7+ Best Lead Scoring Software For 2022 [100% Unbiased]

Lead Scoring Software

A lead scoring software helps businesses identify qualified leads and opportunities in their market. By picking the right software that fits your company, your sales and marketing team can effectively create strategic campaigns to increase your business’s conversion rate and other metrics.

Being in marketing for more than a decade, I’ve seen businesses completely miss out on this tool. Most companies don’t recognize the value that a leading software can bring to their operations.

The best lead scoring software will help businesses get rid of the guesswork in the overall sales process. These applications would help the sales team know which people to spend their time more on to get the highest conversion value.

To help you choose your lead scoring software, here are the 7 best software out in the market today.

What Is The Best Lead Scoring Software?

If you’re in a hurry, check out my top 3 picks at a glance: Vanilla Soft, Infer, and People.ai.






Best overall. Extensive software support with 15 million users worldwide. Starts at $100/month.Best value for money. Highly automated tools and features for ease of use. Free version available.Feature-rich. Effective lead scoring and opportunity search features. Starts at $39/month.
Try VanillaSoftTry InferTry People.ai

1. VanillaSoft – Top Pick

vanilla soft

Best Lead Scoring Software For Call Centers [Starts at $100 per month]

Lost leads are common in large companies that are busy with every nuisance of their operations. Given this common scenario, VanillaSoft was created to address this issue. It’s a software that tracks every lead throughout its entire lifecycle.

When I used VanillaSoft it has removed all the guesswork for my sales team on who to call or approach next. It eliminated the task of finding who are the leads to call or promote the products and services. 

Any business that uses VanillaSoft will have the power to create and change any workflow to increase productivity.

Introducing VanillaSoft’s total view interface to the sales team allowed them to instantly see the information needed to convert a lead on a single page. It’s like a cheat sheet on how to convert and follow-up on your lead.

Plus, the software displays how easy it is to use their platform where management can train its staff in only 15 minutes when it comes to using it, which cuts training time and costs.

From my observation, automation is where VanillaSoft excels which greatly helps sales teams. It can automate the calling process of a team with its click-to-call dialing and one-click voice drop. 

Its features also help the email process of the sales team. It has integrated email templates, email drips, and a mass email function.

Custom fields under the lead sales tracking feature can be used in reports to be merged into scripts for a much simpler data collection. 

Burkhard Berger

Pros And Cons Of VanillaSoft

User-friendly interfaceCustomization feature could be improved
Great filters and segmentation features for call recordingsOccasionally slows down
Allows one on one chat with leadsReports could be better

VanillaSoft Pricing

  • Base Platform ($100 for first user): After the first user subscribes, the succeeding ones are at $80 per user per month. The plan comes with queue-based lead routing, customized web reporting, lead management, customized email templates, drip, and many more.
  • The add-ons: Adding the automated dialing and call recording would cost $30 per user per month. As for the VoIP, it’s at $33 per user per month, and lastly, the smart caller ID costs around $2 per area code per month.

Go to VanillaSoft’s pricing page to see their plans more in-depth. They also have a chatbot for you to interact with if you have questions.

2. Infer – Excellent Predictive Intelligence Software


Best Predictive Scoring Model [Free | Paid plan varies]

Infer has a predictive scoring model that allows its users to find their very best leads which significantly helps with lead generation strategies. Since the software score leads, you can maximize their opportunity creation process. 

To add to that, Infer can be applied to a nurturing program that creates a better and healthier business-customer relationship.

A great feature that I like about Infer is it pulls and mines historical data from your CRM or any automation software you’ve used. 

The application studies purchasing data, signals, social presence, website traffic, and many more. 

Once you’ve seen how in-depth Infer goes with various data, you’ll understand why it’s widely used by businesses that want to scale. 

Plus, everything is automated with Infer – nothing is done manually. The company utilizes predictive intelligence and machine learning algorithms to create a personalized model and identify potential leads.

Pros And Cons Of Infer

Collects and use data on external applications very wellLead filtering feature needs improvement
Ease of use
Good integration with CRM and other marketing automation
Good for Saas companies as well

Infer Pricing

Infer’s pricing model is quotation-based. The price will be based on the number of records processed and connected to your system. Get your quotation now.

3. People.ai – Great Opportunity Finder

People.ai - Lead Scoring Software

Best Tool For Sales Strategy, Processes & Methodology [Starts at $39 per month]

People.ai can help your sales teams execute on things that matter. It aids businesses in optimizing their opportunity-to-close process.

Its Deal Scorecards feature enables sales to qualify more effectively by giving out the common qualification language across the entire sales team. This is one great feature I’ve noticed since it lets the team identify meaningful opportunities and find blind spots in the process. 

You can also quickly build organizational charts with the relationship maps feature because of its drag and drop functionality. This function allows users to visually see the key stakeholders within the organization. It helps them see which relationship they should focus on and nourish – perfect for customer relationship management.

People.ai Leaderboards

Additionally, the relationship maps can also show customer organization structure, which helps identify decision-makers and influencers. This feature is quite useful since your team will be able to determine which relationship they should work on more.

The Sales Playbooks feature makes it easy for the sales team to execute the strategy they’ve decided to go with. It’s a sequence-based feature that guides users to see the next steps needed to be performed. 

Sales leaders can also use the Sales Playbooks for different business lines to ensure consistent processes.

Use its opportunity-to-close feature to your advantage since it can drive more qualified opportunities for your business.

Burkhard Berger

Pros And Cons Of People.ai

Easy to build customer mapsIt only supports the web platform
Good integration with SalesforceDoesn’t have a free plan

People.ai Pricing Plan

  • People.ai (Starts at $39/mo.): The subscription comes with full support from People.ai, including email, help desk, phone support, and chat. Training is also available. It has live online training, webinars, and even in-person.

Request for a demo to see if the features are fit for your business needs.

4. Net-Results – Best Cloud-Based Marketing Solution


Excellent For Simple And Complex Lead Processes [Starts at $800 per month]

Net-Results helps businesses turn data into relevant marketing that helps with the improvement of sales opportunities, drives connections, boosts conversions, and increases revenue. 

Here you can create engaging emails and launch email drip campaigns to target leads at the right time. 

It even allows its users to create forms with built-in progressive profiling, which can be integrated into your existing website. The forms can also be embedded on landing pages using the application’s drag and drop builder. 

One of its good features would be its lead scoring model wherein it scores prospect activity, engagement, and qualification. It’s a big help if you want really dial down on your prospects’ actions.

The platform also allows leveraging segmentation to have better insights on leads. Partnering it with Social Calendar and scheduled posts can make marketing to prospects and leads easier.

As for the marketing aspect, it has great features to make various marketing processes simpler and fast. It enables users to use a drag and drop builder for their forms, emails, and landing pages.

The same feature also branches out to helping with nurturing efforts and A/B test campaigns. I have found this useful whenever my team and I decide on a more personalized campaign to target hot leads.

What users get with Net-Results is all the functionality of a major marketing platform. Complexity and confusion won’t be a thing since the platform has proactive training and onboarding.

Pros And Cons Of Net-Results

Excellent nurturing campaignsLack of integration features with other platforms 
Very accessible customer supportSegmentation feature needs improvement
Time to time updates with useful features
High-level customization 

Net-Results Pricing Plan

  • Growth Plan ($800/mo.): The Growth plan starts at 2,500 contacts with a drip campaign, big data segmentation, analytics, and reporting dashboards.
  • Team Plan ($2,150/mo.): The Team plan comes with 25,000 contacts and access to drag and drop builders, web visitor tracking, multiple lead scoring, and many more.
  • Enterprise Plan($4,000/mo.): The 150,000 contacts. The features of these plans include functionality on automation, conversion, engagement, and integration. 

Learn more about their plans on their pricing page and see all the packages and features that come with them.

5. Hubspot Scoring – Excellent Cloud-Based CRM Solution


Excellent All In One CRM Platform [Free | Starts at $45 per month]

One of the most prominent software in this list would be Hubspot – a marketing automation software. Hubspot’s CRM provides its users a platform to have all the tools they need to build to create excellent customer experiences while using a great lead scoring system. 

A great feature that this software has is called Hubspot Scoring. You can use this feature to assign a value to each new lead which can help you with your outreach. 

Hubspot’s predictive scoring uses machine learning to analyze thousands of information and data to identify your best leads, so you don’t have to do it manually.

The best part of this technology is that it can optimize itself as you get more data to analyze. It allows users to create their form submissions, CTA clicks, email interactions, and page views. 

Hubspot won’t be one of the top CRM software in the market if it doesn’t have any contact nurture features. This particular aspect of marketing is done through a Sequences tool. 

What I like about this software is its ability to send a series of personalized emails or even timed emails to your customers. This feature makes contact nurturing easy and simple. 

It’s a great feature to have since most of your software doesn’t have this. Some require you to use a third-party application for you to execute this initiative.

If a lead replies to the campaign or does the call to action, Hubspot can automatically remove them from the sequenced list. You don’t have to manually check and remove them from the campaign which makes the process a lot smoother – this will save you and your team some time and effort.

Aside from having a great tool for lead scoring, it also has excellent reporting and metrics. You can track email performance, web page visits, landing page clicks, and engagement on blog posts. 

With its graph report, it makes it easy for you to check the performance of their campaigns. You can monitor which campaigns are getting traction and which are lagging. 

Having such a feature makes them act immediately on the lagging ones while continuing or duplicating the high-performing campaigns.

Pros And Cons Of Hubspot

All in one place for your marketing, sales, and customer service dataPricing is in the expensive range
Great segmentation optionsModification of email templates isn’t the easiest 
Automation is top-notchReporting feature could be improved

Hub Spot Pricing Plan

  • Starter ($45/mo.): This Starter plan comes with 1,000 marketing contacts. It already removes Hubspot branding from forms, email marketing, landing pages, and live chat.
  • Professional ($800/mo.): The Professional plan comes with 2,000 marketing contacts. It has omnichannel marketing automation, video hosting management, contact, and company scoring. The Professional plan also supports collaboration tools, campaign management, and teams.
  • Enterprise ($3,200/mo.): The plan has 10,000 marketing contacts. Aside from the analytics and reporting included in the Professional plan, the Enterprise plan will give you access to SSO, partitioning, hierarchical teams, and many more.

Request a demo on its predictive lead scoring software to really see if Hubspot is the solution to your business needs.

6. SendInBlue – Best Personalization Feature


Superb Lead Scoring Software & Marketing Automation [Free | Starts at $25 per month]

SendInBlue is a software that combines various features of sales, CRM, digital marketing, and many more. It’s a widely used tool by businesses for its functionalities. 

Its features help businesses in the aspect of:

  • Communication – Its features go beyond email marketing. It also helps teams with SMS marketing to communicate directly to customers in times of urgency and time-sensitive promos.
  • Personalization – It understands the effectiveness of personalization in marketing efforts. That’s why it uses audience segmentation and customizable features on marketing materials.
  • Conversion – It also has features that can increase the conversion rates of businesses. It allows users to create landing pages, signup forms, and other ads.
  • Improvement – Improvement is key to any business scalability, and SendInBlue supports businesses with their reporting, heat maps, and A/B testing.

One of the best features of SendInBlue that I’ve encountered would be its lead scoring. Setting it up just requires you to start a “score” contact attribute. They then set up an action to a contact’s score and by how many points.

The lead score attribute will automatically add the user’s contacts to targeted lists according to their interest level in your product or service. 

Pros and Cons of SendInBlue

Excellent tools for both marketing and sales teamsIntegration is limited
Great email automation toolCustomer service could be improved
Low-cost plans

SendInBlue Pricing Plan

  • Lite ($25/mo.): The Lite plan comes with a max monthly email volume of 10,000. The plan has email support and allows users for A/B testing and advanced statistics.
  • Premium ($65/mo.): Considered as the popular plan, it comes with a capped monthly email volume of 20,000. It has features for marketing automation, landing pages, telephone support, and multi-user access.
  • Enterprise (Quotation): This plan is for marketers that need more advanced features. Although the price isn’t disclosed, it makes every feature of SendInBlue available to the subscriber.

Check out all of the features included in each pricing plan on its pricing page or check out the full article I’ve made on SendinBlue’s pricing plan.

7. Active Campaign – Great In Lead Monitoring

active campaign

Great Platform For Nourishing Leads [Starts at $7.50 per month]

Another automation tool that made it to this list is Active Campaign. With its features that focus on CRM, it is one of those widely used by businesses in various industries.

Being an automation-first platform, it was reported that Active Campaign customers had saved 38.4 million hours of work time over the last 12 months thanks to its automation features. This clearly shows that the software help saves time and increases productivity and results.

A great feature of it would be its ability to track behavioral data of customers and leads to help businesses monitor the customers who are most interested in their products or services. 

The software can monitor actions like opening email and which features on your website are clicked mainly by the visitors.

Here are the top features of Active Campaign’s lead scoring:

  • You can create scoring rules for various actions done by the customers. It can monitor website visits, email open rates, and trials started. If a customer does one of those actions, the software automatically updates the lead score.
  • A nurturing campaign can automatically begin when a customer hits a certain lead score. This allows users to target interested individuals without the need to manually track each customer.
  • For team members to be up to date for their leads, trigger emails can be set if a customer’s lead score changes.

Pros and Cons of Active Campaign

Automation features are top-notchIntricacies of the platform need time to be fully learned
Allows high levels of customizationIntegration could be improved

Active Campaign Pricing Plan

  • Lite ($7.50/mo.): The plan already gives access to marketing automation, 125+ email templates, newsletters,  segmentation, forms, and customer analytics.
  • Plus ($35/mo.): The Plus plan gives 50+ templates for landing pages, contact scoring, automation map, advanced performance reporting, and CRM with sales automation.
  • Professional ($79.50/mo.): Users are capped at 50. It comes with autoresponders, automation, a landing page editor, advanced forms, and reporting.

Visit the full features list of Active Campaign to check if it has everything you need in a software.

8. Velocify Lead Manager – Top Sales Dialer Feature 

velocify lead manager

Great For Improving Sales Team Processes [Starts at $60 per month]

Velocify Lead Manager is one of the top lead management software out in the market today. It helps sales teams automate tasks, close deals faster, and run comprehensive reports on their customers.

This software was built to let salespeople know the right leads to spend their campaigns and pitches on. It optimizes sales strategies since it directs it to the right people in their audience.

A clear thing about this software is it focuses on communication. It helps sales reps be focused on prospects across phone, email, and texting. 

Using automated triggers, sales dialers, and Dial-IQ, you can ensure that they will never forget to contact a prospect.

The software also provides aid in reporting and analytics, which is a huge plus on top of its great features. It gives easy-to-understand reports and real-time analytics to keep teams updated.

Pros and Cons of Velocify Lead Manager

Provides excellent data and research on leadsInterface needs improvement
Outstanding dialer softwareLack of duplication feature for emails, status, and actions
Great lead prioritization featureIntegration isn’t the easiest

Velocify Lead Manager Pricing Plan

  • Standard ($60/mo.): This plan comes with lead capture, distribution, sales flow, funnel insights, and trigger email.
  • Advanced ($95/mo.): It’s good for companies looking for flexibility and power. It has power prioritization, advanced sales flow, and lead scoring.

To learn more about Velocify and the different features it presents, visit this website now.


There is a lot of software that supports businesses in their efforts of scoring leads and tracking them. However, there would always be those outliers specifically created to address that certain aspect in a business process and make it easy for the users. To me, that software is VanillaSoft.

It’s easy to use, has a proven track record, and is very effective in capturing and tracking leads. VanillaSoft helps its users to keep all the lead’s information in a well-organized single place. 

The features it presents allow any user to be up to date with a lead’s progress which allows marketers and salespeople to create an effective strategy for their approach.

So start your lead scoring journey with VanillaSoft. You’ll be able to find lots of videos regarding its different features and how you can use them with ease.

Do you have a lead scoring software that you personally use that’s not part of this list? Comment it down below for us also to check it out!

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