7+ Best DreamHost Alternatives – Unbiased Comparison 2022

Dreamhost Alternatives

Today, I’ll get a closer look at DreamHost alternatives that are worth using this 2022.

DreamHost is the web hosting provider I’ve used in building my business’s digital presence. For years it worked so well, but I’ve noticed that the more my business grows the more I find issues and features they’re lacking.

This is where I started to explore other options. Here, I’ll share with you the 7+ best DreamHost alternatives I’ve tested including their pricing structures, best features, pros and cons, and more.

Let’s get this comparison rolling.

1. DreamHost Alternative: GreenGeeks

DreamHost Alternative: GreenGeeks

Most Eco-Friendly Web Hosting Provider [$2.49 a month]

GreenGeeks comes in the top spot because of its close similarities with DreamHost:

  • Operating system supported
  • Types of hosting solutions offered
  • Ease of setup
  • Acceptable forms of payment

And the list goes on.

Of course, GreenGeeks still manages to set itself apart from the competition by offering unique and much stronger features.

The most notable to mention is their data center location.

As of writing, they have five data centers that are located in Phoenix, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, and Amsterdam.

This is important to consider when choosing a web host provider as this has a great impact on your website’s speed and latency.

GreenGeeks cPanel

GreenGeeks also provides you with a secure place, called cPanel, where you can manage all your domains, files, email accounts, and databases.

You can also access here its Softaculous one-click installer which is handy for installing WordPress and other third-party applications.

GreenGeeks Pricing Plan

GreenGeeks Pricing Plan

Aside from security, reliability, and lightning-fast speed, GreenGeeks also promise to provide affordability for all its hosting solutions.

They created a total of 12 subscription plans that are equally divided on their four hosting options:

  • WordPress hosting ($2.49-$8.95/mo.): This is the hosting plan to get for anyone starting a personal website, hosting multiple sites, and running an online store. Get the Pro plan if you intend to create and manage unlimited websites, emails, and databases with better performance and more.
  • Managed WooCommerce hosting ($2.49-$8.95/mo.): The hosting plans to manage 1 to unlimited WooCommerce stores with standard to 4x performance. It also includes a 1-click installer, advanced security features, daily backups, & more.
  • Reseller hosting with cPanel/WHM ($19.95-$34.95/mo.): Make your hosting services more profitable by getting any of these subscription plans. It includes 60-160 GB SSD disk space, 600-1,600 GB transfer, 25-80 cPanel accounts, and more.
  • Managed VPS hosting ($39.95-$109.95/mo.): From domains to databases, manage everything in one place by getting GreenGeeks VPS hosting solution. It comes with a cPanel, Softaculous license, 10 TB transfer capacity, and 2-8 GB RAM.

Take advantage of their 30-day money-back guarantee to try your preferred hosting solution.

GreenGeeks vs DreamHost At A Glance




Best for: Individuals & professionals managing small to medium websitesBest for: Web designers, developers, bloggers, affiliates, and content creators
Pricing: Starts at $2.49/monthPricing: Starts at $2.95/month
Best feature: Reliable Linux/Unix web hosting and 5 data centers availableBest feature: Consistent software uptime and simple automation features
Cons: Add-ons/dedicated servers are non-refundable and no offered Windows serverCons: No phone support, Linux-based hosting only, & one-click install is slow
Try GreenGeeksTry DreamHost

2. DreamHost Alternative: FastComet

DreamHost Alternative: FastComet

High-quality Web Hosting Platform For Individuals & Small Business Owners [$9.95 a month]

FastComet is another strong competitor of DreamHost that offers a generous set of features.

One worth mentioning is their email features.

Purchase any of its subscription plans and you can start working on unlimited numbers of email accounts. You can also access your email through its fully integrated webmail.

FastComet Webmail

There are tons of email features included but the most advanced is the following:

  • SpamExperts
  • Virus Scanner
  • SpamAssassin

Aside from email, FastComet is also known for providing robust security features.

FastComet Security Features

All their servers are protected by FastGuard, a defense network that boosts the websites’ performance while protecting them from malicious cyber threats.

To further improve your website, email, and service performance, they’ve built 11 data centers worldwide.

One feature I find helpful is its “Account No-Suspension Policy”. Rather than suspending your account upon issue detection, an expert from their support team will contact you and help resolve the issue.

Burkhard Berger

FastComet Pricing Plan

FastComet Pricing Plan

FastComet offers a total of 11 subscription plans under three web hosting solutions. Here’s what you can expect from each, including their regular prices:

  • Shared hosting ($9.95-$19.95/mo.): The cloud hosting service that includes the latest version of cPanel and Softaculous 1-click auto-installer. It provides you with 15-35 GB SSD storage and can accommodate 25,000-100,000 unique visitors per month.
  • Cloud VPS hosting ($59.95-$139.95): Host unlimited websites with 50-320 GB SSD webspace when you avail of any of its four subscription plans. Each plan is also designed for unique CPU power and RAM availability.
  • Dedicated CPU servers ($139-$349/mo.): Get any of its 4 plans and you’re also eligible to access their cPanel/WHM. Each plan may come with 2x-16x AMD EPYC 7501 Cores, 4-32 GB RAM availability, 4-7 TB bandwidth, and many more.

At a glance, their pricing rates are much higher than DreamHost.

However, they often offer a sale that can cut down their prices by up to 70% off (vary on the promotion). Visit FastComet now and discover their latest deals.

FastComet vs DreamHost At A Glance

5 stars


Best for: Personal websites, small business websites, and individual bloggersBest for: Web designers, developers, bloggers, affiliates, and content creators
Pricing: Starts at $9.95/monthPricing: Starts at $2.95/month
Best feature: cPanel, domain transfer, includes more email and security featuresBest feature: Consistent software uptime and simple automation features
Cons: Add-ons (some), renewal fees, and domain registration are non-refundableCons: No phone support, Linux-based hosting only, & one-click install is slow
Try FastCometTry DreamHost

3. DreamHost Alternative: Namecheap

DreamHost Alternative: Namecheap

Budget-Friendly Web Hosting Services For Beginners & Experienced Entrepreneurs [Free | $1.18 a month]

No matter what your business type, size, and budget, Namecheap can provide everything you need to grow your business.

Domain registration is one of its strongest features.

Namecheap Domain

There are hundreds of top-level domains to choose from (local and international) that you can own for up to 10 years. All domains available come with these freebies:

  • Domain privacy protection to keep your data safe.
  • DNSSEC security protects all your visitors and customers from any fraudulent activities.
  • An email account that you can use for two months free.

Namecheap recently released a beta site maker app to help you build a stunning and responsive website quickly.

Namecheap Beta Site Maker

Simply select your website goals (capture emails, create an online presence, etc.) and it will display all its available layouts.

Though its functionalities are a bit limited as of now, it’s sufficient for creating a blog, a simple project site, and an online CV.

Namecheap Pricing Plan

Namecheap Pricing Plan

Namecheap designed its pricing structures specifically for the intended users.

  • Online beginners ($0-$1.98/mo.): Choose from the four subscription plans offered where two are dedicated for shared hosting, one for email hosting, and the other is for WordPress hosting.
  • Small businesses ($0-$17.88/mo.): Also, contain four subscription plans. The only difference is only one plan is dedicated to shared hosting and adds a reseller hosting service.
  • Large Businesses ($0-$48.88/mo.): If you’re looking for a VPS or dedicated hosting, this is the recommended category you can rely on.

Do you wonder why I write $0 instead of free?

Simply because the subscription plans that offer $0 is only free for a limited time:

  • EasyWP starter, turbo, & supersonic: 1st month
  • Starter & Pro email hosting: First 2 months

Go to Namecheap today and check out the amazing features included per subscription plan.

Namecheap vs DreamHost At A Glance




Best for: Personal websites, small business websites, and individual bloggersBest for: Web designers, developers, bloggers, affiliates, and content creators
Pricing: Starts at $1.18/monthPricing: Starts at $2.95/month
Best feature: Domain registration, WordPress hosting service, & cPanelBest feature: Consistent software uptime and simple automation features
Cons: No Windows-based hosting solution & free domain transfer offeredCons: No phone support, Linux-based hosting only, & one-click install is slow
Try NamecheapTry DreamHost

4. DreamHost Alternative: HostPapa

DreamHost Alternative: HostPapa

Established Green Web Hosting Provider For Personal & Professional Websites [$3.95 a month]

HostPapa is another reliable green web hosting company on my list that will surely impress you.

They have consistently reduced their carbon footprint since 2006. They do this by powering up their data centers, web servers, office devices, and office space with wind and solar energy resources.

It became one of the strongest competitors of DreamHost for so many reasons.

One of the best features to highlight is its VPS hosting solutions.

HostPapa VPS hosting

Get this Enterprise-grade VPS hosting and HostPapa will guarantee to give your website or app the power, security, and support it needs to grow.

Choose any of its subscription plans and it can give you a higher range of:

  • Memory: 2-32 GB
  • SSD Storage: 60 GB-1 TB
  • CPU Power: 4-12 core
  • Transfer capacity: 1-8 TB

Just the recommended hosting solution for designers and developers.

HostPapa Guide: cPanel

Just like with the other alternatives I’ve discussed above, HostPapa also allows you to manage everything in an easy-to-use web-based control panel (cPanel).

You can access this anytime through your web host manager.

HostPapa Pricing Plan

HostPapa Pricing Plan

All HostPapa’s web hosting subscription plans offer a no-risk 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Starter ($3.95/mo.): Start hosting 2 basic websites with 100 GB web space, unmetered bandwidth, and more.
  • Business ($3.95/mo.): For entrepreneurs with small businesses, get this plan and host unlimited websites with reliable email features.
  • Business Pro ($12.95/mo.): Host unlimited websites with more speed, enhanced security, and better performance.

Are you starting an online store?

HostPapa can also help you get started only at $2.99 a month. Check it for yourself.

HostPapa vs DreamHost At A Glance




Best for: Business owners, entrepreneurs, bloggers, & digital enthusiastsBest for: Web designers, developers, bloggers, affiliates, and content creators
Pricing: Starts at $3.95/monthPricing: Starts at $2.95/month
Best feature: Green hosting services with free domain transfer & migrationBest feature: Consistent software uptime and simple automation features
Cons: No cloud & Windows hosting offered and limited payment types are supportedCons: No phone support, Linux-based hosting only, & one-click install is slow
Try HostPapaTry DreamHost

5. DreamHost Alternative: 1&1 IONOS

DreamHost Alternative: 1&1 IONOS

Trusted Web Hosting Provider For Small & Medium-sized Online Businesses [$1 a month]

IONOS provides high-quality domain and web hosting services for over 30 years.

That’s right, this is one of the oldest web host providers in the market that keeps on getting stronger as the year’s pass.

Its main advantage over Dreamhost is its capability to host and support servers for Linux and Windows OS.

1&1 IONOS: Linux and Windows Hosting

With Linux hosting, you can expect to get HTTP/2 and PHP 8.0 for faster loading times.

SSL Wildcard Certificate, DDoS protection, and geo-redundancy are also included to keep your website and data safe.

Windows hosting is recommended for developers who want to run their website on Windows Server 2019, ASP.NET, or .NET Core (latest versions).

You can also manage MS SQL databases with 2 GB SSD storage capacity and your very own professional email (powered by Webspace).

But what truly makes IONOS stand out is its uninterruptible uptime. They can keep everything running seamlessly even if there is a power outage – short and long.

This is made possible thanks to its battery-operated power supply and backup generators in place.

1&1 IONOS Pricing Plan

1&1 IONOS Pricing Plan

IONOS offers low-cost web hosting subscription plans for all its new users.

  • Essential ($4/mo.): Recommended plan for building one website with 10 GB storage and additional 2 GB SSD storage for 10 databases.
  • Business ($1/mo.): Manage unlimited websites and databases with unlimited storage capacity.
  • Expert ($8/mo.): This plan also includes maximum CPU and MEM resources, SiteScan malware protection, Content Delivery Network, and more.

Windows hosting also offers three subscription plans that range from $5-$10 per month for the first 12 months.

While Linux hosting has the same pricing rates as their web hosting subscription plans.

Test any of it without worries as each plan has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

1&1 IONOS vs DreamHost At A Glance




Best for: eCommerce stores, business sites, & single to multiple large web projectsBest for: Web designers, developers, bloggers, affiliates, and content creators
Pricing: Starts at $1/monthPricing: Starts at $2.95/month
Best feature: Linux & Windows hosting and premium top-level domainsBest feature: Consistent software uptime and simple automation features
Cons: Higher renewal plans & not allowed to use other third-party SSL providersCons: No phone support, Linux-based hosting only, & one-click install is slow
Try IONOSTry DreamHost

6. DreamHost Alternative: AccuWeb Hosting

DreamHost Alternative: AccuWeb Hosting

Scalable Web Hosting For Complex Websites & Web Apps [$2.99 a month]

AccuWeb Hosting is the web host platform to trust when it comes to hosting a larger and more complex website or web app.

They can provide reliable speed and responsiveness as it is equipped with the latest hardware.

One worth highlighting is their dedicated servers.

These servers feature the latest Supermicro hardware to ensure each can provide the custom specification you may need.

For strong performance and protection against malicious attacks, unique features are included.

All support both Intel and AMD-based multi-core processors and Linux and Windows servers (self and fully managed).

Another great advantage of AccuWeb Hosting is it gives you all the control to manage your resources and accomplish all tasks more effectively.

They deliver this by providing you with three control panel options.

  • cPanel
  • SolidCP
  • Plesk
AccuWeb Hosting cPanel

The cPanel is the most popular option because of its simplicity and ease of use. It also promotes convenience with its one-click software installation function.

AccuWeb Hosting SolidCP

SolidCP is the second control panel option you can get and it is dedicated to Windows servers.

It recently released a newly-improved design which guarantees speed and reliability.

AccuWeb Hosting Plesk

Lastly, Plesk is the web hosting control panel built for both Linux and Windows.

Apart from the standard management features, it also allows you to automate tasks and processes on single and multiple servers.

AccuWeb Hosting Pricing Plan

AccuWeb Hosting Pricing Plan

AccuWeb Hosting created different pricing tiers per web hosting solution they offer.

For its Linux hosting, it offers 14 subscription plans under four categories. Six of them are divided into the following hosting solutions:

  • Linux Hosting on Cloud Servers ($4.79-$18.99/mo.): Three subscription plans that give you the power to host unlimited websites with 10-50 GB cloud storage and 500 GB-1 TB bandwidth. It also comes with cPanel access.
  • Linux Hosting on SSD Servers ($3.09-$9.99): Three subscription plans that allow you to create and manage unlimited domains (sites) and MySQL databases with 10-50 GB pure SSD storage (Raid10 Setup).

It has the same pricing structure for Windows hosting services.

  • Cloud Windows Hosting ($5.09-$14.49/mo.): Three subscription plans that give you 1-5 domains to manage with 3-25 GB cloud storage space, 500 GB-1 TB bandwidth per month, SolidCP access, and more.
  • SSD Windows Hosting ($3.52-$12.46/mo.): Three subscription plans that upgrade your SSD storage capacity 10-50 GB, 500 GB-1 TB premium data transfer per month, access to Plesk (control panel), and more.

Get to know the pricing rates for its other web hosting services by visiting AccuWeb Hosting now.

AccuWeb Hosting vs DreamHost At A Glance

5 stars


Best for: Individuals, professionals, businesses, and organizations Best for: Web designers, developers, bloggers, affiliates, and content creators
Pricing: Starts at $2.99/monthPricing: Starts at $2.95/month
Best feature: Robust dedicated servers and load balancer included for all VPS hostingBest feature: Consistent software uptime and simple automation features
Cons: Support is only available for billing and sales-related concernsCons: No phone support, Linux-based hosting only, & one-click install is slow
Try AccuWeb HostingTry DreamHost

7. DreamHost Alternative: Hostwinds

DreamHost Alternative: Hostwinds

Best VPS Web Hosting Provider For Small & Large Businesses [$5.24 a month]

Hostwinds has offered a wide variety of excellent web hosting services since its inception in 2010.

Host your website on their platform and they guarantee a fast, reliable, and secure performance.

Their shared hosting is the recommended service to get for anyone starting to build an eCommerce store. For added convenience, they equip it with the following tools:

  • 24/7 website monitoring
  • Nightly backup service
  • Full management support from its team of experts
  • Free website migration
  • Access to cPanel and Softaculous auto-installer
  • Weebly Site builder
  • Free SSL Certificates

But if you run a growing online business, it’s always best to avail of their business hosting as it is built with more speed and advanced features.

Here’s a screenshot to show you their wonderful upgraded additions:

Hostwinds Business Hosting

All of their web hosting products are indeed effective. But one that truly stands is their VPS hosting solutions – managed and unmanaged.

With the advanced technology built in it, they provide more security and stability compared to shared hosting.

Hostwinds’ VPS hosting both supports Linux and Windows servers. They also equipped all plans with a complete real-time backup, enterprise-level firewall, and load balancers for added convenience.

Burkhard Berger

Hostwinds Pricing Plan

Hostwinds Pricing Plan

Hostwinds is proud to offer its feature-rich web hosting services at affordable prices.

Let’s take a closer look at their shared web hosting subscription plans:

  • Basic ($5.24/mo.): Make the most of its unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and capacity to manage 1 domain.
  • Advanced ($6.74/mo.): Managing up to 4 domains is one of the many perks of purchasing this plan.
  • Ultimate ($8.24/mo.): This plan’s main goal is to scale up your business. They deliver this by allowing you to manage unlimited domains in one account.

Visit Hostwinds today if you want to see the pricing structures of its other web hosting products.

Hostwinds vs DreamHost At A Glance




Best for: Business owners who are involved in eCommerce industriesBest for: Web designers, developers, bloggers, affiliates, and content creators
Pricing: Starts at $5.24/monthPricing: Starts at $2.95/month
Best feature: Excellent reseller hosting, cloud servers, and reliable securityBest feature: Consistent software uptime and simple automation features
Cons: Offered the shortest money-back guarantee period (72-hour time window)Cons: No phone support, Linux-based hosting only, & one-click install is slow
Try HostwindsTry DreamHost

8. DreamHost Alternative: WPX Hosting

DreamHost Alternative: WPX Hosting

Most Reliable Web Hosting Provider For WordPress Websites [$20.83 a month]

Here’s a bonus DreamHost alternative that all WordPress users are sure to love – WPX Hosting.

This is a WordPress-centric web host provider that offers a secure and super-fast managed hosting product.

Strong security is delivered by adding excellent DDoS protection, malware (scanning and removal), and unlimited SSL certificates.

When it comes to speed, WPX Hosting equips the following technology:

  • Custom CDN (26 global edge locations)
  • WPX Cloud CDN uptime (turned on by default)
  • High-end SSD servers
  • PHP 7.x
WPX Hosting Guide: Staging Area

Test your website before publishing.

WPX hosting made it easier by providing you with a simple and clean staging area. Tweaking your theme’s design and adding plug-ins are just a few of the things you can do in this area.

The great thing about this is that any changes made will not impact new and existing page comments.

WPX Hosting Pricing Plan

WPX Hosting Pricing Plan

WPX Hosting offers three simple subscription plans where each includes 30-day money-back guarantee, 1-click WordPress installations, and unlimited site migrations.

  • Business ($20.83/mo.): Start with 5 websites that have 10 GB storage capacity. It also comes with a 100 GB bandwidth limit.
  • Professional ($41.58/mo.): Build and manage 15 websites with 20 GB storage capacity and 200 GB bandwidth limit.
  • Elite ($83.25/mo.): Up to 35 websites to create and host with 40 GB storage and unlimited bandwidth.

Ready to move your website?

WPX Hosting can do it for you free of charge and within 24 hours. Visit their website now to know how they can help you.

WPX Hosting vs DreamHost At A Glance

4 stars


Best for: Bloggers and small website (non-dynamic) publishersBest for: Web designers, developers, bloggers, affiliates, and content creators
Pricing: Starts at $20.38/monthPricing: Starts at $2.95/month
Best feature: Manual & automatic backups and managed WordPress hostingBest feature: Consistent software uptime and simple automation features
Cons: Basic email functionality and staging sites have a 1 GB database limitationCons: No phone support, Linux-based hosting only, & one-click install is slow
Try WPXTry DreamHost


FastComet may not rise above its competition over DreamHost when it comes to disk space and bandwidth (fair usage).

However, I still pick them as a clear winner because of their superiority in performance.

This is made possible by placing 11 data centers worldwide and equipping five layers of caching and speed optimizations. Together, they ensure to keep your website up and running without delay.

It also offers a much more affordable Shared Cloud SSD hosting that provides you generous CPU (2-6 cores) and RAM availability (2-6 GB).

Do you have a favorite amongst the 7+ best DreamHost alternatives? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below.

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