Suburban K9 introduces a custom approach to dog training, shaped by 15 years of dedicated practice. They aim for lasting results based on the dog’s needs and the owner’s goals.

The Challenge

Suburban K9’s goal was clear but not easy to achieve: they needed to convert more website visitors into leads. The catch? A gap in internal SEO and CRO expertise.

By February 2023, their website’s traffic value was sitting at just $1,970, and they had only 91 organic keywords securing a top 3 spot in search engine results pages (SERPs). For a business that wanted to gain traction, these numbers were far from satisfying.

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The Solution

Novum worked closely with Suburban K9 to develop an action-focused SEO and content plan. We prioritized holistic SEO and content strategy and implemented technical SEO best practices to improve their online presence and drive results. We also created a Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) plan to refine their website’s user experience and increase conversion to lead ratio.

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I. SEO-Driven Content Strategy

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Suburban K9’s website content was drawing some traffic, but not the kind that turned into sales. People were visiting, but they weren’t sticking around to ask for a quote.

After identifying the problem, we did a holistic search term deconstruction, identified content gaps from Suburban K9’s biggest competitors, and determined the search intent beyond face value. The goal is to generate traffic of paying customers not just passing visitors.

II. A+ Content

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We A+ graded their existing content and made sure it was valuable in the readers’ and ‘Google’s eyes’. We also created new, rank-worthy Google-optimized content.

Additionally, we improved the semantic relevance for top-performing, competitive transactional “hub” keywords. This involved creating more in-depth content using the less competitive informational “spoke” queries, following the hub and spoke model.

III. Strategic Digital PR

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Suburban K9 needed a solid digital PR plan to tell their story, promote the latest content, and strengthen online authority.

We tapped into our established network of publishers and influencers in the software and business industries.

Identifying Suburban K9’s most valuable pages (those crucial for driving sign-ups and acquiring new clients), we secured targeted in-content links from well-respected, high-authority websites to those pages.

The Results

Within 8 months, we grew Suburban K9’s traffic by 349%.

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And increased their monthly traffic value from $1,970/mo to $9,708/mo ($116,496 annually, ?% growth).

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Managed to get 21,782 keywords indexed.

*ahrefs organic keywords graph

And grew their monthly sign-ups by ?%.

*blog attributed registrations graph

But we are just getting started.

Suburban K9’s SEO strategy is showing promising results, with content and organic traffic bringing in more sign-ups and revenue.

Ready to see how SEO can be your top acquisition channel? Let’s explore together.

Let's make SEO your most profitable acquisition channel

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Let's make SEO your most profitable acquisition channel

Let's make SEO your most profitable acquisition channel