9+ Best Webinar Software Platforms Of 2022 [100% Unbiased]

Webinar Software

Today, I’m going to list down 9+ best webinar software platforms that can give you a head start in launching your video sessions.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve used tons of webinar platforms just to find the best one to attend important conferences and improve my services’ online content. So, I understand the challenges you may face in the selection process.

With this in mind, I’m giving you my 2022’s top picks for the best webinar software platform. I’ve done in-depth research and testing for each to discover what they are best for, the strongest and weakest points, pricing structures, and so on.

What Is The Best Webinar Software?

If you have very little time to spare, you can take a quick look at my top 3 picks: Livestorm, ClickMeeting, and Demio.



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Best overall. Highly-rich webinar features on automation. Starts at $109/month.Best value for money. Great for large webinars and audiences. Starts at $30/month.Most features. Numerous tools for audience engagement. Starts at $49/month.
Try LivestormTry ClickMeetingTry Demio

Here are 9+ of today’s leading webinar hosting platforms. Let’s find out which of them adapts well to today’s demands.

1. Livestorm – Top Pick

Livestorm: Top Pick

Best Webinar Software Platform For Educators & Marketers [Free | Starts at $109 a month]

Livestorm is a web-based webinar hosting platform that offers three excellent solutions – live, automated, and on-demand.

Each solution is guaranteed to be versatile to use for various purposes. But one of their popular practical applications is for education.

Their end-to-end platform can help educators to create effective virtual classrooms that allow real-time interaction. 

You can also boost engagement by adding built-in polls, surveys, question tabs, and more.

Livestorm Engagement Tool

The features and tools you can use variations on the type of webinar you desire to host.

In live webinars, you can reach your target audience by creating personalized registration forms with a simple signup process.

Livestorm Registration Form

Automated webinars are always perfect for repurposing your recorded live webinars according to your business needs.

You can break them down into shorter clips to create relevant on-demand webinars.

Other great webinar tools and features you can expect to use in Livestorm are listed as follows:

  • Comprehensive analytics: The tool that tracks down which webinar sessions performs the best, who attended, total attendees, and more.
  • Security and Privacy Setting: You’re eligible to build a gated webinar that requires attendees to enter a password or sign up for a registration form before joining.
  • Dial-in by phone: This tool allows you to join the webinar by phone if your internet connection isn’t stable.

Pros And Cons Of Livestorm

Free and paid plan users can invite unlimited moderators.Customer service isn’t responsive after their business hours.
No limits are set for replay storageNo mobile app provided
Provide one-click invite on stageCan’t host webinars with 1,000+ live attendees

Livestorm Pricing Plan

Livestorm Pricing Plan

Another good advantage of Livestorm is it offers a free subscription plan.

By default, the free plan includes all the standard features Livestorm offers with a few additions:

  • Create unlimited events with up to 10 registrants per event and live attendees.
  • Host webinar as long as 20 minutes per event.
  • Invite up to 4 people for instant meetings.

On the other hand, there are two paid subscription plans offered that you can pay either monthly or annually.

  • Premium ($109/mo.): This plan is intended for supporting 100 live attendees and unlimited event registrants. The good news is that you can add more live attendees by availing of its add-ons: 250 (+$109) and 1,000 (+$229).
  • Enterprise (Custom pricing): This plan gives you an enterprise-grade hosting experience by providing you full access to its custom package and additional advanced services. Call their sales support to request a demo.

Get started with Livestorm by signing up for their risk-free free plan now.

2. ClickMeeting – Best Value For Money

ClickMeeting: Best Value For Money

Economical Webinar Software Platform For Online Courses & Huge Events [Starts at $30 a month]

With 371,237 satisfied customers, ClickMeeting has proven its worth as a reliable browser-based platform for live, automated, and on-demand webinars.

But they didn’t stop from there.

One of their competitive edges is their paid webinar service. This is the perfect profit booster for experts who are selling online courses or training programs.

ClickMeeting Paid Webinar

To ensure a secure transaction, ClickMeeting uses PayPal integration.

Simply enable this feature and set the access price then you can start managing all your registrants’ payments. It also provides you with a comprehensive statistic so you can easily point out which webinar receives the most profit.

Here are other features you can look forward to:

  • Webinar recording function: Record any session with one simple click of a button and it will automatically save in your account. Trimming the recording is also allowed.
  • Polls & surveys: Great to use for harvesting valuable audience insights and feedback.
  • Screen sharing with remote screen control: Great feature to demonstrate a product or process in real-time.

Thanks to their maximum attendee capacity of up to 10,000, they also become the best platform for handling huge online events.

Pros And Cons Of ClickMeeting

All recordings are saved in MP4 format and can easily be downloaded or exported.No multi-users allowed at the free trial
Offer mobile apps (Android & iOS)Only allows 1 host for all subscription plans
The audience can stream your live events on Facebook and YouTube.Limited customer support

ClickMeeting Pricing Plan

ClickMeeting Pricing Plan

ClickMeeting pricing plan starts with a 30-day free trial where you can use all its features, except for the following:

  • Paid webinars
  • Hosting huge events
  • Extra paid add-ons
  • Custom services

Here, you can also expect to create unlimited online meetings and webinars for 25 attendees.

For the paid subscription plans, there are three available and they are listed as follows – all are set for 25 attendees and a monthly billing cycle:

  • Live ($30/mo.): From the name itself, this plan will provide you access to help you host and share your live online events, meetings, or classes.
  • Automated ($45/mo.): Get this plan to enjoy all features and integrations to empower all your webinars, no matter their type. It also includes an automation Webinar cycle.
  • Enterprise (Custom pricing): The recommended plan for huge companies requiring a scalable platform to improve their online meetings and events. Contact their sales support team now to request a custom quote.

3. Demio – Most Features

Demio: Most Features

Trusted All-In-One Webinar Software Platform [Starts at $49 a month]

Here comes a trusted webinar software platform for marketers – Demio.

Its team of experts built the platform as a one-stop solution for hosting all types of webinars and campaigns. So, from registration to gathering in-depth, actionable analytics, ease your mind that they got you covered.

You can also rely on the Demio webinar platform when it comes to audience engagement.

They equip you with superior engagement tools that guarantee to increase the interaction rate of your webinar. One of them is the private and public chat tool.

Demio Chat Tool

Inside the chat platform, you can interact with any of your audience in real time. You can either use the emoji gestures or @ mention to acknowledge a specific attendee.

Demio offers standard live, automated, and on-demand webinar solutions.

But what makes them stand out is their capacity to cater to series and hybrid webinars as well.

The webinar series is a presentation of a single topic that is divided into several sessions. While the hybrid webinar is a combination of live and pre-recorded videos.

Demio’s webinar hosting software is intended for marketers and entrepreneurs with startup or small businesses. However, with their consistent success in hosting live, interactive webinars, they become ideal as well for anyone who manages workshops, training, Q&A sessions, and alike.

Burkhard Berger

Pros And Cons Of Demio

Automatically record every live webinar session in HD quality.Can only cater to a max of 1,000 attendees
Provide quick, knowledgeable, and friendly customer supportMost subscription plans only allow 4 people on stage at the same time.
Security features meet all GDPR requirementsNo phone support available

Demio Pricing Plan

Demio Pricing Plan

Flexible pricing plans are what Demio aims to provide. They successfully do so as they offer five subscription plans.

Let’s start with the 14-day free trial plan.

Get started with this plan and you can enjoy hosting live, series, or automated webinars with 20 attendees and a 1-hour session limit.

The other four are designed with a monthly and annual billing cycle:

  • Starter ($49/mo.): Get your first webinar up and running with 50 attendees and a 3-hour session limit.
  • Growth ($99/mo.): Enjoy all Starter features with more advanced tools. Each webinar can accommodate 150 attendees and can last up to 5 hours.
  • Business ($234/mo.): This is the only subscription plan that can increase your attendee limit from 500 to 1,000. You can also add 4 hosts and the webinar can last up to 8 hours.
  • Premium (Custom pricing): The only plan to get for businesses looking for features such as concierge onboarding, event tech support, and other front-of-line Beta features. Contact their sales support team to get a personalized quote.

4. WebinarNinja – Most User-Friendly

WebinarNinja: Best in User-Friendliness

Versatile Webinar Software Platform For Novice & Experienced Trainers [Starts at $49 a month]

Compared to other webinar software, WebinarNinja focuses on one practical application and that is teaching.

This is an excellent move as it helps you create a virtual classroom where students can learn their subjects at their own learning pace.

WebinarNinja completed its platform with built-in tools and features that work well for all the webinar types it offers – live, automated, series, and hybrid.

One of its notable tools is its ability to automatically record and store live webinars. This is a time-saving tool that helps you manage all sessions for replays and sharing.

Speaking of, more options are provided for replay access.

Now, you can set it indefinitely, for a limited time, or with no replay option at all.

WebinarNinja Dashboard

Creating your first webinar at WebinarNinja is easy. Simply choose the type of webinar you wish to create then fill in the appropriate details on the form below.

Make sure to have at least 1 Mbps to ensure it will run smoothly and be stable.

Pros And Cons Of WebinarNinja

Up to 10 live presenters can share their camera, mic, and screenSlow chat support
Paid webinars use Stripe integrationRequires credit card information to access the free trial.
All subscription plans can add unlimited registrants.Large presentation files may take more time to upload.

WebinarNinja Pricing Plan

WebinarNinja Pricing Plan

Unfortunately, WebinarNinja doesn’t offer a free subscription plan. But you can still try any of the paid plans for free as they include a 14-day trial period.

Here’s what you can expect from its monthly pricing plans:

  • Starter ($49/mo.): Host live webinars with 100 attendees or automated webinars with unlimited attendees. You can also add up to 2 presenters.
  • Pro ($95/mo.): The most popular plan as it allows you to host live, automated, series, and summit webinars that are 4 hours long. You can add up to 300 live attendees.
  • Plus ($159/mo.): Provide you access to all types of webinars they offer with a 6-hour session limit.  
  • Power ($249/mo.): Create webinar without limits. Invite up to 1,000 live attendees and 10 presenters.

Get any of the annual subscription plans and enjoy a 20% discount.

5. BigMarker – Excellent in Demand Generation

BigMarker: Excellent in Demand Generation

Modern Webinar Software Platform with Interactive Video [Starts at $99 a month]

Since 2011, BigMarker’s popularity has consistently risen as a great video platform for large online events. Large means an attendee size of up to 10,000.

Engaging a large crowd like this to join your webinar may come with challenges.

But certainly not for BigMarker because its end-to-end platform is equipped with powerful features and tools. All are engineered to reliably host different types of webinars and create winning content that converts.

BigMarker Dashboard

One of the best tools it offers is built for the webinar landing page.

It provides 15+ stunning templates that are highly customizable to fit various audiences and purposes.

If you have a solid email list, you can take advantage of its email marketing and automation feature. Here, you can create personalized email campaigns and send them either as an invitation or a reminder.

These webinar tools are indeed effective but what I found most impressive is their interactive video player.

BigMarker Video Player

Aside from displaying your content in HD, it is also equipped with tons of built-in elements. These elements help you personalize the video player and boost the audience engagement level.

Apart from the standard live, automated, and on-demand webinars, BigMarker also provides a complete solution for hosting recurring and 24/7 webinars.

Burkhard Berger

Pros And Cons Of BigMarker

Stream live webinars to Facebook and YouTube for wider reachRequire high-speed internet connection to join (2Mbps) and host (10Mbps+) a webinar.
Allows numerous attendees to participate and share on-screenThe learning curve is steep due to the many features and functions included. 
HD live audio, video, and screen sharing are available in live webinars

BigMarker Pricing Plan

BigMarker Pricing Plan

No free subscription plan is offered in BigMarker. But they do offer free full access for 7 days, no credit card required.

Upon signing up, you can begin hosting webinars with up to 10 attendees.

For unlimited access to its powerful marketing and automation features, you can purchase any of the 4 monthly subscription plans available:

  • Starter ($99/mo.): Dedicated to hosting webinars and MeetingSpace with 100 attendees and 1 host.
  • Elite ($189/mo.): The most recommended plan for hosting a webinar session with 500 attendees and 2 hosts.
  • Premier (399/mo.): This plan includes 1,000 attendees, 3 host licenses, integration to Authorize.net and Stripe, and more.
  • White Label (Custom pricing): Host unlimited webinars with no limitations. You can invite up to 10,000 attendees.

All the paid subscription plans are available during the annual billing period as well. Get any of it and you’ll enjoy a big discount.

6. LiveWebinar – Advanced Webinar Platform

LiveWebinar: Advanced Webinar Platform

Build Your Own Webinar Software Platform For Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders [Free | $14.99 a month]

Everyone is looking for the perfect webinar software that will work exactly how they want it.

I recommend LiveWebinar because its platform is one of the most advanced for live and evergreen webinars. They allow you to customize almost everything on your end – from your dashboard to the break-out rooms.

To make it a solid part of your business or brand, they also provide you with a simple method to embed the platform under your registered domain.

LiveWebinar YouTube Video Player

Another great feature to point out is its capacity to add a YouTube or Vimeo player inside your webinar room.

This is a great strategy to get your audience hooked and focused throughout the session. It’s a bonus that it helps you explain the complex subject matter more efficiently.

When it comes to hosting, its cloud-based platform is powered by 42+ data centers. This allows them to be consistently available 24/7, with over 99% SLA.

Its efficient hosting is paired with a low internet connection requirement.

At 1 Mbps (minimum), you can smoothly host your webinar on various social platforms and web browsers.

Pros And Cons Of LiveWebinar

Compatible with all devices including Smart TVsLimited customer support (email only)
Stream live on all social media channels in HD qualityThe user interface is not a beginner-friendly
All paid subscription plans include a 14-day free trial.

LiveWebinar Pricing Plan

LiveWebinar Pricing Plan

LiveWebinar offers a free subscription plan for all its new users.

Get it and you’ll enjoy all the standard features it offers with 5 attendees to support and a 2-hour recording limit.

On the other hand, they offer 4 paid subscription plans:

  • Pro ($14.99/mo.): In this plan, you are eligible to add up to 100 attendees, sub-accounts, YouTube & Vimeo players, chat translation, and more.
  • Business ($119/mo.): Get this plan to raise your limits – attendees, recordings length, and email invitations.
  • Custom: Maximize the traffic by adding ads/banners, send mass invitations of up to 1,000, and more. Since this is a customized solution, the price will vary depending on your chosen room and recording storage capacity.
  • Enterprise (Custom pricing): Subscribe to this plan and you can customize your webinar experience – 1,500 elements to choose from. Contact their sales team to avail of this plan or upgrade your current plan.

7. GetResponse – Decent Webinar Marketing Platform

GetResponse: Decent Webinar Marketing Platform

All-In-One Email Marketing Platform with an Impressive Webinar Solution [Starts at $49 a month]

GetResponse may not be a full-fledged webinar software platform just like the others.

However, with their expertise in online marketing and campaign creation, they managed to create a decent webinar hosting solution. A solution that allows them to consistently host 950+ webinars daily.

Impressive, right?

As of writing, this solution is focused on helping marketers and entrepreneurs with knowledge businesses to thrive. And it starts by choosing the type of webinar you desired to host.

GetResponse can host live, paid, and on-demand webinars.

GetResponse Webinar Builder

They may have been built for different purposes but all are equipped with a versatile webinar builder, stunning templates, and built-in marketing tools

Pros And Cons Of GetResponse

Responsive chat support (less than a minute response time)No phone support available
Create and schedule a webinar within minutesOn-demand and paid webinars are only available at the two higher subscription plans.
Compatible with both web and mobile browsers

GetResponse Pricing Plan

GetResponse Pricing Plan

At a glance, GetResponse subscription plans are a bit confusing since their pricing structure is built mainly for email marketing and website building.

If you’re looking for a plan that can expand your audience reach, here are the pricing plans you can get:

  • Plus ($49/mo.): Grow your business’ bottom line by starting to host live webinars with up to 100 attendees. You can also create 5 webinar funnels from scratch or using a template.
  • Professional ($99/mo.): Live, paid, or on-demand webinar, you can create them all in this subscription plan. It allows you to support up to 300 attendees and work with 5 of your team members (max).
  • Max (Custom pricing): Enjoy a no-limitation subscription plan that gives you the capacity to support a crowd as big as 1,000 attendees. Contact the sales team to get a custom quote.

Don’t know which one to get?

Explore their functions and user experience by starting the 30-day free trial they offer for the Plus and Professional plans.

8. EasyWebinar – Best in Ease of Use

EasyWebinar: Best in Ease of Use

Beginner-Friendly Webinar Software Platform for Live & Automated Webinar [Starts at $78 a month]

Whether you’re selling physical, digital, or knowledge products, EasyWebinar can help you sell more and create lasting relationships with your customer base.

All are achieved thanks to its simplified webinar marketing solutions.

EasyWebinar Simplified Process

Before jumping into creating your webinar campaign, it’s important to determine the type of webinar you wish to host – live or automated.

The live webinar is recommended for hosting webinars that sell interactive training or require collaboration. Host it and you’ll have the opportunity to do the following:

  • Share your screen presentation in HD
  • Communicate with other attendees through chat
  • Embed your registration form for easy sign-up
  • Upload files with ease
EasyWebinar Automated Webinar

Nothing can beat the superiority of live webinars when it comes to making deeper and more personal connections with your audience.

But if you’re aiming to provide convenience, the automated webinar is the best type to host. Since this is not date-specific, your audience can watch it whenever they want.

Pros And Cons Of EasyWebinar

Allows multiple webinar moderators and co-hostsRequire the fastest internet connection to upload files, attend a session, and host a live webinar.
Stream your webinar using YouTube LiveReliably runs on Google Chrome browser only
Third-party tracking pixels integrations for detailed ad analysisCostly subscription plans

EasyWebinar Pricing Plan

EasyWebinar Pricing Plan

EasyWebinar may not offer a free-forever plan but you can still try it free of charge for 14 days.

During the trial period, you’ll have the opportunity to explore all its standard features. You can also cater to 500 live attendees (unlimited if you use YouTube integration) and unlimited attendees for an automated webinar.

If it isn’t enough then you can upgrade it to one of its three paid subscription plans (offered in monthly and annual billing periods):

  • Standard ($78/mo.): This pricing plan is suitable for anyone who aims to host a webinar with 100 live attendees.
  • Pro ($129): All Standard features included with 500 live attendees to entertain.
  • Enterprise ($499/mo.): It contains exclusive access to Live Engine, EliteWebinarMastery full course, concierge/dedicated account representative, and more.

Get a bonus of 3 months free when you purchase any of the annual subscription plans.

9. GoToWebinar – Best in Webinar Conferencing

GoToWebinar: Best in Webinar Conferencing

One-Stop Webinar Software Platform For Large-Scale Businesses [Starts at $134 a month]

No matter what you need, GoToWebinar provides you with all the webinar services and tools you need to achieve success in every event.

Starting from planning, it will provide you with an organized dashboard where you can schedule and manage all your events.

GoToWebinar Dashboard

Live and simulated live are the types of webinars you can create and host in your account.

No need to spend long hours making them because GoToWebinar automatically creates templates from your past webinars. Tweak them a little and they’re good to publish.

As a standard, the live webinars include polls, surveys, and other tools that can boost audience engagement.

For simulated live webinars, additional features are provided for convenience:

  • Create email invitations, confirmations, and reminders from scratch, or use one of their automated email templates.
  • Interactive engagement tools to make your pre-recorded webinars look and feel like a live event
  • Set-and-forget function to make it run even if you’re not available 
GoToWebinar Reports

See how effective your webinars are by generating custom reports.

There are various types of reports you can build but two of the newest additions are the multi-session attendee report and engagement report.

The multi-session attendee report combines and compares all the data gathered for the webinar’s attendees, performances, and engagement.

While the engagement report shows you deeper insights into how engaged the attendees are during each session.

Pros And Cons Of GoToWebinar

Also available for desktop (Windows & Mac) and mobile (Android & iOS) useSubscription plans are a bit more expensive compared to the other webinar software on this list.
Can host webinars in 9 different languagesCustomer service can be unreliable at times
All subscription plans include a GoToMeeting accountParticipants and organizers are required to download an app or software to use the platform.

GoToWebinar Pricing Plan

GoToWebinar Pricing Plan

There are three paid subscription plans available and you can pay them monthly or annually. As a bonus, a free GoToMeeting license is automatically included in each plan.

  • Starter ($134/organizer/mo.): It includes 8 webinar tools plus the ability to set up multiple payment options (transact in USD only). It can support up to 100 participants.
  • Pro ($309/organizer/mo.): The best value plan for accommodating 500 participants. All GoToWebinar features are covered, including the newest additions.
  • Plus ($639/organizer/mo.): Create and host one-time or series of webinars for up to 3,000 participants without restrictions.

Take its 7-day free trial today and experience firsthand all its features.

Zoom: Reliable Cloud-Based Video Webinar

High-Quality Video Webinar Platform For Large Events & Public Broadcasts [Starts at $40 a month]

Zoom is very much limited compared to the webinar software platforms I’ve already discussed. You can only host live and on-demand webinars on it.

Still, I include it on the list because of its personal approach to connecting with large audiences.

They effectively deliver it by ensuring that you, as the presenter, are always on top of your content. 

They also include the following features to organize and beautify your presentation:

  • Add virtual backgrounds and studio effects for a professional and engaging look.
  • Background noise suppression is included to minimize interruptions from the audience.
  • Live streaming video watermark to promote and protect your content.
  • Use its built-in video player to insert pre-recorded video files inside a live session.

Zoom video webinars also include engagement tools to boost interaction with your audience. A few of these are the support in-session chat, raised hand, and automatic post-webinar survey.

WebinarJam is one strong competitor that is always compared with Zoom. If you’re wondering which one is the smarter choice, here’s my unbiased WebinarJam vs. Zoom comparison.

Pros And Cons Of Zoom

Compatible with various web browsers and computer devicesThe free subscription plan is only available for personal meetings.
An app is available for smartphones and tablets.

Zoom Pricing Plan

Zoom Pricing Plan

Zoom offers a flexible subscription plan for its video webinar service. The pricing structure is based on the number of attendees.

Start with 100 attendees for $40/license/month.

Here are the features you can use:

  • No time limit per session
  • Unlimited webinar sessions
  • Exportable registrant and attendee lists
  • CRM and Marketing Automation integrations
  • Monetization through paid registration
  • Live streaming
  • Cloud recordings
  • Detailed audience engagement reports

The good news is that you can get this plan with up to 10,000 attendees.

If you’re more on hosting large-scale video events with up to 50,000 attendees, you can contact their sales team to get a custom quote.


Due to the sudden shift in demands caused by the pandemic, people discover new ways in utilizing the webinar platform.

And in my opinion, Livestorm is one of today’s leading webinar hosting platforms that adapt well to these new demands. This is the reason it becomes the most ideal to use as an overall webinar software platform for companies of all sizes.

Live or pre-recorded, their platform can help you organize your webinars from start to finish in HD. You can use it to host Q&A sessions, product demos, and even corporate training and onboarding.

Get started with Livestorm now by subscribing to their free plan.

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