How To Become A Content Creator With 1M+ Followers [2022]

How To Become A Content Creator

With the vast number of content creators, which continually increases day by day, you need to level up your approach to stand out from the crowd.

In this article, I will illuminate you regarding the best practices that you can apply to your own strategies and creations.

Although garnering an enormous following can be grueling, as long as you have the right information at hand, it is possible.

Learning how to become a content creator with over a million followers is attainable. You need to create high-quality content, improve your skills, use the right tools, grasp lessons from the masters in the field, as well as find out which areas your competitors are missing out on.

I will also teach you how to differentiate between influencers and content creators.

In addition to that, I will include a comprehensive list of site platforms, keyword research tools, social media marketing essentials, and image and video editing software that you can use.

Let us begin!

Content Creators vs. Influencers

Before we jumpstart your path on how to become a content creator with tons of followers, let us discuss two terms first.

The labels “influencer” and “content creator” often get confused as the same thing.

Although their meanings can coincide, they actually have notable differences.

An influencer is someone whose main goal is to gain a large number of subscribers or followers on social media.

They also tend to prioritize building a relationship with their audience through relatability, keeping up with their areas of interest, and so on.

This makes them a prime candidate for companies to contact to negotiate sponsored deals to sell their goods and services.

Content creators, on the other hand, although he/she can build a following over time, has the main goal of making high-quality content above all.

The outputs can be anything from photos, podcasts, videos, blog posts, infographics, etc.

So as you can see, the focus of this article is to show you can get the best of both worlds.

I will teach you how you can come up with top-notch creations, all the while growing your follower count. 

Examples of Successful Content Creators

If you aim to discover how to become a content creator, you need real-life examples to look up to.

I’ll share stories of the best creators in the text, video, and audio areas so that you can find inspiration in their victory.

Moreover, note that whatever field you choose should be determined by your interest, expertise, and willingness to learn the area. 

Exploring the triumphs of distinguished individuals can serve as motivation for your own outputs. This also lays out indispensable knowledge that will solidly boost your career. 

Burkhard Berger

Example #1: Backlinko (Text-Based Content)


Backlinko is a blog site that gets an average of 100,000 visits per month.

Now, you may think that it’s not that much of a big deal.

There are many SEO giants out there that can easily outmatch him.

The thing is, the niche in which Brian Dean, its founder, is leading in is very competitive.

Digital marketing, in particular, is something that a lot of companies write about.

Yet, if you make a Google search about something in this field, you will see his articles on the top pages.

If you’re not impressed yet, although Brian hires freelancers from time to time, he mostly does everything by himself.

This means that he actually goes toe-to-toe with a lot of big businesses.

So, you might be thinking…

What does Brian do that sets him apart from others?

Here are three qualities that make Backlinko’s founder special that you can implement in your life.

  1. Allow mistakes to make you better.: Starting, Brian wasn’t making a lot of money from freelance blog writing.

Believe it or not, there was a time when the king of the Skyscraper technique (I’ll elaborate on this later) had a hard time paying for rent.

After accepting that writing wasn’t working for him, he shifted his efforts to search engine optimization (SEO).

This is when he started making traction in his industry.

Allowing himself to fail and then learn from his mistakes, took him on the path to success.

  1. Invest in long-term trends.: Trends can be fun and attractive for many.

However, there is no guarantee when one is going to stay.

That is why you need to discern which ones are going to impact your content and adjust accordingly.

Brian noticed that black hat or unethical SEO practices were being penalized.

So, he shifted his style to adopt only white hat techniques, which in return hugely benefited his business.

  1. Give the best output for readers.: What truly sets him apart is his ability to provide the highest quality content possible.

He learns from his readers’ experiences and tweaks his site to cater to their needs.

One of the things he realized was that when people read blogs, they often have to visit another one to learn about something that wasn’t covered in the post.

Brian makes sure that his articles have everything that a reader would ever need.

They are straight-to-the-point and packed with actionable information.

Now, you might be curious about what the best text content looks like.

As I promised earlier, I will explain what the Skyscraper technique is.

Just like most humans, I am sure that you use Google on a daily basis.

In fact, every second, there are 63,000 Google searches made.

You may have noticed a growing occurrence of the following type of articles:

  • A beginner’s guide
  • The ultimate guide
  • Everything you need to know about
beginner's guide samples

All three assure you that their content has completely covered the topic at hand.

This is at the heart of the Skyscraper technique, Brian’s creation.

He was the pioneer in this type of article and many businesses are adopting and following in his footsteps. 

There are three essential characteristics of articles exhibiting this style of writing that you can apply to your own.

  1. Create better content than the competition.: If you are wondering why it is called the “Skyscraper” technique in the first place, here’s why. 

Imagine that content, say, for example, a blog post is a tall building.

What you are going after is to stack more floors or levels on top of that edifice.

Essentially, what this means is that you are not only concerned with making posts similar to the best in the industry.

What you really want is to beat them while improving your content so much more, pretty much like a skyscraper.

  1. Use proven strategies as your bedrock.: Similar to analyzing long-term trends, this simply translates to following what has worked in the past.

One example you might have seen is the rise of long-form list articles.

This is another variation of the Skyscraper technique.

What was originally “Top 10” or “Best 7” list articles are now mostly “37 of the best” or “40 Top of”.

These articles are not only getting longer but the information they also contain skyrockets dramatically.

Yes, they still follow the proven popularity of listicles but they are infused with more value.

  1. Analyze your competitors’ inadequacies and provide the solution.: Another major key to this technique is pointing out what’s missing with top pages and supplying them.

This makes Skyscraper posts more complete compared to the others.

Moreover, since the readers stay on your site longer because they get more information there, your ranking is positively impacted.

Example #2: Alux (Video Content)

Alux YouTube channel

Alux is a luxury-focused YouTube channel that currently boasts 3.41 million subscribers.

It started as a Tumblr blog displaying images of wealth and fine living.

Now, it has more followers than Forbes, Bloomberg, and even celebrity rapper Jay-Z.

True to their tagline, “The place where future billionaires come to get inspired,” their most-watched video is about the top 10 most expensive private jets.

Here are three things that Alux did right that paved their way to the top.

  1. Discover market gaps.: The founder of this channel, Emil Anton, was a luxury enthusiast himself.

However, he did not find a lot of sites that provided what he was looking for.

And so, he decided to create one himself.

As a content creator, there are untouched areas of the market that you can tap.

This specialization can set you apart from the crowd.

  1. Don’t take shady sponsorships.: If you watch Alux videos, you’ll notice that there aren’t sponsors on the show.

This is because they value building trust with their audience.

They steer clear of partnerships with companies with suspicious sponsorships

So in the future, do your research, play the long game, and don’t allow yourself to be blinded by making a quick buck.

  1. Give viewers rewards at the end of the video.: This is another unique trait that this YouTube channel has.

They give their viewers a treat for staying till the end of the video.

So, even though the title may say “Top 10”, they always slip in one or two items as a bonus.

If you choose to become a video content creator, you can replicate this to your channel and add your own twist. 

With YouTube having 2 billion monthly users, this will be a worthy investment.

Example #3: The Daily Podcast (Audio Content)

The Daily podcast

The Daily is a podcast by the New York Times.

It started during Trump’s presidency, but its rise to fame began during the pandemic.

Their shows usually last from 20-30 minutes per episode.

Although it can be quite unusual for a news show to be consumed through a podcast format, it has already reached a whopping 4 million daily downloads.

If you want to learn how to become a content creator with a massive following, this news podcast has some important tricks to impart.

Here are three things that make it extraordinary.

  1. Capture listeners’ hearts through authenticity.: The hosts deliver the stories in a somewhat peculiar way.

Instead of assuring the listeners that they’ve got all the facts, they go through a journey of curiosity, discovery, and knowledge.

They do not pretend to know it all.

Instead, they deliver the news report with a human touch.

  1. Leverage your credibility to build authority.: In an era where fake news is normalized, having a certified news outlet that uses the medium that about 70% of the US population tunes into is a gamechanger.

You can be sure that whatever you’re hearing was created by journalists and other verified professionals.

  1. Guarantee convenience for your audience.: Part of The Daily’s success has something to do with its chosen format.

Podcasts are amazing tools for multitasking.

With most people at home during the coronavirus epidemic, they have chores and other tasks keeping them busy.

They don’t have to stop whatever they are doing to listen to the latest updates.

All they have to do is turn on their speakers or plug in their earphones and they’re all set.

Also, they can tune in to it anytime they want.

They do not need to wait at a certain time of day for it.

How To Become A Content Creator With 1M+ Followers [2022]

Grasping what it takes on how to become a content creator with a huge number of followers can be a lot.

There are many lessons to take in and this can overwhelm most people.

That is why we’ve compiled a simple and easy-to-implement list of what you can do to accomplish it.

Now that you’ve learned what the most successful content creators do to reach the summit, let us discuss three ways that you can gain a substantial and loyal following.

No matter what platform you choose, these three points will be the framework for your victory.

A celebrated content creator is profoundly interested not only in creating top-level outputs but also guarantees relentless service to his or her target audience.

Burkhard Berger

#1: Create Quality Content 

Quality content has been mentioned earlier in this article.

But what does that really mean?

How do you know if what you created is of excellent quality?

Let us explore what this means for written, video, and audio content.

Info written content: 

Every day, 4.4 million blog posts are published. Furthermore, about 547,200 websites are created. 

Needless to say, the competition out there is stiff.

So, how do you make sure that the content that you produce is stellar?

Here are two characteristics of top-notch written content.

  • Actionable information: The hallmark of superb content is actionable information. Aside from addressing their pain points, readers need to be guided step-by-step.
  • Consistent content production: Sticking to a strict schedule when writing regularly is an integral part of creating high-quality content. Not only will it increase return visits, but it also improves your search engine ranking.

Info video content:

About 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube on a daily basis.

Therefore, as a creator, you need to ensure that what you produce is worthy of attention.

Here are a couple of points to put into consideration. 

  • Proper software and equipment: Whether you create animations, vlogs, webinars, tutorials, etc., utilizing the proper software and equipment is necessary. The output needs to be skillfully made accompanied by a professional look.
  • Target audience focus: By prioritizing serving your potential customer’s needs, your business gains a clear and manageable goal.
  • Organized process: Video production involves a lot of processes including scriptwriting, storyboard creation, etc. It is vital that for a system to be put in place to prevent delays.

Info audio content: 

Podcasts are recently gaining momentum.

Its popularity in the United States is staggering, with an estimated 16 million avid fans.

Ensure that your content isn’t buried in the ranks by implementing the following.

  • Authentic personality: Allow your unique identity to shine toward your listeners. This establishes a deeper connection and enables brand loyalty. 
  • Transcription inclusion: Posting transcripts alongside your podcast makes it accessible to the hearing-impaired, speed readers, etc. This also enables it to be SEO-friendly.

Find Your Niche and Voice 

Due to limited time and resources, it is not possible to cover everything under the sun. You need to target a niche as well as determine your brand’s voice to match your audience’s needs.

Be Current and Stay Updated

Industry knowledge is vital to adapt to the trends, threats, innovations, and whatnot. Since these changes can take place swiftly, constant education should be a must.

Implement SEO Best Practices

Regardless of the platform, your content must implement standard SEO principles. These include original content, utilizing SEO keywords, linking to external sites, etc.

#2: Improve Your Skills

Enhancing your skills is vital to top-notch content production. It is indispensable in your journey to becoming a content creator.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Create A LOT of Content for Yourself

A good strategy, to begin with, is to make content that you personally enjoy. If you genuinely appreciate what you generate, this is a strong indicator of excellence. 

Create Content For Others

Guest posting, sponsored articles, collaborations, appearances on other shows, etc., are some of the ways to create content for others. This win-win tactic not only allows you to hone your skills but boosts your traffic as well.

Learn From Your Competitors

Take valuable insight by tracking your competitors. Take note of what content engages their audiences most and allow it to inspire your own.

#3: Use the Right Tools

Utilizing the correct tools is essential for effective content creation. It speeds up the process and allows you to create better content. 

Whether you coordinate marketing and design teams or do it by yourself, here are some of the most common tools you can use.

Blogging platforms

To set up a live website, hosting and domain name are needed. You can also choose from the following popular platforms below.

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Squarespace

Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research tools are essential for SEO purposes. Here’s a list of the best tools, as well as the ones that are free of cost.

  • SEMrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Ubersuggest
  • WordStream
  • Soovle
  • Moz
  • KeywordsEverywhere
  • Keyword Tool Dominator
  • Keyword Surfer
  • Answer The Public
  • AlsoAsked
  • AHRefs Free Keyword Tool

Image/Video Editing Tools

To produce superior outputs, you need to use the right image and video editing tools. Here are a couple of the top-performing tools.

  • Canva
  • Photoshop
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Sony Vegas
  • Filmora

Social Media Marketing Tools

Establishing a strong social media presence is crucial in developing a connection with your audience. It is also important in widening your reach.

  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer
  • Sprout Social
  • Agora Pulse
  • Sendible


So, there you go.

Learning how to become a content creator with a million followers requires hard work and a sound strategy. Another thing to keep in mind is that it may take some time to build a huge following.

That is why you need to exercise patience and persistence.

Continuously produce high-quality content and stay tuned to developments in your niche and field.

Now that we’re finished with the article, what type of content are you looking to get into?

Do let us know in the comments below!

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