Jungle Scout vs. Viral Launch: Which Is Best For 2022?

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch

To help you jumpstart your business on Amazon, I’m sharing with you my Jungle Scout vs. Viral Launch comparison post.

Jungle Scout and Viral Launch happen to be the two most trusted Amazon selling tools when it comes to providing accurate market and sales data. They can even help you with keyword and product research, track rank performance, and more.

I have the opportunity to test both for my FBA business. Therefore, after reading this comparison post, ease your mind that you will determine which of these Amazon data and insight tools is worth using and investing in.

Let’s now dive into the specifics.

1. Jungle Scout vs. Viral Launch At A Glance

Here’s a brief summary of the current standing of Jungle Scout and Viral Launch when it comes to popularity, practicality, and overall efficacy. 

Jungle Scout (R)


Viral Launch (G)

Best for research. Smart databases with preset and saved filters with tools for keyword research. Starts at $29/month.Best for product launch. Functional product discovery feature with AI-powered market intelligence. Starts at $69/month.
Try Jungle ScoutTry Viral Launch

2. Who Is Jungle Scout Best For?

Jungle Scout is created to help businesses of all sizes do great in the Amazon marketplace. Start-ups and first-time sellers can take advantage of its affordability, easy-to-use listing builder, and comprehensive analytic tools to help them get started. 

While established entrepreneurs can fully utilize Jungle Scout’s opportunity finder to get instant access to a wider database. 

In setting up your Jungle Scout account, make sure to identify if you are an active seller on Amazon or simply looking for a potential product to sell. This is important to streamline your FBA business process and ensure you will receive the right data, features, and support you need.

3. Who Is Viral Launch Best For?

Viral Launch is the best Amazon FBA tool to use for entrepreneurs who intend to launch a new line of products or are currently looking for relevant and new ideas.

Their sophisticated, AI-powered market intelligence tool will unfailingly provide all relevant product information, including their ranking and profitability.

Is Viral Launch free to use? No, Viral Launch is a paid FBA tool. It only offers a 14-day free trial.

4. A Close Look At The Features Of Jungle Scout and Viral Launch

For your online business to grow in Amazon, you must know your target market. In this section of Jungle Scout vs. Viral Launch comparison, you will determine which FBA tool can help you achieve the result you wanted.

FeaturesJungle Scout (R)Viral Launch (G)
Product Discovery Tool
Web App and Browser Extension
Keyword Optimization Tools
Competitor Intelligence
Split Test
Supplier Database
Sales Analytic
Rank Tracker
Get StartedTry Jungle ScoutTry Viral Launch

5. Key Features Of Jungle Scout 

Jungle Scout Key Features

Jungle Scout is an all-in-one web-based platform where you can start selling and growing your FBA business. Here’s an in-depth look at its popular features, including its newest updates and additions.

#1 Listing Builder

Jungle Scout Listing Builder

Create and manage your product listing with ease using Jungle Scout’s listing builder.

This listing building platform is created with a clean and easy-to-navigate interface, allowing you to create a product listing in a shorter period. Every step of the process includes simple instructions as well to prevent you from getting stuck. Start on the listing creation either by clicking the “Create Listing” or “Get Startedbutton.

Creating, organizing, updating, and publishing is not the only purpose of this listing builder. It is also built effectively in optimizing the listing to ensure all your products will get a high-ranking placement on Amazon. Do this by adding competitive and relevant keywords to your keyword list using Keyword Scout.

For best results, optimize each product’s listing using Content Creator. It comes with a listing optimization score dial chart to provide you with real-time recommendations.

Jungle Scout Content Creator

Jungle Scout equips you with the right listing building platform and tools to ensure you will create a competitive product listing and secure a better ranking on Amazon. Thanks to its newest addition, you can also now publish and optimize the listing from your Jungle Scout to Amazon Seller Central account in one simple click.

Burkhard Berger

#2 Rank Tracker 

Jungle Scout Rank Tracker

Introducing Jungle Scout’s newest addition – the rank tracker.  

A rank tracker is an analysis tool that helps you find the best keyword for your products with a guaranteed high conversion rate. Tick the preset filters included on the data analysis table to sort the list and reveal the keywords that influence your ranking strategy the most.  

Other information you can do on the rank tracker are the following:  

  • Track competitor’s high-traffic keywords  
  • View and compare multiple keywords related to a specific ASIN or group  
  • Analyze keyword rank history, trends, and performance, in one comprehensive graph  

The rank tracker is built exclusively to eliminate costly guesswork.

#3 Review Automation 

Jungle Scout Review Automation

Product reviews are the most effective marketing strategy to implement in your FBA business. Simply put it this way…

The more positive product reviews your amazon store has, the more customers will trust you. Not to mention, it will heighten your amazon store’s presence. Jungle Scout ensures that you will never miss a good opportunity to earn reviews as they offer their newest addition – review automation

From the name itself, this feature automates the entire process of the review request. Enable it properly and ease your mind that after the shoppers completed their purchase, they will instantly receive a review request per item ordered.

The review automation feature is 100% accurate and effective because it uses Amazon’s review request system.

#4 Opportunity Finder 

Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder

`Keyword trends are changing fast. Make sure your product listings are equipped with the latest set of competitive keywords to secure a high-ranking placement on Amazon.

Opportunity finder is the product research tool in Jungle Scout that can deliver the job right, every time. It is programmed to do in-depth research for high-demand keywords with low competition and discover promising product niches that are highly profitable.

Recently, Jungle Scout updated this feature by adding “spot seasonality” and “identify top products in a niche”.

Spot seasonality is added to effectively see the products’ demand difference per season. The report includes the peak’s demand (low or high), timeframe (how long it lasts as high seasonality), trending niche tags, and more.

The “identify top products in a niche” feature, on the other hand, displays the top 25 products in each opportunity niche you set. After revealing the top products, you have the option to explore them further by clicking the Amazon icon (placed beside the niche keywords/name) or adding it all to your product tracker.

#5 Browser Extension 

Jungle Scout Browser Extension

Extensions are one of the original and most effective on-browser product tools ever used. It works by constantly assessing and verifying the product’s full potential while you browse it on Amazon.

Jungle Scout offers two browser extensions – Chrome and Firefox. As standard, these browser extensions can do the following functions:  

  • Collating key insights of the product – competitiveness, demand, profit projections, and more  
  • Sort product ideas using opportunity score  
  • Send review requests  

With the recent update, these browser extensions also include customizable overlays on Amazon search pages and view graphs of valuable data right on the product listing page (embedded).

6. Key Features Of Viral Launch 

Viral Launch Key Features

Viral Launch helps you, and other entrepreneurs at all levels, to skyrocket your business on the Amazon platform effectively. Here are a few of its powerful FBA tools:

#1 Market Intelligence

Viral Launch Market Intelligence

Keyword research on Viral Launch keeps on getting better using their market intelligence tool.

This FBA tool is AI-powered insights that give you access to billions of Amazon data. Its main interface is intended with a clean, simple design to make it easier to scan and use. To start, simply add the main search term you want and click the “analyze” button.

Select the advanced settings (located below the analyze button) to customize your keyword search.

Viral Launch Market Intelligence - Keyword

The results vary on your search preference but ease your mind that all information provided is relevant to your product or niche and highly profitable.

The advantage of the market intelligence is that it also displays the top Amazon sellers, sales trends, and analysis, and even provides you a calculated profit per unit.

Viral Launch chrome extension

Find profitable products to source and sell on Amazon right at your fingertips. This is made possible as Viral Launch offers their free chrome extension. Now, you can instantly see the product or keyword’s historical trends, monthly sales and revenue, search volume, and more while browsing them on the Amazon platform.

#2 Listing Builder 

Viral Launch Listing Builder

Be the top Amazon seller by creating the perfect product listing using Viral Launch’s listing builder

The listing builder is created to accommodate the needs of both new and existing Amazon sellers. If you are a new seller, you can directly create a product listing by filling up the form on the right side or selecting “enter your keyword”

Viral Launch Listing Builder - Keyword

Upon selecting the keyword, the used search volume and total estimated search volume will automatically change – from 0/0 to the keyword’s respective number of volumes. It also shows the keyword priority and opportunity score (scale from 0 to 1000) to help you get the most important keywords that can better optimize your listing.

For existing Amazon sellers, you can simply add your product listing by selecting the import listing button.

Viral Launch Listing Builder - Import Listing

#3 Kinetic PPC  

Viral launch Kinetic PPC

Advertising your product using Pay Per Click (PPC) models is indeed effective to secure a higher rank for your products. Viral Launch simplifies the process by allowing you to create automated rules using the Kinetic PPC tool.

Viral launch Kinetic PPC - Rule Automation

Creating automated rules gives you more control over your results. Inside the Kinetic PPC tool, you can start creating rules from scratch or using a template. You also have the option to make each rule run automatically to save time or manually approve it.

Once the rules are properly set up, the Kinetic PPC tool will start analyzing the performances and trends of each campaign, keyword, and product. All results are laid out neatly in one comprehensive report that contains the comparison of PPC and organic sales, which campaigns/keywords drive sales and profits, and more.

Implementing PPC ads the wrong way can instantly drain your budget. Viral Launch eliminates this potential by creating Kinetic PPC, an Amazon-exclusive PPC tool that prioritizes high-converting keywords and continuously tracks ad profitability.

Burkhard Berger

#4 Split Testing

Viral Launch Split Test

Viral Launch is fully equipped with powerful FBA tools to help you make a profitable Amazon listing. The good news is that you can further improve your sales by using their split testing feature.

Click the “split testing” on your dashboard and it will automatically redirect you to the listing dojo page. This is a simple and intuitive Amazon listing split testing platform where you can test a product and learn what aspects of it attract the most money or require improvements.

Title, price, images, or description – set any of these variations and the split testing tool will analyze them all. After an in-depth analysis, it will come up with detailed and easy-to-read reports. Save time and effort, this tool includes a set-and-forget feature that allows it to run continuously in the background upon setup.

#5 Product Launches

Viral Launch Product Launch

Give your products a grand entrance to the Amazon platform by using product launches.

This is Viral launch’s exclusive feature that allows you to schedule your product launch as early as the next day or 10 days in advance. It also offers coupon promotions to ensure you will easily pique the interest of Amazon’s shoppers and outsell your competitors. 

Viral Launch Product Launch Options

Inside your Viral Launch dashboard, you can find the four options available for the product launches. Each option serves a straightforward function:

  • “Your Products” option is the summary of all the products you’ve launched.   
  • The “Add a product” option is where you can add all the products you want to launch. Simply put the product’s brand and Amazon URL, and you’re good to go.  
  • If you have an eligible product to launch, “create a launch” is the place you need to go. Make sure to follow the pre-launch checklist to ensure success.  
  • The “Launch Analytics” option will provide you with real-time statistics of your launch. It will show you its latest status, performance, promotion progress, and more. 

Other benefits you can get when you avail of this feature are scheduled to launch with up to a 15-day promotion, real-time giveaway statistics, one-time-use coupons, free access to all premium features, and more.

7. Jungle Scout vs. Viral Launch – Pros And Cons

Jungle Scout and Viral Launch may be the top Amazon seller software used today, but they still have some advantages and disadvantages. Here’s what I uncover: 

Jungle Scout:

Affordable pricing plans with a 14-day money-back guaranteeNo product launch services offered 
Offer two browser extensions – Chrome and FirefoxSearch history in the product database is not saved
No contractual obligations, you can cancel your plan subscription at any time
Strong product discovery tools
Can sync in the product listings from Seller Central to Jungle Scout account

With Jungle Scout’s pros and cons on hand, let’s now find out Viral Launch’s share of pros and cons:

Viral Launch:

Get two more months free when purchased the annually-billed pricing plan Only includes a Chrome browser extension  
Start with a 14-day free trialNo immediate cancellation offered for each plan
They offer a set-and-forget split testing platform that can test up to 7 variations of your product listingKeyword research tools are not available on lower-tier pricing plan
Viral Launch uses an AI system to gather and analyze dataGathered data can be a bit overwhelming for beginners
Offer competitor intelligence to track competitors’ top-performing keywords, rankings, prices, and more

8. Where Do I Get The Most For My Money?

Start-up or established, every FBA business has its unique budget plan. Read below to determine which of Jungle Scout and Viral Launch pricing plans suits best your budget and includes the features your business needs.

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans 

Jungle Scout offers two sets of pricing plans – Standard and Packages

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans

The standard pricing plans are billed monthly or yearly, the choice is yours. However, Jungle Scout recommends the annually-billed option because of the big savings you can get.

  • Basic Plan ($29/mo.): This is a single-user license plan that has full access to the Chrome and Firefox extension and AccuSales™ Estimates. It also features an opportunity score, product tracker (organize and compare up to 20 products), Amazon Sales Estimator (up to 500 estimates per month), one-click manual review requests through Seller Central, listing grader (10 per month), and sales analytic.  
  • Suite Plan ($49/mo.): Get the advantage your business needs by getting the Suite plan. This plan includes all the Basic plan features with a few upgrades – you are allowed to add 1 more user, organize and track up to 150 products, 1,000 sales estimates per month, 3 months of historical product tracking data (1 year for keyword data), and more.

The Suite plan also offers new features such as review automation, opportunity finder, product database, keyword scout, supplier database, and many more under advanced seller features.  

  • Professional Plan ($84/mo.): The Professional plan is an exclusive offer for experienced Amazon Sellers. Access all features of Suite plan, plus the ability to track up to 1000 ASINs, add a maximum of 6 users, 6 months of historical data in product tracker (2 years for keyword data), and a priority onboarding training. 

All plans offer a 14-day money-back guarantee and are fully supported with 24/7 customer support experts and exclusive academy training.

Jungle Scout doesn’t only focus on running a successful FBA business. They also aim to help you master the process. They do this by offering their package plans. Its main difference from the standard plans is that it also includes exclusive educational features

Jungle Scout Start-up Suite Plan
Jungle Scout Entrepreneur Suite Plan
Jungle Scout Freedom Builder Bootcamp

Viral Launch Pricing Plans 

Viral Launch Pricing Plans

Just like Jungle Scout, Viral Launch offers 3 pricing plans that are billed monthly or annually. Each plan also guarantees a free 14-day trial.

  • Essentials Plan ($69/mo.): This plan is ideal for supporting product research on Amazon. It can track 3 top-selling products, analyze up to 50 ASIN listings, search for new products, access global market data, and more.  
  • Pro Plan ($99/mo.): If you prefer to perform continuous product research while selling, the Pro plan is the recommended option. It includes all features available in the Essentials plan with the addition of competitor monitoring, SEO and listing optimization, rank tracking, and listing health analysis. It can also track 350 top-selling products, analyze 100 ASIN listings, and track 2,000 keyword rankings daily.  
  • Brand Builder Plan ($199/mo.): This plan is intended for mid to large-sized FBA businesses. As standard, this plan can track 1,000 top-selling products, analyze 100 ASIN listings, and track 5,000 keyword rankings daily. Enjoy all these with the following additions: ad automation customization, tracking of organic and PPC keywords, keyword targeting suggestions, and more.

9. Conclusion – Which Is Better: Jungle Scout or Viral Launch?

Jungle Scout and Viral Launch make the cut as the best Amazon market research software because they both offer an all-in-one solution for selling and market research.

In terms of product research, each software offers the best tools – Jungle Scout uses an opportunity finder and Viral Launch uses marketing intelligence. They may be programmed differently but ease your mind that these tools can consistently perform thorough analysis that can help you build a competitive online business.

Jungle Scout and Viral Launch can also extend your business on 10 Amazon marketplaces. They may have a few similar strengths, but they have a great deal of edge over one another.

Jungle Scout happens to offer more powerful keyword research tools and they are available on all pricing plans. Sell like a pro can also achieve quickly because they provide academic training courses that are sure to equip you with the right knowledge.

Viral Launch’s main advantage is its functions and tools are not solely for selling on Amazon and product research. They are also proven effective as a launching software. Now you can do the sourcing of quality information, grow your selling reach, and launch it in a few, simple clicks.  

10. Jungle Scout vs. Viral Launch – FAQ

Jungle Scout and Viral Launch may be built with a user-friendly platform, but there are processes, tools, and terminologies that can keep the users’ minds boggled. Here are four of the frequently asked questions:

How many days before Jungle Scout’s review automation sent a review request?

Jungle Scout’s review automation normally sends the review request 5 days after the product’s estimated delivery date.

Does Viral Launch offer international launches?

Yes, Viral Launch offers product launches internationally. At present, they can launch any products in 7 international countries – the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, France, Italy, and Spain. Soon they can also help your FBA business grow in Japan, India, and Mexico.

Is Niche Hunter still available?

Yes, niche hunter is still available on the Jungle Scout platform. Unfortunately, only users who created their account not later than October 2019 can use it. For new sign-ups, you can use its new and improved replacement – Opportunity Finder.

In the Kinetic PPC-generated table, is the search term different from keywords?

Yes, search terms and keywords are two different attributes. The search terms refer to the list of words that Amazon shoppers used when they were shown an ad (auto or broad match campaign). While the keywords are the words linked to the product’s ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number).

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