A+ Content Creation

Get an Unfair SEO Advantage With A+ Content From Novum™

Ranking on Google is an art. After 12+ years of perfecting our craft, we know exactly what it takes to create content that doesn’t just rank #1 but also drives revenue, not just traffic.


Receive content that doesn’t just rank high on Google but also drives revenue, not just traffic.

Search Intent Aligned

A+ content is perfectly aligned with search intent, which is mandatory for continuous traffic.

A+ Graded

Every content asset will be A+ graded with content tools like Frase, Clearscope, and SurferSEO.

Ready To Pull In Traffic

A+ content is holistically SEO-optimized and ready to pull traffic, leads, and revenue.

Competitor Research

Receive content that doesn’t just rank high on Google but also drives revenue, not just traffic.

Rigorous Vetting

Every piece of content has soared through multiple layers of rigorous vetting (24 criteria).

A+ Content Works in The Most Competitive Niches like:




And many more…

A+ Content Examples

Don’t buy a pig in a poke. Check out some of our A+ content and how much organic traffic and traffic value it generates every month.


We believe in transparent pricing, ensuring there are no hidden costs or surprises.

A+ Content

1,500 Words
$ 150
/Content Asset
  • Ready To Rank
  • Revenue-Focused
  • Unlimited Revisions

A+ Content

2,500 Words
$ 220
/Content Asset
  • Ready To Rank
  • Revenue-Focused
  • Unlimited Revisions

A+ Content

3,500 Words
$ 300
/Content Asset
  • Ready To Rank
  • Revenue-Focused
  • Unlimited Revisions

A+ Content

5,000+ Words
$ 380
/Content Asset
  • Ready To Rank
  • Revenue-Focused
  • Unlimited Revisions

What A+ Content Can Do For You

If done right, A+ Content can fuel your entire business. It drives traffic and sells your products at the same time.

How We Increased Monthly Traffic Value from $5,194 to $126,198 for Aloa.co

A case study with David Pawlan, Head of Marketing
Updated on July 05, 2023

How We Increased Organic Search Traffic For Estuary By 2,407%

A case study with David Yaffe, Co-Founder at Estuary
Updated on June 12, 2023

How We’ve Added $30,298 Worth of Traffic to Close.com

A case study with Ramin Assemi, Marketing
Updated on September 05, 2023

Questions? Check out our FAQs

What is A+ Content?

A+ Content are human-written, fully SEO-optimized content assets that are focused on driving revenue and traffic, with a guarantee of 100% actionable content and unlimited revisions.

What makes A+ Content different?

Novum’s A+ Content stands out due to its alignment with search intent, crucial for sustained traffic, and its effectiveness in not just ranking highly on Google but also driving leads and revenue.

What industries do you cover?

At Novum, we specialize in creating versatile, SEO-optimized blog content suitable for any business, be it B2B or B2C. Our team of skilled writers is proficient in a variety of blog styles, including informative ‘How-To’ guides, engaging listicles, and detailed, in-depth articles.

These posts not only provide valuable information but also establish your brand as a trusted expert in your industry, ultimately driving sales and enhancing your online presence.

Can you help create blog topics tailored to my needs?

Absolutely! We’re keen on developing blog topics that align precisely with search intent, ensuring the best results for your site.

Just provide us with a brief overview of your content needs and your website to assist us in matching your content style. This way, we can tailor topics that resonate with your audience and objectives.

How long does it take to receive A+ Content?

Our standard delivery time for A+ Content is between 3-5 days. However, for bulk orders exceeding 20 articles, the timeframe might extend.

Additionally, if you opt for a dedicated writer, please note that crafting high-quality, brain-intensive A+ content typically takes one day per article.

In what format will I receive my completed content?

We deliver all completed projects in a Google Doc format.

This allows you the flexibility to download the content in your preferred format or directly copy and paste it into your website’s CMS for online publication.

Can I use the same writer for all my blog writing projects?

Yes, absolutely! If you require content on a regular basis, we highly recommend opting for a dedicated writer. This ensures consistency in tone, style, and understanding of your company’s products and ethos.

What if I'm not satisfied with the content?

If the content doesn’t meet your expectations, we are more than willing to make necessary changes.

We are committed to ensuring that you are completely satisfied with every piece of content we deliver. Just let us know your specific concerns, and we will revise the content to align with your requirements.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our work, ensuring you receive nothing less than excellence. If you’re not completely satisfied with our SEO service, you will get a full refund. No questions asked.

Let's make SEO your most profitable acquisition channel