7+ Best Supply Chain Visibility Software – Unbiased [2022]

Supply Chain Visibility Software

Need a reliable supply chain visibility software? Poor visibility into the supply chain can break one’s business so if you want to improve yours, this unbiased guide is perfect for you.

With over a decade of running my small business globally, I’ve learned the importance of having an efficient supply chain visibility system.

As the name implies, it provides real-time and end-to-end visibility throughout the process – from planning to tracking delivery status. I’ve tested tons of software before finding the best one.

Today, I’ll share with you my top 7+ recommendations, including their advantages, disadvantages, strongest features, and more. 

What Is The Best Supply Chain Visibility Software

If you don’t have enough time to spare, here are my top 3 picks: Shippeo, Project44, and FourKites.






Best overall. Supply chain platform with predictive tools for logistics. Free version available.Best value for money. Features high-functioning supply visibility tools. Free version available.Feature-rich. Reporting and analytics platform for supply chain visibility. Free version available.
Try ShippeoTry Project44Try FourKites

Let’s find out which supply chain visibility software can help you make the process more efficient and easier to manage.

1. Shippeo – Top Pick

Shippeo: Modern Supply Chain Visibility Software

Modern Supply Chain Visibility Software With Predictive Delivery Information [Free | Quote-Based Pricing]

Shippeo‘s network may be concentrated in the European market, but nothing can beat it regarding the ease of setting up and use.

It’s by far the platform that can provide fast integration and implementation. After successfully doing so, it instantly gives you access to all features.

With tons of features packed into their platform, you usually expect a steep learning curve.

Shippeo made it easy for everyone by designing the platform with four simple goals:

  • Connect
  • Anticipate
  • Communicate
  • Improve

The first goal simply means to connect to all the data sources you have to get the most accurate data vital for your business’ success.

For the shippers, there are three data sources you can connect:

  • Transportation Management Systems (TMS)
  • Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

While for the carriers, they can collect real-time data from the following systems:

  • All carrier telematics systems
  • Automatic Identification System (AIS)
  • TMS
  • Port terminals
  • Parcel API (via Shippeo API)

There are tons of factors that can impact the estimated time of arrival (ETA). For this reason, Shippeo uses an AI-powered ETA algorithm to get an accurate prediction.

Through its color-coded Control Tower Map, you can monitor the real-time location of the deliveries.

Shippeo Guide: Sample Control Tower Map

Filters and custom bookmarks are provided so you can personalize the control tower. If you want to see the simplified form, you can view the Orders page instead.

Clear and proactive communication is always the key to winning customer satisfaction. 

Shippeo helps you achieve that by providing a customer visibility portal. Inside the portal, you can share a single-order link for customers to track and get the latest updates on their orders.

The best part of this feature is that they don’t need access to a Shippeo account.

The last goal is improvements.

Improvements can be made in many ways. However, it’s impossible to do it without a clear picture of what’s happening inside the operation.

Shippeo wouldn’t leave you blindsided because they provide you excellent insights to uncover areas to improve quickly.

A few of these features are listed as follows:

Pros And Cons Of Shippeo

Includes predictive visibility and smart scheduling featuresLimited method to contact customer support (chat & contact form only)
Uses machine-learning ETA algorithm for accurate calculation of arrival times and identify problemsDesigned specifically for the European transportation market
Proven efficiency in increasing team productivity while reducing CO2 emissions

Shippeo Pricing Plan

Contact Shippeo’s experts to learn about its pricing information based on your business requirements. You can also book a demo if you want to explore its platform’s functionalities.

For carriers, Shippeo provides them with a free mobile app where they can perform the following tasks:

  • Determine the exact location of the truck
  • Accurately calculate the estimated time of arrival
  • Scan parcels

You can submit a request to join Shippeo’s extensive network.

2. Project44 – Best Value For Money

Project44: Supply Chain Visibility Software With Exceptional Collaboration & Automation Functions

Supply Chain Visibility Software With Exceptional Collaboration [Free | Quote-Based Pricing]

Project44 landed on the best value for money spot because it’s one of the most advanced supply chain visibility software that doesn’t cost a fortune.

Its platform is cloud-based to provide quick access for shippers, logistic service providers, and carriers. Your customers can also take advantage of this platform to monitor the latest updates on their orders.

When it comes to integrating into different data sources, Project44 is compatible with the following:

  • Direct API
  • TMS
  • ERP
  • Electronic Logging Device (ELD)
  • Telematics devices

Successfully integrating any of these data sources into your account allows you to support different shipping types and transportation modes. A few of these are listed as follows:

  • Truckload
  • Less-than-Truckload (LTL), volume LTL, and groupage carriers
  • Ocean, port, and terminal
  • Air carriers
  • Parcel carriers
  • Rail
  • Final-Mile
  • Intermodal

If you don’t have an ELD or TMS system, you can simply use its mobile app called DriveView.

This app is 100% free and compatible with iOS and Android devices. It works by collecting an active load’s location and ETA information and then stops the tracking process once done.

All data collected are well-communicated with the shipper, carrier, and customer.

Project44 Guide: Container Track & Trace Platform

If you want the full preview (status, map view, and details), it’s recommended to look at its web-based Container Track & Trace platform. This platform also has a version for ocean visibility.

Maintaining the high-quality condition of the product during delivery is difficult, particularly if the product is temperature-sensitive.

Project44 provides you with a condition and temperature monitoring tool to ensure the products are safe during the shipment.

All information you’ve collected is crucial in making a smart, data-based decision. Project44 ensures it’s up-to-date at all times by equipping the platform with advanced analytics tools.

Project44 Guide: Advanced Analytics Features

Here are a few of the capabilities it can provide:

  • Predictive Arrival Data
  • Carrier Benchmarking
  • Lane Analysis
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Persona-Based Reporting

Project44 completes its platform with advanced workflow automation to efficiently plan the shipment (pre, during, and post). It also provides a centralized platform to manage orders, inventories, and shipments.

Burkhard Berger

Pros And Cons Of Project44

Provides individual easy-to-use visibility applications for shippers and carriersLength of the integration process varies on the transportation management system (TMS) you own (some may take longer)
C02 monitoring included per truckload shipment
Inventory management feature comes with a shipment and order tracker.
Operates in the U.S. and European countries

Project44 Pricing Plan

Joining the carrier network of Project44 is entirely free of charge. You can also request a demo if you want to get a glimpse of their platform.

If you’re a customer who wants to use their advanced supply chain visibility solution, you may contact Project44’s sales representative to get a customized pricing quote.

3. FourKites – Most Features

FourKites: Supply Chain Visibility Software With Multi-dimensional Analytics & Reporting

Supply Chain Visibility Software With Multi-dimensional Analytics & Reporting [Free | Subscription-Based Pricing]

FourKites is a renowned company for providing real-time tracking and supply chain visibility solutions.

Simply integrate your data source or network with FourKites to ensure you’ll get the right and up-to-date insights. A few of the compatible data sources you can integrate are ELDs, TMS, and ERP.

Its tracking algorithm also includes historical machine learning analytics for optimal accuracy.

After successful integration, you can track five types of loads – road, rail, ocean, air, and yard. It will work by assigning the equipment into the active loads, and you can seamlessly track them all in one secure place.

Aside from calculating ETAs, you can also immediately identify and manage potential risks during shipment.

Just like the previous two software, FourKites offer a mobile app. This is by far the best one for carriers because they provide the following perks:

  • Provide ideal route options (including voice-activated feature)
  • Display places near your stop like rest areas, gas stations, and more

You also have the option to expand its functionalities, such as adding e-sign capabilities, uploading documents, and more.

FourKites Guide: Set Notifications and Alerts

Setting notifications and alerts is a simple method it provides to streamline collaboration. All are fully customizable and can easily automate to save time.

One feature that makes it popular is its advanced analytics feature.

It’s only one of the few platforms that provide extensive data that includes:

  • Detention and dwell
  • Carrier and lane performance
  • Sustainability and GHG emissions
  • Facility performance

FourKites real-time visibility platform is only one of the many excellent platforms it offers. You can also explore and take advantage of the following platforms:

  • Yard management
  • Ocean visibility and document management
  • Appointment management
  • Network visibility

Pros And Cons Of FourKites

Works with almost all dispatch systemsSetting up process needs to improve
Doesn’trequire trucks/trailers to have ELD/GPSWith all the features included, learning the ins and outs of the platform can take longer
Provides two options for tracking different types of loads (mobile app & app-less tracking service)
Does not sell or share your data with third-party organizations

FourKites Pricing Plan

FourKites is available free of charge for carriers, brokers, and 3PLs. 

However, if you own a company and require robust supply chain visibility software, you can purchase its subscription-based plan. You can contact the sales team to get the precise pricing information.

You also have the option to schedule a demo.

4. IntelliTrans Global Visibility Platform – Simple Track & Trace

IntelliTrans: Global Supply Chain Visibility Software

Supply Chain Visibility Software With Intervention Services [Quote-Based Pricing]

I’ve discussed the first three platforms to give you a clear idea of how supply chain visibility software should work and be easy to use.

For this part, I’ll focus more on the software that can further strengthen your supply chain transparency. This is very timely as the world is experiencing many disruptions that could negatively impact your entire operation.

IntelliTrans supply chain visibility software is the one I recommend because its creators built the platform with three goals in mind:

  • Gather more meaningful insights
  • Improve the entire business process with automation
  • Simple track and trace shipments (from origin to destination)

You can do all these upon creating an account.

IntelliTrans Supply Chain Visibility Software Guide: Creating an Account

You can achieve the first goal by integrating your data source into your account. Currently, there are seven data sources you can connect to, and they are listed as follows:

  • TMS
  • ERP
  • ELD
  • Inventory Systems
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
  • Lastly, mobile

The platform uses machine learning technology to ensure that it can collect complete data accurately and timely. It will work as soon as the integration is successfully performed.

Thanks to its multi-modal command and control features, you can also improve the overall customer experience.

You can use the asset/shipment tracker to receive and manage the real-time updates of the shipments. The best part of this feature is, it works on all types of shipments:

  • Rail
  • Truck
  • Intermodal
  • Barge
  • Ocean

You can also leverage its exception alerts. This handy feature will immediately notify your stakeholders (internal and external) when something goes wrong with the shipment.

I like this feature the most because it lets me fix the problem and prevent wasting the product.

If you don’t have time to take care of the problem, you can use the intervention services. As the name implies, IntelliTrans personnel will intervene to handle the problem and ensure it will keep the shipment moving as scheduled.

Pipeline visibility and reporting are also offered to stay up-to-date with your inventory and activities.

If your business is more on managing dock, yard, or warehouse operations, the dock, and yard management features are the best to take advantage of.

One unique feature of IntelliTrans is its document storage and generation features. These features are convenient because they allow you to access/generate any documents (BOLs, PODs, and contracts) directly from the system.

Burkhard Berger

Pros And Cons Of IntelliTrans Global Visibility Platform

Compatible with almost all data sources, including mobilePlatform is not as feature-rich as with other supply chain visibility platforms
Can generate and transmit documents electronically.Response time of customer service needs improvement
User-friendly management platform provided for fleet, lease, and maintenanceDoesn’t support shipment via air

IntelliTrans Global Visibility Platform Pricing Plan

If you decide that IntelliTrans Global Visibility software is the right fit for your business, you may contact their sales team to get a personalized quote.

You can also request a demo of the software if you wish to explore it first before purchasing.

If you prefer to join their carrier network, go to their carrier registration page and fill up their application form.

5. Anvyl – Tracking All Ocean Shipments

Anvyl: Production Management Software

Production Management Software With Logistics Visibility Feature [$1,500/month]

It’s always wise to get the supply chain visibility software that understands and resolves customers’ common pain points.

Anvyl provides three simple approaches to simplify complex supply chain processes efficiently. First on the list is their centralized platform, where you can access all information related to your shipments and the entire operation.

You can access your order dashboard to monitor every order that’s getting in and sent for shipping.

You can also start organizing your database to ensure all materials, suppliers, and orders data are complete.

Manual, repetitive tasks are time-consuming. You can save time by automating the workflows.

Tasks, order check-ins, and generating supplier scorecards are only a few you can set with automation.

When it comes to tracking the shipment, logistics visibility is the feature Anvyl provides. Here, you can better perform the following tasks:

  • Capacity planning
  • Sales promotions
  • Adjusting delays by transferring the inventory or changing the shipment mode

For the latter part, Anvyl is designed with an early indicator system that alerts your staff when the shipment will be delayed.

Anvyl Guide: Logistic Visibility Feature

Anvyl supply chain visibility software wouldn’t be completed without dependable analytics. Here’s what you can expect from its Anvyl IQ feature:

  • Smart Milestones: It analyzes the messages between your staff and suppliers to determine when a purchase order (PO) needs to update or take further action.
  • Delay Detector: It works based on the information (historical and current) collected on the platform.
  • Invoice & POs Matching: Uses AI-powered to extract essential information from scanned invoices and purchase orders.

All these are organized in a customizable and professional report.

Pros And Cons Of Anvyl

Easy to setup and adminOnly track ocean shipment loads
Unlimitedcollaborators for each new projectDoesn offer phone support to contact customer service
Includes end-to-end order insights to prevent potential delays and inaccurate invoicesLimited app options for integrations
Relatively quick to respond and helpful customer support

Anvyl Pricing Plan

Anvyl is the only supply chain visibility software on my recommendation list that provides their pricing information on their site.

It offers three subscription plans, but you can only access the logistic visibility features starting at the Professional plan ($1,500/month). Here are the other features you can expect to use:

  • Anvyl IQ (delay predictions, smart milestones, invoice matching, and customizable reports)
  • Gmail integrations
  • Add-on integrations with business apps like Quickbooks, Flexport, and Mainfreight

For businesses that require more advanced features and custom integrations, you can get the Enterprise plan.

You can contact their sales representative to get a custom quote.

6. Syncrofy for Supply Chain By CoEnterprise

Syncrofy for Supply Chain By CoEnterprise

Supply Chain Visibility Software For Full Order Lifecycle [Quote-Based Pricing]

Syncrofy for Supply Chain (SSC) is one of the veteran visibility software on my list.

Therefore, you can assure that it understands the daily challenges of the supply chain and resolves pain points to prevent shouldering expensive fines and other losses. Full order lifecycle visibility is what it’s primarily built for.

Its interface is designed to provide insights from the moment you place the order to settling the invoices.

Syncrofy for Supply Chain Guide: Full Order Lifecycle Visibility

The best part of this design is that it doesn’t require complex and time-consuming configuration on your part. So, you and your staff can attend to other important tasks on schedule.

SSC also boasts a centralized platform.

This is intended to make collaboration and identifying/resolving discrepancies easier for everyone in your company. A few of the tasks you can do inside the platform are listed as follows:

  • Exception management
  • Calculate the shipments and orders’ fill rate and lead time
  • Seamless integration for a more secure transaction and simplify complex B2Bi/EDI processes

Every supply chain visibility software is made for a specific industry or type of user. CoEnterprise built Syncrofy for Supply Chain solution for supply chain planners/executives and category managers.

Pros And Cons Of Syncrofy for Supply Chain

Sets up alerts and notifications, including notifications for exception and chargebackNo real-time customer support via phone or chat
Supports B2B integration softwareLimited app options for integrations
Fairly satisfactory overall quality support from the customer service team

Syncrofy for Supply Chain Pricing Plan

Get complete order visibility across your network using Syncrofy for Supply Chain. To learn more about how it can help your business grow and scale, you can fill up and submit their request form for a one-on-one consultation.

7. Descartes MacroPoint – Global Freight Visibility Platform

Descartes MacroPoint: Supply Chain Visibility Software

Supply Chain Visibility Software With Automated Communication Platform [Free | Subscription-Based Pricing]

Shippers and logistic service providers (LSP) are two essential parties involved in the supply chain. Descartes MacroPoint ensures they can support both unique requirements by developing a supply chain visibility solution for each. 

The shipper’s platform focuses more on providing a visual interface to analyze and view all the shipments in real-time quickly. 

Advanced search and filtering tools are also provided to create custom views. They can also communicate the shipment statuses to keep everyone within the network updated.

Other amazing features it contains are listed as follows:

  • Automated status updates
  • SKU-specific shipment details
  • Carrier performance reporting
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Universal TMS integration

On the other hand, LSP’s platform focuses on simplifying workflows. 

Its functionalities are similar to the supply chain visibility for shippers. It only has added functions like automated alerts to eliminate manual calls checking.

Identifying supply chain risks is made simpler using its predictive analytics.

Carriers are another major player in the supply chain. For maximum convenience, Descartes MacroPoint provides three methods to connect to their visibility network:

  • TMS/Dispatch systems (API or CSV integration)
  • In-cab telematics
  • Mobile application

Pros And Cons Of Descartes MacroPoint

Tracking request assignment can be done manually or automatedMobile app tracking has the option for drivers to hide their locations
Creates custom reports for carrier performanceIntegrating with Descartes MacroPoint isn’t as easy as with its competitors
Provides universal TMS integration

Descartes MacroPoint Pricing Plan

If you want to become a Descartes MacroPoint customer, you can request a callback to get more information or request their pricing rates.

You can also request a software demo so that you can explore its platform before purchasing.

However, if you intend to join its carrier network, you don’t have to pay anything. That’s right; it’s 100% free to use, integrate, and set up.

8. Infor Nexus – End-to-End Supply Chain Orchestration

IntelliTrans: Global Supply Chain Visibility Software

Supply Chain Visibility Software With Intelligent Control Tower [Free | Quote-Based Pricing]

My top 7 recommendations are suitable for small to large-sized companies. There are even a few that can support startup operations.

As a bonus, I give you the top supply chain visibility platform for enterprise-level companies – Infor Nexus.

Its platform is developed with a single instance multi-enterprise business network. Here, you can easily connect your business to internal and external parties like:

  • Suppliers and manufacturers
  • 3PLs
  • Banks

It also includes predictive alerts and signals to keep up-to-date with all the activities of the supply chain.

The predictive alerts are built to notify everyone whenever disruptions and opportunities (actual or potential) are detected. At the same time, the signals are for tracking the demands and supplies.

Problems sometimes happen simultaneously.

Infor Nexus gives you a helping hand by providing a predictive recommendation feature. It works by analyzing your financial and customer metrics to identify common-cause issues and then display them according to their urgency.

This is pretty handy because it gives you the confidence that you will never miss resolving any problems.

IntelliTrans Supply Chain Visibility Software Guide: Creating an Account

Everything you need to manage, monitor, and control the supply chain lies in its Control Center. As standard, it will show you an enhanced visualization of the workflows and shipments (ocean, air, and road).

It is also designed with machine learning-based algorithms to provide you with prescriptive and predictive insights.

Together, they will help you make a data-based decision to scale your business.

Pros And Cons Of Infor Nexus

Recommended for medium-sized to enterprise-level businessesGenerating reports can be tricky and complex to setup
Tracks inventory and collaborates with anyone within your network in real-timeNew users may take a longer time to learn the platform
Includes live tracking of the shipment with multimodal coverage
Control center provides predictive and prescriptive insights

Infor Nexus Pricing Plan

Contact Infor Nexus sales representative to request their pricing information. Make sure to include the industry your business belongs to and company size (1 to 1,000+ people) in the request form.

You can also request a preview of their software.


There you have my top 7+ supply chain visibility software recommendations, along with their features and a few drawbacks.

If I have to pick the best one, I’ll go with Project44.

Its intuitive platform is easy to administer and supports all types of shipments. On top of that, it connects you to the most extensive networks worldwide.

It’s a plus that they also developed unique solutions for shippers, logistic service providers, and carriers.

No matter what your goals are, Project44 got you covered.

Do you have a favorite supply chain visibility software? Share it with us by leaving a message in the comment section.

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