A grant writing software helps you write formal proposals that win grants. Using a grand management solution, you can easily improve the quality of the grant proposals you send out. This can help you secure a higher level of grants and funding from donors.

If you’re looking for such a solution, you’ve come to the right place. Being an entrepreneur for the past decade, I’ve come across a lot of software that provides grant management.

I’ve tried and tested all the software that I’m going to list down in this blog for a 100% honest review.

Let’s begin.

What Is The Best Grant Writing Software?

If you’re in a hurry, take a look at my top 3 picks: Instrumentl, Submit.com, and Good Grants.

Instrumentl (R)


Submit (G)


Grants (V)

Best overall. 360-degree grant management system with search functionalities. Starts at $179/month.Best value for money. Flexible grant writing software with intuitive formats and templates.Most features. Excellent grant and data management solution. Starting at $115/month.
Try Instrumentl Try Submit.comTry Good Grants

Now, let’s get back to the detailed review of the best grant writing software that you can choose from in 2022. 

1. Instrumentl – Top Pick

Instrumentl homepage

Best Grant Writing Software To Secure Fundings [Starting at $179/mo]

Instrumentl is at the top of my review list because it provides 360-degree grant management to its customers. Starting in 2014, Instrumentl has quickly gained massive popularity in the US and now the software is used by many to streamline, improve, and manage their grants.

One of the biggest problems that grant seekers face is finding prospective agencies that are willing to invest in causes you support. Instrumentl takes care of finding agencies that are looking to make a positive impact through positive social changes

You can save valuable time by focusing on grant initiatives while the software takes care of making the grant management process faster, easier, and more efficient. Instrumentl serves non-profits to help move the world forward through valuable contributions. 

With this grant writing software, you can discover grants that are aligned with your goals. Further, you can track all grants applied for a specified period. By getting the right features, your staff will be more effective and efficient in securing their desired grant for the nonprofits.

Let’s look at some of the features that make Instrumntl my top pick.

Instrumentl dashboard

Moving on, it’s time to see the pros and cons of Instrumentl and see whether it is worth using the software.

Pros And Cons Of Instrumentl

Equipped with data privacy and relevanceLimited grant search unless you upgrade
Exceptional grant managementWeak search parameters
Easy to use
Free trial available
Organized project management

Instrumentl Pricing Plan

Instrumentl pricing

Instrumentl offers the following pricing options along with a 14-day free trial:

If you’re just starting out, Instrumentl’s basic plan is a good deal for you.

2. Submit.com –  User-Friendly Grant Management Tool

Submit.com Homepage

Top-Tier Grant Management System [Custom Price/Demo]

Submit.com is a grant writing software that provides you with the tools you need to create a winning proposal and win grants. It can help you research funding opportunities, track deadlines, and organize your thoughts and materials. And best of all, it can make the writing process itself much easier. With its built-in templates and easy-to-use format, Submit.com can take the stress out of writing a proposal.

It is a cloud-based software and it works best for grants, scholarship, and awards management. You can easily create applications and look over all administrative tasks. Submit.com also comes with a thorough reporting feature where you can easily identify the effectiveness of your grant proposals. I like this software’s flexibility in terms of adapting to your grand management process all coupled with high scalability.

Not many software provide accessibility and seamless grant management – Submit.com does. Further, you can create, review and manage all applications whether they are housing or community grants. Data management is crucial especially when grants are involved. With Submit.com, you get efficient data management through the screening process. 

Let’s look at some of the features of Submit.com:

Submit.com dashboard

Let’s take a look at submit.com’s pros and cons to understand what the software lacks.

Pros And Cons Of Submit.com

Easy to useComplex add ons
Exceptional customer supportLess customizable
Has data management
Multiple data formats supported
Intuitive software

Submit.com Pricing Plan

This software doesn’t have a pricing plan however, it works on a custom model. You can request a demo to test the test and see if it’s something your business needs. 

A key matter to take into consideration when choosing a gant writing software is it’s accessibility to use. Convenience is an importantt aspect when starting off with a new software. In addition, platforms that have their own resource hub is also a plus.

Burkhard Berger

3. Good Grants – Modern Grant Writing Solution

Good Grants homepage

Intuitive Grants Management [Starting at $115/mo]

Nonprofits are often looking for donors who are willing to do something good for their community and for a cause they believe in. Good Grants provide such nonprofits the ability to find suitable grants for their projects. Ultimately, the goal of the company is to bring positive results and improve society through good funding decisions.

This grant writing software helps in making quality proposals that get the job done. Often bad proposals cause many refusals and are a setback for good nonprofits looking to make a difference. The powerful features that Good Grants provides allow grantmakers to easily deal with administrative processes, make informed decisions and save a lot of time – all in flexible and transparent pricing plans that can fit every budget well.

Good Grants can be suitable for organizations and programs of all sizes. But, in dealing with grant management, compliance is a huge concern. This platform is ISO/IEC 27001 certified and GDPR + CCPA compliant which means that your nonprofit will be their responsibility too when it comes to grant compliances.

Also, the dashboard feature is pretty useful as it provides multiple functionalities within the same location. You can check user CRM, track grant applications, allocate budgets and organize applications with categories, attachments, and tabs for an easy filter.

Let’s look at some of the features that Good Grants offer:

Good Grants dashboard

Pros And Cons Of Good Grants

User-friendlyNo free version
Has a dashboard overviewLack of financial integrations
Comes with multi-language support
Equipped with decisions progress
Has budget tracking

Good Grants Pricing Plan

Good Grants pricing

Good Grants offers the following pricing options along with a 14-day free trial:

Good Grant’s intro plan is a good place to start your grant writing journey.

4. GrantHub – Easy-to-Use Grant Writing Solution

GrantHub Homepage

Reliable Online Grant Writing Solution [Starting at $75/mo]

GrantHub is a grant writing software by Foundant Technologies. It is a modern platform that helps users identify potential funders and grants. It provides both parties (grantors and grantees) the ability to find the right counterpart. For instance, grantors looking to fund nonprofits that support specific causes or grantees looking for grantors who support causes related to the NGOs.

Further, you have the ability to track and organize your grants. This includes grant documents, reports, deadlines, and applications. If you’re still using manual methods such as spreadsheets, calendars, file storage systems, or task managers, you’ll be spending a lot of time doing things that can be easily digitized by GrantHub.

To help you stay proactive, GrantHub sends regular email reminders to users in order to inform them about any updates or incoming deadlines to submit their applications. Further, for consultants, GrantHub has application features where consultants can manage and track applications from multiple clients.

It is a web-based cloud platform that gives great accessibility. One of the most important features of any good software is customer support. With GrantHub you have the access to support with the help of email, forum, knowledge base, phone, and chat.

Here are some of the features that GrantHub has to offer:

GrantHub Dashboard

Pros And Cons Of GrantHub

Has task tracking and remindersPoor donors searching
Licenses up to 35 usersNeeds more reporting options
Comes with pre-built reports
Intuitive dashboard

GrantHub Pricing Plan

GrantHub Pricing

GrantHub offers two pricing plans:

GrantHub’s monthly plan will be a good fit for users with limited storage needs.

5. EveryAction – Best Donor Management Solution

EveryAction Homepage

Best-in-Class Nonprofit Fundraising Software [Demo Available]

EveryAction helps with donor management and fundraising, particularly for nonprofits. It provides a cloud-based unified platform where you can easily manage fundraising, volunteers, and donors. Along with this, it can help organizations of any size and provide campaign management as well as emails. To support easier donations, EveryAction has one-click donations integration which allows users to have a loyal and engaged supporter base.

Non-profit organizations can handle multiple projects and manage grants within the platform through a seamless dashboard that provides every important function directly on it. For instance, to find donors or grantors for your projects, EveryAction supports multi-channel campaigns so you can use traditional marketing as well as digital channels to look for potential donors. 

Moreover, you can do segmentation on your campaigns in order to track and manage them without any confusion. Digital marketing tools provided in this software include targeted email campaigns. You can keep the marketing costs as low as possible thanks to social networks and multiple useful integrations that can help spread the word organically.

Here are some of the important features offered by EveryAction:

EveryAction dashboard

Pros And Cons Of EveryAction

Has donor managementPoor interface
Equipped with social media integrationsNo free trial 
Multi-channel supportIssues with database
Exceptional customer support

EveryAction Pricing Plan

EveryAction offers no pricing plan, instead, it works on a custom model. You can request a demo account to test out this platform before you make the purchase decision.

Most Grant writing software is highly likely to integrate with other existing platforms suh as Nonprofit CRMs and Donor Management Software. If you are already using these types of software solutions already, it’d be best to integrate them with one another.

Burkhard Berger

6. Bryte Bridge – Grant Writing To Grow Your NonProfit

Bryte Bridge homepage

End-to-End Grant Writing System [$1649/mo]

Bryte Bridge is a flexible solution for nonprofits to run their operations smoothly. Grant writing is provided by Brye Bridge for nonprofits so they can win grants and awards in order to keep moving forward with their cause. Grants provide a huge source of income for many nonprofits and given the tough competition for grants, it is important to ensure the content is of high quality and makes your application stand out.

Only limited applicants actually receive the grant, therefore, with the help of a grant writing service you can deliver the right application in the best way possible. This way, you can secure the funding you need for the targeted programs and projects.

The goal of Bryte Bridge is to empower important causes. For NGOs, Bryte Bridge provides end-to-end grant management that results in winning applications. The forms created by this grant writing software help in creating effective applications.

Here are some of the important features offered by Bryte Bridge:

Bryte Bridge features

Pros And Cons Of Bryte Bridge

Provides grant researchOnly suitable for NGOs
Ensures grant complianceA little pricey 
Prepare grant readiness list
High-quality grant writing

Bryte Bridge Pricing Plan

Bryte Bridge pricing

With Bryte Bridge’s grant management plan, you’ll receive:

If your usage of grant management and writing is greater, this plan is perfect for you to automate your overall grants lifecycle.

7. Submittable – Best For Social Impact 

Submittable homepage

Most Comprehensive Grants Management Software [Demo Available]

Launching and growing social impact programs are easier with Submittable. Along with grants, you can also apply for CSR programs and scholarships. The goal of Submittable is to partner up with nonprofits to bring a positive impact to the community through receiving free grants. Thanks to smarter workflows and efficient decision-making, you will never miss grant programs.

Submittable’s dashboard is user-friendly and provides a useful space to search for grants and keep tabs on previously applied ones. Further, you can also research different grants directly from the software – making it extremely effective. The organized dashboard gives Submittable an edge over its competitors. 

Using this software, you’ll quickly learn how to be a pro when it comes to managing grants. Its intuitive user interface is the reason why it is easier for everyone to understand the software in a short time. Not many grant writing software provides the same level of ‘ease of use’ through their software interface.

Here are some of the important features offered by Submittable:

grant forms

Pros And Cons Of Submittable

Advanced reviewsFeatures are complicated to use
Anonymous submissionsNo free version
Automated reviewNo free trial
Has funds trackings

Submittable Pricing Plan

Submittable doesn’t offer any free trial or free version of the software. However, you can request a demo version by filling out their contact form. Once you’re satisfied with the software, you can have custom features installed in this grant writing software.

8. Eleo – Most Affordable Donor Management Software

Eleo homepage

Robust Features by Eleo [Starting at $39 per month]

Eleo provides centralized payments for any permits, fines, and fees so that you can have evidence for every transaction all in a single location. Moreover, the platform provides auto calculations in order to reduce errors and make submissions simple. You can further improve the audit trails by assigning particular roles to each member of your team and external reviewers.

In these technologically advanced times, workflow automation is a great feature in any software. Eleo provides workflow automation for administrative tasks (that are repetitive). You can also filter out applications and move them automatically. 

Here are some of the important features offered by Eleo:

Eleo dashboard

Pros And Cons Of Eleo

Comes with data managementOutdated interface
Has grant managementPoor automation
Allows for funds trackings

Eleo Pricing Plan

Eleo Pricing

Eleo offers 6 pricing plans:

Depending on your grants requirement (number of projects you’re working on), you choose the best one. Ideally, a $100/month plan will work best for most users.

Wrapping Up

Using grant writing software is necessary for businesses because it helps in securing grants from donors. It can also help perform many functions such as:

The software I listed above, comes with many functions that assist in grant management. 

If you’re looking for the best-performing solution, I’d recommend Instrumentl, however, in terms of the best value for money, I’d recommend Instrumentl.

If you’re looking to learn more about different types of software, head over to software reviews.

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