in a serial or parallel sequence

Serial signing allows recipients to sign the documents in a specified order. While the parallel signing allows recipients to sign at the same time.

Depending on the software, it is highly recommended that you base your choices on the pricing options. Some eSignature platforms charge per signature while some charge per month. If you have heave usage for eSignature platforms, you can save a lot more by per month plans.

Burkhard Berger

SignEasy Pricing Plan

SignEasy Pricing Plan

SignEasy is offered in four subscription plans, monthly and annual. Two of them are designed to support an individual’s business needs:

  • Essential ($8/mo.): Provides you with tools to create, send, and sign an unlimited number of legally binding documents with a digital audit trail.
  • Pro ($15/mo.): The plan permits you to request unlimited signatures, save up to 3 templates, send multiple documents simultaneously, and more.

The other two subscription plans are suitable for teams and business use:

  • Business ($25/mo./user): Provide you with features and tools to effectively collaborate with your team members, share unlimited templates, and manage your account.
  • Enterprise (Custom Pricing): The recommended plan for companies that want to customize the features and usage limits to use.

The first three subscription plans include a 14-day free trial version. Sign up for it to get started.

SignEasy vs. DocuSign At A Glance

SignEasy logo


DocuSign Logo

Best for: Individuals, small & medium-sized businesses, and financial servicesBest for: Professionals, business owners, developers, and enterprises
Pricing: Starts at $9.99/monthPricing: Starts at $10/month (free plan available)
Best feature: Multi-factor authentication and its online form builderBest feature: Support 43 languages, mobile app, and eSignature insights
Cons: Customer support isn’t always responsive & limited integration optionsCons: It can get expensive for multi-users and not a lot of customization available
Try SignEasyTry DocuSign

6. DocuSign Alternative: SignRequest

DocuSign Alternative: SignRequest

Easiest Electronic Signature Software To Use [Free | $7 a month/user]

SignRequest is by far the easiest electronic signature software I’ve used. It also offers a simple interface where you can upload, sign, and send your document.

You can also create a template right on your dashboard.

First, you have to navigate Templates > Create Template > upload your document. Fill in all the necessary information in its appropriate fields.

SignRequest Guide: Create Template

To further customize the signing experience, you have the option to add any of the following:

  • Attachments
  • Multi-line text field for paragraphs
  • Set an expiration date
  • Set automatic and manual reminders

You can also assign actions per contact.

As the name implies, actions describe how your contacts can access and handle the document they’ve received. Currently, there are six actions you can assign, and those are:

  • Signature (default)
  • Approve only
  • Notify (CC)
  • Copy only (CC)
  • Sign now in person
SignRequest Integration

By default, you can add and customize your signature using any device.

Do you want to integrate your eSignature on your website, document management system, or CRM applications? If so, you can connect them easily by tapping on their toggle button.

You can also use Zapier to explore more third-party apps.

After signing the contract, it will redirect to a SignRequest page. However, you have the option to redirect them to a custom page you made.

Your website is the most recommended.

But if you don’t own one, you can create a custom landing page (available on all paid plans). Here, you can add a personalized “thank you” message or add instructions on the next steps they need to do.

SignRequest Pricing Plan

SignRequest Pricing Plan

SignRequest is offered in three per-user subscription plans. Each license purchased has an equivalent tree planted.

This is a great deal to save your time and the planet.

  • Free: Get started with 10 document limits per month, sign and send on any device, secure audit trail, and Google integrations.
  • Professional ($7/mo./user): Provides you unlimited document limits, uses 5 templates, adds 1 team member, adds your custom branding, and more.
  • Business ($12/mo./user): On top of the professional features, you can use the bulk send options, APIs, Salesforce integration, and more.

If your business needs custom features and usage limits, you can get their Enterprise plan. This is a quotation-based subscription plan and requires you to contact a sales representative to get a personalized price quote.

SignRequest vs. DocuSign At A Glance



DocuSign Logo

Best for: Individuals, professionals, business owners, developers, and remote workersBest for: Professionals, business owners, developers, and enterprises
Pricing: Starts at $7/month/user (free plan available)Pricing: Starts at $10/month (free plan available)
Best feature: Support in 17 languages, custom landing pages, and secure audit trailBest feature: Support 43 languages, mobile app, and eSignature insights
Cons: Occasional platform crashes and limited integrationsCons: It can get expensive for multi-users and not a lot of customization available
Try SignRequestTry DocuSign

7. DocuSign Alternative: RightSignature

DocuSign Alternative: RightSignature

Web & Mobile E-Signature Service For High-Volume Document Signing & Distribution [$12 a month]

Citrix is a renowned company for providing excellent business tools. In 2009, they introduced RightSignature to share documents and get online signatures error-free, secure, and fast.

Just like with DocuSign, it will collect legally binding eSignatures with an audit trail.

You can also do the following:

  • Create templates that are shareable with the whole team
  • Add branding to documents, templates, and email
  • Receive notifications about the signing progress
  • Sign documents with handwritten signatures

There are more features available, but the one that truly stands out is its bulk sending.

DocuSign requires you to upload or create a CSV file (containing the signees’ contact information) to send in bulk. RightSignature provides two simpler methods:

  • You can mass distribute documents by generating a shareable link.
  • Embed the document into your website

If you want to collect a payment, you can integrate Stripe into your account.

RightSignature Guide: Stripe Integration

RightSignature boasts a new version where they improved the platform’s usability and added more advanced security features. Here are a few highlights of the latest version:

  • Knowledge-based authentication
  • Enforceable passcode access
  • Enhanced customizability
  • Productivity notifications

RightSignature Pricing Plan

RightSignature Pricing Plan

RightSignature is offered in two simple subscription plans:

  • Standard ($12/mo.): Good for individual use. You can send documents, and hand-drawn signatures, and integrate them with your favorite business applications.
  • Advanced ($60/mo.): This plan is good for 3 team members. Here, you can monitor team statistics, share templates, add custom branding, and request attachments.

Both subscription plans include a flexible free trial version.

Flexible in terms of usage. You can use it for two weeks or until you have exhausted the 5-document limit.

Fill out the trial form now to get started.

RightSignature vs. DocuSign At A Glance



DocuSign Logo

Best for: Freelancers, professionals, and business owners (startups & growing business)Best for: Professionals, business owners, developers, and enterprises
Pricing: Starts at $12/monthPricing: Starts at $10/month (free plan available)
Best feature: Support for standard document formats with one-click document preparationBest feature: Support 43 languages, mobile app, and eSignature insights
Cons: No built-in document management feature and limited customization optionsCons: It can get expensive for multi-users and not a lot of customization available
Try RightSignatureTry DocuSign

8. DocuSign Alternative: HelloSign

DocuSign Alternative: HelloSign

Best E-Signature Software For Cloud Users [Free | $15 a month]

Like other software on the list, HelloSign provides a simple and efficient process of getting digital signatures. 

You can start with a template or create your own using your previous document. You can also add your brand, save your signatures, and add several types of fields. 

You can easily add all of these using its drag-and-drop document editor.

HelloSign Guide: Document Editor

If you want a more intuitive signing experience, you can add conditional logic to your documents for ease of use and streamline your signing process.

You can start by creating a rule. Inside the form, you need to set the type of trigger field (textbox, checkbox, etc.) and selected field (signature, initial, etc.).

Once the signee completes the trigger field, all the actions set for the selected fields will reflect.

After finishing the creation process, HelloSign provides you with an option to convert the templates into URLs. I found it useful for sending in bulk or documents with large file sizes.

HelloSign Integrations

HelloSign also provides a secure platform for document management and file storage through Dropbox.

You can also integrate with other business apps such as Oracle CPQ and Salesforce, so you can directly request and collect eSignatures.

When it comes to security, it will not disappoint you. Here are a few of the unique security features included:

  • Real-time data validation
  • Tamper-proof documents
  • Signer one-time verification code
  • Advanced SMS authentication

HelloSign Pricing Plan

HelloSign Pricing Plan

HelloSign is offered in four flexible subscription plans, and it starts with a free plan:

  • Free: Ideal for a single user. You can get started with 3 signature request limits per month, access to an audit trail, and more.
  • Essentials ($15/mo.): Also, ideal for a single user with unlimited request limits per month, use 5 templates, and more.
  • Standard ($25/mo./user): Recommended for a team with 2 to 4 members. You can use 15 templates, add your brand, send in bulk, and unlock more team features.
  • Premium (Quotation-based pricing): Perfect for multi-teams that require performance dashboards, single sign-on, and more

The Essentials and Standard plans include a 30-day free trial so that you can explore its features and benefits.

HelloSign vs. DocuSign At A Glance



DocuSign Logo

Best for: Small teams of all types, legal professionals, developers, & moreBest for: Professionals, business owners, developers, and enterprises
Pricing: Starts at $15/month (free plan available)Pricing: Starts at $10/month (free plan available)
Best feature: easy-to-use document editor with unlimited signature requestsBest feature: Support 43 languages, mobile app, and eSignature insights
Cons: No real-time human support is provided and limited format templatesCons: It can get expensive for multi-users and not a lot of customization available
Try HelloSignTry DocuSign


All electronic signature software mentioned are excellent DocuSign alternatives. All eSignatures gathered are legally binding, they only differ in the number of states/regions they covered.

If I have to choose the best alternative, I will go with SignNow.

It’s an excellent platform to process any documents for signing, even when you’re offline. Though it can get expensive when used for teams, it remains to be a smart choice.

Mainly, it’s one of the few platforms that allows collaboration with unlimited team members.

I hope I provided you with quality insights that can help you make an informed decision. If you have tips or firsthand experience to share, please feel free to drop them in the comment section.

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