7+ Best IT Management Software For 2022 [An Honest Review]

IT Management Software

An IT management software is important for every organization irrespective of its size. IT management requires solutions that can help companies improve their network security and quality of service. Further, you can easily automate tasks that are repetitive or too trivial so you can streamline your processes better. 

Being an entrepreneur for the last 10 years, I’ve tried and tested many IT management tools. The experience taught me what to look for in IT management software.

Continue to read about my top 7+ picks and how they compare with each other.

Let’s begin.

What Is The Best IT Management Software?

Here’s a quick look at my top 3 picks: Ivanti, NinjaOne, and Site24x7.

Ivanti (R)


NinjaOne (G)


Site24x7 (V)

Best overall. Complete IT management with machine learning and artificial intelligence.Best for accessibility. User-friendly interface and robust IT management features.Most features. Excellent IT management and Network control. Starts at $35/month.
Try IvantiTry NinjaOneTry Site24x7

My top 3 picks are based on several factors, some of which include:

  • Quality of service
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Governance and reducing risk
  • Increase competitive advantage
  • Improve flexibility
  • Increase agility for new IT services

Now, let’s delve deeper into my top 7+ picks and see how each one of them performs.

1. Ivanti – Top Pick

Ivanti Hompage

Best IT Management Solution For ITSM [Custom/Demo Available]

Ivanti is placed at the top of this list because its IT suite has it all. This IT management software is powered by machine learning and deep intelligence, which means it is not the average software. Your infrastructure is an important part of the business whether it is servers or cloud-based, protecting it is of the highest priority. 

However, problems in the organization can cause productivity to decrease quickly. Ivanti, being an intuitive software, can help resolve issues before they become too massive to control. With IT management like this, you’ll be able to provide quality services to everyone, everywhere – knowing well that troubleshooting issues are the least of your concerns.

In terms of the company’s products, the Ivanti IT management suite takes care of all assets within the platform. Having a single point of control, Ivanti keeps an eagle eye on the IT assets of the organization. Further, you can also connect with vendors to monitor every single purchase, without any hassle.

Here are some of the features offered by Ivanti:

  • IT Network Health: Ensure the health of your IT infrastructure and optimize further to scale better and quicker. 
  • Automated Workflows: IT management encompasses many things, you can automate the tasks that can be easily done and taken care of by the software.
  • Software License Tracking: This feature allows users to reclaim licenses that are unused and ensures compliance through asset tracking.
Ivanti dashboard

Moving on, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Ivanti.

Pros And Cons Of Ivanti

Comes with insightful help deskRequires training to use
Has centralized IT managementPoor software interface 
Extremely reliable to use
Highly scalable software

Let’s see how much you need to pay to get these amazing features.

Ivanti Pricing Plan

Ivanti has a custom pricing plan. You’ll have to visit the website and discuss your IT needs with customer support to get a quote. Try the demo to experience this software firsthand.

2. NinjaOne – Most User-Friendly IT Management Software

NinjaOne Hompage

Effective For IT Infrastructure & RMM [Custom/Free Trial Available]

NinjaOne, previously known as NinjaRMM, is a famous IT management software for businesses of all sizes. The software comes with a free trial for you to check out. Whether it’s a managed service provider (MSPS) or IT service management, NinjaOne delivers exceptional tools within the software that advance your IT infrastructure and help you manage, monitor, improve and secure your services.  

With this monitoring solution, you can secure your servers and network devices whether they are on Mac, laptops, or Windows. With NinjaOne Remote Monitoring and Management or RMM and PSA service, you can monitor the health of the following devices: 

  • Workstations
  • Windows servers
  • Laptops
  • Firewalls
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • other SNMP devices

Using NinjaOne, you’ll receive one of the best customer support services which is a big benefit since many SaaS now provide average customer support. NinjaOne is completely cloud-based which means it is easily accessible. Along with having a modern, fast and intuitive UI, NinjaOne will provide you with all the tools you need to successfully manage your business’s IT.

Here are some of the key features offered by NinjaOne:

  • Activity Dashboard: Easily check network health and fulfill all of IT’s needs. Further, you can also check opened tickets, and resolved and unresolved tickets as well. 
  • Asset Management: Ensure maximum life for your assets and improve their overall performance through NinjaOne’s asset management feature.
  • Activity Tracking: This is an exciting feature since it allows IT managers to track the network’s security and health. Moreover, you can also check how your employees spend the day working. This is a good feature to ensure productivity whether it’s for employees or the IT infrastructure.
ninjaone dashboard

Moving on, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of NinjaOne.

Pros And Cons Of NinjaOne

Effective network managementCan improve on features
Equipped software inventoryToo many functionalities 
24/7 Service desk support
Has remote software access

Let’s move on NinjaOne’s pricing.

NinjaOne Pricing Plan

This IT management software comes with a free trial. You can visit their website to get a custom price. You’ll only pay for the features you’ll use and the number of devices you connect.

3. Site24x7 – Most Robust IT Management Tool

site24x7 homepage

All-in-One IT Management Solution [Starting at $35/mo]

Site24x7 has all the tools necessary to enable monitoring on a single platform that we consider to be a good IT management solution. Besides server monitoring, this tool also monitors applications, networks, and websites. In addition to having strong features, it also offers APIs and can be accessed through a wide range of third-party applications. You can also monitor load balancers, storage, and printers as well as switches, routers, and firewalls

Using the solution, you can understand how users interact with websites and apps on desktops and mobile devices. The monitoring capabilities of Site24x7 ensure that applications, servers, and network infrastructure, including cloud and private clouds, can be monitored and troubleshooted by the team. A global network of 110+ locations and various wireless carriers are responsible for monitoring end-user experiences.

Here are some of the key features offered by Site24x7:

  • Monitor Website Performance: Thanks to 110+ global locations (including wireless carriers) you can monitor your internet services. FTP service, SSL/TLS certificate, SMTP server, POP server, HTTPS, DNS server, SOAP, and many more websites that you can track for performance and efficiency.
  • Server Monitoring: Site24x7 provides root cause analysis which helps pinpoint outage issues and other server-related problems. You also have the option to create custom plugins to check the critical attributes of the server. For systems, it works on VMware, FreeBSD, Linux, Windows, Docker, Kubernetes, and Nutanix.
  • Network Monitoring: You can monitor your network devices that directly affect your networks such as firewalls, switches, and routers. To manage complex networks, you need deep visibility into network performance – Site24x7 excels here.
Site24x7 features

Next, we look into the pros and cons of Site24x7.

Pros And Cons Of Site24x7

Schedules regular software updatePoor customer support
Easy to useDifficult to scale 
High Accessibility
Equipped with real-time network notifications

Now, let’s move on to Site24x7’s pricing.

Site24x7 Pricing Plan

Site24x7 pricing

This IT management tool provides 4 plans along with a 30-day free trial. Let’s take a look at the pricing plans:

  • Pro ($35/mo): Pro plan provides 3 advanced monitors, 5 network monitoring interfaces, 500 MB logs, purchasable add-ons, multi-user, premium support, and third-party integrations.
  • Classic ($89/mo): Classic plan provides 5 advanced monitors, 10 network monitoring interfaces, 500 MB logs plus everything included in the previous plan.
  • Elite ($225/mo): Elite plan provides 10 advanced monitors, 50 network monitoring interfaces, 1 GB logs plus everything included in the previous plans.
  • Enterprise ($449/mo): The enterprise plan provides 25 advanced monitors, 100 network monitoring interfaces, 1 GB logs plus everything included in the previous plans.

If you’re just starting out, the Pro plan is perfect for your IT management needs.

4. Electric – Lightning-Fast IT Support

Electric Homepage

Easy-To-Use IT Management Tool [Demo Available]

Electric is a modern IT management and support software that provides lightning-fast IT services through its unique features. Electric works with both, on-premise and remote businesses, making it accessible to all. When it comes to IT, one thing that matters the most is the ability to provide IT issue resolutions and security without any delay. Electric fulfills this role by taking care of your IT environment (servers, networks, and everything within it) – all in real-time. 

Electric, just like any other good IT management solution, provides ITSM,  meaningful integrations that can stack well with your business and help you automate processes without any hassle. Some of the important integrations include:

  • Cisco Meraki 
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Kaseya
  • Slack
  • Asana
  • Trello
  • Dropbox
  • Mailchimp
  • DocuSign
  • Okta
  • Zoom
  • Box 

Real-time collaboration, tracking, custom reports, and workflow configuration make it easy to communicate with team members.

Here are some of the features offered by Electric:

  • Security Management: You can relax knowing that your network is secure and constantly monitored.
  • Status Reports: Get real-time reports on the status of open projects.
  • Dedicated Customer Support: A team of 100+ IT support technicians responds to requests within 10 minutes. 
Electric Feature

Next, we look into the pros and cons of Electric.

Pros And Cons Of Electric

Real-time IT supportRequires training
Helpful customer supportPoor interface
Real-time notifications 
Ease of accessibility

Now, let’s move on to Electric’s pricing.

Electric Pricing Plan

Electric provides a demo account for you to test the IT management software’s capabilities and functionalities. Contact customer support to get your demo account.

5. Monday.com – Highly Secure And Compliant IT Automation Tool

Monday homepage

Top-Tier IT Management For All Businesses [Free Version Available]

Monday.com is an effective IT management software that helps provide project and task management tools that gel well with the IT tool. Even those users who are starting from scratch will find it extremely intuitive and customizable

Monday.com’s core mission is to simplify IT services for users. You can easily track orders, check inventory, conduct onboarding, and manage supply as well. The biggest advantage of Monday.com is that it fits perfectly with many applications and services further increasing its automation capabilities. All in all, you get IT management and also the ability to stay connected to your team in a unified platform.

Here are some of the features offered by Monday.com:

  • Team Collaborations: Using Monday.com, you can collaborate and work alongside your colleagues. Whether they are internal or external stakeholders, you’ll always be in sync and work on projects or processes of all sizes.
  • Birds-Eye View: Get every important update directly on one page to monitor the data center. 
  • Advanced Security:  Monday.com provides extra security for your IT infrastructure in the form of session management, SSO, and audit logs.
Monday features

Next, we look into the pros and cons of Monday.com.

Pros And Cons Of Monday.com

Customized ticketing systemRequires training
Effective network trackingPoor user interface
Useful integrations 

Now, let’s move on to Monday.com’s pricing.

If you’re getting overwhelmed with unecessary notifications from varying boards, you can opt to remove yourself as a board member or change the notification settings from your end. This is applicable to all users of Monday.com making it easy and convenient to track important updates.

Burkhard Berger

Monday.com Pricing Plan

Monday pricing

Monday.com provides a free individual account for up to 2 seats. For paid pricing follow options are available:

  • Basic ($24/mo): The basic plan is billed at $24/month. It provides iOS/Android access, dedicated customer support, a customized dashboard (based on 1 board), 5 GB storage, and unlimited free viewers.
  • Standard ($30/mo): The standard plan is billed at $30/month. It provides everything in the previous plan plus timeline & Gantt access, guest view, automation, a customized dashboard (based on 5 boards), and integrations.
  • Pro ($48/mo): The Pro plan is billed at $48/month. It provides everything in the previous plans plus private boards and docs, chart view, time tracking, and a customized dashboard (based on 10 boards).
  • Enterprise (Custom Pricing): The enterprise plan is custom for businesses, depending on their needs. It provides everything in the previous plans plus enterprise-scale automation & integrations, enterprise-grade security & governance, advanced reporting & analytics, multi-level permissions, premium support, and a customized dashboard (based on 50 boards).

For a medium to large size company, the Pro plan will be suitable as it can provide in-depth IT management and security.

6. Lansweeper – A Centralized IT Business Management Tool

Lansweeper homepage

Leading IT Project Management Software [Free Version Available]

Lansweeper’s network monitoring system is robust and allows for multiple metrics monitoring such as traffic and bandwidth utilization. Whether it is an on-site or remote network, you need higher uptime and minimum downtime. With the IT solutions provided by this tool, you’ll be able to achieve your IT goals. 

Regularly examining the health of network interfaces also gives a chance to examine any errors or hindrances in the network that can be fixed timely. Further, by providing real-time alerts, charts, graphs, dashboards, and reports, IT admins can reduce the time to repair (MTTR).

When you employ this software, your IT teams can automate multiple tasks such as reviewing policies, monitoring network inventories, launching updates and upgrades along with provisioning (and de-provisioning) of your devices. 

Here are some of the features offered by Lansweeper:

  • IT Service Ticketing System: Ticketing systems help in dealing with current and future IT-related projects and resolving them in time.
  • Analytics: Get detailed visually appealing reports directly on the cloud dashboard.
  • Incident Management: This helps companies stay on top of issues arriving in the IT infrastructure.
Lansweeper dashboard

Next, we look into the pros and cons of Lansweeper.

Pros And Cons Of Lansweeper

Dedicated customer supportComplicated navigations
Regular IT health scansPoor user interface
Useful integrations 

Now, let’s move on to Lansweeper’s pricing.

Lansweeper Pricing Plan

Lansweeper Pricing

Lansweeper is available for free with limited features. However, to try the business or enterprise plan, you’ll need to get a quote.

7. Itarian –  IT Management Solution For Better IT Productivity

Itarian Homepage

End-to-End IT Management System [Free Version Available]

Itarian provides monitoring system-level services and SSL/TLS management, this enterprise IT management system secures a website’s security. Additionally, real user monitoring can help you improve user experience by providing insight into adjustments that need to be made. Small businesses and large organizations can monitor their DevOps and IT operations with Itarian’s unified cloud monitoring service. 

You can also manage all your devices remotely without interrupting end-users with Itarian. The automation of IT will also improve the management, deployment, and configuration of devices through the automation of these steps. This tool can certainly be very beneficial to IT professionals looking to improve their company’s IT infrastructure and overall services.

Here are some of the features offered by Itarian:

  • Reporting & Statistics: You’ll receive in-depth reports and statistics. Using charts and graphs, complicated data is broken down into easy-to-understand graphical depictions. 
  • Lifecycle Management: The hardware and software you’re using come with a price tag and a limited life.
  • Asset Visibility: This feature provides an eagle-eye view and discovers assets. Using an excellent asset visibility platform, you can easily get access to vendors’ purchase information and make effective decisions.
Itarian dashboard

Next, we look into the pros and cons of Itarian.

Pros And Cons Of Itarian

Dedicated customer supportPoor integration
Easy mobile device managementLimited scalability
Intuitive interface 

Now, let’s move on to Itarian’s pricing.

Itarian Pricing Plan

Itarian offers a free version of the software which contains:

  • Ticketing system
  • Remote Control
  • Patch Management
  • Remote Management
  • IT management

Once your business reaches 50 devices, you’ll need to pay $1.25 for every endpoint above 50 devices.

8.  Freshservice – Intelligent IT Management Tool

Freshservice homepage

Unified IT Management System [Free Trial Available]

The software development for Freshservice is exceptional. The life of IT devices (from purchase to disposal) is managed by it. Effectively managing assets whether tangible or intangible is crucial for businesses. However, when you’re unable to see assets it might be difficult to manage and keep them safe. Using Freshservice’s top-notch IT asset management system, you can easily manage all assets without any hassle. 

Further, Freshservice can help your business with robust automation along with 360 IT management. Rest assured, your network will be in good hands with constant monitoring of network security, applications, databases, operating systems, and applications – all through a single platform. 

Here are some of the features offered by Freshservice:

  • IT Audits: IT infrastructure audits also help identify problems and potential concerns that may affect overall performance in the future. 
  • Lifecycle Management: In order to improve the usability of your devices, you need lifecycle management so you can stay on top of their status from hiring to retirement.
  • Analytics: You’ll never miss any critical details regarding your company’s IT infrastructure with quality reports and statistics.
Freshservice feature

Next, we look into the pros and cons of Freshservice.

Pros And Cons Of Freshservice

Real-time project dashboardComplicated interface
Interactive visualization Limited scalability
Customer-centric IT support 

Now, let’s move on to Freshservice’s pricing.

Freshservice Pricing Plan

Freshservice pricing

The free trial comes with a 21-day free trial. The paid pricing is as follows:

  • Starter ($29/mo): The starter plan comes with incident management, a knowledge base, a self-service portal, and SLA management among other basic features.
  • Growth ($59/mo): This plan includes service catalog, asset management, and purchase order management.
  • Pro ($109/mo): This plan includes alert management, analytics pro, access controls pro, team dashboards, and IP range restrictions among other advanced IT functions.
  • Enterprise ($129/mo): This plan includes agent assistance, sandbox, virtual agent, audit logs, and 20,000 orchestration transactions/mo/account.

The starter plan can help you get up to speed with the software then you can increase your plan as your company grows.

Freshservice has it’s own mobile application that you can effectively use for your team. This ensures that you have different platforms that you can use to communicate and extend the lines of convenience for rapid messaging.

Burkhard Berger

Wrapping Up

IT management software is not just limited to networks; rather they contain a range of different resources that can help solve complex problems and provide better support to multiple processes in the company. 

Ultimately, the goal of IT management solutions is to provide complete management of resources within the company.

Ivanti took the first spot since it is well suited for any kind of business and provides complete IT management and support. NinjaOne is by far the most user-friendly software in this category and Site24x7 is exceptional in providing constant network monitoring.

For small companies or new users, Monday.com might be a suitable IT management software since it has a free version. You can check every feature and decide if that’s something you want to pay for (advanced features).

Need more expert opinion on other types of software? Check out our software reviews.

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