7+ Best Employee Engagement Tools And Software For 2022

Employee Engagement Software

Organizations utilize employee engagement software to boost employee retention and morale by enhancing the quality of their work environment. In order to improve productivity and effectiveness, employee engagement tools and software are used to immerse employees in the organization’s purpose and culture.

Employee engagement tools enable workers to provide continuous feedback, improve the ability of individuals to work together in a group setting and make workers feel appreciated, respected, and involved.

The majority of employee engagement software is controlled by human resource departments and offered subscription-based. As an entrepreneur that manages a large number of employees for my company, I have tried and examined the best employee engagement tools I listed below.

There are so many choices for employee engagement software platforms now that it can be difficult to choose the best one for your business. I have compiled a list of 7+ of the top employee engagement tools and software solutions now on the market.

You will learn how to choose the best employee engagement software for your business. You will be able to learn different key features that can help your company and employee become more productive and engaged.

What Is The Best Employee Engagement Software?

If you want to jump straight into my top 3 picks, then you have Hirebook, Kazoo, and Workvivo.

Hirebook (R)


Kazoo (G)


Workvivo (V)

Best Overall. Employee engagement software with excellent HR tools. Starts at $10/month.Best value for money. Easy to use employee engagement tool with real-time feedback. Starts at $4.25/month.Features-Rich. Employee engagement software with the most accessible key features for all company sizes.
Try HirebookTry KazooTry Workvivo

Now, if you want to know more about the rest of our picks, let’s get things started.

1. Hirebook – Top Pick

employee engagement software - hirebook

Employee Engagement Software With Exceptional HR Tools [$10/ Month/User]

Hirebook is an employee engagement tool that helps firms empower their employees via meetings, internal communication, goals, and actions. Using OKRs as a framework for all of your team’s activities, managers are able to stay on top of employees’ progress, give a dedicated area for workers to discuss their professional growth, and more.

Any company seeking to boost engagement and productivity will find that the key features offered by Hirebook’s OKRs, KPIs, tasks, and check-ins, all integrated into a single meeting platform, is a fantastic combination.

Hirebook’s check-in tool makes it simple for supervisors and their HR teams to communicate progress and future goals while reducing barriers for their teams. With this, managers get insight into how they can better assist and lead their employees.

Hirebook helps you to dive down into employee engagement and productivity while developing closer ties between managers and workers.

By consolidating subjects, measuring progress, and concentrating on employee development, Hirebook helps you and your team get on the same page to enhance both productivity and efficiency.

Hirebook lets you outline your goals and critical outcomes so that your team is on the same page about what they should be doing. Teams benefit from their easy-to-use dashboards because they can celebrate accomplishments or drive at-risk projects forward with the information they need.

In order to evaluate whether or not a company’s goals were met, its grading system provides enterprises with the information they need.

employee engagement software - hirebook feature

Hirebook can help you reach your business objectives and boost employee engagement by engaging and empowering your workforce. Accountability, accomplishment, and accessibility are the three pillars of every high-performing team which is being promoted by Hirebook.

Integrations include:

  • G Suite
  • Microsoft
  • Slack
  • Data Sources for OKRs
  • Data Warehouse
  • HubSpot
  • Jira
  • Salesforce
  • Google Sheets
  • Excel
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Azure Database
  • Google BigQuery

The Onboarding Team can assist you with remaking your organizational chart, and it’s practical to set up. Hierarchical tree diagrams demonstrate the organization. This enables you to see how your company’s strategy is aligned vertically and cross-functionally.

Burkhard Berger

Pros And Cons Of Hirebook

Mobile app is availableSome features are still under development
Engage and align teams with multiple functionalities
User-friendly tool

Hirebook Pricing Plan

employee engagement software - hirebook pricing plan
  • Business ($10 per month per user): Includes all modules, unlimited data retention, unlimited integrations, external collaborators, data encryption, data portability, 99.99% Uptime SLA, and many more.
  • Enterprise (available upon request only): Includes all services offered by the Business plan with additional access to 24/7 support, coach access, board advisors, offline backup, and many more.

It is recommended to purchase a Business subscription first and get to know more about its features before upgrading to an Enterprise subscription. If you have a small company, the Business subscription would be enough for you.

2. Kazoo – Best Value For Money

employee engagement software - kazoo

Modern Employee Engagement Software For Real-Time Feedback [$4.25 /Month/User]

In order to establish a high-performing, connected culture regardless of where your employees work or what device they use, Kazoo‘s Employee Experience Platform pulls together everything you need. With a single, easy-to-use platform that combines:

  • Goals & OKRs
  • Employee Peer Recognition
  • Employee Feedback
  • Conversations
  • Employee Surveys
  • Incentives

Through these, workers become more engaged, and managers become more effective leaders. In the Kazoo platform, priorities are established, successes are rewarded, and everyone gets the opportunity to have their say.

Kazoo uses pulse surveys to collect input from employees and track their level of commitment to the company’s transformation. Employees are assisted using their cutting-edge technology and analytics. With the help of psychologists and organizational designers, the platform and its methodology are based on scientifically proven questions and evaluations that are supported by research. All of this is rounded up by their Professional Services.

The most recent in engineering and design in today’s world of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Understanding (NLU), users have access to cutting-edge capabilities in a user-friendly interface. Inclusion, accessibility, and availability on any device are the qualities of Kazoo.

Actionable Insights and Analytical Power access real-time insights throughout the full employee lifecycle supported by their People Science Team to discover patterns in your data and forecast which actions will generate the most effect.

employee engagement software - kazoo feature

Kazoo provides real-time dashboards and analytics to empower executives and motivate them to take action. Based on feedback from their employees, you can help your managers by recommending lessons and actions that they can implement.

Security and scalability are built into Kazoo, allowing it to be used by any kind of company. Using this software, you can also link your HR systems, enable SSO, and protect your data on a worldwide scale. Because of their limitless surveys, unlimited administrators, and unlimited question modification, we rated this tool as the best value for money.

Integrations include:

  • Workday
  • BambooHR
  • ADP
  • Namely
  • Outlook
  • Slack
  • Salesforce
  • Teams
  • Yammer

Do you want to manage your employee incentives effectively? People Directory and HR/HRIS data can be used to identify people, teams, or a large group. You can also send a Special Recognition from your company to highlight noteworthy performance. In this way, customized nominations and awards can be managed centrally.

Burkhard Berger

Pros And Cons Of Kazoo

Available app for iOS and android mobileUnable to provide a report of all transactions
Available email and phone support
HCM/HRIS integrations are available

Kazoo Pricing Plan

employee engagement software - kazoo pricing plan
  • Growth ($5 per month per user): Gets you access to all features of Kazoo in this subscription plan, and this is ideal if you have 100 – 250 employees in your company.
  • Standard ($4.25 per month per user): Allows access to all features of Kazoo in this subscription plan, and this is ideal if you have 250 – 1000 employees in your company.
  • Enterprise (available upon request): Gets you access to all features of Kazoo in this subscription plan, and this is ideal if you have 1000 or more employees in your company.

Volume discounts apply at Kazoo pricing plans. Kazoo sets the price on the volume of employees you have in your company that will use their software.

3. Workvivo – Most Features

employee engagement software - workvivo

Employee Engagement Solution With Widest Features [Price Available Upon Request]

Working from home or in the office has never been easier with Workvivo, an app that fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among coworkers and managers alike.

For firms that require compliance and monitoring while allowing their workers to have the freedom and inclusion they want, this is the contemporary intranet and employee app you’ve been looking for, all wrapped together in one easy-to-use social experience that people naturally love.

They assist workers to remain updated, engaged and connected no matter where they are. Workvivo, seeing that remote workers need greater flexibility in how they interact, communicate, and work, decided to design a collaboration platform that is responsive and respectful of each person’s identity and contributions.

Workvivo is built on intrinsic motivators to help virtual workers feel connected, included, and, most importantly, appreciated for their job, regardless of their level of involvement.

Their leadership content encourages two-way communication between the employee and the company. You can use their multimedia feature to spread leadership messages to the widest possible audience.

employee engagement software - workvivo feature

Workvivo allows a better understanding between the company’s top executives and its employees through their performance reviews.

Employees are able to cooperate and communicate more effectively when they are in the same space. Supervisors will get to know their employee sentiment clearly through their employee engagement templates.

Your customizable activity feed includes content from areas you’ve visited on the platform. Co-workers from different departments and locations can easily collaborate in these spaces.

Workvivo also uses hashtags to draw attention to how everyday interactions, corporate culture, and company principles all tie together.

Pros And Cons Of Workvivo

Available email and phone supportPrice available only upon request
Excellent customer supportInterface is hard to navigate
Offers customizable activity feed

Workvivo Pricing Plan

The pricing plan of Workvivo is only available upon request. Contact their Sales Team and have a free demo with their software.

4. Bonusly – Easy To Use Recognition Platform

employee engagement software - bonusly

User-Friendly Employee Engagement Software Solution [$2.70/Month/User]

With Bonusly, HR professionals, team leaders, and small company owners can build more engaging workplaces by placing recognition in the hands of people who are closest to the work. In order to transform acknowledgment into concrete benefits, Bonusly has a broad international digital incentive catalog.

Bonusly’s peer-to-peer recognition gives acknowledgment to people and improves employee satisfaction.

Encourage your staff to work harder by rewarding them with relevant incentives, such as gift cards, contributions, and merchandise. Learn where your employees are doing well and where they need more help using analytics and reports that go into great depth.

Bonusly helps design and execute your employee recognition strategy, secure workflow program uptake, promote your company’s values, and so much more. You can use it to boost participation and awareness in your award and incentive programs, such as your employee referral and spot bonus programs.

By incorporating Bonusly into your workers’ regular procedures, you can make recognition a habit for them. It doesn’t matter whether they’re in Slack, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, Chatter, or your own intranet; they’ll be able to see and acknowledge each other wherever they work.

It is possible to reduce the amount of time spent on administrative tasks by integrating Bonusly with a wide range of HRIS/HRMS and SSO applications.

Using their customizable template library or your own templates, managers and leaders can collect regular, real-time feedback from their staff. Bonusly can be used to reward survey participants for their efforts.

employee engagement software - bonusly feature

Pros And Cons Of Bonusly

Supports HRIS/HRMS and SSO applicationsSome features are still under development
Provides real-time feedback
Easy to use software

Bonusly Pricing Plan

employee engagement software - bonusly pricing plan
  • Core ($2.70 per user per month): Offers fun social recognition and achievements, engaging chat tool and intranet integrations, easy-to-use mobile apps, actionable analytics, detailed reporting, effortless global rewards, automated recognition for work anniversaries and birthdays, and excellent customer support.
  • Pro ($4.50 per user per month): Bonusly Pro includes every Core feature, plus: Centralized company incentives and awards, turnkey HRIS and single sign-on integrations, configurable admin permissions, advanced reporting, and incentivized employee feedback gathering.
  • Custom (price available upon request): Bonusly Custom includes every Core & Pro feature, plus options for 99% guaranteed uptime SLA, dedicated support, and a consultation team. launch strategy and rollout support, manager resources and training, and custom HRIS integrations.

I recommend purchasing a Core subscription first before upgrading to other plans. Core features allow your company and employees to be productive.

5. Kudos – Best Survey Tools

employee engagement software - kudos

Best Employee Engagement Surveys For Large Companies [Price Available Upon Request]

In order to raise employee morale, decrease employee turnover and increase productivity, Kudos® uses peer-to-peer recognition, values reinforcement, and open communication to create a more positive work environment.

Kudos® uses unique patented approaches in order to give critical people analytics on culture, effectiveness, equality, and inclusion, giving employers in-depth perceptions and a clear knowledge of their workforce. Over 80 nations on six continents utilize the Kudos® platform, which is employed in a broad range of sectors and languages.

Traditional milestone and incentive programs no longer meet the needs of today’s workforce, which is demanding more meaningful ways to show workers how much they are appreciated.

Using social software, the Kudos® platform is an online employee engagement and culture solution that helps employers exchange meaningful value-based recognition to build an enticing workplace culture.

Employee engagement initiatives powered by Kudos® have been shown to increase employee retention, satisfaction, and productivity for the firm.

employee engagement software - kudos feature

When a team or individual goes above, and beyond the call of duty, the Kudos® reward program is a great way to let them know they’ve made a difference right away.

This program’s administration is designed to be as straightforward and user-friendly as possible. Anyone in the office can nominate a deserving top talent for a Kudos® award for their outstanding work or service.

Pros And Cons Of Kudos

Customizable survey questionsPricing plan is only available upon request
User-friendly interfaceCustomer experience should be improved
Social software builds an exciting work culture

Kudos Pricing Plan

Kudos pricing plan is only available upon request. You can request a demo from them or get a personalized demo by contacting their help center.

6. Leapsome – Best For Performance Management

employee engagement software - leapsome

Employee Engagement Software Best For Monitoring Employee Performance [Price Available Upon Request]

Spotify, Northvolt, and Unity are just a few of the forward-thinking firms that utilize Leapsome‘s platform to connect performance management, engagement, and learning.

Using Leapsome’s Employee Engagement Program, you can manage:

  • Goals and objectives
  • Performance reviews
  • Employee learning and onboarding
  • Employee engagement surveys
  • Employee feedback
  • Meetings

You can automate and save time with their expert templates. Use their review builder to make your reviews unique. Collect feedback from employees, whether anonymous or not. Analyze workers’ data to learn more about them.

Your managers and their teams will benefit greatly from Leapsome’s assistance. Leapsome is a user-friendly and customizable platform. Best-practice frameworks, automated procedures, and data-informed choices are all available to help you get started.

employee engagement software - leapsome feature

All active workers will get an email invitation from Leapsome once the import has been finished and their accounts have been activated. Deactivating the checkbox prevents Leapsome from sending automatic invites to your workers.

Employers can use Leapsome’s eNPS, or Employer Net Promoter Score, to gauge their employees’ level of happiness and loyalty. Additionally, the onboarding of new hires can be made easily through their Employee Onboarding.

Pros And Cons Of Leapsome

Easily onboard new hiresPricing plan is only available upon request
Easy to use
Excellent for tracking employee performance

Leapsome Pricing Plan

Leapsome pricing plan is only available upon request. However, you can request a demo of their platform and get to know more about their key features.

7. TINYpulse – Fast And Clear Communication Platform

employee engagement software - tinypulse

Best HR Software For Employee Communication [Price Available Upon Request]

TINYpulse is an employee engagement platform that is cloud-based. It has an employee survey that gives real-time input on how satisfied, unhappy or burnt-out people are. With the aid of this solution, the company can foster a climate of mutual respect and support amongst its new hires. It also aids in the comprehension of the reasons behind the resignation of workers.

Also, TINYpulse aids in the retention of top-performing employees. Giving workers the ability to anonymously submit feedback increases their sense of agency. With its dashboard, you can get a complete picture of your firm, including sentiment analysis. You can access an employee portal through a phone, web browser, or the TINYpulse mobile app.

TINYpulse supports:

  • Slack
  • Workday
  • BambooHR
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google
  • Outlook
  • Wunderlist
  • Azure Active Directory
  • iOS
  • Android

TINYpulse was developed to ensure that the organization is listening to and responding to the requirements of its workers. Every week, an email blast containing a question of general interest is sent to the whole company, and workers will have a certain amount of time to respond and even make comments.

Employee engagement can be boosted by incorporating gamification features that keep tabs on their progress toward goals.

employee engagement software - leapsome feature

Pros And Cons Of TINYpulse

Excellent data visualization of the results Not user-friendly interface
Allows you to give props and recognition to a coworkerPricing plan is only available upon request
Real-time feedback is available

TINYpulse Pricing Plan

The pricing plan of TINYpulse is only available upon request. You can also request a demo from them and learn more about the benefits offered.

8. Culture Amp – Best For Employee Recognition

employee engagement software - culture amp

Best Employee Engagement Tool For Employee Rewards [Price Available Upon Request]

When Culture Amp was first established in 2009, it was to enable businesses to conduct anonymous surveys of their employees. Since then, the company’s mission has grown to include assisting businesses in putting the information they acquire to good use.

The platform offered well-being templates, which asked workers whether they were feeling overwhelmed, how they felt about corporate leaders’ messages, and whether or not they were eager to return to work.

employee engagement software - culture amp feature

Individual workers’ privacy is safeguarded by conducting surveys and collecting data in an anonymous manner.

There are many different industries, sizes, and regions to choose from since Culture Amp works with a wide number of organizations. In this way, organizations can examine how their employee engagement compares to that of their competitors.

Skills Coach, another component based on behavioral science research, provides managers with two-minute interactive activities for improving their soft skills. These exercises can be sent by Slack or email.

Pros And Cons Of Culture Amp

Excellent customer supportPricing plan is only available upon request
Real-time feedback
Access to well-being templates

Culture Amp Pricing Plan

Culture Amp pricing plan is only available upon request. You can request a quote or a demo from their sales team.


The influence of employee engagement on business operations and profitability tends to be most significant at the company level. This approach helps managers better understand the requirements of their employees and devise strategies for enhancing morale and creating more favorable working conditions.

Because successful techniques can establish a better work culture, decrease staff turnover, enhance productivity, generate better working and customer connections, and influence corporate earnings, it is critical for all companies to focus on increasing employee engagement.

All of this taken into account, I chose Hirebook as our top pick for having excellent and reliable HR tools for any company size. Kazoo, with the best value for money and real-time feedback features, is placed 2nd, while we ranked Workvivo 3rd for having the widest features of employee engagement software.

Read more of our blog posts to get to know more of the best digital tools for your business and start getting an upper hand in the digital community.

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