7+ Best Mobile Marketing Software For 2022 [100% Unbiased]

Mobile Marketing Software

If you are looking for ways to maximize marketing campaigns, utilizing mobile marketing software is one of the best ways to engage and be interactive. In this article, I will give you my top favorites for you to check out.

Running my digital marketing agency for more than ten years, one thing I have learned is to keep pace with the current trends in dispensing marketing campaigns. And since mobile marketing has continued to thrive, I tested out a few platforms.

Check out my top picks, where you will get an idea of their best features, pros and cons, pricing plans, etc.

What Is The Best Mobile Marketing Software?

If you need fast answers, check out my top 3 picks at a glance: Marketo Engage, Attentive, and AppsFlyer

Marketo Engage





Best overall. The industry leader for well-performing mobile marketing campaigns.Best for analytics. Excels in providing quality statistics and metric tools for mobile marketing.Best for security. Mobile marketing platform that comes with a dedicated fraud protection feature.
Try MarketoTry AttentiveTry AppsFlyer

But if you want to make a more detailed decision about which mobile marketing software is best for you, here you go:

1. Marketo Engage – Top Pick

marketo engage homepage

Best Mobile Marketing Software For Customer Engagement [Custom Pricing]

Adobe’s Marketo Engage promises a seamless customer experience everywhere.

Since customers use mobile devices as the channel or device they use most, they believe maximizing efforts in this area will nurture leads at their best. 

This tool bridges the gap between mobile and other marketing channels. It does this by taking what you hear on other devices and channels to your mobile phone.

With its mobile app, you can engage in conversations better wherever customers are. 

It aims to deliver highly-personalized messages by providing push notifications and in-app messages based on who and what your customers are.

It also helps you determine the right conversation to open to the customer, when to have it, and how often you should do it. 

With it are location-relevant messages using beacon and geofencing technology. Using this technology, you can deliver a higher level of personalization to your message by engaging with them based on their precise location. 

To see that you are on the right track with your customer mobile engagements, you can assess your performance using the mobile app activity feature. It is completed with dashboards showing how many people open your messages, install apps, and session durations.

Marketo Engage software solution isn’t solely focused on improving customer engagement. It’s also an excellent option to boost your customer retention rate.

You can find, attract, and convert prospects using its marketing automation platform.

It also helps you focus on identifying the best prospects for your business. You can learn more about mobile marketing automation by downloading its online definitive guide.

Pros And Cons Of Marketo Engage

Had geofencing and beaconNeed lots of steps to get things one
Offers push notificationsSometimes has glitches
Great with lead nurturingSlow support
Comes with activity performance functionality
Lots of integrations

Marketo Engage Pricing Plan

Marketo Engage has four pricing plans; while they provide the feature set for each plan, the pricing is left for when you contact their sales team. The price highly depends on the database size. 

  • Select: The Select plan allows for 25 users, advanced personalizations, custom user roles and permission, a marketing calendar, and more. 
  • Prime: The Prime plan includes everything in the Select plan plus predictive content, predictive analytics, advanced journey analytics, and more. 
  • Ultimate: The Ultimate plan has all the features in the Prime plan, including sandbox, premium multi-touch attribution, and more. 
  • Enterprise: The Enterprise plan’s feature set is locked until you request further information.

Marketo Engage has no free version or trial; to ensure it’s the right tool for you, they provide a personalized top-off call with the sales team to get you a feel of how the platform works. 

Interested in Marketo Engage? Visit their website to learn more.

2. Attentive – Best For Creating Valuable Touchpoints

attentive homepage

Top-Tier Mobile Marketing Software With Real-time Statistics [Custom Pricing]

Attentive’s mobile messaging tool allows businesses to send personalized, targeted, and two-way messages that are calculated to convert at around 20.5%

It aims to capture customer attention from the first touch up to the purchase stage by allowing you to build:

  • Automated messages based on the behavioral journey stage
  • Transactional messages for confirmation and shipment notifications 
  • Conversational messages to nurture the leads for additional purchases
  • Revenue-generating campaigns that showcase promotions and products

It also allows you to amplify your outreach efforts with time and immersive experiences capitalizing on rich media through comprehensive marketing strategies for SMS, MMS, and video.

attentive rich media

This tool also comes with smart-engage tools that intelligently send messages to the customers about the information they require when they need it the most. 

Additionally, it comes with A/B testing to determine the best-performing messages and real-time stats to optimize customer journey campaigns with actionable insight. 

Lastly, it’s equipped with fast, flexible, and customizable reporting to make better decisions and optimize your campaign programs.

Compliance and deliverability are also guaranteed to ensure you will only create an SMS marketing program that works. Here are a few tools available:

  • Audit trails
  • ADA accessibility tools (sign-up units)
  • Litigator defender
  • Subscriber opt-out protection

Pros And Cons Of Attentive

Easy to use dashboardMessy agency billing
Has the ability to create and customize different creativesNon-interactive reporting
Helpful customer serviceOccasional UI bugs
Account management

Attentive Pricing Plan

Attentive doesn’t provide a detailed feature set with pricing details. To get more information about the tool’s capabilities and its pricing information, you have to book a demo.

3. Appsflyer – Best In Fraud Protection

appsflyer homepage

Excellent Mobile Marketing Software With Easy Social Media Integration  [Free Plan | 6¢/conversion]

Mobile marketing is just one of Appsflyer’s functionalities since they also provide solutions for marketing in other channels. 

For its features, it has cost aggregation to show your true mobile marketing ROI. 

It also comes with predictive analytics to help you determine how to get started with your marketing efforts and analytics to turn campaign performance insights into revenue-generating actions.

To boost engagements, it features audience segmentation to make conversations more targeted and meaningful.

Best of all, it comes with mobile fraud protection to protect your mobile ad budget from the risks of mobile ad fraud.

Most businesses operate a mobile app and several social media platforms. Appsflyer makes it simple to achieve smooth user experiences by providing the Landing Pages feature.

This feature lets you transport your social media followers into your mobile app’s content.

Creating a landing page wouldn’t take too much time because it offers a WYSIWYG editor tool. It also provides an A/B testing tool to ensure the designs meet your customers’ interests.

Pros And Cons Of Appsflyer

Excellent fraud protectionNeeds more detailed cohorts
Well-built attributionSlow report fetching
Easy integration on social channelsRequires more customized dashboards
Simple campaign trackingOnly provide an app for Apple smartphones
and devices (iOS 14+)
Wide range of pre-configured apps

Appsflyer Pricing Plan

appsflyer pricing

Appsflyer comes in three plans, the first one being free and the other two paid. 

  • Zero: The Zero plan is best for startups looking to grow their customer base. It comes with deep-linking and custom redirection, basic marketing analytics, activity dashboards, and more. 
  • Grow (6¢/conversion): The Grow plan is best for small and medium businesses looking to optimize current campaigns. It comes with mobile attribution, real-time mobile measurement and reporting, configurable in-app events, and more. 
  • Enterprise (book a demo to get details): The Enterprise plan is suited for businesses looking to scale campaigns with custom solutions. It comes with conversion path visualization, a/b testing, complete fraud protection, and more. 

The best mobile marketing functionality lies in the Grow plan. But if you want something more comprehensive, especially for security features, you can get a demo for the Enterprise plan to test it out.

4. SendPulse – Best For Bulk Messaging

sendpulse homepage

Simple-To-Navigate Mobile Marketing Software With Language Support [Starts at $0.020/SMS]

With SendPulse, you can accelerate sales and growth using its bulk messaging functionality. 

This tool allows you to send SMS campaigns to over 1000 mobile network operators in more than 200 countries. 

It comes with complete language support using a Unicode that allows you to deliver messages in every language around the world. 

With this tool, you can send 200-500 messages/second

To ensure deliverability, you can send SMS to subscribers that use GSM and CDMA standards. 

It even allows for integrations with your CMS and CRM. They are equipped with plugins and modules to easily integrate with eCommerce systems and SaaS applications. 

Lastly, it allows for SMS personalization by adding the following:

  • Recipient’s name
  • Birthday discounts
  • Loyalty program bonuses

SendPulse is built as a multichannel marketing automation platform by inception. Therefore, you can also get in touch with your customers and prospects through:

  • Email marketing
  • Chatbots
  • Web push

Pros And Cons Of SendPulse

Fast and friendly customer supportComplicated API functionality
Easy to useLimited number of templates
Has AI feature
Includes automated resend feature

SendPulse Pricing Plan

sendpulse pricing

For SendPulse’s SMS functionality, pricing depends on which country you send messages to. 

The cheapest is in Azerbaidjan for $0.012/SMS, and the most expensive is for Kyrgyzstan for $0.134/SMS.

Interested in SendPulse? Check out their website here.

5. SimpleTexting – All-In-One Messaging Service

simpetexting homepage

Powerful Mobile Marketing Software With Toll-Free Texting [Free Trial | $25/mo]

SimpleTextng lives up to its name by being easy to use but powerful enough to handle customer engagements.

It comes with 2-way messaging to improve customer satisfaction, resolve conversations, and close deals.

With it, you can schedule mass messaging to a specific time and date so you can be assured campaigns get sent at the right time, even when you are away from the computer. 

Its best feature is toll-free texting with a complimentary toll-free number. You can even reach people through landline texting. 

It also comes with shortcodes that are easier to remember, which is best for high-volume use cases. 

With this tool, you can also promote an SMS keyword, an easy and quick way to collect phone numbers and grow lists.

You can also take advantage of its import contact functionality to capture phone numbers from subscribers in a list or a web form linked to your website. 

For more personalized messaging, it comes with user segmentation and custom fields. 

It comes with an analytics tool to quickly check on delivery, subscriber growth, and click-throughs to track results easier.

SMS data collection is your go-to feature to help you further understand your customer behaviors. It works by collecting more meaningful information from your contacts and storing it in your text message database.

Here is the information you can collect:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Note
  • Birthday

If you want to cover more details, you can add them using custom fields.

Lastly, it comes with integration for your favorite marketing tools like:

  • Zapier
  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce

Pros And Cons Of SimpleTexting

Simple to useNeeds data collection for campaigns
Great help centerTricky tagging
Easy replying to messagesLimited tracking functionality

SimpleTexting Pricing Plan

simpletexting cheapest pricing

SimpleTexting comes with six pre-built pricing plans. It comes with the same features and relatively differs in the messaging limit per month. 

All plans include:  

  • Free number
  • Rollover credits
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited keywords

For the 7,500 messaging limits and up, you get additional features like

  • 400+ custom integrations
  • A dedicated account manager

The cheapest is $25/month for a 500 messaging limit and the most expensive is $625/month for 50,000 messaging limits. 

If you need a higher limit, you can get a custom plan with pricing discussed upon contacting the sales team. 

However,  you can test everything out with the 14-day trial offer. Visit their website to learn more.

6. EZ Texting –  Best In Driving Lead Flow

eztexting homepage

User-Friendly Mobile Marketing Software With Events Management [Free Trial | $19/mo]

If you are looking to increase lead flow to generate more sales, EZ Texting can help you do that. 

With it, you can achieve the following:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Grow your customer base
  • Engage with the community you created

This tool offers text messaging marketing solutions like MMS campaigns and mobile coupons to boost in-store traffic and sales. 

It also helps you grow your customer base easily by leveraging lead generation solutions like:

  • QR codes
  • Sign-up forms
  • Text-to-join keywords 

Additionally, you can engage with your community by automating SMS messages about helpful tips, seasonal messages, and inspirational messages. 

For building brand awareness and creating seamless workflows, it integrates with platforms like: 

You can also promote and manage events with this mobile marketing software. It allows you to send text invitations and automated reminders through drip campaigns. 

Moreover, to ensure brand loyalty, you can nurture leads further by engaging with prospects one-on-one.

This is especially useful for leads that have stopped responding to emails and calls.

Does EZ Texting have a mobile app?

Yes, EZ Texting offers a free texting app for iOS devices. Ease your mind that you can communicate with your prospects and customers no matter where you are.

Like most mobile apps, it allows you to add contacts and communicate through direct messaging or create a group message.

Once you receive a reply, the system will automatically send you notifications. The best part of it, all messages are saved in one secure place for quick tracking. 

Pros And Cons Of EZ Texting

Simple interfaceLimited app functionality
Easy to useChallenging account setup
Allows updates on delivered messagesNeeds longer text fields
Sorted communications

EZ Texting Pricing Plan

eztexting pricing

EZ Texting comes in four pricing plans. 

  • Value ($19/mo): The Value plan allows for 1 user, content import and management, mass texting, 2-way texting, access to message template library, and more. 
  • Essentials ($29/mo): The Essentials plan includes everything in the Value plan but allows for 2 users, MMS picture texts, a premium image editor, and more. 
  • Premium ($49/mo): The Premium plan has all the features in the Essentials plan plus allows for 3 users, recurring texts, drip campaigns, and more. 
  • Custom ($299/mo): This plan includes everything in the Premium plan plus allows for a custom number of users. 

EZ Texting offers a 14-day trial you can take advantage of before committing to a paid plan. 

Check out their plans on their website here.

7. WebEngage – Best For Customer Experience

webengage homepage

Mobile Marketing Software Equipped With Conversion Tracking [Custom Pricing]

If you want the best SMS experience for your customers, WebEngage is a great tool to go for. 

This tool comes with a cap notification frequency so you can avoid flooding customers with messages. 

It also caters to transactional campaigns where you can send customers critical account updates and booking details.

It also comes with template whitelisting. 

Engage offline customers with time-bound updates to make sure no stone is left unturned. 

This tool also features triggered campaigns where SMS are sent based on customer interaction. 

To further personalize your campaigns, you can customize your engagements with customers by personalizing details like:

  • Names
  • Messaging
  • Preferences

With that are recurring campaigns for customers that need to take critical actions with scheduled updates which is helpful for detail-sensitive industries like banks.  

This mobile marketing software is also equipped with real-time insights where you can track campaign performance metrics with customer-level insights. 

Moreover, it includes conversion tracking, a 2-way step to get insights on each campaign conversion and how it contributes to the overall growth of marketing and sales. 

Best of all, this tool makes campaign management super easy.

You can design and manage campaigns from multiple channels in one dashboard for a unified customer experience. Currently, the types of campaigns available in your dashboard are listed as follows:

  • One-time
  • Triggered
  • Recurring
  • Transactional
  • Journey
  • Relay

Aside from SMS, WebEngage also uses various channels to engage your users. Facebook-Instagram, email, and WhatsApp, to name a few.

Pros And Cons Of WebEngage

Has user segmentationNo native integration with Shopify
Intuitive user interfaceNeeds to reduce segment creating time
Has journey automation
Prompt customer support

WebEngage Pricing Plan

webengage pricing

WebEngage has three paid plan packages. However, the pricing details will only be provided once you request a demo. 

  • Solo: The Solo plan is best for businesses with a maximum of 10000 monthly active users. It includes basic analytics, basic segmentation, 3rd party integrations, and email support. 
  • Band: The Band plan is made for businesses with up to 50000 monthly active users. It includes rolling time-window segments, channel trends and insights, a/b testing, role-based access chat support, and more. 
  • Choir: The Choir plan is built for businesses with up to 100000 monthly active users. It includes advanced analytics, frequency capping, schedule reports, API integration, phone support, and more. 

WebEngage has no free trial. To get a better feel of the tool, you can request a demo from their site to see its functionalities. 

8. Birdeye – Best In Managing Omni-Channel Campaigns

birdeye homepage

Best Mobile Marketing Software With Advanced Analytics [Starts at $299/mo]

If you are handling campaigns in multiple channels, including SMS, BirdEye gives the best integration to manage and track everything in one place. 

Using this mobile marketing software, you can effortlessly switch between email and text campaigns.

You can also turn voicemails into chat and handle appointments, or run consultations via video chat.

Never miss a referral, survey, review, or message from leads. Customer interactions from different channels can now be managed in one place so you can respond promptly to each one. 

With this tool, you can message customers wherever they are in the customer journey. You can schedule text messages and handle responses both for lead and customer in one place. 

If you have to send out mass messages for a target audience ranging from 100 or 100,000 customers, BirdEye can do it for you.

It also comes with 2-way texting so you can keep in touch with customers and nurture leads deeper. This can turn them not just into buying customers but also brand loyalists.

Additionally, to make messages more engaging, you can also send photos and PDF attachments.

Lastly, with its reporting feature, you get real-time customer data from advanced analytics to make better campaign decisions.

The most interesting thing about BirdEye is that its solutions are built based on your marketing goals. Here are a few of the goals included to give you an idea:

  • Improve customer experience = Athena AI (Natural Language Processing engine)
  • Be found online = Listing
  • Engage website visitors = Webchat
  • Get paid faster = Payments (beta version)

Pros And Cons Of BirdEye

Easy to useNeeds functionality improvement for listing management
Pulls relevant data fastPricey
Provides clear notifications to the marketing team when a prospect has an unanswered query
Allows sending of mass emails

BirdEye Pricing Plan

birdeye pricing

With BirdEye’s remarkable functionalities is a hefty price tag. Before a feature set is generated, a couple of questions are first asked to determine the nature and volume of your business. 

The pricing provided is for the simplest business setup, which is a single location business.

Since it’s an omnichannel platform, the feature includes functionalities not just for SMS but also for other digital marketing channels like email and social media.  

  • Standard ($299/mo): The Standard plan includes functionalities under the listing and reviews category. 
  • Professional ($399/mo): The Professional plan has all the features in the Standard plan plus the interactions category.
  • Premium: (custom): The Premium plan is a personalized plan that includes functionalities under listings, reviews, interactions, surveys, ticketing, insights, and more. 

The pricing plan that caters to mobile marketing needs is under the Professional plan. 

Interested? Visit their site to learn more about their pricing plans.


Need a no-fuss choice on which mobile marketing software to go for? Choose Adobe’s Marketo Engage

It allows you to offer a seamless customer experience so you can increase leads and, turn in revenue. Plus with its highly-personalized messaging and push notifications, you can engage customers in better conversations.

You will know not just what to tell them but when to tell them about your pitch and news. 

To make sure it’s the right fit for you, you can contact Marketo Engage’s sales support to get started now.

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