Working as an online marketer for over 10 years allows me to understand the importance of social media marketing. So, rest assured that after reading this article, you’ll get the information you need to achieve business success.

I’ll give you my personal experience to explain the best features, pros and cons, pricing plans, and many more about Sprout Social and Hootsuite.

1. Sprout Social vs. Hootsuite At A Glance

I’ll start with first impressions. I’ve created a short comparison table to lay out the different aspects of Sprout Social that make it stand out against Hootsuite and the other way around.




Best for Accessibility. Intuitive user interface with powerful reporting features and toolsets. Starts at $99/month.Best Overall. Larger user base and longer platform support. Offers a free plan. Starts at $19/month.
Try Sprout SocialTry Hootsuite

2. Who Is Sprout Social Best For?

Sprout Social is the go-to social media tool for medium and large-sized agencies. It’s perfect for managing multiple social channels at the same time.

It’s also super convenient because there’s only one hub for you to do all of your tasks.

Since its subscription plans charge per user, it becomes suitable for a project manager and team leader who works within an organization. It also allows you to add more members as you grow.

3. Who Is Hootsuite Best For?

Hootsuite is a superb all-in-one social media software. That’s why it’s a fantastic choice for bloggers, marketers, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs with small to mid-sized businesses.

That’s not all…

If you’re a rising YouTube influencer, listen up.

Hootsuite is directly integrated with YouTube. This means that you can use it to boost your views.

It also has the Channelview Insight app, which comes free with the Enterprise plan. It lets you track your subscriber growth, engagement levels, and more.

4. A Close Look At The Features Of Sprout Social and Hootsuite

Did you know that 3.96 billion people are using social media nowadays? Let’s figure out which of the two, Sprout Social vs. Hootsuite, can give your campaigns a competitive advantage.

Post Builder
ViralPost® Technology
Display Feed
Built-In Bot Builder
Social Listening Platform
Smart Inbox
Team Collaboration Tools
YouTube Integration
Get StartedTry Sprout SocialTry Hootsuite

5. Key Features Of Sprout Social

Sprout Social Features

Digital marketers know social media tools are handy. They make tedious and difficult tasks so much easier. 

Let’s find out if Sprout Social features fit the bill.

#1 Social Media Dashboard

Sprout Social Dashboard

Isn’t it wonderful when you can do all your tasks in one place?

This is exactly what Sprout Social provides upon setting up your account. It will introduce you to your dashboard where you can access all the features included in your subscription plan.

You can also see here everything that’s happening in your social channels, tasks, and groups.

The dashboard is one feature of Sprout Social that receives the most positive reviews. Its clean and simple design makes it super easy to use and navigate.

Your dashboard is divided into three primary sections:

Sprout Social Dashboard: Navigation Menu

What can you expect to see in these sections?

The navigation menu contains the important functions of Sprout Social – publishing, engagement, analytics, and more. If you want to see the latest activities made in your account, you can select the Dashboard menu.

This is also one of the areas where you can access all the assistance available for you and other features you can explore.

Sprout Social Dashboard: Main Pane

The next area is called the main pane, the canvas at the center of your dashboard. It has a simple function and that is to display all the content of the function you selected.

Sprout Social Dashboard: Secondary Menu

Sprout Social is all about convenience. This is the reason they provided you with a secondary menu with a one-click function.

The best part of this is, that the navigation and secondary menus are fixed. So, no matter where you are within the platform or what task you do, you can easily access them.

Burkhard Berger

#2 Smart Inbox

Sprout Social Smart Inbox

Everyone loves interactions.

This is why social channels created different message types to ensure you can convey your message to the right audience.

Since there are billions of messages made in social channels, Sprout Social makes it easy for you to manage them all by organizing them in one secure place called the Smart Inbox.

Sprout Social Smart Inbox Sections

The Smart Inbox platform is divided into three sections:

  1. Navigation menu: This is the section where you can access the different inbox views (all messages, private messages, completed messages, saved messages, and saved views).
  2. Top bar: This section helps you visualize your message activities using charts (updated in real-time) and custom date range selections. Now includes the updated filter menu.
  3. Message streams: All messages are displayed here in a single feed.

As of writing, the message types that Sprout Social supports are Instagram Business Profiles, Facebook Pages, Twitter profiles, and LinkedIn Company Pages.

Wait, there’s more…

Sprout Social Smart Inbox: Create a task

You can also use the Smart Inbox to assign, coordinate, and prioritize certain actions per incoming message to your team members. Simply click the create a new task (pin icon) to do this.

You have no idea how to create a task?

No problem, here are some handy tips you can follow:

#3 Sprout Queue & ViralPost®

Sprout Social Queue & ViralPost®

Another core function of Sprout Social is publishing.

Inside this section, you can effortlessly manage all your posts that are in draft, scheduled, queue, and for approval. You can also access all the tools you need to help you save time and maximize your impact.

Two of the killer publishing tools available in your dashboard are Sprout Queue and ViralPost®.

What do these features do?

Sprout Social Queue

Sprout Queue provides the simplest way to manage and automatically publish multiple posts (from different social profiles) throughout the day. This is perfect to use for posts that aren’t time-sensitive such as product tips, blog posts, inspirational quotes, and more.

You can simultaneously queue up to 50 posts per social profile.

Sprout Social ViralPost

The ViralPost®, on the other hand, is a unique algorithm that analyzes the best day and time to publish your content. Once it calculates the optimal send times for each social profile, it will efficiently fill in your calendar.

You can use this feature to release content up to 10 times per social profile and day.

Isn’t it convenient that a large number of tasks are done with only minimal time and effort used?

What more if you combine the power of both features?

It’s true, Sprout Social made it possible to easily integrate ViralPost® with Sprout Queue. Together, they created an amazing automated scheduling engine.

#4 Social Listening Query Builder

Sprout Social Listening Features

Monitoring conversations is not enough to get comprehensive insights into the latest trends in social channels (keywords, hashtags, competitors, and more).

This is why Sprout Social completed its platform with a listening section, available in Professional and Advanced plans. Here, you can perform the following functions:

Social listening has two primary tools but is the most in-demand in the query builder.

Sprout Social Listening Query Builder

The social listening query builder lets you create a topic from scratch or using pre-designed templates.

Assuming you want to use the easiest way to create a task, here are the five popular Listening use cases you can implement in your account.

Sprout Social Listening Query Builder Templates

Of course, all businesses are different.

This is why it’s important to make the necessary changes to the templates to ensure they will fit your marketing goals. Keywords are the primary aspect you need to change.

But wait…

Before you start adding keywords, you need to understand the type of data you are allowed to listen to per social networking platform:

#5 Analytics & Reporting

Sprout Social Analytics and Reports

Collecting detailed data is important to your business’s success. This can help you make an informed decision or strategy to better improve your content performance, ROI, customer care response time, and more.

Normally data collection can take days to pull up.

But not with Sprout Social. It speeds up the data collection process and automatically generates reports.

Simply add the social channels you need to manage and after 24 hours (more or less), its system will provide you with complete, detailed, and relevant insights.

Here are the standard reporting features you can get from all subscription plans:

Sprout Social Reports

If these reporting features aren’t enough, you can always add more. Sprout Social also offers advanced reporting based on the time zone you’ve selected or the age/gender of your target audience.

6. Key Features Of Hootsuite

Hootsuite Features

Is Hootsuite the right social media management tool to address your business needs? Find out for yourself by understanding its basic and strongest features.

#1 Dashboard Interface

Hootsuite Dashboard

Let’s start with Hootsuite’s dashboard.

Compared to other social media management platforms, its dashboard doesn’t have a sophisticated appearance. But one thing you can be sure of, it is made for function.

You can access your dashboard after signing up and connecting all your social profiles.

Its interface is divided into three sections:

Hootsuite App Directory

You can also access the Hootsuite app directory here, an ideal place to go if you’re planning to expand your account functionalities.

#2 Content Builder

Hootsuite Content Builder

You don’t need technical skills or experience to create content at Hootsuite. It has an in-built content builder that allows you to create your post quickly and easily.

There are different designs made for the content builder and all of these are based on the social channels you intend to post your content.

Hootsuite Standard Content Builder

The standard content builder is the most flexible of all. Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn – You can create any content here no matter where you post it.

Apart from text, you can also add the following elements to make your content engaging:

Hootsuite Pinterest Content Builder

If you are a freemium user, you can also utilize Pinterest’s content builder. The primary differences it has with the standard builder are that you also need to add the board and Pin links you want your content to be posted.

The good news is that more advanced content builders will be provided as you upgrade your subscription plan.

#3 Boards & Streams

Hootsuite Guide: Boards & Streams

Manage and monitor all your social channels’ activities through Hootsuite’s stream sections. This section features a multi-columned feed that is composed of streams and boards.

The streams simply hold the data of a specific social activity (keyword, topic, hashtag, mentions, etc.). It is automatically generated when you connect the social channels you’re managing.

While the boards are used to organize your streams. This is great to use for separating the insights of your personal and team activities or creating purpose-specific campaigns.

Hootsuite Create a New Board

Creating a new board is simple. All you need to do is click the +new board link then type your preferred name in the text box.

Before you start using this feature for your project, I highly recommend you explore it first (create a few streams and boards then browse them). This is an effective way to prevent cluttering your dashboard and figure out what works for you.

Burkhard Berger

#4  Hootsuite Inbox

Hootsuite Guide: Inbox

Hootsuite wouldn’t be completed without a reliable engagement tool. One of its killer tools is the inbox.

Inside this platform, you can engage with your audience across social channels. Whether it is in a thread or private/public messages, ease your mind so that you can respond to any conversation quickly.

If you consider availing of the Business or Enterprise subscription plan, here’s the good news.

You can also use tags to categorize replies and comments.

Hootsuite Inbox Guide: Assign a Task

Good news everyone, Hootsuite inbox is also designed to easily collaborate with your team members.

If you have customer inquiries or issues, you can directly assign them to your subject matter experts. Once you successfully assigned it, your assigned member will receive an email notification.

A friendly reminder.

Hootsuite inbox has a storage limit (vary on the subscription plans). Once you’ve reached your account limit, the oldest conversations you have are automatically removed from your inbox.

Other limitations you need to remember are the following:

#5 Collaboration Features

Hootsuite Collaboration Features

Whether you have a small or larger team, both can benefit from Hootsuite collaboration features.

Aside from the inbox, you can also manage tasks in the Assignment section. You can simply organize it using the preset filter.

Hootsuite Guide: Assignment Preset Filter

The colors of the banner represent the current status of the assigned task. Here is the meaning of each color:

Do you have unresolved tasks?

If the answer is yes, it’s wise to reassign the task either to yourself or another member of the team to resolve it quickly. You can do it individually and in bulk.

Hootsuite Autoschedule

One effective way to save time is to create all your content in advance and use AutoSchedule to instantly publish it at its optimal send times. You can access this on the content builder.

Hootsuite Enterprise Automation

If you’re an Enterprise user, you are also eligible to use three automated action types.

7. Sprout Social vs. Hootsuite – Pros And Cons

After breaking down Sprout Social and Hootsuite’s popular features, let’s now identify their respective strong and weak points.

Sprout Social:

More collaboration tools are offered for teamsNo free subscription plan is available
Excellent Social CRM toolsLacks YouTube integration
Provide a report builder to create custom reportsIts subscription plans are not ideal for startups and small businesses
Allows post approvals
Customer support is helpful and responsive

Now, let’s review Hootsuite’s pros and cons.


Include a free subscription planLacks advanced automation functions
Over 150 compatible apps available for integrationAbility to capture actionable insights is only available at the highest subscription plans
Easy to set up and configureOnly offer basic CRM functions
Offers free online courses to help you get startedNo phone support is included and its social media support isn’t always responsive
Include a planner view section to track what post/campaign is going live and when

8. Where Do I Get The Most For My Money?

So, between Sprout Social vs. Hootsuite, which social media management tool is budget-friendly? Let’s find out by breaking down their individual subscription plans’ costs per month.

Sprout Social Pricing Plans

Sprout Social Pricing Plans

Sprout Social designed its pricing plans per user. It offers three paid subscription plans with a 30-day free trial.  

Wait, there’s more…  

Sprout Social also offers additional features to help you scale your business. Let’s take a glimpse of them:  

Explore them now by requesting a personalized demo.

Hootsuite Pricing Plans 

Hootsuite Pricing Plans

Hootsuite offers one free subscription plan and four paid plans with a 30-day free trial.  

9. Conclusion – Which Is Better: Sprout Social or Hootsuite?

As I break down Sprout Social vs. Hootsuite’s capabilities, I found Hootsuite to be the better social media tool… and this is not solely because of its affordability.

It may have fewer analytics and reporting tools and doesn’t provide a clean, modern interface like Sprout Social. However, when it comes to social engagement and publishing, Hootsuite is proven to provide the same convenience and effectiveness.

On top of that, it excels in supporting more social media platforms (also supports YouTube and WordPress) and app integrations (150+ offered).

Check it for yourself by getting the Hootsuite now. Avail of their free plan yourself.

10. Sprout Social vs. Hootsuite – FAQ

Here, I’ll answer four more questions that people commonly asked about Sprout Social and Hootsuite:

Is there a free version of Sprout Social?

No, Sprout Social doesn’t offer a free plan. However, you can still try it for free with its 30-day trial.

Is Hootsuite trustworthy?

Yes, you can trust Hootsuite when it comes to securing your data and logins. It comes with tons of security features such as firewalls, Tier-4 datacenters (physical servers), multi-factor authentication, industry-standard data encryption (TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.2), disaster recovery, network protection, and more.

What platforms does Sprout Social use?

As of writing, Sprout Social can integrate into 11 social network platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.) and multiple business platforms (HubSpot, Salesforce, Slack, and more).

Is Hootsuite approved by Instagram?

Yes, Hootsuite is one of the approved Instagram partners that permits you to create, schedule, and post content of all kinds (stories, videos, or images). You can also easily track all posted content’s performance while engaging with your audience.

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