7+ Best Internal Communication Software: 2022 Honest Review

Internal Communication Software

Do you want to learn the different internal communication software that can improve your business communication? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

The pandemic has changed the way employees communicate and collaborate.

As a business owner, I understand the importance of adjusting internal communication strategies to increase employees’ engagement and productivity.

Today, I’ll discuss the best tools you can use, including their pros and cons, key features, and more.

What Is The Best Internal Communication Software?

If you have little time to spare, you can check my top 3 picks: Staffbase, SnapComms, and MangoApps.

Staffbase (R)


SnapComms (G)


MangoApps (V)

Best overall. Features multiple digital channels with no-code editors for intranet pagesBest value for money. All-in-one solution with smart message boards. Starts at $40/year.Most features. Includes tools for creating high-quality visual posts and engaging content.
Try StaffbaseTry SnapCommsTry MangoApps

1. Staffbase – Top Pick

Staffbase Internal Communications Software

Internal Communications Software Cover Various Digital Channels [Custom Pricing]

Ineffective communication in the workplace may cause frustration and confusion or, worse, start friction between employees.

That’s why internal communication software becomes a crucial addition to businesses.

Staffbase lands on my top pick because it connects and engages your entire workforce through a wide range of digital channels.

Crafting beautiful and fact-based content is essential to achieving success. For this reason, it provides comprehensive tools for the quick and efficient creation of engaging content.

You can start by creating news.

Various content blocks are available to add visual elements to make it eye-catching and exciting.

You can also add any of the following as needed:

  • Enable commenting, liking, and highlighting
  • Request acknowledgments
  • Set targeted notifications
  • Add links or attachment
  • Translate content instantly

You can create a news channel to organize all your content.

Staffbase News Channel

High-quality intranet pages are also essential. You can create as many as you want using its no-code editor.

Templates are available to speed up the process without compromising quality.

You can use other tools for creating email, digital signage, and other company-related communications. Once everything is published, you can share it on any targeted channels for all your employees to view and access.

Staffbase features two-way communications on social walls. Therefore, your employees can quickly start a conversation within a post and share it with others.

They can use the chat feature to keep their conversation private for a specific person or group.

Staffbase Chat Feature

One challenge for employees is finding the right contact person.

Staffbase provides a clear solution with its employee directory feature. It includes an Experience Studio to give you complete control over what your employees can see, edit, and search.

Lastly, a survey feature is added to gather meaningful feedback to help you make an informed team decision.

Pros And Cons Of Staffbase

Easy to use and learn (the initial setup don’t require IT assistance)No offline mode function is available.
Web and mobile apps are allowed to install on multiple devicesThe features included in the mobile app are not as comprehensive compared with the web app.
The chat features support a wide range of image, document, video, audio, and document formats.
No coding is required for creating intranet content and pages.

Staffbase Pricing Plan

Staffbase pricing plans are designed based on the features you will get. Contact a sales expert to request a personalized pricing quote.

If you want to see its functionalities in action, you can schedule a demo.

2. SnapComms – Best Value For Money

SnapComms All-In-One Internal Communication Software

All-In-One Internal Communication Software For Every Business Need [$40 a year/employee]

All the internal communication software I’ll recommend has good value for money. But if I have to choose the best, I’ll go with SnapComms.

Its all-in-one solution focuses on sending all types of messages based on its purpose and let’s start on how it can improve your executive communication.

A good leader should possess strong communication skills. However, the pandemic changes the norm of communication between employees and leaders.

SnapComms helps leaders to convey their message through various communication channels.

You can use pop-up video alerts to deliver rich, visual messages. It’s perfect for the following purposes:

  • Break important announcements
  • Spread awareness of the company’s vision
  • Training for remote workers

You can publish all video alerts on desktops and mobile devices.

You can even set notifications to ensure all employees have watched it. Reporting tools are also provided to track the video alert’s performance.

SnapComms Video Alert

Producing high-quality videos can be time-consuming.

If you don’t have ample time to produce one, you can send a regular digital newsletter. It provides customizable templates to reflect your brand and style on it quickly.

Here are a few elements you can add to make it more engaging:

  • Video
  • Images
  • Text
  • Scrolling tickers
  • Slide shows
  • Web pages

Screensavers and digital signage are the features you can use to celebrate employees’ milestones or spread high-impact messages.

Add strong visuals to make them hard to miss.

Desktop tickers are the recommended choice for sending the latest news without disrupting the employees’ work.

The best part of these features is flexibility. You can use them for different purposes, like:

  • Increasing employee engagement
  • Strengthening change management communication
  • Building your brand

And the list goes on.

SnapComms Quiz

Surveys are essential for soliciting feedback. If your goal is to test the employees’ knowledge about their job or the business itself, you can use the quiz feature.

Pros And Cons Of SnapComms

Easy to use and implement (low learning curve)Some glitches occur on MAC devices (lag, frozen screen, etc.)
Provide seamless installation on Windows, MAC, iOS, or Android deviceLimited customization options for the available templates
Create a personalized message or choose any of the 40 templates available
Technical support provides 24/7 assistance (overall helpful and responsive)

SnapComms Pricing Plan

SnapComms Pricing Plan

SnapComm’s internal communication software is offered in flexible annual pricing plans. Its price is mainly designed based on the number of employees you’ve added, starting from 100.

Here’s a quick view of each subscription plan to get an idea (set at 100-200 employees):

  • Inform ($40/employee/year): Get all standard communication features to reach your employees, drive action, and promote awareness.
  • Engage ($60/employee/year): All communication features are provided with additional advanced tools like RSVP alerts, lock screen, and social interactions.

All plans include a free trial version for 30 days (full access) and unlimited usage and content creators.

Contact a sales expert now to get a personalized pricing quote.

3. MangoApps – Most Features

MangoApps Modern Internal Communication Software

Modern Internal Communication Software [Custom Pricing]

Sending the right message to every employee is MangoApps‘ main priority.

Like the previous internal communication software I’ve discussed, it includes robust tools to create and deliver visually engaging content.

Here are the features you can expect to use:

  • Post and newsletters with employee feedback through comments and reactions
  • Survey and quizzes to get employee feedback (templates are available)
  • Customizable multi-channel crisis alerts (send via push notifications, SMS, and email)
  • Create designated workspaces for better collaboration (organized by location, department, interest, project, etc.)
  • Real-time chat platform for instant, private, and group messages

MangoApps allows you to create a work environment to accomplish projects and schedule shifts efficiently to organize your workflow better.

What makes this internal communication software stand out is it creates unique solutions based on the business needs.

You can rely on its employee communication solution to solve the communication gap between employees working in the office and remotely. You can create your comms platform with training courses for easy onboarding of new employees.

You can also deploy a multimedia message to give relevant company updates.

Training isn’t only applicable to new employees. If you aim to train long-term employees, you can use its learning management system.

It includes a no-coding online course builder to create any multimedia courses.

There are three ways to do this:

  • Create from scratch
  • Import your own
  • Or, use any of the available pre-built templates
MangoApps Guide: Create Training Courses

You can add text, video, images, audio, and quizzes to make it interactive. There are also tools provided to customize the learning paths of each training course.

Other solutions MangoApps offers are dedicated to work collaboration and providing a modern intranet.

You can extend the platform’s functionalities using open APIs and webhooks. A few of the business systems you can integrate are Slack, Google drive, and CRM systems like Salesforce.

Pros And Cons Of MangoApps

Handy for creating a structure of the files to make them accessible within the organizationOn-premise deployment requires IT assistance for the initial setup
Offer Private Cloud and on-premise deployment options (built with separate apps)Limited options for customizing the notification’s experience (also add more user control)
Private Cloud deployment offers three backup modes – one-time backup, XML format, and scheduled backups.
Satisfactory quality of support from the helpdesk team

MangoApps Pricing Plan

MangoApps: Request Pricing Info

You can get MangoApps internal communication software in three flexible pricing plans. All prices are designed based on the following factors:

  • Company size
  • Frontline vs. office user mix
  • Features
  • And deployment model (private cloud, on-premise, and mobile)

MangoApps also offer custom packages to give you complete control over what features you want to get. Contact the sales team to learn more about this package.

4. Bitrix24 – Business Private Social Network

Bitrix24 Internal Communication Software

Handy Internal Communication Tools [Free | $39 a month]

Bitrix24 is a free collaboration platform packed with excellent internal communication tools. They combine a private social network and a top-down communication approach to fit every company’s needs.

At a glance, you will notice its Activity Feed, where employees and management leaders can share big announcements and recognitions.

Since it works as a social network, everyone can send greetings for personal milestones like weddings, birthdays, and holidays. Anyone can interact with each post by liking, commenting, or leaving a reaction.

It also features a built-in chat feature for private and group conversations.

Aside from ideas, it also allows you to attach files and videos vital for completing the tasks or projects on hand.

Bitrix24 Guide: Chat & HD Video Call Features

One advantage of Bitrix24 over its competitors is it provides video calls and conferences in HD quality. This adds a personal touch to every meeting, especially when you have a remote work set up.

Here are the following actions you can perform during a one-on-one video call:

  • Screen sharing
  • Audio and video recording
  • Blur background
  • Brief outlining of meeting results

You can start a video call from a task, calendar, or chat.

Security is important. That’s why all calls are fully protected by end-to-end encryption.

The video conferencing allows you to invite up to 48 participants.

Other internal communication software provided are:

  • Company knowledge base
  • Unlimited shared calendars (personal, group, or company)
  • Online document editing

You can choose where to store and edit your documents for the latter feature – Bitrix24 cloud, private cloud, or your server.

Pros And Cons Of Bitrix24

Built-in visual editor to create workgroup/project-specific knowledge baseImprove the support team’s responsiveness to resolve issues (general and technical)
Create video conferences in HD quality (public and private)A steep learning curve and on-premise deployment may take longer to set up.
Allow adding reactions in the feed

Bitrix24 Pricing Plan

Bitrix24 Pricing Plan

Bitrix24 internal communication tools are available on all subscription plans, including the free plan. You can pay it monthly, every three months, or annually.

Here’s a quick view of each subscription plan (set for annual billing):

  • Free: Add unlimited users and provide all chat features, 1:1 HD video calls with unlimited call duration, and more.
  • Basic ($39/mo.): Include company social network, feed, workgroups, and more
  • Standard ($79/mo.): Add polls, announcements, five company knowledge bases, and more
  • Professional ($159/mo.): Enjoy all standard and advanced features with complete customer support.

Visit its pricing page to learn more about the subscription plans’ inclusions.

5. Connecteam – Building Modern Communication Experience

Connecteam All-in-One Employee Communication App

All-in-One Employee Communication App [Free | $39 a month]

Most internal communication software covers all aspects of the organization’s communication – however, some focus on specific areas.

Connecteam happens to be the go-to application for employee communication.

Creating and sharing news and announcements are the standard methods to engage and update your employees. To break down the communication barriers further, the company added Updates to the feature list.

Updates act as your social wall.

Therefore, you can use it to post all types of content. Birthdays, weather updates, and introducing new employees are just some of the content you can post.

Making it eye-catching and engaging is simple.

Here are a few of the visual elements you can add:

  • Images
  • GIFs
  • Pictures
  • Videos (recorded and YouTube)
  • Rich text
  • File attachments
  • Link attachment

A recent update has been released, and here, it launched new backgrounds under Updates.

They also feature an integrated preview to help you visualize the design live.

Connecteam Guide: Updates Integrated Preview

In-app chat is another excellent feature available.

Like most chat features, it allows your employees to start a one-on-one or group chat. However, Connecteam chat stands out for including the following functions:

  • Profanity control
  • Self-maintaining groups
  • And work-life separation

The latter is intended to keep your employees focused by blocking all messages, pictures, and information that are unrelated to their jobs.

Creating surveys is an effective method to get real-time feedback.

The good news is you’re not limited to that option. You can also use live polls to get the employees’ opinions fast.

Or create a suggestion box to encourage the employees to provide feedback anonymously.

Connecteam completed its employee communication app with tools to create an organizational directory and events.

ConnectTeam provides integrations with many applications, one of which is Quickbooks Online which streamlines the payroll process of your employees and makes it a lot more convenient as well.

Burkhard Berger

Pros And Cons Of Connecteam

Offer separate apps for the web and mobileNo reaction functions are available in chat at the moment
They take new feature suggestions seriously.Limited options of third-party apps to integrate
Excellent scheduling feature with easy shift swapping function
Offer a 14-day free trial on all subscription plans, including its free plan.
The web app is still in beta version but has proven easy to use and set up like the mobile version.

Connecteam Pricing Plan

Connecteam Pricing Plan

Connecteam employee communication features are available in all subscription plans, including the free plan. All prices are fixed and suitable for up to 50 users.

You can pay it in a monthly or annual billing period.

Here’s a quick view of what you can get for each pricing plan:

  • Free: Updates and announcements, posts for engagement, organizational chat and directory, surveys, and events
  • Basic ($39/mo.): Include all free plan features with added media and file attachments, team chat, pin conversations, custom work contacts, and more.
  • Advanced ($79/mo.): All Basic plan features with added live poll posts, disabled users’ ability to comment and like, chat channels, and more.
  • Expert ($159/mo.): All Advanced plan features allow you to add two custom publishers, shortcuts for chat, and in-app links to an event’s description.
  • Enterprise (Custom Pricing): All standard and advanced features are provided with unlimited custom publishers and attachment types to add.

Connecteam includes a 14-day trial version to freely explore the software’s functionality.

Once the trial ends, you can choose whether to get a premium plan or use the free plan.

6. Workplace By Meta – Flexible & Secure Tools

Workplace By Meta: Business Internal Communication Tools

Excellent Business Internal Communication Tools [$4 a month/person]

Workplace By Meta is developed as collaboration software packed with effective communication tools.

It provides options to streamline your communications by an organization and specific groups. If you choose the latter, you can start creating Workplace Groups as many as you need.

Once created, you can post media-rich content to engage your employees.

Automatic translation is available to ensure everyone can understand the content. All posts are neatly displayed on the News Feed.

Workplace By Meta News Feed

Not all posts are relevant to the employees.

That’s why the News Feed uses artificial intelligence to analyze and prioritize the posts based on each employee’s past engagements and interactions.

For content that’s highly relevant to the entire organization, you can organize them by creating an intranet with Knowledge Library.

Here are the elements you can add:

  • Categories for quick search
  • Set permissions to control what the employees can access and see
  • Hero images for categories to make it more visible and engaging

Do you have an existing intranet?

Workplace offers a Knowledge Library API for efficient and complete data migration.

The business communication tools are completed by adding the following features:

  • Live video – Broadcast company news, Q&As, and other content that can boost engagement
  • Video calls – Ideal for brainstorming or simply catching up with the team
  • Profiles – Showcase the real you by adding a photo, pronouns, and more
  • Polls and surveys – Simple method to get to know what’s on your employees’ minds
  • Access codes – Get everyone onboard on Workplace even without registering their email
  • Insights – Measure the performance of all contents and how your employees engage in each

Since Workplace is built by Meta, many are curious if employers can connect or view their employees’ personal Facebook accounts. You have nothing to worry about because the platform doesn’t have that function and is seperate from the social media aspect.

Burkhard Berger

Pros And Cons Of Workplace By Meta

The user interface and design are similar to Facebook, so there’s a low learning curve.Deleting a comment in the chat isn’t accurate (most times, it didn’t work)
Provide seamless third-party integrations with different business systems like HubSpot, Zoom, and SmartsheetNo automatic status update is provided (manual changing is required)
Chat notifications are delivered on all devices connected to your account (also include Do Not Disturb function)The company admin still has access to the employees’ workplace profiles even when they leave or delete/deactivate their accounts.
Use its Graph API and webhook capabilities to build custom integrations.

Workplace By Meta Pricing Plan

Workplace By Meta Pricing Plan

Workplace business communication tools are offered in one simple subscription plan. You will be charged based on the number of people you add and use the platform per month.

Its base price is set at $4 per month/person.

Get started by signing up for its 30-day trial version or contacting the sales team.

7. Flock – Feature Productivity & Security Solutions

Flock Business Communication Software

Business Communication Software [Free | $4.50 a month/user]

Collaboration at its finest is what Flock is all about. Its business communication software can provide all the tools your team needs to accomplish the project.

As a standard, you can use its channel messaging to streamline conversations – public and private.

Use video and voice conferencing to reach your team wherever they are. Each member can share their screen or send documents during the conference call for seamless discussion.

Several internal communication features are available, but I’ll only highlight its top three unique features.

First on the list is the guest user.

Flock allows you to bring all your external stakeholders into a conversation for efficient collaboration. Though they have access to the conversation channel, their access remains limited for the entire platform.

Guests can only save notes and files into their Me channel (private workspace).

They can also use all apps and integrations available for the entire team. Inviting guests is similar to adding a new team member.

Flock Guide: Invite Guest

Another unique feature it offers is voice notes.

A text message can be interpreted in multiple ways. So, to avoid confusion or friction between employees, you can use voice notes to give the utmost clarity.

Simply press the mic button, and you can start recording.

Did you know that you can create and manage custom mailing lists from your channels?

That’s right, Flock provides the Mailcast feature to streamline all your contacts and communication in one secure platform. This saves you time and effort from manually managing multiple platforms just to accomplish the task.

Pros And Cons Of Flock

Offer individual apps for Windows PC, Mac, Linux, and Chrome.Multi-tasking isn’t advisable during video calls, it starts to lag
The desktop and mobile apps are easy to configure and use.The web interface crashes while loading a document attachment.
Create four types of teams (auto-join, can-join, public, request)
Regular updates are released (fixes bugs and glitches)
Developers are provided with FlockOS for the efficient building of custom apps.

Flock Pricing Plan

Flock Pricing Plan

Flock Business Communication Software is available in three pricing plans, and it starts with a free plan.

The free plan allows you to send unlimited messages (private and group) and a 5GB storage space per team. Other perks you can get are listed as follows:

  • Add up to 20 members
  • Add one team admin
  • 10,000 searchable messages
  • Ten public channels

Do you want more?

Here are the subscription plans you can choose from:

  • Pro ($4.50/user/mo.): Add up to 100 members, multiple admins, group video calls, and include a 30-day trial version.
  • Enterprise (Custom pricing): Recommended for teams with more than 100 members and require all advanced features

Contact a sales expert via live chat to request a demo or personalized pricing quote.

8. Happeo – Zero-Touch Deployment

Happeo Social Intranet Software

Social Intranet Software Fully Integrated With Google Workspace & Microsoft 365 [Custom Pricing]

As a bonus, I’ll discuss internal communication software that focuses on providing a superior intranet platform – Happeo.

Intranet is a critical aspect of every business. It provides a private and secure network where employees can access important resources.

If you’re in the business industry for a long time, you know that its traditional design isn’t effective for collaboration and communication.

Happeo improved that design and launched it as a social intranet platform. You can start by creating a custom-company homepage.

You can add widgets (dynamic and custom) to provide your employees quick access to specific information.

The custom widgets are ideal to use for streamlining data from your existing business systems like CRM and HR Suite. While the dynamic widgets add a feed for your calendar, storage drive, and others.

When it comes to creating your content, it’s recommended to make one for each user, role, and function.

You can easily do so because it provides customizable templates. It features a multilingual function to ensure you can create the same content in different languages.

As of writing, Happeo doesn’t support all languages.

But there’s nothing to worry about because it’s integrated with Google Translate.

Over time, managing thousands of content can be challenging. So, keeping it updated can pose a problem.

Happeo got you covered because it includes lifecycle management, where you can specify how long content can stay active.

Happeo Guide: Lifecycle Management

You can also set reminders to keep you updated.

You can add hierarchy and grouping to organize your content and keep the intranet page easy to navigate.

Inside the intranet page, you can also create an employee directory. Happeo can auto-generate an organization chart to visualize the company hierarchy and employees’ positions.

You can include all the necessary details to make the profiles searchable.

Employees can communicate with the right person via direct messaging or video calls in a few simple clicks.

Pros And Cons Of Happeo

Offer a native, plug-and-play integration to connect with your work management applications like Asana, Slack, and TrelloLimited customization options for creating posts, channels, and pages
Built with easy to use and multilingual interfaceThe search feature needs improvement to make it more intuitive.
Include advanced community features for quick categorizing of content and more
Localize all your content into any languages

Happeo Pricing Plan

Happeo Pricing Plan

Happeo Social Intranet Software is available in three subscription pricing plans. All prices are designed based on the following factors:

  • Number of users you add
  • Features
  • Add-ons

Contact a sales expert to learn more about the product and its pricing information.


There are tons of internal communication software available in the market, but what’s the best one to use?

Since the answer to that question depends on the business’ needs, I’ll have to go with SnapComms. All its features are flexible, and you can use them for various purposes.

They also provide pre-built solutions to help owners and admins implement everything into their business.

If the preferred solution isn’t included on the list, you can access their use cases for reference. Lastly, it’s by far the internal communication software that boasts ease of use with dependable technical support.

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