Novum Scouts earn big

Do you know a great company that we should know about? Introduce us and earn big when we close the deal.

1. Send us leads

If you know a company struggling to get their SEO and content marketing game going, feel free to simply introduce us.

2. We work the lead

If it looks like a good fit, we’ll dive into a conversation with the company’s marketing team and do what we do best.

3. You get paid $$$

If we close, we’ll be in touch and wire your money immediately. Typically, between $2,000 to $20,000+ per lead.

Earn big by sending us leads:

Frequently Asked Questions

Normally, our scouts search for potential opportunities within their networks. However, if you intend to reach out to companies externally, kindly ensure that you have informed us of the company’s name and a brief overview. We will inform you if we have previously engaged with them. When making an outbound outreach, please explicitly state that you are a Novum Scout and not an employee.

There are no specific restrictions. While Novum is most familiar with North American businesses, we have also completed deals with companies outside of the region. We are interested in exploring opportunities globally, but please note that businesses located outside North America must have a strong value proposition to capture our attention.

Typically, between $2,000 to $20,000+ per lead.

Typically, the process takes between 2-4 weeks, but the duration varies depending on the company’s goals and team. We aim to guide them through our process smoothly without pressuring them.

More questions? Get in touch:

Let's make SEO your most profitable acquisition channel

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Let's make SEO your most profitable acquisition channel

Let's make SEO your most profitable acquisition channel