7 Best Press Release Software For 2022 [100% Unbiased]

Press Release Software

Are you searching for the best press release software that you can use for your business to increase brand awareness? Then this article is for you.  

I’ve utilized and evaluated these services throughout the years and I’ve listed down the ones I liked the most. I would love to share the features, pros and cons, and pricing with you to help you decide on the software you can leverage

By the end of this post, you’ll learn about what each tool can offer and determine what closely goes in line with your brand awareness goals whether to increase target audience reach or promote a new product. Then you can decide better which one to choose.

What Is The Best Press Release Software?

If you’re in a hurry, check out my top 3 picks at a glance: NewswireJet, eReleases, and Linking News.

NewsWireJet (R)


eReleases (G)


Linking News (V)

Best overall. Provides the most exposure while being intuitive to use. Starts at $59/month.Best for small businesses. Most cost-effective distribution. Starts at $299/month.Best value. Offers the most substantial distribution system. Starts at $199/month.
Try NewswireJetTry eReleasesTry Linking News

My top three are the best in the business. However, it would be best if you find the best press release software appropriate for your industry. Here are more details and some other options for you.

1. NewswireJet – Top Pick

NewswireJet homepage

Best Press Release Software For The Best Business Exposure [$59]

If you are launching your business, NewswireJet is one of the best press release distribution services that can help you increase brand recognition.

With over 100,000 curated journalists to choose from, NewswireJet is an excellent one-stop company for press release distribution.

It will distribute your content to over 4500 websites and blogs across the United States. Not only that, but NewswireJet will assist you in making connections with various trade magazines in your field.

Your content will also appear in prestigious publications such as USA Today, ABC, The Business Journals, The Huffington Post, and NBC.

hire press release writers

It also offers PR Writing to help your business tell its story and share its news. It creates a press release draft for $100 with unlimited revisions.

In addition, it also offers tutorials on how to write press releases. The guidelines will allow you to create professional documents that accurately represent your brand.

Before distributing your work to the masses, it must undergo a minor approval procedure. Just to make sure it has correct grammar and adheres to PR writing guidelines.

I love this press release software because it provides a PDF report that displays the performance of links on various submission sites.

In terms of social media, it also has a worldwide audience, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Note that this isn’t a writing service; instead, it’s a way for you to get feedback on your mistakes so you can fix them.

Pros And Cons Of NewswireJet

Very user-friendlyPricey package
Has an excellent customer serviceLimited photo/video/document-sharing options
Knowledgeable teamLaggy tracking reports
Excellent press release distributionNo promotion outside United States

NewswireJet Pricing Plan

Newswire Jet Pricing Plan

The following are the three pricing options for NewswireJet under the one time plan scheme:

  • News Power ($59)- This introductory package includes distribution in 250 media sites, a PDF report of all links, 250+ guaranteed placements, premium news network, and Google, Bing, and Yahoo inclusion.  
  • Buzz Maker ($99)- The Buzz Maker package gets you all the features of the News Power package plus, but the difference is you have 400+ guaranteed placements plus Market Watch, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC Media Outlets.
  • Buzz Maker Plus ($149)- This package includes all the features in the Buzz Maker plus professional writing.

Additionally, the website offers monthly plans ranging from $110 per month for two press releases to $526 per month for four press releases.

The News Power plan is best for you if you’re a small business on a budget; however, if your budget allows it, the Buzz Maker plan is a better option because it distributes more content more efficiently. 

2. eReleases – Best For Small Business

eReleases homepage

Excellent Press Release Software For Small Business [$299 per release]

Looking for one of the most effective ways to promote your business and remain at the top of search engine results? Then eReleases is the best choice. 

Its PR service includes distribution via PR Newswire, The Associated Press, and its network of reputable news sites and journalists.

If your small or medium-sized business requires distribution within a specific industry, their best press release distribution services are for you.

In addition, it has the best track record of generating journalist interest. This results in great stories, mentions in articles, and impressive media coverage. 

If I were to discuss all of its features, this post would likely become excessively lengthy, so allow me to highlight a few standouts:

  • Massive PR distribution system: This press release software distributes over 4200 media outlets and over 100,000 journalists, ensuring their reach. With a 1.7 million media database, the skilled team provides distribution to print, television, radio, and digital media.
  • A multimedia attachment: Their pricing plans include access to more than 5000 syndication media sites, multimedia attachments, and next-day distribution.
  • Supported hyper-targeting: The software has a hyper-targeting feature that enables users to connect with industry-specific bloggers, press reporters, and trade magazines and gain rapid exposure.

Pros And Cons Of eReleases

Custom nationwide distribution to news outlets, media sites, journalists, and bloggersCostly services
Plans include distribution reportsPR writing services cost extra
Press releases go to an exclusive network of journalists, not generic email addressesOnly PR firms are eligible for the discounts
A journalistic editor manages accounts
Easy to use, fast, and reliable

eReleases Pricing Plan

eReleases pricing plan

The following are the three pricing options for eReleases:

  • Buzz Builder™ ($299/release) – This package provides customized national distribution via PR Newswire, reaching hundreds of newsrooms, over 60 media websites, and journalists with active subscriptions. The word limit is 400 and it also offers SEO optimizations. 
  • Newsmaker™ ($399/release) – This plan includes all Buzz Builder features with a 500-word limit and two industry-specific targets.
  • PR Pro™ ($599/release) – This plan includes all Newsmaker services and emails sent directly to journalists. The word limit is 600, and users receive three industry-specific targets.

You can also hire someone to write your press release for $300.

If you’re starting a business that needs distribution in a specific industry, you can try the Buzz Builder plan to evaluate the software.

It’s important to note that each software has it’s own specialized distribution methods. For example, NewsWireJet is great for targeting by location while eReleases excels in targeting by industry type.

Burkhard Berger

3. Linking News – Best For Customer Satisfaction

linking news homepage

Excellent Press Release Software Equipped With Strong Distribution Channels [$159 per release]

Want to boost your brand’s image without exerting much effort?  Stop your search at Linking News

It’s one of the best professional solutions for companies, SEO, marketing, and public relations firms.

The competent editorial staff meticulously plans press release activities. They ensure that your press release is interesting enough to be shared across various platforms.

linking news white label PR services

In addition, Linking news provides a 100% White Label service for publishing your press releases. Publishing your press release without a third-name party is incredibly beneficial to your business.

750,000+ journalists, 300,000+ publications, and 90 million influencers are part of the service’s distribution network. Additionally, it generates backlinks for your company’s website.

The company focuses on high PA and DA sites to boost your ranking, so you won’t get low-quality links if you use this press release software.

Other features of the software include:

  • Solid distribution channels: You will have an easier time reaching a large target audience as Linking News distributes press releases as one of the best services. The skilled team publishes and syndicates news and articles to increase your exposure.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): This software uses SEO to get you the brand coverage you need and to boost online search ranking.  They ensure the release follows best practices (length, tone, links, and style) and reaches a broad audience. 

Pros And Cons Of Linking News

Has 90 million influencersPricey plans
Easy to use and quick turnaround time (24-48 hours)Does not offer press release writing services
Multiple plans are available for various-sized businesses
Impressive network of news outlets
It targets the Chinese market

Linking News Pricing Plan

Linking news paid plans and prices:

  • Basic Plan ($159/release)- This plan includes publishing on 100 sites.
  • Standard Plan ($369/release)- This plan publishes to 400 locations, including Market Watch.
  • Silver Plan ($669/release)- This plan publishes to 400 areas, including Yahoo Finance and Yahoo News.
  • Gold plan ($1680/release)- This plan publishes 400 sites, including international yahoo sites in Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand.
  • Chinese Distribution Plan (White Label) ($880/release)- This plan distributes a single press release to more than 200 Chinese news and media websites, including prominent platforms such as China.com, Sohu, Sina, Toutiao, China Daily, Phoenix (ifeng.com), and Netease (163. com).

Linking News offers a variety of packages that meet the needs of all customers. To begin with, you can leverage the Basic Plan to test the waters out. 

4. Prowly – Most Features

prowly homepage

Excellent All-In-One Workflow Automation Press Release Software [$189 a month]

Prowly is the best option if you are looking for a platform to manage your PR workflow.

Prowly is an all-in-one workflow automation solution for PR professionals that allows businesses of all sizes to manage media relations more efficiently by saving time on routine tasks.

It helps users tell stories, find media contact information, organize them in a PR CRM, create appealing press releases, manage email pitches, maintain journalist-friendly newsrooms, etc.

Using this tool’s press release creator, you can generate releases that can be customized with rich media and published quickly.

In addition, there is a media discovery module with an advanced search function that allows you to locate relevant and targeted journalists by industry, topic, position, and location.

Other features of the tool include:

  •  Innovative Newsrooms: A searchable online newsroom facilitates content discovery for businesses. In addition, the drag-and-drop interface enables them to create and send stories and press releases in real-time quickly.
  •  Analytical Capability:  Prowly analytics enables businesses to determine the most famous content and other data.
  • Customer Relationship Management: With Prowly’s CRM functionality, users can segment contacts based on their interests. It allows them to prioritize contacts and add customized notes and tags to each connection.
  • Individualization and Planning: It also enables users to schedule campaigns at the optimal time easily.

If you’ve been considering using this press release software, this is it.

Pros And Cons Of Prowly

Responsive teamBuggy platform
Easy to usePricey plan
Very innovative platform

Prowly Pricing Plan

prowly pricing plan

Prowly paid plans and prices:

  • Essential ($189/month)- This two-user plan includes 3,000 emails per month, unlimited contacts, and newsroom essentials.
  • Professional ($259/month)- This five-users plan includes 15,000 emails per month, unlimited contacts, and professional newsroom features.

Utilize the 7-day free trial to determine which plan best meets the needs of your business.

5. Sitetrail – Most Influential

sitetrail homepage

Most-Influential Press Release Software With Unique Editorial Reach [$199 a month]

Are you looking for well-written and engaging PR materials? Sitetrail can assist.

Sitetrail has one of the largest and most influential media lists globally and has altered the way businesses distribute press releases. The core of its philosophy is that the public does not trust “press releases” or “sponsored” content.

Its philosophy distinguishes the service from all other newswire services.

In contrast to other PR firms that submit duplicate content to distribution channels, this one creates individual copies for each client.

The company has introduced a more credible solution that includes trustworthy editorial news coverage. It ultimately increases conversions and has lasting SEO benefits.

It has a carefully selected team of in-house copywriters, including some former journalists who are familiar with the industry—the outcome is? It’s a genuine piece that ranks highly.

No problem if you prefer to write your content. Sitetrail will allow you to do so and will only log you in after submission.

What’s even better?

This company offers a unique press release service in that it embeds DO-follow links on high Domain Authority websites, such as:

  •  Forbes
  • CNBC 
  • MarketWatch 
  • Yahoo Finance

Additionally, this press service allows you to publish an unlimited number of news articles listed on Google News.

Sitetrail also offers social media account verification, a first-to-market service. It handles YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Authenticating your social media accounts can increase your notoriety. Additionally, it can reassure your customers or followers that you are not dealing with a pseudo. 

Pros And Cons Of Sitetrail

Reasonable priceSEO and marketing are at an extra cost
Timely deliveryIt has seven hundred words max for press releases
Price includes PR writing

Sitetrail Pricing Plan

Sitetrail does not offer a trial or version for free. Nonetheless, it has several plans worth considering:

  •  Unlimited Press Releases ($199/month)- This plan is an unbeatable access pass as it includes a journalist profile for companies writing editorial news and press releases. Google News is available 24/7. 
  •  Press Release and Editorial News ($399/month)- This plan includes two 700-word articles (one press release, one editorial news)  distributed to unlimited channels and countries. It will get indexed by Google News and syndicated via RSS to multiple media outlets and journalists.
  • Weekly Writing & Distribution ($899/month)- This plan is ideal for PR/SEO marketing. It includes keeping your brand in Google News with a weekly editorial and High-DA sites, DO-Follow links, and good SEO. 
  • Premium Brand Awareness ($4950/month)- This plan is excellent for brands seeking media dominance and SEO. It includes three high-visibility editorials plus two press releases with 120M+ viewers and strong SEO, with trusted media sites and guaranteed high-DA links.
  • Accelerated SEO, PR & Google News plan ($6000/month)- This plan is ideal for starting a business, including brand building, referral traffic, and SEO for startup growth. 

Sitetrail has packages for all customers. Choose the best package according to your business needs and get ready for top-tier platforms to share your content.

6. PRWeb – Most Features

prweb homepage

Excellent Press Release Software For Start-Up [$99 per release]

PRWeb is a good option if you are looking for the best press release software that provides engagement metrics.

This tool will track your document’s online coverage and provide a breakdown of:

  • Generation of traffic 
  • Engagement
  • Audience Location

PRWeb facilitates engagement through hyperlinks, videos, photos, pull quotes, and attachments. It also optimizes content automatically to help it reach a larger audience.

This tool also offers a professional review of their releases before content distribution and has abundant online resources in their vast distribution network, making them ideal for startups.

Through the Associated Press, they distribute press releases to over 30,000 journalists, bloggers, and news websites like the New York Times, USA Today, and other prominent news outlets.

In addition, the skilled team syndicates your stories to a vast network of journalists, subscribers, and bloggers.

Also, the service facilitates recognition by major search engine websites such as Google and Yahoo News. It also connects you with the appropriate journalists and influencers in over 20 industries.

Your content will also have share buttons, allowing it to go viral. If you want substantial online exposure, this is the best tool.

Most press release software comes with an analytics tool that you can use to identify which elements or press releases are getting the most attraction and which are not. Take full advantage of this to weed out the potential problems while maximizing the effective strategies that you’ve used before.

Burkhard Bergera

Pros And Cons Of PRWeb

All site content is automatically SEO-optimizedOnly offers how-to guides and tips for writing press releases
Users can see online coverage, views, audience locations, and engagement.Additional services are subject to a fee
Users can enrich content with videos, images, multimedia attachments, call-out quotes, and hyperlinks

PRWeb Pricing Plan

prweb pricing plan

Here are PRWeb’s packages and rates:

  • Standard ($99/release)- This plan includes exposure to significant search engines.
  • Standard ($189/release)- This plan consists of the basic plan features plus posting on partner websites.
  • Advanced ($289/release)- This plan includes the standard plan features plus influencer coverage.
  •  Premium ($389/release)- This plan includes the advance feature plus Twitter feed distribution.

PRWeb is an all-encompassing service that caters to businesses of all sizes and budgets. The best plan to start with would be the Standard Plan. 

7. 24-7 Press Release – Most Affordable

24-7 press release homepage

Best Press Release Software For Businesses Of All Sizes [$29 per release]

If you’d rather have your piece created by a professional, you’re fortunate because 24-7 has writers on staff to assist you.

This press release software publishes to well-known search engines such as Google and Yahoo and reaches over 30,000 journalists and bloggers.

It was established in 2004 and offers to distribute press releases across all sectors, media outlets, and prominent newspapers in the United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Canada.

It also provides near-immediate reports. They are documents containing statistical information, such as traffic, the number of shares, and how users interact with your content.

The most recent social media sharing tools for networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are available at 24-7 release. It implies that it is simple for your content to go viral if it is sufficiently engaging for readers to want to share it.

The company possesses over 3000 newspaper databases and over 1500 magazine archives. There is also a media desk where bloggers, reporters, and journalists can pick up your PR materials.

This PR company offers four distinct release distribution options that assist clients in distributing their press releases to online media, bloggers, print media, and journalists and making them search engine-friendly.

It is one of the best press release software for businesses and marketing businesses of all sizes seeking to increase their visibility, presence, and awareness in the industry

Pros And Cons 24-7 Press Release

It offers different pricing plans for businessesIt lacks same-day distribution
Users can target media to 10 industriesNo free plan
All plans include images and keyword links

24-7 Press Release Pricing Plan

24-7 press release pricing plan

24-7 Press Release provides inexpensive press release distribution. Its pricing is as follows:

  • Simple Post ($29/release)- This plan is for customers on a tight budget who want essential online visibility.  This package will not distribute the news but will only make it appear on their website and media desk.
  • Visibility BOOST ($49/release) – This is a starter package for increasing online visibility.
  • PR Network Plus ($89/release) – This plan is a popular package for businesses seeking more exposure. It includes all of the Visibility Boost Package benefits and distributes to AP Newsroom and online media partners.
  • Integrates Media Pro ($139/release)-  This package includes all the benefits of PR Network Plus and distributes your news to online and traditional media, reaching newspapers and journalists.
  • Mass Media Visibility ($419/release)-  This package allows 375 words. Your news will reach 2500+ PR Newswire media points.

24-7 Press Release offers various plans for your business. You can start with the Simple Post plan if you’re on a tight budget. 


My personal favorite for press release software will be NewswireJet because it efficiently distributes your content to get the most exposure possible.

For small businesses starting out with brand exposure, I’d recommend you get eReleases and if customer satisfaction is your priority, Linking News is a great choice. 

There are four other exceptional press release software you can also choose from if the first three don’t fit your needs. Before you commit to one plan, it’s best to take advantage of free trials to test the water better and see if it’s the best for your PR needs. Whatever the case, as long as you choose from the PR tools in the list, you’ll be sure of exceptional brand awareness campaigns for your business.

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