7+ Best Text Analytics Software For 2022 [An Honest Review]

Text Analytics Software

Businesses use a variety of tools to boost their efficiency and productivity. This includes project management tools, CRM software, business intelligence tools, and text analytics. 

If you have collected a lot of structured and unstructured text data (e.g., surveys, reviews, chats on social media, emails, and more) for leveraging your marketing efforts but are unsure how to use it, then text analytics software is the answer. 

Regardless of which industry your business belongs to, text analytic software will help you streamline workflow and make better-informed decisions. In return, this helps in better customer, employee, or any other company relations, increasing business revenues, and much more.

With so many options to choose from, picking the right text analytics software can be overwhelming. But worry not. I tried and tested some of the top products on the market today for over a month and came up with the 8 best text analytics software for you. When I say best, that means I have ranked them based on their beefy features, soundness, pricing, and weaknesses.

When you finish this read, you’ll be in a better position to pick the finest text analytic tool that will work best for the terms of your company.

What Is The Best Text Analytics Software?

This is a quick glance-over comparison of my top 3 selections. This comparison is swayed by the software’s peculiar features, usage, and compatibility.





RapidMiner (V)

Best overall. Cloud-based plafrom with artificial intelligence for text analysis. Pricing is per unit.Best value for money. Capable of analyzing large amounts of text. Starts at $500/month.Easy use. Highly intuitive text analysis platform with insight analysis to get started for new users.
Try Comprehend Try IBM WatsonTry RapidMiner

If you want to explore more choices, read the detailed review of all 8 text analytics software. Our details will help you make a wise choice for your business.

1. Amazon Comprehend – Top Pick

Speech Analytics Software - Amazon Comprehend

Intuitive Text Analytics Software That Works On Your Terms [$0.0000125 Per Unit] 

Amazon Comprehend is a natural language processing (NLP) tool that can help you analyze text brilliantly. A cloud-based service that uses artificial intelligence to analyze text by extracting key insights and patterns from documents in multiple languages.

Amazon Comprehend’s machine learning can help you unlock meaningful insights from excel documents, reviews, social media platforms, emails, conversations, feedback, and surveys, providing you with the business intelligence that your business needs. 

The software creates detailed statistical summaries to understand document content such as semantics, topics, and entities. It then classifies your content and labels it with the appropriate categories of information like financial services, sports teams or politics, and more.

Alongside that, the intuitive dashboard makes it the number one choice for most businesses. If you are already using Amazon’s other services such as the AWS cloud computing platform, this can be a great addition if you want to keep your business within the same ecosystem.

This text analytics offers built-in custom machine learning models based on existing datasets or your own custom models using Amazon SageMaker. It’s easy to get started with it as all the features in Amazon Comprehend use just the console interface or CLI (Command Line Interface) commands. This reduces any learning curve you may face on other similar products that require additional training before getting started.

Amazon Comprehend is just what the doctor ordered; of course for businesses. It is an advantageous tool for organizations that want to leverage their unstructured data to gain valuable insights. It can help them monitor customer sentiment or discover trends in text-based conversations across multiple channels. The ease of use (even for a layman) makes this software take the lead over its competitors.

Pros and Cons Of Amazon Comprehend

Brilliant emotion detectionLess effective for businesses that use a single social media channel
Easy implementation and UI
Easily integrates with other AWS services

Amazon Comprehend Pricing Plan

Speech Analytics Software - Amazon Comprehend Pricing

The service has a free tier for testing purposes, making it very cost-effective if you are shopping for the ideal text analytics for your business. Also, it allows you to pay for the features you only need. 

  • Up to 10M units: $0.00005 to $0.003 per unit per feature. 
  • 10M-50M units: $0.000025 to $0.0015 per feature.
  • Over 50M units: $0.0000125 to $0.00075 per feature.

2. IBM Watson Discovery – Speed Booster

Speech Analytics Software - IBM Watson Discovery

Text Analytics Software With Invincible Speed That Exhibits Accuracy [$500 per month]

The brand IBM is enough to speak volumes about its product. If you’re looking for a customer intelligence solution that can analyze both structured and unstructured textual data, IBM Watson Discovery is worth considering

Watson Discovery offers an array of benefits to organizations that handle large quantities of documents. The tool is trained to extract and analyze information at an exceptional speed that is great for ROI. This means it can be used on legal case notes, patient records, product reviews, and more.

The IBM Watson Discovery platform is made up of these main components:

  • IBM Watson NLP (Natural Language Processing) – The part that analyzes the text and extracts relevant information such as entity recognition or events to create an understanding of the document at hand.
  • IBM Watson Knowledge Studio – An advanced and user-friendly search interface that allows users to find patterns across many different types of data sources including structured and unstructured content such as emails and social media posts. In addition, it also provides access control so you can restrict access to certain parts based on user roles within your organization’s hierarchy.

With Watson Discovery, you can use your existing unstructured text data in order to better understand your customers’ needs by analyzing their past behaviors and sentiments toward specific products or services. This will aid you in your market research and provide them with more personalized experiences.

All in all, IBM Watson Discovery text analytic software is an exceptional NLP tool that focuses on rapid and accurate decoding of structured and unstructured text data. Its unprecedented text classification into desired categories offers data science and data visualization proficiency. 

Pros and Cons Of IBM Watson Discovery

Rapid analysis of data without compromising on authenticityThe installation period can be a bit tedious
Offers excellent customer serviceThe user interface can be a little tricky
Offers 32 connectors for sourcing data
Free 30-day trial

IBM Watson Discovery Pricing Plan

Speech Analytics Software - IBM Watson Discovery Pricing

IBM Watson Discovery offers four pricing plans– Plus, Enterprise, Premium, and IBM Cloud pack. 

  • Plus ($500/mo): For 10,000 documents. 
  • Enterprise ($5,000/mo): For 100,000 documents. 
  • Premium and IBM Cloud Pack (Custom Pricing): They provide custom quotes and inclusions on request. 

3. RapidMiner – Best For Beginners

Speech Analytics Software - RapidMiner

Expert Text Analytics Software For End-to-End Solutions [Custom Pricing]

Not a programmer? Worry not, because RapidMiner text analytic software is just a tool for you that requires no advanced skills for using it. And as a software platform designed to help users gather insights from data, RapidMiner offers several tools that can help you decode unstructured data for your business needs. 

RapidMiner is part of a suite of text analytics tools from RapidMiner, which also includes RapidMiner Natural Language Processing (NLP) and RapidMiner Text Mining. 

This text analytics uses Word2Vec and GloVe models to analyze the words in your data and find synonyms, antonyms, related terms, and more. In addition to creating word vectors for each document (or sentence or paragraph), it can create new sentences by combining existing words or phrases into new ones.

Data mining in RapidMiner uses pattern recognition, data reduction, and statistical methods to analyze large quantities of raw textual data in order to extract previously unknown patterns. 

You can also use the document classification tool which is ideal for any business that handles large volumes of documents and needs to automatically categorize them based on their content.

Essentially, the Document Classification tool allows users to build models that analyze text content and assign values based on the contents of a given document. It’s very handy when creating classifiers in email marketing campaign tools.

The Sentiment Analysis extension uses NLP methods to score texts and identify their polarity (positive, negative, neutral) as well as their subjectivity and objectivity.

The user interface is simple but intuitive. It does not have many buttons, so you don’t have to worry about what button does what, or where the tool will take you next. This makes it a great choice for beginners who are trying out text analytics for the first time.

It has a large community with many extensions available in open source repositories like GitHub and elsewhere. Even if your question isn’t answered by one of these extensions right away, someone else may have had it before you.

Pros and Cons Of RapidMiner

Simple UI makes it a good choice for beginnersThe paid plans can be pricey
The built-in codes are a great plusMight need an upgrade on processing speed
Robust visualization toolsThird-party integration is not apt
Great on accuracy

RapidMiner Pricing Plan

RapidMiner offers tailor-made pricing solutions, for which you may contact their sales team.

4. Google Cloud Natural Language API – Efficient Built-in Algorithms

Speech Analytics Software - Google Cloud Natural Language API

Advanced Text Analytics Software With High Level Of Machine Learning [Free For First 5000 Units]

The natural language processing (NLP), business intelligence, and artificial intelligence features of the Google Cloud Natural Language API make it a good text analytics solution. The software allows users to analyze content as they would in a normal data science environment along with predictions. This allows them to build models around text or speech recognition.

The Natural Language understanding of the API analyzes text and data in real-time. It is used to analyze customer reviews, employee feedback, social media interactions, and news articles. The sentiment analysis helps determine whether a piece of text is positive or negative. It gives so much about how customers are feeling about certain products or services.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use tool that can help you get started with NLP, Google Cloud Natural Language API is the right solution for you. With this tool, you will be able to create applications that can understand the structure and meaning of the text.  

But the best part is that all these features are available via simple REST calls; you don’t have to worry about complex algorithms as they are built-in with this service. 

Pros and Cons Of Google Cloud Natural Language API

Worthy sentiment analysis with accuracyIntegration is slightly rickety
Excellent documentation and user supportSupport for languages other than English needs improvement
Supports a wide array of programming languages

Google Natural Language API Pricing Plan

Speech Analytics Software - Google Cloud Natural Language API Pricing

In this software, you pay for features that you avail. You can get a $300 credit if you sign up for an early access program. Pricing is calculated based on per document (unit). 

  • Free: First 5,000 units. 
  • $0.50 to $2/1000 units/ feature: 5k-1M bracket.
  • $0.25 and $1/ 1000 units/feature: 1M to 5M units.
  • $0.10 to $0.50/1000 units/feature: for 5M to 20M units.

Before investing in a text analysis platform, it could be a great idea to first try out free alternatives instead. If a free alternative can do all the things that you might need then there’s no reason to spend for a premium service.

Burkhard Berger

5. MonkeyLearn – Maximum Compatibility

Speech Analytics Software - MonkeyLearn

Top Text Analytics Software To Simplify Processes [$299 Per Month]

MonkeyLearn is a text analytics platform that is based on AI-powered NLP and NLU, enabling you to automate the analysis of unstructured data based on specific tasks and use cases. 

But does it do the job well? Yes and in the most simplified way. MonkeyLearn allows you to create your own custom models for different types of text analysis like sentiment analysis, topic extraction, image annotation, language detection, translation tasks, keyword extraction from a given text, or even custom model creation. 

From text clustering, categorization, similarity, extraction, and summarization, MonkeyLearn has so much to offer even if you are a startup with a limited budget. MonkeyLearn has an API that’s compatible with most types of data frameworks. As part of their API, MonkeyLearn also offers pre-built models for common tasks like sentiment analysis, topic classification, and entity extraction – no need to train anything yourself.

The interface is easy-to-use and provides clear results with visualizations that highlight important aspects of the processed input text. MonkeyLearn has a good support team. They also offer real-time assistance via live chat software, which is convenient if you’re in a hurry.

MonkeyLearn is being widely used by many companies, including eCommerce platforms, news agencies, and more. With this tool, you can easily import your data from any source into one spreadsheet where all the information can be viewed together on screen or downloaded later on if needed later down the road.

Pros and Cons Of MonkeyLearn

No hidden costs Limited queries in the monthly plan
Easy to comprehend 
Great compatibility

MonkeyLearn Pricing Plan

Speech Analytics Software – MonkeyLearn Pricing
  • Team ($299/month/10,000 queries): It offers 3 seats and one template dashboard. The tool can be integrated with API, CSV, Zapier, and Google Sheets.
  • Business: Pricing on request if the requirement is beyond 10,000 queries per month. In this plan, you’ll get unlimited seats with customized dashboards. MonkeyLearn offers custom integrations and workflows.

6. Azure Cognitive Services – The Most Flexible

Speech Analytics Software - Azure Cognitive Services

Text Analytics Software Offering Best-in-Class Scalability [Custom Pricing]

Azure Text Analytics is a cloud-based analytics platform for content analysis. It provides a set of APIs and services for data analysis. These APIs offer tools for topic modeling, understanding the content in your documents, providing actionable insights into user sentiment, extracting information that can be used to power other applications, or creating new applications that make use of this data.

Azure Cognitive Services is a powerful suite that can help you in decision-making. It enables developers to build applications that analyze and extract key information from text. This text analysis software can be used for a wide range of business-related functions including customer support, ticket analysis for tracking issue trends and automating help desk operations.

Azure Cognitive Services can be used by a wide range of industries like the medical industry, fraud control, the hotel industry, and more. This solution is a prime example of the powerful applications of natural language processing, and its product is one of the best in the market. 

All things considered, if you’re looking for a flexible and powerful AI solution that can provide actionable insights from your business’s unstructured data, you should give this Microsoft platform a try.

Pros And Cons Of Azure Cognitive Services

Highly scalableNeed expert management
Offers state-of-the-art security
Offers a wide range of languages

Azure Cognitive Services Pricing Plan

Microsoft Azure Cognitive pricing plan is based on pay-as-you-go and is available on request only. You can contact their sales team for a package that fits your needs.

7. Kapiche – Cutting-Edge Technology

Speech Analytics Software - Kapiche

Award-Winning Text Analytics Software That Offers Unique Solutions [$2650 Per Month]

No cumbersome manual coding and CX, presenting; Kapiche. It is an AI-powered software that gives meaningful solutions to your data with the help of NLP. Its machine learning algorithms can be leveraged to analyze large customer bases and multi-language datasets.

This software’s ability to scrutinize the meaning behind words in text documents makes it useful for analyzing sentiment and other aspects of customer feedback in tweets and other social media posts or product reviews on websites like Amazon and Yelp.

Kapiche has been a leader in text analytics with an enterprise option that serves companies looking for an enterprise solution. It maintains its status as a best-in-class text analytics platform for companies looking for an enterprise solution.

Kapiche users get an end-to-end experience on their journey to using data to make strategic business decisions. Due to Kapiche’s ease of use and integration capabilities, the focus remains on customers and the data they create.

Kapiche delivers on its promise of being a great tool for anyone looking for qualitative and quantitative data analysis. The platform productizes its offering through the use of predefined analysis types and also the cutting-edge NLP and deep learning technology. At the same time, it allows users the flexibility and choice in how they can go about it. And that makes Kapiche such a compelling product.

Pros and Cons Of Kapiche

Excellent supportLagging security
Easy to set up and useUnavailability of customizable dashboard
Good key demographics

Kapiche Pricing Plan

Speech Analytics Software – Kapiche Pricing

Kapiche offers two plans: business and enterprise. 

  • Business ($2,650/month): Offers 1 creator user and 3 explorer users with a maximum limit of 100K rows per project.
  • Enterprise (Custom pricing): You have to send a quote request for their enterprise plan. You can get custom number of creator and explorer users with no upper limit of rows per project.

8. Chattermill – Optimized Machine Learning 

Speech Analytics Software - Chattermill

Text Analytics Software With Profound Real-Time Consolidation [Free Plan For Individuals]

Another text analytic tool made to our list is the SaaS-based Chattermill. It uses natural language processing (NLP) to analyze and extract insights from text documents. You can use Chattermill to identify positive and negative sentiments in your customers’ conversations and understand what they want from your product or service. That can help you predict future trends for your business’s stability.

Chattermill is a powerful customer experience management (CXM) tool that helps you optimize the customer journey from the moment someone lands on your website until they make the final cut. This includes content, offers, and even how much time they spend on each page of the site.

The text analysis tool is easy to use and requires no technical knowledge. It provides all the necessary functions that businesses need to analyze text data and make informed decisions. One of its most unique features is the ability to highlight keywords or phrases in the context of customer feedback, which helps users better understand what customers want.

Another feature that you should take into mind when picking a text analysis platform is their APIs as these can help you integrate their features into other software platforms that you already use.

Burkhard Berger

Pros and Cons Of Chattermill

Great customer supportDo not support multiple languages
Strong survey feedback analyticsShortfalls in dashboard
Offers real-time analysis

Chattermill Pricing Plan

Speech Analytics Software – Chattermill Pricing
  • Community (Free): Chattermill offers a free plan for individuals. 
  • Enterprise (Pricing plans upon request): Get in contact with their sales team for a custom plan.


The automation to analyze data is essential if you want to see the standing of your business. There is a sea of text analytic tools out there and choose from one that suits your needs can be taxing. And I understand that not everyone is tech-savvy, that is why I have leveraged my expertise to help you find the best app out there.

My top pick is Amazon Comprehend; a phenomenal software that is highly scalable and will work on your conditions. My first runner-up is IBM Watson Discovery which promises highly efficient and reliable results. The second runner-up is RapidMiner which is known for its ease of use with no compromise on the results.

Although there is no shortcut to success, you can ease your trip with the help of our blog section. Whatever your company’s needs are, we’ve tested every alternative and given you a thorough analysis so you can choose the one that best meets them.

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