Squarespace vs. Weebly – 100% Unbiased Comparison [2022]

Squarespace vs Weebly

Out of all the website builders to choose from, determining which one to pick between Squarespace vs. Weebly can leave you in quite a pinch. 

Don’t fret since you’re in the perfect place. In this comparison, I’ll help you discover the best website builder that will work for you.

You’ll get to know all of the key features, pros and cons, pricing, and more. I’ll share with you all the information you need to make the best decision possible in this guide.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

1. Squarespace vs. Weebly At A Glance

Squarespace and Weebly are two big names when it comes to website hosting and building. Let’s have a quick look at the comparisons between the two to see which one stands out over the other.

Squarespace (R)


Weebly (G)

Best for design. Powerful website builder package with creative tools for website design. Starts at $26/month.Best Overall. All-in-one website builder with all necessary features for an affordable price. Free version available.
Try SquarespaceTry Weebly

2. Who Is Squarespace Best For?

Squarespace is best for creatives such as photographers, artists, musicians, and those who want to showcase their content artistically.

With Squarespace’s 14-day free trial, you can experience how Squarespace will make your website stand out by helping you create a high-quality, professional-looking website with its powerful creative tools.

3. Who Is Weebly Best For?

Weebly is for individuals or small businesses looking to establish their online presence without breaking the bank.

Try Weebly’s free plan, packed with features that will make creating your website a breeze even if you have no coding knowledge.

4. A Close Look At The Features Of Squarespace and Weebly

Let’s take a glance and compare the features and tools of Squarespace and Weebly. Where, where does each website builder stand out over the other?

FeaturesSquarespace (R)Weebly (G)
Website Builder
App Center
Email Marketing
Sell Directly on a Social Media Platform
Domain Registration
Get StartedTry SquarespaceTry Weebly

5. Key Features Of Squarespace

#1 Squarespace’s Website Builder

Squarespace Homepage

Squarespace, along with Wix and WordPress, is one of the big names for website building. When it comes to website design, Squarespace considers itself the leader.

Squarespace offers a wide variety of high-quality website templates that you can customize to fit your needs.

Squarespace Website Templates

The drag-and-drop design of Squarespace’s website builder makes customizing easy.

Drag-Drop Design Squarespace
Squarespace Website Editor

Squarespace’s templates are also mobile-friendly.

Here are some of the features of Squarespace’s Website Builder:

  • Starter Layouts – Squarespace gives you pre-designed page structures for specific types of pages such as Contact, Blog, About, Products, and more. You can arrange the page elements and add or remove blocks to personalize the look.
  • Design Tools – Squarespace design tools give you flexible layouts, Google and TypeKit fonts, custom color palettes, built-in photo editing capabilities, video and background banners, and more.
  • Custom CSS – You can apply custom CSS to any site with Squarespace’s built-in custom CSS editor. This editor also provides font files and image storage for CSS assets.

#2 Personalized Domains

Squarespace Personalized Domain

Your domain name is the gateway of your audience to your website. It is the website address people use to find you.

Let’s take a look at the features Squarespace offers with regard to domains:

Squarespace Domain Registration
  • Purchasing Domains – Purchasing a domain is simple and straightforward with Squarespace if you don’t have one. All you have to do is type your desired website, look for an available domain, and then proceed to check out.
  • Seamless Domain Registration – If you registered your domain using Squarespace, Squarespace automatically set up your domain to work with your Squarespace website.
  • Connect Third-Party Domains – You can connect your Squarespace website to your existing domain if you already purchased from a third-party provider such as GoDaddy, Namecheap, or Google.
  • Free Domain – If you avail of an annual Squarespace account, your plan includes a free custom domain for the first year. 
  • Transferred Domains – Squarespace gives you the option to transfer your third-party domain to Squarespace so that managing your website and domain is hassle-free since they’re all in one place.
  • Security and Privacy – Squarespace gives every domain you purchase a free SSL Certificate and free WHOIS privacy. With these, you can guarantee your visitors that your website is safe and secure.

#3 Squarespace’s eCommerce features

Squarespace eCommerce Features

When it comes to providing you with eCommerce solutions, Squarespace doesn’t fall behind Shopify and BigCommerce. Packed with essential eCommerce tools, you can manage your online store without worry with Squarespace.

Let’s take a look at some of the eCommerce features that Squarespace offers:

  • Sell Products, Services, Subscriptions, and Digital Content – Squarespace lets you sell more than just physical products. You can sell digital content such as music and ebooks and let your customers download them directly from your websites, or you can offer your services to your customers by allowing them to book or schedule an appointment.

Besides these, you can also sell subscriptions to your products and services weekly or monthly for recurring revenue.

  • Inventory Management – You can manage your inventory with Squarespace’s easy-to-use interface and have a quick view of your products and stock levels. You can also access and manage your inventory wherever you are with Squarespace’s mobile commerce app.
  • Order Management – With Squarespace, you can track outstanding orders, send customer update emails, and print packing slips in a single interface.
  • Sell on Instagram – Squarespace’s integration with Instagram allows you to tag your Squarespace inventory in an Instagram post or story. Your customers can tap on the tagged product to open your online store or checkout page.
  • Multiple Payment Methods – Integration with payment solutions such as Stripe, PayPal, and Square enable you to accept credit cards, debit cards, and Apple Pay at checkout.

#4 Marketing Tools

Squarespace Marketing Tools

After setting up your website, growing and communicating with your audience will help build your online presence. Squarespace serves as the bridge between you and your audience with its marketing tools.

Some of the marketing tools that Squarespace offers are:

  • Email Campaigns – You won’t be needing a separate email marketing software to create highly impactful email campaigns to reach and grow your audience.

Squarespace’s email campaign offers a wide range of email layouts to choose from that are easy to customize to help you create consistent and compelling emails.

  • Profiles – Squarespace gives you a consolidated view of all of your people. Within profiles, you can view, search, and filter your lists of donors, customers, and email subscribers.
  • Social media integrations – Squarespace has integrations with the leading social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to keep your customers up-to-date with the latest from your website.
  • Banners & Promotions – You can feature essential announcements such as sales and discounts by adding banners or promotions on your website.

Most new users don’t take full advantage of this but Squarespace has a feature called “favicon”. Favicon’s are basically the icon that appers on the top left corner of a website tab. You can easily edit this by going through Design > Browser Icon and uploading your logo.

Burkhard Berger

#5 Analytics

Squarespace Analytics

Knowing your website’s traffic is a crucial indicator to understand how your website is performing. Squarespace’s analytics allows you to get insights on important factors such as traffic, sales, and visitor geography so you can make informed decisions.

These are what you’ll get with Squarespace’s Analytics:

  • Analytics Overview – Squarespace gives you an overview of your Traffic, Sales, and Geography. 

In Sales, you’ll see how your store is performing at a glance, and in Traffic, you’ll have an insight into traffic and engagement trends and track your audience’s growth over time. Lastly, in Geography, you can view the site visits by country, region, or city.

  • Commerce Analytics  – With commerce analytics, you can understand how your business is doing by tracking revenue, orders, units sold, and more. Squarespace also gives you commerce-specific analytics for sales by product, purchase funnel, and abandoned cart. 
  • Acquisition Analytics  – Squarespace gives you insight into traffic sources and the keywords that direct traffic to your site from Google and other search engines.
  • Engagement Analytics – Squarespace lets you track engagement with an activity log, form & button conversions, site keywords, popular content, and RSS subscribers.
  • Analytics App  – You can download Squarespace Analytics on your iOS or Android devices to monitor your KPIs and the metrics that matter to you wherever you are.

6. Key Features Of Weebly

#1 Weebly’s Website Builder

Weebly Website Builder

When it comes to website hosting and building, Weebly is one of the leading names, along with Wix and Google Sites.

Weebly’s Drag-and-Drop Editor enables you to create powerful, professional websites without any technical skills efficiently. 

Weebly Drag-Drop Editor

You can add content elements like text, photos, maps, and videos to your website by simply dragging and dropping them into place. 

Weebly Content Elements

Let’s take a look at the additional features of Weebly’s Website Builder:

  • Video Backgrounds – You can add video backgrounds to your website to give your customers a sense of energy and dynamism. You can choose from Weebly’s free video library or upload your video.
  • Custom Headers – Weebly gives a fully customizable header where you can use slideshows, videos, and dynamic content as your website’s header.
  • Full-Width Image and Color Backgrounds  – You can create unique designs with Weebly’s customizable image and color backgrounds. The full-width section you drag and drop to your page is like its own mini-site that can contain multiple design elements such as color backgrounds, text, images, and video.
Weebly Slideshow Maker

Showcase your photos and images with Weebly’s Slideshow Maker and Photo Gallery.

You can upload images directly to your site and create a stylish image slideshow. You can add your captions and have complete control over slideshow speed, transition, and auto-play elements.

Weebly Photo Gallery
Weebly Slideshow Style

If you need help finding good photos for your website, Weebly’s extensive photo library allows you to choose from a searchable database of both free and paid images.

Weebly Background Gallery

Here are some of Weebly’s additional features:

  • Online Photo Gallery – In just a few clicks, you can create a dynamic photo gallery with Weebly’s gallery builder. All you have to do is select and upload photos and take advantage of advanced transition effects, automatic resizing, and a library of unique gallery layouts.
  • Free Image Upload and Photo Editing  – You can upload images directly to your website and drag image elements quickly and easily. You can also edit your photos by adding text, changing borders, creating a lightbox, cropping, and injecting image effects.

#3 Weebly’s Complete Ecommerce Solutions

Weebly eCommerce Solutions

Besides being a website builder, Weebly does not disappoint in providing a complete eCommerce solution if you’re looking to sell your products online.

Weebly’s eCommerce solution gives you a fully integrated shopping cart and Secure Checkout. 

Weebly eCommerce Pricing

Weebly allows you to track and manage your inventory efficiently. You can show your customers the available number of items and automatically update your shoppers when there are sold-out items when they visit to purchase from your eCommerce store.

Weebly Inventory Management

Help your customers quickly find what they want with a powerful filtered product search. You can highlight the most relevant products and allow your customers to filter the result by price, color, size, etc.

Weebly Product Options

You can also sell various products on your Weebly eCommerce websites like Physical Products, Digital Goods, Services, and more.

Weebly Edit Product Tab

Packed with extensive eCommerce tools and solutions, here are some of the additional features of Weebly’s eCommerce:

  • Order Processing and Management – You can process and manage orders with shipment tracking notifications, order confirmation emails, refund and returns processing and real-time reporting for orders and sales.
  • Payment Options – You can accept major credit cards and choose from different payment options, including PayPal, Stripe, Square, and Authorize.net.
  • Automatic Tax Calculator – If you’re in the US, you can calculate taxes automatically. You can also indicate if your product prices already include taxes and shipping taxes.
  • Automated Abandoned Cart Emails – Avoid revenue loss with the automatic abandoned cart email sent to your customers when they leave your website with items in their cart.
  • Integrated Email Campaigns  – You can easily create email campaigns by dragging and dropping content from your site and store into an email template. With just a few clicks, you can grow sales and traffic.

#4 The App Center

Weebly App Center

Weebly has an extensive collection of third-party apps that you can add to your website, blog, or store to add new functionalities and capabilities.

Weebly’s App Center has apps for shipping, marketing, calendar, menu integrations, and more that you can directly integrate into your site. When you find the right app for you, it’s easy to install and displays directly in the Editor. 

Weebly App Center Integrations

#5 Blogging Made Easy

Weebly Blogging

Start your blog in minutes with Weebly’s drag-and-drop tools, which make starting a fantastic blog easy as pie.

Weebly’s drag-and-drop interface allows you to build blog content easily. The robust design and publishing elements enable you to create content worry-free.

Weebly has a great site to pick up for tips, design choices, and tutorials on specific features. If you want to max out your skills on utilizing the platform just visit this site and read through their articles.

Burkhard Berger
Weebly Drag-Drop Editor

Weebly also offers free blog templates that you can use as a stand-alone site or as part of a larger website or online store. The blog templates are fully customizable and alterable to fit your style.

Weebly Themes

Weebly also helps your blog perform better in search results and bring more traffic to your pages with its powerful blog SEO, allowing you to create custom URLs, title tags, and meta descriptions.

Weebly SEO

7. Squarespace vs. Weebly – Pros And Cons

Let’s take a look at Squarespace’s pros and cons and see if it fits your needs.


Stunning Customizable Templates and DesignsA bit tricky to use for first-time users
Great social media integrationsNo app store
Mobile apps that let you edit your website on-the-go
You can restore deleted posts and pages for up to 30 days.
Responsive themes

Here we’ll see Weebly’s pros and cons to see if it’s the right one for you.


Brilliant customizable templatesNo personal restore option
Easy to useLimited design and customization flexibility
Responsive themes
App Center
Free plan and relatively cheaper pricing

8. Where Do I Get The Most For My Money?

So, which of these website builders gives you the most value for your money? Is Squarespace or Weebly worth your investment?

Here are Squarespace and Weebly’s pricing plans to help you make informed decisions.

Squarespace Pricing Plans

Squarespace offers monthly and annual pricing.

Annual Pricing:

Squarespace Annual Pricing Plans

Monthly Pricing:

Squarespace Monthly Pricing Plans
  • Personal ($144/year or $12/month if annual, $16/month if monthly): Squarespace’s lowest plan includes only the core features, such as SSL Security, Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage, SEO Features, 2 Contributors, 24/7 Customer Support, etc. and does not include the e-commerce feature.
  • Business ($216/year or $18/month if annual, $26/month if monthly): This is Squarespace’s most popular plan. It includes all Personal features, Unlimited Contributors, Premium Integrations and Blocks, Professional Email from Google, and Fully Integrated E-commerce. There is a 3% transaction fee on sales in the Business plan.
  • Basic Commerce ($312/year or $26/month if annual, $30/month if monthly): This plan includes all Business features with the addition of No Commerce Transaction Fees, Checkout on Your Domain, and Customer Accounts.
  • Advanced Commerce ($480/year or $40/month if annual, $46/month if monthly): This plan has all the features of the Basic Commerce plan, with the addition of Abandoned Cart Recovery, Gift Cards, and Sell Subscriptions.

Weebly Pricing Plans

For Websites:

Squarespace Websites Pricing Plans

For Online Stores:

Squarespace Online Stores Pricing Plans

Weebly offers plans based on the features that you would need for your website. 

The Pro, Business, and Business Plus plans include a Free Domain valued at $20 and Google Ads $100 credit. 

  • Free ($0.00) – Weebly’s Free plan is for basic use. Features included are Free SSL Security, 500MB Storage, Domain with Weebly Branding, SEO, Lead Capture and Contact Forms, Community Forum, Chat & Email Support. This plan does not include eCommerce features.
  • Connect ($60/year or $5.00/month) – This plan includes the same features as the free plan except that you can connect a custom domain.
  • Pro ($144/year or $12.00/month) – This plan includes Free SSL Security, Unlimited Storage, Connect a Custom Domain, No Weebly Ads, Site Search, SEO, Lead Capture, Advanced Site Stats,  Community Forum, Chat & Email Support, and Phone Support. The eCommerce features included are Shopping Cart, Accept Payments through Square, and 3rd party providers.
  • Business ($300/year or $25.00/month) – This plan includes all features from the Pro plan with the addition of Pop-up Notifications, Advanced eCommerce Statistics, and more eCommerce features such as Item Badges, Inventory Management, Automatic Tax Calculator, Shipping Calculator, Item Reviews, and more.
  • Business Plus ($456/year or $38.00/month) – This plan includes all of the Business Plan features with the addition of the eCommerce features Abandoned Cart Email and Real-time Shipping and Email Marketing valued at $96.

Note: The Pro and Business plans for Online Stores are the same for Websites.

9. Conclusion – Which Is Better: Squarespace Or Weebly?

We’ve reached the end. Now it’s time to find out which is better.

If you’re a creative such as a photographer, artist, musician, or someone artistic and loves design, Squarespace would be the one that’s right up your alley. Equipped with powerful creative tools, Squarespace will surely help make your website stand out and reach the creative design that showcases your content.

On the other hand, if you’re an individual or a small business that’s just starting and is looking to build an online presence without breaking the bank, Weebly’s cost-effective and straightforward website builder will suit you best. Packed with a powerful website builder and comprehensive eCommerce feature, Weebly will help establish and grow your online presence (and store!) in no time.

10. Squarespace vs. Weebly – FAQ

Here are answers to four of the most frequently asked questions (FAQS) about Squarespace and Weebly.

Is Weebly good for beginners?

Yes! Weebly’s drag-and-drop editor is a simple and straightforward builder that makes it easy for you to build your website even without technical knowledge.

Does Squarespace own my content?

You own everything you upload on your Squarespace site. However, you are giving Squarespace permission to use your content in ways necessary to improve, provide, promote, and protect their services.

Can you sell on Weebly for free?

Weebly’s free plan does not include eCommerce features making you unable to use it for online selling. Weebly’s free plan is for basic use, and it does not come with any sales tools or online payments.

Should I buy a domain through Squarespace?

One of the benefits of buying a domain through Squarespace is that it already comes with SSL Certificates and WHOIS privacy. Your domain is safe and secure, and if you decide to build your website using Squarespace with an annual plan, you will get your domain free for the first year.

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