Quietly outranking the competition. Since 2015.

After 22 own successful SEO projects (and a lot of “lessons learned”), we felt confident enough to help other companies grow their revenue through holistic SEO and world-class content, too.

We haven’t looked back since…


#1 rankings achieved


Avg. annual organic traffic value add


Successful SEO projects


Backlinks built in last 12 months


A+ content created in last 12 months


Years of combined experience

We started Novum to become the agency we wish we could have worked with.

After hearing “SEO takes too long”, “we don’t get any results”, “it’s crazy expensive”, too many times, we started Novum to become the agency we wish we could have worked with.

Our core principles:

1 Client obsessed

What’s best for our clients is what’s best for everyone.

2 Embrace the challenge

Commit fully, work hard, take initiative, get things done.

3 Revenue over traffic

More traffic is nice. More revenue is nicer.

4 Play the long game

Make short-term sacrifices for long-term success.

5 Be scientific

Reason from first principle, use data, test, iterate and adapt.

6 Pursue greatness

Small steps, big dreams, pursue greatness.

Our Team

Burkhard Berger

Christian Cabaluna
Head of Operations

Katrin Ulmer
Head of Finance

Clarissa Angelique Operations Manager

Renz Sildora
Head of SEO/PR

IG Rosales
Head of Content

Moses Montenegro
SEO/PR Specialist

Karl Leal
SEO/PR Specialist

Nass Matuan
SEO/PR Specialist

Samer Usama
Senior Content Writer

Rio Ocampo
PR Content Writer

Beatriz Galang
PR Content Writer

Aleena Naveed
PR Content Writer

Maria Khalid
PR Content Writer

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