7+ Best Service Desk Software In 2022 – [100% Unbiased]

Service Desk Software

Communication is at the cornerstone of every business, and without successful channels to encourage it, businesses can struggle to survive for long. But whether this communication is between the company and its customers or its employees, most businesses require software to manage it all. This software is called services desk software (SDS).

Services desk software, or help desk software, is a tool used to manage, organize, and reply to service requests in a business. Their deployment can vary as most service desk software is used for external customer requests, while others are used for internal service requests from a company’s team members. 

Service desk software is the perfect solution for businesses looking to improve the fundamentals of customer experience. As an avid researcher in the world of business growth, I’m always looking for the best options available that help streamlines my company’s communication channels effectively.

In this post, you will discover the 8 best SDS software in the market today. After reading this article, you will be on course to pull the trigger on a dedicated and reliable SDS solution for your company.

Which Are The Best Service Desk Software?

Here is a quick comparison of my top three picks (Jira Service Management, Zendesk Support, and Freshdesk) with their ratings and features that make them stand out and take the lead.

Jira Software


Zendesk (G)


Freshdesk (V)

Best overall. Highly intuitive platform with streamlined features . Starts at $20/agent/month.Best value for money. Customizable platform for a reasonable price. Starts at $49/month.Best for accessibility. Great for growing businesses with a manageable customer base.
Try JiraTry ZendeskTry Freshdesk

Read below for detailed coverage of my selection. Here’s all you need to know about the best SDS services to buy for small businesses in 2022.

1. Jira Service Management – Top Pick

Service Desk Software - Jira Service Management

The Most Ideal Service Desk Software For Any Business [Free | $20/agent/month]

Jira Service Management software is considered by many businesses as the de facto best service desk software available on the market. The reason why I’ve placed it so high on my list is down to the options it offers. In terms of functionality and features, Jira is a clear winner with comprehensive capabilities, as well as a complex solution for internal support. 

Its features include email to ticket support, user ticket tracking, internal ticket tracking, and automated ticket allocation and assignment. Jira Service Management aims to make the service desk software experience smooth for all users and team members.

Compared to other options on the list, Jira Software is also incredibly easy to use and has a shallower learning curve for new users. All the options and features can be found in one place too, making its features highly accessible. 

Finally, its dashboard is neatly categorized and organized in colorful menus, and navigating the UI is a smooth experience too.

Pros And Cons Of Jira Service Management

Incredibly configurable workflowsNo integrated knowledge base
Easy ticket tracking
Fully customizable suite with a simple design
Over 1000 integrations are available

Jira Service Management Pricing Plan

Service Desk Software - Jira Service Management Pricing

Jira Service Management software is also highly scalable and can be deployed in any business setting and scale. This versatility makes it the ideal candidate for the first spot. The pricing of this SDS is listed below:

  • Free ($0): Always free and for unlimited use. Can host three agents at a time and comes with 2GB of file storage.
  • Standard ($20/agent/month): Can cater to 5000 agents and comes with 250 GB of storage.
  • Premium ($45/agent/month): Can cater to 5000 agents and comes with unlimited storage, and a 99.9% uptime SLA.
  • Enterprise (Pricing available on demand): Can cater to 5000 agents and comes with unlimited storage and a 99.95% uptime SLA, and offers dedicated 24/7 enterprise support.

Jira Software is the most well-known service desk software and for great reasons. Its workflows, ease of use, integrations, and free plan make it just all the more special and worthy of first place on my list.

Burkhard Berger

2. Zendesk Support – Feature-Rich & Scalable

Service Desk Software - Zendesk

The Most Customizable Service Desk Software [Starts At $49/agent/month]

It is impossible to leave out Zendesk Support when discussing the best service desk software available today. The main purpose of this support software is to help connect businesses to their customers on any platform of their choosing. Regardless of the method of communication used, Zendesk is equipped to handle them all.

It provides a business’s customers the flexibility to contact you via:

  • Phone
  • Chat
  • Email
  • Social media
  • Website

Zendesk unifies all channels into one. Perhaps its biggest selling point to most businesses is in its ease of use, intuitive dashboard and reporting capabilities, and easy setup process.

What’s more is that it features a modern and streamlined ticketing system, an expansive knowledge base, and great community forums. The software also features free trials on all its plans. Zendesk is the ideal choice for businesses of all sizes and scales.

Pros And Cons Of Zendesk Support

Incredible ticket management solutionsThe best features are locked at the enterprise level
Customized real-time reports and solid integration options
Flexible queries in an interactive and intuitive dashboard

Zendesk Support Pricing Plan

Service Desk Software - Zendesk Pricing

The pricing for Zendesk Support is listed below:

  • Suite Team ($49/agent/month): Has all the essentials for all small businesses.
  • Suite Growth ($79/agent/month): Adds AI-powered knowledge management, SLA management, multilingual support, and more.
  • Suite Professional ($99/agent/month): Adds integrated community forums, advanced voice capabilities, HIPAA compliance, and private conversational threads.

All in all, Zendesk Support ranks second-best in my list thanks to its powerful feature set, capabilities, and the fact that it can be scaled up and down depending on the business. It is easy to use and does not have the same level of feature parity as its plans, as some of its competitors do.

Burkhard Berger

3. Freshdesk – Robust Workhorse

Service Desk Software - Freshdesk

Service Desk Software For Small Businesses With The Most Customizability [Free | $15/agent/month]

Freshdesk is another powerful help desk solution in the category and offers unique features at the most competitive price to businesses. Its versatile and affordable nature makes it the ideal candidate for most small to medium-sized companies too and is an excellent option for large teams.

When customers sign up, they get access to excellent tools such as a shared inbox, a knowledge base tool, and chat features. An allowance of incoming minutes is also provided to handle customer calls, but the amount may vary according to the plan. 

Freshdesk offers businesses the utility to easily process service tickets from customers while arranging and organizing information required by the same agents in a speedy and easy-to-find manner.

Access to third-party integrations is also supported. Custom tickets to better prioritize incident management are also an important characteristic of the app, and it even has a basic SLA management system in its app gallery. Freshdesk also features advanced automation and workflows, but these can be found in higher-tier plans. 

Pros And Cons Of Freshdesk

Great gamification featureReporting tools can be lackluster
Fully stacked free version available
Custom ticket viewing and management
App gallery integrations

Freshdesk Pricing Plan

Service Desk Software - Freshdesk Pricing

Freshdesk pricing and plans can be found below:

  • Free ($0): Supports up to 10 agents and has all the basic features.
  • Growth ($15/agent/month): Supports automation, marketplace mobile apps, custom email servers, custom SSL, and time tracking.
  • Pro ($49/agent/month): Additionally features custom roles, custom reports and dashboards, customer segments, SLA reminders and escalation, and custom apps.
  • Enterprise ($79/agent/month): Features a sandbox, audit log, email bot, assist chatbot, canned response generator, and many more.

Freshdesk is affordable and highly customizable and is the perfect fit for many small businesses. Because of these qualities, it ranks in the number three spot on my list. 

4. Tidio – Best For Email Support Ticketing Needs

tidio homepage

Best For Scaling Support Email Management [Free | $15.83/month]

When it comes to Tidio, you can expect the best system for managing and monitoring support emails. This way, you can provide faster support, increase customer retention, and scale revenue. 

With this tool, you can keep track of customers’ requests with no fuss. The system is designed to manage customer concerns without disturbing the workflow. Emails get a dedicated tab where you can check status updates and assigned operators. 

This service desk software tool allows you to set priorities, add notes, and assign tags so nothing gets left unchecked even if you have to address them at a later time. It also allows everybody involved to be kept in the loop for conversation and negotiation developments. 

It also allows you to check ongoing chats connected to the email you’re assigned with. Chat concerns can be turned into tickets as well. 

By automating the process of responding to email concerns, teamwork becomes more streamlined and team efficiency is brought to the next level. This ensures everyone gets a fair share of the work and boosts accountability.

Pros And Cons Of Tidio

Has an easy-to-use interfaceHas some chatbot issues
Has a responsive support team
Comes with functional and efficiency-improving features

Tidio Pricing Plan

tidio pricing

Tidio offers a free version that allows for 50 live chat user conversations. If your business has higher requirements, you can choose from any of the 3 pricing plans. 

  • Communicator ($15.83/mo): The Communicator plan comes with unlimited live chats, allows for 5 operators, has analytic tools, allows for permissions, has a native Shopify integration, and has 24/7 support. 
  • Chatbots ($32.50/mo): The Chatbots plan comes with all features from the Communicator plan plus a visual chatbot editor and Zapier integration. 
  • Tidio+ ($240.83/mo): The Tidio+ plan has all the features in the Chatbots plan plus a custom number of operators, AI response bots, multisite support, and emergency phone support. 

All 3 paid plans offer a free trial. You can leverage these offers to check what best suit your business needs. 

5. Freshservice – Excellent All Rounder For Every Scale

Service Desk Software - Freshservice

Solid Service Desk Software For Customer Support [Starts At $19/agent/month]

Freshservice may sound similar to Freshdesk but the two should not be confused as they are products from separate companies. Where Freshservice differs from the rest is that it is entirely based in the cloud, but works just like any other ITSM (IT Service Management) software. 

It is an intuitive and modern offering compared to the other options on the market today. Because of its cloud-ready environment, Freshservice is ready to be deployed and used in any business environment and by anyone with little to no formal training. 

It provides automated responses to support tickets from the end-user, and businesses can optimize responses to tailor their exact needs. For instance, it can be used in many different channels including: 

  • Email
  • Self-service portal
  • Phone
  • In-person communications
  • Chat

Freshservice also provides businesses with a list of key features that make it one of the most popular help desk software tools available. These features include the likes of a built-in user portal, a flexible ticketing system, and a workflow management suite that make FreshService definitely one you want to look at.

Pros And Cons Of Freshservice

Expansive knowledge baseFocused more on the internal customer base
Incredibly flexible ticketing system
Customizable workflows with a lot of options for integration

Freshservice Pricing Plan

Service Desk Software - Freshservice Pricing

The Freshservice pricing and plans can be found below:

  • Starter ($19/agent/month): Includes incident management, SLA management, workflow automation, orchestration, and custom SSL.
  • Growth ($49/ agent/month): Includes a service catalog, purchase order management, cloud management, portal customization, and more.
  • Pro ($89/agent/month): Includes problem, release, project, and change management, has professional analytics, and more.
  • Enterprise ($109/agent/month): Includes the Freddy virtual agent, sandbox, audit logs, cloud management, and more.

For companies looking for solutions aimed at the internal customer base, Freshservice is the best bet. Their custom solutions make them an easy recommendation for anyone in the relative industry.

6. Zoho Desk – Mainstay In The SDS Space

Service Desk Software - Zoho Desk

A Cloud-Ready Service Desk Software For Sales-Focused Teams [Free | $14/agent/month]

Zoho has been in the customer relationship management (CRM) business for a while now, and what many would not be familiar with is its service desk software solution to aid business-to-customer interactions. 

Zoho Desk has the usual suite of features that one might expect from a robust SDS such as a shared inbox and a knowledge base tool. They also feature advanced offerings like AI-assisted responses and automation for conversation sorting and tagging.

It is a great option for businesses already using other Zoho products as the integration between them is seamless and easy. But the software does have one caveat where most of its “basic” features, like live chat, are only offered on their highest-cost enterprise plan. This feature distribution can be expensive to manage for smaller teams.

Zoho Desk gives businesses the ability to offer 24/7 customer satisfaction and it allows them to deliver consistent and quality IT support to their customers. The ticket center is also reliable with notifications and easy enough to use and understand.

Pros And Cons Of Zoho Desk

Seamless integration with other Zoho productsDashboards have steep learning curves
Highly configurable and easy to manage
Fairly priced with future-proof capabilities

Zoho Desk Pricing Plan

Service Desk Software - Zoho Desk Pricing

Zoho Desk is reasonably priced, and its plans can be found below:

  • Free: Includes most of the basics required by IT teams but is capped at 3 agents.
  • Standard ($14/agent/month): Adds a public knowledge base, SLAs and escalations, reports and dashboards, work modes for tickets, and more.
  • Professional ($23/agent/month): Adds multi-department tracking, team management, telephony, automatic time tracking, SLA dashboards, and more.
  • Enterprise ($40/agent/month): Adds live chat, Zia AI, custom functions, scheduled reports, advanced process management, and more.

Few companies can rival the flexibility and integration that Zoho offers and for this reason, it is a definite entry into my list of recommendations.

7. SysAid – Best For ITSM

Service Desk Software - SysAid

All-In-One Service Desk Software For Small Businesses [Custom Pricing]

SysAid is an IT help desk and self-service portal that manages IT requests. The company also provides many SLA management features such as ticket and workflow automation to minimize SLAs. For enhanced user experience, customers also have the capabilities to build a self-service portal for knowledge management.

This portal can also handle basic queries and requests, such as password resets on its own. With SysAid, users can get up and running in no time, thanks to the built-in templates and default forms. Users also have the option to create custom ones that best serve the needs of their organization and support team.

SysAid also features a host of third-party integrations and has powerful IT asset management features. These features can help make it easy to handle all of the assets in your network and view hardware and software for each of your end users.

Pros And Cons Of SysAid

Flexible and easy to manageSatisfaction surveys should be improved
Workflows can be customized easily
Visibility of all support cases that are asked to attend, making sure you do not lose those cases

SysAid Pricing Plan

SysAid plans can be customized based on business size and industry type. You can request a quote for accurate pricing directly through the company.

SysAid has a lot to offer to businesses of all types and has become a prominent player in this segment of software too. I would recommend getting a quote first for your exact requirements to see if the software fits your needs and budget well.

8. HappyFox – Most Customizable SDS

Service Desk Software - HappyFox

Highly Customizable Service Desk Software With Competitive Pricing [Starts At $26/agent/month]

If your goal is to manage tickets, and manage them well, there are few options in this space that can do the job better than HappyFox. HappyFox may be a touch on the expensive side for most new businesses and does not offer a free version, but it is still a great option for many that are looking to extend the capabilities of their business communications and customer satisfaction

HappyFox also misses out on the sheer number of integrations like some of the other platforms on this list, but it is still widely used and considered one of the best around. The software provides an all-in-one help desk ticketing system that bodes well for customers and support agents that will be interacting with it daily. 

Once you have set up the software, you will be provided with a robust support ticket system, a self-service knowledge base, and excellent community forums.

HappyFox is simple to use but it is also very powerful with the modules it provides. Users can also handle all inbound ticket requests in one ticketing system with this service desk software. This system can then be attached to an email, phone, chat, and web.

Pros And Cons Of HappyFox

Highly customizable user interfaceSocial media connections limited to Facebook and Twitter
Tight integration with SlackSome features such as asset management only available at enterprise tiers
Geat and free training resources

HappyFox Pricing Plan

Service Desk Software - HappyFox Pricing

HappyFox pricing plans are as follows:

  • Mighty ($26/agent/month): Includes omnichannel ticket creation, SLA management, SSO, and SSL certificate hosting.
  • Fantastic ($39/agent/month): Includes multi-brand helpdesk, custom ticket queues, SLA breach notifications, and much more.
  • Enterprise ($52/agent/month): Offers proactive agent collision, task management, asset management, and uptime SLA.
  • Enterprise Plus ($64/agent/month): Includes agent scripting, 2TB attachment storage, all-time reporting history, and a dedicated customer support manager.

HappyFox has trusted the world over and for good reason. With its advanced ITIL capabilities and ticket management system, it is a great recommendation for any business.

9. Cayzu – Most Affordable SDS Powerhouse

Service Desk Software - Cayzu

Affordable Service Desk Software For Incident Ticketing [Custom Pricing]

Finally, to round off my list for today, there is none better than Cayzu. Built specifically for small businesses and startups, the service desk software has solid features and excellent third-party integration options. 

The software is also inexpensive, although the company encourages you to request a quote manually through their website.

However, its biggest limitations lie when it is deployed in an enterprise-level system as it can’t handle bigger service teams and requests concurrently. Still, configuration and setup are straightforward and tasks like adding agents and adding topics to the portal are all a breeze. 

Cayzu helps save time too as tickets can be started through a web form, social media direct messages, and customer emails.

Pros And Cons Of Cayzu

Google analytics integrationAutomation tools are lacking
Handles multiple brands and products very easilyDoes not support custom reports
Free plans and tiers for small businesses

Cayzu Pricing Plan

Service Desk Software - Cayzu Pricing

Cayzu has a simplified and scalable pricing format but does not offer clear plans online. You can request a quote directly from their website.

Cayzu is a great recommendation for any business looking for extensive IT service desk software for their real-time needs and concludes my list in the final place.


Service Desk Software has now become the primary tool for communications in every business. Whether it is an on-premise or cloud solution, these tools do more than routing user queries and requests. 

With online marketplaces awash with options to choose from, getting the correct service desk software for your business can be a daunting decision to make, especially if you’re looking to capitalize on your business’s full potential and extend its longevity and success. I’ve highlighted the most important options available today. 

My top choice in the vast SDS market is Jira Service Management software. For their feature-rich platforms, integrations, and flexibility, Zendesk Support and Freshdesk take second and third spots on this list. But if you’re in the market for an efficient and capable SDS, you cannot go wrong with any of the options I’ve highlighted for you in this list.

Visit my blog today to learn more about other current topics and the latest in global trends. My comparative reviews and in-depth analysis of different business software will be perfect for you.

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