13+ Best-Link Building Services For 2022 [100% Must Read]

Best Link Building Services

If you’re looking for the best link-building services for 2022, then you’re in the right place. In this post, I’ll introduce to you the best link-building agencies you can use so that you can increase organic traffic, improve search rankings, and even invest in high-quality content creation.

As a seasoned digital marketer, I’ve used many of these platforms before such as Moz, Page One, and other tools such as Ahrefs. If you have already invested in SEO tools such as those mentioned before then investing in SEO companies that specialize in link-building campaigns and outreach services is also worthwhile.

I’ll give you my firsthand experience and honest review on these platforms that can give you the most benefit in increasing your brand awareness.

You’ll learn which top-performing company fits your needs, their perks and drawbacks, and their pricing options that work best for your marketing services

What Is The Best Link-Building Service?

If you’re in a rush, check out my top 3 picks at a glance: TheHoth, FATJOE, and Screaming Frog.

TheHoth (R)


Fatjoe (G)


ScreamingFrog (V)

Best overall. Offers many varying options for link-building. Starts at $150/Guest Post.Best value for money. Incredibly reliable white-hat linking services for SEO. Starts at $49/Placement.Most features. Includes a desktop application for complete website mapping and crawling.
Try TheHothTry FATJOETry ScreamingFrog

1. TheHoth – Top Pick

TheHoth - Link Building Service

When it comes to link building, TheHoth is my number one pick. They offer considerably great link-building packages and SEO services in general.

Their links are legitimate and natural, plus they’ll give you a customized campaign depending on the package that you get. If you want to avail of their guest post services, then you will be allotted a certain number of articles with relevant links and an appropriate number of links for the package that you availed of.

They also have a wide range of services that you can choose from:

  • Press releases
  • Foundational links
  • Guest Blogging
  • Local directory citation
  • Content syndication
  • Blogger outreach services
  • Permanent homepage backlinks
  • Backlink profile booster

I have to say that my favorite thing about TheHoth is its customer support. 

It’s fast and helpful. If you’re still new to this sort of stuff, then you can easily contact them with any questions that you have, and they’ll be highly responsive to any customer queries.

If you have an issue with low-quality backlinks or you have trouble with time-consuming manual outreach results, or even if you just want to ask a question regarding how custom link building works, then you can easily do so from their site as TheHoth has an automated chatbot that can answer FAQs as well as relay you to a customer support representative.

Not only that, but they also have free tools that you can use for SEO, such as a keyword tool and backlink checker, and even SEO metrics.

I can say that TheHoth is a highly reputable platform that does not engage in any black hat activities such as PBNs. Black hat practices can often be a problem for this field due to their potential consequences once discovered by search engines and webmasters.

TheHoth is particularly well-known from the numerous case studies that its customers have made regarding the quality of work and guaranteed results that they put constantly deliver.

All you have to do is check out their reviews on Trustpilot and Facebook to see what’s what.

Pros And Cons Of TheHoth

Free consultationExpensive
Super responsive customer support
Top-quality articles

TheHoth Pricing Plan

TheHoth Pricing Plans

When it comes to cost, TheHoth is a bit expensive. But, they do give you tons of pricing options.

  • Guest Posts (Starts at $150): The price for this one begins at $100 (one 500-word article with DA strength of 10). The highest DA you can go for is 50 and the longest article is 2,000 words, and for quantity, you can request up to 100.
  • Foundational Link Packages ($60-$500): The cost for the lowest package includes 3 posts from high-level blogs, 6 authority website links, and 3 URLs. The price increases as the number of authority site links and articles go up.
  • Local Business Listings ($149-$549): The starter plan contains a total of 45 citations and 5 photos. Other plans also include photo-sharing sites, as well as social media and video submissions.
  • Homepage Links ($250-$875): The lowest-priced plan lets you have 5 homepage links ($50/link). But, if you purchase the other plans, you’ll get up to a 12.5% discount.
  • Backlinks Booster ($49-$149): The starter cost for this allows you to have up to 20 anchor text variations, 50 URLS, and 50 posts on high DA websites. The highest plan, on the other hand, enables up to 250 posts and URLs.
  • Content Syndication ($99): There’s only one type of plan under this, and it provides 100+ authority news distribution (DA 10-90+).
  • Local Directory Citation ($399): The same thing with content syndication; there’s only one plan available for this. You’ll receive a complete audit of all existing citations.

Get started with TheHoth’s link-building services and boost your ranking today.

2. FATJOE – Best Value For Money

Fatjoe - Link Building Service

My second recommendation and one of the best link-building SEO agencies out there is FATJOE.

Compared to TheHoth, its pricing is a lot cheaper while still retaining important features such as backlink building, link placement, and link building tactics.

They also have some interesting features like multilingual and infographic outreach.

FATOJOEO is popular for its white-hat link-building capacities. It’s trusted by almost 10,000+ digital marketing agencies when it comes to increasing referral traffics, improving organic searches, and building high-authority links.

What’s great about FATJOE is that they also have an academy, basically, a resource site that includes lots of tutorials and documentation on how search engine optimization works, how search engine rankings affect your business, and the importance of quality link building.

This resource pool is especially useful for project managers, startups, and even influences that are looking forward to getting into the world of SEO and want to learn more about the different terms, tactics, and concepts of how it works.

Couple this with the good pricing plans and tutorials, FATJOE is especially friendly for those that are new to this sort of digital marketing.

Another interesting tidbit of FATJOE is that their order processing is really simple and user-friendly. Not only that, but their dashboard is easy to navigate.

Plus, you’ll get a 10% discount on your first order.

Pros And Cons Of FATJOE

100% money-back guaranteeSmall directory posts don’t improve rankings
Affordable pricingMid-quality articles produced
Simple dashboard interface

FATJOE Pricing Plan

If you want a budget-friendly yet proven link-building service, FATJOE is for you. Here are their costs:

  • Blogger Outreach (35-360/placement): Writing and outreach is done for you. They’ll also ensure that there are no author bio links on the article.
  • Niche Edits (60-$360/placement): FATJOE provides in-content link mentions for a starting cost of $85/placement for a DA 10+ website.
  • Infographic Outreach (€35€70): Your infographic will be published on real blogs, plus they’ll provide content descriptions. The pricing depends on the domain authority of the site it’s placed on.
  • Multilingual SEO (€200-€550): As of 2022, this service extends to Spain, Argentina, France, and Italy. You also need to get in touch with FATJOE to get your custom price.

Place your order now and get started with FATJOE for as low as $49.

3. Screaming Frog – Most Features

ScreamingFrog - Link Building Service

As I mentioned earlier in the At A Glance table, Screaming Frog has an awesome interactive content feature.

I love this technique.

Their developers create games and quizzes for link-building purposes. They are particularly adept at creating blog networks and building different types of links from quality websites.

If you have certain web pages that you want to receive referral traffic and potentially increase their visibility in ranking factors, then going to Screaming Frog with their link-building is a good idea.

I’m also a fan of their graphics feature.

They have designers and SEO teams working on charts, gifs, imagery, and graphics for web sharing.

I should also tell you about the third feature that I love about them, which is social media promotion.

In this day and age, this is a must.

Not only do they have one-of-kind features, but they also let you choose from several ones making it the best all-in-one link building service. 

Here’s a list of all their services:

  • Broken link audits
  • Content marketing
  • Digital PR
  • Outreach
  • Blogging and writing
  • Linkbait

Pros And Cons Of Screaming Frog

Unique link-building strategiesPrices not posted
Strong focus on shareable graphics
Has access to talented freelance writers

Screaming Frog Pricing Plan

ScreamingFrog Pricing Plans

Unlike their popular SEO Spider Tool, their agency services have no pricing plans.

You need to request a proposal.

Their UK-based marketers will then craft a custom campaign for your needs.

Get started with Screaming Frog’s link-building services and increase your ranking on SERPs.

LinkHQ - Link Building Service

The process of acquiring links takes time.

There’s the outreach phase, where you have to get in touch with a blogger/website. Also, you need to pay special attention to creating quality content.

Aside from these, there are also hidden processes at work (ex: editing).

And so, when I first encountered Link Building HQ, I was shocked.

Their turnaround time is a whopping less than 25 days. They also provide writing services.

This is why LBHQ made it to my top four.

Free article per orderCan’t check the content in advance
Different packages per industryNot a lot of services to offer
Premium quality backlinks
Link Building HQ Pricing Plans

The fun thing about LBHQ’s pricing is that it changes per industry. It also depends on the domain authority.

Let me give you an example of their pricing plan for web hosting.

The plan starts at $50 for a single blog post consisting of 500+ words with images.

Plus, you’ll receive one destination link and an anchor text.

The other plans are the same. The only difference is that the domain authority of the site becomes higher.

Check out Link Building HQ’s cost for your industry and get lighting speed backlinks now.

5. Stellar SEO – Best Customer Service

Stellar SEO - Link Building Service

Similar to Screaming Frog, Stellar SEO offers customized services.

While transparent pricing is good to have, it’s also nice to consult with experts when it comes to strategies and the specific needs of your company.

Every business is going to be different.

That’s why it’s not necessarily a bad thing when the pricing option isn’t readily available.

As long as the company delivers and the support is great.

My experience with Screaming Frog’s customer support has been fantastic.

And if you’re looking for services like press releases, blogger outreach, and resource page link building, they’re definitely up your alley.

Pros And Cons Of Stellar SEO

US-basedResults take time
Top-quality linksNo pricing plans
Primarily focuses on contextual and manual links

Stellar SEO Pricing Plan

Stellar SEO Pricing Plans

To get in touch with Stellar SEO, you can fill out a form on their website.

You can also contact them via Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you’re based in the US, you can give them a call at (615) 953-9493.

Receive professional guidance with Stellar SEO’s concierge services and rise to the ranks.

6. Quality Guest Posts – Cheap & Fast Delivery

Quality Guest Posts - Link Building Services

As their name suggests, QGP specializes in guest posts.

They communicate with skilled bloggers and coordinate with them during the creation process.

What amazed me with my order was that the articles were totally unique. They also contained authority links as well as images.

The pricing was also lower and delivery was decently fast compared to the others on this list. 

So, if your priority is high-quality posts, I recommend Quality Guest Posts.

Pros And Cons Of Quality Guest Posts

Good quality articlesLogin needed to access services
Quick turnaround timeLong waiting list
Cost-effectiveSpammy use of contact form info

Quality Guest Posts Pricing Plan

Quality Guest Post Pricing Plans

The combination of affordability, quality, and speed doesn’t come by often.

That’s why as I said in the pros and cons section, there’s a line for QGP’s services.

They even limit the price viewing for current customers.

So, what if the three values I mentioned above are your top priorities, get in touch with Quality Guest Posts as soon as you can.

Smash Digital - Link Building Services

Let’s all be honest here.

Not all links will give you the boost you need. That’s exactly how I stumbled upon Smash Digital’s link-building service in the first place.

If you only want high-quality links, they’re your go-to company.

Their vetting process is extremely tedious.

They audit websites carefully and inspect whether this will have an impact on your rankings.

They also use Ahrefs to investigate factors like relevance, outgoing anchors, Google SERPs ranking, domain rating, etc.

Pros And Cons Of Smash Digital

Whitehat approachPremium prices
Safe links
Effective link building strategy

Smash Digital Pricing Plan

Smash Digital Pricing Plans

Pricing for Smash Digital doesn’t come cheap. It starts at $2,500.

You can consult them on your specific industry and business needs via a form on their website.

So, if quality is what you need and your budget can cover it, go ahead and contact Smash Digital and experience one of the best link-building services in the market.

Sure Oak - Link Building Services

I talked about high-quality backlinks before this.

The next one that I’ll discuss also provides top-notch links and is no doubt one of the best link-building services for 2022.

It specializes in what’s called EDU links.

These are scholarship links. They come from websites of universities, schools, and other academic institutions.

As you already guessed, these are really hard to get.

But, it’s worth it. When you have this type of backlink, your site will increase in trust and authority.

That means more traffic and a higher ranking for you.

Pros And Cons Of Sure Oak

Includes competitor analysisPricey for small businesses
Super high-quality links
Customized plans

Sure Oak Pricing Plan

Sure Oak Pricing Plans

Even though their pricing for link building is high, they do offer a free-of-charge SEO strategy review.

So, if you’re looking for .edu links to skyrocket your rankings, contact Sure Oak ASAP.

OutreachZ - Link Building Services

What I appreciate about OutreachZ is the company’s experience.

With 10 years running, they are proven to deliver great results.

Their 1-year live link is what appealed to me the most when I signed up for their program. In cases where the backlink was removed for some reason, they gave me a free-of-cost replacement.

Guest posts and blogger outreach are two of its main link-building techniques.

Pros And Cons Of OutreachZ

Authentic blogsUnclear pricing
Cheap pricing
Good quality content

OutreachZ Pricing Plan

OutReachZ Pricing Plans

Despite being one of the most affordable guest post and blogger outreach platforms I’ve tried, they’re a little shy when it comes to publishing their prices.

So, if you want a tried and tested link-building service, request a demo for OutreachZ. You won’t be disappointed!

10. The Brandon Agency – Best in PR

The Brandon Agency - Link Building Service

If your company needs link building in terms of public relations, look no further than The Brandon Agency.

They’re the best in this aspect.

I’ve experienced firsthand how awesome they are at planning, analysis, and engagements.

They also spy on your competitors, do speaking events, trade shows, and many more.

Pros And Cons Of The Brandon Agency

Specialization in PRNon-transparent costs
Great content
Decent customer support

The Brandon Agency Pricing Plan

The Brandon Agency Pricing Plans

Similar to some of the companies on my list, they don’t lay out their costs on their website.

And so, it’s up to you to discover it.

Find out how they can help you with your PR needs by giving The Brandon Agency a call or sending an email.

11. Whitespark – Best In Citation Building

Whitespark - Link Building Services

Best Option For Local Businesses [Custom]

When it comes to local citations, Whitespark is king.

I love their Google My Business management service. They also have a couple of premium tools you can use for improving your ranking.

This includes: 

  • Reputation Builder
  • Local Rank Tracker
  • Local Citation Finder

If you’re a local business, this is your white whale.

Pros And Cons Of Whitespark

Focus on local citationsUnclear costs
Many features for local SEO
Has one-time payment option

Whitespark Pricing Plan

Whitespark Pricing Plans

It’s always a good thing to get in touch with a potential partner, learn more about their company, and see what they can do for your business.

This way, you’ll know for sure if you’re a good fit with them.

And so, if you’re a local business owner, contact Whitespark today and consult them on your specific needs.

12. Newswire – Outstanding PR + Customer Support

Newswirejet - Link Building Services

Top-Tier Customer Service & Press Releases [Starts $199]

If you’re new to the link-building game and not sure how things work, you’re going to fall in love with Newswire.

I remember when I began using their service. Not only was it easy to use, but their support was amazing.

Their customer service team is super patient and helpful.

The coverage of their distribution also ranges from state, regional, national, and even global.

Pros And Cons Of Newswire

Amazing support teamSome articles don’t get picked up by target outlets
Real exposure from press releases
Quick and detailed responses to queries

Newswire Pricing Plan

Newswirejet Pricing Plans

Newswire has four types of pricing plans that depend on the level of distribution.

  • Newswire Digital ($199): This plan boosts your online visibility by allowing you to leverage Newswire’s digital network.
  • Newswire Digital Plus ($449): This one offers more exposure by extending to thousands of outlets
  • Newswire State ($499): As its name implies, you can get picked up by media in particular states, plus social media targeting.
  • Newswire National ($799): This is the biggest plan and enables nationwide distribution to 50 states.

Learn more about their press release features by contacting Newswire now.

13. Covalent – Best for Videos

Covalent - Link Building Services

There are many ways to build links.

One of the ways you can do this is through videos. Covalent is the perfect company you can partner with.

Their services include:

  • Product videos
  • Branded videos
  • Corporate videos
  • Documentaries/films
  • Animation/Motion graphics
  • Training videos

If you own a large company or if you’re in the eCommerce niche, it’ll benefit you to invest in this form of link building.

Videos are an untapped form of backlink for most marketers. I recommend that you invest in it while it’s early to stay ahead of the competition.

Burkhard Berger

Pros And Cons Of Covalent

Superb quality videosReally pricey
Varied types of videos available
Proven expertise

Covalent Pricing Plan

Covalent Pricing Plans

Their pricing isn’t posted on their website.

I should warn you though that producing video content is very costly.

But, with the way our technology is evolving, with YouTube being one of the most dominant search engines, it’s a move in the right direction.

So, don’t wait and get left out.

Start creating videos and contact Covalent now.

14. PodcastBookers – Best for Podcast Booking

PodcastBookers - Link Building Services

These days everyone has a favorite podcast.

The number of creators has increased, too. So, if you own one, you already know that it’s not that easy to book shows.

It eats up your time.

This could’ve been spent on producing content that your audience will love.

This is where PodcastBookers come in.

They give you a dedicated booking agent who’s in charge of pitching, schedules, follow-ups, research, summaries, and replacements for cancellations.

If you ask me, this one is a real lifesaver.

Podcasts are popular among the youth. So, if your target audience belongs to this age bracket, I suggest you enhance your podcast marketing efforts.

Burkhard Berger

Pros And Cons Of PodcastBookers

Combines SEO strategy with exposureCostly
Guaranteed bookings

PodcastBookers Pricing Plan

PodcastBookers Pricing Plans

PodcastBookers has three types of pricing plans.

  • Starter ($550/month): This plan lets you have 2 bookings per month, as well as the features mentioned above.
  • Pro ($650/month): This one allows 3 monthly bookings for your podcast.
  • Rainmaker ($750/month): The highest plan enables 4 bookings per month.

Level up your podcast and get in touch with PodcastBookers today.


This list is filled with the best link-building service for 2022. But, if I had to choose, I’m giving the crown to TheHoth.

The company gave me a mix of high-quality links and responsive customer service.

With TheHoth, you get exactly what you pay for.

They also have many link-building options to choose from.

But, that’s just me.

If your business fits any of the items in this list, that’s great. Let me know which service you’re excited to try in the comments below.

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