7+ Best Live Chat Software For 2022 [An Honest Review]

Live Chat Software

Set up the best live chat software on your website to provide your customers with real-time assistance. If you’re shopping for one, this honest review can guide you to make an informed decision.

Customer satisfaction is every business’ top priority. This is why providing live chat support becomes the most effective form of communication you can offer.

It saves your customers valuable time searching for your contact details and getting answers to their queries fast, meaning possible improvements in lead generation and even conversion rates.

Over the 10 years of running my business, I’ve explored and tested tons of chat software, particularly Zendesk and Userlike, but it got me wondering if there are other software out there that can do more?

Today, I’ll share my top 7+ recommendations, including their top features, pricing tiers, and more.

What Is The Best Live Chat Software?

If you’re in a hurry, here are my top three picks: Tawk.to, ProProfs Chat, and LiveAgent.






Best overall. Chat platform with centralized customer centers. Available for free.Best value for money. Affordable live chat for teams and agents. Starts at $10/month.Most features. Live chat with personalization features for teams. Starts at $29/agent.
Try Tawk.toTry ProProfsTry LiveAgent

Now, here’s the full guide that you’ll need to choose which is best for your business.

1. Tawk.to – Top Pick

Tawk.to: Customizable Live Chat Software

Customizable Live Chat Software For Businesses Of All Types [Free]

Most customer service software offers a free-forever plan or limited-time trial version. Tawk.to stands out when it offers 100% free live chat tools for businesses to enjoy.

That’s right, you can provide quality support to your customers without spending tons of money, this is especially useful for small businesses that are looking to improve their messaging platforms to communicate with customers.

They also made it easy to use and set up for optimal convenience. Upon account creation, you will be provided with a centralized customer command center (a.k.a dashboard).

Inside the dashboard, you can personalize and manage your account.

Tawk.to Dashboard

Also, this is where you can get the chat widget code you need to copy and paste into your website. It will work immediately upon saving.

Here’s a checklist given by Tawk.to, to help you customize your account:

  • Add an image as your personal profile
  • Set up aliases
  • Upload a property image
  • Invite property members
  • Download the Tawk.to mobile app
  • Customize your widget design
  • Add an attention grabber
  • Customize your widget content and cards
  • Set up triggers
  • Activate the widget scheduler
  • Create shortcuts
  • Create a knowledge base

One of the best things about the dashboard is that you can manage multiple websites or chat widgets simultaneously. The key is to set up each website as its own property.

Tawk.to Add Property

Properly do so, and you will get the following perks:

  • Generate separate reports for each website
  • Customize each chat widget and create a unique set of responses
  • Create a built-in knowledge base for each property
  • Assign separate teams of agents for each property

Customizing the chat widgets helps to engage with customers. But you can further boost your customer engagement by translating the conversation into their native language.

Tawk.to can efficiently do so because they support more than 45 localized languages.

You can also add any of the 1,880+ emojis available so your customers can express what they want to say more clearly.

Aside from this, Tawk.to also has an artificial chatbot for quick FAQs for users to enjoy. This streamlines the process for concerns as any questions that can be answered by the chatbot can save precious time for chat agents to follow up on much more important queries.

What’s great about this chatbot is that if ever your live chat system is temporarily down, it can still continue to communicate with customers offline and serve as an automated messaging system to inform customers when they can have a live chat with customer representatives.

If you’re wondering whether or not this system can be used on other platforms then worry no longer as Tawk.to can also easily be integrated with the following for instant messaging:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Slack
  • Google Analytics
  • Shopify
  • WordPress (Website Chat Integration)
  • Zapier (SMS)
  • Cloudfare

and many more other platforms from eCommerce solutions to CRM systems.

Tawk.to is also available on iOS and Android phones with corresponding mobile applications made readily available for team members or solo business owners to use on the go. This serves to further improve workflows on communications to ensure an omnichannel approach when it comes to dealing with clients.

Pros And Cons Of Tawk.to

Allows you to add multiple widgets for different purposes (language, settings, etc.)Support agent doesn’t have the power to end a chat conversation; their only option is to hit the red “ban” button
Only a visitor can end a chat conversationFound a few bugs inside the platform
Chat widget doesn’t have an impact on the website’s loading speedIn-chat payments and automated translation features are still in beta versions
Supports different file and image formats (total of 6)

Tawk.to Pricing Plan

Tawk.to: 100% Free

Tawk.to is only a few of the chat software providers that offer completely free chat software. Create an account, and you can immediately use its feature-rich platform.

You only need to pay when you purchase add-ons.

Currently, there are four add-ons available, and they are listed as follows:

  • Remove Tawk.to Branding: $19/mo.
  • Hire Live Agents: $1/hr.
  • Hire Virtual Assistants: $7/hr.
  • Use Video Chat + Voice Calls, and Two-Way Screen Sharing: $29/mo.

Create an account now and explore all the add-ons’ functionalities (under Settings).

2. ProProfs Chat – Best Value For Money

ProProfs Chat: Affordable Live Chat Software

Affordable Live Chat Software [Free | $10 a month/operator]

Proactive live chat can increase your customer satisfaction and retention. This happens to be where ProProfs Chat excels at.

They provide tons of features that can help you engage with your customers and new visitors.

With their chat invitation pop-up, you can leverage an excellent tool that engages visitors to initiate a conversation. This is a small yet effective gesture to let them know that your operators are always ready to help.

You can create manual or automated chats to provide a personalized experience for each visitor.

Other features you can use to engage your customers are listed as follows:

  • Offer product tours
  • Add announcements for your latest updates or introduce upcoming products
  • Send chat invites as your visitors browse through the product inventory
  • Set the preferred language of your visitors (70+ languages to choose from)
ProProfs Chat Guide: Set Language

If your support team’s goal is to increase sales opportunities, you can customize your chat experience based on your visitors’ behavior.

As standard, you can set personalized chat greetings for your visitors. You can even add a pre-chat form to gather important details such as name and email.

Ensure to connect your account to a CRM platform like Salesforce and Zoho CRM for quick and secure storing of all information you’ve collected.

You can also create chat routing rules to ensure all visitor’s concerns will go directly to the right department or operator. Its intelligent routing algorithm guarantees to minimize the waiting time by providing instant response to your customers.

The best part of ProProfs Chat live chat solutions…

No matter what industry your business belongs to, you will get the best value for money.

Pros And Cons Of ProProfs Chat

Two methods are available for installing live chatAdvanced and custom integrations, API, & single sign-on are only available for the Enterprise plan
Provides personalized greetings and announcements to engage website visitorsLack of social media functions
Uses canned messages to minimize customer queue time
Chat dashboard via the web, desktop app, or mobile app

ProProfs Chat Pricing Plan

ProProfs Chat Pricing Plan

ProProfs Chat is initially offered in three monthly/annual subscription plans. Each plan’s price is based on the number of operators you added.

Here are the offered plans at a glance – all are set for one operator:

  • Essentials ($10/mo./operator): You can add up to 5 operators and get access to its apps (mobile, web, and desktop), basic canned responses and reports, and more.
  • Premium ($15/mo./operator): You can add up to 10 operators. You can also get all the advanced features, custom branding, and other important admin controls.
  • Enterprise (Custom pricing): The recommended plan for businesses with more than 10 operators per department or group. You may contact the sales team to get a personalized quote designed for your specific needs.

Try any plan for free by signing up for its 15-day trial version.

If you prefer to get the live chat and help desk package of ProProfs Chat, you can choose from its three plans.

Start with its free plan to explore its interface risk-free.

3. LiveAgent – Most Features

LiveAgent: Full-Featured Live Chat Software

LiveAgent is renowned for its fully-featured help desk software that’s proven effective in personalizing your customer interactions and resolving issues.

For maximum efficiency, its platform is equipped with six customer-centric products:

  • Advanced ticketing system
  • Live chat
  • Call center software
  • Social media customer service software
  • Knowledge base for a self-service option
  • Customer portal software

Let’s focus more on its live chat features.

As of writing, there are 15 features available for its live chat software. By default, you can add chat buttons to your website.

You can customize its appearance to make it stand out (change its shape, add animations, and others).

You can also use any of the following:

  • Real-time chat
  • Proactive chat invitations
  • Chat button gallery
  • Chat window docking
  • Chat history
  • Monitor online visitors
  • Chats overview
  • Chat invitation gallery
LiveAgent Guide: Chat Invitation Gallery Sample

Speed is the key to eliminating long waiting times.

LiveAgent resolves this problem by providing various chat distribution methods. You can distribute chats evenly by assigning chat conversations to random available agents or ring all agents to notify that a customer is waiting.

You also have the option to pre-set priorities and automatically route incoming chats to any agents with the:

  • Longest downtime since their last chat session
  • Lowest number of active chats
  • Or, maximum utilization

A real-time typing view is also provided, an excellent feature that allows your agents to see what the visitor is typing even before hitting the send button. This gives the agent ample time to search for the correct answer or reference.

“I’ve chosen LiveAgent as the most features because it’s equipping its platform with tools based on the type of user. For example, an individual user can start with a real-time typing view feature, while SMB owners can get more like internal chat and website visitor tracking.”

Burkhard Berger

Pros And Cons Of LiveAgent

Includes toll-free phone support on top of their email, international phone line, chat, & social mediaNot allowed to downgrade from a paid plan to a free plan
Includes 180+ help desk features & 200 integrations for various communication channelsComplex account setup compared to its competitors
Customizable chat buttons and can integrate into your website by simply copying and pasting a generated codeCost can pile up quickly with its additional monthly fee included for selected features.

LiveAgent Pricing Plan

LiveAgent Pricing Plan

LiveAgent live chat software is available in three plans:

  • Free: You can add one live chat button to your website, access basic reports, and more.
  • Ticket+Chat ($29/mo./agent): This plan provides you with tools to manage an unlimited volume of email ticketing and live chat queries.
  • All-inclusive ($39/mo./agent): This provides quality support to your customers without limitations with additional 180+ help desk features.

The paid subscription plans include a 14-day free trial. Signup for an account now and get full access to all features included in your preferred plan.

4. Tidio – All-Around Marketing & Communication Tool

Tidio: Lightest Live Chat Software

Lightest Live Chat Software [Free | $15 a month/operator]

Getting the best online chat software provides tons of perks to your business growth. However, most of them can impact your website’s speed performance in a bad way.

This is where Tidio live chat solutions shine.

It’s one of the fastest and lightest chat software available in the market today. Correctly add it to your website or online store, and it will work seamlessly without a single drop of loading speed.

The installation process is also made easy for maximum convenience.

There are two methods you can use, and the simplest is using a plugin. Simply go to the app market of your chosen web platform (WordPress, Shopify, etc.) and select the Tidio Chat.

Most of the platforms provide a no-coding installation which is ideal for beginners and newbies.

The last method available is perfect for tech-savvies – install Tidio using Javascript code. It’s still considered easy because you just need to copy the generated Javascript code before your website’s closing </body> tag.

Tidio Guide: Install Chat via Javascript Code

Don’t forget to save once done, and check your website if it works perfectly.

Other amazing features you can take advantage of when you purchase a subscription plan are listed as follows:

  • Viewed pages
  • Visitor lists
  • Live typing
  • Automate chats using AI
  • Live chat customization tools

Pros And Cons Of Tidio

No monthly limit on live chat messages is set for all subscription plansOnly support four languages for translating your admin panel
Add live chat to multiple websites and/or online storesNo available phone support
Manage and access all conversions using its browser widget, desktop app, or mobile appCan add live chat widget to multiple websites or online stores, but it will share the same behavior settings and appearance.
Provide two options for adding the live chat into a website or online store

Tidio Pricing Plan

Tidio Pricing Plan

Tidio subscription plans are created per product. If you want to get a firsthand experience of all its products, you can start with the free plan.

The free plan may have limited access to the features, but your three operators can do so much:

  • Send 500 emails per month
  • Accommodate unlimited chats with 100 unique visitors per month
  • Access to its desktop and mobile apps
  • Use third-party app integration
  • And, use Javascript API with a simple copy and paste of snippet code

Once you’re ready to commit to a subscription plan, you can get the Communicator plan.

At $15/month/operator, you can get all the free features with additional advanced features. You can also add up to 40 operators to your account.

It includes a 7-day free trial, an excellent option for anyone who wants to test drive all the paid features.

5. ClickDesk – Run On Unlimited Websites

ClickDesk: Live Chat Software With Three-Way Conferencing Features

Live Chat Software With Three-Way Conferencing Features [Free | $12.99 a month/agent]

Personalizing the customer experience is essential in increasing conversions. Most online chat software allows you to send proactive chat greetings based on visitors’ behavior, location, and more.

ClickDesk takes it to the next level by adding an intuitive map and pre-chat survey features.

The maps allow you to view the real-time information of your visitors. You can filter the information by web activity, chat status, country, and more.

You can see the information once you hover your mouse pointer toward a specific visitor.

On the other hand, the pre-chat survey is ideal for collecting visitors’ names and email addresses from your website or online store. You can use it via plugin integration.

ClickDesk supports a wide range of web platforms and eCommerce sites.

You can also use this method to expand your live chat functionalities. You can integrate it with accounting software, communication platforms, and so on.

ClickDesk: Plugin Integrations

The best part of this live chat software is that you can add it to as many websites, blogs, or online stores as you want. You can customize each chat window to ensure it will match each site.

To make your customer comfortable speaking with your agents, you can translate the conversations into their native language.

Currently, ClickDesk supports 90+ localized languages worldwide.

You can also help a customer by group via three-way conferencing. There are more advanced webchat features included in the platform; make sure to explore them before getting started.

Pros And Cons Of ClickDesk

Flexible pricing plans (billed monthly, annual, or every 2 years)Mobile app only available for Android devices
Translation feature supports 90+ localized languagesCustomer support response time needs improvement (one support ticket can take days to get a reply)
Includes 99.5% SLA & SSL encryption

ClickDesk Pricing Plan

ClickDesk Pricing Plan

Most online chat software provides monthly and annual subscription plans. ClickDesk offers more payment flexibility by offering a discounted 2-year option.

It may seem like a longer lock-in, but it’s not because you can downgrade and cancel it at any time.

There are a total of four plans, and all include a 30-day money-back guarantee. Here’s a glimpse of each plan:

  • Free: This plan accommodates 30 chats, 25 tickets, localizes the language of your chat widget, and more.
  • Lite ($12.99/mo./agent): The Lite plan includes unlimited chats with additional access to chat transfers and groups, 99.5% uptime and SSL security, and more.
  • Pro ($21.99/mo./agent): This one is the ideal plan to get advanced features like chat conferencing, video chat, and more.
  • Enterprise ($33.99/mo./agent): The Enterprise plan, on the other hand, is the recommended plan for businesses handling unlimited domains, requiring white label features, and more.

If you have custom requirements, you can contact the sales team via email (sales@clickdesk.com) to get a personalized pricing quote. Otherwise, you can visit their site to learn more.

LiveChat: Online Customer Service Software With Excellent Chat Support Features

Online Customer Service Software With Excellent Chat Support Features [$16 a month/agent]

LiveChat is another online customer service software included in my list. Its platform combines the functionalities of online chat, help desk software, and web analytics.

Together, they can help you enhance the overall efficiency of your customer service.

All features and tools included are neatly placed inside the account dashboard for accessibility. If you need anything, ease your mind that it can only be done in a few simple clicks.

LiveChat Guide: Account Dashboard

You can add the chat widget to your website like other live chat software by copying the generated code. Then, paste it before the </body> tag on every page of your website.

Once you successfully do so, you can start customizing the chat widget’s appearance, color, and select between light or dark mode settings.

You can add the chat widget to multiple websites where each holds a customized look. You can also set its language to your customer’s native tongue.

As of writing, LiveChat supports 48+ localized languages worldwide.

From here, you can send interactive greetings to increase customer engagement further. You can personalize each greeting based on the following:

  • Time spent on the website
  • Location
  • Visited web pages

To ensure your agents can reply fast and accurately answer all customer questions, LiveChat offers the following chat tools:

  • Message Sneak-Peek: Display customers’ messages before they can send them.
  • Canned Responses: Include a one-click save for quick searching of standard answers.
  • Chat Tags: Essential elements to use for filtering reports
  • Rich Messages: Perfect to use for displaying product recommendations
  • File Sharing: Agents and customers can share files by simply dragging and dropping them into the chat.

It has become highly recommended for eCommerce sites because LiveChat includes tons of features created specifically for its benefits.

A few of these features are listed as follows:

  • Integrations to sales, CRM, and eCommerce platforms
  • Goal and sales tracker
  • Reports include tickets, queue abandonment, tracked sales, achieved goals, and more.
  • Customer details

“Though it’s recommended for the eCommerce industry, it still works best for teams belonging to software and IT companies, education entities, financial institutions, and so on.”

Burkhard Berger

Pros And Cons Of LiveChat

Simple to set up and useGlitches would appear at times
Chatbot can handle low to high volumes of casesMobile app interface isn’t as reliable as with the desktop browser
Plenty of customization options for personalizing the chat widget
Supports 48 languages to match the language of your website and chat widgets

LiveChat Pricing Plan

LiveChat Pricing Plan

No matter your team or company’s size, LiveChat can help you win your prospects and get more business.

Its complete customer service solutions are offered in four subscription plans:

  • Starter ($16/mo./agent): Ideal for teams and individuals working from home or in a small office. It provides tools for archiving 60-day chat history and email transcripts, basic widget customization tools, and more.
  • Team ($33/mo./agent): Ideal for eCommerce support teams. It provides you tools to set up your business goals, access sales tracker, allows file sharing, and more.
  • Business ($50/mo./agent): For bigger companies, you can get this plan to get complete access to full widget customization, data security, ticketing system, and other advanced features.
  • Enterprise (Custom Pricing): You may contact a sales representative to get a personalized pricing quote if you need enterprise-grade security and customer support requirements.

The prices stated above are set in an annual billing period. You can also choose a monthly subscription plan if you prefer a shorter lock-in commitment.

Explore what LiveChat can do for your support team by signing up for its 14-day free trial version.

7. Olark – Accessible For Everyone

Olark: Easy-To-Use Live Chat Software

Easy-To-Use Live Chat Software With ADA Compliance & Exceeds WCAG 2.1 AA Standards [$29 a month/seat]

Olark may not be as popular as other online live chat software. However, it remains to stand out because of its extreme accessibility to all humans.

They deliver it by allowing users to use a mouse, screen reader, or keyboard in navigating their web-based platform. If you’re not a fan of tiny text, you can use screen magnifiers or browser zoom settings to enlarge the text size.

On top of that, its chatbox complies with Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and WCAG 2.1 AA standards.

Olark Guide: Certified by Accessibility Professionals

Let’s now take a closer look at Olark’s incredible chat features and tools:

  • File-Sharing: Support six file formats to share and receive through the chatbox.
  • Chat Transfers: Reassign chat conversations to the right agent
  • Visitor Details: View visitor’s essential details like names and locations
  • Chat Notifications: Stay on top of the new chat messages by receiving desktop notifications.
  • Visitor Page Tracking: Track down all the web pages your visitors visited on your site.
  • Customization: Make your chat box pretty and professional by adding your logo, including themes, and setting the preferred language.
  • Automation: Save time by setting up an excellent chat routing system, canned responses, automatic greeter, and more.

Get a clear overview of all the activities happening in your account and chat interactions through chat analytics. Depending on your preference, you can set to receive all reports daily, weekly, or monthly.

All reports are sent to your email inbox.

Olark is aware of the danger of trolls; that’s why it added an IP ban to its security features. It works by hiding the chatbox for specific IP addresses and instantly blocks trolls.

Other security features it offers are:

  • Provide GDPR consent options
  • Data redaction
  • Data encryption (AES symmetric encryption)

Pros And Cons Of Olark

Provides two permission levels for better account managementCustomizing the chat experience require coding
Supports 100+ languages for translation, including right-to-left language like HebrewSteep learning curve
Includes an excellent search function on the live chat transcriptsLive chat translation offered as add-on

Olark Pricing Plan

Olark Pricing Plan

Olark offers the most straightforward subscription plans. You can start with its $29/mo./seat plan, where you can get access to all its provided features.

If you want more, you can purchase any of its PowerUps (optional add-ons).

  • Live Chat Translation: $29/mo.
  • Non-Branded Chat Box: $59/mo.
  • Visitor Insights – Social: $59/mo.
  • Visitor Insights – Social & Professional: $99/mo.
  • Cobrowsing: $99/mo.

If you have custom and demanding requirements, it’s recommended to get the Olark Pro plan. Contact a sales representative to set up an introductory call.

8. Pure Chat – Best Known For Simplicity

Pure Chat: Live Chat Software For Small to Mid-Sized Teams

Live Chat Software For Small To Mid-Sized Teams [$39 a month]

Simplicity is often misunderstood as basic and unexceptional. But for live chat software, simplicity reflects its ease of use and setup.

This is precisely what Pure Chat is built for.

Getting started will only take a few minutes of your time. Simply copy the generated code and paste it into your website, and viola, you can immediately chat with your customers and prospects.

It includes a widget editor, so you can customize the chat widget and reflect your brand.

You can also control how it will look and work on desktop and mobile devices through the editor.

Aside from the editor, Pure Chat also provides a clean and intuitive dashboard where you can access all its other features. A few of the features included are the following:

  • Real-time visitor analytics
  • Visitor tracking
  • Contact history
  • Trigger-based actions and alerts
  • Comprehensive account statistics and reports
  • Security Roles (admin, power users, and operators)
  • Engagement hub

You can also integrate your favorite sales, CRM, and email marketing platforms like HubSpot, Mailchimp, and more.

Pure Chat Setup Guides

If you never use live chat software before, Pure Chat provides setup guides to help you get started.

Pros And Cons Of Pure Chat

Includes a built-in editor for easy customization of the chat boxDashboard for operators is available in English
Provides two options for adding the chat widget on websites & online storesBasic subscription plan includes Pure Chat branding
Setup guides available for various websites and eCommerce hostsLimited options to contact customer support (email only)

Pure Chat Pricing Plan

Pure Chat Pricing Plan

Get all Pure Chat’s top features by purchasing any of two monthly/annual subscription plans:

  • Growth ($39/mo.): This plan lets you set up a chatbox on one website and add four operators.
  • Pro ($79/mo.): As for this one, it allows you to set up a chatbox on multiple websites (unlimited), add up to 10 operators, and get complete access to all its advanced features.

Sign up for an account and try your desired plan free of charge for 30 days.


Amazing experiences build trust and loyalty, and this is why live chat support has become the most effective and customer’s favorite form of communication.

All the online chat software I’ve discussed is feature-rich and effective. But if I have to pick the best, I’ll go with LiveChat.

Its platform is built with the combined capabilities of online chat, help desk software, A.I.-powered automation, and web analytics. Together, they equip your support team to stay proactive and instantly provide assistance to your customers.

They can also keep them engaged by properly using all the customer engagement features available to them.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the reports and analytics features. These tools can help you understand your agents’ performance, customer satisfaction, and how your business can increase conversions.

It may be feature-rich, but it remains easy to use, administrate and set up.

Do you have a favorite online chat software? Share it with us by leaving a message in the comment section.

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