Weebly is a web hosting service by trade, but its popularity skyrocketed for providing the easiest website builder to use. If it doesn’t satisfy you, don’t worry, there are many Weebly alternatives available, and here, I’ll highlight the best options.

Weebly makes creating a website and online store easy and affordable. However, this is not the best option for building sites with an extensive blog or eCommerce features.

With over ten years of creating and developing websites, I’ve compiled the best website builder to replace Weebly entirely. In today’s post, I’ll list the top 7+, including their respective pricing tiers, features, and who will benefit from them the most.

Let’s get this review rolling and determine which Weebly alternative is suitable for your personal or business site.

1. Weebly Alternative: Wix

Weebly Alternative: Wix

Cloud-Based Web Development Platform With Multiple Website Builder Options [Free | $4.50 a month]

Wix is one of the strongest competitors of Weebly because it boasts not only one but five website builders. They intentionally do so to ensure users of all skill levels can easily create their site.

The best part of website builders is that most of them are free to use.

Wix Editor is the available website builder by default. It’s completely free and built with a simple drag-and-drop function for easy addition of elements.

Wix Editor

Its platform is divided into several sections:

You can use this website builder to create a website from scratch using a blank template. Or, select one of the thousands of high-quality, pre-designed templates available if you don’t have the time.

Wix Mobile Editor

People spend more time using their mobile devices. Reach out to them by creating a mobile version of your website.

You can easily create a fully functional and responsive website using Wix Mobile Editor.

It provides mobile-only tools and elements that can boost the site’s user engagement and ease of navigation. A few of these are listed as follows:

If you prefer to run the desktop version only, you can permanently disable the mobile-friendly by simply clicking its toggle (under settings).

Wix Editor X

The third website builder available is the Wix Editor X. It’s the perfect platform to create advanced websites.

It also features a drag-and-drop editor with additional real-time team collaboration tools.

Yes, your team and clients can work seamlessly on a specific project from start to finish. Inside the platform, you can assign roles and tasks for each member and client, leave notes, and more.

A CMS is also provided to manage all your content efficiently.

Wix ADI Builder

Do you want a quick website-building solution? Then, the Wix ADI builder is the right option to get.

This is an A.I.-powered website builder that automatically generates a well-structured web design by simply answering a few questions.

The best part of this is that all the above-mentioned website builders provide this option.

Velo by Wix is the last website builder it offers, and it’s perfect for web professionals creating their own web applications.

If you want to take a look at website builders that are close to Wix then check out this article on Wix Alternatives.

On the other hand, if you want to see how Wix goes toe-to-toe with Weebly, there’s this specific article that I made just for that comparison.

Wix Pricing Plan

Wix Editor Pricing Plans

As standard, the Wix Editor is available for everyone free of charge.

The free plan also hosts the website under its domain (accountname.wixsite.com/siteaddress) and provides 500 MB worth of storage space (1 GB for bandwidth). If you need more, you can always purchase any of its annual subscription premium plans:

Wix Editor X Pricing Plan

Wix also created separate subscription plans for its Editor X. Here are the annual subscription premium plans you can choose: 

Get started with Wix by getting its free website builder or trial version for 14 days (no credit card required).

If you’re curious about how much Wix truly costs, you can read my Wix review of its pricing plans.

Wix vs. Weebly At A Glance




Best for: Entrepreneurs, developers, content creators, & eCommerce merchantsBest for: Service-based businesses handling customer success, and sales
Pricing: Starts at $4.50/month (free plan available)Pricing: Starts at $5/month (free plan available)
Best feature: Editor X, mobile editor, & visual UI Editor for web appsBest feature: Easy-to-use builder and customizable website designs
Cons: No editing support for touchscreen devices and no auto-save functionCons: No automatic backup is available for store pages and blogs
Try WixTry Weebly

2. Weebly Alternative: Squarespace

Weebly Alternative: Squarespace

All-In-One Content Management System With Modern Website Building & eCommerce Platform [$12 a month]

Blog, eCommerce store, professional portfolio, or a website to publish Podcast episodes – Squarespace can provide all the tools you need.

Unlike Wix, Squarespace only provides one website builder. It also features a drag-and-drop function for moving sections and elements.

For quick editing, its interface also adds a point-and-click function.

Select any elements on the web page, and a menu will appear that contains all the options available.

Squarespace Website Builder

Other changes you can make inside this popular website builder are:

If you’re building an online store, there are tons of eCommerce tools you can add.

The tools provided vary on the type of products you want to sell. Currently, Squarespace offers four different product types, and those are:

You can sell any of these products as a one-time purchase or multi-tiered subscriptions.

Squarespace Store Page

Since Squarespace is a content management system, it provides an efficient way to organize your content and products.

There are two parts created, and the first one is dedicated to store pages. This is an excellent place to include all the essential details of the products, such as title, price, and availability.

The other part is dedicated to product detail pages.

These are sub-pages of a store page, and it contains the image and detailed information about the products. You also have the option to add your social media channels, so your customers will know where to find your products.

Squarespace Product Page

Squarespace is not only limited to building your website. They can also help you grow and reach your target audience through their search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing tools.

If you want to see a much more in-depth guide as to how Squarespace goes against Weebly, take a look at this article.

Squarespace Pricing Plan

Squarespace Pricing Plan

Squarespace is available in four monthly or annual subscription plans, and it starts at:

Choose any plan and try them for 14 days free of charge. Sign up for its trial version to get started.

Squarespace vs. Weebly At A Glance




Best for: Small business owners, eCommerce merchants, and creative professionalsBest for: Service-based businesses handling customer success, and sales
Pricing: Starts at $12/monthPricing: Starts at $5/month (free plan available)
Best feature: No-coding website builder with tons of customizable templatesBest feature: Easy-to-use builder and customizable website designs
Cons: No available A/B testing tool, and real-time phone supportCons: No automatic backup is available for store pages and blogs
Try SquarespaceTry Weebly

3. Weebly Alternative: WordPress

Weebly Alternative: WordPress

Open-Source Website Creation Platform For Feature-Rich Blogs [$4 a month]

WordPress is one of the most powerful Weebly competitors today. It’s packed with tons of user-friendly editing tools and plugins, perfect for creating websites of all types.

But since it’s created as an open-source content management system, it excels more in creating feature-rich blogs.

Just like with Weebly, its website builder is free to use. But it is far different when it comes to interface design and function.

If you’re new to website creation, you need time to learn how it works.

Its website builder is created into two separate platforms: theme and page builder.

WordPress Theme Builder

The theme builder features a clean and organized interface.

The left-side menu contains all the elements and options you can add/change to your website. You can also click the pencil icon (beside each element) for quick access to their settings.

The lower part of the left-side menu is where you can select your preferred view style – desktop, tablet, or mobile.

WordPress Page Builder

The page builder is much easier to navigate and use. It’s built with a point-and-click function for quick editing.

Simply click the plus (+) icon if you want to add content blocks.

Here are the popular blocks you can add:

Built-in sitemaps and other SEO tools are also provided to ensure your fans will find your site.

When searching for WordPress in the search engine platforms, WordPress.com and WordPress.org will often show up. Is there a critical difference between the two platforms?

Yes, there is because they are two different platforms. The website builder I’ve discussed above is only one of the many strengths of WordPress.com.

It also takes care of website hosting.

On the other hand, WordPress.org is popularly known as self-hosted WordPress. It allows you to purchase your preferred domain name and web host.

It also provides you complete control in building your eCommerce sites, memberships, or small business websites.

If you’re looking for WordPress alternatives, take a look at this complete article on your options.

WordPress Pricing Plan

WordPress Pricing Plan

WordPress is offered in four different subscription plans payable on a monthly or annual billing cycle. Each plan contains all the features your site needs to grow:

Unfortunately, there’s no trial version included for each paid plan. But you can explore its platform by creating a free account.

WordPress vs. Weebly At A Glance




Best for: Content creators, bloggers, students, & website ownersBest for: Service-based businesses handling customer success, and sales
Pricing: Starts at $4/month (free plan available)Pricing: Starts at $5/month (free plan available)
Best feature: Thousands of themes and plugins possible to add and installBest feature: Easy-to-use builder and customizable website designs
Cons: Not suitable for beginners (coding knowledge required)Cons: No automatic backup is available for store pages and blogs
Try WordPressTry Weebly

4. Weebly Alternative: Webflow

Weebly Alternative: Webflow

Website Building & Hosting Platform With No-Code Visual Editor [Free | $12 a month]

Webflow Editor is ideal for anyone looking for a WordPress-like platform with more design flexibility and easier to use.

It allows web designers and tech-savvy individuals to create custom websites without coding.

Simply add the elements on the web page, neatly arrange them, and the Webflow designer will automatically translate them into semantic codes.

Webflow Editor

The editor is built with a left-side menu. It contains all the actions and options you can add to the main structure of your website.

Here’s what you can expect to see:

The top view is where you can set the view style you prefer – desktop, tablet, and mobile.

This is also where the publish and export buttons are placed. The export button allows you to download all your HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images, and other assets in one ZIP file.

Lastly, the right-side menu covers all the settings and options available for your website’s style, like:

Webflow Editor Navigator

The primary advantage it has with WordPress is that it doesn’t include an independent dashboard.

You can manage everything without leaving Webflow Editor. You can find the site’s structure level and its hierarchy through the navigator section.

To add new content, go to the Pages section.

Click the gear icon beside the name of each page to update or manage its settings (general, SEO, site search, and more).

The best part of Webflow Editor is, it can transform your website into a fully functioning eCommerce website. Just click the shopping cart icon, and it will automatically create collections for your products and categories.

Burkhard Berger

Webflow Pricing Plan

Webflow Pricing Plan

Webflow is offered in 3 different types of plans. All subscription plans are available in monthly and annual billing cycles.

Under the site plans, here are the subscription plans you can choose from:

Its account plans are also divided into two categories:

The last type of plan is dedicated to enterprises. Here, you can customize the tools and capacity limits you’ll get to fit your business needs.

You can contact the sales team to get a personalized quote based on your requirements.

Webflow vs. Weebly At A Glance




Best for: Web professionals, content creators, bloggers, & eCommerce merchantsBest for: Service-based businesses handling customer success, and sales
Pricing: Starts at $4/month (free plan available)Pricing: Starts at $5/month (free plan available)
Best feature: Creating custom databases and adding interactions & animationsBest feature: Easy-to-use builder and customizable website designs
Cons: Site plans include a 100 static pages limit with no available phone supportCons: No automatic backup is available for store pages and blogs
Try WebflowTry Weebly

5. Weebly Alternative: Volusion

Weebly Alternative: Volusion

All-In-One eCommerce Store Building Platform [$26.10 a month]

Volusion is built to simplify the creation process of an eCommerce store for everyone. They successfully deliver this by providing an easy-to-use site builder.

To ensure it will provide the utmost convenience, its creators equipped it with the following tools:

They added advanced search functionality to help your customers find a specific product quickly.

Volusion Site Builder

There are two ways how to add products – individual and bulk.

For a single product, click the t-shirt icon on the left-side menu. It will then display a simple form where you can add the important product details.

While for bulk upload, you can use the Volusion import/export system (Inventory > Import/Export).

Once all products are added, you can start setting up an intuitive order system using the following tools:

Volusion Reports

To complete the package, Volusion is equipped with advanced reporting. By default, it can run a standard report for a specific period.

But you can also generate reports for the following:

Volusion is an excellent shopping cart software. So, ease your mind to create a stunning online store, efficiently fulfill orders, and accept payment securely.

Burkhard Berger

Volusion Pricing Plan

Volusion Pricing Plan

Volusion is offered in four simple subscription plans. Each plan contains all the tools that can help your online store grow.

You can try the first three subscription plans for free by signing up for its 14-day trial version. If you want to explore the Prime plan, you can contact the sales team to book a demo.

Volusion vs. Weebly At A Glance




Best for: Marketers, eCommerce merchants, & web professionalsBest for: Service-based businesses handling customer success, and sales
Pricing: Starts at $26.10/monthPricing: Starts at $5/month (free plan available)
Best feature: Easy-to-use site builder with SEO tools and product variant pricingBest feature: Easy-to-use builder and customizable website designs
Cons: Phone support is only available starting with the Professional planCons: No automatic backup is available for store pages and blogs
Try VolusionTry Weebly

6. Weebly Alternative: BigCommerce

Weebly Alternative: BigCommerce

Largest eCommerce Platform With Customizable Storefront Builder [$29.95 a month]

BigCommerce may not be the cheapest website builder you can find. But it’s reliable in running high-volume online stores.

It contains all the tools you need to create an online store and run a successful business.

The page builder is the first one on the list. Inside, you can freely customize every aspect of the storefront to ensure it will reflect your brand.

Here are a few of the elements you can add and customize:

BigCommerce Page Builder

You can access the page builder on your dashboard (Storefront › My Themes › Customize).

BigCommerce provides you with a default theme to get started. If you wish to explore more, there are plenty of designer-made themes (free and paid) at their store.

You also have the option to choose the design by collection or industry.

If you’re a web developer or hire one, you can take advantage of its Stencil Command-Line Interface (CLI). This permits you to do more advanced theme customization and development by editing its codes.

In using this feature, make sure you have the latest versions of the following web browsers:

BigCommerce: Sell Everywhere

Once you set up your store, you can begin to sell your products everywhere.

You can integrate your online store into top marketplaces like Amazon and Google Shopping. And also, tap new opportunities by connecting to all your social media channels.

If you have a physical store, you can automatically sync the in-store and online sales with its native POS systems.

BigCommerce Pricing Plan

BigCommerce Pricing Plan

BigCommerce is offered in four subscription plans. Its pricing rates are primarily based on the customer’s online sales limit per year:

Explore BigCommerce online store builder by signing up for its 15-day free trial.

BigCommerce vs. Weebly At A Glance

BigCommerce Logo



Best for: Startups, small & medium-sized businesses, & large enterprisesBest for: Service-based businesses handling customer success, and sales
Pricing: Starts at $26.95/monthPricing: Starts at $5/month (free plan available)
Best feature: Payments in 100+ currencies, and 55+ payment providers availableBest feature: Easy-to-use builder and customizable website designs
Cons: Tech support via phone is only offered for US-based customersCons: No automatic backup is available for store pages and blogs
Try BigCommerceTry Weebly

7. Weebly Alternative: Pixpa

Weebly Alternative: Pixpa

Best Website Builder For Creatives [$7 a month]

Pixpa rose to fame for providing an all-in-one site-building platform where creative professionals can showcase their stunning work.

The best part of this is that they provide you with tons of built-in tools to help you complete your website.

Blog, portfolio, online store, forms, galleries, and so on – you can add them without the need to code. You can access all of these on your dashboard.

Pixpa Dashboard

Inside the dashboard, you’re given a step-by-step guide to set up your first website quickly. There are a total of 6 steps, and the first one includes a short intro video.

I recommend watching the intro video because it helps new users to learn about the platform.

Pixpa dashboard interface has a close similarity with Squarespace. All its website parts are built in different independent sections:

Pixpa Themes

All themes are niche-centric, so you wouldn’t take long to find the perfect theme for your site.

Pixpa Pricing Plan

Pixpa Pricing Plan

Pixpa is offered in three simple subscription plans, monthly and annual:

All subscription plans include a 15-free trial. Sign up now and explore what Pixpa stored for you.

Pixpa vs. Weebly At A Glance




Best for: Content creators, photographers, & small business ownersBest for: Service-based businesses handling customer success, and sales
Pricing: Starts at $7/monthPricing: Starts at $5/month (free plan available)
Best feature: 1-year free domain name and eCommerce & client galleriesBest feature: Easy-to-use builder and customizable website designs
Cons: Limited third-party integrations and no available phone supportCons: No automatic backup is available for store pages and blogs
Try PixpaTry Weebly

8. Weebly Alternative: Format

Weebly Alternative: Format

Best Website Builder For Online Portfolio [Free | $7 a month]

Weebly also provides powerful tools to help you create a stunning online portfolio. Students and professionals can take advantage of this feature.

However, if you’re looking for an online portfolio-building platform strictly for photographers and artists, Format is your best option.

They provide tons of stunning, profession-based templates which you can freely customize through their design editor.

Format Design Editor

Inside the design editor, you can access all the settings and attributes of the following:

You can take advantage of the Code Editor for anyone comfortable writing your own codes (CSS and HTML). You can also access this on the design editor.

Format Code Editor

Image editing is made simple because Format allows smooth integration to photo editing software (Lightroom and Capture One).

One advantage of this platform is that it allows you to host share-worthy video content. No need to depend on YouTube and other video streaming platforms.

Format Pricing Plan

Format Basic Plan

Format is offered with a basic plan. At a low price of $7 a month, you can create your online portfolio and make it live.

But if you prefer the full suite version, you can purchase any of its subscription plans.

Format Portfolio Pricing Plan

There are two sets of subscription plans available – portfolio and workflow. Let’s start with the portfolio:

All portfolio subscription plans include a 14-day free trial without submitting credit card information.

Format Workflow Plan

Under workflow, here are the annual plans you can purchase:

Create a free Workflow account and start building your online portfolio.

Format vs. Weebly At A Glance

Format Logo



Best for: Photographers, artists, interior designers, and fashion designersBest for: Service-based businesses handling customer success, and sales
Pricing: Starts at $7/monthPricing: Starts at $5/month (free plan available)
Best feature: Plenty of design options, host video content, with built-in watermarksBest feature: Easy-to-use builder and customizable website designs
Cons: No built-in options to add multiple languages and poor email supportCons: No automatic backup is available for store pages and blogs
Try FormatTry Weebly


Weebly is a powerful site-building platform recommended for anyone who wants to quickly create and publish a website. However, if you’re looking for more creative freedom and functionalities, Wix is a better option.

You can create a website tailored to your business or purpose without coding.

You also can choose the type of site builder to use that best suits your design skill level. The ADI builder is recommended for beginners and anyone new to website creation.

Wix Editor X and Velo are ideal for entrepreneurs and web professionals developing custom apps.

There you go, my 7+ best Weebly alternatives. There are more website builders that are better than Weebly (GoDaddy, Jimdo, Duda, etc.), so feel free to share your recommendations in the comment section.

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