7+ Best PRM Software For 2022 [An Honest Review]


Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software are excellent tools for business leaders, partner professionals, distributors, and alike. If you’re shopping for one, this review can help you narrow down your options.

Having reliable PRM software is vital to success in starting a business from the ground up. It’s an invaluable tool for streamlining, automating, and optimizing your channel operations, partner management processes, and more.

With over a decade as an entrepreneur, I’ve used tons of this software. Today, I’ll highlight my top 7+ recommendations.

What Is The Best PRM Software?

If you’re in a hurry, take a quick look at my top 3 picks: Impartner PRM, PartnerPortal.io, and Magentrix PRM.



Partner Portal


Magentrix Logo

Best overall. Cloud-based PRM software with legacy and conventional PRM features.Best for value. Easy to use PRM software with highly customizable features. Starts at $333/month.Feature-rich. PRM software with the most flexible and accessible features for all businesses.
Try Impartner PRMTry PartnerPortal.ioTry Magentrix

Keep reading and find out which PRM software best suits your business needs.

1. Impartner PRM – Top Pick

Impartner PRM software

SaaS-Based PRM Software For SMBs & Fortune 500 Companies [Custom Pricing]

Impartner PRM is my top pick because it embraces the core functionalities of modern and conventional partner relationship management software.

Its modernity is primarily delivered by building the platform as a cloud-enabled, multi-tenant SaaS. This is well-implemented to guarantee an easy and quick deployment process.

Its web-based interface is also mobile responsive, so you can easily access your customer relationship management (CRM) systems on any device and anywhere you go.

Currently, it supports the following:

  • Zoho
  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365

Do you have more apps to integrate?

You can do so because Impartner PRM also supports CPQ and other third-party apps for integration. These are custom solutions that you can always add to your current subscription plan.

Meanwhile, its conventional aspect is shown in its interface and functionalities.

It provides you with a central management portal that you can customize to reflect your company branding.

Once you log into your account, it will initially display your activities’ summary statistics (partnership management, opportunities, etc.).

Impartner PRM dashboard

You can organize and manage the partner recruitment and onboarding processes here.

An automation function for the onboarding process is also provided to align it with its approval routing and contract management.

Additionally, you can use this function to speed up labor-intensive and repetitive channel tasks. You can utilize its Asset Library if you have important documents to share.

Here are other features you can enjoy:

  • Channel Intel
  • Event Calendar
  • Journey Builder
  • SegmentAI segmentation engine
  • Channel Flow™ workflow engine
  • SmartContent asset management
  • WYSIWYG Content Management System

Impartner PRM can do more than just create a unique and efficient experience for your partners. It can also boost revenue through the leads module feature.

This contains all the tools you need to effortlessly manage, distribute, administer, and share all leads with your partners.

You also have the option to reward your strongest partners with the best leads.

It’s recommended to connect their CRM systems so all updates are automatically displayed on their end.

Pros And Cons Of Impartner PRM

Provides multiple language supportA few bug issues may arise at times
No required access to your hardware or networkCustomer/technical support should show responsiveness in solving support tickets
Seamless integration to legacy systems, third-party business applications, and all major CRM software like SalesforceTime-consuming and complicated onboarding and account setup
Offers additional PRM services to provide custom solutions.

Impartner PRM Pricing Plan

Impartner PRM software pricing plan

Impartner PRM is offered in four different packages where each is designed based on your company’s needs:

  • Emerge: All basic features are provided. It’s perfect for any business that is just starting or in the early stage of building its partner channel.
  • Ignite: This adds access to journey builder, up to 5 languages supported, and more.
  • Pro: This plan enables Market Development Funds (MDF), payments manager for MDF, and program compliance manager.
  • Enterprise: This one gives all features that Impartner offers.

Choose any package you want and contact the sales team to request a demo or a custom pricing quote.

2. PartnerPortal.io – Best Value For Money

PartnerPortal.io PRM software

Modern PRM Software For Partners & Affiliates [Free Plan | $333/mo]

Like Impartner PRM, PartnerPortal.io is a multi-tenant cloud-based SaaS PRM software. It also includes a partner portal where you and your partners can manage and streamline your channel processes and more.

On top of that, you can create your own partner resource center.

This is a centralized database where your current and new partners can access all resources and digital assets information they need.

It is also fully customizable, so you can easily add your business domain and logo. You can also add custom colors for an extra layer of beautification.

Additionally, you have the option to manage all your channel’s processes or assign them to your staff. Don’t forget to set a user role if you choose the latter.

The administrator can do full modification privileges such as editing settings, adding or suspending users (partners, agents, or staff), and more.

On the other hand, staff members can perform minor tasks such as posting announcements and editing lead details. No matter what option you select, you and your staff can do the following tasks:

  • Track leads
  • Issue payments
  • Register partners

On your partner’s end, a portal is a great tool where they can streamline their sales pipeline and deal registration. They can also monitor commissions and processes to stay up-to-date with the latest progress.

“PartnerPortal.io is known for its superb HubSpot integration. But it recently added a seamless integration to Crossbeam, so you can quickly connect, compare, and co-sell any leads in one secure dashboard.”

Burkhard Berger

Pros And Cons Of PartnerPortal.io

Built with excellent tracking tools for commissions and leadsOnly supports five apps for integration.
Easy to use and set up even it’s built with a customizable interface and settingsSalesforce and API integration only available on the Enterprise subscription plan
Allows you to set user-level account where administrators are provided with full modification privileges (except account-related modification)
Responsive and friendly support through live chat and email (phone support too, but only available for Enterprise users)
Provide efficient solutions to scale your existing partner ecosystem

PartnerPortal.io Pricing Plan

PartnerPortal.io PRM software pricing plan

PartnerPortal.io PRM software is offered in three subscription-based plans.

You can get started with a free plan to add 5 staff, 5 partners, and 1 agent per partner. Most features are included except for integration and adding a custom domain.

If you want to enjoy the latter features, here are your options:

  • Plus ($333/mo.): This lets you add 25 staff and 25 partners with 10 agents per partner.
  • Enterprise ($833+/mo.): This one enables unlimited staff and 100+ partners with 50 agents per partner. Salesforce integration is also provided.

All subscription plans are billed annually.

If you’re still hesitant, you can request a demo (scheduled) or sign up for its interactive demo (live).

3. Magentrix PRM – Most Features

Magentrix PRM software

PRM Software For Organization Of All Sizes [Free Trial | Custom Pricing]

If you like the superior features of Impartner PRM and the simplicity of PartnerPortal.io, then Magentrix PRM is undoubtedly for you.

It’s a modern PRM software built for organizations of all sizes, and it’s easy to use and deploy.

All you need is the latest version of web browsers and a reliable internet connection. Currently, the browsers it supports are listed as follows:

  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium)

As their logo describes, Magentrix PRM helps businesses enhance their collaboration. Not only to stay productive but also to build a better relationship with their customers, partners, and employees.

It provides a self-service web portal with a drag-and-drop function for ease of use.

Magentrix PRM software portal

You can connect all your sales, marketing, and other business systems to save time in managing your leads, deals, and opportunities.

You can even connect to online e-signature software to request an e-signature and close the deal much faster and securely.

When it comes to customization of the portal’s themes, Magentrix PRM uses the standard CSS and HTML.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to write codes because they provide a Site Designer. Through this platform, you can do any of the following:

  • Add or edit pages
  • Get access to its Magentrix IDE
  • Create new tabs, apps, and objects
  • Choose from the available standard and custom themes

Once everything is set, you can focus on your partners’ onboarding process.

You have two options to perform this task, and the first one is through automation. Here, you can offer your partners self-registration.

You can do it manually if you want more control, especially over the approval process.

Once your partners have successfully signed up, you can offer them training to sell quickly and effectively. Since people have different learning phases, you can create unique learning paths.

Magentrix PRM’s automation also does wonders for your business processes. From sales enablement and incentives to partner performance analysis, Partner Portals can effortlessly optimize every stage of the process.

Playbooks are another excellent feature of Magentrix PRM.

It’s a collection of all your digital resources – from technical documentation to marketing and sales.

Upon creating one, your partners and employees can access and navigate any resources on any device and whenever they need them.

Filters are provided to allow your users to find a specific resource with custom criteria.

”Two unique advantages of Magentrix PRM are creating a storefront and event invitation. Both are proven effective in boosting your brand awareness and partners’ engagement.”

Burkhard Berger

Pros And Cons Of Magentrix PRM

Has self-service web portal and mobile device supportEasy but time-consuming setup (due to customizable features)
Runs well on the latest versions of web browsers ( Microsoft Edge Legacy and Internet Explorer 11 are discontinued)Managing back-end whenever there are new updates can be a bit complicated
Built with a drag-and-drop function for uploading files and content
Supports RESTful API for cloud applications and legacy systems and bi-directional CRM integration

Magentrix PRM Pricing Plan

Magentrix PRM software pricing plan

Magentrix PRM is available in a custom pricing model. Simply contact the sales team to request a personalized pricing quote.

You can explore it first by signing up for its 15-day free trial version.

4. Channeltivity – Cloud-Based PRM Solution

Channeltivity PRM software

All-In-One Channel Management Software For Tech Companies [Starts at $1,399/mo]

Channeltivity is the PRM platform designed for all global tech companies. It’s exclusively hosted in the cloud using Microsoft’s Azure platform.

With Azure’s flexible cloud computing solutions, this PRM software can confidently host, manage, and scale all their applications.

Also, customer portals are supported with the Channeltivity subdomain. But since most tech companies have an in-house technical team, it also allows them to use their own domain.

This is possible by setting up a reverse proxy.

PRM software wouldn’t be complete without a partner portal. And so, Channeltivity provides the Widget Cloud Partner Portal.

Channeltivity PRM general portal

After accomplishing the general portal settings, here are a few things you can do:

  • Deal registration
  • Content download
  • Submitting MDF requests
  • Set goals and expectations
  • Streamline onboarding process
  • Status updates of current deals

Here’s the good news, this portal has recently been improved.

You can now access all updated price lists through the Resource Library (also built inside the portal).

It introduces plug-and-play integration through Zapier, single sign-on, and APIs to further unify your channel infrastructure.

CRM is the typical business system integrated into the PRM ecosystem. For this reason, Channeltivity created a unique PRM solution for the two major CRM software – HubSpot and Salesforce.

This is intended to simplify the following tasks:

  • Push deal registrations
  • Automate the lead flow
  • Consolidation of reports
  • Referral and lead management
  • Lead distribution to your partners

Co-branding is an excellent marketing strategy to achieve bigger sales income. You can freely do it in Channeltivity using its Co-branded Collateral module.

This module permits your partners to create co-branded sales and marketing materials whenever needed.

Pros And Cons Of Channeltivity

Doesn’t charge additional fees for setup.Occasional slowing of loading speed
Has additional support for app integration through Zapier, Single Sign-On, and APIsProvides limited customization options for your portal URL
Allows you to define your own partner types and tiers for proper tracking
Provides customizable templates for your partners to create co-branded marketing materials
Offers exclusive editions for HubSpot CRM and Salesforce CRM (plug-and-play integration)

Channeltivity Pricing Plan

Channeltivity PRM software pricing plan

Channeltivity’s pricing plans are designed with annual subscriptions and based on the platform you prefer to use. Also, all plans include unlimited users, API and SSO, and all core features.

Here’s a glance at their prices:

  • Standard Edition: This one costs $1,399/mo.
  • HubSpot Edition: This plan is priced at $1,699/mo.
  • Salesforce Edition: As for this one, its pricing is $1,699/mo.

You can get started by requesting a demo.

5. ZINFI – Adaptive PRM Modules

ZINFI PRM software request pricing

Unified Channel Management Platform For Technology Providers [Custom Pricing]

If Channeltivity is way out of your budget, you can count on ZINFI.

It’s an easy-to-use and comprehensive Unified Channel Management (UCM) software built with an adaptive software-as-a-service (aSaaS) platform.

This is intended to speed up the deployment, configuration, and integration processes. However, this can be prone to errors and security risks.

Ease your mind that everything is well-implemented without compromising accuracy.

When it comes to security, it’s equipped with several security features, and all data is safely stored in its servers.

The platform is compliant with W3C standards for HTML and CSS as well.

This means that it can display everything correctly as long as you’re using the latest versions of web browsers. Here are the ones it currently supports for desktop devices:

  • Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer

While for mobile devices, you can use Chrome, Safari, and Edge.

ZINFI PRM software portal

There are two portals available in ZINFI – the company portal and the UCM portal. Both can give you a 360-degree view of your processes and workflows.

You can build one using the FlexiFlow visual editor when it comes to workflows.

Here, you can create simple to complex flows without writing a single line of code. Once you’re done, the FlexiFlow engine will automate all repetitive tasks to save time.

ZINFI PRM solutions come with eight comprehensive modules.

It’s not necessary to use them all. This PRM software is known for scalability, so it can quickly adapt as you and your partner grow.

Here’s a glance at each module:

ZINFI PRM software Market Fund
  1. Business Planning: This is the ideal module to set up and implement a business plan. You can also train and certify them.
  2. Leads Management: This is the module where you can synchronize your ZINFI data with your CRM data. It also provides you tools to track leads based on their age and generate automated notifications to keep you updated.
  3. Contracts Management: This lets you upload, organize, review, and manage contracts efficiently. You can also send a request for signatures, digitally or manually.
  4. Market Development Funds Management: This is the module where you can assign market development and co-op funds to your channel partners.
  5. Learning Management: The module where you can deliver and administer multiple courses and training programs for your entire channel network.
  6. Deals Registration Management: Streamline your deal registration, distribution, and approval with excellent opportunity management.
  7. Onboarding Management: The module that can implement your very own onboarding flow that automates the entire processes of recruitment and onboarding.
  8. Rebates Management: The module that can implement your incentives schemes like rewards, gifts, and more.

The best part of ZINFI’s UCM platform is its fully localized environment.

Therefore, you can set your teams and partners’ preferred languages and transact with the currency of their choice. You can also organize it by creating a user group and setting up data sharing rules.

Versatility at its finest. Aside from partner relationship management, ZINFI also operate as:

  • Partner marketing management (PMM)
  • Channel marketing automation
  • Sales enablement

Pros And Cons Of ZINFI

Provides multilingual support (data entry and reporting)No automatic sync function from mobile app to the web app
Built with a 360-degree view throughout your channel processes, programs, and more.Basic search function
Runs well on all major browsers for desktop, mobile, and tablet (latest versions)
Portal supports screen-reading devices for added accessibility
Provides helpful customer support via phone and email

ZINFI Pricing Plan

ZINFI PRM solutions are offered in a custom pricing plan to ensure you’ll only pay for what you use. Click the Contact Sales button to request a personalized pricing quote.

If you have hesitations, you can request a demo to see its functionalities in action.

6. Kiflo PRM – Establishes Different Kinds Of Partnerships

Kiflo PRM software

Cost-Effective PRM Software For Small & Mid-Sized Businesses [Free Trial | $269/mo]

Kiflo PRM understands that there are several types of partnerships. That’s why they created their solutions based on each type.

They provide you with a portal to build your affiliate partner program.

You can quickly generate a personalized referral link that your partners can share through it. It can also use them to track every lead’s source.

From a LinkedIn post to an email campaign, it’s got you covered.

It also supports offline lead generation. You can enjoy the perks of this feature by using its mobile web app.

Moreover, it provides your partners a simple form where they can fill up their lead’s information, and Kiflo’s system will save it automatically.

This PRM software also has a reward system, which is an effective strategy to keep your affiliate partners engaged. You can automate the process to ensure all rewards will be reflected in your account.

Before using this feature, ensure your Kiflo PRM is well-integrated with your CRM system and the chosen payment provider.

Kiflo PRM integrations

Another partner program you can manage in this PRM software is for referrals.

Aside from lead tracking and CRM integration, it also provides you with a content management system. Here, you can create and share relevant resources vital to your partner’s growth and success.

You can also provide each partner with a specific access level to ensure they only get the resources relevant to their needs.

Change is constant. To ensure your resources stay relevant and updated, Kiflo PRM includes a document rating system.

Your partners can give their feedback based on the resource effectiveness.

Kiflo PRM document rating

The reseller is the last partner type this PRM software can manage and support.

Apart from the deal registration and content management functions, you can optimize their entire business plan. It begins by setting your partner’s objectives and KPIs.

A few of the options you have are listed as follows:

  • Revenue generated
  • Number of deals won
  • Number of leads declared

If your preferred objectives are not included, you can choose the Other option to specify your custom objective.

Based on your set goals, you can create a set of training to help them boost their performance. You can see all the training progress inside the portal.

Pros And Cons Of Kiflo PRM

Best partner platform for affiliates, reseller partners, influencers, ambassadors, and agenciesPayout process still requires some manual processing, even if you set it in automation
Offers additional products tailored for self-service SaaS, transactional and enterprise SaaS, and distributorsLimited application options for direct integration (currently support marketing and CRM systems like HubSpot and Stripe)
Overall easy to use and administerDoesn’t charge additional setup fees
Allows you to automate partner onboarding, training, and payouts
Effective in growing and nurturing partner network

Kiflo PRM Pricing Plan

Kiflo PRM software pricing plan

Kiflo PRM is offered in two simple plans designed based on the number of active partners you have. You can also choose whether to get monthly or annual plans.

To give you an idea, I’ll present the pricing rates for 50 partners and bill annually:

  • Accelerate ($269/mo.): This is ideal for partners who will only use the platform for lead generation.
  • Scale ($359/mo.): This one is recommended for partners who want to streamline their entire sales or support processes.

Get started by signing for its 7-day free trial version or booking a demo.

7. PartnerStack – Flexible Partner Programs

PartnerStack PRM software

PRM Software For Fast-Growing SaaS Companies [Custom Pricing]

PartnerStack is an efficient partnerships platform perfect for launching best-in-class affiliate, ambassador, referral, and reseller programs.

It may not possess all PRM software’s functionalities, but it remains strong in delivering excellent results like:

  • Automating payouts
  • Supporting every kind of partnerships
  • Organically growing and scaling your brand

Getting started with this PRM software is easy.

Simply launch your partnership program and invite all your customers to join. To broaden your reach, you can list it in the PartnerStack Marketplace.

They can connect you to its 65,000+ active partners.

The next step is to create an efficient onboarding process to sell faster. It’s recommended to create a custom onboarding for each partner type to ensure you can guide them based on their performance and behavior.

Don’t forget to create flexible campaigns and rewards.

There are also tons of customization tools available so you can make the best campaigns for your partners. If you don’t know how to reward them, PartnerStack can do it for you.

Its system automatically calculates your partners’ conversion to ensure you’ll pay them out the right amount.

Once everything is set and enabled, you can start tracking your partner’s deals (resellers), links (affiliates), and leads (referrals).

Expand your capabilities by integrating your business intelligence, marketing, and sales software like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Recurly.

Pros And Cons Of PartnerStack

Allows you to assist your partners in navigating their dashboardNo automatic payout withdrawal function provided for partners
Flexible integrations for business intelligence, sales, and marketing software (APIs are available for custom integration)A few third-party software offered for integration not working even if it’s available in your region/country (Shopify and Stripe)
Offers conversion types tailored for every partner program (affiliate, referral, and reseller)
All partner portals designed with program-specific navigation items
Maximize your distribution through direct and indirect sales

PartnerStack Pricing Plan

PartnerStack PRM software pricing plan

PartnerStack is offered in four different pricing plans where each is designed based on the type of partners you have:

  • Referral
  • Reseller
  • Marketing
  • Multi-channel

The last plan is dedicated to businesses that run multiple partnership programs.

Contact the sales team to request a demo (real-time walk-through) or personalized pricing quote.

8. Allbound PRM – Best For All Channel Goals

Allbound PRM software

PRM Software For Channel Sales & Marketing Teams [Custom Pricing]

Like most PRM software, Allbound PRM is about simplifying, formalizing, and digitizing your entire partner lifecycle.

It provides a fully interactive partner portal where you can automate the onboarding process and provide training to help your partners grow.

You can easily use the playbooks to create and share helpful training guides and digital assets.

Since each partner has unique needs, you can give them access only to relevant resources.

The partner portal is highly customizable too. The best part of this feature is that its customization options are not limited to satisfying your branding needs.

You can also get complete control of its security requirements.

Allbound PRM Partner Portal

Inside the portal, you can choose to set any of the following:

  • Asset privacy settings
  • Maximum session length
  • Session inactivity timeout
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)

If you offer market development funds (MDF) program, you can use any of the available form templates and automate the submission process.

This will make the tracking simpler and save time from performing labor-intensive paperwork. You also have the option to track the MDF progress into your Allbound account or within your CRM platform.

With all the functions available in the portal, you probably wonder how you can stay on top of all the updates.

The answer lies in its alert and notification features. Simply define a trigger and action, and its system will automatically notify you once they are met.

You can apply these to every Allbound PRM’s functions like deal registration, MDF requests, and so on.

Allbound PRM alerts

Another advantage of Allbound is that its PRM solutions support all channel goals. Whether you want to help them boost their selling ability or scale your partner program, they got you covered.

You can visit their comprehensive case studies to learn more about them.

Pros And Cons Of Allbound PRM

Quick and easy initial setup and useNo built-in partner certification course and management modules available (requires third-party integration)
Built-in content library to securely store unlimited content resourcesWould be great to have functions that allow partners to add/import their own action plan and lead list
Offers standard and premium integrations with additional support for SAML and JWT

Allbound PRM Pricing Plan

Allbound PRM software pricing plan

Allbound PRM is available in three pricing plans set for custom pricing. As standard, they all allow unlimited users and partners with unlimited content storage capacity.

Here’s a quick look at each plan:

  • Standard: This is ideal for businesses with modest needs.
  • Growth: This one gives you additional access to partner locators, content management tools, and partner journey automation.
  • Premium: This plan provides every Allbound featured PRM tool and feature with premium channel success support.

You can start with a free demo or contact the sales team to request pricing information.


Always stay on top of your game by offering the most competitive partnership programs and rewards.

If I have to pick one out of my recommendation, PartnerPortal.io is the most reliable PRM software to use. Its platform is user-friendly and fits any budget size.

You can explore its wonders by signing up for its free plan.

Here, you can start managing five partners with one agent for each. You can streamline their registration, track leads, and issue payments with ease.

You can continually expand its capabilities through its pre-built integration.

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