Zoom vs. GoToMeeting – Which Webinar Tool Should You Use?

zoom vs gotomeeting

I’m SUPER excited to share my Zoom vs. GoToMeeting comparison guide.

Do you want an easy-to-use video conferencing software that will help you join or host a meeting?

Kindly go through this review as I share my experiences. I have used Zoom and just recently hosted a meeting with GoToMeeting. 

Why use Zoom Meeting instead of GoToMeeting software? Does GoToMeeting offer more value for money? Let’s talk about it and address most of the common questions.

Let’s dive in.

1. Zoom vs. GoToMeeting At A Glance

To get started, let’s take a quick glance at Zoom and GoToMeeting to help you decide which online meeting and video conferencing platform are most ideal for you.

zoom icon


gotomeeting icon

Best Overall. Clean beginner-friendly interface. Best value for money. Webinars and online meeting tools. Try for free. Best for small businesses. Conference calls. Transcriptions and recordings. Mobile conferencing. Starts at $14/month.
Try ZoomTry GoToMeeting

Is Zoom a better software for hosting and joining online conferences and virtual meetings? Or should you stick with GoToMeeting instead? 

I did thorough research and here’s what I found out:

Although both names have excellent customer support and ease of use, Zoom offers powerful features for hosting video conferencing and online meetings. It allows you to share screens, use ZoomPhone to keep mobile participants engaged, while GoToMeeting offers a faster online meeting tool, and uses end-to-end encryption, and utilizes Smart Assistant to aid note-taking, highlights, and more.

2. Who Is Zoom Best For?

Zoom Meetings is best suited for small businesses as well as established companies. It’s great for business plan discussions and corporate meetings. It proves a feature-rich video conferencing solution that anyone can use, set up, and scale. 

Zoom Meetings can be used internally to communicate with employees and teams, but you’ll also find it useful for hosting/joining external meetings with clients, for advanced prospecting.

Companies like CapitalOne, Zendesk, Veeva, 20th Century Fox, Logitech, Uber, Western Union, Okta, and more use Zoom regularly. It works well with Android, iOS, and iPadOS.

3. Who Is GoToMeeting Best For?

GoToMeeting is ideal for digital marketers and experienced business owners, teams, and companies that want to experiment with advanced online meeting tools and features. 

Companies like Marketo, GainSight, Make A Wish, Inside Sales, and so on use GoToMeeting to engage with teams and collaborate better.

4. A Close Look At The Features Of Zoom And GoToMeeting 

What key features set Zoom and GoToMeeting apart from the teaming online meeting software market? Let’s carefully summarize the key features in a table:

Featureszoom icongotomeeting icon
Easy-to-use audio and video conferencing features
Have webinars as standalone features
Equipped with a smart assistant
Allows for single sign-on in joining meetings
Equipped with virtual conference rooms for smaller groups
Comes with a chat feature
Has a marketplace for additional integrations
Hast a screen share feature
Allows to connect to meetings using mobile devices
Allows real-time recording and note-taking
Get startedTry ZoomTry GoToMeeting

5. Key Features Of Zoom

Zoom offers one of the best video conferencing tools and functionalities in the world. No matter the size of your business, these 5 key features will help you host a memorable online meeting experience.

#1 Zoom Video Conferencing

zoom vs gotomeeting - zoom video conferencing

With Zoom Video Conferencing, you get everything from audio to video delivered in HD. Every paid plan comes with cloud meetings and recordings. You get local recording inside the free plan. 

And all your meetings are password protected.

Zoom Meetings supports 49 videos on screen, which positions its virtual hand-raising feature as a useful and helpful add-on. It’s easy for the host (you) to see and respond to attendees who raise their hands to ask questions or interject, without causing a break in the flow of conversation.

Accessibility is another aspect of the Zoom Meetings video conferencing feature. It’s easy for the host during a video session to enable closed captioning for meetings, and these meeting recordings can be transcribed automatically for review. 

zoom closed captioning

Every user is able to create single or multiple polls during meetings, without using their names in responses.

With Zoom Meetings, it’s pretty easy for users to create their custom virtual backgrounds, and even use the “Touch Up My Appearance” feature, with an in-built filter to creatively enhance quality and smooth fine lines.

Many people including corporate organizations trust Zoom for its unmatched video conferencing features and capabilities. The first time I joined a Zoom video conference room, I was excited to see how fun and rewarding it was. I’m looking forward to hosting my own conference.

Burkhard Berger

#2 Zoom Screen Share Features

zoom share screen

Being able to share screens is an important feature in any video conferencing software. And Zoom Meetings isn’t an exception.

During a meeting, users can easily share their screens even before participants join a call, or while the video conference group is ongoing. 

With the side-by-side mode, it’s fun for users to view both the shared screen and also the meeting participants’ screens.

Depending on the premise, Zoom Meetings also lets users share their full desktop, an individual app, or a file with everyone in the room. 

Multiple participants may decide to share their screens simultaneously during a meeting, which is a great feature for a real-time experience.

#3 Zoom Webinars and Online Meeting Tool 

zoom webinars

Zoom Webinars is an essential tool that lets you create webinars, live virtual events, meetings, video conferences, and even chats. 

If your company or team needs to have more structured and organized meetings, such as all-hands training, town halls, and so on, the Zoom Webinars functionality could be a game-changer.

This feature can accommodate up to 100 interactive video participants, and 10,000 view-only attendees, depending on your needs. As a host, you’re in control — you can mute and unmute panelists and also promote attendees to a panelist level.

Every webinar can easily be recorded, Q&As can be set up, and you can also stream events across Facebook and YouTube Live. Zoom Webinars helps you monetize your meetings — as you can easily charge registration fees for your webinars via its PayPal integration.

Note: Zoom Webinar is an add-on, and costs an additional $40/month, per host.

#4 Zoom Chat

zoom chat

Zoom Meetings is truly an interactive video conferencing software. If you’re looking to engage your participants and attendees, it’s easy to do so using Zoom Chat. 

It keeps your teams connected and up to date on events and projects. 

zoom chat on sidebar

This Chat feature plays the same function as an Instant Messenger — so you can easily chat one-on-one or as a group, share files, provide status and presence indicators, create channels, and use the search functionality. 

All of these and more are available during a video conference. 

The ability to chat while in a room with your team is a breath of fresh air. This chat functionality helps you to communicate one-on-one or as a group. Sharing files is easier than you can imagine during a chat session. 

#5 Zoom Whiteboard

zoom whiteboard

Zoom Meetings can help you engage and educate your audience. It’s a great online meeting software for teams that want to stay connected and learn together.

The Zoom Whiteboard is ideal for teams that want to brainstorm, generate insights and map ideas, or plan projects. 

You can find this feature right under the Share Screen option. Every participant can draw on the whiteboard, and the image or visuals can be saved and shared at the end of the online meeting.

zoom whiteboard on shared screen

There are many annotation options to use on the whiteboard, such as text, freestyle drawing, stamps, and shape drawing, and you can also use a “Spotlight” option to highlight a particular spot on the whiteboard to draw participants’ attention. 

zoom spotlight

6. Key Features Of GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting offers a wide range of features to help you host the best online meeting experience. 

Here are the 5 key features to keep an eye on:

#1 GoToMeeting Conference Calls

gotomeeting conference calls

This is one of the most useful features in GoToMeeting. If you want to communicate better with prospects and customers, or with your team, GoToMeeting’s audio conference calling is probably the best option.

GoToMeeting lets you join and set up a call with anyone. This feature syncs seamlessly with Windows, Mac, and all mobile devices.

It has a clean and easy-to-use interface. There are no time limits either — all conference calls are unlimited. You also enjoy toll-free numbers for more than 50 countries. You’ll only pay for what you use if you choose to use this add-on. 

This GoToMeeting conference call also comes with added features such as reservationless connections, integrated scheduling, personalized email invitations, and one-click meetings.

GoToMeeting provides clear video conferencing calls. Your team will love the seamless integration that enables them to communicate with each other during a video conference session.

Burkhard Berger

#2 GoToMeeting Video Conferencing

gotomeeting video conferencing

While audio calling plays a key role in every online meeting, it has its limitations. 

That’s why GoToMeeting is offering video conferencing in HD quality. With this feature, it’s pretty easy to host face-to-face meetings with your customers/team.

It allows up to 25 users in each video call. They can use their webcam simultaneously. Unlike other video conferencing software that requires a learning curve, syncing errors, and confusing controls, GoToMeeting video conferencing is unique.

Cloud collaboration for both desktop and mobile is also enabled. The bandwidth is huge and automatically adjusted for every user as they use the resources and hardware. This creates a robust and seamless experience for every participant.

Participants in a video conferencing call can use the desktop app to quickly edit their webcam preferences. This makes it a handy option when you’re looking to change the display format before going live.

#3 GoToMeeting Screen Sharing Feature

gotomeeting screen sharing

Do you have something to share with other attendees or make better illustrations with the attendees, the Screen Sharing feature can help you.

The feature gives life to your audio and video conference calls. You’ll be able to share your PC screen in real-time with meeting attendees.

When there are visuals and illustrations you want to share with other attendees, it makes sense to share screens so that people can ‘relate’ better to your ideas.

Screen sharing is also useful when brainstorming ideas, presentations, slide decks, or team member training. Quickly transform any conference call into a full-blown presentation.

Don’t forget you’re in control. Share the screen you want with whoever you want. You can share your entire monitor screen or just a single app. There are settings inside GoToMeeting to support your specific needs. 

#4 GoToMeeting Transcriptions and Recordings 

gotomeeting transcriptions and recordings

How do you retain information after a virtual meeting? What if the sessions were longer with multiple presenters and participants collaborating at the same time.

Hand-written notes are a pain to consider. Plus, they completely take you back to the Primitive era; and defeats the purpose of virtual meetings.

GoToMeeting is here to help. It offers transcriptions and recordings. Just click the record button, and watch the presenter’s screen and every attendee’s audio captured in real-time.

Where you store these recordings is up to you — in the cloud or locally on your computer.

gotomeeting cloud storage of recorded videos

There’s more. You can also transcribe the conversation automatically using the Smart Meeting Assistant inside GoToMeeting. What a great way to refer back to transcripts?

#5 GoToMeeting Mobile Conferencing

gotomeeting mobile conferencing

Your team, prospects, and customers are mobile. So you must be where they are. Modern businesses are leveraging mobile technology to get ahead quickly.

Remote employees love the flexibility, they hate being tied to a desk with a computer staring at them always. They can simply tap to join a call on their mobile phones.

gotomeeting tap to join

GoToMeeting Mobile Conferencing feature solves this problem. It offers native mobile apps for iOS and Windows. This simplifies the complex process of scheduling, joining, and hosting a meeting directly from your mobile phone.

gotomeeting mobile app

All of the features and tools that we’ve covered are accessible on the mobile app. Yes, you can share screens, record meetings, engage in audio and/or video conference calls, and do a lot more.  

7. Zoom vs. GoToMeeting – Pros And Cons

Why do teams and businesses rely on Zoom meetings? Are there downsides to using Zoom? Let’s see the pros and cons.


The user interface is clean and easy to useVirtual meetings lack end-to-end encryption
It offers competitive pricing optionsZoom is a bit expensive for teams
It comes with a feature-rich free versionData privacy and security can be improved
Host up to 500 participants/attendees at a timeMeetings are limited to 40 minutes
The Zoom Whiteboard adds visual interaction to online meetings

Why go with GoToMeeting? Is it better than Zoom? The pros and cons can help us make that smart decision.


It’s easy to join a meetingThe mobile meetings aren’t responsive (it requires scrolling to see other participants)
A ton of features for hosting online meetings and virtual conferencesThe audio muting/unmuting can be improved
GoToMeeting is reliable, no buffering during an audio or video conference callsScheduling on a mobile device can be better
Easy to use on-screen meeting controlsThe admin portal reports could be more intuitive
Screen sharing is easy and quickIt doesn’t have note-taking tools built-in
You can download the full desktop version or use the web version
Quick integrations with calendar and meeting platforms

8. Where Do I Get The Most For My Money?

This is where I break down the pricing structures of Zoom and GoToMeeting (with screenshots).

Zoom Pricing Plans

zoom pricing

Most video conferencing tools have similar pricing structures. Zoom plans has flexible plans that are priced per host. So, what can you expect to pay and what features are available with each plan?

A breakdown of Zoom Meeting’s plans with pricing: 

  • Free: This Starter plan gives you unlimited one-to-one meetings, hosts up to 100 participants/meeting, and has a 40-minute duration limit on every meeting. 
  • Pro ($14.99/month per host): Zoom pro offers a 24-hour duration limit on meetings. Hosts up to 100 participants for each meeting, social media streaming, and 1 GB cloud recording, with the option to upgrade to 1,000 participants.
  • Business ($19.99/month per host): This plan provides automatic meeting transcripts, company branding, up to 300 participants per meeting, dashboard branding, Single Sign On, a custom Zoom URL, and managed domains.
  • Zoom United Business ($30.00/month per host): With a 300-participant limit, this plan comes with all the phone features inside Zoom United Pro, Single Sign-On, Managed Domains, and more. 
  • Zoom Enterprise: This enterprise plan can host up to 500 or 1000 attendees. It comes with unlimited cloud recording and unlimited cloud storage. For quotation of this plan, contact their sales team.

GoToMeeting Pricing Plans

gotomeeting pricing

GoToMeeting has 3 simple pricing structures, with a 14-day free trial. Here’s a breakdown for you: 

  • Professional ($14/mo, per organizer, billed annually): This is GoToMeeting’s entry-level plan. This pro plan allows up to 150 participants, screen sharing, HD video, Business messaging, web audio, and more.
  • Business ($19/mo., per organizer, billed annually): Up to 250 participants, personal meeting room, meeting lock, web audio, HD video, Dial-in Conference Line, and more.
  • Enterprise (Call for a quote): For established businesses, this plan offers webinars, room solutions, and phone meetings. You can get a quote by contacting Sales. It comes with all the features in “Business” plus Meeting Lock, Co-Organizers, Transcription, Smart Assistant, Drawing Tools, Slide to PDF, etc.

9. Conclusion – Which Is Better: Zoom Or GoToMeeting?

Zoom Meeting is powerful. It helps you realize that your team, prospects, and customers are only a call away using ZoomPhone. You’ll be able to stay in touch with people that matter, join a conference call, host a virtual meeting, and engage with your target audience.

GoToMeeting is a close rival, as it provides fast and reliable video conferencing tools. With this software, you can easily empower your remote team and customers to collaborate smartly in the digital workplace.

Both Zoom and GoToMeeting are highly recommended for your online video meetings and virtual conference calls. Both present high video quality and advanced features for users to utilize. So you’re in good hands if you choose to use either of them. So you’re in good hands if you choose to use either of them.

However, Zoom offers the best value for money with its Video Webinar, Conference Rooms, Phone System, Marketplace, Meetings & Chat, and the available resources to host 1,000 – 10,000 participants in a single meeting.

Use GoToMeeting when you want a faster process for joining a meeting, a video-first approach to building relationships, and a Smart Assistant, which helps you take notes and make highlights during meetings.

10. Zoom vs. GoToMeeting – FAQ

Let’s address 4 of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) that teams and businesses are asking before or after investing in Zoom or GoToMeeting:

What apps integrate with Zoom Meetings?

Zoom Meetings integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Teams, Salesforce, DropBox, Skype, and HipChat. As well as project management tools or organization tools such as Google Drive/Calendar/Chrome, Slack, and Mailchimp.

Is the GoToMeeting app free?

You can use the GoToMeeting Free plan to get started with quick and easy online meetings. Collaborate with coworkers or friends with high-quality screen sharing, webcams, VoIP audio, and chat messaging in one session. There’s nothing to download.

How much do Zoom meetings cost?

There are different plans and pricing to choose from. On average, a meeting will cost between $0 and $30/month per host.

What company owns GoToMeeting?

GoToMeeting is a web-hosted video conferencing software created and marketed by LogMeIn. The goal is to provide a tool that allows individuals, teams, and businesses to host/join online meetings, and engage in screen sharing, as long as their desktop or mobile device is connected to the internet.

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