7+ Best Org Chart Software [Honest Review & Comparison]

Org Chart Software

Organizational charts are an essential part of any viable business plan. It doesn’t only show the hierarchy of leadership but can also aid in efficiently streamlining business processes. However, creating an org chart is not easy when starting from scratch. That’s why organizational chart software is important to do things faster and easier.

As a business owner, having the ability to create, quickly edit, and update my org chart has become a valuable time-saving task. Using the right software, I have an easy-to-understand org chart that streamlines work for my teams.

The right organizational chart software comes equipped with an accessible, easy-to-understand visual structure that clearly defines the reporting structure of any business.

By the end of this article, you’ll have the knowledge and information on my top choices for org chart software that you can use in your business. With the right idea of how each software functions, choosing the one best that works for you will be a breeze.

Let’s look at my top organizational chart software recommendations.

What Is The Best Organization Chart Software?

These are my top three recommendations for org chart software in 2022: Monday.com, Microsoft Visio, and Freshteam.

Monday (R)


MS Visio (G)


Freshteam (V)

Best overall. Highly intuitive platform with project management features Starts at $24/month.Best value for money. Includes customizable ready-to-use templates. Starts at $5/month.Feature-rich. Straightforward platform with drag-drop features. Starts at $1/month/user.
Try Monday.comTry Microsoft VisioTry Freshteam

1. Monday.com – Top Pick

Monday.com organization chart creation

Best Organizational Chart Software For Employee Management And Tracking [Starts At $24/mo]

Monday.com streamlines business org chart creation by providing users with hundreds of options for templates and visuals to choose from. It’s easy to find what your business org chart needs and create a visually appealing business hierarchy and visuals of processes.

What makes Monday.com great is that no matter your business size, their tools can accommodate high amounts of information while keeping everything clean and easy to navigate.

Those looking for an all-around software past creating organizational business charts can take advantage of the project management capabilities to track team progress. Monday.com also features calendar templates and workspace management that enhance the efficiency of small tasks and whole workflows all in one place. 

Monday.com org chart software

Notable Features Of Monday.com

  • Visual org chart creation: Create and update employee responsibilities and roles for each individual.
  • Seamless collaboration: Invite team members to collaborate in brainstorming on the software.
  • Employee and team management: Use customized templates and visuals to track critical milestones of each individual or team to aid in planning the next steps.
  • Data-driven overviews: Easily know where things stand by monitoring budgets, milestones, and progress to facilitate business decisions.
  • Centralized processes: View all business processes within the software and integrate tools such as Slack, Gmail, Dropbox, and more. Plus, automate daily tasks to save time for yourself and your business. 

Pros And Cons Of Monday.com

Multiple views are available per boardLimited features for the entry-level plan
High level of integration with popular business toolsTask dependency shows limitations when simultaneous work is required
Easy creation process that allows for team collaboration and seamless updatingSlow customer support

Monday.com Pricing Plan

Monday.com offers five plan options to choose from, depending on how you plan on using the software and the size of your business.

Monday.com pricing and fees
  • Individual Plan (Free To Use): Allows up to 3 custom boards for a maximum of 2 team members for individual work and process tracking use. There are 200 templates to choose from and column types to explore.
  • Basic Plan ($24/mo Billed Annually): Includes features from the individual plan plus unlimited views, 5GD file storage, and dashboard creation for one chosen board. You’ll also receive prioritized customer support.
  • Standard Plan ($30/mo Billed Annually): Includes features from the basic plan plus timeline and Gantt view, calendar view, guest access, and dashboard creation combining up to 5 boards.
  • Pro Plan ($48/mo Billed Annually): Includes standard features plus time tracking, formula columns, chart view, and dashboard creation combining up to 10 boards.
  • Enterprise Plan (Custom Pricing): For larger organizations and businesses looking to scale. Includes Pro plan features plus multi-level permissions and customizable onboarding. Premium customer support and dashboards that can combine up to 50 boards. 

For those looking to use Monday.com for org chart creation solely, the Basic Plan or Standard Plan is enough. These two plans are perfect for small or medium-sized businesses looking to develop their employee hierarchy and business processes. Plus, it includes features to create custom boards to track deliverables and tasks. 

2. Microsoft Visio – Best For Organizational Chart Structuring

Microsoft Visio org chart creator

Create Customized And Structured Organizational Charts For Easy Viewing And Documentation [Starts At $5/mo]

Many day-to-day business operations rely on visual data to streamline work processes. Part of that is a go-to organizational chart that everyone can refer to in task approval or team decisions.

Microsoft Visio is an organizational chart software that allows users to create easy-to-understand visuals using custom templates and customizable shapes in the org structure. These charts can also be saved as different data import sources for use on HTML web pages or as images, making them easy to disseminate to teams for reference.

Microsoft Visio org charts

Notable Features Of Microsoft Visio

  • Diagram creation: Aside from organizational charts, Microsoft Visio provides tools and templates for creating other visual diagrams such as process flow charts, network diagrams, and brainstorming solution mapping.
  • Collaboration: Easy to invite teammates to edit and contribute to diagrams for a more seamless idea presentation.
  • Integration with Microsoft 365: Convert Microsoft files such as Excel, PowerPoint, and other data sources into diagrams and charts for visual representations.
  • Multi-platform access: Available as a web application on mobile devices and desktop applications.

Pros And Cons Of Microsoft Visio

Easy to create flow charts and diagrams for organizational chartsSeparate from Office Suit purchases
Includes thousands of shapes, symbols, and categories for rankingEach object has its function and behavior, which can take time to learn
Integrates with Microsoft 365 tools to turn information into visual diagrams and chartsNot suitable for project management, task progress, etc. 

Microsoft Visio Pricing Plan

Microsoft Visio prices

Microsoft Visio has two specific plans for the use of their organizational chart software tool: 

  • Visio Plan 1 ($5/mo): Save files in OneDrive and easily collaborate with co-author or edit diagrams in real-time through the Visio Web App. Users can also view data diagrams connected to real-time information.
  • Visio Plan 2 ($15/mo): Includes Plan 1 features plus intelligent diagramming, more templates and shapes, and Microsoft 365 app integration. Plan 2 offers available on desktop for up to 5 PCs. 

Both plans offer only 2 GB of OneDrive cloud storage, making Plan 1 the ideal choice for businesses looking for integrative organizational chart software for Microsoft Suite tools. While the tools and features provided by Microsoft Visio are top-notch for organizational chart creation, it may not be the best choice for users looking to integrate task management and project tracking. 

3. Freshteam – Best For Ease Of Use

Freshteam org chart

Drag And Drop Organizational Chart Software Tool For Streamlined Creation Process [Starts At $1.20/mo/user]

Freshteam’s interactive drag-and-drop interface understands that businesses need to focus on tasks that develop and grow potential. While creating an organizational chart is part of that, it should not be something that takes hours to do or understand.

Aside from simply stating the name and position of individuals, users can customize the org chart to show contact information. While a small addition, it’s excellent for doubling as a contact sheet wherein everyone can easily reach each other just by glancing at the chart. 

Freshteam versatile org charts

Notable Features Of Freshteam

  • Versatile org charts: Create organizational charts that include contact details, role, and address information.
  • Self-update: Employees can update their profiles by clicking on their icon within the chart, which is handy for onboarding new hires.
  • Drag and drop: Easily edit and update the organization chart to meet the demands of a growing and developing business. 
Freshteam streamlined org chart creation

Pros And Cons Of Freshteam

A highly user-friendly system supports efficient org chart creation No time tracking management feature
Straightforward system that allows users to adapt it to specific information needsFewer integration options with 3rd party apps and tools
Includes features for talent acquisition, managing, and candidate tracking Training videos are not as comprehensive 

Freshteam Pricing Plan

Freshteam offers four pricing options and two options for billing: monthly and annual. Those who avail of the annual billing option are given a discount on the final price. 

Freshteam pricing and fees
  • Free: Basic HR for small organizations allowing team collaboration, employee directories, and organizational charts. 
  • Growth Essential ($1.20/mo/employee): HR For Small Organizations 
  • Pro Automated Workflows ($2.40/mo/employee): HR Data For Growing Companies 
  • Enterprise ($4.80/mo/employee): Streamline Complex HR Needs For Large Organizations 

Smaller businesses looking to grow their team and manage current employees in one platform can work with the Pro plan and have all the resources necessary to make organization growth possible. The Pro Plan also helps human resource teams organize employee information to help increase retention rates and ensure everyone in the business receives the right working policies and leaves. 

4. Gliffy – Best For Revision Management

Gliffy org chart software

Organizational Chart Software That Allows For Multiple Revisions And Prior Version Viewing [Starts At $10/mo/user]

Aside from being a highly customizable organizational chart software creation tool, Gliffy also doubles as document management and data visualization chart software that allows users to review any changes made to existing organization charts. This comes in handy when multiple people are working on completing the organizational chart or when changes need to be reverted to their original form. 

Gliffy easy diagram creation

Notable Features Of Gliffy

  • Revision History: Easily revert organizational charts to older versions when necessary.
  • Intuitive drag and drop: Create charts and diagrams with perfect alignment and spacing, saving time on manual edits to formatting. 
  • Collaboration: Add team members to edit, comment, or view diagrams with permission settings. 

Pros And Cons Of Gliffy

Well suited for organizational charts and process flow diagramsFree account has limited usable features
Easy to share with core team for collaboration and brainstorming
Integrates with Confluence, Slack, Trello, and GSuite

Gliffy Pricing Plan

Gliffy has two pricing tiers, with each tier having two options. The first is for the online diagram app, and the other is for Atlassian Apps. Based on their pricing structure, it is more cost-effective to have more users. 

Gliffy App prices
  • Professional Plan 1-9 Users ($10/mo/User); 10- 50 Users ($8/mo/User): Access to unlimited diagrams and templates with import capabilities from other applications. Users can also embed live diagrams and use private sharing with commenting tools. 
  • Enterprise (Custom Pricing): For organizations with more than 50 potential users, the Enterprise plan includes features from the Profesional Plan plus admin control, centralized security, team management, and shared online workspaces.
Gliffy Atlassian App prices
  • Gliffy Diagrams For Jira Up To 10 Users ($10/mo); 11-100 Users ($3.80/mo/user): Allows for native Jira integration, intuitive drag and drop interface, diagram creation, and flowchart creation. This plan also allows exporting diagrams in multiple formats and importing them to Microsoft Visio. 
  • Gliffy Diagrams For Confluence Up To 10 users ($10/mo); 11-100 Users ($3.80/mo/User): Allows for native Confluence integration, intuitive creation interface, inline editing of diagrams by team members, and secure permission management. The Confluence plan also includes the ability to create flowcharts, diagrams, and mind maps that can be exported in multiple formats and imported to Microsoft Visio. 

5. Lucidchart – Best For Customized Organization Charts

Lucidchart organizational software

Quickly Create Simple Organizational Charts To Simplify Complex Structures [Starts At $7.95/mo]

Lucidchart features tons of organizational chart creation assets that lets users simplify complex connections and structures into an easy-to-understand chart that everyone can use daily. It works great even for larger enterprises with many teams. Users can create one large organizational chart connecting all teams and departments or team-based charts.

With the collaboration feature, individual teams can work to create set charts and integrate them with other groups to develop the whole picture.

Lucidchart features

Notable Features Of Lucidchart

  • Clear visualization: Create org charts that show clear visualization of company structures and business processes.
  • Ideation and brainstorming: This allows team members to access, create, and edit charts for easy decision-making.
  • Facilitates connections: Stay aligned even when working in the same space with editing preferences per team member. 

Pros And Cons Of Lucidchart

Integrates with popular business tools like GDrive, GSuite, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft PowerPointThe free version has limited storage allotment
Easy to use interface with an intuitive layout creationThe free version does not allow highly complex charts with more than 60 objects
Allows for chart sharing in a variety of ways

Lucidchart Pricing Plan

Lucidchart offers four pricing plans for businesses and enterprises depending on the collaboration, integration, and security level. 

Lucidchart prices
  • Free: Create and edit up to 3 documents with professional templates. The free version allows for basic collaboration and integration with tools like Google Docs and Microsoft Word.
  • Individual ($7.95/mo): Access to unlimited editable documents and number of objects along with 1 GB of storage space. Import and export from Visio and presentation mode with premium shape libraries and templates.
  • Team: ($20/mo): Includes everything from the individual package, commenting revision history, and version naming. Integrate password-protected documents with Microsoft 365, GitHub, Box, Confluence, Jira, and LeanIX.
  • Enterprise (Custom Pricing): Everything from the team plan, team folders, document statuses, and upgraded security for all documents. 

Small businesses can benefit from the Individual and Team plan depending on the number of members. For those with 10-50 users, the Individual plan is enough to start building your business, and then upgrading to the Team plan is easy once you reach more people. 

6. Sift – Best For Large Businesses With Multiple Teams

Sift organizational charts

An Org Chart That Leverages The Skills And Knowledge Employees Across Multiple Teams [Starts At $1.50/mo/profile]

Sift organizational chart software creator helps businesses organize employee data from multiple teams and departments. This allows individuals to view who they can contact for specific projects and their potential contribution to work assignments.

The clear structure and information provided on the chart enable streamlined communication as it uses customizable designs that users can easily export for sharing.  

Notable Features Of Sift:

  • Profiles: Create personal profiles of each employee and integrate them into the chart for a click-and-view experience.
  • Search enabled: Make it easy for everyone to search for a particular person with a search feature that filters depending on need.
  • Automatic update: Updates people’s information by using up-to-date official data and additional data collected from each person to optimize search.

Pros And Cons Of Sift

User-friendly interface with an easy-to-understand systemNot ideal for companies and businesses with less than 200 people
Org chart, company directory, and employee profile all in one placeEnhanced profile details can only be accessed starting from the Pro Plan
An intuitive interface learns what businesses need and adapts recommendations

Sift Pricing Plan

Sift offers pricing plans for businesses looking to organize their employee teams and create a seamless communication experience among them. 

Sift prices
  • Starter ($1.50/mo/profile): Create up to 1,000 basic profiles with a fully automated org chart and basic search for employees.
  • Pro ($2.50/mo/profile): Create up to 5,000 enhanced profiles and a fully automated org chart with enhanced search capabilities and analytics.
  • Enterprise (Custom Pricing): Create 5,000+ enhanced profiles plus all features from the Pro Plan.

Large businesses looking to collate all employee information in one place for an easy-to-search and view experience will benefit everyone from the Pro Plan. Creating an enhanced profile for each employee allows everyone to view essential information when planning business goals and projects. 

7. Organimi – Best For Information Dissemination

Organami org chart software

Seamless Sharing And Collaboration Of Org Charts Across Individuals [Starts At $30/mo]

One important feature that a good organizational structure software must have is the ability to share it with everyone in the company for reference and daily use. Organimi accomplishes that by allowing human resource teams to easily integrate created charts into essential documents by simply sharing the board with a link. 

Organami features

Notable Features Of Organimi: 

  • Mimic Salesforce: Create the exact Salesforce org chart using Organimi.
  • Identify Gaps: Use the org chart to identify role gaps so HR can easily fill them. 
  • Creative design: Choose your fonts, color scheme, and layout based on needs. 

Pros And Cons Of Organimi

CSV and Excel spreadsheet file importsDoes not streamline creation for more than one tier per level position. 
User editing and viewing capabilities
Custom field options and extensive formatting options, including fonts

Organimi Pricing Plan

Organimi offers a pay-as-you-grow option that allows businesses to start with a basic plan and switch to a bigger one when necessary. 

Organami pricing


  • Basic ($30/mo): Access to multiple chart options that can be shared with links and emails. The exporting and printing options make it easy to document different versions of the chart or customize it per team distribution. Document managers can also easily grant access levels to certain individuals. 
  • Premium ($60/mo): All the basic features, including unlimited admins and access to backup snapshots. Interactive onboarding workshops. 

The pricing plan allows you to pick the number of employees in your business for exact pricing. Those with up to 250 employees can benefit from the basic plan and opt to grow their plan when necessary to save on pricing fees. 

8. SmartDraw – Best For Integration

SmartDraw Organizational Chart

Best Org Chart Software For Integration With Relevant Business Tools [Starts At $9.95/mo]

SmartDraw integrates powerful business tools like Microsoft, Jira, and Trello, so businesses do not have to change their tools to accommodate their ideal organizational chart creator. Also, the easy collaboration tools let everyone add their ideas to organizational charts or projects using the org chart tool. 

SmartDraw features

Notable Features Of SmartDraw: 

  • Quick start: Use quick-start templates with 70 different diagram types that have automatic formatting to save time on initial drafting and planning. 
  • Integrate with tools: Use SmartDraw for necessary tool integrations such as Google, Microsoft, and Dropbox. 
  • Diagram categories: More than just for organizational structure visualization as there are categories to choose from depending on your business needs. 

Pros And Cons Of SmartDraw

Intelligent formatting for chart templates saves time on smaller detailsDoes not include a robust employee profile or information feature
Clearly shows the organizational structure with a professional feel and look
Built-in extensions and the ability to add in custom extensions

SmartDraw Pricing Plan

SmartDraw offers three pricing plans depending on the number of users and team needs. 

SmartDraw prices
  • Individual ($9.95/mo): Includes basic chart creation with limited user access and templates. 
  • Team ($5.95/mo): Requires a 5-user minimum with team admin control and one shared folder. 
  • Site ($2,995/annually): Everything in the team license plus SSO multiple shared folders and custom company theme. 

You can start with the Team plan and see how the software fits into the requirements and needs of the organization. If needed, businesses can upgrade to the Site Plan if necessary as it is a pricey option for those looking to create simple org structure charts or diagrams on a case-to-case basis rather than daily.

What Is An Organizational Chart?

company org chart

Image Source

Organizational charts are a representation of a company or a business. They usually show how management is structured and how the business works. A typical organizational chart will show the hierarchy of management in pyramid form, which may include CEO, President, Vice President, etc.

It may also show how different departments function and who is in charge of each department. An organizational chart is handy for planning and organizing a company. It also lets you know how to improve business operations. An organization chart software allows you to quickly and easily create an organization chart that will make your job easier. It is a must-have for all companies and professionals.


The best organizational chart software should streamline the creation process while allowing a certain level of customization to fit specific business needs. Ideally, the right software can show stakeholders, sales teams, and individuals how to function within the business system efficiently.

Based on feature-rich tools that go beyond org chart creation and moving to managing existing employees and hiring new talent, options like Freshteam and Monday.com are the way to go. 

Others, like Lucidchart and Organimi, offer metrics on people analytics and business information. These options are perfect for growing companies looking to retain and bring on new hires who greatly benefit the organization.

With the data visualization an org chart maker provides, companies can move to more straightforward decision-making and task management. Since everyone can view charts in CSV file format or through internal links, project implementation and goal achievement flow become easier as everyone knows their exact role and who to work with for specific requirements.

Using the right tools and software for your business helps streamline its potential. Visit us at Novum to learn more about the right tools for better business processes.

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