7+ Best Oil And Gas Software For 2022 [An Honest Review]

Oil and Gas Software Platforms

Need help in choosing the best oil and gas software solution to help you streamline processes for your business and help keep a centralized record of all the documents you need? Here are my top picks to help you choose yours.

For over a decade of testing automation, productivity, and operations software, I’ve found several ones that will work well for businesses in the oil & gas industry. These software platforms will help with transportation and storage, supply and distribution, accounting, field operations, and everything in between.

I’ll lay down my 7+ best picks and tell you what each one is best used for. This will help narrow down your choices and help identify faster what’s best for your needs. 

What Is The Best Oil And Gas Software?

If you’re in a hurry, check out my top 3 picks at a glance: FieldCap, ProntoForms, and Commusoft.





Commusoft logo

Best overall. Highly flexible in managing business workflows and administrative duties on one single database.Best for analytics. Sophisticated analytical suite with equipment monitoring tools. Starts at $15/month.Easy-to-use. Accessible and intuitive platform for scheduling and task management. Starts at $59/month.
Try FieldCapTry ProntoFormsTry Commusoft

If you want to make an informed decision with a detailed rundown of functionalities to see which software platform is best for you, here you go:

1. FieldCap – Top Pick

fieldcap homepage

Best Oil & Gas Software For Oilfield Services [Custom Pricing]

When it comes to helping companies manage their workflow, deliver exceptional customer experience, and track profitability, FieldCap stands out. 

This oil and gas software also enables you to manage documents in one place. 

Its single database allows field workers, office workers, and execs to track, manage, and store information.

Using FieldCap’s field ticket database, you can reduce paperwork. Plus, you get to see all the transaction details for each customer in one go.

fieldcap field ticket database

Its field ticketing feature includes a referencing system so you get the right information and billing details when you need them. 

FieldCap has time-saving features for those working in the field. Other than just getting lists with the jobs and tickets they are assigned to, it also pre-fills job data so there’s less data entry needed, and fewer errors will be made.

The software can also be used as a timesheet, safety form, and checklist. 

For office workers, FieldCap features review and approval tools for the tickets, plus it keeps track of its real-time status.

fieldcap ticket status

These tools will help improve billing time, track updates, and reduce errors. 

It also has a report exporting option to process payroll and bonus data faster, including equipment status, outstanding tickets, and other relevant field data. 

With its digital stamp and signature feature, you also reduce the need to go back and forth to the customer to get things signed since it will automatically embed signed tickets from the field. 

For managers and execs who want constant updates without needing to bother workers, FieldCap can be accessed in any location and device, even without an internet connection, so you can check for updates on the go. 

Pros And Cons Of FieldCap

Provides accurate informationLack of reporting in some areas
Great user experienceCannot move billing to another invoice
Allows for fast digital approvals
Centralized the database
Can be configured to meet specific needs

FieldCap Pricing Plan

FieldCap has no fixed pricing package.

You have to set a demo appointment first to talk with someone from the sales team. They’ll explain the tools, give you recommendations on customization, and then provide the costs for it.

2. ProntoForms – Built-In Analytics

prontoforms homepage

Best Oil & Gas Software For Compliance Monitoring [Starts at $15/mo]

ProntoForms isn’t only great with compliance measures; it’s also amazing in equipment maintenance and empowering asset uptime. 

With this oil and gas software, you can build end-to-end workflows that will gather information across the supply chain.

It automatically shares field service data and record systems. It also includes built-in analytics and standardized reports.

For compliance and EHS regulations, ProntoForms provides a tool for complete standardization of procedures, especially for high-risk workflows and audits. It will help prevent risks and stay compliant with safety standards. 

For equipment maintenance reporting, it collects granular data so technicians can get a complete history of the equipment before arriving on site.

This streamlines preventative maintenance and asset repair to improve equipment longevity and keep performance at its peak. 

ProntoForms also has the functionality to standardize work guidance by providing a step-by-step process and embedding advanced conditional logic and color-coded responses to know the next step in complex processes.

prontoforms safety management tool

Additionally, it has a collaboration tool to collect data fast and send it to stakeholders in real-time. 

It can share information, dispatch new tasks, and trigger notifications to ensure the workflow goes smoothly.

Lastly, it’s a low-code form builder, so creating customized tools will be easier for those assigned to create it.

Pros And Cons Of ProntoForms

Can filter date range and pull customized reportsHas no functionality to segregate forms into folders 
Seamless setup with easy to configure dashboards Emailing reports glitches
Pre-loads inspection data for less data entry
Fast and easy data transfer from your existing field apps (ERP, CRM, FSM, etc.)
Provide an extensive resource library for all users (case studies, webinars, white papers, etc.)

ProntoForms Pricing Plan

prontoforms pricing

ProntoForms has three paid plans. Two have set pricing, while the third one is customizable, so the price can vary.

  • Essentials ($15/user/mo): The Essential plan includes advanced data collection, simple business logic, simple outputs and integrations, offline functionality, and more. 
  • Advanced ($45/user/mo): The Advanced plan has the following features: advanced conditional logic, advanced integrations, advanced outputs, multi-depts, and higher usage limits.
  • Enterprise (contact sales to get a quote): As for the Enterprise plan, it enables single sign-on, advanced security, advanced input controls, advanced form management, unrestricted usage, and other customizable tools. 

Before committing to a package, contact the demo team first to know more about the functionality. This will help you decide better on what plan meets your needs. 

3. Commusoft – Drag-&-Drop Scheduling Tool

commusoft homepage

Best Oil & Gas Software For Daily Dynamics [Starts at $59/mo]

While Commusoft caters to other industries, it has a specialized set of functions for the oil and gas industry for streamlining the daily processes run in the organization.

To stay organized, Commusoft features a drag-and-drop scheduling tool, so creating and rearranging appointments will just take a few seconds.

With it is a notification for every new event that can be viewed on tablets and smartphones, so no schedules will be missed. It automatically syncs on mobile or desktop, so everybody is kept in the loop.

Commusoft also comes with an automatic service reminder which are notifications sent to customers. It includes an online booking link so customers can schedule boiler services and safety checks.

It can even be set to recur at any interval, so sending emails to customers will be automated.

Moreover, Commusoft enables digital gas certificates while on site. It can be saved and sent together with a digital signature directly to the customer as a PDF.

To prevent losing track of invoices and revenue, this oil and gas job management software creates and sends out same-day final invoices as soon as the job is finished.

It comes with payment integrations, so you can receive payments through the following:

  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards
  • Online invoice portals

Commusoft’s best feature of all is its detailed asset management, so gas engineers can install and update assets, see every linked job, work history, and add contracts right on the site.

It provides real-time tracking for equipment together with the specific details of each one to know what is installed properly, needs maintenance, or replacements.

Pros And Cons Of Commusoft

Amazing functionalityQuickbooks integration needs fixing
Comes with payment integrationsMerging customers or amending jobs has glitches sometimes
Great customer support
Has a live diary feature to get real-time data across the web, tablet, and mobile app
Streamlines daily workflows

Commusoft Pricing Plan

commusoft pricing

Commusoft has three main pricing plans. 

  • All-In-One ($59/mo): The All-In-One plan includes scheduling and management tools, customer alerts, online portals, tool and equipment tracking, on-site quote creation, invoice and payment management, and more. 
  • Customer Journey ($75/mo): The Customer Journey plan comes with all the features in the All-In-One plan plus appointment booking, more scheduling optimizations, multi-location inventory tracking, automating invoice and cash flow, and more. 
  • Field Automation ($129/mo): The Field Automation plan enables everything in the Customer Journey Plan plus more methods to streamline daily operations, mass job bookings, security roles, full system audits, and more. 

Other than these three, Commusoft also offers a customized plan they call Enterprise if you want personalized solutions for your business. There is no set price for this. You have to get in touch with the sales team first. 

4. OGPro – User-Friendly

ogpro homepage

Best Oil & Gas Software For Accounting Needs [Custom Pricing]

Before anything else, just to clear out any confusion, OGPro is a product of OGSys developed by Quorum Software. You might try looking for an OGPro website and be led to Quorum Software. 

When it comes to tracking revenue, running reports, and managing decks for your oil and gas business, OGPro is one of the best ones that offer great functionality. 

With it, you get increased visibility on all financial transactions using any device so you can get updates wherever you are. You can start budgeting for all your projects and managing your division order (interest allocations, revenue/expense decks, etc.).

It comes with a general ledger that summarizes all company transactions like expenses and revenues. 

It can also generate invoices, track the account owner’s status, and simultaneously record expenses while paying parties involved. 

There’s also a feature that allows you to divide your partner’s expenses for joint ventures according to your agreed terms. 

OGPro includes revenue processing to record and print purchase checks, as well as to check the owner’s revenue status.

The best feature I like about OGPro is its ability to offer intuitive usability. With its logical workflow alerts and guidance-based design, you can prevent errors and increase productivity and get you on track at where you are in the processing cycle. 

Last but not the least, it’s equipped with a reporting feature to get financial status updates anytime it’s needed by the stakeholders. You can create custom reports anytime and export them all to Microsoft Excel.

Pros And Cons Of OGPro

User-friendlySystem documentation needs improvement
Logical file structure designLimited report writer
Efficient accounting systems
Spot on customer service

OGPro Pricing Plan

OGPro hasn’t provided a detailed pricing plan for its oil and gas software. You have to book a demo first to get more information on the pricing details and its inclusions. 

5. SherWare – Fully Customizable System

sherware homepage

Best Oil & Gas Software For Joint Interest Billing [Starts at $315/mo]

If you need an easy platform to handle joint interest billing and distributions, both for accountants and operators, Sherware is the best choice. 

SherWare is a fully customizable system. With it, you can manage: 

  • Payroll
  • Investors
  • Reporting
  • House gas
  • Direct deposit
  • Diversion orders

You can also track expenses and revenues with your wells. 

SherWare automates data entry to streamline data capture and minimize errors. You can also import and replicate data into the software to start distributions right there and then.

It reduces bookkeeping time so you can focus on more important matters and simplify the decision making process. 

Grunt work will be done by the software so your teams can move faster. 

From uploading production receipts to sending invoices, paying payroll, to processing distribution statements, SherWare can do it all. 

It centralizes the data for your entire team, integrating all your roles into one platform so it’s easier and faster to manage.

Pros And Cons Of SherWare

Outstanding customer serviceSetup is a bit difficult
Integrates with QuickBooksOnly company shares get required reports posted
Simplifies tasks with automated data entryA bit buggy
Keeps track of monthly bases

SherWare Pricing Plan

sherware pricing

SherWare has three paid pricing plans.

  • Integrated ($315/mo): The Integrated plan comes with revenue distribution, joint interest billing, QuickBooks integration, automatic data import, and more. 
  • Basic ($475/mo): The Basic plan includes everything in the Integrated plan plus managing payable accounts, receivable accounts, and more.
  • Professional ($655/mo): The Professional plan has all the features in the Basic plan plus automating direct deposit revenue to owners/investors, running 2 state-required reports, and more. 

Before committing to any plan, you can take advantage of a live demo to see what inclusions fit your needs best. 

6. EHS Insight – Mobile Tracking & Reporting

ehs insight homepage

Best Oil & Gas Software For Safety Audits & Inspections [Custom Pricing]

When it comes to overcoming industry safety challenges, EHS Insight is the best tool to have. 

Oil and gas companies have to deal with compliance regulations, EHS concerns, energy policies, and even safety workplace culture. 

EHS Insight will streamline identifying hazards, managing EHS risks, measures, and reports on workplace safety processes from pipelines down to storage units. 

It allows you to track, measure, and report on personnel safety metrics. That includes total recordable incident rate, near misses, lost-time incident rate, and more. 

It also performs accident investigations to eliminate root causes and prevent risk recurrence. 

EHS Insight does audits and inspections using checklists and custom or predefined form questions to conduct EHS inspections, assess plant performance, and field operations. 

Quality management is also a concern of this software. It automates quality management systems to ensure compliance and monitor systems, including corrective actions and regulatory requirements. 

Hazardous conditions are also tracked and reported, including workplace behaviors to ensure safety for everyone involved. 

Best of all, you don’t have to carry paper checklists around. You can identify, track, and report everything using your mobile device and include photograph attachments for documentation. 

EHS Insight reduces the burden of data entry so the team can focus more on proactive measures rather than data compliance collection and compliance. 

Pros And Cons Of EHS Insight

Allows for mobile tracking and reportingReports aren’t versatile
Easy to useSoftware stalls at times
Safety forms can either be pre-built or customized
Allows for offline capabilities
Excellent statistical data visualization to clearly convey critical points to your staff

EHS Insight Pricing Plan

ehs insight pricing inclusions

EHS Insight outlined the inclusions for each of the three plans, but they didn’t include the prices for each.

  • Small Business: The Small Business plan is an entry solution that includes incident management and investigations, a native mobile application, inspection checklists, audits and assessments, configurable forms and workflows, and more. 
  • Standard: The Standard plan is a more flexible solution that includes everything in the Small Business Plan plus audit management, chemical inventory, compliance tasks, job safety analysis, and more. 
  • Enterprise: The Enterprise plan is the most powerful and configurable choice that includes everything in the Standard plan plus enterprise support, sandbox, a dedicated representative, and more. 

The exact pricing for each package will depend on the number of contacts. To get thorough pricing, you need to request a quote.

7. ManagePetro – Single-Click Reports

managepetro homepage

Best Oil & Gas Software For Management Solutions [Free Demo | Custom Pricing]

For overall management solutions, ManagePetro gives you a good set of functionalities. 

With it, you can track and reconcile inventory. Its loss detection module will deal with unaccounted inventory to prevent missed revenue opportunities. 

It also provides a forecast based on historical data to optimize the ordering process and maximize resources. 

ManagePetro integrates with third-party tank sensors to automate re-ordering to avoid unnecessary trips and make processes more efficient. 

This oil and gas software also functions as a CRM to integrate all client details and support in one central storage for easing mapping and lead tracking. 

To keep stakeholders in the loop, ManagePetro comes with an unlimited one-click report generator.

Best of all, you can access the software using a mobile app so you can order, track, and monitor inventory on the go.

Pros And Cons Of ManagePetro

Monitors all aspects of the businessLacks 24-hour tech support
Has third-party sensor integrations
Provides a mobile app
Allows for easy  reporting

ManagePetro Pricing Plan

Managepetro doesn’t provide a set pricing plan for its oil and gas solutions. To get the pricing details, you have to request a quote. 

Before requesting ones, take advantage of the free live demo first to see how you can utilize the functionalities best.

8. iWell – Automated Collaborations

iwell homepage

Best Oil & Gas Software For Small & Mid-Sized Operators [Free Trial | $25/mo]

iWell provides pumpers, operators, and back-office workers the best solution to streamline processes and collaborations. 

Pumpers can efficiently report daily production, equipment issues, field readings, oil and water hauls, and field metrics without needing pen and paper or clunky software. 

It helps them stay efficient, organized, and accurate. 

For operators, iWell provides a cost-effective way to remotely monitor production operations. With iWell’s remote monitoring solutions, man-hours and travel can be reduced. 

It helps save time and money, reduce errors, and prevent downtimes. 

And for the back office team, iWell provides operational data collections and distribution. It comes with database systems to store information and an accounting system to take care of finances. 

This way, operational data flow is automated, production data is centralized, and information exchange is made easy.

Pros And Cons Of iWell

Oil field production software with efficient reportingLimited support
Automates collaboration
Prevents downtimes
Centralizes production data

iWell Pricing Plan

iwell pricing

iWell has a free 30-day trial for both Pumper and Remote solutions.

  • iWell Remote (Starts at $25/monitor/mo): The Remote plan includes real-time reporting, mobile access, alerts, security roles, and more. 
  • iWell Pumper ($50/mo): The Pumper plan enables access using any mobile device, automatic production calculations, tank and meter tracker, well tests, warning and error checking, automatic reports, and more. 

The plan you choose depends on where you need the software. If you need both for the production and the back office, you will need to subscribe to both plans.

Interested in iWell? Get started by visiting their site.


For the industry-leading oil and gas software, my top pick will be FieldCap

With it, you can manage workflows, nurture customer experience, and track profitability. 

It covers all the major workflows of an oil and gas business. 

It uses a single database for field workers, office workers, and execs, so everybody is kept in the loop and avoids the need to maintain too much software. 

Additionally, Its field ticketing system is highly accurate, so errors will be prevented. 

It offers the best functionalities to manage the major processes of your oil and gas business.

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