Kaspersky vs. McAfee – Which Is Best? [Ultimate Guide 2022]

Kaspersky vs McAfee

With cybercriminals increasing their attacks every year, it’s smart to invest in innovative security software. In this in-depth comparison of Kaspersky vs. McAfee, I’ll give you a close-up look at their effectiveness.

Here, you can expect to read straightforward answers to the top question everyone mostly asked about Kaspersky and McAfee products. To further speed up the decision-making process, I also include their respective strongest features, fors and againsts, and price tags.

Reaching the end of this comparison post, ease your mind that you will have a clear choice on what security solutions to implement in your home and business.

1. Kaspersky vs. McAfee At A Glance

Security solutions are created differently. In this section of my Kaspersky vs. McAfee comparison, I’ll run down the two software platforms through their most important features, pricing, and my own ranking on who gets the crown for the better security solution.

Kaspersky Logo



Best against active threats. AI-driven protection against malware and cyberattacks. Starts at $39.99/year.Best Overall. Strength in reliable tools for endpoint, cloud, data, device-to-cloud, and mobile security. Starts at $7.99/month.
Try KasperskyTry McAfee

2. Who Is Kaspersky Best For?

Kaspersky is ideal for any individual running a competitive business. The type of protection you get varies on the business size; but it is proven that the larger the business size is, the more adaptive the protection you will get.

It is also perfect for anyone who often conducts online transactions or with kids that have an active online presence.

3. Who Is McAfee Best For?

McAfee is a suitable security product for anyone who wants to protect all their work and personal devices. Get its total protection plan if you also own cryptocurrency accounts.

McAfee also offers gaming security which is best suited for hardcore PC gamers.

4. A Close Look At The Features Of Kaspersky and McAfee

Popularity does not always guarantee effectiveness. In this section of my Kaspersky vs. McAfee comparison, I’ll give you a close-up of their popular features to find out if they are worth investing in.

FeaturesKaspersky LogoMcAfee
Anti-Virus Protection
Full, Quick, & Custom Scan
Online Security
Family Security
Password Management
Webcam Protection
Total Protection
24/7 Security Experts Support
Get StartedTry KasperskyTry McAfee

5. Key Features Of Kaspersky

Kaspersky Key Features

In this section of my comparison post, I’ll concentrate more on the strongest features of Kaspersky.

#1 Anti-Virus Software

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Software

Kaspersky is well-known for its highly reliable anti-virus products. All of their products are built with triple layer protection that works as follows:

  • Proactively search for vulnerabilities and threats on all devices
  • Blocks all threats (common and complex) in real-time
  • Separate the most dangerous threats and instantly removes them

The great thing about Kaspersky’s anti-virus is it also covers anti-hacking and anti-malware functions without compromising the hardware’s overall performance.

The anti-hacking functions protect you from cybercriminals taking over your home network or personal computer remotely. While the anti-malware is perfect for detecting and removal of threats – from fileless trojans to cross-site scripting attacks and hardcore spyware.

#2 VPN Security

Kaspersky Guide: VPN Secure Connection

Did you know that all your online activities can easily be accessed by cybercriminals, internet providers, big businesses, and even governments? This is the reason Kaspersky created a VPN secure connection feature to ensure your online activities will remain private.

This feature includes an IP address masking to keep your unique IP anonymous. No one can even trace or keep digital records of your searching and browsing activities/histories.

Are you processing online payments regularly? The VPN secure connection is built with military-grade 256-bit encryption to ensure no one can intercept or steal your online banking and payment details.

Kaspersky Guide: Safe Wi-Fi Connection

This feature also includes a safe Wi-Fi connection function to encrypt your devices whenever using shared or public Wi-Fi.

Kaspersky offers its VPN Secure connection as a standalone product (free and premium plan). But you can also avail of it on the following plans:

  • Security Cloud
  • Internet Security
  • Anti-Virus
  • Total Security
  • Kaspersky Free

#3 Small Office Security

Kaspersky Small Office Security

If you are an entrepreneur running a small business with 1 to 100 employees, Kaspersky’s Small Office Security is the recommended product to get.

Kaspersky created the Small Office Security combining the functions of home PC protection and advanced ransomware protection and scanning. It provides a web and desktop portal to easily check license status, remotely lock missing/stolen devices, requests assistance from experts, and more.

Other incredible features it includes are the following:

  • Advanced ransomware protection and rollback
  • File encryption and data backup
  • Secure windows file server
  • Android device protection
  • Built-in vulnerability scanning

#4 Endpoint Security for Businesses

Kaspersky Guide: Endpoint Security

Kaspersky Endpoint Security is a cloud-based, single security solution that can protect any devices on your workstation. It also has enhanced mobile device security to better defend your transactions and searches from malicious attacks.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security is most suitable for small to medium-sized businesses (1 to 999 employees). If you hire an IT generalist, this is the best security platform for them.

To further strengthen its functionalities, Kaspersky added Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). This is a high-end endpoint defense system that can detect and root out advanced cyberattacks, perform complex analysis and investigation, and more.

Other notable features of Kaspersky Endpoint Security are the following:

  • Adaptive console with multiple deployment models
  • Granular endpoint controls
  • Unified Endpoint Management
  • Ready for GDPR

#5 Enterprise-Grade Cybersecurity Services

Kaspersky Guide: Cybersecurity services

Kaspersky understands that the larger your business size is, the more cyberattacks it can receive. For this reason, it proudly offers its Cybersecurity services.

This is one of the security services offered for Enterprises or any businesses with 1,000+ employees. It includes sophisticated threat intelligence that provides your business with an actionable cyberthreat data feed where you can find all threat names, timestamps, geolocation, and more.

CyberTrace is another great feature of Cybersecurity service. This contains all the tools that can help to provide accurate and effective alert triage and initial response.

Other features covered are the following:

  • Threat hunting
  • Incident response
  • Security assessment
  • Cloud sandbox

6. Key Features Of McAfee

McAfee Key Features

To make a wise purchasing decision, let’s now explore what McAfee has to offer.

#1 Virus and Spyware Protection

McAfee Anti-Virus Plus

Detecting and destroying all malware and online threats is what McAfee anti-virus software is built for.

It is effective in detecting suspicious and malicious content because it is engineered with real-time and scheduled scanning. No matter what devices you use, you can perform quick, full, or custom scanning.

McAfee Anti-Virus Plus - Scan

Its scanning function is not only limited to your hardware files and programs. It also extends to your email, instant messages, and other important files online.

After completing the scan, it will automatically block and remove all the suspicious or malicious threats detected. You can also take advantage of the tracker remover (web tool) to permanently erase cookies.

McAfee Anti-Virus Plus - Tracker Remover

Don’t let cybercriminals take your sensitive information. Permanently delete them using McAfee file shredder.

McAfee Anti-Virus Plus - File Shredder

You can track all scan activities in the security history and report (located under settings).

McAfee anti-virus software is available in paid plans (Antivirus, Internet Security, and Total Protection) with a 30-day free trial.

#2 Safe Connect: VPN Solutions

McAfee Safe Connect

The Safe Connect is McAfee’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) product that uses a bank-grade, AES 256-bit encryption. This is the perfect security product for anyone that frequently pays bills or shops online.

Using this security product will allow you to increase your privacy and identity protection, access blocked websites, use public Wi-Fi more securely, and browse the internet without exposing your location.

McAfee offers its Safe Connect feature for free. Download it now and expect to get 250MB of free data every month

Burkhard Berger

#3 Device-to-Cloud Cybersecurity Protection

McAfee Device-to-Cloud Cybersecurity Protection

For enterprise businesses, McAfee offers its proactive cybersecurity protection. You can trust this security product to protect your business from advanced attacks because it is equipped with the following: 

  • Intelligent endpoint security and integrated XDR 
  • Cloud Security 
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning applications 

McAfee endpoint security is programmed to manage, prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to threats with just a few clicks. You can manage all threats using MVISION insights.

McAfee Guide: MVISION insights

This platform works by prioritizing threats according to industry, region, and security posture. Once it gathers all vital information, it can start performing a predictive assessment (automated).

From there, it can prescribe you the accurate course of action on how to respond to each threat detected before it enters your organization.

McAfee Guide: Extended Detection and Response

McAfee endpoint security also uses an Extended Detection and Response (XDR) to address and resolve modern threats more quickly.

If your business uses SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, or any private cloud, you will find McAfee cloud security handy. This feature combines the protection of your device and cloud to better streamline your operation.

This also strengthens your data loss prevention, threat protection, and application security when moving data/application to public/hybrid/private/ cloud and software-defined data center (SDDC).

While the artificial intelligence and machine learning applications feature human-like reasoning that can decide where, how, and when the data is collected, computed, and stored.

#4 Gamer Security

McAfee Gamer Security

Security software often has a great impact on the overall performance of your device. This makes the professional gamers’ hardware vulnerable to cyberattacks.

But not anymore as McAfee launched their Gamer Security product. This security software is engineered with three major players:

  • The real-time performance monitoring includes an easy-to-manage dashboard with customizable settings.
  • For virus protection, McAfee Gamer Security is equipped with a new MicroAV Engine. This keeps you protected whenever you’re online.
  • Lastly, it is equipped with a Game Boost Engine that helps optimize your system resources (CPU, GPU, and RAM) and prioritize your game.

#5 Security Scan Plus

McAfee Security Scan Plus

McAfee Security Scan Plus is a free security assessment tool. This is ideal to use for anyone who is unsure of their devices’ weak spots.

With just a click, it will automatically scan and assess your devices and reveal their security vulnerabilities. You can also set a scheduled date for this task.

Once it discovers all the security weak spots, it will display its recommended security solutions to resolve the issues.

7. Kaspersky vs. McAfee – Pros And Cons

Before I can set the record straight on which one is the best security software, Kaspersky vs. McAfee, I need to weigh all its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with Kaspersky.


Anti-virus protection has a high level of malware detection and removal ratesVPN features are only included on higher paid plans
Offers additional protection for webcam streaming, VPN, and moreNo dedicated antivirus features for iOS devices
Excellent child safety featuresOnly the highest plan offers unlimited identity theft protections
Provides a bank-grade security vault to keep your confidential files and passwords safe
Offers AI-powered assistance to help you decide which security solution to get

Now that you know Kaspersky’s pros and cons, let’s now reveal McAfee:


VPN security is offered as a standalone product and also included in all paid plansLimited parental controls
McAfee Shredder tool permanently erases sensitive information and all its tracesOnly Windows 10 users can enjoy McAfee Gamer Security
McAfee Total Protection instantly alerts you when it detects a threat, including potential threatsOffers basic protection for mobile devices
Seamless integration with pre-existing productsLow phishing detection rates
Scanning speed can only take 4 minutes or less

8. Where Do I Get The Most For My Money?

Provide a safer internet experience for you, your family, and/or employees. In this section of my Kaspersky vs. McAfee comparison, I’ll show which products provide powerful security features and tools at an affordable price.

Kaspersky offers two sets of pricing plans. One is dedicated to its home security products and the other is designed for businesses.

Kaspersky Pricing Plans

Kaspersky Home Security Pricing Plans

Kaspersky home security products designed three straightforward pricing plans where each offers a discounted price for new users.

  • Essential Suite ($39.99/1-year subscription): Get this plan and you’ll get reliable anti-virus protection. A few of the perks you will get are real-time anti-virus scanning and detection, anti-phishing protection, and performance optimization.
  • Advanced Suite ($59.99/1-year subscription): If you aim to intensify your internet security, this is your go-to plan. It includes all the features in the Essential Suite plan with added payment protection, smart and fast VPN connection, ad blocker, private browsing, webcam protection, adult content blocker, and screen-time management.
  • Premium Suite ($79.99/1-year subscription): This plan combines the features of Essential and Advanced suite plans for complete protection. As a bonus, it added a GPS child locator, file protection, and password manager.

All the prices stated only reflect one device. To see the exact price rate per number of devices, please visit the Kaspersky Home Security page.

For businesses, Kaspersky designed its pricing plans per business size.

Kaspersky Small Office Security Plan

For businesses with 1 to 50 employees, Kaspersky Small Office Security Plan ($151.50/1-year subscription) is the recommended choice. This plan covers 3 desktops, 3 mobile devices, 1 fileserver, and 3 password managers.

The maximum number of users and devices (computers and mobiles) you can protect under this plan is 50.

Kaspersky Medium-Sized Business Pricing Plans

If your business grows on a medium-sized scale, with 51 to 999 employees, Kaspersky offers four pricing plans. All provide a 30-day free trial and an introductory price for new users.

  • Endpoint Security Cloud ($430/1-year subscription): The security features it includes are threat protection (file, web, and mail), ransomware and exploit prevention, a strong firewall, network attack blocker, vulnerability scan, 2 mobile licenses per user, and cloud discovery.
  • Endpoint Security Cloud Plus ($685/1-year subscription): Enjoy all the features included in the Endpoint Security Cloud plan. You can fully utilize 10 tools under manageability features (cloud blocking, web control, and more).
  • Endpoint Security for Business Select ($539/1-year subscription): This is the plan you can rely on to get comprehensive threat defense for computers and mobile devices (Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS), behavior detection and remediation engine, vulnerability assessment, and exploit prevention, and 3 more security tools.
  • Endpoint Security for Business Advanced ($995/1-year subscription): All Select features are included in this plan plus defense for application and terminal servers, web, and email threat protection, adaptive anomaly control, patch management, and 3 more security tools.

All the prices stated above are set for 10 users/desktops and servers.

For Enterprises with 1,000+ employees, you must request a call from one of their representatives to get demos and answers to all of your concerns.

McAfee Pricing Plans 

McAfee Total Protection Pricing Plans

McAfee offers four pricing plans for its Total Protection features where each gives a discounted price for new users.

  • Single Device ($79.99/1-year subscription): This plan is packed with robust security tools such as anti-virus, performance optimization, home network security, password manager, safe web browsing, shredder, encrypted storage, and security experts, and online support.
  • Individual/Couples ($99.99/1-year subscription): Enjoy single device features with added multi-device compatibility (up to 5 devices). If you enroll in the McAfee auto-renewal program get 5 secure VPN licenses and identity theft protection essentials.
  • Family ($119.99/1-year subscription): This plan allows you to protect devices and covers all individual/couples features. From the name itself, it includes all safe family features like blocking apps, filtering websites, limiting screen time, and activity monitoring.
  • Ultimate ($159.99/1-year subscription): Enjoy all the above-mentioned plan features with powerful identity theft protection. It can protect unlimited devices.
McAfee Antivirus Plan

Protect your data (web and devices) with McAfee Antivirus software. For just $89.99 (per 1-year subscription), you can ease your mind that all your money and personal data are safe.

If you are a new customer, you can enjoy a $70 discount for your first year of subscription.

McAfee VPN Pricing Plans

McAfee offers two pricing plans for its VPN protection tools – a 1-Month Plan ($7.99/month) and a 1-Year Plan ($47.99/1-year subscription).

Both premium plans include a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can also enjoy the following features:   

  • Unlimited data plan  
  • Protect up to 5 devices  
  • Protection for all devices (Windows, Chrome OS, iOS, and Android)  
  • 24/7 customer support via chat and email  

The 1-year plan also offers a 58% discount for new users.

McAfee also offers security solutions for Enterprise businesses. To get a custom quote tailored to fit your business size and security needs, you must contact the McAfee enterprise sales team.

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9. Conclusion – Which Is Better: Kaspersky or McAfee?

Reaching the end of my Kaspersky vs. McAfee comparison, I’ve discovered that Kaspersky remains to be the best security software for freelancers and entrepreneurs who own a startup, SMEs, or established enterprises.

They may not be as budget-friendly as McAfee, but Kaspersky Total Security is worth every cent you invested in. Simply because it provides superior firewall, malware protection, anti-theft, backup software, ransomware rollback, and more.

It is also designed with sophisticated protection for your webcam, virtual keyboard, gaming, and Wi-Fi.

10. Kaspersky vs. McAfee – FAQ

Do you have more unanswered questions in mind? In this section of my Kaspersky vs. McAfee comparison, I’ll answer four more frequently asked questions.

Does Kaspersky offer an anti-virus for iOS devices?

No, Kaspersky didn’t create an antivirus product on iOS platforms because Apple designed its own sandbox. This is a secure environment where all their iOS apps are being executed.

Can McAfee Security Scan Plus detect viruses and other cyber threats?

Unfortunately, no. It can only provide in-depth scanning and detect vulnerable spots on your computer’s security (offline and online).

Do Kaspersky products slow down your internet speed after installation?

No, Kaspersky products don’t have any impact on your internet’s performance; but if you’ve noticed a slower speed after installation, you can perform a test – downloading more than 100 MB files or visiting various websites at different times of the day. If the slow internet speed is consistent, you can contact Kaspersky technical support.

What replaces McAfee Personal Locker?

McAfee replaces their cloud-based storage solution, Personal Locker, with File Lock. This is an encrypted vault created on your device to secure all your confidential information and files.

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