Strategic Backlink Acquisition

Get an Unfair SEO Advantage With Digital Mentions From Novum™

Ranking on Google is an art. After 12+ years of perfecting our craft, we know exactly what it takes to build backlinks that don’t just let your pages rank #1 but also drive revenue, not just traffic.


Premium backlinks from Novum are perfect for boosting your money pages.

Domain Rating 50-80+

You’ll receive strong dofollow, in-content backlinks from well-known DR 50-80+ websites.

Real Websites

We secure authentic links and brand mentions from the world’s most prominent websites.

100% White-Hat

Tired of dealing with those spam-filled domain lists? Our approach is 100% white-hat. 

Transparent Pricing

We ensure transparent pricing, with no hidden costs or surprises. Pay for what you get.

Outrank Competitors

Still wondering how your competitors got there? Let’s get serious and outrank them, one link at a time.

Our Backlinks Work in The Most Competitive Niches like:




And many more…

Backlink Examples

Don’t buy a pig in a poke. Take a look at the digital mentions we’ve successfully built for our clients.


We believe in transparent pricing, ensuring there are no hidden costs or surprises.

Premium Link

DR 50+
$ 300
  • 1 x DR 50-59
  • 100% white-hat
  • Dofollow, in-content

Premium Link

DR 60+
$ 380 /Backlink
  • 1 x DR 60-69
  • 100% white-hat
  • Dofollow, in-content

Premium Link

DR 70+
$ 500
  • 1 x DR 70-80+
  • 100% white-hat
  • Dofollow, in-content

What Digital Mentions Can Do For You

Novum’s backlinks can fuel your entire business. They drive traffic, leads, and revenue.

How We Increased Monthly Traffic Value from $5,194 to $126,198 for

A case study with David Pawlan, Head of Marketing
Updated on July 05, 2023

How We Increased Organic Search Traffic For Estuary By 2,407%

A case study with David Yaffe, Co-Founder at Estuary
Updated on June 12, 2023

How We’ve Added $30,298 Worth of Traffic to

A case study with Ramin Assemi, Marketing
Updated on September 05, 2023

Questions? Check out our FAQs

What sets Novum's backlinks apart?

Novum’s backlinks are unique due to their high Domain Rating and strategic placement, enhancing site authority and driving targeted traffic.​

No “Sponsored Posts” or “Write for Us” sites.

How do Novum’s backlinks boost money page rankings?

Building backlinks to money pages, like service, solution, or product pages, is challenging, but Novum excels in this area.

We can effectively build backlinks to almost any page, enhancing their visibility and ranking on search engines.

Why is a high Domain Rating (DR) important?

High DR backlinks from authoritative sites significantly improve your website’s search engine visibility and credibility.

Generally speaking, the higher the Domain Rating (DR)/Domain Authority (DA), the better.

Which industries benefit from Novum’s backlinks?

Novum’s backlinks have shown success across various niches, including software, finance, technology, lifestyle, eCommerce, and more.

How does Novum ensure backlink quality?

We focus on securing authentic, in-content links from the world’s most prominent websites, ensuring quality and relevance.

What is Novum’s approach to ethical backlink building?

Our approach is 100% white-hat, avoiding spam-filled domain lists and adhering to best SEO practices.

Can you provide examples of Novum’s backlink success?

Yes, please check out our recent work here.

How does Novum's pricing model work?

Our pricing is transparent with no hidden costs, ensuring you pay only for the value you receive.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our work, ensuring you receive nothing less than excellence. If you’re not completely satisfied with our SEO service, you will get a full refund. No questions asked.

Let's make SEO your most profitable acquisition channel