Businesses spend a fortune on advertisements and influencer marketing just to bring their product or service into the limelight. But they forget that some of the greatest brand advocates are their own staff. And with a powerful employee advocacy tool, the workforce can help a brand reach the next level.

However, I understand that finding a perfect advocacy software is challenging when the market is full of options since some promise high results but are good for nothing.

I have tested some of the leading employee advocacy software. It helped me learn different things about these tools in terms of their attributes and benefits and has put me in a great position to share an honest opinion about them.

So if you want to know about the best employee advocacy solutions, especially in terms of features, pros and cons, and pricing, then I am sure this article will be of great help. By the time you finish reading it, you can select a reliable tool that will help you and your team in creating and sharing company-approved content on multiple social platforms. 

What Is The Best Employee Advocacy Tool?

Here’s a glimpse of my three best employee advocacy tools: Sociabble, EveryoneSocial, and Oktopost.

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Top Pick. User-friendly and best for fast content distribution. Pricing is available on-demand.Built for scale with robust integration. Free to use.Most compliant tool with greater outreach and on-the-go-sharing. Pricing is available on-demand.
Try SociabbleTry EveryoneSocialTry Oktopost

To know how these 8 employee advocacy tools can help your business, I suggest you go through the rest of the article. 

1. Sociabble – Top Pick

Employee Advocacy Tool - Sociabble

Best Employee Advocacy Tool With Peer-To-Peer Communication [Free Demo | Custom Pricing]

Established in 2014, Sociabble is a renowned platform offering solutions for employee advocacy, employee engagement, and internal communication. The first thing I liked about Sociabble’s employee advocacy tool is its ability to make each employee feel like a brand ambassador on social media.

The tool allows your employee to share brand-relevant content on their social accounts. This magic happens through one of the platform’s features as it collects user-generated and official company content into a curated feed of pertinent material.

By giving your employees access to your company’s internal, external and social media content, Sociabble allows your staff to share new achievements, activities, and all the attractive information within their social circle. And rather than engaging in direct promotion or selling, this all appears to be done through storytelling.

This methodology boosts your brand’s visibility by driving the audience to the shared content and even aids in increased website traffic. The platform also aggregates and amplifies your reach by organizing your digital assets, including RSS feeds and social media accounts

It also has gamification and personalization elements permitting you to create polls, badges, quizzes, challenges, and campaigns to reward and honor your employee advocate community.

Some more features that I think make the Sociabble employee advocacy tool best for business are:

Pros And Cons Of Sociabble 

Is very easy to use with a user-friendly layoutCan’t track engagement for a particular week or month
Has great customer support
Offers fast content sharing between multiple entities and countries
Offers impressive translation of shared publications
Has free demo available

Sociabble Pricing Plan

Sociabble employee advocacy tool comes with customizable pricing plans. You can get a quote for the price after booking a demo.

Sociabble is on top of my list because of all the right reasons. The tool has a modern design with uncomplicated options. Also, all the user-generated content by employees is published after management’s approval. This eliminates the chances of sensitive data leak or spreading false information about your company.

Burkhard Berger

2. EveryoneSocial – Result-Driven Brand Visibility

Employee Advocacy Tool - EveryoneSocial

Most Ideal Employee Advocacy Tool For All Social Networks [Free]

While I admire EveryoneSocial for many things, the essential one is the concept of making employees your first influencers. At the core, this tool makes content marketing easy by empowering your employees to make and share content on social platforms authentically

EveryoneSocial helps you with content curation and approval and review process and lets you share it on almost every social platform including:

You can also integrate this employee advocacy program with various applications and business systems, such as Salesforce, Slack, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

But that’s not all….EveryoneSocial offers many valuable features that include:

Pros And Cons Of EveryoneSocial

Has an easy-to-use interfaceSome may experience lagging during signing-in or downloading files
Offers accurate progress tracking
You can pin the most important content to help employees focus on it first
Has the option of scheduling content for posting it later
Comes with an easy file-sharing option

EveryoneSocial Pricing Plan

Employee Advocacy Tool - EveryoneSocial Pricing

EveryoneSocial offers three plans:

Unless you’re a multinational corporation with thousands of employees, I recommend choosing the Teams pricing model. It has all the vital features you need to scale your business.

This tool is already trusted by some big names in the industry like T-Mobile and Facebook itself. The fact that it has one-click content distribution to all popular social media networks and offers integration with different communication platforms is what made me choose this tool as my second choice. 

Burkhard Berger

3. Oktopost – Most Powerful Social Compliance

Employee Advocacy Tool - Oktopost

Perfect Employee Advocacy Tool For B2B Organizations [Free Demo | Custom Pricing]

If you are a B2B business then the Oktopost employee advocacy solution is a great option for you. This software smoothens social media management and streamlines employee engagement activities to ensure higher advocacy.

With this tool’s help, you can immediately provide your workforce with on-brand and pre-approved social content. I’ve also experienced that it works great when it comes to exposing your teammates to the most relevant content through filters and topic segmentation.

Moreover, from reach and lead generation to conversions, the Oktopost advocacy tool allows you to measure each employee’s contribution to your social media marketing objectives. 

You can use this platform to see which of your employees share business-relevant content on their social accounts. And you can also determine who has the strongest network in terms of reach and conversions so you can assign them more content.

But that is not the end of the road. You can also connect Oktopost with your CRM and marketing automation platforms for high lead nurturing and scoring. In the same way, this advocacy solution holds many other useful features, like:

Nevertheless, what amazes me the most is its social compliance attribute. You can ban offensive and inappropriate keywords to prevent your employee advocacy from getting misused. At the same time, this platform also enables your employees to suggest content ideas related to your business.

Pros And Cons Of Oktopost

Is user-friendly and easy-to-navigate platformDespite simple navigation, you still need time to learn the entire system
Allows you to manage multiple social media accounts at one time
Has a very helpful customer support
Offers live product demonstration

Oktopost Pricing Plan

The company follows on-demand pricing. You can book a demo to experience this platform and discuss your goals to get a correct quote.

4. Bambu By Sprout Social – Most Comprehensive Analytics

Employee Advocacy Tool - Bambu by Sprout Social

Best Employee Advocacy Tool For Goal Alignment & Customized Experience [Free Trial | $89/User/Month]

Bambu by Sprout Social allows your staff to organize, curate, and distribute the company’s content on their personal Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts with one click of a button.

There are three use cases of this tool essentially in marketing, sales, and HR departments. 

Each employee can choose and follow the topic of their interest so they can share it with their social circle. Moreover, to ensure that nothing is posted or shared against the business, this employee advocacy platform comes with text suggestions approved by the management.

There is also a metrics overview option in this tool. Likewise, the content breakdown feature in Bambu gives you details about the ROI of your overall content creation and sharing strategy.

A few more features that I have found good in this advocacy platform are:

Pros And Cons Of Bambu by Sprout Social

Has an easy-to-learn interfaceSome may find editing shared content through mobile applications difficult
Comes with an attractive layout design and colors
Offers weekly content scheduling
Available on iOS and Android smartphones
Offers 30-day free trial with each plan

Bambu By Sprout Social Pricing Plan

Employee Advocacy Tool - Bambu by Sprout Social Pricing

There are three pricing plans for Bambu:

It would be best to go with the Professional plan instead of opting for the Advanced subscription because of the cost factor and value-to-money quotient. 

5. Ambassify – Most Result-Oriented Tool

Employee Advocacy Tool - Ambassify

Best Employee Advocacy Tool For Optimized Marketing Spending [Free Demo | $800/month]

Ambassify is another great software for implementing advocacy for your business. The tool offers fast sharing of your curated content by employees. One of its key features is a dedicated plugging for tagging people and organizations to give users a sense of ownership.

Ambassify is an extremely useful platform to streamline your content creation by engaging your employees on a variety of campaigns. The tool also works miraculously to amplify your recruitment process, marketing strategy, and sales. 

In fact, an intention-based campaign wizard feature takes your employees to the content based on their interaction history. At the same time, this trait makes the campaign editing process simple. Another time-saving attribute of this platform is its pre-defined copy and visual alternatives to help you create attractive descriptions

Some of its other features include:

Pros And Cons Of Bambu by Sprout Social

Has a user-friendly platformHas a slow notifications refresh rate
Offers polling and voting statistics
Ensures smooth internal communication

Ambassify Pricing Plan

Employee Advocacy Tool - Ambassify Pricing

Ambassify offers monthly-based pricing plans.

With the host of features Essential plan offers, it is recommended for most SMBs.

6. PostBeyond – Most Frictionless Sharing

Employee Advocacy Tool - PostBeyond

Employee Advocacy Tool Ideal For Consistent Brand Communication [Free Demo | Custom Pricing]

PostBeyond is another worthy contender in my list of top employee advocacy tools. It provides an in-depth review of the shared content by your team members and provides you with essential data and information about user interaction and engagement of each post.

But one of the unique features this tool has to offer is content expiration. You can set the beginning and ending dates of all the content you share with your employees so they know which post, blog, or company news needs quick attention. Likewise, this feature automatically deletes outdated content to avoid confusion.

It uses a centralized content approach to manage everything from a single library. All your employees can build their own content library and subscribe to a broad range of topics. On the contrary, admins or management can also refer specific topics to their staff through its internal communication feature so they can share them on different social networks.

Unlike other advocacy tools, PostBeyond allows your employees to read the content within the platform and without visiting other websites. You can enjoy more features of this advocacy tool, such as:

PostBeyond also allows gamification to enhance employee engagement by creating friendly competition through team leaderboards. All the participants can earn rewards and get a high position on the leaderboard based on post shares and engagement.

Pros And Cons Of PostBeyond

Has a very responsive customer serviceYou cannot retrieve the deleted post
Ideal for building a professional online presence
Supports multiple languages

PostBeyond Pricing Plan

PostBeyond offers custom pricing and you can get a tailor-made quote after booking the free demo.

7. Hootsuite Amplify – Safe Content Distribution

Employee Advocacy Tool - Hootsuite Amplify

Employee Advocacy Tool With Most Intuitive Mobile-First Environment [Free Trial | $49/month]

Hootsuite Amplify is 7th on my list of recommended employee advocacy tools to help your employees share company content safety to extend social reach. It’s one of the best mobile-centric advocacy solutions enabling your employees to use it on the go and build a solid professional image across several social media platforms. 

And in case you run out of topics, the good news is Amplify offers highly engaging content ideas through machine learning. Some more features related to Hootsuite Amplify are:

This tool also promotes swift employee communication through a built-in messaging feature. And most importantly, it enables your employees to share pre-approved content on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok, ensuring strategic goal alignment.

Pros And Cons Of Hootsuite Amplify

Have intuitive and clean mobile-friendly applicationLack of customizable gamification options
Has a fresh, modern, and fast user interface
Equipped with powerful permission management

Hootsuite Amplify Pricing Plan

Employee Advocacy Tool - Hootsuite Amplify Pricing

Hootsuite Amplify offers a 30-day free trial on four different plans starting from:

Unless you are big digital, it is better to go with the Team plan for its clear framework and better ROI.

8. Haiilo – Most Measurable Business Impact

Employee Advocacy Tool - Haiilo

Best Employee Advocacy Tool For Data-Driven Decisions [Free Demo | Custom Pricing]

Haiilo is a capable software that helps your employee share your company’s stories effortlessly through social channels. You and your staff can easily log in to the system from a web browser, smartphone, email, and even intranet to share the stuff.

This tool is powered by Artificial Intelligence that provides analytics for making logical and data-driven decisions. The platform analyzes engagement and generates automated reports so you know what to create and share next to grow your reach.

And Haiilo also provides gamification to make some monotonous tasks fun and entertaining. Additionally, you can also create leaderboards to increase awareness and reward your team with different types of digital trophies.

Now let’s have a quick look at some other features:

Pros And Cons Of Haiilo

No training is required to use the platformIt doesn’t integrate well with MS Teams
Has availability of ready-made content
Comes with continuous updates and feature additions

Haiilo Pricing Plan

Haiilo offers custom pricing and it depends on your requirements. You can get your quote by sending a request through its website.


Today’s customers are wise and they can easily differentiate between genuine reviews and people being paid to shed a few catchy phrases. They rely more on word-of-mouth and good words coming from your staff about your brand are always going to make a huge positive impact on the audience. 

But reaching thousands of ears is only possible when you have a strong employee advocacy tool. My top pick is Sociable because it offers content curation from various sources and allows you to create and share your own content. Moreover, it has an easy-to-use layout with rapid content distribution. 

My second favorite is EveryoneSocial because of its easy integration and greater scalability for improved brand visibility. Oktopost gains the third spot due to its social compliance and content customization features.
And if you are looking for options that can help smoothen your business processes, you can visit my blog to know more about the latest business tools for better ROI and market share.

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