Kartra Pricing – How Much Does Karta Really Cost? [2022]

Kartra Pricing

This Kartra pricing post will give you a clear picture of how much Kartra truly costs. Here, I’ll break down all the vital information about Kartra subscription plans, add-ons, and even hidden charges.

Running an online business, especially for the first time, can consume most of your time. This is one thing I found appealing in Kartra; with its advanced marketing automation, it efficiently cuts down my daily work while improving my sales.

If you’re wondering if Kartra is too expensive or worth investing in, this post is for you. My analysis contains an in-depth look at each pricing plan and identifies the business size it best matches.

1. Kartra’s Pricing At A Glance

Kartra Monthy and Annual Pricing Plans

Let’s get straight to the business; how much does Kartra really cost?

By default, Kartra’s cost varies on the subscription plan you’ve availed of. It ranges from $99 to $499 per month (25% discount on annual plans). The Silver plan is its most popular option because, at $199, you’ll get 12,500 leads, access to Kartra Agency, and the rest of the features are unlimited.

At first glance, Kartra’s pricing plans do not come in cheap which contradicts their initial claim of being budget-friendly for small business owners and startups. In my in-depth analysis, I’ve discovered that these prices are actually affordable considering the features each plan covers.

Read below to identify the exact features each subscription plan covers and the business size it is best for.

  • Starter ($99/mo.): This plan is ideal for entrepreneurs starting a business venture from scratch. Here you will get 2,500 leads, 15,000 emails, and 50 GB bandwidth usage capacities with added 100 pages and 2 membership sites to create, host 50 videos, sell 20 products, manage one custom domain, and add 1 team member and 1 helpdesk.
  • Silver ($199/mo.): The Silver plan is ideal for new online marketers or agencies that are supporting small businesses. The advantage of this plan is almost all of its features have unlimited limits, except for its leads (up to 12,500) and custom domains to manage (3).
  • Gold ($299/mo.): For growing businesses and professional marketers/agencies handling multiple clients, it’s smart to invest in the Gold Plan. Here, you can acquire up to 25,000 leads, manage 5 custom domains, and the rest of the features are unlimited.
  • Platinum ($499/mo.): For anyone that is aiming to acquire up to 50,000 leads and manage 10 custom domains, this is your go-to plan. The rest of the features also have unlimited limits.

Check out the screenshot I’ve included to get a better understanding of Kartra’s features.

Kartra Features

If your business has massive marketing needs, the Kartra Enterprise plan is the smart option to get. Compared to other subscription plans, this plan requires you to contact the sales team to get a pricing quote tailored fit solely to your business size and usage consumption.

Kartra Pricing Plans: Add-Ons

The only time that Kartra will charge you additional fees is when you used a specific feature more than its intended limits.

Here are the following additional costs you may get per feature:

  • $0.99 for every 1 thousand emails
  • $0.19 per gigabyte for asset hosting and bandwidth
  • $10.00 per custom hostname used

In terms of leads/contacts, Kartra automatically upgrades your subscription plan upon exceeding the usage limits.

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2. Are There Any ‘Hidden’ Costs?

Kartra Billing - No hidden Charges

In May 2020, Kartra announced the removal of all hidden charges on their subscription plans. This is a good assurance that you will only pay for what is given or displayed to you.

There are several fees Kartra charges that some users believe are hidden costs. The truth is, these fees are clearly stated in Kartra’s billing policy.

Here’s the complete list of Kartra possible fees to charge under your account:

  • $9.99 per month for the Freeze My Account option
  • $35.00 collections fee (only if your account dues are processed by third-party collections services)
  • $50.00 processing fee (under Kartra’s company, Genesis Digital) for every chargeback your customer initiates
  • A minimum of 1.5% per month for any charges not paid on time
  • Default charge of $1.00 on credit cards

Note that the $1.00 charge is not for processing individual credit card payments, but the minimum amount Kartra can get on credit cards for your outstanding charges. Therefore, if you have a current balance ranging from $0.01 to $0.99, Kartra will remain to charge $1.00.

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3. Kartra Pricing Example #1

Solopreneur Example

For a solopreneur starting a new business venture, one effective method to grow your business is to build a solid mailing list. This is a great strategy to connect and build long-term relationships with your visitors easily.

Since you’re still in the early stage, Kartra’s Starter plan is suitable for your list-building needs. They allow you to grow your contacts up to 2,500 with 15,000 emails to send every month.

Kartra Starter Plan

Now that you have an incredible opportunity, and Kartra provides you the tools to grow, you need to get strategic to secure success. Create a great first impression on your target user base by sending live or automated email/SMS marketing campaigns with personalized messages.

According to the Data & Marketing Association, personalized email messages can achieve an ROI of 122%. Consistently doing this and your mailing list will sure to grow in no time.

Kartra Email Add-on

Once you exceed your 2,500 contact limits or you find it insufficient, you can always add more without upgrading your current subscription plan. For every 1,000 emails, Kartra will charge you a small fee of $0.99.

The great thing about it is that you can add as many as you need. This is the same thing for custom domains ($10/domain) and bandwidth usage ($0.19/gigabyte).

As your email sends and contact list grows, the Kartra Starter plan couldn’t meet your needs anymore. Kartra offers three other subscription plans that can satisfy your budget and business needs.

Kartra Silver Plan

The Silver plan can give up to 12,500 leads with unlimited capacity of emails, bandwidth, pages to build, videos to host, and so on. Aside from the unlimited feature capacities offered, you can now access Kartra Agency.

Kartra Gold Plan

If you now have a solid and consistently growing mailing list, the Gold plan is the ideal to get. It allows you to grow as high as 25,000 contacts.

Expect to get all the Silver plan features with additional 5 custom domains to create.

Kartra Platinum Plan

Considering getting the highest plan (Platinum) only means that your online business is booming like crazy. It’s a smart move to avail of this subscription plan as it allows you to collect 50,000 leads and manage 10 more domains.

Email & SMS Marketing
Video Hosting & Management
Sequence Builder 
Lead Capture Forms 
Secure Checkout 
Intuitive Calendar Tool
Affiliate Management
Kartra Agency

4. What Do You Get For Your Money

In the previous section, I discussed all the features Kartra displayed on its website under its individual subscription plan. Here, I’ll discuss other important features that are included in the subscription prices.

5. Similar-Priced Alternatives To Kartra

Just like any other marketing software, Kartra has a fair share of drawbacks. That’s why I’ve completed my Kartra pricing post with the top 3 similarly-priced Kartra alternatives in the market today.

#1 ClickFunnels (starts at $97/month)

Kartra Alternative: ClickFunnels

Kartra is best known for selling digital products. If your business includes selling physical goods, ClickFunnels is the best alternative to get.

As standard, ClickFunnels comes with a drag-and-drop builder to create numerous sales funnels or built-in membership sites. It also has a Share-Funnel feature that allows you to get funnel templates from your network or friends.

For the more advanced tools, ClickFunnels are fully equipped with A/B split testing to provide your conversion rate a quick boost, excellent integration with other popular third-party apps, in-depth insights from its modern analytics and reporting, and more.

ClickFunnels offers two straightforward subscription plans. ClickFunnels ($97/mo.) is the basic plan and just like with Kartra, you can create and host 100 web pages and add 1 team member.

ClickFunnels Pricing Plans

To complete the package, it also includes the following features:

  • Build 20 funnels and can share them with others
  • Connect to 3 payment gateways
  • Connect up to 3 domains
  • Get quality email support
  • Lastly, acquire the knowledge and training you need using FunnelFlix

If your business is rapidly growing, the ClickFunnels Platinum ($297/mo.) is an excellent plan to get. This subscription plan includes the following features:

  • Unlimited sales funnels and web pages to build
  • Add up to 3 team members with individual logins
  • Connect to 9 different custom domains and payment gateways
  • Receive priority support via chat and email
  • Get exclusive access to Virtual Hackathons
  • Provide additional hours of training and courses on FunnelFlix
  • Enjoy the follow-up funnels feature which provides a quick connection to customers through email, text, and more

#2 Convertri (starts at $99/month)

Convertri Alternative

Kartra offers an excellent sales funnel-building solution. Though it is proven effective, it is not sufficient for businesses on steroids.

This is where Convertri comes in handy as it is best known for creating secure and lightning-fast pages. They also provide over 400 responsive templates to easily build webinar, opt-in, and lead-generation funnels.

Convertri Pricing Plan

The advantage of Convertri is, that it only offers one subscription plan that is available for annual and monthly billing. At the same price of $99 per month ($75 if paid annually), you will enjoy the following features:

  • Get 250,000 impressions per month
  • Create 25 funnels and 250 pages (over 400 templates)
  • Host 10 custom domains and 20 videos
  • Add 10 team members
  • 100 GB per month for video bandwidth
  • Unlimited products to sell
  • Split testing tool

#3 AccessAlly (starts at $99/month)


Kartra, being an all-in-one platform, can also create, launch, and market your membership sites and online courses successfully. If you decide to focus solely on this product line, AccessAlly is the best alternative to get.

You’ll find AccessAlly’s features and tools incredible because all are built to deliver the company’s primary goal – to help you sell, teach, and engage students. The most popular tool is the Course Creation Wizard.

Inside this platform, you can access the drag-and-drop course builder. All lessons and modules you will add are created as a WordPress page.

To complete the course-building process, AccessAlly’s Course Creation Wizard will create a WordPress menu and tag for each course page, and more.

AccessAlly Pricing Plans

AccessAlly offers three subscription plans that start at $99 per month. Each subscription plan is designed for specific types of professionals.

6. Who Is Kartra Best For?

Kartra’s all-in-one marketing platform is best for any professionals that are new to digital marketing or online business. Its easy-to-use, no-coding web building tools and fast servers guarantee to keep your website or eCommerce store up and running in no time.

Its reliable email deliverability and lead generation solution are built directly to support small, growing businesses. Integrate it with a powerful marketing automation system and ease your mind that you can send unlimited emails and campaigns to the right contacts.

Online creators, public speakers, and coaches are also welcome to use Kartra for building, managing, and launching their membership site or online classroom.

7. Conclusion – Kartra’s Pricing

Karta’s excellent one-stop solution is what makes it so appealing to all entrepreneurs and online marketers. It’s a plus that it is made budget-friendly which startups and any individuals (who are looking for an affordable way to run their online business) can take advantage of.

In Kartra, you’ll never have difficulty deciphering its overall costs as it offers straightforward subscription plans and a well-structured billing policy. As of writing, there are four Kartra pricing plans offered that are available in a monthly and annual billing period.

Which billing option can help you save money? I suggest annually-billed plans because Kartra offers up to 25% discount. Therefore, you can now avail of the Starter plan at $79 per month instead of $99 – this saves you $240 a year.

Get a $600 savings every year when you subscribed to the Silver plan or $840 if you prefer the Gold plan. For established online businesses that set their customer base goal in advance, the Platinum or Enterprise plan is the smart investment to have.

8. Kartra’s Pricing – FAQ

In this section of my Kartra pricing post, I’m going to answer four more questions that can further help you understand Kartra’s cost details.

Can you get a refund if you forgot to cancel Kartra trial subscription?

Unfortunately, all Kartra subscription fees are nonrefundable. There are a few exemptions, subject to Genesis Digital’s discretion, and you can find them under Kartra’s billing policies > refund policies.

Does Kartra accept checks as a payment method?

As of this writing, no, Kartra does not accept checks. Their primary payment method is credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

Are there additional charges for canceling your current Kartra subscription plan?

No, you can cancel your current plan without shouldering a cancellation fee. The only cost you need to settle is outstanding balances from previously agreed charges or your cancellation request does not meet Kartra’s 10-day cancellation rule (must be filed at least 10 days prior to the next invoice date).

How can you change your payment method field in Kartra?

Log in to your Kartra account and go to the Billing Profile > Payment Details to change your present payment method.

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