When it comes to managing and taking full advantage of your talented staff, you’ll need to have proper HR analytics software to help you find the chinks in your system.

I have plenty of experience managing workers, and I know that it can be challenging to track what works and what doesn’t, who does their best, as well as those who are underperforming. 

From what I’ve learned in the past, approaching this problem using analytics and data is the best solution. When you have the proper HR tools, people management is a lot more streamlined and convenient.

Today, I’ll be introducing you to 7+ HR analytics software for 2022.

What Is The Best HR Analytics Software?

If you’re short on time, you can also take a look at my top 3 picks: ADB Workforce Now, Nakisa Hanelly, and Tableau.

ADP Workforce Now


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Best overall. All-in-one HR analytics platform for organizations and businesses of any kind and size.Best for scalability. Accessible to large businesses and enterprises with its scaling features. Starts at $500/month.Most user-friendly. Easy to get started with intuitive dashboards and user interface. Starts at $15/month.
Try ADPTry Nakisa HanellyTry Tableau

Now, let’s get started with the in-depth list of the 7+ best HR analytics software that you can get your hands on:

1. ADP Workforce Now – Top Pick

ADP Workforce Now HR Analytics

All-In-One HR Analytics Software Solution [Free Trial | Custom Pricing]

ADP Workforce Now is an HR analytics tool that pretty much delivers on almost everything that you can think of when it comes to managing your talented workforce.

It also provides the following diverse features:

Some features that I personally see ADP be highly useful for are their general overview of company-wide workforce management and their employee performance metric trackers.

ADP Workforce Now Dashboard

For their workforce management, it brings in a great overview of real-time employee management.

In addition to enabling timecard approval statuses, it can also monitor the following:

You can see the total hours that workers have accumulated on certain days over the duration of an entire week.

Not only that but you are also reminded of any HR-related tasks that need addressing.

Whether it be for time-off requests, shift reviews, or missing card punches. ADP’s Team Dashboard is highly intuitive, with the information presentation spread out in different tables and sets.

With this, you can get an easy solid grasp on what is happening in the back-end of your entire business workforce. 

ADP Workforce Now Performance Goals

ADP’s Performance Goal dashboard is another feature that is worthy of praise.

It accurately measures the different key performance metrics that each employee has on their plate and tracks them according to their progress. 

From here you can reliably see the following:

The dashboard also covers the entire business employee roster so you can have an easier time managing employees from different departments. 

ADP’s current setup with their Performance Goal dashboard is especially great for startups, and medium-sized businesses as these can effectively make streamlined workforce management.

There are also plenty of other areas that this HR analytics software shine such as: 

It also comes with unified human capital management (HCM) system to manage your employees in the U.S and Canada. You can use it to organize and view all your employee data and set up payroll schedules.

Currently, ADP Workforce Now is primarily a cloud-based solution platform so you won’t need to install it on any platform. 

Pros And Cons Of ADP Workforce Now

Highly intuitive user interfaceSteep learning curve
Wide range of extensive featuresReports often come with unnecessary data
Convenient employee onboardingCan have long loading times
Include tons of core HR features and options that are easy to use

ADP Workforce Now Pricing Plan

ADP Workforce Now Pricing

ADP Workforce Now does not display their prices for its platform on its website but they do post details on the different packages that companies can avail themselves of.

What’s great about this is that they can accommodate business sizes as well, so you can get more beneficial rates if you have a smaller team to handle.

They also offer a very generous 3-month free trial for their packages for new users to experience their platform, which can be enough time to get a good learning experience and opinion on whether or not the platform would be suitable for you. 

2. Nakisa Hanelly – Best For Large Companies & Enterprises

Nakisa Hanelly

HR Analytics Platform For Global Organization Management [Free Trial | $500/mo]

Nakisa Hanelly leads as one of the most innovative picks in the field of HR analytics solutions. 

They primarily serve large businesses and enterprises.

One of their strongest features is that they have the capacity to handle global workforce management conveniently.

Nakisa Hanelly Organization Tree

Their organization chart can operate on an international scale and their implementation of this system is just absolutely stellar, with many convenient options for you to choose on how to view your workforce.

You can locate staff and employees depending on their location using an interactive in-app map that Nakisa Hanelly offers.

You can also access the relevant information that you need about the specifically chosen branch all in one simple dashboard. 

Nakisa Hanelly Insights

Another extensive feature that Nakisa Hanelly offers is Hanelly Insights.

This is a system that can display global information regarding your organization’s character and traits.

It also shows the following:

The amount of information that Nakisa Hanelly’s insights provide helps organizations chart the current health of their business and make the proper decisions based on these much-needed workforce analytics and information.

Nakisa Hanelly Analytics

Not only that but it also offers another added feature called data quality index.

This basically means that the Hanelly Insights also takes into factor the quality of the information that it analyzes and shows you how accurate they are.

If and when there are issues regarding data quality, you can easily check the root causes of these problems by checking through the following:

Nakisa Hanelly’s platform is well-known and used by Fortune 500 companies due to its advanced AI and machine learning techniques.

This allows you to get the most valuable data and accurate reports predictive analyses and forecasts.

Pros And Cons Of Nakisa Hanelly

Innovative and extensive featuresThird-party export functions need work
Reputable and used by Fortune 500 companiesReported technical glitches
Data quality assurance through Nakisa indexNot intuitive search function
Uses prescriptive and predictive analytics to automate HR processes and data
Provide multiple structure views and dynamic data filtering so HR leaders can quickly get the results they want

Nakisa Hanelly Pricing Plan

Nakisa Hanelly Pricing Plan

Nakisa Hanelly offers three distinct pricing subscription plans on their platform for small businesses ranging from 1 to 2,999 employees.

For larger companies, it only offers quotation-based pricing.

It also has a free trial for interested clients that are looking to try out their software without any needed costs.

3. Tableau – Most User-Friendly

Tableau HR Analytics

Convenient & Visual HR Analytics Software [Free Trial | $15/monthly/user]

When it comes to creating and visualizing data, Tableau just hits it right with its intuitive user interface and impressive presentation of data analytics.

This makes it all the more easier and convenient for any HR professional to take in the much-need information without having to spend too much time digging through the numbers. 

Tableau’s winning point is its capacity to create stunning information packets from relatively complex data and numbers that can be hard to comprehend.

Just take a look at how they present sales profitability on this map:

Tableau Sales Dashboard

Tableau isn’t much of an HR analytics software at its core but instead is a data analytics platform that can do a wide variety of things, including HR data management

It’s highly flexible with its capacity to cover many areas from financial data to sales analytics and more (and that includes HR data as well).

For example, this is one of the analytics dashboards that the Tableau community has created for human resource workforce management – a headcount fluctuation dashboard. Through this, you can easily check for employee turnover rates and plan accordingly with how you manage growth.

Tableau Analytics

Another example of an intuitive dashboard is Tableau’s LinPack which is basically a headcount dashboard that can check the number of staff that you have at hand and also track employee trends as well with its built-in analytics.

Tableau Headcount Dashboard

While it is true that it can have quite a steep learning curve, it’s more often well-worth learning the platform due to its flexibility with plenty of varying data fields. 

Lastly, Tableau’s versatility does cover not only its dashboards but also the platforms that it supports, with mobile, desktop, and web-based applications available for any user to enjoy.

Pros And Cons Of Tableau 

Flexible and wide covering data analytics platformNot specifically tailored for human resource management
Stunning data visualizationsLearning curve due to the amount of flexibility involved
Custom community-made HR dashboardsCan be costly

Tableau Pricing Plan

Tableau Pricing

Tableau has a free trial for any interested parties, and they also offer a special promo for students and teachers with an entire year of free use of their platform.

Note: Their pricing packages are billed annually.

4. Engagedly – Best In Customer Support

Engagedly HR Analytics

Workforce Engagement & Management Combined With Analytics [Custom Pricing]

Engagedly takes a different approach when it comes to HR analytics as it is a platform that also provides an easy way to manage talent.

One key feature is that employees can easily and actively engage with one another.

Meanwhile, managers and team leaders are able to conveniently observe the entire workforce’s status in one unified platform.

Let me elaborate on this. 

An example would be Engagedly’s real-time feedback system where employees can provide accurate feedback on each other’s performance.

Engagedly Feedbacks

Primarily, the data that Engagedly focuses on is the individual capacities of each employee.

While it has a dashboard that tackles the general overview of the organization, its specialty is in tracking employee performance for managers.

An example of this is through its reporting system.

It features their nine-box initiative where leaders can get an easy idea of the performance and potential a certain employee is displaying based on the feedback and ratings that they’ve gotten.

Engagedly Dashboard

Another feature that Engagedly has on its sleeve is its goals and KPI tracker.

It is a dashboard that displays all the current goals and projects that are currently in the pipeline. 

These are all pooled together from all the current ones that each employee is a part of. It also displays the performance and status of each goal.

Managers can have a comprehensive overview of which projects are currently at risk and which projects are in progress or haven’t yet started.

Engagedly Analytics

Engagedly supports mobile, desktop, and web applications.

They also have a customer service program available through the following:

When it comes to training, Engagedly offers its users webinars, documentation, in-person training, and live online services.

Pros And Cons Of Engagedly

Responsive and active customer supportSome complicated features
Useful and increasingly helpful feature listLimited dashboard customization
Extensive training support for usersAnalytics needs improvement
Provide excellent employee performance
management solution
Seamless integration with your existing
HR systems (HRIS, Slack, Gusto, etc.)

Engagedly Pricing Plan

If you want to use Engagedly, get in touch with their sales team to get your personalized pricing. 

Their plans are also subscription-based, and a free demo is provided for interested users.

5. BambooHR – Customized Reporting System

BambooHR HR Analytics

Personalized HR Management & Analytics Platform [Free Trial | Custom Pricing]

BambooHR is a workforce management platform that provides a lot of personalization options.

It can also automate the following HR-related activities:

BambooHR’s user interfaces when it comes to dashboards, reporting, and personalization sheets are top-notch quality.

It also boasts great distribution of information and in-depth features that any employee can use with convenience.

Take a look at one of these personalized sheets right here:

BambooHR User Profile

Aside from this, BambooHR also shines brightly with its data analytics software.

You’ll be able to view the following information:

One great thing about their reporting platform is that you can also make a customized reporting system.

Just fill in the appropriate fields that you need automatically filled out.

BambooHR Reporting

BambooHR also comes along with support for the following platforms:

Not only that, but when it comes to training and customer service, it follows through with:

Overall, BambooHR is an all-in-one tool where you can easily manage your team and at the same time have all the much-needed data analytics tools that you can get your hands on in one full sweep. 

Pros And Cons Of BambooHR

Intuitive and sleek user interfaceInconsistent software updates
Company calendar featureMobile application lacks full-functionality
Allows individual employee customizationLacks an internal chat service
Effortless collection, maintenance, and analysis of people data
Best for improving company culture and talent acquisition

BambooHR Pricing Plan

BambooHR Pricing Plan

BambooHR does not offer transparent pricing plans for its packages.

They do offer a free trial for those looking to avail their platform.

6. intelliHR – In-Depth Analytics

intelliHR HR Analytics Software

Best HR Analytics Software For Education, Health, & Legal Industries [Free Demo | Custom Pricing]

intelliHR is one of the best when it comes to HR analytics.

The industries that are best suited for it are the following:

It features a lot of powerful tools, from talent management and streamlined workflows to data management and analytics. 

One of the core features of intelliHR is its intuitive workflows feature and employee dashboard overview.

Here, almost everything that an employee needs to track their progress on tasks, training, and performance can be measured in one single dashboard.

intelliHR User Profile

intelliHR’s automation processes for HR managers are also another feature that makes the platform stand out from the rest.

All done in the platform, you can conveniently conduct the following:

Another added feature in their automation process for workflows is that it can entirely be customizable.

You don’t need to do all the heavy lifting since intelliHR also provides a wide range of templates for dashboards and reports.

All you need to do is choose, fill them up, do some tinkering, and you’re automating HR tasks that otherwise would be a repetitive task that can eat up a lot of your time.

intelliHR Performance Summary

Aside from talent management, intelliHR also is strong in its data analytics.

With metrics and analytics assigned for many different things ranging from employee performance and ratings all the way to financial ROI’s, compliance reports, and more.

intelliHR also takes advantage of advanced AI and machine learning to provide a much more in-depth result from their reporting systems.

You can easily say goodbye to spreadsheets with ready-to-use reporting tools from charts, dashboards, graphs, and more.

To give you some idea of the scale of these pre-built analytics templates that you can use, I’ll provide you a list of these reporting templates that you can use and customize right out the bat:

You can also customize and make your own reporting template if some of these are just not your type, all without needing to do everything from the ground up.

Pros And Cons Of intelliHR

Excellent and responsive customer service supportInputting external old data can take time
Provides actionable insights and powerful people analyticsLack of integration implementation
The intuitive user interface can help you build unique employee experiences for the entire employee lifecycle (every stage)Often a clunky software

intelliHR Pricing Plan

intelliHR Pricing Plan

intelliHR offers four different subscription packages for their users.

These packages are split between monthly and annual payments where you can save a bit more going with their annual plans instead. 

intelliHR does not offer a free trial for their service but they do give free demos of their product.

7. ActivTrak – Real-Time Monitoring

ActivTrak HR Analytics

HR Analytics Software With The Most Intuitive Interface [Free Version | $9/monthly/user]

ActivTrak takes up a unique spot in this list as it is the only HR management and analytics software that provides a free version of its platform for interested users to checkout.

It also has powerful workforce data analytics and workload management features.

Additionally, its interface is sleek and well-designed.

ActivTrak currently supports mobile, desktop, and web-based deployments.

ActivTrak Dashboard

It also boasts a unified scrollable dashboard where all relevant data from analytics, workforce management, and reports are displayed for viewing.

Currently, ActivTrak sells itself as an employee monitoring software, and it does well in this regard as it can support different branches and even global deployments.

It’s great for analyzing sales, productivity metrics, and total active time that the employees of a branch have allocated during a specific period.

ActivTrak Insights

There are also time breakdowns on how an employee spends their day and how much an employee allocates their time on specified tasks and projects.

When it comes to viewing data, ActivTrak does this with proficiency.

 HR managers and data analysts can come in and view all aspects of the business, from the overall organization view down to the individual workers.

ActivTrak also has real-time user activity tracking to check on the progress of individual employees.

ActivTrak Productivity Metrics

Its reporting system also shines well, with different scales, graphs, and dashboards available for users to enjoy. 

These are also customizable, intuitive, and easy to understand. 

Overall, ActivTrak is an extensive monitoring platform with an added feature of HR analytics to make things a bit more in-depth and specific. It gives business leaders the advantage of making informed decisions effortlessly.

Pros And Cons Of ActivTrak 

Free version available for users Menu navigation needs improvement
Real-time activity monitoring for employeesEmployee invasion of privacy concerns
User activity for web applications and screenshot option for desktopsLimited reporting options

ActivTrak Pricing Plan

ActivTrak Pricing Plan

ActivTrak provides users with a 14-day free trial without the need for credit cards.

They have two different subscription packages to offer for their clients which are billed per user annually as well as another option for enterprises which is quote-based. 

8. Visier – AI-Driven Software

Visier HR Analytics

HR Management Analytics With Security & Integrations [Free Demo | Custom Pricing]

Visier is flexible with its range of industries that cater.

They provide a platform for financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, tech, and even science fields.

One of their key features is that their platform is primarily AI-driven and the solutions that they provide for their users are data visualization through simplicity and ease of use. 

Visier Analytics

Visier takes a big step when it comes to employment history and tracking their career progress as time goes on.

Alongside this, it can also check the entire organization’s employee movement summary.

On a specified timeframe, departments, and branches, you can track the number of employees that have switched, added, or removed.

These reporting systems also cover a wide range of fields that includes:

Another feature of Visier is that HR managers can create customized analytics based on real-time driven data.

Visier Customized Analytics

Moreover, Visier doesn’t only cover HR management but can also integrate other data as well from financial-related activities to other custom fields.

This gives financial and HR teams an easier way to coordinate and work together.

Visier is currently only a web-based platform with a mobile application available for clients.

Pros And Cons Of Visier

Easy to use and intuitive for new usersHard to use mobile version
Accurate data reportsLong waiting time for report preparation
Plenty of features for data analysisOnboarding process could be improved

Visier Pricing Plan

Although pricing plans aren’t visible on their site, Visier offers a free demo.


When it comes to HR analytics software, there are plenty of choices to go around, and it can be quite overwhelming with its unique features and quirks.

But at the end of the day, it all comes down to the overall general use and mix between workforce management and data analysis.

If I have to choose, it would be ADP Workforce Now, as it is a great mix while at the same time not costing too much for the average startup or user. 

The features that come alongside it with performance reviews, team dashboards, employee hiring and onboarding, payroll, and third-party integrations just hit right for most HR managers out there looking to get the best bang for their buck.

Plus, the three-month free trial offer is just simply too much of a great offer to pass up.

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