10 Best Podcast Hosting Services For 2022 [Most are Free]

Best Podcast Hosting Services

Finally thinking about starting your own Podcast channel? 

If not, then I guess you have one already, and are probably planning to migrate your podcasts to a much better podcast hosting service. 

Whichever the case, you’ve just stumbled upon the ultimate guide to the best podcast hosting services for 2022. So, stick around as we review not only the overall best podcast hosting sites in the industry, but also some of the top free podcast hosting platforms.

And, to be a bit more specific, this guide gives you insights into the main features you should expect from each of these best podcast hosting services, their accompanying pricing options, as well as all the possible weaknesses. 

However, before we dive deep into all that, let’s get the basics right for the sake of clarity. What exactly is a podcast hosting service? And how do you even choose the best podcast hosting services from the overwhelming list of options on the web?

What Is A Podcast Hosting Service? 

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “podcast hosting”? 

iTunes? Maybe Spotify or Google Podcasts? 

Fair enough. But, here’s the thing. While iTunes itself features hundreds of thousands of podcasts in more than 100 languages, it’s not a podcast hosting service per se. And neither is Google Podcasts or Spotify. 

The fact is, these are essentially audio players or streaming services that grant you access to various podcast files. You can think of them as broadcasters or directories that simply link you with your favorite podcasts. 

In fact, according to a study conducted by Edison Research in 2022, more than 68 million Americans are using such services to listen to podcasts every week. And in total, there are now more than 1 million podcasts and over 30 million episodes to choose from. 

Now, in essence, each of these audio files has a home. And that’s exactly where podcast hosting comes in. 

Basically, podcast hosting services are the specific platforms that hold the underlying audio files. 

But, it doesn’t end with file storage. The best podcast hosting services additionally offer tools for creating, editing, organizing, and distributing podcasts. 

These, in a nutshell, are some of the details we’ll be looking into shortly. 

But first, what factors should you consider while choosing the best podcast hosting sites? 

How To Choose The Best Podcast Hosting Solution

If you’re curious about the specific features you should look out for, the truth is, it depends. And the simple reason is, there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all. 

Just like blogging, the whole art of podcasting is a bit like the Wild West. It’s extensively dynamic, with a mixture of everything. 

While some podcasters might be seeking a podcast hosting platform that gives them tools for selling their work, others tend to focus more on the podcast recording capabilities, and possibly even the accompanying editing features. 

And that’s not all. We also have a sizable group of beginners who would rather compromise some of the advanced features just to score a free podcast hosting service. 

All in all, the point is, what you possibly consider as the best podcast hosting services for you might turn out to be unsuitable for other podcasters. The secret here is choosing your podcast hosting site based on your business and podcasting needs. 

And with that in mind, here’s a list of the principal factors you should evaluate during the selection process: 

  • Storage Capabilities: Consider the amount of storage space, the types of supported audio files, the number of audio files allowed, and so forth. 
  • Streaming Capabilities: Factor in the streaming speeds, the amount of bandwidth, the supported streaming channels, the podcast download options, etc.
  • Integrations: Where can you embed your podcasts? Does the podcast hosting service allow you to place your podcasts on social media and other third-party sites? Does it support the universal distribution directories?
  • Podcast Marketing Features: Review all the features for promoting your podcasts across the web. You should particularly focus on SEO, social media marketing, plus email marketing. 
  • Monetization Capabilities: Does the podcast hosting site give you tools for monetizing your podcasts? And if so, how exactly does the whole monetization and payment processing framework operate?
  • Customization Options: How far can you edit and customize your podcasts, as well as the accompanying landing pages? 
  • Audience Analytics: In order to progressively expand your podcast reach, you need accurate real-time insights into your audience. So, take into account the type of stats offered along the way, the audience platforms covered, the update frequency, as well as the overall audience metrics that you get to track over the long haul. 
  • Pricing: The best podcast hosting services provide a favorable balance between pricing and the corresponding package features. Even their free plans come with a decent set of features- just enough to sufficiently support beginners. 

Now, after taking all these features and other relevant market factors into consideration, here are the best podcast hosting services in 2022…

The Best Podcast Hosting Providers In 2022

Overall, here are my top 3 picks for the best podcast hosting providers in 2022.

  • Buzzsprout: If you’re a beginner, this is where you want to be. Apart from a simple, easy-to-use podcasting system, Buzzsprout comes with a decently-provisioned free package, plus a set reasonably-priced premium packages. Then to top it off, the platform goes ahead and lists your podcasts across all the leading directories. 
  • PodBean: PodBean is the best podcast hosting platform for people with large podcast networks. It combines unlimited storage space with unmetered bandwidth, unlimited podcast channels, and an unlimited number of admins per account. 
  • Podcast Websites: Podcast Websites happens to be the mother of all podcast hosting services. It blends advanced podcast tools with managed WordPress hosting to give you truly comprehensive all-in-one hosting. 

That said, here are the full details about the three services, plus more than 27 other alternatives…

Best Podcast Hosting Service #1: Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout - Podcast Hosting Service

For over a decade now, Buzzsprout has efficiently served all types of podcasters, including beginners, and seasoned professionals with wide audience bases. 

In fact, Buzzsprout currently supports more than 100,000 podcasters, who continue to enjoy its exceptionally simple but fast system. The interface itself is incredibly intuitive, as it combines an elegantly-designed layout with straightforward easy-to-use controls. 

Submitting podcasts to Spotify or iTunes, for instance, should only take you a few clicks. And the same applies to the rest of the standard podcasting procedures- including uploading content and importing podcasts from other hosting platforms. 

What’s more, Buzzsprout happens to be a very generous host. While its advanced premium features come at reasonable prices, it still manages to provide quite a decent free package. Plus, you even get to set up a free site for your podcasts.  

Buzzsprout Podcast Hosting Pricing

  • Free: Supports up to 2 hours of new uploads per month. Then subsequently, the podcast episodes are hosted for not more than 90 days. 
  • $12/Month: The new uploads are limited to 3 hours per month, but your podcast episodes are hosted for as long as you want. 
  • $18/Month: You get to upload up to 6 hours of new content each month. And just like the $12 plan, Buzzsprout allows you to host your episodes indefinitely. 
  • $24/Month: Stretches the new content uploads to 12 hours per month, with indefinite hosting for the episodes. 

Buzzsprout Podcast Hosting Key Features

  • Free Podcast Hosting: You can start off with Buzzsprout’s well-provisioned free package, which offers all the basic podcasting tools, plus advanced stats, and an unlimited number of team members. 
  • Ultimate Simplicity: Buzzsprout is all about simplicity. Once you upload new content, for instance, you can rest easy as the system proceeds to optimize it automatically. That means you can go ahead and publish your podcast episodes straight away, without any extra editing. 
  • Partnership With Popular Podcast Directories: Buzzsprout has partnered with multiple top-rated podcast directories to give your content maximum online exposure. You’ll be featured on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Alexa, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Castro, Podchaser, Castbox, Overcast, and TuneIn. 
  • In-Depth Audience Analytics: Buzzsprout tracks your podcast listeners to give you insights into the number of people playing your podcasts, their location, the applications they use, as well as the number of times they play your podcasts. 

Buzzsprout Podcast Hosting Pros and Cons 

Elegantly-designed and extremely easy-to-use.Your audio files are limited to 96kbps by default. Then if you choose to upgrade to 192 kbps, Buzzsprout will charge you an extra $6 per month. 
Each podcast is listed on all the leading podcast directories. The free package will only host your podcast episodes for 90 days. 
Facilitates monetization opportunities through affiliate programs. 
Powers automatic transcription for each podcast episode. This should boost your SEO, as well as help you engage even people with hearing impairment. 

Who is Buzzsprout Podcast Hosting Best Suited For?

Buzzsprout is best suited for podcasting beginners with few content uploads per month. You could start off on the free package and then advance through the premium plans over the long haul. 

Best Podcast Hosting Service #2: PodBean

Podbean - Podcast Hosting Service

Considering PodBean has been around longer than Buzzsprout and the likes, it belongs to the exclusive league of the most seasoned industry veterans. And, as it turns out, PodBean has quite a lot to show for it. 

One of the primary offerings here is a comprehensive business package, which comes packed with all the standard features that large podcast networks might need. I’m talking about unlimited storage, unmetered bandwidth, multiple podcast channels, an unlimited number of admin accounts, advanced analytics, etc. 

But, that’s not to say small podcasters have been left out. They also get unlimited storage and unmetered bandwidth, along with intuitive design tools, plus a solid collection of beautiful customizable site themes. 

Then to top it off, PodBean has a free package that offers a complete podcast site. However, you’ll be limited to 100GB bandwidth per month, which is pretty understandable for a beginner who’s trying to learn the ropes. 

PodBean Podcast Hosting Pricing

  • Basic: It’s completely free of charge, but you can only host up to 5 hours of content. What’s more, the monthly bandwidth is limited to 100GB. 
  • Unlimited Audio: For $14 per month (billed month to month) or $9 per month (billed annually), you get all the standard podcasting tools without any storage or bandwidth limits. 
  • Unlimited Plus: For $39 per month (billed month to month) or $29 per month (billed annually), the Unlimited Plus plan facilitates video podcasting and extensive podcast monetization. 
  • Business: The Business plan costs either $129 per month when billed month to month, or $99 per month when billed annually. That gives you tools for managing an unlimited number of podcast channels. 

PodBean Podcast Hosting Key Features

  • Free Podcasting: PodBean’s Basic package is permanently free. It won’t cost you anything to host up to 5 hours of audio content. Plus, you get to set up a complete podcast site. 
  • Unlimited Podcasting For Businesses: Enterprises with extensive podcast networks get the benefit of running an unlimited number of podcast channels on unmetered bandwidth and unlimited storage space. 
  • Multiple Monetization Options: PodBean gives you the chance to monetize your podcasts through its ad marketplace, patron programs, content sales, and dynamic ads. 
  • Multimedia Podcasts: Apart from audio podcasts, PodBean supports video podcasts, as well as text-based content like PDFs.

PodBean Podcast Hosting Pros and Cons

Pleasantly easy to use. The free package doesn’t go beyond 5 hours of content. 
Has a wide range of monetization opportunities.The free podcast site comes with limited capabilities. 
Provides unlimited podcast hosting.
Supports unlimited podcast channels.

Who Is PodBean Podcast Hosting Best Suited For?

In all honesty, PodBean is great for everyone- from podcasting beginners to seasoned video podcasting networks. You could begin with the Basic plan and then gradually increase your podcasting and monetization capabilities as you advance through the premium packages. 

However, with that said, PodBean happens to a perfectly ideal podcast hosting service for established podcasters. The Business package allows them to expand their podcast networks as much as they want, with all the collaborators they need. 

Best Podcast Hosting Service: #3 Captivate

Captivate - Podcast Hosting Service

As a podcast hosting service that was specially built by experienced podcasters, Captivate stretches beyond the standard platform capabilities. It’s particularly optimized for independent podcasters who intend to gradually expand their audiences across multiple platforms. 

You can, for instance, import your shows from other podcast hosting sites, extensively market your podcasts to listener subscriptions, embed content onto third-party platforms, track your audience growth with advanced analytics, generate leads using built-in CTAs, as well as divide the workflow between an unlimited number of team members. 

That said, the one thing that you should expect Captivate to restrict is the number of podcast downloads. Each pricing plan here comes with a predetermined volume of downloads per month. 

Captivate Podcast Hosting Pricing

  • Podcaster: For $19 a month, the Podcaster plan supports up to 12,000 content downloads per month. 
  • Audio Influencer: For $49 a month, the Audio Influencer package stretches the allowance to 60,000 downloads per month.
  • Podcast Brand: This package goes up to 150,000 downloads per month for $99 a month. 

Captivate Podcast Hosting Key Features

  • Unlimited Podcast Hosting: Captivate hosts an unlimited number of podcasts on each account. It only chooses to limit the corresponding volume of content downloads. 
  • Unlimited Team Members: You get to collaborate extensively by adding an unlimited number of team members to your account. 
  • Built-in CTAs: Mailing list building and lead generation are a breeze thanks to the call-to-action statements, which come embedded onto the podcast player. 
  • Free Podcast Migration: Transfer your content from other podcast hosting services for free through a simple import tool. 
  • Automatic Podcast Site: By default, Captivate provides a responsive and customizable podcast site, which comes all the basics- including monetization options. 

Captivate Podcast Hosting Pros and Cons

Comes with built-in podcast player CTAs.Doesn’t offer a free package. The best you can get is a free trial, which lasts for only 7 days. 
It’s intuitive and incredibly easy to use.The pricing is a bit steep for the features offered on each package. It won’t even take you long to find a cheaper competitor. 
Provides a free customizable podcast site.
Supports unlimited podcasts and RSS feeds

Who is Captivate Podcast Hosting Best Suited For?

Captivate thinks of itself as “the world’s only growth-oriented podcast host” for a reason. And, as we’ve established from our numerous tryouts, it’s indeed a perfect podcast hosting solution for podcasters who’d want to progressively expand their reach. 

The tools here are specifically optimized for lead generation, podcast marketing, and advanced audience analytics across multiple platforms. 

Best Podcast Hosting Service #4: Transistor

Transistor - Podcast Hosting Service

Transistor, or Transistor.fm in full, is a specialized podcast hosting platform for professionals, brands, and seasoned creatives. This, to a certain extent, places it in the league of the best podcast hosting services for businesses- along with the likes PodBean. 

As a matter of fact, Transistor happens to emulate its counterpart when it comes to storage and analytics. Just like PodBean, you should get the privilege of creating as many podcasts as you want, as well as track multiple audience parameters. All the packages here come with unlimited podcast hosting and advanced analytics. 

What’s more, podcast branding is a breeze with Transistor, and so is the whole process of organizing and managing multiple podcasts.

Sadly, however, Transistor doesn’t offer a free package. The best you can get here is a free trial, which only runs for 14 days. 

Transistor Podcast Hosting Pricing

  • Starter: $19 per month or $190 annually for 10,000 content downloads per month, plus 2 additional collaborators on each podcast. 
  • Professional: $49 per month or $490 annually for 50,000 content downloads per month, plus 5 additional collaborators on each podcast.
  • Business: $99 per month or $990 annually for 150,000 content downloads per month, plus 10 additional collaborators on each podcast.

Transistor Podcast Hosting Key Features

  • Unlimited Podcasts: Transistor allows you to create an unlimited number of podcasts with one account. 
  • Advanced Analytics: You should have an easy time tracking your podcasts’ growth, thanks to in-depth analytics that cover audience sizes, listener locations, listening trends, download numbers, plus much more. 
  • Multiple Well-Renowned Podcast Directories: Once you publish your podcasts, Transistor gets them through to Google Podcasts, Spotify, Pocket Casts, Overcast, Apple Podcasts, and more. 
  • Embeddable Player: Transistor provides a code that allows you to embed its podcast player onto any third-party platform. 

Transistor Podcast Hosting Pros and Cons

Comes with an in-built customizable podcasting site. Doesn’t offer a free package.
In the end, the podcasts are featured on a range of popular online directories.The content download volume is limited on a monthly basis.   
Allows you to collaborate with multiple team members in each podcast. 
Provides unlimited podcast hosting. 

Who Is Transistor Podcast Hosting Best Suited For?

By combining unlimited podcast hosting, extensive content distribution, and advanced analytics on one platform, Transistor fundamentally caters to the needs of professional podcasters, businesses, and creatives with multiple shows under their names. 

Best Podcast Hosting Service #5: Simplecast

Simplecast - Podcast Hosting Service

Considering Simplecast sells itself as the “the first and last word in podcast management and analytics”, I must admit that it perfectly manages to live up to its end of the bargain. This, in other words, is one of the best podcast hosting services for creatives who want to create, organize, and customize their podcasts while keeping tabs on their audiences. 

The management part, to begin with, is driven by Simplecast’s holistic approach to podcasting. It provides various robust tools for not only setting up your podcasts and a corresponding site, but also marketing and distributing them across all the major directories. 

Before the content goes live, however, Simplecast additionally allows you to customize your podcasts, as well as brand them accordingly.  

And speaking of which, one of the most exceptional tools here is “Recast”, which gives you the privilege of publishing selected sections of your podcast episodes on social media. That, of course, makes it handy for lead generation. 

Now, moving on to the second area of focus, Simplecast comes with a well-optimized set of analytical tools. Apart from the standard metrics, you get to track your audience based on their locations, devices, browsers, network ISPs, plus much more.

It’s also possible to compare your analytics across multiple episodes, or even break down the consumption figures into smaller variables such as completion rate, listening speed, and skips. 

SimpleCast Podcast Hosting Pricing

Independent Podcaster

  • Basic: For only $15 per month (with month to month billing) or $13.50 per month (with annual billing), the Basic plan provides features for launching your podcasting career through a standard podcast site. The number of content downloads, however, is limited to 20,000 per month. 
  • Essential: For $35 per month (with month to month billing) or $31.50 per month (with annual billing), the Essential plan provides features for growing your podcasting career. The monthly content download, on the other hand, is limited to 50,000 per month. 
  • Growth: For only $85 per month (with month to month billing) or $76.50 per month (with annual billing), the Growth package is all about extensive collaboration and in-depth insights. However, your audience can only download the content 120,000 times per month. 

Networks and Businesses

  • Professional: For a custom rate, you should expect all the features on the Independent Podcaster packages, combined with multi-show analytics, prioritized support, and additional team members per account. 
  • Enterprise: The Enterprise package further takes it up a notch with white-labeling, personalized onboarding, dedicated support, private distribution API, plus much more. 

SimpleCast Podcast Hosting Key Features

  • Recast: The Recast tool makes it conveniently easy to create and share your content in the form of short clips. Consequently, it boosts social sharing and discovery. 
  • Embeddable Player: SimpleCast’s podcast player can be easily integrated with third-party platforms, including social media sites, blogs, as well as sites built on WordPress and Squarespace. 
  • Advanced Analytics: SimpleCast is capable of tracking a wide range of parameters to give accurate real-time multi-show analytics, consumption analytics, location analytics, episode retention data, network analytics, tech analytics, web player analytics, device analytics, listener reports, etc. 
  • Multi-Show Management: Each user account gives you the power to create and manage multiple podcast shows. 

SimpleCast Podcast Hosting Pros and Cons

ProsCons of SimpleCast Podcast Hosting
Offers detailed analytics on various relevant parameters. The number of content downloads is limited each month.  
Facilitates unlimited podcast hosting. The number of co-collaborators is limited based on your pricing plan. 
Provides inexpensive packages for both individual podcasters and businesses. Doesn’t offer a free package. 
Allows you to Leverage third-party platforms by embedding the podcast player and recasting your content. 

Who Is SimpleCast Podcast Hosting Best Suited For?

Going by the package options, it’s obvious that SimpleCast takes into account both independent podcasters and enterprises with large podcasting networks. You get to choose between different reasonably-priced plans based on your precise needs. 

That notwithstanding, a deeper analysis of the package features reveals that SimpleCast is more of a podcast hosting service for multi-show podcasters, especially the few who appreciate in-depth analytics. 

Best Podcast Hosting Service #6: Spreaker

Spreaker - Podcast Hosting Service

If you fancy working as a radio presenter, then Spreaker is the podcast hosting site for you. 

While many podcast hosting services tend to focus on static audio files, Spreaker chooses to operate as a radio transmission system. Its system is well-synced to run live broadcasts just like a typical radio presenter. 

As a result, you get to connect with your audiences in real-time as events unfold. And while you’re at it, you could go ahead and publish your podcasts on all the main directories, including Spotify, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, plus TuneIn. 

Then get this. If you’re open to running ads within your content, you could increasingly generate passive income from Spreaker’s dynamic ads. You just need to place its ad snippets in your episodes, and the platform will proceed to play them automatically. 

Spreaker Podcast Hosting Pricing 

  • Free Speech: This package is completely free, and it accommodates up to 5 hours of audio content, plus 15-minute live podcasts, without any monetization options. 
  • On-Air Talent: For $7 per month (with month to month billing or $6 per month (with annual billing), the On-Air Talent plan hosts up to 100 hours of audio content. Then live podcasts, on the other hand, can run for 45 mins. Plus, you get programmatic monetization capabilities, customizable RSS feeds, and multiple podcast hosting.
  • Broadcaster: The Broadcaster plan stretches things further for $20 per month (with month to month billing) or $18 per month (with annual billing). This gives you up to 3 hours of live broadcasting, up to 500 hours of audio storage, advanced stats, and limited access podcast capabilities. 
  • Anchorman: For $50 a month (with month to month billing) or $45 per month (with annual billing), Anchorman accommodates up to 5 hours of live broadcasting, and up to 1,500 hours of audio content. 

Spreaker Podcast Hosting Key Features

  • Live Broadcasting: Spreaker happens to come with a rather dynamic system that runs like a fully-fledged radio station. You can broadcast live content and engage your audience in real-time. 
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: Spreaker’s unlimited bandwidth allows you to reach as many listeners as you want at any particular time. 
  • Multiple Monetization Options: You could go ahead and monetize your content through limited access podcasts, or dynamic ad insertion. 
  • Advanced Analytics: Apart from basic statistics like download volume, and the number of listeners, Spreaker generates in-depth podcasting insights such as audience trends, audience location, listening sources, and audience devices. 

Spreaker Podcast Hosting Pros and Cons

Offers a permanently free podcast hosting package.It limits content uploads and live broadcasting hours. 
Provides live broadcasting capabilities on all the plans. The Free Speech plan doesn’t provide monetization tools. 
Supports an extensive content distribution network.
Has various monetization channels. 

Who Is Spreaker Podcast Hosting Best Suited For?

Spreaker is an all-round podcast hosting platform that accommodates pretty much any form of podcasting. It offers tools for recording new podcasts from scratch, uploading pre-existing content, as well as broadcasting live audio. 

However, of the three, live broadcasting happens to be the principal focus, thanks to the numerous dynamic features for optimizing real-time audio streaming. In short, therefore, we could very well conclude that Spreaker is exceptionally ideal for live broadcasters and radio stations. 

Best Podcast Hosting Service #7: Castos

Castos - Podcast Hosting Service

Although Castos can comfortably host your podcasts on its own independent customizable podcast website, it’s mostly renowned for its WordPress capabilities. 

You see, Castos has, for quite some time now, been providing a neat plugin that transforms any WordPress website into a podcast site. This saves you the trouble of setting up an extra podcasting site when you have a fully operational WordPress website. Plus, you get to manage all your podcasts directly from your WordPress dashboard. 

It’s worth noting, however, that you won’t find a WordPress plugin called “Castos”. Instead, the plugin goes by the name “Seriously Simple Podcasting”, and it costs nothing to download. 

But, make no mistake. Castos doesn’t offer a free plan even when you sign up via its main site. However, on the bright side, at least the premium pricing comes with unlimited podcast hosting.  

Castos Podcast Hosting Pricing

  • Starter: For  $19 per month or $190 per year, the Starter plan offers unlimited podcast hosting,  private podcasting, one-click import of content from other platforms, and in-depth stats, among other features. 
  • Growth: For $49 per month or $490 per year, the growth package supplements all the Starter features with YouTube video publishing, and Audiogram integration.
  • Pro: For $99 per month or $990 per year, the Pro plan combines everything with video podcast hosting and advanced analytics.  

Castos Podcast Hosting Key Features

  • WordPress Podcasting Plugin: Castos offers a simple WordPress plugin that transforms any WordPress site into a podcasting powerhouse, complete with podcast management features on the WordPress dashboard. 
  • Automatic Podcast Transcription: You could have all your audio and video podcast uploads automatically transcribed by Castos’ powerful voice to text tool. 
  • YouTube Republishing: Castos automatically republishes the audio podcasts on YouTube to boost not only your overall audience reach, but also your site’s SEO. 
  • Unlimited Podcast Hosting: Castos is generous enough to host an unlimited number of podcasts, plus an unlimited number of episodes. 

Castos Podcast Hosting Pros and Cons

A complete podcast hosting site is offered separately from the corresponding WordPress plugin. Differentiating between regular podcast hosting and the WordPress plugin can get confusing. 
The WordPress plugin embeds podcasting tools directly onto the WordPress dashboard. Doesn’t offer a free beginners’ option. 
The audio episodes can be automatically republished on YouTube. 
Comes with an automatic audio transcriber. 

Who Is Castos Podcast Hosting Best Suited For?

Castos is an understandably great option for anyone who needs unlimited podcasting hosting services accompanied by a customizable podcast site.

However, with WordPress being Castos’ primary strongpoint, we could agree it’s particularly suitable for people who’d want podcasting capabilities on their WordPress sites. Its plugin is built to seamlessly integrate with WordPress, and subsequently attach podcast tools to the dashboard. 

Best Podcast Hosting Service #8: Fusebox

Fusebox - Podcast Hosting Service

Previously known as “Smart Podcast Player”, Fusebox is a recently rebranded podcast hosting service that helps individuals transform their sites into podcasting powerhouses. 

But, make no mistake. Fusebox doesn’t work with just any random website. Rather, it’s purposely-developed for WordPress-based sites. 

Basically, it comes in the form of a WordPress plugin- which upon downloading and activating, gives you the power to showcase your podcast episodes, media tracks, and other types of audio files. 

It’s worth noting though, that the final appearance of the elements on your webpages depends on how you choose to customize the whole layout. 

And speaking of which, you’ll notice that the Fusebox Player is, hands down, one of the most attractive podcast players in the industry. Podcast listeners get to use its incredibly elegant interface to seamlessly explore episode catalogs. 

For the best possible impact though, you might want to combine that with Fusebox’s Transcript plugin. This will subsequently transcribe your audio podcasts, improve your site’s SEO, plus help you get the podcast messages across to people with impaired hearing

Fusebox Podcast Hosting Pricing

  • Free: For $0 per month, the Free package offers transcription capabilities, plus the Fusebox sitewide podcast player. 
  • Pro: For $12 a month (with month to month billing) or $8 per month (with annual billing), the Pro package is the only premium option on Fusebox. So, of course, you should be able to deploy the full podcast player, along with the transcription tool. 

Fusebox Podcast Hosting Key Features

  • WordPress Podcasting: Fusebox powers podcasting on WordPress-based sites through a basic plugin. It’s capable of transforming a regular website into a podcast site. 
  • Elegant Podcast Player: The podcast player itself comes with an attractive design that’s sufficiently customizable, as well as responsive on both PCs and mobile devices. 
  • Built-In Subscription Link: The Fusebox podcast player includes a subscription link by default, which you’ll find to be quite handy for building mailing lists. 
  • Automatic Transcription: As soon as you upload your podcasts, the transcription tool swings into action and proceeds to convert the audio content into live SEO-friendly text. 

Fusebox Podcast Hosting Pros and Cons

Works well with WordPress websites. Only compatible with WordPress-based websites. 
Provides a free transcript plugin that automatically prepares meaningful text from your audio content. Very limited podcast management capabilities. 
Has an intuitive and attractive podcast player with customizable elements. 
Offers a permanently free package with full transcription capabilities and a sitewide podcast player

Who Is Fusebox Podcast Hosting Best Suited For?

The Fusebox podcast hosting service is exclusively built for WordPress users. You just need a WordPress site and voila! Integrating the plugin should be pretty easy. 

And the result is not just a pretty face. But rather, the podcast sticky player is accompanied by a built-in transcription display and email subscription tools. All the basic features that a beginner podcaster would possibly need. 

Best Podcast Hosting Service #9: Audioboom

Audioboom - Podcast Hosting Service

Founded in 2009, AudioBoom is yet another popular veteran in our list of the best podcast hosting services. But, while it offers the average joe a heck of a lot of features for starting and managing a regular podcast channel, the one thing that has largely helped AudioBoom maintain its relevance over the years is its rather unique focus on radio producers and growing podcasting networks. 

This is where you come when you need a simple and seamless system for rolling out and managing multiple podcasts at once. Plus, if you’re running an online radio station, you get solid collaboration tools for inviting various contributors to your projects. 

And while you’re at it, you’ll also enjoy leveraging AudioBoom’s advanced analytics, especially when it comes to tracking and expanding your listener base. 

But, it doesn’t stop there. AudioBoom also seems to understand the money game. That’s why in addition to the many podcasting features, it grants you a range of monetization opportunities. 

You can, for example, insert dynamic ads and endorsements into AudioBoom’s extensive podcast network. Or alternatively, use sponsorships to generate extra revenue.

Audioboom Podcast Hosting Pricing

  • Podcasters: Costs $9.99 per month with a month to month billing schedule, or $99 per year if you choose to proceed with annual billing. This will give you embeddable players, advanced analytics, access to top podcast directories, a maximum of 10,000 or 25,000 podcast plays per month, plus unlimited podcast episodes. 
  • Podcast Pros: For a custom rate, Podcast Pros unleashes the full power of Audioboom. More specifically, it combines all the features on the Podcasters package with multi-channel podcast management and numerous monetization opportunities. 

Audioboom Podcast Hosting Key Features

  • Multiple Monetization Opportunities: AudioBoom gives you the chance to monetize your content through dynamic ad insertion, premium sales, targeted ad network, sponsorships on live shows and events, branded content partnerships, plus host endorsements. 
  • Top Podcast Directories: Reach a wide audience by capitalizing on the most popular podcast directories. You’ll have your stuff listed on Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts, and several other major directories. 
  • Embeddable Podcast Player: AudioBoom gives you a basic podcast player that you can easily integrate with a myriad of other platforms, including social media sites and blogs. 
  • Multi-Show Management: Set up and manage a podcast network with multiple shows. You even get to add collaborators to your projects. 

Audioboom Podcast Hosting Pros and Cons

Has easily embeddable podcast players. Limits content plays per month. 
Generates in-depth analytics. Limits privacy controls and search features for your listeners.
Facilitates simple and seamless multi-show management. 
Allows you to generate revenue from several smart monetization options.

Who Is Audioboom Podcast Hosting Best suited For?

There are two possible ways to approach the podcast hosting service offered by Audioboom. 

Individual podcasters and small indie podcasts, to begin with, could join the network using the Podcasters package route. This allows them to capitalize on Audioboom’s wide distribution network, advanced audience analytics, and unlimited podcast hosting. 

But, while that’s a decent package, it’s nothing compared to what you get from the second option- the Podcast Pros package. This happens to be Audioboom’s main offering, as it combines multi-show management tools with several monetization strategies. 

So, in essence, Audioboom is perfect for a business or radio station that’s seeking to expand not only its podcast network, but also its corresponding podcast revenue. 

Best Podcast Hosting Service #10: Podcast Websites

Podcast Websites - Podcast Hosting Service

Built on the Captivate podcast hosting platform, Podcast Websites introduces a unique flavor to our best podcast hosting services list.

While most podcast hosting platforms choose to leave it at the plugin level, Podcast Websites throws in the full WordPress package. 

That means you get a complete self-hosted website that runs on WordPress, plus an array of robust podcasting plugins. This combination alone makes Podcast Websites an all-in-one solution for WordPress-based creatives.

But, it doesn’t stop there. Podcast Websites further includes advanced developer tools, along with managed WordPress hosting, and onboarding resources. 

In short, therefore, Podcast Websites is basically a quick way to launching a fully-fledged podcasting website on WordPress. 

Podcast Websites Podcast Hosting Pricing

As it turns out, Podcast Websites has only one pricing package. The base pricing is $97 a month for users who settle for the regular month to month billing schedule. But, if you choose to proceed with the alternative annual billing schedule, the cost comes down to $77 a month. 

Podcast Websites Podcast Hosting Key Features

  • Complete WordPress Podcast Site: Podcast Websites launches a fully-featured podcast site on WordPress. It comes with relevant podcasting themes, built-in podcast media hosting, a free domain name, a simple podcast player, RSS feed creation, and an expansive podcast distribution network. 
  • Managed WordPress Services: Podcast Website doesn’t just host your podcast site. Its developers will also manage the underlying WordPress framework. Some of the technical services you can expect here include daily backups, security management, WordPress platform updates, regular plugin updates, etc. 
  • Specialized Expert Assistance: To help you get everything up and running, Podcast Websites will grant you professional advice from bonafide podcasters, digital marketing support from industry veterans, as well as 24/7 tech support. 
  • Comprehensive Learning Tools: In addition to expert advice, the podcast hosting platform offers a wide range of detailed resources to help you learn the whole art of podcasting. It gives you access to a podcasting academy, a video tutorial library, plus an active support community. 

Podcast Websites Podcast Hosting Pros and Cons

Your WordPress website comes complete with advanced podcasting tools. Only covers WordPress websites. 
Managed WordPress services take care of all the technical intricacies. The pricing can be a bit steep for beginners. 
Podcasts are distributed via RSS feeds, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, plus several other popular directories.
Grants dedicated personal assistance from both web hosting experts and podcast specialists. 

Who Is Podcast Websites Podcast Hosting Best Suited For?

Considering Podcast Websites packs managed WordPress hosting, website building, podcast hosting, and podcast management tools into one offering, it’s undeniably one of the quickest options to launching a fully-fledged podcast site on WordPress. The platform takes care of all the complications that come with web hosting, leaving you to get on with your podcast business. 

So, all in all, Podcast Websites is particularly suitable for aspiring podcasters who’d want to hit the ground running. Instead of struggling over time to piece together various solutions from different types of providers, you get to purchase everything at once from a holistic all-in-one host. 

Final Verdict

Now, which of these would you say takes the crown?

Well, if you ask me, I’d pick Buzzsprout as the overall best podcast hosting service for 2022. It has one of the most outstanding free packages, you can freely integrate it with all the major platforms (yes, including WordPress), and if you choose to upgrade, all premium plans are reasonably priced. 

Most importantly though, I like the fact that Buzzsprout is incredibly easy to use. You can expect a smooth ride all through. 

But, don’t let me restrict your options. Buzzsprout is just one recommendation. So, I suggest you check out all the other nine before you make the final decision. You’re bound to find one that perfectly suits your needs and budget. 

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